Is He or Isn't He? - Greg Lauer

Back in September I put up a post about a very interesting interstellar comet (C/2019 Borisov) that plunged onto the astronomical scene this year. I laid out in that post a number off reasons why I felt that this comet could be a cosmic sign pointing to the soon coming arrival of the Anti-Christ. Since then my antenna has been raised watching for men who could be poised to fill this role. Why? Well if we see someone that seems to be setting themselves up to take this position it is yet another HUGE sign as to how close we are to the Rapture of the Church, our Blessed Hope.

Today I read Greg Lauer's latest, Is He or Isn't He?  In it he gives a wonderful breakdown about why he switched his position on whether or not the Anti-Christ would be Jewish.  He details out the argument as to why some have assumed he must be Jewish, and then gives a very detailed and biblical breakdown as to why he changed his mind.  Here is an excerpt:

If you were totally convinced that the Antichrist could be a Gentile, and a man came on the geopolitical scene and began doing things and posturing himself in ways that virtually screamed "Antichrist!"—and he was a Gentile, what would you do? 

That attitude changes everything. Now the situation would warrant your attention, and you would follow events surrounding this man and you would examine him more carefully to see how well he fits the profile and to what extent his actions line up with what we understand the Antichrist will do according to Scripture. 

My point is that even if you lean toward the Antichrist being a Jew, if you are at least open to the possibility that he may be a Gentile, then if a man comes onto the scene who is a prime candidate for the role, be he Jew or Gentile, you won't just blow him off because he doesn't fit your profile. Think about it...if he really is the man, and he is on the scene now doing things or planning to do things that we know the Antichrist will do, it could clue us in to one glaring fact: 

It can't be too much longer!

What Greg's article did for me was clear up a few murky thoughts that I had muddied in my head.  Why I have always heard that we can't know who the antichrist is 100% because he is revealed after we are gone, I also believe that spirit filled believer who are actively watching will have a very good idea of who it could be prior to the rapture.  And if we can see that, that gives us that much more assurance and hope that we are truly on the cusp of our blessed hope!

So back to the comet in the sky.  Prior to reading Greg's article I had heard the comet was now approaching it's closest approach to the earth later this month.  That will happen on December 30th.

"The closest approach of C/2019 V1 (Borisov) to Earth happens on Mon Dec 30 2019 at a distance of 2.69632016 Astronomical Units, or 403,363,755 kilometers:" -The Sky Live

Here is a video showing what the comet looks like now:
Some astronomers are excited because they do not know how this comet will react when it starts getting hit with heat from the sun for the first time.... the off gassing could create quite a spectacle.... which is something to watch for.   Here is a glimpse from The Sky Live showing it's position when it is nearest to the earth:

I decided to check on where this thing would be positioned on such a key day.  What I found was something that I happened to miss in my original article.  On the day when the comet is closest to earth and largest and brightest in our sky, on that day this very suspicious comet that has many things in my opinion potentially tying it to the Anti Christ, on that day it is located directly on a SNAKE.  The constellation Hydra to be exact.

Here is a screen shot from Stellarium:

At this point you may be curious as to what EW Bullinger has to say about Hydra, I know I was.
From page 179 of The Witness of the Stars

1. HYDRA (The Serpent).
The Old Serpent Destroyed. The time has at length come for the fulfilment of the many prophecies pictured in the heavens: and in its three final constellations we see the consummation of them all in the complete destruction of the Old Serpent, and all his seed, and all his works.

It is the special work of the Messiah, as “the Lion of the tribe of Judah,” to trample it under foot. It is pictured as the female serpent (Hydra), the mother and author of all evil. Hydra has the significant meaning, he is abhorred! It is an immense constellation extending for above 100 degrees from east to west, beneath the Virgin, the Lion, and the Crab. It is composed of 60 stars; one of the 2nd magnitude, three of the 3rd, twelve of the 4th, etc. The brightest star,–(in the heart of the Serpent), is sometimes called by the moderns Cor Hydræ on that account. Its ancient name is Al Phard (Arabic), which means the separated, put away. Another is called Al Drian, the abhorred. Another star is named Minchar al Sugia, the piercing of the deceiver. There can be no doubt as to what is taught by the constellation of Hydra, nor is it necessary to quote the Scriptures concerning the destruction of the Serpent.

To me this is just another confirmation that we are on the right track... and Greg Lauer has laid out a solid case that we can tentatively keep an eye out for this man to rise onto the scene any day now, from an ethnicity other than being Jewish.  I whole heartedly agree that we should be focused on Christ and His return and not worried about the AC, but, for me personally, it is encouraging to have as much info as possible pointing to the nearness of the Lord's return, especially when the cares of this life try to creep in during this busy holiday season.

God Bless you all!  KEEP LOOKING UP!!

Here is a link to Greg's Full article if you didn't click it above:


  1. Thanks so much for a new thread, Blessings. Entanglement with what Daniel Valles has been unpacking @ic simply leaps from this thread, strongly resonating with EW Bullinger, cited. In the spirit of the "Double Witness' see arising so much of late, as in my Unpack paged, Miguel P's recent post, top-of-mind, and others, as I had mentioned, the Sun departs its having been at "The Head Of The Dragon' and, as of 12/21, The Solstice, 'turns' and is then at "The Tail Of The Dragon". Meanwhile, about 9 days later, on the closing day of the year, 12/30-31, your Harbinger, C/2019 Borisov, throws Earth a kiss from its closest point, from the "Tail Of The Serpent,"

    1. Jimboni, please get away from Daniel Valles/Informed Christians. He is not a good one. I had a run in with him (or, rather, his "attack dog") a few years ago (early 2017). He is "chamaeleon-ic", and not willing to listen. I tried to nicely point out error, but it was not accepted. :-/

    2. LeeBoardway, Blessings. I've 'crossed swords', as it were, with Daniel, in the past, and he can be testy. I've found, not infrequently, among those Called To A Task/Ministry/Perspective that they can be rather blunt and somewhat combative when their path is perceived as threatened or co-opted. I find this to be a Divinely Given Protective Measure, though it can be uncomfortable to encounter. In Daniel's case, as also with many, his Gift is more in the Seeing than the telling, as it were, and if he was sure, right or wrongly, that he was correct on the point in question, I have no doubt his defense was abrupt and singular.

      That all said, none of this is the Test of which Spirit he follows, ROM 10:9, PHIL 2:11, 1 John 4:2. There is no Scriptural Assurance that the Rabbi's we follow be pleasant, MATT 7:5, LUKE 6:42. While your interaction with him may have caused you some misgivings and set you off of the path of his teachings, it does not, as cited, discredit him, devalue the Truth of his Insights, or call into question his Use In These Times By Our Lord. I would urge you to forgive and recover what Our Lord Is Serving at Daniel's table.

  2. December 12th and the 'Cold' Full Moon
    From the Potters Clay


    There have been many moonlight test that have shown time after time that not only is the moonlight not a warming light like the sun, but is in fact a cooling light.

    Meaning the Moon is definitely giving off it's own like just as the Bible says, and not reflecting the sun light like we are told.

    For example if you were to use a mirror to reflect the suns light, you would feel the warmth off that reflected light because sunlight whether reflected or direct is warm.

  3. Yes, about those so called 'space balls of fire n ice' called comets zooming around in a vacuum....


    BTW, how do those 'space rocks' make it through God's handiwork (i.e. the waters or firmament) above us???

    1. USA HIT with 'Asteroid' - From the Hand of Jesus (not a random .0000000006% chance strike by a space ball)

      Short summary of Jesus' Proclamation of Himself casting the 1st Stone at Her...the Harlot...the Rev 18 Babylon which is the USA


    2. Beltway Brother, blessings to you ! You were right from the get go about Kanye. Joel Osteen and now this:

    3. Amen,

      KW was wearing a baggy silver one-piece that covered him from head to toe, with silver paint covering his face and hands. He also wore matching silver socks and silver slides as he arrived at the event, which was held at Miami Marine Stadium on Sunday afternoon at the final day of Art Basel. A quick Google search brought me to a book called 'The Meaning Of Masonry", and as you can see in the photo below it is dead-on to explain the silver and blue KW decided to use in 'Mary'

    4. Yes, when Jesus asked if He would find faith on the earth when He comes it is just another reminder of how many false doctrines and outright blasphemy against our Lord is out there. It always struck me how He said Let no man deceive you first before discussing the signs of the Trib coming. We are there, really there.

    5. Thank you Charlie for putting the truth out there, contrary to what we're told and just believe because everyone including peers and family believes. You watch The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction also? I saw you reference the channel ShakingMyHeadProductions who also is very good due to using a variety of good references within the videos produced. There was a recent good video on Kanye West from that channel also concerning Xmas and it's pagan origins before Jesus was born.

  4. Family, Blessings. Since Kilauea, I've felt it in my spirit that one Wink to be watching for is when YTC preachers which we follow mention each other when they had not done so, previously, or mention one of us in their video, as has happened about then with Colleen Minter.

    Well, wouldn't you know, on his latest, Impeachment?! The real scenario..., Pastor Tim Henderson rises to give his backing to Colleen, acknowledging her understanding/teaching of timing is different that his and that her complete defense of the Gospel of Grace renders that not relevant to fellowship or her other teachings or encouragements. I noticed something and posted it on both of their channels:

    Pastor Tim mentions Colleen's full name at 14:52

    Strong's 1452: egguteron: nearer: used ONCE: "11 Besides this you know the time, that the hour has come for you to wake from sleep. For salvation is nearer to us now than when we first believed." ROM 13:11, ESV, emph mine. Maranatha!

    1. Billy Crone said to be also aware that the AC, since he doesn’t care about the company of women, might, ahem, care more, shall we say, for the company of other men.

    2. Archangel, Blessings. That line lays clearly on the surface and has been well traced by many, over the years. Not sure how it applies, here, although current pols could be referred to. Honestly, I have felt somewhat led to not chase anything AC, except as it reveals such to Glorify Christ, so don't have enough dog in that hunt to follow yours.

      On the note of things recently seen which appear only ONCE in scripture, sharing this. Esp in the context of the end spot being the penultimate proof text for GRACE: 5780+2019=7799. In Gematria, ONE verse echoes this number, Luke 23:43.

      42 And he said, “Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom.” 43 And he said to him, “Truly, I say to you, today you will be with me in paradise.”

      In The Season... . @Jolie

    3. Jimboni...that's really interesting and as one of Jolie's commenters pointed out, Jesus refers to the timing of His Coming in the context of a "thief" as well.'s 2019 until it isn't:-)

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  6. Decade's final full moon on Dec. 12 at 12:12 a.m. Interesting, huh ?

  7. Thanks for the link, Brad. Yeah, I never really looked to devote a lot of time to the issue of the Antichrist, but I'm beginning to see that there *are* some compelling things about this topic that I believe have relevance to the Church today.

    Part of watching the signs of the times is knowing what to look for--as well as what *not* to look for.

    And I can pretty well guarantee you I'm not done with this.

    Here's to looking for the real Christ. =:)

    1. Greg, I know you don’t have a comment section on your website so I want to grab your attention here, maybe, by thanking you for your exceptional enlightening teaching and making me fall out of my chair laughing at the same time. That is a truly unique gift and I appreciate it.

    2. Thank you. All I can do is try and grab a few bits and pieces of what the Holy Spirit tries to hammer into my thick head.

      Wish Him luck.

    3. Oh, He doesnt need it. Trust me. If there’s something God wants you to know, He will make sure you know it. Count on it. Your insights and commentaries and articles help keep me up to date as events unfold. Great job. God bless you. That time you wrote that there was a “drone that Iran slapped together” had me on the floor.

  8. Did we miss this astronomical event on Dec 10th?? The kiss of the saturn = the birthing of the._________

    Jimboni. did Daniel (IC) pick this up?


    1. 'Hey 'CiD, Blessings. Had not seen that mentioned anywhere and, esp as she mentions that the N*bel P Prize is always awarded on 12/10, hmmm, clearly a date they want marked/noted. I do not recall this being highlighted by Daniel @ic along the way and I'll let it parking lot, for now, before asking him on his page for his take on this. Quick little summary on the details:

      Every year ends with a cold moon—the name given to a full moon that appears in December. This year's moon will be visible the night of December 11 through the morning of December 12. On this same night, the planets Venus and Saturn will appear closer than usual in the night sky. During twilight on Tuesday, December 10, the bright planet Venus and the dimmer planet Saturn will arrive at their closest conjunction, 1.8° apart, above the southwestern horizon. --
      Michele Debczak 12/10/19 @ A Rare 'Full Cold Moon Kiss' Is Coming This Week

      On the channel you shared, her take, and it seems aligned, is this portends an image of the Man-child of Rev and the AC being 'birthed' as TWINS, effectively simultaneously, which certainly fits ALL the Words in D&V arriving. Again, as a picture this also aligns well with CM's 30+9, then the 40th, unmentioned in the Dream, but highlighted as Significant. Interesting side note, I had not seen any of this when I grabbed the picture, earlier, of C/2019 Borisov 'throwing Earth a kiss' from Hydra's Tail at closest approach, fascinating. Maranatha!

    2. The convergence of the celestial and other 'events' this Hanukkah is quite remarkable. Rapture Puzzle has tied things up nicley as you have noted before then add in LLOTT's model of Hanukkah + Tabernacles + Passover being one (or reflected of each other due to all the calendars aligning) this year.

      Elliot's anecdote below seems to align with Rapture Puzzle (5 years of grace since 2014-15)


      Here is an anecdote from Elliot Hong @ FiveDoves: 12 Reasons Why This Coming Hanukkah Could Be Important

      1) We all know the miracle of Hanukkah, and here is another remarkable story. 5 years ago, pure olive oil was produced for the first time since the 2nd Temple was destroyed, and a very prophetic event of lighting the menorah with the newly produced pure oil took place in Jerusalem on 12/22/14 during Hanukkah. 5 means Grace, and I believe that God of Grace allows 5 years for the Bride to be filled with pure oil.

      2) 2 years ago, during a hike in Beit Shean Valley in Israel, 7 year old Hadas and her mother discovered a Maccabean-era oil lamp.

      This remarkable discovery of the 2,200 year old lamp came a week before the beginning of Hanukkah. 2 means Separation, and I believe that it's the sign that God reminds us the parable of ten virgins which is written in Matthew 25.

      3) 1 Corinthians 3:16-17 could be the word for Hanukkah. "Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you? If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy; for the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are"

      This verse can be interpreted that those who didn't prepare their temples holy will be left behind.

      Thus, Hanukkah could be the time of separation between wise and foolish virgins.

      It means that Hanukkah also could be the time for "the Removal of the Restrainer" and O is ready to come back to Power.

      4) As it's written in John 10:22, Jesus walked in Solomon's porch of the Temple in the feast of Hanukkah.

      Solomon's porch area was known as the court of the Gentiles, and Hanukkah is the added feast. Thus it could be a hint that Hanukkah is for the Gentiles.

      Also John 10: 27-28 could be a clue as well.

      5) Hanukkah begins from the sunset of Kislev 24, and the word of the Lord came to Haggai on the twenty-fourth day of the ninth month.

      And as it's written in Haggai 2:23, the Lord declares that "I will take you, I will make you like my signet ring, for I have chosen you"

      6) On 12/11, 1917, General Allenby's forces officially liberated Jerusalem, and it was the miracle happened during Hanukkah.

    3. 7) Hanukkiah has 9 candles, and 9 represents Human Gestation and the Fruits of the Holy Spirit.

      8) According to the teaching of Zola Levitte, 8 feasts from Passover to Hanukkah represent the each major stages of Human Gestation. And Hanukkah which is observed for 8 days represent Birth, and 8 means New Birth and New Beginning.

      9) The 3rd day of this coming Hanukkah is Christmas.According to the documentary film, it was 12/25 2BC when wise men arrived at Bethlehem to worship the future King.

      10) On the 4th day of this Hanukkah, Annular Solar Eclipse appears, and the phase of ring could be connected to the Marriage of the Lamb.

      11) The 6th day of Hanukkah is the new moon of Tevet, and the importance of new moon is written in Colossians 2:16-17 and 2 Corinthians 3:18. And Tevet was the month when Esther was chosen as the Queen.

      12) The period from Christmas to New Year's Eve fits to the Days of Noah and Matthew 24:37.
      And Tevet 2,3,4 fits to $2.34

  9. For you who enjoy the name game::

    Boris = Wolf


    Rudolph (the RR Reindeer) = Wolf


    It is all coming very very clear (i.e. "Christmas" time / santa = satan etc...)

  10. Sharing...

    DECEMBER’S FULL MOON occurs on the 12th day of the 12th month at exactly 12:12 am this year.

    Thus the moon, a biblical symbol of the Church, will reach a state of fullness on 12/12 @ 12:12.

    While it’s debatable whether the convergence of “12s” at the full moon during the darkest time of year represents a biblical sign in the heavens, it’s nonetheless apropos of the prophetic hour in which we find ourselves: “Midnight.”

    Biblically, midnight is when—

    • The master of the house might return (Mark 13:35).

    • The sleeping virgins are awakened by a shout that the bridegroom is coming (Matt. 25:6).

    • Paul, the apostle to the Gentiles, is released from prison after a great earthquake (Acts 16:25-34).

    • Paul finishes preaching (Acts 29:7).

    • The Jewish Kinsman redeemer finds his soon-to-be Gentile bride at his feet (Ruth 3:8).

    • The angel of death takes vengeance on those not covered by the blood of the lamb (Ex 12:29).

    • The godly rise and give thanks to the Lord (Ps. 119:62).

    Additionally, the number 12 figures prominently in Scripture:

    • 12 sons of Jacob form the 12 tribes of Israel (Ex. 24:4).

    • 12 apostles form the basis of the Church (Rev. 21:14).

    • The woman in Revelation 12 wears a crown of 12 stars.

    • In Revelation 21:12 the city of God has 12 gates guarded by 12 angels. On the gates are written the names of the 12 tribes of Israel.

    • 12,000 from each of the 12 tribes of Israel are marked with the seal of God (Rev. 7:4-8).

    • The Tree of Life in the new creation will produce 12 types of fruit (Rev. 22:2).

    Thus, the number 12 denotes the Church, the bride, wholeness, completion, and divine rule.

    Because the number 12 symbolizes completeness, it may also be associated with Jesus’ return.

    A well-known idiom poses that the night is darkest “just before the dawn.” In reality, however, it’s the halfway point between dusk and dawn—12:00 am—that is darkest.

    Today, as the full moon nearest the darkest day of the year ascends the late autumn sky, a convergence of biblical signs suggests that “midnight” is upon us.

    Soon, the shout will be heard, “Behold! The bridegroom is here! Come out to meet him!”

    (By T.W. TRAMM)
    . . .


    1. December 21 marks the winter solstice, the shortest and darkest day of the year.

    2. The moon as a symbol of the Church: In Song of Solomon the Gentile/Shulammite maid, symbolic of the Church, is compared to the moon: “Who is she that looketh forth as the morning, fair as the moon .... Return, return, O Shulamite; return, return, that we may look upon thee” (Song 6:10, 13). The spiritual parallel between the Church and the moon is that the full moon, as bright and beautiful as it is, has no brilliance of its own. It relies entirely upon the sun, which is a picture of Christ (Ps. 84:11; 19:4, 5), for its light. Without the sun, the moon has no light. Likewise, man has no light of his own. We were created in the image of God to reflect His brilliance and glory (Gen. 1:27). When we turn to face the majesty of God, when we surrender to Him and seek Him with all our hearts, we reflect His glory (Matt. 5:14).
    The Moon Bride:


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    2. ...and Charlie in DC is actually the Energizer Bunny!, or Annabel's Pseudo-name, or something! Maranatha!

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    5. Jeova...TY for that awesome summary and Amen! a million times over to the Glory of God!

  11. Energizer bunny is messing up. Jonah keeps on walking on the keyboard too...


    The Moon GIVES off HER own LIGHT!

    Isaiah 13:10 ||| Matthew 24:29 ||| Mark 13:24

    Repost of the latest from PottersClay on the Cold Moon of 12/12...but the Moon ALWAYS gives off a cold light!


    See also Aleister Crowley & The Satanic Law of Reversal (what is up is down, what is evil is good, what is near is far (i.e. God the Father and the heavenlies)


    See also The sun/moon are right there!! GOD is literally right above us!! See satan's law of reversal above to know the TRUTH!


    1. You do notice in all of the verses cited that it says the sun is darkened before it says the moon doesn't give off it's light? Hmmm...cause and effect maybe?

  12. Saw some one post this on Facebook in regards to the moon.

    Rev 12:12
    12 Therefore rejoice, you heavens
    and you who dwell in them!
    But woe to the earth and the sea,
    because the devil has gone down to you!
    He is filled with fury,
    because he knows that his time is short.”

    1. I don't get it. How does that relate to the moon?

  13. great write-up from Greg. I recall Chuck Missler initially peaking my interest in a gentile AC with his commentary on Pharaoh and 'the Assyrian', when discussing the AC types in the OT. Joel Richardson and others have written plenty on the AC being Islamic and Joel gets around the issue of the Jews accepting an islamic 'messiah' through what the scriptures state that the Jews do and don't accept. However one of the strongest arguments for a gentile AC is simply the fact that Jesus came as the Jewish Messiah; he was rejected by the Jewish people and accepted by the gentiles (pre-believers so to speak). The topsy turvy history of Israel (and with their almost OTT honouring of Trump as a good example...cyrus/Trump coins etc) would have them easily succumbing to a gentile AC if there was the promise of a Temple.

    I found this brief article succinctly pointing out what Joel and others have discussed for a while...a baptist bulletin article of all places!!!

    Bless you all, and am continuing to watch the brexit/Trump impeachment/Israeli elections and the timings with great interest! Ryan

    1. Bless you too Ryan! Glad to hear from you. You've been on my mind, especially with that volcano. (Even though it's probably not super close to you, I'd bet it is a lot closer to you than me - smack dab in the middle of the usa.)

    2. Yes, Ryan...great to hear from you! I was thinking of you as well in re to the White Island Eruption. Praying all is well with you and yours:-)

      Just saw this @breakingisraelnews article this evening re Trump signing an Executive Order on Wednesday recognizing Judaism as a Nationality rather than just a Religion. This gives him the power to withhold Federal funding from colleges who refuse to cope with their growing anti-Semitic atmosphere and allows the Jews to be recognized as a People or a Race protected by discrimination laws. This isn't sitting well with the Lefties ofc. This E.O. also explicitly enacts Gen.12:2 It's also noted that the only Biblical character who ever referred to Judaism as a Religion was Haman in Esther 3:8 (with the Hebrew word translated as "laws" actually being "dat" meaning faith or religion. The Rabbis are seeing this as another
      big step in their Redemption process.

    3. ...and another gear in the Noahide, Rube Goldberg device is put into place. @MANYFISHERS 12:38

      A Few Interesting Things. Bennu - OSIRIS Rex - Nimrod. Trump EO and a New World Currency!

    4. Thanks guys and our beach house is 40km (afatcf) to the volcano, so a little close to home (so to speak).

      I had seen the Trump EO, however hadn't made the Noahide connection, so that is quite interesting, although I would like to think along Sheila's lines of thought, that it is Gods final correction on the status of Israel/Jusaism and hopefully final notice to Satan before the big 'r' moment!

  14. I was wondering why it was so quiet on the last thread, you were all over here on a new article..

    Thanks Brad, It sure feels like everything is about to blowup any day now. It is like knowing that you have won the lottery, and that all your problems will disappear as soon as you drop down to the lotto office and redeem your ticket, the prize is yours, you just have to collect the check. In our case, we just have to be collected.

    I uploaded a video today explaining about James 2 - "Faith without works is dead" if anyone wants to check it out on my channel:


    1. Jordan...nicely done message on a tough subject. Much appreciated:-)

    2. Thanks Sheila, Yeah it is a topic that erked my Grace loving ears for a while, and I heard various theories on it, but they didn't fully sit well on me. But then I heard a great sermon by the late Hank Lindstrom that explained it very clearly, (what a great bible scholar he is) and I had an ahha moment, and thought I need to make a video about that. Thanks for watching it sister, glad you liked it :)

    3. Wow that a great take on that scripture and is so important to resolve for a christian thanks for making that Jordan.

    4. Hey thanks for watching it Ryan and for the thumbs up. Bless you brother.

  15. Revelation 7:9

    After this I looked, and there before me was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne and before the Lamb. They were wearing white robes and were holding palm branches in their hands.

  16. Romans 8:31-39

    31 What shall we say about such wonderful things as these? If God is for us, who can ever be against us? 32 Since he did not spare even his own Son but gave him up for us all, won’t he also give us everything else? 33 Who dares accuse us whom God has chosen for his own? No one—for God himself has given us right standing with himself. 34 Who then will condemn us? No one—for Christ Jesus died for us and was raised to life for us, and he is sitting in the place of honor at God’s right hand, pleading for us.

    35 Can anything ever separate us from Christ’s love? Does it mean he no longer loves us if we have trouble or calamity, or are persecuted, or hungry, or destitute, or in danger, or threatened with death? 36 (As the Scriptures say, “For your sake we are killed every day; we are being slaughtered like sheep.”[a]) 37 No, despite all these things, overwhelming victory is ours through Christ, who loved us.

    38 And I am convinced that nothing can ever separate us from God’s love. Neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons,[b] neither our fears for today nor our worries about tomorrow—not even the powers of hell can separate us from God’s love. 39 No power in the sky above or in the earth below—indeed, nothing in all creation will ever be able to separate us from the love of God that is revealed in Christ Jesus our Lord.

    1. Amen, Miguel and TY. Powerful verses in re to our Lord's Ability to keep us through anything and everything and my go-to verses whenever I start to feel overwhelmed. NOTHING can ever separate us from His Love! How wonderful He is:-) Blessings, Brother!

  17. Hi Guys,
    I'm not sure if y'all follow brother Chooch's channel over at TOL END TIMES
    The TOL stands for Think Out Loud..

    Anywho he just put up a new video with his theory, that the rapture has a high probability of occurring in the Spring of 2020, because he believes, that as Jesus fulfilled the spring feasts in quick succession with his death, burial and resurrection and Pentecost, that he will also fulfill the fall feasts in quick succession on his return at the end of the Tribulation period. So his take on it is, if Jesus is going to fulfill the fall feasts before the expiry of the 80 year fig tree generation, that means, that the Fall of 2020 is the last Fall that can happen, and still be in the 80 generation. So he believes in his 1st video of the series that he is putting together, that there are many signs converging for spring 2020.

    Like Sheila, I am still holding out for 2019, until 2019 is no more, but he presents well, and definitely gives food for thought..

    Here is a link to his video in-case anyone wants to check it out.
    (43 mins)

    1. It seems to be some convergence this late 2019 heading into 2020 with the YTV community Watchmen.

      BUT we will all take anyday now....

      The Rapture Puzzle does a nice job on explaining how this all plays out starting this Hanukkah and ending with the fall feasts of 2020.

      Pentecost (brother Chooch, SR Monette) will be a mid point from where we are now (Hanukkah) and Pentecost will be the wheat harvest where the fall feasts of 2020 will be Jesus' feet touch down on the Mt. of Olives.

      Many postings above and in prior postings on her (puzzle) findings.

    2. Jordan...TY for heads up on Bro. Chooch's latest. He is such a neat guy and I really enjoy his teaching style and mannerism. He comes off like a calm voice in the midst of chaos.

      It's tough to look that far ahead into 2020 even though I know we'll be there before we know it in the same way we've gotten to here. Still, even the thought of waiting one more day feels hard for me and much harder for many others. But late last night as I was praying, it occurred to me that our Lord God, Who dwells in Eternity and sees the End from the Beginning, knows exactly what all of this looks like when it's over and done because it already exists in His Line of Sight. What He "Right Now" gazes upon must be so UNIMAGINABLY WONDERFUL that He was MORE than willing to send His Precious and Only Begotten Son in the Flesh to suffer the horrific Death and Degradation that He Did on that Cross, making it possible for as many of us who would and will fully Believe in Him to partake in His Glorious Eternal Kingdom. Makes the idea of our having to wait just a little longer as He deems necessary a lot easier:-)
      Blessings, Brother, and Looking UP:-))

    3. Blessings, Sheila B. Has God been pruning, so to speak, certain people from your life in the last year or so ? He has removed four from me and I feel such peace welling up in me to the point of almost being giddy. Good things have resulted such as Bible study first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Being the most introverted person on the planet makes having less people in my life a pleasure.

    4. 5 if you count my mother. I love and miss her but don’t miss the stress. My brother was her favorite. First born and all that. It’s the Lord Jesus and me and my cats and I love it !!! And my brothers and sisters in Christ here. Blessings to you and everyone!

    5. Well, Archangel...I guess a lot of people have been pruned from my life over the years because of my faith in Jesus Christ and believing in His Soon Return. Just comes with the territory of being in this world, but not of it. And you're right, it's all good when we are in Him as He is in us. (John 17:21,22,23) This Fellowship has been a wonderful blessing to me as well with being able to share our like faith and longing for our Lord with one another on a regular basis. As for the four-footed fur family--they're really good at making sure we always have something to think about and care for besides ourselves even when our human family and friends distance themselves from who we've become in Christ. And He did tell us that was to be expected when we follow after Him, but one day very soon...we are all going to be rejoicing with more Loved Ones than we'll know what to do with. Until then, we just keep praying for as many as will do so to quickly call upon His Name as we have, Amen:-)

    6. And all by His Amazing Grace, I should add:-)

  18. Thanks Charlie in DC & Jeova' for the detailed posts, above, so cherished. BTW, not seen it mentioned but new @UNSEALED On the Brink in Britain and Israel - Gary ; 12/11 (!!!) and lots of very interesting nuggets esp in the last few comments re events in West VA atm, Hmmm, Maranatha!

  19. Interesting,

    Today in PHILADELPHIA @ LINCOLN field, t_rump (the 7th king) will be at the 120th A/N football game.

    Perhaps another or this the LINCOLN which goes down?


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  21. Latest from Many Fish(ers) 12/13


    [Note from MF] Pretty crazy stuff! NASA IS sooo EVIL. This indicates to me the introduction of a, or THE anti-Christ. Are they reconstructing Nimrod from obtained DNA? Enabling his spirit in through fallen technology “devices” like CERN, DWAVE and IBMs Q etc..? The modern Bennu? I do believe so, but I don't know exactly? I report it as I see it. :)

    Exposing a LIAR (astroNOT) Scott Kelly
    The Potters Clay
    5min -

    Exposing a LIAR (astroNOT) Chris Hadfield
    The Potters Clay

    Exposing a LIAR (astroNOT) Neil Armstrong
    The Potters Clay

  22. But, what of Sun, Moon and Stars…?

    Wrestled with the posting and the focus, then re-read Sheila B.’s (Blessings) comment, “Still, even the thought of waiting ONE MORE DAY feels hard for me and MUCH harder for many others.”

    Noticed that Daniel @ic had a new vid up, shorter, 30 mins, but didn’t get to right away; did earlier today, though. I sense it is missed, the centrality and import of Daniel’s work, esp right now. So fitting an apologetic to Sheila B.’s lament, here is a rough summary/rant and the Mike Drop moment of this ENTIRE Show, imho.

    While many are Shown different aspects to Watch, and Watch for, and all are Valid, and Sustenance for these days, Daniel, again, opens with a light reminder (though repeated a few times) of the foundation at the core of his work, though he doesn’t let us know that is what he is doing, or how it is different than others, so it’s point can be lost. I note that the benchmark which Daniel unpacks for us, is just that, it is NOT HIS. Like the Doctrine of GRACE, it is Scriptural, although I’ve seen it NOWHERE else, including the greats like Ken Ham, et al., and bears repeating, esp as I find it aligned with Holy Truth Unveiled At End of Days, Daniel 12:4.

    (Struggling here) In seeking Direction and Guidance, Daniel starts and finishes with The Word. When He continually returns to “the Line”, “running as a Bridegroom”, the “story” and such terms, they come from verses calling out those words, and others, as Anchors to what we have been Watching and those being the FIRST Anchors Laid By Divine Authorship. Genesis 1:14; Psalms 19:1. So, in PRIORITIZING SIGNS, we look to THE LINE(s) as Spoken In Scripture, FIRST, (the Ecliptic), details of THAT story; to the Constellations along THAT Line (Zodiac/Mazzaroth); at the Tabernacle of The Sun, et al, FIRST and with GREATEST ASSURANCE as did the WISE MEN IN THE SCRIPTURES who MODEL THIS for US. Then, we always fit details INTO THAT LARGER STORY, UNFOLDING. Daniel 12:4

    That is not a good statement of the principles exercised, but I trust you see the point. With various ‘winds of doctrines’, if you will, tossing the watchers about on waves of uncertain priority, and relevance of many meaningful Signs, most somehow tied to the Heavens (Look UP), what ASSURANCE do we have of TRUE IMMINENCY? Ofc we move to the ones that say next week, but are we sleeping better at night? Evangelizing with wild abandon? Dancing naked in the rain? Well, ok maybe not that one.

    Family, Beloved, Rayati, all, simply because of the Source, Daniel’s Unpack, for us, stands Above, Upon Abba’s Own Revealed Word concerning Times, Dates and Seasons, IN THE SUN, MOON, and Stars, specifically.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

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    3. Jimboni-

      Recent from Exalted Lamb 1 (re: more analysis if IPG2) with some interesting pointers relating to scorpio, the upcoming eclipse + the luminary jupiter.....

      Also, a theory on the uss A L and why it is NOT homebound quite yet and may be hanging around 'that' area for some involves the tru man.

      The NEXT 9/!! episode 12 - make no mistake, t_rump is directly involved and barry will be back
      Exalted Lamb 1

      Golden Gate Bridge Predictive Programming - 2019 wh Decorations Clues
      Russian Vids

    4. Forgot to mention the GW of Rev 12:1-2 connection in Exalted Lamb's latest.... perhaps the GW of Rev 12:1-2 was a signal pointing us to the soon appearance of => Rev 12:3 afterall.

    5. That being said, new points, which Encourage and Harken, are thus. The Galactic Equator (GE – defined by the Milky Way MW), another ‘Line’, holds the astronomical “Throne Room of God” at the MW’s brightest spot. The Sun’s “Chambers”, historically, are also attributed to this spot, along the ecliptic, specifically, which, by Divine Authorship crosses the GE, *HERE.

      The Sun is currently passing though the area of The Story at The Sun’s Chambers, wherewith he is described as running forth like a Bridegroom, aka The Throne Room of God (where Christ Sits at The Father’s Right Hand Until His Enemies Be Made His Footstool, ibid.). Framing the stage is Ophiuchus, wrestling the Piercing Serpent with the Sun at his RIGHT HAND, OVER the Stinger of Scorpio UNDER his feet and with Sagittarius poised to Render Judgement, shortly NEXT in the Story, and more, BUT WAIT, there’s MORE. What were the Heavens SAYING in the DAYS OF NOAH?

      Looking back, when Noah was called to enter the Arc, we see the SUN in this SAME SPOT, almost, approaching the GE, poised above Scorpio’s Stinger, though not directly, in the same, overall area of the drama as NOW. Then, 7 *DAYS* later, the Sun has passed the GE and now highlights Sagittarius’ Bow Rendering Judgement at THE FLOOD. We note, that due to the precession of Equinox, the spot where the Ecliptic crosses the GE, in Noah’s Day, was a Sign Earlier, in Sagittarius.

      NOW, for the FIRST TIME IN CREATION, when viewed from earth, this 12/21/2019, at the Winter Solstice, the Sun, running like a Bridegroom, which has had his ‘LINE’ (ecliptic) chase this point for 5,000 years, getting closer as it ‘moved ahead’ a little bit, each year, will be FULLY BEYOND the Line of the Galactic Equator ON *THE DAY OF* THE SOLSTICE. On EVERY prior Winter Solstice for over 5,000 years, the Sun has never been fully past the GE, THAT DAY, until the event (intersection) precessed to THIS EXACT TIME, amen.

      Ponder every use of the “Race’ in scripture. ALL of the tying together of runner and bridegroom, winning the prize, and on and on.

      Since JUMP, the entire Divine Clock Has Had the Sun’s own ecliptic LINE ‘race’ to intercept the Galactic Equator, The Throne Room of God, so that on THIS Solstice, 12/21/2019, and Not Until NOW, as * the Sun ‘turns’ from His Time Over The Head of The Dragon,
      *as we’ve seen THIS specific story unfold since the prior Solstice (Making enemies footstool, et al),
      * CONJOINS BRIDEGROM TYPE with his KING TYPE(Sun + Jupiter),
      *In His Chambers,
      *at The Throne Room of God SIMULTANEOUSLY,
      *while the ecliptic and Galactic Equator align such that, for the *first *time *EVER!!!!,
      these *TWO LINES ALIGN the Throne Room of God WITH The Bridegroom’s Chambers,
      *the Sun will have CROSSED THAT LINE, truly FULLY Departing His Chambers, as a BRIDEGROOM, on DAY ONE, for the first time in creation, on precisely December 21st, 2019, Maranatha!

    6. Jimboni...Blessings and TY for another breakdown on Daniel's vid. I watched it, but it sure helps to see your clarifying points. I wish I had the Stellarium capabilities as well as the time to track and confirm that information for myself, but obviously not my calling, so I am trusting Daniel's amazing and exciting work on that. I don't know what "error" @LeeBoardway at the top of this thread is referring to when he warns you to avoid @IC since he didn't see fit to clarify that statement, but as far as I know, DV espouses the Finished Work of the Cross along with a huge passion for the "should" dos of living for Christ which I believe is a good thing as we should always encourage one another to follow the Holy Spirit's Leading and be praying for the Light of Christ and His Grace to be shining through us.

      On another encouraging note, I just saw that CM is saying her last video is her last video, so she is joining the other Grace teaching Sisters who are now wrapping up their channels. I'm truly hoping this is indicative of their correct sisterly intuition that it's really GO time:-)

      And on a bit of a funny note...I heard a Trumpet sounding in my otherwise quiet kitchen this morning and was like "huh...?!" Took a while to track it down, but hubby's phone died and he just upgraded. For some reason only known to him, he up and decided to change his email notification sound from the motorcycle rev he's used for years to that of a Trumpet. I asked him if he was just trying to drive me nuts as he always gets emails throughout the night and keeps his phone on the nightstand. (I've learned to sleep through the motorcycle noise, but a Trumpet?!...not likely, but then...just maybe....he was "inspired" to do that as a hint to "get ready" for the real thing;-)

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  24. How chem trails and 5G are connected. No doubt, 5G is a weapon.

    The nano particulates falling down on us and which we ingest make it possible for the 5G to seek/ find us 'anywhere.'

    Not only slowly dumbing us down and making us crazy (literally insane and behaviorally out of the realm of normalcy), we are inhaling stuff which light us up.

    Poisoning The People While The Church Sleeps On (12/6)
    Note: there is unrighteous behavor and profanity in the first 4min


  25. For those who'd like to explore further into the conversion of Kanye West & what is happening in our Christian world that is visible but not 'seen'.

    1. The Snakes Bite Is Deadly - You Have Been Warned!

      YT Commenter: t_rump was revealing his intent and absolving himself of guilt, because he warned us (re: himself, maga, KW, JO, and this entire world system sold out to s a t a n)

      From Shaking My Head Productions (12/12)

    2. YEEZUS & THE NWO AGENDA - The Devils In The Details!

      From Shaking My Head Productions (12/13)

      [Note from SMP] This is my last one on KW but this one covers a lot. I'm moving on after this. Those who believe he is born again need to watch this entire video to understand satan's agenda to drag everybody to hell with him.

      Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven. Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity. Matthew 7:21-23

      Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Matthew 7:15

    3. This is interesting!


      Yeezianity, A Religion Based On....KW, Is A Thing That Exists

      Source: HuffPost from 2014

      The 36-year-old rapper has in fact inspired a new religion called Yeezianity, in which followers believe “that the one who calls himself Yeezus is a divine being who has been sent by God to usher in a New Age of humanity,” according to the official website.

    5. So many with itching ears...why? I know the answer, but why reject the Truth is what I really don't understand...

  26. This may have been discussed here in the past, but it seems like a good time to bring it up , so here goes. Many people think that the Ezekiel 38-39 war and the resurrection/rapture happen in close proximity in time. Way back in 1988, Grant Jeffrey had a theory that Haggai 2:20-22 was referring to Ezekiel's war because the wording is so similar. Haggai twice mentions the 24th day of the 9th month, in Haggai 2:18 and Haggai 2:20 . So if Grant Jeffrey was right and Haggai was pointing to the date of the Ezekiel war, that day is the first day of Hanukkah.

    I remember Chuck Missler said to pay attention when the scripture stresses details, like stating the date twice within three verses. The above ties in nicely with the video by Daniel @ informed christians that Jimboni mentions above. The first day of Hanukkah this year is Dec 22, I think.

    I'm with Jordan and Sheila, not giving up on 2019. Until I have to. Will try to attach a link to the excerpt from Grant Jeffrey's book. Some of the info in the posting is dated, but you can scroll down to the last few paragraphs where he talks about Haggai and Ezekiel. Hope this is clear.

    1. Kathy in Pa, Blessings. Thank you so much for that tidbit. Last little surf over on YTC, before bed, yielded Gigi's @Blueheaven SOUND THE ALARM . 7:57.

      Gigi cites 3 videos, one being Daniel's, ibid., and from her video and many comments beneath it, my take on this is spot on, Maranatha! One detail I forgot, by DEFINITION, the Winter Solstice is also the MIDNIGHT OF THE YEAR, Matthew 25:6.

    2. Kathy in Pa, wow, a blast from the past [Grant Jeffery]. I'll have to look at the above from his KJV Prophecy Study Bible! :-)

      The Rapture Puzzle YTC ties in everything you mentioned above and more in her YTVs. Renee believes it all begins this December ala Hanukkah.

      Her latest is on the inbound 'comets' x3 (stones from Jesus himself, NOT space rocks of fire n ice) which arrive around the 'worldly/idolotrous/abominable' Christmas time.

      Could be Jesus' announcement or proclaimation of, I AM here!

  27. Hundreds Of Billions In Gold And Cash Are Quietly Disappearing

    Something strange is going on: at the same time that central banks are injecting $100 billion each month in electronic money to crush volatility and ramp markets, a similar amount in hard physical currency and precious metals is literally disappearing.

    [The elite (and others not saved by the freely bestowed GRACE of the LORD Jesus Christ and those who have not put their full trust in Him and Him alone) are in/heading into their DUMBs and taking the metals with them as they know of the inbound stones from heaven above are soon to strike].

    1. Preparing the inevitable man made crash from man's system, as directed by the prince of the power of the air.

      Seems like pretty soon all we will have is our Faith in Him. I guess if you really think about it, that is all we really have, even now.

  28. “If Jesus was crucified on Wednesday 5 April, 30 A.D - which I think he was - then on Tuesday is 726 726 days from that date.”

    Paul Dawson - FB PAGE

    3rd day...


    1. Jeova', Blessings. ...and, ofc, in addition to Tuesdays being preferred for weddings, assuming that means THIS Tuesday, it is also the 17th, aligning with Victory and "All will be done in the Spirit of 153." Maranatha!

  29. Came across a recent LLOTT video which provides opportunity for a point/Counter-point illustration although it needs to be said this is a critique, ala a classroom, not meant to be critical of the points shown or of LLOTT's sharing of her Sight. Also, in watching someone else noting the apparent significance of the Sun, Moon and Jupiter in relation to the Stinger of Scorpio, it further was highlighted, to me, the significance of ALL THREE of these, specific bodies in this intimate stellar dance afoot.

    In her video, The Sun At The Sc0rpi0n's TaiI- Jupiter Ascending, LLOTT also adds some I PET GOAT 2 markers to our chase, very interesting. However, as a counter-point to Daniel V's methods, you will note, as LLOTT works to direct attention to the proximity of the Sun to the Stinger, she has no frame of reference. She repeats, "I don't know, but, ..." as her spirit is telling her that her eyes are seeing something important, however, by not having the ECLIPTIC as the RULER, there are no "inches" on her guide, so she somewhat bumbles around the map. There is no marker to show the specifics of the Sun/Stinger dance, when is it closest? approaching? Leaving the Stinger? what is the 'connection' moment? Her spirit is Seeing the same HS telling the same story but without Daniel's yardstick ANCHORING the Sight to something, it is a vagary, a sense of something, a guide with rather poor vision, or perhaps, no map. When watching her share, though she does not show the ecliptic, you can add it to your minds eye by connecting the Sun, Moon, Mercury, etc., for an approximate line. When you do that, and rotate the frame to level that line, as Daniel V does, it makes you want to holler at the monitor, "I've got it! Do it THIS way!"

    So, my point in this post is twofold: First, to use this teaching, which is missing the Scriptural 'Ruler', Given Of Yah To Be Able To "SEE THE DAY APPROACHING", as an illustration, in reverse, of what it looks like when that is missing and how incredible it is when Our Lord's Instruction Manual is followed when putting the model together! Often, the markings of Excellence are best contoured in their absence. Second, and perhaps most important, is that here is another well-known YTC Minister Witnessing THE SAME THINGS, although not as Equipped as @ic to nail it down. Wow.

    Lastly, and you can say THAT again, in his recent, Pastor TH shares a Rapture dream, from last night, where the closing scene, with Pastor Tim as the last one left Evangelizing in the Operation HQ, has Our Lord Directing Tim, "Son. Your Work's done. We're going. Now." Rapture Dream 12/15/19. Maranatha!! . 11:12

  30. This is another "doozy" from @TyGreen and he does it both with and w/o a Voice Over. So uplifting!
    Titled "How Big Is God?"
    Just saw his video this morning, but it's something I too have been in some deep contemplation about all week. It confirms many things that our Lord has been comforting me with in the midst of some heaviness of spirit that has been trying to set in as I've realized that I just cannot seem to impart to those around me the urgency of His Coming. Most are just too focused on how to live their "best" life now--even in a world that's caving in all around us--and they see me as being too heavenly minded to be any earthly good (or fun). But HE truly is beyond Anything we can measure, yet Loves us So Much that we CAN safely and securely rest in His Purpose and His Unimaginable Magnitude as He Moves His Perfect Will upon all of His Creation.
    (Please take a few moments to watch Ty's video and just lose yourself in the sweet savor of our Glorious God's Vastness:-)

    Blessings and Maranatha!

    1. Yeah I hear you Sheila,
      It is hard to convey the urgency to the people around us. I was visiting a friend of mine at the weekend, and he knows I am a Christian, and I did get a chance to tell him about salvation, and that I was expecting the Rapture to happen soon.

      And his reply was, after much glazed expressions, head shaking and and facial contortions while he waited for me to finish my sentences, he said " yeah but I think the bible is more just guidelines, it is not really the word of God" and "I do believe in heaven and hell", and he told me he was having a conversation with his atheist colleagues, and asked them how they could just believe in nothing!!" but he rejected Grace, he rejected that we have to put our trust in Jesus to save us, "no sir, I believe if you are a good person, and you live a good life, you will go to Heaven!!" That's one of the best lies, Satan that he has managed to deceive the whole world with... that your own goodness somehow gets you through the door of Heaven.. There is prob more hope for the Atheist, than the self righteous to come to a realization of the truth.

      Very sad... all I cold think of was, "the Gospel is foolishness to those who are perishing"

      Anyway seed planted, It is now up to God to cause the growth.. It is so sad to see that literally EVERYBODY that I personally know, apart from my two kids have rejected Grace, and their need for a savior... What a wake-up call the world is going to get very soon!!

      Prayers for your deaf, blind and spiritually dulled family members sister, it is not easy to see so many rejecting Jesus is it!!

  31. family, Blessings. Update and prayer request from the front lines, here. This morning discovered that my 13-yr old, Alex, has been cutting himself. He wouldn't open up to root reasons but admitted the fact. I share this to bring it into the light and so that we can agree in prayer against this specific spirit and against the world (social services) using this to further upend our lives.

    1. Praying for healing for Alex , Jimboni, and for your family that the demonic forces that are attacking your family leave now in the name of Jesus.

    2. Praying brother. Lots of attacks in the last couple weeks or so here too. But the Lord has prevailed. He will straighten this out too brother.

    3. My heart and prayers go out to you and your family, Jimboni. Yes, we expose the evil workings of Satan and his minions to our Lord's Glorious Light, bringing them before His Throne in prayer. The Lord is our Defender and Conqueror and will fight for us.
      Blessings brother

    4. Jimboni...saw your prayer request while I was in town this afternoon and began to pray for Alex immediately. I have been there with my youngest when she was fourteen and experienced that sickening feeling to discover such an awful spirit at work against our children. For us, once it was out in the open the serious physical and possible medical consequences were confronted with some vivid illustration (i.e. staph or mersa that could actually cost her a limb, or worse). Between Prayer, scaring the tar out of her and some real close supervision, it was thankfully nipped in the bud. She now tells me that for most kids, self-cutting is about numbing unmanageable emotional pain with physical pain that they can control and while it can involve family issues, it's often peer induced. From her experience as a middle school teacher who's dealt with it, she said that once aware of it and should it continue, if treatment is sought by the parents, it does not usually involve social services. Praying for you and your family, Brother, as the enemy is really coming after us and especially through our young ones, but we know that he will NOT prevail, Amen!

    5. Thank you, all. In context, makes a lot of sense and not likely as bad as could easily be. We're actually trained foster parents so a bit better equipped than many and likely why I spotted it and effectively got an admission non-confrontationally on the spot. We all know, however, that there are no small wounds in battle, only great opportunities to Magnify Our Lord, hence the invitation. Blessings, amen.

  32. Jimboni brother, I will pray for Alex. 13 is such a difficult age as are most of the teen years. I will never forget my young friend at work who was very fair-skinned and how one day, she felt comfortable enough with me to roll up her sleeves to her elbows and expose snaking red lines crisscrossing her forearms like angry bloody carvings. It looked like she had been doing it a long time. It was heartbreaking to think that the only way to stop feeling emotional pain was to inflict physical pain instead.

    I can only imagine the pain this has caused you and your family. You will be in my prayers along with Alex. God bless you and keep you and your family safe.

  33. Jimboni, will agree with all praying for this young man. Our God is able to deliver Alex !

  34. Thought I might share these two videos about the recent recovery of the original painting of Jesus (titled "Prince of Peace" by artist Akiane Kramarik):

    "How Jesus Saved his Own Portrait...The True Story of Akiane's Lost Masterpiece" (7:19 minutes)

    "Hidden for Year's Artist's Famous Painting of Jesus Emerges, CBS 2 Chicago News" (2:33 minutes)

    As detailed in the above videos, she painted the now famous portrait at the age of 8, but it was taken by an art agent (stolen) and then apparently later sold by mistake. Not sure of all the details, but it was recently recovered by her family after 17 years and sold to a private collector which has agreed to make it available for all to see. As noted in the CBS interview, the artwork spent years in the dark and was wrapped up underneath stairs for many years. "Divine timing and an unexpected Christmas present", what Akiane Kramarik calls after bringing out the "Prince of Peace" after 17 years. "This was a Christmas present to me. It's the timely gift of light. It was amazing to see this in the light again after so many years."

    Near the end of the interview, Akiane concludes by saying "Let love guide your life. Love is so powerful that it will always show up in time to people who need it the most."

    After watching and listening to these two videos I can't help but wonder if this is not yet another sign showing how close we are to our redemption and being with our Lord. Like the painting, we've all been in the dark too long and eagerly await to be in the light and glory of our Savior.

    I would encourage everyone to check out Akiane's website. She's had a very interesting life and in my opinion, her artwork is clearly god-inspired!

    1. Thank you Jimboni for adding both of the links. Much better!! I'm not very tech savy.

    2. Bob D....TY for sharing that article. I remember when Akiane first revealed the painting when she was about 8 yrs old and how amazed the world was by her obviously gifted skills. Her extraordinary personal story as she relates it back in 2017 is also amazing and reveals not only how she found the face upon which she based the "Prince of Peace" painting, but the loss of the work as well as her grief over it.
      @Akiane Kramarik titled "Painting The Impossible" by Akiane Kramarik

  35. Hi Brother Jim really! Reading all your comments, thank you very much! And very great thanks Sister Gigi, waiting for your vids, you are great before the Lord in your work! Please pray for me also Brothers and Sisters, I live in torment and prayer, waiting for the Lord always! Have no strength much to comment! See all of you in the air with the Lord! -- Alla D; 9:53 a.m. today 12/18/19; as a reply to my comment to Gigi, last night. My comment had been to simply restate an awesome little Gigi quip concerning Watchers in these days (see below)

    "Thank God, that there's Weather Guys out there who are willing to give you the weather, whether it happens, or not!" - Gigi. That's AWESOME! Maranatha!

    1. Hey Jimboni.. this article mentions a twin which hadn't been on my radar. Piqued my interest.

      Newsweek: Display Dome Covering Russian Meteorite Mysteriously Lifts Off: 'There Is No Explanation for What Happened'.


    2. TY Jimboni....Blessings, Brother and was so glad to see our Sister Alla commenting somewhere. She has been heavy on my heart lately just wondering if she's okay. I know her health issues are nearly overwhelming, but I also know she is an overcomer by the gift of her strong faith in Jesus Christ Who has Overcome the things of this world for all of us who are fully trusting in Him:-)

    3. In agreement with Sheila. Alla , we love you and pray for you, in Jesus name.

      The prophetic implications of this impeachment and the meteors and the earthquakes and so much more are huge. We are leaving soon for our heavenly home.

      Psalms 18 really blesses me now and seems to have such end times/rapture language.

    4. Miguel P and Family, Blessings. Interesting article, surely. Subsequently, in morning surfing, came across another recent vid involving (1) recent awareness of a Christian painting which happens to (2) mirror I Pet Goat frame, completely unbeknownst to the painter, in which the presenter (3) unveils a TWIN image concealed, unknowingly also, within the Full Moon there & (4) tells of her TWINS and a recent Knowing Unveiled, which she has been seeking re their TYPE nature, as well as a TWIN set of Twins, if you will, of another YTC preacher who's twins were born 7 years later.

      In Light of many points being echoes of details recently afoot amongst us, Nudging Me To Not Miss This One: Antichrist & Rev 12 child birth soon on a full moon! . 12:36 @ Speaking Truth in Love

    5. Very much thanks Fam! I know you are praying for me. In the hospital I had surgery on November 7th, now the wound heals, it's very painful, after that will be second surgery on January 23rd, it doesn’t work out before. The pain is terrible, and you need to withstand it, with many pain killers. The diagnosis is made. It's not cancer, but very painful. The surgeon thinks this will fix the matter. But I believe only in Jesus' healing! Really! Sorry, I can't much write. Sheila, Jimboni, Miguel, you can me always send email, I'm always here. Who can also German, I would write more. Waiting for the Lord! He is almost here!

    6. grateful to see you able to touch base even a bit with us, esp knowing how hard that is with such a painful post-surgery recovery. I will keep praying for you until our Lord carries us Home and hey...once we are all gathered UP together, we'll all be able to speak the same Heavenly language, Amen;-)

      Blessings, Healing and Much Love to you, dear Sister!

  36. Bob D I agree that Akiane's artwork is probably god-inspired, with a little g! Because after all, why would our Lord Jesus 'save' His own portrait when we are told not to have any graven image; absolutely no image of Him. Yes, I also believe it's appeared again for a reason. I have my suspicions as to that reason.

    1. Fred...I've always associated the "graven image" with that which is designed to imitate and even replace The Invisible God (which no worldly eye has ever seen) and intended for idol worship in man's feeble attempt to exert some control over his own fate.

      Jesus Christ, having come in the flesh, was Given to be seen by many as He walked the earth and I do not see in her account of painting it where the purpose of Akiane's "Prince of Peace" was for idol worship, but rather it was to tell a Story that even she did not comprehend at the outset. Years later, her words upon finishing what had seemed an impossible re-creation of the work when the original had been unrecoverable were this:

      "All these years God was waiting for me to grow so I could paint the most powerful message to mankind; A Message of Unwavering Faith, Unconditional love and Eternal Life--Jesus."

      Doesn't sound like a message from the "little g" to me, but then our Almighty God does work in mysterious ways and often with even more mysterious purposes. I'm not saying this portrayal is exactly what our Lord Jesus looks like in Appearance because I really don't know, but this vision that she's shared of Him does sit closer in my own spiritual imagination than any other depiction I've ever seen. And perhaps our God has a unique purpose in this for such a unique time as this with the End from the Beginning now being revealed as the Age of Grace is coming to a close--and which all with the eyes to see are now witnessing. Just my take on a very intriguing and seemingly "timely" news story as we all are waiting with such an indescribable longing to finally see our Savior face to Face. Blessings and Maranatha:-)

    2. Thank you Sheila B, I couldn't have said it any better! I prayed all last night that someone would respond in a positive manner and you were the answer to my prayers. God bless you.

    3. So blessed in knowing that and I'll go out on a limb here and say "from your heart to His Heart to mine and right back to yours", He is saying, "You're welcome, Bob!" As always, All Glory belongs to Him:-)

  37. Pr Charles is 71.....right along with the nation of Israel...

    Some interesting things....he's been "prince" for 30 years and perhaps close to be "king" according to some sources (fake or not). King of the serpent race (see Israeli News Live about the race among us now which was among Jesus 2,000 yrs ago). Perhaps he is the price that shall come (and has been around for the past 71yrs).

    As I stated in the prior post, I believe things have been under (hidden in plain sight) our noses for many years.

    What has me stirred up is 97min to 113min of the latest by Shaking My Head Production

    Controlled Demolition - The Enemy Within Examined

    Prince Charles and coming world revolution


  38. Thanks Sheila B. and Bob D. for your replies, blessings on you both. There is so much deception going on & I care about the remnant, as I know you do too. I'm just concerned about what I read when I searched for more details on this story. Some of her sayings sound very New Age to me. They include: I am self-taught. In other words, God is my teacher.
    Portals of divinity are everywhere. I believe that children may enter these divine portals easier, because they are seeking for answers in the purest way.
    We are all ONE, no matter in what form, space or time. As ONE we can change the world if we start changing ourselves.
    I define spirituality as a search for love, beauty, happiness and wisdom. Spirituality is a journey that we never finish.
    So much time is spent on belief. So little time is spent on love! And also; this says she reads her Bible and that she's Christian but it is a New Age page. She's described as the Indigo child of an athiest.
    She was interviewed as a child and it was said that she created the Jesus painting based on visions, no model but this article says otherwise.

    1. Fred...TY and I do understand your concerns. We all know that deception is the name of the enemy's game and while it's lurking in every corner, if we keep our eyes and hearts firmly set on Jesus Christ and have His Word written on our hearts, we'll be not be overtaken by a spirit of fear and can help light the way for others who are seeking Him. But the truth is, many people who are now safe and secure in Him and His Finished Work on the Cross have come through a long journey of much confusion with all sorts of the mixed-up ideas that New Age and other dead-end religious systems present. And for some (like me) it can be a 40 year or better journey in the wilderness as not everyone is raised up in the Faith with the correct doctrine, or with any Biblical Truth at all. But for those who ARE called according to His Purpose, He not only uses the crooked paths of our lives FOR that Purpose, but will iron it all out for us in His Perfect Timing. (Rom.8:28 KJV) Just looking at so many Biblical profiles is solid proof of that.

      I will contend for the Gospel of His Saving Grace through Faith in His Death, Burial and Resurrection until He comes or I take my last breath, but I also know that while I will hold another professing Believer's feet to the fire re the Truth of that, I cannot ever hold His Feet to Fire re anything. He is The Almighty God of All Creation and He doesn't do the "box thing" for anybody, so just because we can't yet understand why He is doing things a certain way with certain individuals doesn't mean He would be acting in violation of Himself to do so--it just means we can't see the whole picture:-)

      **Didn't know what an "Indigo Child" was, so looked it up. Not at all surprised to see a certain set of personality traits being co-opted by the enemy to frame for his own corrupted "new age religion" usage and interestingly enough, the given traits seem to describe a people who are in this world, but are not of it. Go figure...

    2. Fred, blessings to you brother. I agree there is so much deception in the world today and it's important for everyone, and particularly Christians, to do their utmost to discern who is a fraudster and who is not (which is often very difficult to do). Having read Akiane's Top 25 quotes and the article you provided, I come away with more positive thoughts about her, and more than ever convinced that she is indeed the "real deal." Whether she is New Age or Old Age, what difference does it make? In my heart, I truly feel that the recovery and subsequent revealing of the original painting of the "Prince of Peace" into the light and for all people of the world to see and enjoy, at this particular point in time in history and at the eve of Christmas, is somehow significant.

  39. Exposing the LIARs (the chief one too): the Vatican

    Vatican = source of all 'heliocentric' & 'space' & 'alien' mythology

    From the Potters Clay (12/20)

  40. Shared by John @WFTGD, As the sifting draws to a close, Acts 2:17, Maranatha!

    The Warriors Arise Brings JESUS Return!! I AM SENT ME! . 9:13

  41. Two exciting quickies (if anyone can still be excited in waiting/ watching):

    BTW, these both support/ corroborate the Rapture Puzzle timeline of events (--> BHO the beast did the AoD in March of 2009 in Israel where he stopped the daily sacrifces and worship).

    Sat 12/ 21 is Kislev 23

    Sun 12/22 is Kislev 24 (see what happens in this day from Haggai 2)

    1] See the 2 Witnesses Ascend 12-21-2019!?

    2] Remember that portal over Norway after the beast received the NPP (for no reason?) Cannot make these day counts and Strong's words up!

    Does the portal reopen at the 'GATHERING'... 12-21-2019 (the wise-Bride full of OIL goes up, the fallen come down to the unwise-Bride and others who are not ready, those asleep in this world).


    See you soon... prayerfully & humbly seeking to be counted worthy (found with OIL) to escape

  42. excerpts from a commenter, t. l. duncan, on Gigi's video, late yesterday:

    The Truman is going to relieve the Abraham Lincoln carrier. I pulled back my perception and described what i was seeing....Truman was a 33rd degree mason ....Abraham is the father of the 3 major world religions and Lincoln set the slaves free.

    I think the message being conveyed is that the Luciferians are going to be replacing the world religions when the slaves are set free (rapture). God bless

    1. Just watched Gigi's latest and enjoyed your "mic drop,10-4, O&O" comment there, but her short, simple and and oh so sweet message do rile the feathers of those who just don't appreciate that simplicity...sigh...more prayers going up. Blessings, Brother, with High Hopes in our Blessed Hope:-) Maranatha!

  43. PART I
    Hello Rev 12 Daily Family,
    Hope all is well and Jimboni, the LORD give you special grace and power to deal with your situation at home with the young one. Many of us would not be able to and the LORD knows why such are in your care, for this very reason.

    If I may interject on this topic of the young girl painter who did the ‘Prince of Peace’. It is riveting to consider. And I too sense an undercurrent of ‘New Age’ now but it was not the case when she first started out and painted it. It was in her age of innocence and purity of heart at the time I believe. If it was genuine from the LORD, well, Jesus is literally appearing to Muslims in visions and dreams in the Muslim world even now in those places thar are closed off to Christianity or are hostile.

    In my research on this topic of the ‘face’ of Jesus, it is connected to the Shroud of Turin and the ‘Cave’ or the Garden Tomb that the LORD granted an opportunity to personally see while I was there recently in Jerusalem. It is also a ‘full circle’ of my ‘Cave’ experience of my near-death experience I had about 2 years now.

    1. So the History Channel awhile back did an expose of how now with computers, a 3D animation could reconstructed the ‘face’ of the ‘man’ based on the ‘imprint’ of the Shroud. A front and side view were presented. Ok.
    2. Did you all realize that the young girl also painted a sideview of the ‘Prince of Peace’. Ok.
    3. When compared and placed side by side as I did, they nearly overlap precisely. What?! Albeit, the face of the Shroud was swollen from the beatings and blows to the head. However, the contours, angles of the nose, mouth, jawline and frontal lobe are nearly identical. Coincidence? Maybe. But exciting to me.

    I am not saying the painting ‘is’ the LORD Jesus but just based on an observation and examination from the computer model and the young girls painting, which also, if you all remember the movie and book that came out, ‘Heaven is for Real’, with a similar young boy….he said the man in the girl’s picture was like the one who showed himself to him as Jesus while in Heaven.

    4. In my research of the Garden Tomb, from the Skull to the place Ron Wyatt purported to be the actual crucifixion site and to the tomb is exactly in phi ratio of distance, 3 points of convergence and correspondence, mathematical. If it was outside the Damascus Gate, it was as it is now the crossroads literally of Jerusalem, to this day. Also, the street level is 14 feet down as the city has been destroyed so many times, the street level then would have matched what Wyatt purported…

    5. The Garden Tomb still had, until recently one of the actual Roman nails sealed to the wall. No ordinary Jewish tomb would have allowed this….would have been un-kosher, defiled by such a ‘pagan’ element.

    ...PART II (cont.)

  44. This comment has been removed by the author.

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  47. PART II (Sorry having technical difficulties!) :)

    6. The tomb was already pre-cut-out for the said owner who was very rich to have a place as such. The dimensions were that of a 5’7’’ tall man, as that was the average height of a Jewish man in the 1st century according to research. However, the Garden Tomb slab where the body was to be placed has about 3-4 inches of chiseled-out portion at the feet. This suggests by some that the body that lied there was then not of the original owner, but one a bit taller, 5’10-11’’. Hmmm, Jesus perhaps?

    There is so much to say and what the LORD showed my concerning the Golden Gate there in Jerusalem, just my personally confirmation of prophecy and sign…but if you all want to see the charts about the amazing resemblance of the young girl’s ‘Prince of Peace’ side view and the computer generated head side by side, here are the links I did awhile bac, see what you think.

    Blessings this Christmas season with family and friends, although Jesus was born on September 11, -3BC, lol…maybe. Maybe a new topic for Brad to consider…

    Lu Vega


    Shroud of Turin 1

    Shroud of Turin 2

    Shroud of Turin 3


    1. Lu, TY for interjecting with some fascinating info. I have seen her profile portrait and that overlap you describe is amazing to think about. And I've never heard that before about the slab in the tomb being extended...Wow on that! I've been reminded to ask prayer for you as I've been seeing your name credited in re to the Golden Gate and Silver Gate star map overlays with the Straits of Gibralter and Hormuz. Maybe someone here can give us your links in clickable form as I know they are bound to be good. Take care over there, Brother, and be safe in our Lord:-)

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Lu, thank you for providing the above comments. Much appreciated and very insightful, as usual. I've been following your website (PostScripts) since 2017 and have learned so much from you. I'm so happy that you have made a full recovery. I live in Northern California as well. Take care and be safe.

    4. That's really interesting Lu; I had not seen the side-profile matched with the shroud of Turin before. It certainly looks very close. Thanks for sharing!

      For me, my first exposure to Akiane was through the book "Heaven is for Real," which recounts the experience of 4 year old Kolton Burpo going to heaven. I'm sure a lot of folks on this thread have seen or at least heard of that experience since it ultimately became a major motion picture.

      Anyways, Kolton's father showed him a lot of pictures of Jesus that had been painted over time and the one that Kolton said looked like Jesus in his experience was the painting by Akiane, whom he had no fore-knowledge of also being a child.

      I personally believe the account of Kolton and for anyone who has seen interviews, they lead others to Christ through telling of Kolton's experience.

      That for me gave some real credence to the authenticity of Akiane's visions/dreams.

    5. Lu, Blessings. Wow, some awesome sauce on awesome fare! Any father would simply be beaming proud to have that be their son's scrapbook. Thank you for sharing, as we always do, when we Encounter Our Lord, amen, and HIS Lands and Peoples, Maranatha! So very blessed to have my hands, alongside yours, raising this banner.

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  52. Shelia,
    Thank you. Yes, my charts get around a bit at times and I have no idea what they will be used for or how they became part of the Rev 12 Sign phenomenon. There is something about an aircraft carrier and the ‘Gates’ as many have had dreams about it for several years now. We are due for a major False Flag…it could be part of the trigger to come. I was so elated to actually be at the Golden Gate and ‘Silver Gate’ in Jerusalem. To me it confirms the layout of how it is astronomical….of Orion and Ophiuchus and how with that pattern, the Holy of Holies can be pinpointed…Well I could go on…lol

    Thanks, yes, it is part of my crazy theories I consider and study…nothing more and just share them. It was like for me…well if the 3D configuration off the Shroud ‘is’ Jesus’…and the man revealed to the little girl ‘was’/is Jesus, hummm, what if you compare? What?! Yikes…amazing but of course one cannot conclusively say although for me it is compelling and the Garden Tomb, it is basically a ‘Temple’ with 3 divisions also in proportion….you can’t make this stuff up. :)

    Watch and Seek,
    Yep, very compelling. If the Garden Tomb is where the LORD was placed, I have a better understanding of how just amazing YHVH provided for Jesus to take our place there, off that cold slab of death, eternally and take us out and into the light and life to be with Him. Thank you Jesus.

    Thanks for hooking-up the links….If you want a peak of my journey there to Jerusalem, I do have a page with pictures and some videos if you like to see and hear the sights and sounds of Jerusalem.
    Hope the link works, if not just cut and paste. :)


    1. Glanced at 1 that showed the gates in Israel.. Wow! My mind escapes to what it will be like for the children of God in the new millennium .. I see all the olives trees ... I will project to our tv so we can digest all the tables and videos .. .. How many of us are weary? Most important ... how many are praying and trusting in the Holy Spirit to unveil eyes that there might be a harvest.?

    2. VeeBee...TY you so much for the links, Sister! As always, Love and Prayers to you:-)

      Lu...What a treat! The Sar-El/Volunteers video was just fun to watch. Looked like your group really enjoyed the Program so much and were so blessed by that adventure. TY for sharing that with us and it was really nice to get a visual of the Brother behind all of the phenomenal stuff you've shared with so many. Those informative charts are much appreciated as well and a sobering reminder as to the agony that our Lord suffered so each and every one of us could have the opportunity to know His Amazing Grace. Blessings and again, Thank You:-)

    3. Lu, I thoroughly enjoyed your videos and pictures of Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv. Never been to Israel before, so it was a real treat. Probably the best photos and videos of Israel I've ever seen (it felt like I was really there and you were my personal tour guide!). I found myself "zooming in" on many of the photos in order to reveal all the intricate details (i.e, the engravings on the Menorah sculpture, the artwork on the ceiling at the Church of All Nations, the scraggly bush growing between the cracks on the temple wall, the engravings on the tombstones outside the Golden Gate, the very old olive trees, and even your various food plates!). It was so much fun. Thanks for sharing with all of us. Merry Christmas!!!

    4. Ps That "caviar" topped pizza slice looks really tasty! LOL

    5. Thanks All.
      Yes, the food was good; the Arab Shish Kebab being grilled outside the Damascus Gate made my mouth water, being a 90% vegetarian though, my will power won-out. :) The falafel was amazing. Glad you all enjoyed the material.

      Jerusalem is an amazing city. :) It is a political, social, archeological, religious, historical paradise to explore.

      Blessings to you all as many will spend time with family/friends this time of giving.


  53. A Biblical Response to #WakeUpOlive (Bethel’s Dead-Raising Charade)

    Pastors Jon Benzinger and Costi Hinn offer Biblical clarity concerning Bethel Church leader’s recent attempt to raise a two-year-old girl from the dead (#WakeUpOlive) over the course of multiple days.

    Speakers like [Heretic] Heidi Baker were flown in for special services, and mainstream recording artists like Kari Jobe "promoted" the efforts that included "demanding" God to raise Olive from the dead.

    Recommended Resource: Defining Deception (By Costi Hinn & Anthony Wood)




    After the sudden death of their daughter last week, one family has taken the unusual step of enlisting others at California Bethel megachurch to attempt to bring the child back to life.

    Bethel Church is part of the Charismatic church movement that believes they are living in an age where they have access to signs, miracles and wonders, and they don’t. The Prosperity Gospel is a tragic farce that deceives people into thinking God wants everyone to be healthy, wealthy and prosperous. Olive Heiligenthal is home with the Lord Jesus, and she’s not coming back. Truth be told, after being with Jesus she wouldn’t want to come back. No one would.

    1. Bethel Hires PR Goon for Failed Rez Spin Control


      Commenter: I hope that results in THE END OF THE NAR. It's over Bethel. Where were your DRTs? People who paid tuition to learn apostolic gifts at Bethel U? NOT ONE PERSON COULD RAISE HER. Strange for a large population of apostles with apostolic gifts. Can we all just be done with the glitter, the feathers, the demonic fire tunnel, the kundalini spirits and so much more?

  54. Latest from Many Fish

    23-23 Dragon in Oculus New York-7/17. MH 17-7/17. Fire Red Dragon. 7/17/17-12/21/19 = 888 days! WATCH!


    [Note from MF] I believe we are entering into a new time frame here. Where things will intensify greatly.
    Chaos, confusion, lies and theater from all angles and institutions increasing.

    Spiritual warfare manifest!

    This is all of the devil, who is the author of confusion and father of lies. A murderer!

    The Word of God, regeneration through the blood of Christ Jesus and the witness of the Holy Spirit are the only Truth left in this world! Seek Him, hear Him! His peace and grace to you all!

  55. A speech from Pr Charles back in 2013 re: Chrislam..... hmmm, what foretelling of what the false prophet (pope) would be rolling out in 2019.

    Great wisdom from the 'arab proverb' huh?

  56. There is more discussion about Charles these days The Arab proverb places the stress on man while We lean on.
    Matthew 12:34 "Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks."
    And Luke 6:45. "A good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth good; and an evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart brings forth evil."
    Proverbs 4:23. Keep your heart with all vigilance, for from it flow the springs of life.
    Pray that we are close to the .....rapture ... weary now... folks

  57. Sharing...
    By T.W. Tramm

    2019 was banner year for credible UFO sightings

    THEY’RE APPEARING more frequently and openly.

    They perform impossible aerial maneuvers at speeds that would incinerate any physical object.

    They materialize and dematerialize, change shape and color, and pass through solid objects like ghosts.

    What are they, and where do they come from?

    Regarding the truth about UFOs, it’s fitting to say the devil is in the details.

    Consider the following well-documented facts around the UFO phenomenon:

    • The current era of heightened UFO activity began in 1947, the year the United Nations approved the creation of the modern State of Israel.

    • UFOs have a long history of appearing around warships, nuclear facilities, and harassing military pilots.

    • Livestock mutilations linked to UFO sightings bear an uncanny resemblance to sacrificial rituals associated with Voodoo, Witchcraft, and Satanism.

    • Belief in UFOs piloted by extraterrestrial beings has become a pseudo religion for those who reject the Judeo-Christian worldview.

    • UFO sightings tend to be more common in areas with little or no Christian influence.

    Integral to the UFO phenomenon are alien contact or “abduction” experiences, of which the following is well-documented:

    • Accounts of abduction by beings resembling today’s aliens date back to medieval times and beyond. In days of old, the non-human entities were called dwarves, fairies, elves, gnomes, gremlins, and goblins.

    • Alien contactees often have a personal or family history of dabbling in occult practices such as Ouija, séances, and Witchcraft.

    • Alien contactees often report feeling deceived or misled by the space beings concerning their true origins and motives.

    • The most frequently encountered aliens, nicknamed the “grays,” are described as having a froglike appearance: large head, spindly appendages, and huge black almond-shaped eyes. The second most commonly encountered alien is said to be “locust-like” in appearance.

    • Aliens are often accompanied by a repulsive sulfur-like stench.

    • Aliens are said to perform supernatural acts one would normally associate with poltergeist activity or demonic possession: They levitate people and objects. They can induce paralysis in humans at will. They communicate telepathically, in any language, and demonstrate unusual knowledge.

    • Despite the aliens’ assumed advanced technology, “medical procedures” performed during abductions seem more akin to sadistic torture practices than state-of-the-art medicine. For instance, alien doctors are said to insert oversized needles into eyes, ears, nostrils, or navels while the human subject is fully conscious and terrified.

    • Aliens are known to reference Scripture and show particular interest in Bible prophecies related to Armageddon. They persistently warn of a cataclysmic period coming upon the earth, during which they will be present to assist humanity.

    • Aliens promote a spiritual agenda that conforms to New Age principles such as belief in an impersonal god and reincarnation.

    • Alien contact has been induced by ingesting powerful psychedelic drugs such as DMT. Users consistently report communication with “elves,” “jesters,” or “aliens” who emit a mischievous or malicious vibe.

    • Attempted alien abductions have been thwarted by the biblically prescribed method for vanquishing demons: invoking the name of Jesus. In cases where true, faith-wielding believers have called out to Jesus for help, the would-be alien abductors have departed abruptly.

    1. What are UFOs and where do they come from?

      For the Bible believer, the facts speak for themselves. Scripture says “our enemy is not flesh and blood but spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms” (Eph. 6:12). The ruler of this realm, called the “prince of the power of the air,” or “commander of the powers in the unseen world,” is Satan (Eph. 2:2).

      The objective of Satan’s army is to harass, deceive, and divert worship from the Almighty God to “the god of this world” (2 Cor. 4:4).

      According to the Book of Revelation, in the days preceding Jesus’ second coming, hordes of wicked spirits and evil angels that resemble frogs and locusts will be unleashed upon the earth to torment those who reject God’s free offer of salvation and eternal life:

      “Out of the smoke [of the Abyss], locusts descended on the earth, and they were given power [to torment] like that of the scorpions of the earth” (Rev. 9:3).

      “I saw three impure spirits that looked like frogs; they came out of the mouth of the dragon … They are demonic spirits that perform signs” (Rev. 16:13, 14).

      That UFOs are appearing more frequently and blatantly is a sign that Judgment Day is near.

      . . .

      LINKS: far-2019-what-they-saw


      1. What is referred to as the “modern UFO era” began in 1947 with the Roswell crash in New Mexico and also Kenneth Arnold’s mass sighting of saucer-like objects near Mt. Rainier, Washington. UFO sightings were so widely reported between 1947 and 1950, the time during which the prophetic budding of the “fig tree” (Israel) was occurring, that the US government set up a special program, Project Blue Book, to investigate the phenomenon in 1951.

      2. Details of alien encounters are taken from the writings of Dr. I.D.E Thomas, Jacques Vallee, John E. Mack, David M. Jacobs, Joe Jordan (, and others.

      3. Bible Verses About Satan and Demons:

      “The Spirit clearly says that in later times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons” (1 Tim. 4:1).

      “The god of this age [Satan] has blinded the minds of unbelievers, so that they cannot see” (2 Cor. 4:4).

      “Behold, I have given you authority to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy” (Luke 10:19).

      “The sacrifices of pagans are offered to demons, not to God” (1 Cor. 10:20).

      “The angels who did not keep their positions of authority but abandoned their proper dwelling—these he has kept in darkness, bound with everlasting chains for judgment” (Jude 1:6).

      “The devil … was thrown into the lake of burning sulfur” (Rev. 20:10).

      “Paul … turned and said to the spirit, ‘I command you in the name of Jesus Christ to come out of her.’ And it came out that very hour” (Acts 16:18).

  58. IT’S been a generation since the “fig tree,” Israel, began to put forth leaves (Matt. 24: 32-34; Ps. 90:10).

    Major signs in the heavens have occurred, including the reappearance of the Bethlehem Star, solar and lunar eclipses on key biblical calendar days, and a one-of-a-kind astronomical alignment described in Revelation (Joel 2:31; Rev. 12).

    The stage is set geopolitically: Israel is without a functioning government, or “king,” at a time when the nations surrounding her are champing at the bit for her destruction (Mic. 4:9, 11, 12; Ezek. 38)

    A peace plan that apportions the land God gave to Israel is ready to be unveiled by the Trump Administration (1 Thess. 5:3).

    The economy of the world’s most powerful nation is roaring (Luke 17:26-29).

    The earth is ripe for harvest.

    A thing can only stay ripe for so long.

    Jesus is coming soon.

    (By T.W. Tramm)

    . . .


  59. Didn't want to put this on the new thread, but this is the kind of stuff that just tells us how close we have to be. In my news feed this morning:
    "MDL Beast Festival To Debut In Saudi Arabia"--It took place from 19-21 Dec. 2019. This biggest electronic dance festival in the region was said to be an "Inaugural Event" momentous in both scale and ambition and "transformative" in nature. It's the largest music, arts and culture festival Saudi has ever seen with an International mix of celebrity performers and referred to as a landmark moment. The main stage was called the "Big Beast" and certainly looked "hellish" to me. It seems "The Beast" was being celebrated in a big way and this thing is expected to create a whole new genre of international festivals going forward.

    No doubt the world is as ready to embrace the coming evil as we are to get outta here and go Home with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

    Be Blessed Family! Hoping to see you All in the air first, but if not, then back here in a few days to keep this Watch together:-) Maranatha!


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3. Highlight PASTE HERE and hit Ctrl+V to replace that text with your link ("leave the quotation marks there!").
4. Do the same with the second PASTE HERE text.
5. Now your link will be clickable and many more people will check it out!
  <a href="PASTE HERE">PASTE HERE</a>   
Here is an example of what it should look like after you are done pasting...
  <a href=""></a>   

Colossians 3:2-4

Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth. For you have died, and your life is hidden with Christ in God. When Christ who is your life appears, then you also will appear with him in glory.

1 Peter 2:9

But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for his own possession, that you may proclaim the excellencies of him who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light.

Philippians 3:20-21

But our citizenship is in heaven, and from it we await a Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, who will transform our lowly body to be like his glorious body, by the power that enables him even to subject all things to himself.