PROPHECY 2020 - Steve Cioccolanti

All, sorry in advance for this short post, but I don't have much time today and I see we are nearly at are 200 comment cap. It has been a while since I shared a video from Steve Cioccolanti so I thought this would be a good one to share with you all. Leading up to the Rev12 Sign, he was one of the clearest presenters of the evidence and numerous connections. Here in his latest video he ties up connection regarding all that we have seen already in 2020, including the Deal of the Century. It is just under an hour so if you have the spare time I encourage you to check out. Be sure to share your thoughts below!!

PS... If you didn't want the State of the Union last night... you have to check it out. I found it very very encouraging, and actually quite entertaining! Feel free to skip ahead to the part he starts speaking, about 20 minutes in.


  1. Thanks Brad. God bless you brother

  2. God’s Holy Word is the Final Word. This plan divides Jerusalem. Zechariah says those who burden themselves with Jerusalem shall be “cut in pieces.” Exodus 23 “Thou shalt make no Covenant with them.” Isaiah 26 says “The treacherous dealer dealeth treacherously.” God made an Eternal Covenant with Abraham. This plan violates it ! 70% of Judea and Samaria is given to the “Palestinians.” 1 Thes 5:3 “For when they say peace and safety sudden destruction cometh on them and they will not escape.” This plan is not 80 pages. It’s 181 pages and quotes the Koran and doesn’t quote the Holy Bible even once ! Jerusalem is mentioned in the Holy Bible over 700 times. The Koran NEVER mentioned Jerusalem once ! The Arabs Holy Cities are Mecca and Medina. The Arabs have NO legal, historical or biblical claim on Jerusalem. Pastor Steve is completely wrong. On every aspect, he is listening to Trump NOT God.

  3. Mom, Blessings. OK, let's try this again:

    MOM - Hi family, not sure if this is worth posting or not but wanted to share just in case.
    Last night, at some point in the night while I was dead asleep, the Lord impressed the date March 4th/5th
    in my mind. I have no recollection if it was during a dream or in between dream cycles or what, I simply know that when it came I repeated it a few times in my sleep fog knowing it was to be remembered. I was able to keep the date in my mind all the way to morning.
    I've inquired of the Lord as to the meaning, but He has not revealed anything. So I thought I'd share it here and see if rings any bells or fits someone's puzzle piece on our big puzzle board.
    Blessings all and Maranatha!

    JIMBONI - Well, picking the RabbiTrail right where Lyn & I left it, that would be just 'ere the eve of the afore-highlighted Marker of 3/10/2020, comes to mind. Long-Suffering Patience of God 'Sort of Thing. Backstop, Perhaps? As such, an Encouragement? A Call from the heavenly crowd, "Keep on! You're almost HOME!" Well, we can hope, surely.

    Haven't seen Pastor Steve's above, yet, although from Archangel's take I am thinking I know what I'll hear. Odd, however, assuming that is true, it is so much like my personal walk with Pastor JD, I was a totally addicted, weekly follower, abruptly until the moment he epically fumbled TGW. Done. Likewise, Being the Uber-academic whiz-kid genius that he is, I felt immediate alignment with Pastor Steve, long ago. :) Have deeply enjoyed his teachings. Not to mention a touch of Lu Vega-like delving into Mesoamerican creationistic alternate history and such, very validating, personally. Still, if he is walking around in an ether haze of indecision married to a lack of VISION concerning TDOTC, it somehow doesn't shock me, at all. Shame. Still, is every seashell carried by a large wave it's own master where it lands?

    1. Thank you, Jimboni for moving this over from the 200 thread bermuda triangle :)
      Your words, "A Call from the heavenly crowd, "Keep on! You're almost HOME!" hit me big time. About a year and a half ago, I heard in my spirit almost those exact same words.

      I am so thankful to our amazing Lord whose Holy Spirit moves through this online family with His love and encouragement.
      Blessings brother!

    2. I think it's interesting that the time approaching where many nations are in que for the new world Yet we see each nation fumbling to prevent the sharing of the CV2019. Hmm,mmm sharing control is okay ___but not ...viruses. Mom I saw your note as well as Jimboni, and I was praying and asking the Lord early this morning today. Are can we know soon Lord when ? Because the times are shocking. Now presently from the incidences that resemble to plagues to the daily. Accidents, disasters: airplanes violence, there is escalation without reprieve.
      Take a look at Tom Hughes at El Centro San Jacinto area..CA
      I continue to have dreams . For the past several nights about preaching the good news. EVERY day
      ...Asking the Lord to open doors for
      the Gospel to be preached by all the church and time to pray

      Stay strong in the Lord Marantha

    3. VeeBee--My husband is continuing to have dreams where he ministers healing etc. He thinks it might actually be happening even though he is 'dreaming' it!

      Mom and Jimboni--Did you see what I last posted at the previous article?:

      "Thanks, Brother! Just "happened" to find a Comment a reader left at my blog site mentioning March 10's significance. He also said on the Hebrew calendar it is 9 Adar. This year 9 Adar falls on MARCH 5 (and MARCH 10 is in the middle of Purim)!"

      I visited Unsealed yesterday and read Gregg's article "For the Sake of the Elect" and left this Comment:
      "Greg~My sister and I were just talking about the lo-o-o-o-ngsuffering of the Lord and of His great mercy! Also, you wrote "the Coronavirus could infect the whole planet by Easter without much trouble". It caught my attention because of so much pointing to a culmination by Passover as I shared here:"

      Of course, I'm not sure what will happen MARCH 5 but I do believe our precious Lord is letting us know we are surely going home very, very soon! What Mom experienced VERY MUCH reminded me of my Dance Card dream. The link to that article is within the Rapture Tapestry article. Here's the hyperlink if anyone wants to check it out:

      I don't know about you all, but my heart is beating faster in excitement and anticipation!

    4. G'morning, Mom, and Lyn and VeeBee, Blessings. Well, being a 'patterns' guy and in a moment of typical clarity arriving at 4:30 a.m., upon awaking, several big patterns popped out at me concerning 3/4-5, and I've been unpacking it for several hours since. It seems going back to sleep was not to be on the agenda, this morning, and this is supposed to be shared forthwith, 'ere the day begins for many who might log on, later.

      Well, there are both big patterns, tied to things brewing a while, in various quarters, and then smaller ones, simply within the date(s) given. Working outside inwards. BTW, at to the first part, several commenters on the vids share D&V completely affirming what I am sharing here, chillingly.

      @REVCh12.COM commented, on his latest, yesterday, Pestilence in China: Judgement Day is coming. , that cases appear to be doubling every 2 days. Since my vision, the details of which I have shared, concerning cv, I've had an unspoken 'sense' in my spirit of 'about 30 days'.

      Your dream of "March Forth & Fifth" happened on the eve of February 4-5, 'about' 30 days, although with February, the 'days are shortened', whilst, at THIS Moment, being a leap year, no so much. 29 days, actually, 1 lash short of 30, and, adding to 11, chaos/disorder.

      If his videos confirm what I Saw, using even 3 days as a doubler, within the next 30 days, OVER ONE MILLION PEOPLE will have fallen over, dead, where they stand, from cv. Stop, right there, this not being fiction, but reality, and ponder the impact, as IT IS JUST GETTING STARTED at that point. In those last few days, SEVERAL HUNDRED THOUSAND MORE DROP DEAD *EVERY DAY*.

      30 DAYS.

      Coming in closer, I cannot recall which YTC Watcher, though it was a gal, had a dream/vision, about a year ago, or a bit more, featuring, "3-2-1, LIFTOFF! " . Well, this marker has similar features of a countdown, or count UP: 1-2-3-4-5!

      January - February - March - Fourth - Fifth

      Lastly, as Watchers we have become used to always thinking of a date as 2 dates, in light of gentile/Hebrew clocks always afoot. So, your dream, giving you the pair of dates, DURING A NIGHT WATCH OF THE LORD, ibid., WOTL, and Solomon being given Wisdom during such a Watch, displays multiple, subtle alignments speaking to the import of this Dream, Maranatha!

    5. Good morning and thank you VeeBee, Lyn, and Jimboni for your input and insights! My excitement for our soon Departure is surely increasing! Oh Lord, let it be so!!!!
      Maranatha family in Christ!

    6. Hey folks, Blessings. Guess its time to bang the drum, again, and its crickets around here, anyways. So, one of PTH's main Intel sources, in Israel, I believe, advised him that real numbers in CH from cv, alone, are 45k fatalities and 810k infected. Remember, there are 3 other, more traditional flu virus Pandemics ravaging CH now also. However, being an engineered bio-weapon and having been Highlighted to many by HS, just looking at cv #'s in re what I posted, above. Also, this is not including ANY underground figures & OUTSIDE CH. Setting that aside, a moment, in 3 days this number becomes 1.5+mm. If as near lethal as feared, say 66%, and everything stopped, right there, that's 1mm deaths by the 21st in CH alone. But it isn't stopping, hasn't stopped and won't be stopped. When I realized that Valentine's Day is afoot, my heat skipped a beat.

      Attention Prophecy Watchers. Here is the real Intel

  4. Oh, and thank you Brad for this new article--will check out Steve's video!

    1. Thank you Lynn for the link and Brad for the video post....
      Thank you for the article A true tapistey Lynn.. a thorough view of the happenings around. the world. I see the CV as a pestilence that will break the fibers of national world momentarily.We know the AC will lead the nations into a covenant Woke up withe a revolving message "CV is serious" Not sure what the Lord is saying other than to pray foe the Chines people ... salvation and al others affected...

    2. Brad~I TRIED to listen to Steve's video but when I heard him call Trump's Peace Deal--"a great plan"--I couldn't watch anymore. So, JIMBONI--your impression via Archangel is correct.

      Been trying to find time to seek the Lord intimately, but privacy and time have been at a minimum lately cuz I help care for my granddaughter who came home today almost as soon as she got to school. The weather is crazy here in the SE (no surprise, right?) with rain, thunder, lightning, tornadoes and flooding and its....early February?!

    3. Brad, Blessings. In case you have any misgivings about having put pastor Steve's message up, in light of our finding his acceptance of TDOTC unacceptable, please don't. We cherish this space and even a message in contrary to what we would like, is a point of study and Witness to all who need understanding. Thank you ever so much for this space.

      Lyn, Blessings. TY for affirming as I've yet to watch, myself. My strong intuitive powers have kept me from diving in, like a 7-year old avoiding his medicine. As to weather, Pastor Tim also commented, right after I had put the songs/unpack up, and after sharing a 70f Tuesday then a 30f Wednesday, about such. One fitting point I left out of the prophetic song review, at the very END, which Pastor Tim's comment touched, in the closing stanza's of Bangles' Hazy Shade Of Winter, she both croons that "it's the Springtime of my life," right alongside the verse, "there's a patch of snow on the ground". The juxtapositioning of those two extremes, involving weather, also struck as prophetic.

      Miguel P, Blessings. Well, yes, in my experience. However, as delivery nears, the lulls become shorter and the contractions significantly stronger than before and never settling back to that level, either. In the hour, or so, of this, before we deliver, the hard, strong, long contractions rather flat-line, with no contraction much bigger than an other, being at the top of the graph, anyways, pretty much. When delivery 'rounds the bend, contractions start and then simply don't really stop. Nurses around, "PUSH! PUSH!" and then, when, usually the head nurse, realizes that the contraction isn't really subsiding, says, "OK, I think we gonna have us a baby," the team goes into accelerated focus and, shortly there after, "we got a head! PUSH! Darlin', PUSH!"

      Applying this meme to our moment I think the CV, EQ's off the charts in #'s, emerging civil unrest, et al, are the very hard, long contractions which are no longer really subsiding, we simply shift media attention elsewhere. When ONE of these escalates, a couple dozen folks drop dead at Macy's, or LaGuardia Traffic Control, or a huge freighter parks halfway into other ships at LA dock when their crew dies at a poor time, or a very bad public event occurs or any number of political ME triggers could qualify as the one signaling, "We got us a baby!" As 3/10 approaches and I remain convinced TPTB are spiritually pathologically committed to finishing their evil deed before then, I do not believe you will be wondering much longer what the details of that big one are, Maranatha!

    4. Be it so Jimboni, amen to the *being out* before 3/10!

  5. Questions:

    Are there lull's in between contractions?

    How big will the next contraction be and at which one will we finally be gone?

    Are the two witnesses here?

    When do they become obvious?

    If the seven churches form after the rapture, how much time will it take for them to form? Will there be a more literal fulfillment of them? Or are they strictly symbolic?

    Math: if 1/100 people on earth are Christians, and there are 8 billion people on earth, then 80 million people would be raptured. Leaving 7.9 billion people. If after that a whole lot of people suddenly become convinced that we were right and revival breaks out, say 1/10 for instance another 790 million people are now saved and could enter heaven as a multitude from every tribe and tongue. That leaves 7 billion still on earth roughly. Then people are wiped out in thirds leaving a final earthly remnant of approximately what a couple billion people? Is this how you guys see it playing out based on Revelation? I picked arbitrary numbers to make a point only. How do you all see it playing out?

    1. Brother, my take on the 7 Churches of Revelations is that they also represent different denominations and types of Church (like Sardis is the Protestants and Thyatria is the Chatolic Church) thru the whole Church age.

    2. I think the 2 witnesses will come to the scene after the rapture just like the AC.

    3. On a side note, I went to Church today to the local protestant Church in my neighbourhood and I found it highly ironical that today's reading a the subject of today's preaching and teaching was the part of Revelations which is the Letter to Sardis, thru it the Lord warns that representative of the Protestant Church about His return, about them being dead and many will not know when He'll come back so He'll come like a thief for those.

      All I could think of during the sermon is the coming high watch week(s) and the nearness of the rapture and here in that local protestant congregation today (where mostly works has been taught and how to behave as a good Christian even TODAY) today's main message was His warning to Sardis in Revelations.

  6. Blessings's been kinda creepy today laid up in the bed fighting off this stupid bug I've got while watching the Coronavirus updates. Steroids are kicking in though so I'm starting to see daylight again, Praise the Lord, but I was just watching Fox News and apparently the seriousness of this thing is starting to rattle their MSM doors. They actually used the word "Apocalyptic" and Sen. Tom Cotton is addressing the likelihood of it being lab-created.

    Mom...TY for sharing those dates and TY Jimboni for digging into the encouraging details:-)

    Miguel...lets just hope and pray for as many as will to turn to Jesus in time for the Rapture and we know from Rev.7:9,14 there's going to be so very many come to Him from out of the great tribulation.
    The Rapture isn't just a rescue for us--it's His Sign for the rest of the hard of hearing world that will establish His Glorious Truth in the hearts of countless more and we're just so blessed to be a part of that, Amen:-)

    Brad...Haven't watched the whole thing with Steve C. yet, but for every topic/thread you provide for us, there is always something to be gleaned from each one whether we are in agreement, or not and always something to inspire prayer and boy do we need to be praying now! For both the BoC and Israel as well as for the lost and suffering.

    @Mark Correll Ministries YTC put together a fast paced summary of the prophetic convergences we are witnessing last Sunday and it's enough to make one's head swim for sure. (about 25 min.)

    Maranatha, Family and Looking UP! He IS Coming!!!

    1. aye, with the obesity epidemic and the cv targeting males with hypertension and the rest, the US has good reason to be concerned I guess. In China its the chain smoking that is tipping em over. (so it seems anyway)...

      the Mark Correll one was truly interesting!

    2. ...further, seems that the studies which have been undertaken are showing a very clear association between the amount of ace2 present in the lungs which the virus is connecting to. ACE2 receptors increase with smoking. 48% of Chinese men smoke, 1.9% of woman in China smoke.

    3. Sheila, it's good to see you're well enough to post. Was thinking about you during my prayer time last night and lifted you up before our Lord, asking Him for healing from this awful bug that has you laid up. Hope you're back on your feet and feeling better soon!
      Blessings sister!

    4. Mom...Blessings and TY so much. It seems every year about this time I get hit with a bad cold that morphs into a nasty bout of bronchitis. This crazy weather with below freezing high winds one day and the next a balmy 80 degrees really does a number on me, esp with so much stuff in the air allergen-wise. But by His Grace we can all look forward to a Perfect Climate one day very soon and no more illness for any of us ever again, Amen:-)

  7. Not saying this report is accurate—in fact, it's probably some form of deception/misinformation to comfort the masses—but do y'all remember the Pangolin ?

    Think back to the Economist cover from 2019...

    1. Jeff...there is surely a specific reason the Pangolin was on that cover in 2019 having to do with their NWO plans. I know that unassuming little creature has been in the news several times since that 2019 issue came out reporting on the horrific cruelty that it suffers in the illegal trafficking of a protected species to satisfy the human depravity for consuming the exotic. And so sadly, it's that way for many of God's unique little creatures in those filthy wet markets. IDK if it's connected to this virus or not, but I do believe the heartless suffering of all of these defenseless animals are connected to the righteous judgement of God and either way, whether from the wild or bio-engineered in a lab, the world is now contending with the consumption of an exotic killer virus that originated in the same geographic birthplace of most zoonotic infections. So imo, if the blame falls on the little pangolin, TPTB prob put it there while unwittingly serving up some justice for these defenseless little animals. Just praying for God's mercy on all of His children who are caught in the middle of this mess.
      Rom.8:22,23 comes to mind.

      Blessings and Even so, Lord, Come Quickly!

  8. Sharing...
    Jaco Pronsloo

    Judgment day is coming- The countdown has commenced - Will you scape judgment?


  9. So, PSR, Our Scout's last couple days have involved a significant opening of new sensations in his lower legs and feet as well as front thighs, resulting in also significant change/improvement in both his crawling and bar work, Praises to Our Lord. His first words, this morning, "Man, I can tell you, I'm still getting all kinds of new feelings in my legs!" Does this funnel narrow out before we fly? Still Wonderin'...

    CM has a new one up re cv although more a rehash than a new Revelation. My message is to rehash the point she affirmed, when I posted it, that her CH & Death Dream happened on the LAST day of the year adding to 36, which she Had Been Directed to note. My take on that, Miguel P, Blessings, is Beings A Divine Sign (Holy 'Nod, if you will), that cv IS THE CONTRACTION THAT DOESN'T REALY STOP, indicating A BIRTH IS *** AT HAND***. A Rescue, that is, from a nefarious womb, for The Bride. God showed

    As we know, my Watch Warfare includes various Scriptures read, once daily, and when I started this, oh, a week ago, or so, it was mild outside, cold but not bitter and without significant snowfall for weeks. Well, after waking to another day of snowfall, 14" shoveled from the drive, I then set in to my time On The Wall with Our Lord, opening with, "As the rain AND SNOW come down from heaven..." Isaiah 55:10, and, feeling the HS Smile, I had to pause and do likewise, and thought to share. Maranatha!

    Lastly, In light of the quickening I felt concerning Valentines day, 2/14/20, (feeling a bit schoolgirl-ish), sharing a post by Comer's Kitchen under CM's latest, redone to ESV. The following is Chapter 2, Verse 14, of each Gospel:

    14 And he rose and took the child and his mother by night and departed to Egypt. Matthew 2:14;

    14 And as he passed by, he saw Levi the son of Alphaeus sitting at the tax booth, and he said to him, “Follow me.” And he rose and followed him. Mark 2:14;

    14 “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace among **those with whom he is pleased!**” Luke 2:14;

    (Meanwhile? Luke 18:8)

    14 In the temple he found those who were selling oxen and sheep and pigeons, and the money-changers sitting there. John 2:14


    1. Thank you, Jimboni, for sharing your Watch/Warfare HS smile. Still here, half a country away on the wall, though shoulder to shoulder in the Spirit.

    2. Kathy in PA, Blessings. :)

      Wow, this metaphor continues to Blossom. Watching @REVELATIONCHAPTER12dotCOM's latest, Corrupting God's Land. Pestilence Coming! , about half way in and he is, ofc, highlighting the facts at hand with Scripture. Meanwhile, above, I just got done declaring, LAST NIGHT, that cv IS that FINAL **Contraction**, as cited, answering MP's Q, letting ALL know that DELIVERY IS NOW and then I see PTH has the same dream, as a channel Family member, LAST NIGHT, of a clock with a flying second hand and a Voice, "Time is running out" . Another channel Family Member posts that the clock at her office, perfectly resembling the clock in both dreams, actually DID THIS a couple days previously and HS Told Her Then That It Was Significant.

      So, watching the @RCh12 video and it HITS me, DOH!, again, totally backing into this, my analogy of the KEY Contraction fits hand-in-glove with "For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as TRAVAIL UPON A WOMAN WITH CHILD; and they shall not escape." 1 Thess 5:3, emph mine. So, in this Light, if So, we could state this also as:

      For, when they, (having trod underfoot God's Covenant With Abraham, and, by extension, EVERYTHING ABBA Declares Of Himself), thereby declare Peace and Safety, then CV shall come upon them, like unto those last, hard, unceasing labor pains which set in immediately prior to birthing of a child, and THEY shall not escape.

      Forgive me, Lord, for taking liberties with Your Word. Oh my, Maranatha!

    3. I cannot opine right now as pithy as you all do so well, so I will post this poach from another in the meantime:

      Daughter, the hour is late indeed. Soon I will be calling many of My people home. You are seeing before you the beginning of the calamities I spoke of and the pestilence that walks in darkness.

      Fear has gripped many, even Mine own but PRAY CHILDREN! YOU MUST PRAY AGAINST WHAT IS COMING!



      The world is at a standstill, gripped by fear. If only they knew THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING of an assault against their senses, against everything they have ever known!

      These calamities will SHAKE the very FOUNDATION from beneath them!




      Follow the link for the full message.

    4. Jimboni...Blessings, Brother and it's always a Blessing to read your PSR's on Caleb. It's like his journey to full recovery is a microcosm of our journey to the Same, Amen-)

      Re CM...I love her heart for the Lord dearly and although I can't find any way to get on board with her perceived timeline Scripturally speaking, it is clear that she hears from the Lord re her dreams and events to watch out for. I just have to listen, pray and keep in mind that we all can only see and know in part for the time being and trust that when it's at last made clear to us, we shall all have some of those ahhh.... moments. I am agreement with you on this CV thing being about ongoing contractions, tho. Esp. now that they've said unlike most viruses, it can come back on the same person again and again, which indicates it can and likely will continue on in waves.

      Also read that 5 Brits were infected with CV in the French Alps at a ski resort after spending time with a man who'd been to Singapore, so schools are closing there and a damper is now placed on their ski season business.

      And another report is out from USA today that 200 have been sickened with the Norovirus after an outbreak at a Lake Charles, LA Casino and they are expecting that to spread out. Seems like this might make it even more difficult to sort out who is sick with what. Getting to be a bumpy ride for sure with little beasts that ya can't even see coming at ya. Psalms 91 for sure! And All Praise to God for His Precious Word to us! Maranatha and Looking UP!

    5. Sheila, I'm the same way with the things Sis Colleen is sharing, she's a dear sister and I do hope so that this is the year and it truly seems to me that she hears from the Lord but I dont believe that we're already in the trib either.

    6. "My take on that, Miguel P, Blessings, is Beings A Divine Sign (Holy 'Nod, if you will), that cv IS THE CONTRACTION THAT DOESN'T REALY STOP, indicating A BIRTH IS *** AT HAND***. A Rescue, that is, from a nefarious womb, for The Bride. God showed"

      Fingers crossed big time!!!!

  10. Hi Guys,
    Another video from Paul Dawson:

    YTC: RevelationChapter12dotcom
    Video Title: Corrupting God's Land. Pestilence Coming!
    Length: 23 mins
    Video Link:

  11. Posting this poach as well (to Steve Quayle from an unknown source)








    I reposted the prophecy from 1967 where a 97yo Norweigan woman had the prophecy of WW3 starting in a weird place... perhaps Hong Kong??

    1. From Swift Passage Ministry YTC


      They are saying CORONAVIRUS is causing stocks to plummet.

      Currently we are negative 277.26.

      JESUS said economic crash happens around the same time as RAPTURE.

      GOD is allowing all this to bring down AMERICA. Redemption will happen!!! Shalom!

  12. Latest and perhaps the Greatest from MF

    Color Out of Space. 5,6,7G. They Want Your Soul! Kansas again?!

    From 2/4


  13. Blessings All...This Brother has some informative and inspiring vids out re this Coronavirus's connection with all of that "Resident Evil" programming that's been around for years as well as some great encouragement re our Blessed Hope. He's really worth a watch @chuckyoo YTC.

  14. Cruise Ship Horror: Confirmed And Potential Coronavirus Cases On 4 Different Ships


    one AI-powered simulation is projecting that this virus could kill 52 million people.

    The Diamond Princess is anchored off the coast of Yokohama, Japan at this moment. There are 2,666 passengers and 1,045 crew members on board, and the ship has been placed under strict quarantine since Tuesday. And they are being quarantined for good reason. At this point, the number of confirmed cases on board the ship has now risen to 61…

    Meanwhile, Royal Caribbean’s Anthem of the Seas is currently docked in Bayonne, New Jersey. Of the 27 passengers that had “recently traveled from mainland China”, four were taken off the ship to a nearby hospital…

    A third cruise ship that is making headlines doesn’t have anywhere to dock because it has been turned away from four different countries. The MS Westerdam is operated by Holland America, and it left Hong Kong on February 1st carrying 802 crew members and 1,455 passengers. The crew insists that there are no coronavirus cases on board at all, but they are being turned away at port after port…Japan, Taiwan, the Philippines and the US territory of Guam have all denied permission for the MS Westerdam to dock.

    According to CNBC, a fourth cruise ship that is currently docked in Hong Kong is being quarantined after “several crew members reported symptoms” that are associated with the coronavirus…And almost 2,000 tourists are being held on a cruise ship operated by Genting’s Dream Cruises in Hong Kong and being tested for the coronavirus after several crew members reported symptoms associated with the illness.

    "Perhaps someday we will look back and laugh about how this coronavirus outbreak caused so much hysteria, but right now government officials around the globe are certainly acting as if we were right in the middle of a really bad science fiction movie."

  15. This is so interesting and exciting that I need to share it, even with the *take it with a grain of salt* aspect!

    Watched Sister Gigi's new video (Blue Heaven YT channel) today, she's talking about the last two Tu B'Shevats' possible significance in the last 2 years previously and this coming one's also, as a possible rapture time marker.

    What caught my eyes was that comment by a sister that Gigi pinned:

    "I had only one dream that the rapture was in. There was a round weight it said tu bishavt then another round weight it said tu bishavt then another round weight it said rapture I knew in the dream that the weights were moons. This was in 2017. I was really surprised that there was a lunar eclipse on 2 of the moons tu bishavt, and they have passed, I dont know how to interpret the dream but if been excited to see what would happen this tu bishavt, I'm not saying that the rapture is going to happen then, but then again who know. I'm watching everyday."

    Okay, this is exciting! In my interpretation it could mean that around this Tu B'Shevat the rapture could happen and that fits this coming very high-watch next week (or weeks) or that the last 2 Tu B'Shevats were significant time markers and after this new one sometime the rapture could happen DURING THIS year (which is kind of the same basically).

    Plus, Gigi linked that little boy's dream in her description box about a possible 5 days long warning before the Lord's return (on Bro Steve Fletcher's YTC.) Another taken with a grain of salt thing but still who knows what will happen!

    Sis Gigi's vid:

    Watching Feb 10 (2-10 ) This just happened

  16. Good morning family,

    Spring-like temps here in DC area land today. Sorry if you're elsewhere in a foot of snow (Jimboni and others reading along here).

    BIG WEEK ahead.


    Full (cold light) Moon today (2/9 - 2/10).

    Tu BiShavt on 2/10




    It did come to me, perhaps last year at this time when we were watching the ecplise (hey Jordan, we were sharing a stout I believe), we may ought to be looking for Tu BiShavt and not the FoT "Rosh HaShanah". New Year for the trees (i.e. the church, the bride of gentiles and others washed n saved by the Savior's blood).

    Tu BiShvat is a Jewish holiday occurring on the 15th day of the Hebrew month of Shevat. It is also called Rosh HaShanah La'Ilanot, literally 'New Year of the Trees'. In contemporary Israel, the day is celebrated as an ecological awareness day, and trees are planted in celebration

    1. Just yesterday while watching the moon I noticed that it's so full and round and much larger than usual! Really seemed to be a full moon and also a super moon. I heard though that the moon is (truly) full around the 9th and 10th of February.

    2. “The goodman is not at home, he is gone a long journey: He has taken a bag of money with him; He will come home at the full moon” (Prov. 7:19, 20).

  17. How sweet to sit around and talk about dreams. For the serious, see Many Fish’s latest.

    Medical martial law.

    1. I think the medical martial law might be the 3rd seal, the black horse with a pair of scales.

      If you look at the greek word for 'a pair of scales' it is 'zygos', which in every other use of the zygos in the bible means yoke - a yoke that is put on cattle, metaph., used of any burden or bondage - as that of slavery, of troublesome laws imposed on one.

      You can read about on the blue letter bible here.

  18. And Israel is about to annex Judea which fulfills Luke 21:21

  19. Blessings Now I see. Thanks. Watchwoman65 has several great vids. The sulphuric dioxide is out of control now in China due to the cremations.

    She just posted one about the IDF having joint training exercises with a country hit with the coronavirus.

  20. "Why our church no longer plays Bethel or Hillsong music"| Pastor explains false teachings

    Pastor David Henneke explains to his congregation why his church no longer plays Bethel, Hillsong, or Elevation music. [He also lists a number of other FALSE teachers and mega church bands and artists to STAY AWAY from]


    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Modern Worship = Western White Magic Hypnotism?

      From Spencer Smith


    3. Contemprary "Christian" Music = Paganism For White Westerners...

      What eastern paganism was taught me about a western modern Christian worship

      From Specer Smith


  21. The Chain of Custody of the Virus Transfer From DARPA to Ukraine to Wuhan, China

    The Common Sense Show has been accumulating data and for the most part has been very conservative in its approach to the Coronavirus. First, let it be said for the record, this is not the Coronavirus, at least not anymore. The mutations are so numerous that researchers I speak with have no idea what they are dealing with. And because the virus was bioengineered it is not following the “normal” predictable patterns of transmission and mutation.

    The fact that the MSM is not covering this topic with the seriousness that is now warranted places the MSM in a position of deprave indifference regarding public health and safety. In short, every American should turn off all mainstream media because they are the enemy of the people.

    Zerohedge says it succinctly and accurately:

    As ABC News reports, the director of the White House’s Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP), in a letter to the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, requested that scientific experts “rapidly” look into the origins of the virus in order to address both the current spread and “to inform future outbreak preparation and better understand animal/human and environmental transmission aspects of coronaviruses.”

    Note: While the CCS and Zerohedge are providing better and probably more truth than msm sources, they both are missing out on the larger, prophetic picture. DH says he is a Bible believing Christian, but we know what words mean nowadays, NOTHING. DH certainly (and I don't think ZH is either) is not looking for the Blessed Hope, the Escape of the Bride from this place. They are performing some good (internal) investigative reporting, but we should not believe 100% of anything but the Word of God.

    It is common sense this cv was created here sent there and started there only to come back around so we could blame them and them and ultimately crash the financial system/ initiate ML etc.

    Evil men will continue to do evil things. Nothing new under the sun.

    1. A different view from ....Th Times of Israel

  22. From Jaco, God's Roadmap to the End (2/10)


    On the latest video, there are three aspects which I only saw after posting the video.

    First: In the I, Pet Goat 2 animation, notice how the tank scene where the skeleton appears behind the girl waving the white flag plays out in what would seem to be the belly of a whale carcass. This is even more evidence pointing to the sign of Jonah and I would then look for this war that is shown in this cartoon to occur in the three days leading up to Purim. Keep an eye on this as we watch!


    Second: Israel's government officially started ruling modern-day Israel on March 10th 1949. March 9th 2020 will mark the last day of this government's 70th year and I believe the passage below addresses the rulers of Israel, who have made a covenant with death instead of remembering the covenant that God made with them.

    Isa 28:14-16 Wherefore hear the word of the LORD, ye scornful men, that rule this people which is in Jerusalem. Because ye have said, We have made a covenant with death, and with hell are we at agreement; when the overflowing scourge shall pass through, it shall not come unto us: for we have made lies our refuge, and under falsehood have we hid ourselves: Therefore thus saith the Lord GOD, Behold, I lay in Zion for a foundation a stone, a tried stone, a precious corner stone, a sure foundation: he that believeth shall not make haste.


    Third: In the second portion of 1Thessalonians 5, we see a description that also aligns with that described in Isaiah 21's "night of Israel's pleasure". I have linked an article in which it is shown how the Babylonian Talmud obligates the nation of Israel to drink themselves into a stupor so that they are no longer able to tell the difference between Haman and Mordecai.

    Then, when we think of Israel's night of Pleasure that is mentioned in Isaiah 21, consider what 1 Thes. 5 has to say concerning this drunkenness which clearly points to Purim again!!

    1Th 5:5-8 Ye are all the children of light, and the children of the day: we are not of the night, nor of darkness. Therefore let us not sleep, as do others; but let us watch and be sober. For they that sleep sleep in the night; and THEY THAT BE DRUNKEN ARE DRUNKEN IN THE NIGHT. But let us, who are of the day, be sober, putting on the breastplate of faith and love; and for an helmet, the hope of salvation.

    Blessings to you all!

  23. Nora may be correct in thinking "cv IS THE CONTRACTION THAT DOESN'T REALY STOP, indicating A BIRTH IS *** AT HAND***. A Rescue, that is, from a nefarious womb, for The Bride. God showed"

    This weekend I felt as though the Spirit of the Lord was showing me it is time to pull away from being online as much. I wasn't sure why until our husband called a family meeting last night and announced that we were to "hunker down" spiritually because he believed the Rapture could happen within the next 3 months and that things could get chaotic and dangerous the nearer our departure becomes.

    Then this morning I watched Zab Paschke's 22 min. video where she shared 2 warning dreams that were confirmation of what Tom was led to say:

    THERE IS SOMETHING ABOUT THE MOON--Last night my hubby and I checked out the "Snow Moon"--it was so white and big it looked like a Supermoon. Remember the 2019 Trifecta of Super Moons?
    "The perigee of the February 18-19 Super Moon gives it the honor of being listed among the closest to the Earth since 1948—the year of the replanting of the fig tree nation, Israel!"

    In the same article I reposted a vision a Brother in Christ had of Yahshua taking him up to see the moon--"After that vision I realized that Yeshua was telling me that He was coming back sooner than I thought and that when I saw the moon so very close to the earth would be the time when He would return for His Bride..."

    ABOUT PURIM--In the above article I also wrote "there is an obvious pattern of the coming Tribulation when comparing the Books of Revelation and Esther". Of course, the story of Esther resulted in the manmade or minor holiday of Purim which begins the evening of March 9 this year and ends the evening of the 10th per

    What Jaco Prinsloo shared re. Purim's festivities was eye-opening (as Charlie in DC shared in his Comment above)! It's worth the 40 minute watch:
    My jaw dropped when I saw the banner across the top of the screen--"The 40 Day Countdown has Commenced". Perhaps what Steve Fletcher shared IS the last sign--The Corona virus meaning the Eclipse virus symbolizing the Sign of Jonah!

    All is revving up even faster as Tim Henderson said. Then J.D. Farag confirms--we need to "buckle up our spiritual seat belts"

    1. Lyn, that sentence I quoted it from Jimboni, he wrote it (hence the quotation marks), I quoted it out of excitement.

      All this stuff about Purim is quite interesting, shame that it's a month away and after the elections. I wonder what will happen. I no longer really believe that the rapture will be on a feast day, though there's still a chance but an ordinary day is more posssible imo. MAybe around Purim? I dont know.

      Anyway, when Pastor Tim mentioned that he felt that the Lord laid it on his heart to watch Purim, that was a real downer for me because I still think that this February is a high possibility plus the Israeli elections come on the 2nd on March and this will be the end of the Rabbi Kaduri prophecied timeframe... unless this third election ends the SAME way like the previous ones without a government.

      So I very much hoped and still have some hope that maybe we'll be out of here until the beginning of March.

  24. Hi Guys,
    Another video from Paul Dawson:

    YTC: RevelationChapter12dotcom
    Video Title: U.N Behaviour - Accepting of the Peace Deal
    Length: 10 mins
    Video Link:

    Basically Paul talks about the "confirm a covenant with many" he talks about that Palestine have redrawn their request for the UN to vote on the US Peace deal, because there was not enough public support them to oppose the deal, indicating, that they will accept the deal, and that the deal will be confirmed in the UN (which would be many) we are soooooo close.. praise the LORD, our king is coming!!

  25. Frozen Lake Proves Water Doesn't Curve (nor does the Earth's land surface)


    [Note from the Potter's Clay]

    Like the beginning of this video states, the simple fact of the matter is, if there were curvature to the earth it would be easily proven and measurable.

    They would have shut flat earth down long ago doing a test just like this one except the results would have shown us we all lived on a sphere.

    To state it plainly, they would if they could..... my globe believing friends, but the curvature isn't there as you can clearly see in this video.

    There are now hundreds of videos showing us that there is in fact zero curvature to the earth and yet we as humanity keep believing the cartoons we are shown by NASA instead of our God given eyes.

    Wake up!

    Think about what your are seeing.

    IF there is no curvature over 8 miles of ice, THEN it means water is level just like we've perceived all of our lives.

    IF water is ALWAYS level and IF the earth is 71% water THEN....hmmm :)

    The truth is self evident as soon as your pride (and their LIES) stop getting in the way.

    1. the ironic thing about that Charlie, is that ice curves as it is formed even if the earth was flat. Try putting a cup of cold water into the freezer. What happens to it when it is frozen?? The middle portions of the frozen water are curved (raised) towards the middle of the cup. And the dynamics of the sloping outer rims of the lake would effect this as such as well. A problematic example unfortunately from the potters clay.

    2. Ryan,

      The ice "slopes" in the cup because the water/ice hits against the wall/barrier of the cup.

      Believe the Bible bro, don't believe the vatican when they tell you there are aliens coming from "light years" away from other "galaxies".

      It is really simple, EVERYTHING we've been told/taught is a LIE to decieve us from the truth. We've been LIED to all of our lives.

      God is closer than we are forced to believe from NASA. So are the sun, moon, and stars in the firmament above.

    3. Hmmm...Charlie, I don't buy into the FE thing and yet I don't believe in "aliens" either, knowing full well who these fallen beings really are as I'm sure Ryan does too. And not believing this FE stuff has not kept me or countless of other Believers now or in the past dumb and in the dark about God's plan of Salvation for mankind. I think the most irritating thing about people who've adopted this "theory" is the general assumption that those who don't buy into it with them are too dumb to understand anything. What is a difference of opinion and apparently some Biblical interpretation seems like it's become a whole nuther religion in itself for some people which imo is not only a distraction from the Gospel, but dangerous as well. Nowhere in Scripture is the question 'What must I do to be saved?" answered with "You must have a correct understanding of the shape of your planet." Once we are Saved, we are in Christ Jesus and He is in us, so I can't believe that spacial distance is in any way a relationship factor.

      But for now those who are really hung up on *NASA's* lies and conspiracies can live in their stationary encapsulated snow globe with God hovering just on the other side of some kind of an impenetrable shield a few miles up and the rest of us can live in a vast, moving and miraculous universe that cannot even begin to contain His Creative Majesty and when it's all said and done, whoever has put their faith in Jesus Christ and His Finished Work on the Cross can look back and say "Well...whaddaya know?" 1Cor.15: :-)

    4. arrgh...punctuation 1Cor.15:1,2,3,4 :-)

  26. Replies
    1. TY for that heads up, Jimboni and to Jordan re Paul D's latest. I appreciate Gary's level-headed take on the CV situation and if Paul D. is correct on the DotC situation, then to quote our Brother @End Times: Darkness Descending, I have to agree that "we have the makings of a big giant cold can of prophetic smackface crackin' open here"'.

      Just watched a Fox News report a bit ago showcasing the Pangolin as the possible root cause of CV and thinking back to when that 2019 Economist issue first came out and how (if I remember correctly) Miguel's attention was drawn to that one unusual and not so well known little icon out of all the ones displayed on that cover and now we know why it was there--because this contagion is just one more part of their NWO plans. The biggest thing they need now is to have the Restrainer taken out of their way so they can go at it full bore.

      Blessings All....we're almost there:-)

    2. Sheila B., and Fam, Blessings. Our Scout continues being Twinkle-toes and his improvement of function and feeling in the last 2 days has been unprecedented.

      In re TDOTC, & the cold can of escha-whoopass, tomorrow, Tuesday, is at hand, a Wedding day, twice blessed, though tomorrow may be cursed. CM recently unfolds her Revelations further now Identifying Christ as not only being IN The Midst, but, actually, BEING The Midst, Itself, ala the Center Candle of the Menorah both being IN as well as BEING the Middle Candle. Very sound doctrinally and Scripturally. Her neat little 'find', although many might have missed it, spoken a bit under her breath along the way, was that He Wouldn't Come On The First Day Of A Week, as HE IS THE MIDST and that is CENTRAL To His Person/Identity Which He Is REVEALNG (i.e. The Revelation).

      Well, as we know, tomorrow, after about 10:00 a.m. East Coast USA time, Israel enters Wednesday, at their dusk. Should the U.N. divide God's Land, Tomorrow, and we be Harpazo, Jesus Would Rescue Us On A Wedding Day, on the Gentile Calendar, While Also Arriving IN THE MIDST Of The Week For Judah, Maranatha!

    3. While I don't believe that the Lord is limited by that "middle position" that He can't come for us at the beginning of a(n ordinary) week, no, I think He pretty much can BUT man, that would be awesome if He'd come tomorrow or on the day after that!!!

      "Should the U.N. divide God's Land, Tomorrow..."

      Will the UN decide on that peace plan today or tomorrow? I havent checked the news on that or heard anything yet, I'm curious! There's a lot to catch up to for me.

    4. Nora, Blessings. The last info I got was from Paul concerning the outcome, Monday, of J Kush's work there interceding. In short, the PA had withdrawn their objections to the consideration of the plan and such review is proceeding. That withdrawal was due, likely, to the UNPRECEDENTED withdrawal of customary unilateral support, of the UN Security Council, to all things PA over everything else.

      Having no SC support, the PA withdrew their objection, last minute, to avoid public embarrassment of losing the argument before it started. This is, as was mentioned, in accord with Arabic negotiating tactics which commonly include steadfast opposition until breakdown of negotiations then they accept the deal, unexpectedly.

      The point at question which Paul made was that things could go exceedingly fast from here. I would add a hearty, "Amen!" to that, for several reasons. 1st, having eeked out from around another stall, the TDOTC team will immediately and brutally press forwards, at every turn, knowing the momentary nature of opportunity to achieve their goal. (Remember, that goal is NOT solving the issue but spitting in God's face and getting Israel to be breaking the Abrahamic Covenant, before THE WORLD, WHILE Israel is still in their 70th year (pre-3/10-11), PRIOR to the Judgment of God Falling ("Seventy weeks are determined for thy people"). 2nd, already mentioned, is the Absolute Deadline of 3/10-11 approaching. 3rd, Using the momentum of The Deal to be getting the WORLD to agree & join the breaking of the Covenant, bringing the entire world under Judgment, releasing the Enemy and inhibiting The Restrainer as The Lord Will Not Restrain Himself From His Timely Righteous Judgment Ordained & Prophesied.

      Lastly, along these very lines, yesterday it was also announced that SEVENTY NSC employees, hired during the prior admin, were let go and escorted from their buildings. SEVENTY. That nice, round number is no coincidence and, IMHO, is specifically meant to mock & Tell. May those who have eyes to see, Watch. Maranatha!

    5. Thank you Jimboni for the explanation and all that info! Escaping prior/by the 10th-11th of March would be SO great!!!

    6. The NSC employees... what does NSC mean?

      And, "Remember, that goal is NOT solving the issue but spitting in God's face and getting Israel to be breaking the Abrahamic Covenant, before THE WORLD..."

      That made me think. Sounds possible... In case that happens we could say that many were fooled who celebrated DT's decision(s) and his peace plan as the greatest gesture for Israel ever! (Though it's clear even now that this plan wants to give parts of Israel away.)

    7. the Twinkle-toes analogy as we look toward that Twinkling of an eye and I think we're all feeling a bit twinkly-toed right now;-)

      @Kay Tdid YTC has a new vid up recapping 3 dreams that she had previously covered and are now very relevant to this moment we are in. Extremely encouraging message about our Provider and just how close we are to His Coming for us.

      Nora, like you I believe His Prerogative is in no way bound by our understanding, but is He in our Midst--Yes, Always! I feel the same re CM's appreciation for that fact and He certainly will be dividing time and everything else, imo. I personally don't believe the 70th week determined upon Israel will begin until after the BoC is taken out of the way and I believe the events of Sept. 2015 were surely another part of setting the stage for the arrival of the 70th week, but not the onset of it. I know CM has found a lot of things that seem to confirm her passionate sense of where we are on the timeline, but so have others re their sincere, but different takes on it. IDK the why of these conflicting views among the BoC, but can only imagine the Lord is allowing some cloudiness to keep the enemy guessing while at the same time keeping the BoC alert and on our toes. I'm just trusting that without question, we'll all know "it" when we all see "it" and my Blessed Hope is that we will all be standing high up and behind Him when all of these "foreshadows" actually segue into that 70th week. And I really believe the Harpazo itself is going to be the first real "tribulational terror" to befall this unbelieving and Christ rejecting world as it's bound to bring about much weeping and wailing on a global scale. But then I also believe that everyone who has trusted in the True Gospel of Jesus Christ along with all of the innocents, children and babies will be Raptured at the same time immediately following the Resurrection of the dead in Christ:-)

      Blessings, Maranatha and Looking Up!

    8. Jimboni, that 3/10 zone is looking more and more appealing—I hope it's our end-zone!

      Miguel was right. There was more to my "Mordecai Advancement" confirmation that I posted about on the former thread. With a little help from our brother, Dan Matson, and a fellow brother in Christ named Louis, I discovered that on 1/23/20, the day that the Lord confirmed my dream, there were several convergences:

      1) It was the 5th Annual World Holocaust Forum in Jerusalem on 1/23 with many world leaders in attendance (I also think about Haman from Esther and his planned Holocaust)

      2) It was 777 days after Trump declared Jerusalem as Israel's capital on 12/6/2017

      3) It was 29777 days after the Evian conference in France, where world leaders met to discuss the plight of the Jews prior to the outbreak of WWII

      4) It was 70 years from the Knesset's recognition of Jerusalem as the eternal capital of Israel

      Look at all these connections! I haven't watched Jaco's video yet, but I want to see what Purim connections he has made. Thanks to Lyn Melvin too. And thank you all. Purim is a high watch day for me, definitely.


    9. Sheila, exactly my thoughts exactly! About everything you shared here.

      Nice you mention Kay's video because I was thinking on posting it here and that gave the final push :-)

      Kay Tdid YT channel:

      Word from the Lord, 3 dreams coming to pass. Leaving SOON!

    10. Amen Sheila,
      I dont believe for one second that the Trib has started yet. When it starts people will be in no doubt. At the moment, the majority of the world is enjoying growing job numbers, no world wars, and no famines, all that is about to change, but I think the Rapture is the kick off event of the 7 year period.

      Just want to say to y'all I am enjoying reading everyone's comments, I don't always feel I have anything major to add to the conversation, so recently I have just been sitting on the sidelines taking it all in, when I see prayer requests, I pray, when I see shared links, I usually check them out, and when I see a plausible high watch date mentioned I wait excitedly knowing that if it is wrong, we are so very close to the right day coming upon us... Oh boy is the sleeping world about to wake up with a fright, only to find themselves in a worse nightmare than their worst nightmare.

    11. Nora, Blessings. NSC = National Security Council. This is that section of the Intel serving Prez in the specific interests of national security. Some foreign actor sinks a ship, somewhere, and the Prez gets on the horn with folks at the NSC to get the details and recommendations.


      sheila and Jeff, head is pounding but I have to point this out. Go look at our discussion on dec 1 2018 article from this very site. It is called "2 great links" or something like that. Part way down Annabel pointed out the cover of the economist. I commented about an armadillo...get ready to have your mind blown. GET READY TO HAVE YOUR MIND BLOWN.... thank you sheila for your God given memory.

      Annabel, if you're reading thank you for your watchfulness.

    13. *Brad, is who I meant regarding adding another article/thread.

    14. Miguel P, Blessings. Wowzres (that's French) some great LINKS, I'll Say! Understatement of the age. Psalms 8:2, amen.

      Cool how the pics at the top of the page brought so much back, the feelings of immediacy all along. For those navigating the page, you're looking for Annabel's comment December 4, 2018 at 2:18 AM and Miguel P's and Jeff's responses right after. 1 Corinthians 1:27 Amen Maranatha!

    15. I'm really not Jimboni, but the Holy Spirit seems to be aligning some things at a fascinating , telling pace. If this is all over everyone's heads at the moment (totally understandable), dont worry, it'll all come together.


    Obama changed it from Ebola to anyone with asthma or copd even if you’re healthy. They can enter your home without a warrant and kill your pets. They can take you from anywhere; outside your church, job, etc.

    1. Archangel...Blessings, Brother, but to pull off something like that here in what they call flyover country, they'll need to kill the 2A first and then get folks to co-operate with them which won't happen without a war (unless they just drone us all and then it won't matter anyway). But as far as entering our house under any pretense and killing our animals?! This ain't China or Europe and while we might die trying, we still have the means and would fight back. But hopefully the Lord comes for us before we have to make a do or die stand like that. And besides, that'd pretty much include everybody around here. With all the crap they spray in the air and the allergens we deal with, there isn't anybody that doesn't cough or sneeze these days. I actually am more inclined to believe that our govt. is going to find itself preoccupied in the very near future with a much bigger crisis than trying to implement medical martial law on a broad scale. Something more along the lines of massive destruction.

    2. Blessings Sheila B, your measured, level-headed thoughts are greatly appreciated. And I think you’re right logically but when I recall how authorities forced people out of their homes who were staying to protect their animals during Hurricane Katrina and, you may not have heard this one, but in PG county MD, the Mayor of what is essentially Mayberry was handcuffed and made to stay on his knees for hours and his wife and think mother in law was there, were terrorized and his dog, who was running away from the police, shot and killed for nothing all because he brought in a package that was on his front porch before the drug ring guy could get there and grab it, it makes me realize that while I have the utmost respect for the police, they have become militant in some places and have killed 90 year old women with no knock search warrants and now in some states, a family member or someone else can tell the police you’ve been acting crazy and have weapons and they are seized and you don’t have your day in court to fight it. A man in Maryland (where else .) was murdered recently by the police because he had an argument with his sister over the care of their mother and the sister told the police and they showed up to seize his weapons at 4AM and the poor man thought his house was being broken into so he grabbed his gun and the police killed him.

      I know God has always protected my family and I know they can’t do anything to me that He won’t allow. If God is for you, who can be against you ? He will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee because he trusteth in Thee. Yeah, I love my KJV. I am making sure to abide in His Word so I won’t panic or fear.

      When ManyFish AND Watchwoman65 both put out vids on this it did upset me immediately. This world is evil beyond description and people are cruel. The devil is a liar and murderer. But he is also a defeated liar and murderer. We are in God’s very capable Hands.

      I just wonder how much longer we will be here and how much more they will do before we are rescued.

    3. Of course, Watchwoman65’s video on the man with dead birds at the airport was heading to....PG County MD !

    4. Archangel, Did you mention "mayberry" because what Sheila heard in her dream or is this just another "coincidence"?

    5. What ! It’s Berwyn MD aka Mayberry, sleepy little place where nothing bad happens. Well, until it did.,_Maryland_mayor%27s_residence_drug_raid

      2nd link mentions Mayberry

    6. I'm telling you Holy Spirit wants us to pay very close attention to something here in the link jordan provided below. I'll put it here again.

      Mayberry is mentioned 6 times because Sheila heard it in her spirit

    7. Miguel P, you’re right. I found all 6 Mayberrys and mine makes 7 and yours makes 8.or 9.

    8. What?! is right...that whole "Mayberry" convo being on the same Dec. 2018 thread as the Pangolin convo... and now Archangel has been inspired to share THIS story. Jimboni did some digging around the CRAWDAD HOLE tune based on the "Official Andy Griffith Mayberry Guitar" of my dream and came up with some interesting observations that I need to go back and study over, but one being the approaching of a FULL NUMBER. (And CY had noted the anagram of MAGOG visible in that brand name) This is so weird and that whole thread actually had some pretty heavy convos all the way through and it WAS titled "2 Great New Links". own head is getting a bit overloaded atm....

      And are ofc right...we can really do nothing but that our Lord Jesus protects and provides, but with Him they can do nothing but what He will allow. Best thing as always is to stayed prayed up for Strong Faith, Good Courage, Sound Minds and Ready Hearts.
      Blessings, Brother and I love my KJV, too:-)

    9. Full number . As in 153? I haven't mentioned it but everywhere I look lately there is a 153. Focus, miguel, focus what are you not seeing?

      It was 437 days from dec2 when Sheila talked about mayberry to today.
      Steongs greek is to acknowledge fully, hebrew is an oak.

      393 days from dec4 when we discussed the pangolin to the first case on new years eve. Greek to cause to rise, Hebrew cruel fierce.

      There"s more, I'd bet.

    10. was Miguel that noted the "Magog" anagram from my guitar dream as he was looking at CY's "Putin/Ironing Board" dream and making a GOG MAGOG connection which led to an interesting discussion on the validity of interconnected dreams bearing a witness. I believe we've been pointed back to this "2 Great Links" thread for a reason. Be praying about tonight for sure. Blessings and Maranatha!

    11. 153 years from the 1867 Jubilee this year...most notably being the surveying of Jerusalem by the british in preparation for the future 1967 returning of Jerusalem (including balfour in 1917)

    12. Wow, Ryan. Great find with the 153 years from the 1867 British expedition to survey the Land!

    13. Jeff - particularly in relation to the mapping of all the borders of Israel being done under the new peace plan as we speak!

    14. Ryan...Isn't that timing just amazing?! Only God, Amen. TY for sharing that one. It sure seems to add another confirmation that this DotC is THE Dan.9:27 Covenant that will ultimately be confirmed:-) Blessings, Brother!

  28. Watchwoman65. Someone in Georgia saw UN vehicles on the road.

  29. Obama has granted his administration the authority to detain, in any manner deemed necessary, any person who demonstrates any degree of respiratory distress. This means people with noninfectious asthma could be detained. When the forced transport of Ebola patients begins to occur, relatively healthy people will be joining them in this death parade march.”

  30. Jesse Ventura was on to them about the coffins and guillotines.

  31. Replies
    1. Noticing also in Miguel's post above re the "Mayberry" 437 day count pointing to "trees" in the Strong's H. while the G means to "acknowledge fully" which in my mind could indicate an "authorization".


  33. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. So it's today, wow, thanks for the article!

  34. Danon to UN Security COuncil: Even if you do not accept all details of the Trump plan, embrace the spirit.

  35. Someone is quoting John Lennon “Give peace a chance.”

  36. Tim Henderson. Virus is now airborne

  37. I think this might be the one you are looking for Miguel?
    It was called: "2 Great New Links!"

    1. Jordan...Bless you for providing that link, Brother. Such a help:-)

      Miguel...WOW...we never know why He is drawing our attention to something until further down the line and yeah...with your words ..."cute little dragon", you unwittingly made a connection with China right there, then you pointed out that this animal doesn't naturally transmit disease, so that means it must have had some help. I had forgotten all about the satanic elite's connection to the abusive consumption of this poor animal per that CNN article. I saw a story on Fox yesterday where they had bushel baskets of Pangolin scales for sell in those wet markets for "medicinal" purposes. Praying for the innocent people who are suffering as a result of those evil appetites, but I guess the irony is suitable for the ones who slaughter and devour these endangered creatures (including their fetuses) in demonically inspired rituals. And it's placement on that 2019 cover is also a good indicator that TPTB were signaling their plans to target that economy with a killer virus as part of their NWO agenda to bring order out of chaos--which also re-enforces the point I made back then re the fact that the average human being holds no more value with these murdering monsters than any other life form they step on. So wow...we may see through a glass dimly for now, but by His Grace, we do see.

      Blessings, Brother and hold fast because He IS coming for us!

    2. Very specifically TWO great links, TWICE, Witness, Witness.

      Pangolin -> Leprosy -> Dragon Miguel P

      Pangolin -> Panda (on top of world) -> 4 Horsemen of Apocalypse (Rising in the West) Economist Cover

    3. Hmmm...4 Horsemen of Apocalypse (Rising in the West?)
      Note Miguel's day count number up above from the 12/4/18 Pangolin convo until first case of CV reported on 12/31/19 =393 G393--to cause to rise H393--cruel, fierce.

    4. great opportunity to re-read the link of 2018, in particular remembering Jeff's link to john m's discussion with Ben Shapiro! Wow, a great reminder that God is not done with Israel.

    5. Sheila B., Blessings. Look to MF collaboration with Miguel P, on the link I posted, and note the position of the 4 Horsemen on the cover of the mag: having crested forth from the Western Quadrant of the globe, beneath them, with the horizon behind them as they gallop.

      Miguel P, Blessings. "It was 437 days from dec2 when Sheila talked about Mayberry to today.
      Strong's Greek (g437) is to acknowledge fully, Hebrew (H437) is an oak." ... "And he (Jesus) told them a parable: “LOOK at the fig tree, and ALL THE TREES." Luke 21:29, emph mine. (I want to draw eyeballs in the 'O's in LOOK.) Maranatha!

    6. Thanks, Jordan for posting. Look what God has done!

    7. Jimboni, I posted above on the connection of Miguel's post re the "Mayberry" day count to Ryan's referral to that article re the Sanhedrin's getting "authorization" (or full acknowledgement?) to use their "trees" (oak) for third temple.

      I also looked at the gem val for Pangolin and found that G528--to meet, encounter--is used 2x in Mk.14:13 in re to preparing the Upper Room and Luke 17:12 in re to the "lepers", so that was interesting in light of Miguel's beginning comment on the "2 Great Links" thread.


    8. Sheila B., Blessings. Yes, had seen that. Seeing what you note, now, here is Mark, again. Man, when I hit 'em, I hit 'em. Prior unpack of that exact verse so applies here: "GO!"; 2; Aquarius met and followed: +/- TWINS of this: Spirit of Christ/Anti-Christ; Time of WWWelcomingWitnessWatching comes to an end, and more.

      The Gospel of Luke is Written To The Bride, Specifically, Those About To Be Rescued. Again, whether real, or not, ala 'CiD, Blessings, below, or likely BOTH, cv's appearance NOW aligns with your find in LUKE, specifically, that Gospel being a letter to US WATCHERS, NOW, Specifically. Yes, Miguel P's 'connection' to that, Blessings, Surely Are Spirit-Led/Fed. Maranatha!

  38. I think the wild beast attacks in Revelation is going to be some good payback. They, most of the time, run from humans. In Revelation, they will be running at them. Fine with me.

  39. Hello family,

    I came across this unheard of yt'er with his testimony and sharing of his dream of the soon departure.... I am including his video/ website because he too was watching the GW of R12: 1-2 wth great anticipation.... and most around him scoffed him and the GW of R12: 1-2.

    Brother Chooch has a similar new vid out too. Re: how our spouses were with us then but now have faded away (and some have physically departed as a result) and everything is just the same ole same ole and He'll come whenever. [Mais No!!! An Appointed Day/Time for Sure]

    <[ Jimboni ]> NOTE his mention of LUKE!!!......Wink

    A Rapture Dream for Skeptics

    [From It Has Been Written]

    If you haven't gotten a dream, then ask for one. It would seem most people who have gotten dreams, have gotten them because something isn't going well, or something went wrong. If you've asked for one, but haven't gotten one, then I hope our dreams can testify for you. God heals the sick, not the those who are well. Reach out to those you can, but know people need to be willing to listen, to hear. Pray for them, God know's how to get anyone's attention, if their hearts are willing to receive Him.

    I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us. For the creation waits in eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed. For the creation was subjected to frustration, not by its own choice, but by the will of the one who subjected it, in hope that the creation itself will be liberated from its bondage to decay and brought into the freedom and glory of the children of God. Romans 8:18-21

  40. Another video from Paul Just uploaded...

    YTC: RevelationChapter12dotcom
    Video Title: Dividing Israel, Right Now!
    Length: 12 mins
    Video Link:

  41. Charlie in DC, Blessings. LOVED that video and likely watch it again, with Our Scout, later. His epilepsy began with sleep paralysis although we failed to fully appreciate that when he told us. In re my text, things BACK under lock and key and those repositioned as well. Combat pay. Locking your shield with mine greatly appreciated as well as warfare to encircle the camp. Back at you, as well.

    Well, well, well; Family, Blessings. The latest, just out at, Dividing Israel, Right Now, (12:29) clearly shows that it is a DONE DEAL. While there is certain to be a 'moment' when a specific action occurs COMMEMORATING what is ALREADY AGREED, but there it is. When shovel hits dirt, or pen hits map, it's only details at the point, wherein dwells...

    One Point occurs which I've not heard anyone yet alight upon. Do you not see this as the ultimate mockery? ALL marvel at the events of HIStory leading to the 'fabrication' of a nation missing for millennia and then pulled from thin air! Isaiah 66:8, as we KNOW. RIGHT NOW, the Enemy Of The Almighty, is HAVING ISRAEL DO THE SAME THING, ripping out a chuck of their own side, Purchased Of Yah, and HAVING COMPLETED THEIR BARTER ALREADY with Hell and Death, mirror THEIR OWN RE-GENESIS, in an abomination which Surely Brings DESOLATION. Once again, they seek to nail THE FATHER to The Cross, before the world, also, AND IT WILL NOT BE SO, Maranatha!

    1. it is interesting seeing the definition of 'covenant' in Daniel 9:27. Bible hub refs it as either being a 'constitution, ordinance, between monarch and subjects' meaning it could be an agreement between the prime minister and the Israelites, or even perhaps Trump and Israel; or 'an alliance of marriage...a technical phrase for making covenant'. Depending on the definition we choose to apply here will impact our perspective time-wise going forward. Fascinating times!!!

    2. Jimboni, thank you for the explanation about the NSC above! (I'm a bit late srry, catching up with things again.)

  42. with the new cv results out today, it is looking like the daily death rate is around 1/3 of that of the seasonal flu globally, but removing countries outside of China, it is now par with the seasonal flu in 'china.

  43. Lauren Daigle promotes Female god & still can't say "Jesus".

    Biblically illiterate & absurd, Lauren Daigle promotes female god and again, is void of even mentioning the name of Jesus Christ.



    My Apology to Lauren Daigle... :-)
    Spencer Smith

    1. The Problem with “Christian” Celebrities...

      Spencer Smith


    2. Yep, this includes Tim Tebow too

      Cannot follow Jesus and shake hands with the (FP serpent) pope... all dressed in black. The ecumenical road always leads to Rome.

    3. Interesting video about Lauren Daigle Charlie, yeah it seems hard to find a celeb who is genuine about Jesus. A lot of lip service, but not much else.

      Lauren's joy that "God could be a woman" was a shocker,
      and when she said, "and that Jesus came as a man or..." she just stopped herself saying "and Jesus came as a man or WHATEVER" , it's like she wasnt too sure if Jesus actually came as a man or not, and she just trailed off before she said whatever... Yikes.. so much deception out there!!

    4. It is good to hear it from their own mouths what they "believe" or do not "believe"

      I knew about Tim Tebow being a faux "Christian" even with his "John 3:16" and Kneeling acts but him actually shaking hands with the serpent, well, that is just amazing.

  44. Well, it seems we've been

    1) Duped


    2) at least been on the trail in search of the truth re cv.

    While I was falling in line with THIS (cv) being is IT (start of world-wide (but man-made) judgement in the form of a deadly virus), from the evidence shown here (note the usage of 33s throughout), it seems the cv has been nothing but a man-made charade (like, all of it).

    --> I am just now "seeing" the 33 in the Microsoft logo.

    Sure, their end goal is the nwo and to achieve it they will instill fear in order to force people into a state of panic then allowing them to take a mark/ vaccine....BUT from the evidence here and what is known from you all etc..., this (cv) seems to be just a warm-up or the freshman team compared to what is planned/ coming.

    From Russianvids

    The Coronavirus [Hoax] & The Bill Gates Vaccination Depopulation Agenda

    1. ...crouching down in the dusk, Tonto peers into the fading sunlight across the arroyo, in hushed tones, "Very strange, Kimo Sabe', we go in great big circle or there is a Gringo with hat and Indian guide, a mile ahead." Prairie winds whistle a sagebrush past their puzzled glares...

    2. LOL, Jimboni...that sagebrush just might be burning. Check out @Amanda Christian's vid "Dream-Fire-Ring God Spoke "Moliat", Rapture, Dragon, Peace Deal (8 min.) and follow up with @Sherry Rich's interp "The Crowning of the Baby's Head is Called A Ring of Fire". (19:25 min w/replay of Amanda's dream) Funny that you mentioned these 2 LR characters who are always on horseback. I do believe it's Hi-Ho Silver and Away time:-))

    3. Hey Sheila B., Blessings. Folks forget that The Lone Ranger was one of the 1st Superheroes. Like Millionaire Bruce Wayne, The Lone Ranger led a 'regular' life as a Westerner with an itch to travel, on horseback, ofc, in those days, get with the folks and do some business in the towns out west. He was a lawman, a Ranger, functioning much like a militiaman, also, esp in the days of the not long prior Revolution. So, he could ride into town as his everyday self, go all Ranger if saw things were amiss, or, when higher issues arose, track down really big fish in a grand conspiracy from behind a mask.

      The Lone Ranger's 'Bruce Wayne' angle was a secret, unknown silver mine in the desert, providing a vast supply of the metal as he needed. Hence, his bullets, self-cast, are all silver and he always leaves one behind after working as the Lone Ranger, and, his faithful white stallion, whom he chased down and 'broke' with no rope, is, of course, named Silver. (I have seen a wild Mustang 'caught' and taught to take a rider, in this manner, over several weeks, without any rope or restraint at any point.) Silver being Redemption adds something here, no? Maranatha!

    4. Exactly on the Silver! And in Amanda's dream the "escape" vehicle just happens to be a MUSTANG! Also interesting details re the LR/Bruce Wayne comparison. I saw another Sister's dream video today that had some "Batman" details in it. @God's Angel Brockett titled "TIMES UP FOR US" from 12/15/19. (11 min) This one was linked to her latest one from a few days ago "Confirmation:Time is truly running out..." , but she'd researched and found that "Batman" represents the pinnacle of human performance without the supernatural powers which I'd just seen some of the movie Justice League the other night and that very fact was mentioned in the movie re his abilities. Just another "coinkydink" re these lines of thought;-)
      Hmmm....Maranatha and may the Silver Bullets star FLYING!

    5. Sheila B., Blessings. Yes, another angle is the Messiah one. Superman explores a man with the powers of a deity, in the face of everyday evil but limited by being a single being and not omniscient. How would one cope with being a Superman Messiah? Clark Kent is an example of that. By contrast, Bruce Wayne is the Uber Mench, the Super/Ultimate Man, taken to the pinnacle of human performance through obsessive conditioning and medical technology then supported by process tech. Hyper-connected, dialed in to every camera in the city, his Batmobile and searchlight cutting through the Darkness of Gotham (wherever). A different 'savior' who walks amongst us daily, hidden, susceptible to the same pains of life as we are, yet springs into action to fight his own demons while rescuing us from ours.

    6. So weird...woke up this morning to find "Batman" as a top story in my Bing news feed re the revealing of the new Batsuit style for the newest film set to open on 6/25/2021. I dunno, but I'm thinking this somehow hints at the rise of the AC and the stifling of the Word of God that will be coming with that dark time (per Angel B.'s dream). Though not yet fully indwelled with the "supernatural" powers of the enemy, he will be perceived as the hero by the remaining citizens of "Gotham". Think I prefer riding with the Lone Ranger;-)

  45. Hi Guys,
    New article over @ unsealed from Jeff

    1. This is quite an academic read folks, get some bubble gum or taffy ready. Or, if you are hanging out with Jordan, a good ole Murphy's will do.


      Jeff's latest sure does align to and fits on Cinderella's foot (Jacob, Zechariah, Israel).

      Note: Cinderalla's step sisters are long gone by the time gog comes (1,014 yrs before).

      Ezekiel now pairs so nicely and clearly with Daniel, Zechariah, and Matthew.

  46. Sharing...

    “Here is an interesting find:

    If we calculate the days between the Revelation 12 sign and Purim this year you end up with either 899 or 900 days depending on whether you point to the 9th or the 10th of March.

    Get this:

    H900 in Strongs gives you the word "treacherous" and this of course being associated with Isaiah 21:2 in which the treacherous dealer is described and where the date of Purim is hinted at.

    H899 in Strongs gives you two options: "treachery" or "garment" and garment possibly pointing to our garments of Jesus's righteousness which may possibly be handed out on this day!

    I thought this was very specific and applicable to the time before us and certainly worth considering given the specifics!


    Jaco Prinsloo - FB PAGE


    1. Or if one considers the fullness of the GW of R12 happening on 9/24. ;-)

      Thanks for sharing this very intriguing connection Jeova.

      Either way(s), we are there brother!

  47. Good morning all. Ok, I had a dream this morning, actually 2, if anyone wants to take a crack at them. The first dream, I saw a spotted yellow horse that I heard the vet say was “impotent” but didn’t know why. The horse belonged to a woman. In the next scene, the horse is led into his stall where he immediately lies down on a special pad for horses to lie down on. In the next scene, the horse is gone and the owner (same woman) is lying on the same pad in the horse’s stall.

    It’s a sad dream about a dying horse and the owner being so crushed by his death that she lies on his bedding to feel close to him after he’s gone. That’s my interpretation at first glance, so to speak. The horse was ill but the vet didn’t know why and the horse passes away and the owner loved him so much that all she could do was lie down where he once had been.

    The 2nd dream was short. For some reason, I am standing with several women who need to escape something or someone bad and all that is before them is a cold, very cold, dark lake or river. They all jump in not knowing how far they have to swim or if they can swim as long as needed to reach safety.
    I decide that there’s no way I’m diving into cold dark water that I have no idea if I can swim to the other side since I can swim but not sure for how long.

    The first dream made me very sad.

    1. Archangel...I prayed about this 1st dream of yours as it seems obviously God-given to me and important to understand. The 2nd one seems more more personal in nature to me so I dunno about that one.

      But the 1st one is really intriguing and the first thing that came to mind as I prayed was that this spotted yellow horse indicates a mixed Gospel of Grace and Works that is indeed "impotent" in re to Eternal Salvation. The woman who loves this horse also loves her own works and doesn't want to concede that they cannot save her, but sadly she does not understand this until the horse has died and she is left alone to mourn in the bed she has made for herself. The horse was led back to it's stall to lie down, not in rest--but in death. I'm not sure about the "vet" who diagnosed the horse's impotence w/o knowing the why of it, but that character may reflect those who are now undecided and struggling under this Grace plus Works=Salvation doctrine vs. what Eph.2:8,9,10 declares. It is indeed a sad thing to reject so great a Salvation that is Full and Free to those who will just believe in Him for it.

      The color yellow as well as spots are spoken of in Lev.13 KJV re being symptomatic of an unclean disease, (i.e. leprosy--and the KJV is important here). Both the yellow and the spots indicate uncleanness just as our own works are unclean filthy rags when added to the free gift of His Grace AS A CONDITION for the Eternal Salvation that HIS BLOOD ALONE has purchased for us and will make His Finished Work on the Cross "impotent" and of no effect for the one relying on them. We really need to be praying for those who do not understand the crucial simplicity and beautiful mercy of the Gospel of Jesus Christ for the BoC as given to us in 1Cor.15:1,2,3,4.

      Anyway, FWIW that's what I was immediately shown about this dream and the heavy sense of sadness that came with it. There are so many who truly do love Jesus and truly want to be with Him and serve Him as we all should, but they just can't bring themselves to fully trust in the Total Sufficiency of what HE ALONE accomplished on that Cross and that is a sad and fatal mistake.

      Blessings, Brother, and Maranatha!

    2. Blessings Sheila B. I am awestruck ! Your interpretation of my dream is so insightful. I appreciate your effort to explore its meaning. And you’re right; so many are depending on their own goodness and/or works to get them into Heaven. The Amish live such a spartan life and have no idea at the end where they are going. I remembered Pastor Billy Crone teaching about the White Throne Judgment how people will say, “Lord Lord ! Didn’t we do this or that in Your Name ? All works. All about what they did and not what Christ did. And the vet said the horse was impotent; lacking strength and being weak but idiopathic. I know many horses who get laminitis like Barbaro did after breaking his leg. And they get colic, I think. But the yellow horse having something the vet couldn’t diagnose or treat is unusual.

      I am blown away lol. Thanks so much. Blessings to you and family and little newcomer.

    3. And Tim Henderson gets attacked constantly for being a Grace preacher. I do think many are struggling to accept how easy it is to be saved. Just believe, confess it. Jesus paid the full penalty. He did for us what we could never do for ourselves if we had 10 million years to do it. They don’t understand the Holiness of God. Holy, Holy, Holy is the one description of God that is used three times. And a God that Holy can only have a perfect sinless Sacrifice; His Son Jesus Christ. No one else could do it. So many fall into the fatal trap of thinking I’m a good person etc. Lots of good people in hell, tragically.

      So, the asteroid is supposed to visit around 6AM per Watchwoman65. Forgot if it’s EST. I am sure I will sleep through it unless it takes an unexpected turn. This thing is so gigantic it can destroy a continent.


    5. Archangel, Blessings. Agreed, Sheila B., Blessings, very nice work. It is a.m. but I am fairly certain these ever more frequent cosmic whatever's, of late, are simply to have in their hip pocket so that when we go POP they have the alibi on stand by. When this one rotates out, another imminent something will ABSOLUTELY arise, unforeseen and a week out, always.

    6. Blessings Jimboni. Oh, the indoctrination runs deeeep. They have been conditioning people for years to believe in aliens and these demonic cults all have one thing in common; utter hatred of Judeo-Christianity. I’m watching Pastor Crone’s teaching on New Age. These lies from hell have spread via Oprah and books she promoted, Shirley MacLaine and many others. The Pope said he would baptize aliens ! They want people to believe being Left Behind is a good thing. It’s nauseating and Oprah has gotten her heresy into Christian churches and tells people there are many ways to Heaven. They are all about depopulation so we can stop ruining the planet. satan has certainly chosen rich people in high profile places to spread the lies. JK Rowling, whom I believe is a witch, has conditioned kids via Harry Potter books and movies. Millennials think they know it all and love that ogre Bernie Sanders who said if he’s President he would cut off aid to Israel and give it to hamas ! So, there’s plenty deception out there. I’m staying in His Holy Word and clinging to it. No one is taking my crown which I can’t wait to lay at Jesus Feet.


    8. Bill Keller called Oprah “the most dangerous woman in the world” promoting New Age heresy via tv and her XM satellite program that runs 24 hours a day. She promotes and teaches A Course in Miracles, Ekard Tolle and she is making millions on top of her billions. And she calls herself a Christian. Keller called her a conduit to hell.

  48. Latest from MF: Mars (Sars-COV!D-19) Attacks. Spiritual War Manifest!

    Note: I mentioned before and MF mentions this is/ will be a blame game between all the "players"

  49. [as Russianvids has come to the same conclusion, a charade to bring down an economy and to drive people inside due to a medical "scare"]

    Coronavirus Economic Impact & Much More!


    BTW, msm is reporting on the "economic slowdown" as well. JUST AS SCRIPTED


    Pinned by Shaking My Head Productions

    China may just be a test run to see how they can lock down the U.S.

    They control us through fear. Educate yourselves and take away their power. Don't get the shots! Don't get on the bus! Don't listen to mainstream media. Follow Jesus! Love you all!

    NanoTech, 5G, 6G, 7G & The 3rd Temple Project!

    Contagion - Where Hollywood & Reality Collide!

    1. **Scary News Below**... so it is... (scary news)

      From Zerohedge: 'It's Coming': CDC Director Warns Coronavirus To Become Widespread Throughout United States, 'Probably Beyond 2020'

      Better get inside and never go out again.

    2. Archangel beat me to the punchline [up above]:

      Author Dean Koontz [eerily] predicted the Chinese Wuhan coronavirus outbreak in his 1981 thriller ‘The Eyes of Darkness.’

      [maybe he just did...predict it...because he had foreknowledge of this event --- just leave out the 'eerily' here]

      We all know that the statistical probability of an author calling all those 21st century actual events 4 decades before it happens is very low, and yet, here we are. Conspiracy theory exists because of “coincidences” just like this. Did Dean Koontz have inside knowledge of the possibility of these events? Before you answer, let me call your attention to a 2013 NTEB exclusive article where former CIA operative Jim Garrow revealed on our radio show that spy thriller novelist Tom Clancy was spoon fed inside information from the CIA and Pentagon, and then was killed to cover it all up. As FDR told us generations ago, there are no coincidences in politics, and the Wuhan coronavirus is nothing if not political. Well played, Dean Koontz, well played.

      So apparently, one CAN make this stuff up

    3. Blessings Beltway Brother. Sorry to scoop ya on that one. I believe Daniel Silva’s books also eerily resemble events.

    4. Before getting Save in Christ Jesus, I used to read Dean Koontz books until I started feeling that his scenarios were just so uncomfortably plausible and I didn't want that fearful stuff in my brain and now here we are 30-40 yrs later and that "plausible" has truly become the daily reality. But with our foundation in Christ, His Perfect Love casts out all fear. Praise the Lord!
      1John 4:17,18

    5. Blessings Beltway Brother. Believe me, trying to stay home and not go anywhere is my normal MO. So, you can bet I am REALLY trying to now. I did order N95 masks and then in a panic, had to find out where they were made ! And where they’re shipped from ! Thank God, all made in USA. And there’s so much happening that I have to stay home to keep up to date. We must put on the whole armor of God because evil is coming at us at warp speed from all directions. Friends and family are turning away for one reason or another. I don’t mind. I think God is separating me (us)from those that might hinder us in our walk with the Lord in any way. He will surely help us finish our race strong before He snatches us out of here. This is definitely not a time to be distracted by squabbles with anyone. A co-worker mentioned he is going to VA tomorrow to an event and wanted me to know, but I told him honestly I don’t want to be in crowded places for several reasons.

    6. It is funny what you write because I too am looking to see where my (temporal) items are from but anything new surely will NOT be from the far east.... but then again, we are just giving into their economic war and we all know it is spiritual anyhow....

  50. Sharing...

    Paul Watchman Dawson - FB PAGE

    “If we started the calendar (1/1/0001) on the correct day that Jesus Christ was born (9/11/-3) then 04/04/2020 would be 7/26/2022.

    September 11, 3 BC - January 1, 1 AD = 843 days

    April 4, 2020 + 843 days = 26 July 2022 (7/26/2022)

    Strong’s Number G726 matches the Greek harpazo.“

    This is an awesome find! Credit to a YT subscriber for this one.

    4/4/2020 is when Venus is at the Pleiades.

    4/4/2020 is 923 days away from Revelation 12 (9/23/2017)


    1. Jeova', Blessings

      H4422: malat: slip away (escape): (95): 1st:
      15 As morning dawned, the angels urged Lot, saying, “Up! Take your wife and your two daughters who are here, lest you be swept away in the punishment of the city.” 16 But he lingered. So the men seized him and his wife and his two daughters by the hand, the Lord being merciful to him, and they brought him out and set him outside the city. 17 And as they brought them out, one said, “***ESCAPE*** for your life. Do not look back or stop anywhere in the valley. Escape to the hills, lest you be swept away.” (Genesis 19:15-17, ESV, emph mine)

      G4422: ptoeó: to terrify: (2) Luke 21:9; 24:37
      8 And he (Jesus) said, “See that you are not led astray. For many will come in my name, saying, ‘I am he!’ and, ‘The time is at hand!’ Do not go after them. 9 And when you hear of wars and tumults, do not be ***TERRIFIED***, for these things must first take place, but the end will not be at once.” Luke 21:9, (ESV, emph mine)

    2. TY Jeova....Blessings and you have been such a treasure to this site, Brother, as you've been steadfast to provide us with so much good info in your summaries which are truly appreciated. Really looking forward to at last meeting you in the Presence of our Lord very soon along with ALL of the wonderful and wise Brothers here who've stayed the course with all of us Sisters on this incredible journey. In all of the years I spent in brick and mortars, I never knew anything even close in fellowship and devotion to the coming of our Precious Savior that is found here and I just believe our section of the Banquet Table is going to be one of the most joyful in all of Heaven:-)) Maranatha and Looking UP!

    3. Jimboni....Blessings and TY so much for your support re my thoughts on that dream. Always feel a bit nervous about sharing what I see in another's special revelations, but that one just felt like a "Given" that I would have been remiss to ignore. Re your above post, that's another reason I so appreciate our "Given" understanding of the Harpazo. It'll be hard to trick us into going after a false christ when we are fully expecting to be "Taken UP" by the real Jesus Christ right from wherever we happen to be when the time comes:-)

    4. sorry me no comprehendo....what is relevant about the 4th of April or 26th July 2022??? (apart from the USA having a spastic way of showing what should be dd/mm/yyyy like every other normal country:P )


    5. @Sheila B.
      I am very grateful to my Lord for having met them, in a time so difficult that I went through and so special for being alive (and having the privilege of being the generation - Faithful Church that will not taste death).
      Especially, I am grateful to you that it has been a blessing in this family and an example of wisdom in the gentle and sure way in which you have encouraged and supported us with love and prayer.
      The Lord Jesus bless you and your family!

      @Jimboni, Thank you brother for the complement! Your attention and comment on this site has been invaluable to me! Praying for Caleb (our Scout)! Soon we will be with the Lord in the greatest of all the Festivals that Humanity has witnessed!

      @Ryan, blessings!
      Let me just comment on the relevance I considered when looking at what was highlighted by Paul Dawson:

      1. I believe to be very relevant in the Project of God, although not highlighted in His Word, the date of birth of his Beloved Son (angels praised and declared that night the "greatest bliss" for man - JESUS ​​CHRIST, the Author and Finisher of our Faith!

      2. The Lord God has spoken to us in many ways, especially to those who watch for the precious day of our Blessed Hope. On this site, since August 2017, I have graciously accompanied the preciousness of His Grace and nothing happens by chance! I believe that everything here has a purpose ...

      3. 4/04/2020 - Venus is in the Pleiades after 250 years (Venus - Morning Star; Pleiades - 07 Churches)
      Is there any relevance to this?

      Another fact: April 4/5 is the beginning of Easter week - Palm Sunday (the day when Jesus allowed himself to be honored and glorified in Jerusalem).

      4. 7/26 - harpazo (726, Greek Strongs).

      5. 4/4/2020 is 923 days away from Revelation 12 (9/23/2017) - is it a coincidence? (Looking Up!)


    6. Jeova', Blessings. You've illustrated the Choreography of that Lovely Dance very nicely. What an Incredible Master Is Our God To Weave The Finest Of Details And Intertwine The Celestial Grand Dance With A Numeric Compendium Of His Word: Strong's, alongside various stories within it, that same Scripture having put to paper across 3,000 Years By Dozens Of 'Authors' With Perfect Precision. That you also added the reason why you hang this effort on The Birth Of Christ, and the reasons you gave, add so much Sparkle! Maranatha!

    7. ahhh palm Sunday, gotcha and thanks for that.

  51. another really great article from zero hedge on the reality of the impact of the CV on the China and likely global economy.

  52. Hey Brad.

    The historic barge/ark that has been stuck on the rocks of the Niagara River for 101 years will go over the Niagara Falls on Feb 17! Knowing this ahead of time will not only prove the Bible to non believers (so pass this information and the video link on), but it will also prove that the day that the End Times begins is knowable, and is now known, beyond a reasonable doubt. 

    Here's a short video explaining this:

    This knowledge is derived from God's big picture of signs. The signs have not been random, solely for the purpose of encouragement, that we are in the "season". Through the symbolism and immaculate timing embedded within the signs, the Lord has been teaching us a great many things. Including the identities of the first and second Antichrists. One third of the signs have been clear and obvious Antichrist identity signs, and these signs are voluminous. Therefore, at least one third of the signs have been missed by those that believe the identity of the Antichrist is unknowable until the very end. This isn't ideal for assembling a big picture puzzle.  

    The big picture of signs is also clearly indicating the day of the "last trump" sign. When President Trump will die of a heart on March 11th, 2020.

    The big picture of signs is also clearly proving a number of other extremely important things. I hope you have a chance to carefully go through this video series that explains the Lord's big picture of signs.

    1. 'cwdn, Blessings. Haven't watched, yet, but eager to. Should things transpire as you cite, on March 11th, the first FULL day of Israel's 70'th, it is Holy Justice Writ Large While Delivering Many Additional Signs Also. Immediately sprung to mind was:

      Proverbs 21 King James Version (KJV)

      21 The king's heart is in the hand of the Lord, as the rivers of water: he turneth it whithersoever he will.

      2 Every way of a man is right in his own eyes: but the Lord pondereth the hearts.

      3 To do justice and judgment is more acceptable to the Lord than sacrifice.

      4 An high look, and a proud heart, and the plowing of the wicked, is sin.

    2. OK, about 20 mins in to the 2nd video and it will be MORE amazing if the barge doesn't go over, at this point, wow. Your work is like mainlining what we do here but in an I.V.

      Clickable links for those who need. Sheila B get a lot of note paper and neck brace so as not to get whiplash.Video #1 re Feb 17 Barge over Niagara
      Part 2a

      That also being Alex' birthday, looking forwards to sharing this with him :)

      Hey, 'CiD, recall he turns 14, too. BTW, your line about "you CAN make this stuff up" got a big LOL out of me, now that there's a good one.

    3. ok, part two is significantly longer than part 1, however I promise I will finish watching it all if in the next 48 hours, we see that barge move! Would welcome a script for the longgggg video!

    4. Darren Jacks, Blessings.

      So nice to see you are "still" watching and following along still, you've put much labor into this tracking for many years now.

      May your missionary journeys afar richly bless His kingdom where there will be no hostels but mansions and beauty no one here can imagine.

  53. This comment has been removed by the author.

  54. I was watching a program today and Mayberry was mentioned. And it is on the ID channel. 😀

  55. Cwdt says we are saved by works. I thought immediately of Hilary’s outstanding article at Unsealed.
    Ephesians 2:10
    “For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them.” We are saved “unto” good works not because of them. Then he would be saying what a Jesus did is not enough and now it’s up to us which is blasphemous.

    1. Archangel, blessings. Yes, the distinction is clear and elemental to the Whole, amen. Looking forwards to how it plays out. Honestly, unfortunately, our Adversary is just as capable of pulling something like this off, as another, and, as MF would instruct us, without question also supernaturally able to do so in a mysteriously 'connected' manner. Discernment is key. On a side note, if Christ Is Not To Use Broken Vessels For His Messages, How Then? Maranatha!

  56. Circling back, Jeova', DIVIDING ISRAEL - 6 People Selected @RevCh12dotcom's latest (07:18) closes with a tease for an upcoming video exploring 04/04/2020 in depth, oh boy!

  57. Blessings Jimboni. Broken is fine. After all, a rose must be crushed before it’s strongest fragrance can be inhaled. But, one preaching another gospel, which denying the Grace of God, is a perversion of the Glorious Gospel of Christ, goes beyond broken into utter heresy. He ignores every verse on Grace and Salvation by Grace through Faith in the Finished Work of the Cross. To ignore the Doctrine which has Grace 131 times in 122 verses in the NT brings to mind Paul’s warning to the Galatians 1:6-9

    6I marvel that ye are so soon removed from him that called you into the grace of Christ unto another gospel: 7Which is not another; but there be some that trouble you, and would pervert the gospel of Christ. 8But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed. 9As we said before, so say I now again, If any man preach any other gospel unto you than that ye have received, let him be accursed.

    It’s the work of our adversary. In that I find no disagreement with you. If he can be so blind to something our salvation and eternity rest on, I find the entirety of his work highly suspect. He negates everything the Lord Jesus Christ accomplished for us by His Infinite Grace and Mercy.

    The Scriptures do not contradict. To take one verse from James and ignore everything else does us all a grave disservice. All his number-crunching notwithstanding.

    1. I am in complete agreement with your comments Archangel.

      If someone doesn't get the simplisity of the Gospel and they try to make our works a determining factor in our entrance into HEAVEN, I find it hard to trust anything else they are saying. Unfortunately I had to turn off from Darren's video after 25 minutes when he started saying that 180 signifies a 180 decree "turn from our sins to be saved" . And then there other things he said about adding works for salvation. The 180 degree turn we have is from trusting in our own "goodness" to be good enough for heaven, to trusting that Jesus work, his sinless life, his death on the cross, his burial and Resurrection were sufficient to pay for our entire sin debt. (ALL past, present and future sins) This is what REPENTENCE is.

      Our works after Salvation are only ever about reward at the bema seat of Christ. But our Salvation is based on our faith alone in Christ alone. And our Salvation is a one time event which happens the moment we REPENT of our non-belief and accept in our heart that Jesus is the lamb of God who took away the sins of the world.

      Bless you brother. And thanks standing up for Hillary too. It is Hilary who got it right. Darren is in err.

      I will watch with interest if Darren's predictions about the barge / ark & stock market crash comes to pass on the 17th, but I am very disappointed with his view on Eternal Salvation.

    2. Ok guys, then STAY on the narrow path of RIGHTEOUSNESS. The broad road only leads to death and destruction (which many in the 'Church' today are on and choose to be on because they do not fear (revere/love) the LORD).

      Our job (i.e. our work after salvation) is to BE HOLY and to BE OBIDIENT to God's WORD and to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

    3. Hi Charlie,
      The NARROW PATH is not about us trying to maintain our own self-righteous, which is like a filthy menstrual rag in comparison to the LORD's perfect & holy standard of righteousness,. Trying to that, is the wide path. Because the majority of people think their works are good enough and pleasing enough to the LORD to cancel out their sins.

      The narrow path is about us trusting 100 % that Jesus precious blood sacrifice was totally sufficient to pay our entire sin death, that we will commit during our whole life time. The narrow path is not adding our own works or law keeping, as a way to please the LORD enough to save us, we are only saved, by his FREE grace, without our works, so that all the credit rightly goes to Jesus (Ephesians 2:8-9). While we were still sinners, Christ saved us. (Romans 5:8) He didn't put a stipulation that we had to become righteous in order to be saved.

      The majority of the world are on the broad path, including the many professing Christians. There is a huge misconception and accusation towards GRACE believers that, we are out there sinning like there is no tomorrow, living it up, and living debased lifestyles without "repenting" and that's not true. How can we who have died to sin, live anymore in sin... Sin is repulsive to me.. I try my best not to sin, but sometimes it cannot be avoided, because of the corrupt world we live in, but of course, going by the 613 points of the law, I still sin every day..

      For example:
      The socks that I am wearing today are a mixture of cotton and polyester - That's a sin. (mixing two fabrics in a garment together) Deuteronomy 22:11

      I had a delicious burger the other day, and it was half pink inside - That's a sin.
      (eating the fat and the blood) Deuteronomy 12:23

      I have an on-going battle with my mother about salvation, and sometimes things can get pretty sour - That's a sin. (honour your father and mother) Exodus 20:12

      And I am sure I have done many more in thought, deed and action just this week alone.
      But I am not down on my knees every night begging for forgiveness because I wore socks with mixed fabrics, ate a pink burger, or had a row with my mother, why, because all my sins were forgiven already, even the big ones.

      We cannot just select the LAWS we like and agree with, and disregard the ones we don't particularly agree with, We either keep all of perfectly for all of our life, without fail, to meet Gods perfect and holy standard, and then we shall be called "great in the kingdom of Heaven" (Matthew 5:19) or we trust that Jesus kept them all for us, because we couldn't, and we rest in his GRACE.

      Blessing to you Charlie.

    4. Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And FORGIVE US OUR DEBTS, as we forgive our debtors. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil: For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever, AMEN.

    5. Hi Cheryl,
      I would recommend listening to this video series, by Mike Kapler & Joel Brueseke @ YTC: Grace Roots, which talks about Matt. 6:9-13 (The Lords Prayer), in a multi-part video series, with each video being about 13 minutes long.

      Matt. 6:9-13 The Lords Prayer

      As a point to note: it is worth bearing in mind, who was Jesus talking to during his earthly ministry? He was talking ONLY to the lost sheep of the house of Israel (Matt. 15:24)

      The Lord's Prayer is preceded with the words:
      "7 And when you pray, do not use vain repetitions as the heathen [gentiles] do. For they think that they will be heard for their many words. 8 “Therefore do not be like them.

      We cannot take everything that Jesus said, directed at Israel, and apply it to the Gentile Church. We are told to rightly divide his word, otherwise if we try to take everything written in the 4 Gospels and apply them to the Church, we will end up with lots of confusing and conflicting doctrines.

      The LORDS PRAYER was instructed by Jesus to the Jewish people while the Old Covenant was still in affect , it was not instructed to the Gentiles who are under the New Covenant by Paul who revealed / delivered the Gospel of Grace to the Church. But religion has jumped on the LORD's prayer, and people just rattle it off without even thinking about it.

    6. Cheryl,
      As a further illustration of the total forgiveness we have in Christ during this age of Grace:

      Ephesians 4:32 - "Instead, be kind to each other, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, just as God through Christ HAS forgiven you."

      Colossians 2:13-14 -When you were dead in your sins and in the uncircumcision of your flesh, God made you[d] alive with Christ. HE FORGAVE US ALL OUR SINS, 14 having canceled the charge of our legal indebtedness, which stood against us and condemned us; he has taken it away, nailing it to the cross.

      Hebrews: 8:12 - "For I will forgive their wickedness and will remember their sins no more"

      Ephesians 1:7 - "In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, in accordance with the riches of God’s grace THAT HE LAVISHED ON US"

      ("THAT HE LAVISHED ON US", does that sound like he is waiting for us to confess our sins in order to be forgiven? no it sounds like he is so pleased with us that we believe on his son Jesus for the total forgiveness of our sins, that he just lavished his grace on us! You can almost hear him, say, "nope , don't mention that sin to me, you believe on my son Jesus, that's good enough for me, count it as totally forgiven.)

      God bless you sister.

  58. Blessings Jordan and Beltway Brother. Thank you. I, too, couldn’t finish his videos after what he said but definitely tuned out when I saw his response to a comment about Grace. I made more than a few comments, to which he had no response, regarding Grace from the Holy Bible. I find it disturbingly incongruous that he can see so many connections between dates, numbers, and events but then ends up professing what sounds suspiciously to me like Lordship Salvation which perverts the definition of “repentance” entirely and makes it into a works-based “salvation.”

    I have been staying anchored to His Holy Word because we need all the instruments for battle especially as we see the day approaching. The enemy is firing all his fiery darts in quick succession, especially as our date of departure nears.

    “Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked.” Ephesians 6:16

    The article by Hilary is one of the most stellar the Bereans at Unsealed have ever produced. She so thoroughly explained Grace, faith and works that I sincerely hope he and others will read it. I posted the link to it in one of my comments to him. She answered many questions for me; some I hadn’t realized had been creeping around in the back of my mind for many years. It absolutely puts to bed any idea of working or trying to for something Jesus already gave us. How critical it is to rightly divide the Word of God ! Thinking we can add anything to Jesus Finished Work on the Cross is abomination and a damnable heresy.

    Cwdt’s predictions by virtue of the fact that they are predictions is wrong biblically on so many levels and, if we are not careful, could easily morph into familiar spirit territory, especially coming from a source who doesn’t heed the simple message of salvation by Grace through Faith in Jesus Finished Work on the Cross. All biblical prophecy and only biblical prophecy can be relied on and trusted because it’s the Inspired Word of God. That’s why it’s perfect for correction, reproof, etc.

    The road to Eternal Life is, indeed, narrow. Maranatha!

  59. Blessings, All. A Hat Tip and deep appreciation for the robust defense of many things of Christ. I'll spare the details but concur so much and my spirit affirms. On one hand, I appreciate that we've not, generally, gone down the road of 'blog as debate central' as unsealed so often does, still, upon opening the cover of the invitation posted, it, now, was apparently meant to be uncovered and put to the test. That it was done openly and in the Light of Christ's Word so honors and magnifies Our Lord while feeding His Sheep, amen. John 21:17 As stated, as might be expected, I'll be Watching, as will we all now, I suspect, ...

  60. Jimboni shared that Paul Dawson @RevCh12dotcom plans to dive deeper into April 4 (Passover). We all have high hopes for March 9-10 (Purim) and Tim Henderson said the Lord told him to "Watch Purim". MY SPECULATIVE thought is we might see ISAIAH 17:1 come to pass during Purim with the Rapture occurring during Passover--April 4.

    "In previous posts I have shared my belief that the Resurrection/Rapture did not have to fulfill any particular feast; HOWEVER, if we identify with Christ, especially as part of His Body, and we identify with the First Resurrection, perhaps the Resurrection/Rapture will also be fulfilled at Passover."

    I am looking forward to what our Brother Paul might have discovered!

    1. Earlier I shared how I believe the Lord is calling me to spend LESS time on-line. Well yesterday I received a JURY DUTY NOTICE. So please pray with me that if the Lord wishes me to do this He will make it plain. I'm thinking it might be His will for me to go. I don't get out much--literally! So who knows--perhaps I will meet someone who I can lead to salvation through our precious Jesus Christ! Love to you all♥

    2. Nora--I DO think the 3rd election will end up with NO KING IN ISRAEL (Micah 4):

      "Bob Barber in a 20-minute video (Bible Warns of Whats Next After Failed Israel Government!) gives an excellent synopsis of how Israel’s lack of government will make the way for the Antichrist to take his throne and how it will lead to the fulfillment of Micah 4:8-13 and the birth of The Man Child." [From my Rapture Tapestry Reveals April 2020 article--see above for links]

      And sorry for making this 3 posts instead of just 1, Brad!

  61. Hey @cwdn...Darren's remarkable ability to amass an incredible database of prophetic connections embedded in world events is literally jaw-dropping imo and despite his many failed Rapture predictions based on those signs, I was still blown away by his uncanny insights. BUT after that last batch he produced when he came out so strongly against the Eternal Security found in The Finished Work of the Cross, I was truly heartsick and my enthusiasm for the brilliance of his amazing work was tarnished. That said, I have to agree with Jimboni re our Lord's prerogative to use whomever He Wills however He Wills and I have complete faith in His Ability to bring about ultimate correction when it's needed for any one of us who truly belong to Him per John 6:39 KJV.

    Here's the thing for me personally...I'm a huge fan of ordinary common sense and the anti-OSAS by Grace through Faith arguments against 1Cor.15:1,2,3,4 and Eph.2:8,9,10 make no sense at all. One cannot claim that complete obedience and/or constant repentance are NOT "works" and yet claim them as A CONDITION OF SALVATION--which by necessity and common sense renders them as self "works" that deny His All Sufficient Work on the Cross. Hence the admonition of Matt.7:21,22,23 which DOES NOT SAY to depart from Him never having been known for the reason of resting ALL of one's faith in His Work Alone. This is not about continuing in sin that grace may abound, God forbid, but about acknowledging the Truth of Rom.5 and 6 and doing our best to allow Him to Perform His Work in and through us.

    I saw another person whose amazing intellect and insight had really wowed me for quite awhile until she began to reveal her rabid distaste for the doctrine of Eternal Security and just recently stated that Scriptures say the answer to "What must I do to be Saved is....Obey the Ten Commandments!" Just SMH on that one as this person purports to spend a lot of time in The Word.

    So anyway, what I'm going to do with Darren's latest info is follow Ryan @Zeal Life's lead and if the Iron Scow barge/ark goes over Niagara Falls on Feb.17th, then I, Lord Willing, will invest those intense listening hours to hear the rest of what he has to say. (interesting history on that old barge re the 1918 rescue of it's 2 stranded crew members;-)

    Blessings and Maranatha!

    1. Blessings Sheila B. You are better than me and have loads of patience. Cwdt did reply to one of my comments about Ephesians 2:8-9. He said, “You have isolated a verse and twisted the writings of Paul, as Peter warned against doing, to their own destruction.”

      Stock market crash, he predicted, on a day the stock market is closed.

    2. It looks like all my Grace comments except for one have disappeared from cwdt vids.

    3. Blessings Sheila B, much love to you and Jimboni always but I just don’t think Jesus would use someone who denies the NT. I inundated him with Grace verses and he removed all but one so he could have one to reply to that I twisted a verse.

  62. Sharing...
    T.W. Tramm - FB PAGE

    COULD THE RECENT dimming of the red supergiant star Betelgeuse be a signal it’s about to explode, or go supernova?

    No one knows for certain.

    What astronomers do know is that when Betelgeuse, a star nearing the end of its life, inevitably explodes it will go out in a blaze of glory, putting on a light show that could be visible during the day and appear brighter than the full moon for months before dimming.

    Understanding that God uses the stars and constellations to “speak” and “reveal knowledge” (Gen. 1:14; Ps. 19), it’s interesting that Betelgeuse appears to be saying something of late.

    Betelgeuse is located in the right shoulder of the brightest constellation in the night sky, Orion, the sign which depicts a mighty man coming forth.

    Who is this luminous and powerful figure?

    The names of the stars that make up the constellation give clues:

    The name Betelgeuse is derived from the Arabic yad al-Jawza and means “the right hand,” “the hand of the central one,” or, more anciently, “the coming of the branch.”

    The star Rigel, located in the left foot of Orion, means “the foot that crushes.”

    The star marking the left shoulder of Orion, named Bellatrix, means “coming quickly” or “swiftly destroying.”

    One of the stars located in Orion’s belt, named Al Nitak, means “the wounded one.”

    Thus, Orion is a picture of Jesus, the Light of the World and the Prince of Glory, once wounded for the sins of the redeemed, coming quickly to judge.

    Isaiah speaks of the Lord’s coming forth as judge to an unbelieving world:

    “The LORD shall go forth as a mighty man, he shall stir up jealousy like a man of war: he shall cry, yea, roar; he shall prevail against his enemies. I have long time held my peace; I have been still, and refrained myself: now will I cry like a travailing woman; I will destroy and devour at once” (Isa. 42:13, 14).

    Conversely, Jesus comes as glorious light for the redeemed:

    “Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD rises upon you. See, darkness covers the earth and thick darkness is over the peoples, but the LORD rises upon you and his glory appears over you” (Isa. 60:1, 2).

    It’s fascinating to consider how Chinese astronomers before Ptolemy observed Betelgeuse as having a yellow coloration. If accurate, such an observation could suggest the star was in a yellow supergiant phase around the beginning of the Christian era, and has doubled in size to become a red supergiant star over the last 2,000 years.

    A Catholic tradition, supported by the image of Christ on the Shroud of Turin, holds that one of the most grievous wounds suffered by Jesus on the day of His crucifixion was a wound on His right shoulder from carrying the cross.

    Could Betelgeuse reddish appearance during the last 2,000 years be an allusion to the shoulder wound inflicted on the One who bore the sins of humanity?

    Regardless of whether such a connection exists, or whether Betelgeuse is about to go supernova and shine forth in an inexpressible display of power and brilliance, the red supergiant’s unprecedented dimming gives reason for humanity to look up to the heavens and the stars proclaiming Jesus’ return.

    The heavens are always speaking.

    Today more than ever they seem to be saying, “He is coming quickly.”

    1. . . .


      1. Orion is one of the three constellations belonging to the sign of the bull Taurus. According to E.W. Bullinger, Taurus belongs to the third and final chapter of the heavenly (constellation) book that describes God’s plan of redemption. The subject of the final chapter is the completion and consummation of man’s redemption and depicts Jesus’ return to judge the world in righteousness.

      2. The Babylonians knew Orion as MUL.SIPA.ZI.AN.NA or “the heavenly shepherd” and associated the constellation with Anu, the god of the heavenly realms. The Egyptians associated Orion with Osiris, the god of death, afterlife and rebirth.

      3. Star and constellation meanings in this post are taken from the work of E.W. Bullinger and others who study the biblical meanings. While other traditions ascribe different meanings to Orion, it’s important to keep in mind that the names and meanings of the constellations have been corrupted and misinterpreted by various cultures throughout time.


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