Completely Compatible

Our God is perfect and holy.
Completely sinless.
Brighter than 1000 suns.
Perfectly holy.
He has nothing to do with sin.
Heaven is His home, and it is much the same.
Perfect. Holy.
Completely sinless.

No unclean person can enter there.
No unclean person could survive seeing His face.
No bride would enter a wedding wearing a stained dress...
Thus no human can enter heaven wearing the stain of our sins.
We are incompatible.

Completely Incompatible.

Whether you realize it or not, we are all dirty.
Our stains run deep to the core.
Penetrating to our inmost being.
We are beyond filthy and wretched.
We are completely sinful in comparison to God.
We are incompatible.

Completely Incompatible.

All of us will eventually stand before Him.
And all of us will be judged worthy of heaven or hell.
In our natural state there is no question.
We have all sinned against God and man.
Over and over and over and over again...
Every single day.
We all deserve the death penalty.
We all deserve eternal separation from His goodness.
He will have no relationship with sin.
One look at God and we would be burned to our core.
We are incompatible.

Completely Incompatible.

But God.
But God gave.
But God gave us Jesus.
But God gave us Jesus to make us clean.

He is perfect. He is holy.
He is completely sinless.
Yet Jesus willingly took the punishment for every horrible sin I will ever commit.
And every horrible sin you will ever commit as well.

He is holy, but He exchanged it for our harshness.
He is pure, but He exchanged it for our poison.
He is sinless, but willingly accepted the full weight of our sin.
He took upon himself everything that was wrong with us...
So that when He died the just penalty of our sin would die with Him.

He did that for us...
For a wretch like me.
And for a wretch like you.

He suffered and died so that we could live.
He sacrificed all He could physically give.
He covers us now so when we see God we won't burn.
These precious things are given, could never be earned.
He made us compatible.

Completely Compatible.

Only Jesus could make us fit in with heaven.
Without Him we could never step foot in such a place.
He makes us blameless before God, forever forgiven.
He paid for our countless sins, saved us by grace.

He covered our debts.
He paid our fine.
He took our nails.
He did our time.
He died for us, in our place.
To wipe sin clean and leave no trace.

Let me say it again, to make it perfectly clear.
To leave no doubt about whom to love and to fear.

Jesus alone died in our place.
Jesus alone offers us grace.
He alone came to make us right.
He alone won our fight.
He cleared our debt, He died our death.
He makes us clean so that there is no sin left.
He alone makes us compatible.

Completely Compatible.

Our God is perfect and holy.
Completely sinless.
Brighter than 1000 suns.
Perfectly holy.
He has nothing to do with sin.
Heaven is His home, and it is much the same.
Perfect. Holy.
Completely sinless.

Only Jesus can make us fit for such a place.
Only Jesus can make us compatible.

Completely Compatible.

While reading one of the comments on the previous post a thought began to burrow deeper and deeper into my head and heart.  During a few quiet times during the last few days I would catch glimpses of it growing and clarifying itself.  I truly believe that one key aspect to understanding the Gospel and being able to communicate it clearly during evangelism is the idea that in our natural state we all have a sin problem that is unsolvable apart of Jesus Christ.  Only through Him can we have our debt cleared and be made right with God.  All sin must be punished.  Justice demands this.  But in His mercy God sent His son to bear the wrath that we deserved.  And through that sacrifice we are offered the gift of grace and forgiveness of our sins and eternal life in heaven with him.   What you see above, focused on the term compatible, is the product those thoughts and His leading.  It would be impossible for me personally apart from Christ.  Jesus is only way... and without him I am nothing.  He is the only one that can make things work for us.  Anyone who owns a computer knows this basic fact.... You can't just plug in any cord to make it work.  You must find one that is compatible.  A connector that is perfectly suited to connect two things.  Jesus does that for us.  Once we are plugged into Him through faith, he connects us to God and ultimately to heaven.  No other "connection" will do. He makes us a new creation, one fit for life with God and heaven.  Hallelujah!
God Bless you all.... -Brad


  1. TY Brad...A beautiful presentation of the clear and simple Truth. I honestly believe we are on the Home stretch and we are now seeing our very last opportunities in this Dispensation of Grace to get the message out to whomever will hear it and receive it. And we are about to taste the bitter with the sweet as we join our Redeemer in the Joy of His Glory while sadly regretting that more did not choose to come with us to the Foot of that Cross, laying down any and all perceptions of our own righteousness or ability to add anything to His Finished Work for our Eternal Security. For any out there who might not understand this or is on the fence about the simplicity of this Truth, please just ask the Lord quickly to help your unbelief. He will because as the message posted above testifies to, He loves you that much! So please...just let Jesus Christ be the One to Love you Fully and First, then your love for Him is sure to follow:-)

    Blessings and Maranatha! He IS coming and He's coming quickly!

  2. check out another Oregon delight. Hope I can make clickable. Praying always for God's people.

  3. Replies
    1. Brad, well crafted verse, loved it. Noting, I watched @Loved by the King's video, this morning, New Dream -Huge!, 10:38 re a dream, last night, and then her confirmation event Oh WOW! Confirmation!, 2:07 as leaving work, later, EXACTLY as depicted in the dream, is shared, all from earlier TODAY. When you watch them it will make TOTAL sense, but, I think there was a 'Wink' in "You can't just plug in any cord to make it work."

      No, the cord must fit the correct socket and be able to carry The Living Water and, as we all know, water and electricity are INCOMPATABLE. ;) Maranatha!

      BTW, clicking on the Oregonian link, after pasting it above, and it looked like I had to be a subscriber to see the article.

    2. nolongerlukewarm...I was able to pull up the article with Jimboni's link and that "Ghost Forest" looked so ominous, especially after seeing the Cascadia White Paper info @Marfoogle News which @Kim Fisher's YTC links in the description box on her "Words Heard Upon Awakening" video in connection with her "wide spread panic" dreams. Blessings and TY for sharing that:-)

      @Kay Tdid re-shares a "December 10" dream of hers that seems to meld with @Loved by the King's dream and both seem to be pointing to the closing of the Grace Age ministries. Could well be indicating this threat of channel creators soon facing serious liabilities is the last straw as the preaching of the Gospel is forced off of the world-wide platform that has been used to reach so many in these last of the last days. It couldn't be done imho unless He is done with it. Maranatha!

    3. I thought of you when I posted girl. Wasn't that spooky. 2000years...…..Sheila I hope you are right. He tossing balls still we just in overtime and tired . Hang in there best ya cans. Thanks for clickable.

    4. nolongerlukewarm...that Ghost Forest story had a few interesting elements to it re it being the result of a Cascadia subduction quake. The last one there occurred in the winter of 1700 which was 219 years ago. It's been reckoned to have been an 8.7--9.2 mag Megathrust Quake with a deadly Tsunami that is recorded to have hit Japan as well. So looked at that 219 yr time period in the Strong's:

      H#219--owrah-an herb or luminous plant, a light, a dew that quickens dead bodies
      used "5x" and esp. in Is.26:19 KJV, which is immediately followed by Is.26:20 KJV

      G#219--alektorophonia--the crowing of a rooster, a cockcrow, 3rd watch, period of time between midnight and 3 am. Used 1x in this passage Mark 13:33 KJV, Mark 13:34 KJV,
      Mark 13:35 KJV

      Also pretty neat that to get to the site of the ghostly "resurrection" of these 2000 yr old trees that occurs with an extraordinarily low tide, one must walk a ways down the beach and go past "Proposal Rock":-))

    5. My Spirit was reactivated during the eclipse/sign time and I Rene er someone posting that the US will be destroyed by way shadow starting in Oregon first. At the time thoughts bit nuts. Now, not so much

    6. Right back at you, Beloved;-)

    7. And no, probably not off the mark at all. My sense is that it will begin all along the entire west coat, then the east coast and probably in close conjunction. The warnings are all there and His Mercy has been great, but the time has come to take back that which belongs to Him and one will either be for Him or against Him. Just so very thankful to know Whom It Is that we belong to and that He has prepared a place for us, Amen:-)

  4. Amen to this Brad! Thank you. All I can do is pray and groan lately as I just cannot seem to find the words. You done well though brother. Thank you.

    1. Thanks Miguel. I understand how you feel but Hebrews 10:35-39 is a good one to keep when feeling how you do. Love you man!

    2. Thank you brother. I will not lose my confidence. Just want Him to come. I'm tired and could use a little more prayer for peace and wisdom.

  5. Excellent devo, Brad!

    All glory to our Triune God for making a way to be compatible with Him for all eternity!

    Eph. 2:18

    1. Thanks Brother..... much appreciated. Thanks for the verse as well, perfect.

  6. Yes, it requires 100% faith, most certainly these days where we witness the darkness envelope this place.

    I hear of young persons disbelieving in 'God' and the goodness of God because of all the nasty, evil, and 'bad' things happening and bad things happening to good people. This is a tough situation to battle, but I was already going there and this post nails it, FAITH in the Triune God (thanks Jeff).

    Our eyes may be blinded by this world, the very intent of the adversary. Either ones eyes are already blind to the TRUTH or have been by this world (anything and everything NOT of God).

    Belief in Jesus Christ, the King of Kings and LORD of Lords requires faith, even more faith to believe in His atoning sacrifice for all humankind on the cross, yet even more faith to believe/really believe in His resurrection the ascension.

    Hold on brethern.

    1. These are recent finds, something has always seemed 'strange' ala mr t_rump and these two pieces nail it. I certainly believe the adversary has and uses the ability to go to and fro (between realms) and enables/ provides humans magic to do similar things. Remember, the adversary has been around a lot longer than me and you and there have been 6,000 years of humankind to have been influenced by/ exposed to the evil one. So while we (this generation) 'live' in circa 2019, the adversary has been working his evil since the beginning.

      Here are two corroborating pieces:

      The secret history of mr t_rump's victory, magic and power
      23min www.

      [YTV Note]: Was magic the reason for Trump's victory? Gary Lachman used to be the bassist in the rock band Blondie, and is now the author of numerous books about the esoteric and occult, from Carl Jung to Aleister Crowley.

      mr t_rump's 88 Degree Magic - Welcome to the Grand illusion!
      From Shaking My Head Productions

      [YTV Note]: All roads lead to Rome and the Jesuit 'Fake Jew' Freemason Knights Templar Kabbala Pharoah Secret Society Luicferians... but will soon be moved to Jerusalem where they plan to set up their NWO headquarters for a very short time before their judgement.

      "But for the cowardly and unbelieving and abominable and murderers and immoral persons and sorcerers and idolaters and all liars, their part will be in the lake that burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death." Revelation 21:8

  7. That was beautiful Brad! Thank you!


  8. Jimboni, et al....just finished watching the "657 Bid Farewell/Separate/Door video @Loved by the King (Colleen's) YTC and caught your comments there and WOW! Katy Bar The Door!!! No doubt in my heart that the message is being CONFIRMED and the TIME seems to be upon us! The Holy Spirit is welling up inside of me with Praise pouring forth. Hallelujah and Glory to our Lord and Savior! It's looking like the job is about done and it's time to say Adieu as we are really outta here anytime now. TY for your work in heeding the Spirit so well on this one. (Maybe--if so led--you should post your findings here?)

    And I dunno, but per the Torah Cal we are on now on the 4th Day of Hanukkah or in the Midst of the Week for this Feast of Dedication (John 10:22) and on the 8th Day which falls on 11/29-30, it is Day 3 Month 10 (Rev.3:10 ?) It's also a "special" 2nd Sabbath and the Parashah #10 is Mi-Ketz which means "AT THE END OF". (If I'm remembering correctly, it's the TorCal that accurately represented the BM Tetrads occurring on the Feast Days.) Oh Lord, let it be so! Blessings, Brother and Maranatha:-)

    1. Sheila B., Blessings. Assignment accepted. Her is what I just posted under the vid, in addition to some frosting I went back and put on the earlier cupcakes :)

      Blessings, Sister. Sheila B. has invited me to repost these thoughts, and the ones left out, over at the blog. Your Word has opened all of Mark 6 as a TYPE of this moment, this generation, this MOED so powerfully that I have marveled the past 2 hours just outlining key details and parallels. One page, which is actually only a start on the topic, I share here, now. 'Water' & "electricity' share ALL of the following. They (it) Flows, Empowers, is Essential, Carries things on, carries things within, Deadly (ungoverned), is controllable, is divisible, is storable, travels, connects things, connects places, governs certain things/interactions, binds some things together, endemic in life's mechanics, when present, can be seen or unseen, inherently metaphoric for spiritual things, Scripturally Used To Identify Christ (water being From Jesus' Own Lips, amen) ...Maranatha!

      37 On the last day, the climax of the festival, Jesus stood and shouted to the crowds, “Anyone who is thirsty may come to me! 38 Anyone who believes in me may come and drink! For the Scriptures declare, ‘Rivers of living water will flow from his heart.’”[a] 39 (When he said “living water,” he was speaking of the Spirit, who would be given to everyone believing in him. But the Spirit had not yet been given,[b] because Jesus had not yet entered into his glory.) JN 37-39 NLT;


      And he is before all things, and in him all things hold together. `1 COL 1:17 ESV

    2. Sheila B., Blessings. Well, went all "A Beautiful Mind" on this, worked on it all day and just sent Brad a 6 page doc, via Gmail as I also just found out I've got corruption in my Outlook so its been offline for days and didn't know. Please pray I resolve as it is stealing my joy. I fixed this one, once before, but its been along while so hoping to set it up at bedtime and pray for a fix by morning (long repair if it works).

      So, the headers on the doc, which I recommended become a thread, are, The Dream, The Confirmations, The Vision, 657 in Context of The Dream, Bethsaida, Scriptural Foundations to Imagery & Why This Is Worthy of DEEP Study, Internet Parallel to the past 50 years Move of Christ, Mark 6 Parallel to the past 50 years Move of Christ, and, in closing, G657-Keyed Scripture Passage Parallel to Move of Christ Now.

    3. Did you catch that part?
      "Jesus... ! stood ! ... and ... ! shouted ! ... to the crowds"
      "Truly, Truly," He Says. Double Witness, Double Confirmation, Maranatha!

    4. Jimboni - Shelia and all,
      I received Jimboni's email and for convenience have pasted the information on the following location for review and comment. Here is the link.

      A link to this page can also be found on the page shortcut on the sidebar.

    5. TY Brad! And praying a Happy Thanksgiving for you and the family. Stay safe and warm as Winter Storm Ezekiel hits right on the "heels" of Dorothy. (I just thought as I heard them say that on TWC that we surely are NOT in Kansas anymore and the real "Ezekiel" storm is truly on it's way. The messaging is everywhere) Blessings and Maranatha!

  9. I don't know how many saw this strange story yesterday re the "Queen Hind" cargo ship that capsized in the Black Sea just off the coast of Romania with over 14,000 sheep aboard, most of which are expected to be drowned, but I know there is some kind of symbolic message in this sad event. Rescue workers had managed to save 33 (Promise) of them at last count and the full crew of 20 were also rescued (20=Redeemed). There is a frantic ongoing attempt to try to rescue as many sheep as possible. According to one report the ship was bound for Libya where the conditions for these sheep are reported to be"horrific". Investigations are being called for as violations of live transport laws are being looked into.
    (@The Guardian --"Rescue Attempts resumed for 14,000 sheep on sinking ship as noises heard from inside")

    This just makes me ache and pray for those "sheep" who are falling away from the true Gospel of His Grace into the black sea of legalism and may well find themselves stranded on a sinking ship facing horrific conditions. So please...don't be a grape--or a drowning sheep!

    Blessings All and Looking Up! He IS coming!!!

    1. You can't make this stuff up. I am laughing and crying at the same time, but I have been doing bunches of that lately.

      Brad hugggs always. I was born in 62 so if you see some crazy Lady screaming Thanks for always remembering THE SIGN!!!!! You will know that will be me.

      And Charlie Wowowwzzza, the two trump thing.

      I have always knew he time traveled, but the twin that makes since. Because I really start wondering about Trump. His speech at UN was like a warning to the nations. It all get so crazy, I am going to see what color tie he has on but I bet I already know.

      I just want to thank this family. My house is built on the rock but you all have been a rock for me. This journey has been so over the top supernatural, but very lonely when you are the only one around you that sees it. The twin realities I live in. My worship time the work at Indian Casino. A couple months ago finally a customer came to my window and said Jesus is coming very soon you know, then said Mathew 24. Man I thought that guy was telling me the rapture was going to happen then. Such joy and sorrow.

      Got to go ..finish trump thing then shift gears to the other suggestion. WFS

    2. One the eye brow raising moments for me was the connection of jared kush_ner to george therefore, t_rump is very well aware of and friends of so_r_os' too and their plan to flood countries with people groups and in incite civil unrest in order to impose the law called martial. Oh of course, they must have a wall to keep people from (going).

    3. you I am so grateful for our spiritual family in these last days and truly thankful for Brad's diligence in providing us this platform with which we've all been able to keep one another encouraged. I think it's safe to say that many of us would have no one else outside of our on-line fellowships who really care about what we are all watching and waiting for. But Praise God, there are a lot of us here and all across YT who are getting the message of the Gospel and His Soon Return out while keeping one another good company:-) Blessings and Looking UP!

  10. I think we discussed this a year ago now, but a tip of the hat to (IN THE MIDST) and the likelihood/ possibility of Hanukkah being a mirror of Tabernacles.

    [Summary note from Rapture Puzzle YTV]

    In this 2-part video series, I show how I Pet Goat 2 (as well as numerous other movies, songs, magazine covers, etc.) point to this coming Hanukkah 2019 as the time for the Great Tribulation to start and firstfruits rapture to take place. Most of what you will see in both Parts 1 & 2 were sent to me by a subscriber named David, who also believes the Great Tribulation and firstfruits rapture event will happen this coming Hanukkah.

    Part 1 30min::

    Part 2 100min::

    One thing which is abundantly clear to me and perhaps others is the love/worship of the sun or sun symbology. This two part series will focus on the sun worship and if you have seen or need to review some the clown's (Neal Degresse Tyson/ aka astro bozo) outfits, it's all about the sun. Also, if you review the Shaking My Head Productions vid, you'll see Christopher Llyod (in another role, this one of the messiah) wearing a suit with a.... sun tie. He claims to be the messiah and has on a prominent sun tie.

    1. Charlie I have been thinking. We know Scottie when a little whacky but ai think he made good point with rapture and mystery. Paul was on the road to Damascus after ressurection. Thats about all I know. aWFS

  11. Pastor Tim shares from his intel source that, as the USS Abraham Lincoln enters the Gulf, Iran is mobilizing troops and ships in direct response.

    Alert Prophecy Watchers! Things are Heating Up... . 3:32

  12. Thank you, Brad!

    His excellent devotional spoke greatly to my heart, "to the point of dividing soul and spirit"!

    I remembered the Word brought by Job:

    “Oh that my words were now written! oh that they were printed in a book! That they were graven with an iron pen and lead in the rock for ever!”
    ‭‭(Job‬ ‭19:23-24‬ ‭KJV‬‬)

    The words were recorded in ROCK forever!I wish? -- A request.

    God provided a great salvation.

    In Ecclesiastes, the preacher says there are no limits to writing books, but only God can record our name on ROCK.
    "I know that my redeemer lives, and I will see him with my eyes," says Job.

    Job wanted his words to be written, kept, as a testimony...

    The rock points to Christ.
    Our deeds (sins) were marked on Him back on the cross. But, when looking at Jesus, the rock wound on the cross, cut or pierced with metal nails...
    We find that in their hands in that act, our names, the names of those who believe have been marked, written in a way that no enemy can erase.

    “Can a woman forget her sucking child, that she should not have compassion on the son of her womb? yea, they may forget, yet will I not forget thee. Behold, I have graven thee upon the palms of my hands; thy walls are continually before me.”
    ‭‭(Isaiah‬ ‭49:15-16‬ ‭KJV‬‬)

    And there it was not engraved with lead, but with the precious blood of Jesus.

    The books of this time may fade, the moths may destroy them, but whoever has his name written in the palms of the Lord knows that the wolf, the robber, the action of time cannot touch this name that was written for love!


    1. Jeova...TY for such a Beautiful share today:-)

    2. Yo Sheila, nov29 the 333 day of year

    3. Hmm....Strong's G# 333...anatheoreo--to observe carefully, behold and consider, pay very close attention to.

      The closer we get, the more intense it's getting . Very severe "Bombagenesis" weather looming large across this nation these next few days. Just saw on TWC that W.S. Ezekiel is set to "hammer" the nation with snow, wind, rain, flooding and tornadoes.

      To All...Stay safe, stay warm and stay Blessed in Christ Jesus! Maranatha:-)

    4. Jeova', Blessings. Wonderful Reminder, thank you. Blessed Thanksgiving, to all, and continued intercession, amen. Cleared 14" from the walkway and contemplating a commute to the store for some Turkey supplies before Snowmageddon 2.0 arrives, oh my, the simple life eludes. My fix on Outlook worked, Praise Jesus!, so I got a good copy off to Brad, anyone wants my notes email request to jimbocubed@ (Gmail) and I'll share a copy in case it doesn't make it up here.

      FWIW, alongside several YT Lights saying the same, the impending YTC changes are not a problem for Our Loving Lord and seem affirmed as Of Him, also to Encourage As A Marker, amen. Meanwhile, if the orchestra doesn't actually hit some crescendo it appears to be building to, someone's horn is gonna blow a gasket back in that section, Maranatha!

  13. For those of you who have been wondering about Kanye West I have a great article for you to read. It was shared by Hillary and presents a BIBLICAL case for how he should be embraced, drawing from the conversion of Saul to Paul.... Highly Recommend and thanks for sharing Hillary!

    1. Thank you for sharing B&E, another great informational site.

      Speaking of Justin Peters, he has a "Lessons Learned" from the latest KW concert stop at (prosperity FT) Lakewood.


      The fact KW is promoting a book titled "Yezzus" is enough to convince me this is a con job.

      Speaking of Yeezus,

      KW/Yeezus Has Not Changed Part 1

      KW/Yeezus Has Not Changed Part 2

      Great job to the Tamara Magdalene YTC

      Yes, KW is NOT Ye (i.e. god but he thinks he is a god)

    2. Birds (KW & JO) of the same feather flock together. This is terrible and how far these people (well really, at least demonically possessed or not 'human' at all) are from the 'real' Jesus Christ, the humble King of Kings who became nothing to serve and to serve ransom for many....

      From Now the End Begins (11/27):

      "Joel says repeatedly that we should not be satisfied with having “enough” but rather that we should always be striving for an “overflowing abundance”. In fact, he goes so far as to mock the people that are content with little, calling them “skinny goats”. Wow. But they Bible preaches a completely different message than that, see for yourself:

      Here is a 3-minute clip from this incredibly heretical sermon where he bends and twists scripture to such a degree that the listener is left with nothing but a theological pretzel by the end of it. If you really want to make yourself mad, listen to the whole sermon in its entirety::


      From The Lord is My Shepherd


  14. Latest from Greg L. on 11/26

    — From the "Something Is Up" Department...

    For some time now, a number of high-ranking military officials in the United States have been singing the same song, and the first line of that song goes like this:

    "Iran's planning a big attack, doo-dah, doo-dah."

    Here lately, however, the volume has been getting cranked up to troubling levels. That is, if the steady stream of top brass visiting Israel is anything to go by.

    For the last several months, scarcely a week has gone by without some top American military official paying a visit to their Israeli counterpart, and anyone who knows anything knows why:

    Something is up, and that something is spelled I-R-A-N.

  15. The evils of TV:: used for manipulation, mind control, and transmitting (killer) electro waves (literally frying brains)...

    Question for yourself: Why are there TVs everywhere you go nowadays??

    How 'they' are using it and telling us in plain sight what it is being used for (warning from RFB)



    Warning from David Wilkerson re: the demonic intoxication of TV


  16. Thanksgiving Message from Many Fish::

    Thanksgiving with Donald John Tesla Trump Camacho

  17. Happy Thanksgiving brothers and sisters in Christ ! I can’t wait to eat at HIS Table. Very moving thoughts, Brad. I think our truly finite minds (def mine) cannot fully grasp what Jesus has done for His Church. As we get closer and closer to the Rapture, I see more and more how salvation by faith in Christ IS the only thing that matters in life. What else even comes remotely close with comparing ? We were born to know Him and worship Him, serve Him, love Him, praise Him and have the honor of being in His Glorious Presence. Truly, Job was right when he said, “Though He slay me, yet I will trust in Him.” And if He chooses to slay you or me, rest assured He knows what He is doing and it’s the best thing for you and me.

    I can’t wait to fall flat on my face before Him. He so richly deserves all the glory, praise, honor, power and majesty there is. I think one of the few things were hard for Him was to temporarily leave His Heavenly Father and come to earth. But He did it because it was the only way to save us. What a debt we owe Him ! Believers are His slaves and servants forever which is our reasonable service. I’m so glad.

    The deception is hitting full force:


  18. Today...

    “And let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, to the which also ye were called in one body; and be ye thankful.”

    (‭‭Colossians‬ ‭3:15‬ ‭ASV‬‬)

  19. Happy Thanksgiving, Family, Blessings. Our Lord's Word Highlights that, as believers, we mourn, and celebrate, in an alien fashion, Hebrews 11:14, to the world: celebrating at funerals, 1 Thessalonians 4:13, and mourning at resurrections, John 11:35, amen.

    In the face of our somber and momentous day, May yours, and that of all those whom you love, Be Blessed Beyond Measure, and replete with thankfulness towards Our Mighty Lord, Father and Spirit, amen.

    Of note, the main point of Pastor Tim's most recent, Open Vision of Anti Christ and the word “Final Prep”!! , is that the AC was shown as being at "Final Preps" before 'curtains call'. All the last little details being put into place for the Really Big Show. As aligns with the recent time parallels I shared with Brad, specifically concerning the internet and its place in current Christianity, this strongly also aligns with impending YTC details, at hand. Maranatha!

  20. Here's an article I found on Rapture Forums written by Jack Kinsella who went Home to be with the Lord around the same time as Jack Kelly, probably 4 or 5 years ago. He founded the Omega Letter website/ministry which was run by his daughter after his death until a few years ago. This article was written 10 years ago. Unbelievable. But it encouraged me, nonetheless, because I know how much closer we are now. I hope it encourages all of you. Happy Thanksgiving, brothers and sisters. Maranatha!

    1. ShelleyB...TY for sharing this article. I enjoyed reading it last night and found it really encouraging as to the burden that does go with being a watchman in these final days. It is and has for 23 years been a tough spot to hold in re to family, friends and church life. That's how long I've been an "obsessed nutcase", but that is what my Father put on my heart and shoulders from day one--to understand His Word and His Warning and to share His Blessed Hope with any who would hear it. So much has already come to pass right before our very eyes in that relatively short time frame and yet most still can't or won't see the urgency of our times and that can get depressing--which is why I believe He has given us the precious gift of Fellowships like this one here. He's connected us to one another through the power of the Holy Spirit and it truly does keep us knowing that we who've hearkened to His Word are actually the "sane" ones;-) Blessings, Sister, and be meeting you all at our Savior's Feet a lot sooner than what most are expecting! (1Cor.1:27)

  21. And thanks, Brad, for this post. Your words were so uplifting. I am needing a lot of encouragement lately. Anybody else feeling like that? Abba up? Please, Abba?

    1. ShelleyB, Blessings. Yes, I am SO thankful for you oddballs taking the time to be on here on a holiday, thank you. A day without posts is hard as even a single touch from one to another is a drink in a desert.

      Sheila B., Blessings. You highlight something nestled in my recent HS unpack of Mark 6 in relation to the past 50 years, drawing parallels, verse by verse, to steps and stages and details entangled which we have lived through, as you speak to. Specifically, your Christ-Like angst at those who walk around looking for a gas leak with a match:

      "So much has already come to pass right before our very eyes in that relatively short time frame and yet most still can't or won't see the urgency of our times and that can get depressing-..."

      "6 And he marveled because of their unbelief." Mark 6:6, Maranatha!

    2. Praying Everyone had a Blessed and Thankful day however you saw fit to spend it:-)

      Jimboni, I got a chance to read over your work last night and then ofc been busy with the family doings of today and PTL, it was a nice day overall with everyone at peace having set aside their differences for a bit, which is always a blessing around here. I did feel that "when is she gonna start talking about "it" wariness whenever things got a little quiet, but I didn't feel any leading to do so today and just let it go with an Amen to the Grace asked before dinner. Except to tell a young 19 yr. old friend of my nephew's who is fresh out of Army training and on his way to Syria to serve in a Recon unit protecting the oilfields from I*S*S
      that I would keep him in my prayers, for which he expressed sincere gratitude. His name is Carmello should anyone else be inclined to lift him up to our Lord for safety.

      I do want to try to soak up Mark 6 alongside the table you've set there to get the full sense of what you've shared--which was like taking a highlighted flashback tour of our times--and let it sink in. I definitely could see the "Beautiful Mind" thing at work there--like the wheels were turning faster than the track could be laid--just the mental pic that accompanied my reading:-)

      Had such an odd dream last night. In it, I got an emergency alert on my phone that the US was expecting an incoming nuke. Then I got in my car and went looking for Jayden (which was weird since he's only 7 and shouldn't be that far out of sight) but I drove all the way in to town where I found him at the end of Main Street standing across from this little Train Station that is there. I asked him what he was doing and he replied that he was looking for his "Falcon". I told him to hurry up and get in the car coz we gotta go! and then woke up.

      Haven't had a lot of time to think about that one, but I had no idea until turning on the TV this evening that the Saints were playing the Falcons tonight which was also kinda weird and at this time it's looking better for the Saints than it is for the Falcons. Hmmm...

      Blessings and Maranatha!

    3. Sheila B., Blessings. You so richly bless me, amen. Hold on to HS, like Bilbo on Gwahir's back, high above Middle Earth, as Mark 6 scrolls and you fly over a review of this Final Generation, in terms of THIS net, passes beneath you. As key landmarks pass, you will often see, and likely more than I noted, Parallels, along The Way, amen, Maranatha!

      Oh, having no idea of the outcome, sounds like there's a lost Falcon. Look forward to hearing...

    4. "like the wheels were turning faster than the track could be laid-" You have no idea. I was 'caught UP', shall we say, enraptured, if you will, with our SoS Dance, fresh things afoot, oh my, faster than I could follow but with no intention of not getting where HS Was Going, Seemingly.

    5. Jimboni, that big ol' eagle has just landed after spending almost the entire day in just that last part of Mark 6 and it's purely been a blessing. I left you some thoughts on that page Brad provided and I would really encourage everybody who gets a chance to take a look at the parallels that our Brother J has been led to draw. Really brought it to life right here and now in our moment in time as we anxiously look up together EXPECTING our Savior to Come Walking on the AIR and harpazo us up and outta this raging world to meet Him in the midst of the clouds:-) Maranatha!

    6. Thank you BOTH for sharing your work/ mind maps on this. I reread Mark 6 with a new lense, looking/ hoping to connect any of the pieces you two have been able to put together.

      What caught my eye/ spirit was WHEN Jesus came 'skipping' out onto the water to His disciples:: at the 4th Watch. Everything in Scripture is there for a reason and has a reason. No mistake(s).

      Note: The fourth watch is defined by the Roman watch as a time spanning from 3am – 6am. Biblically, strategic events take place particularly during the night and early morning hours/ watches.

      Significance of the 4th Watch

      **The night watch is key to preparing alertness in the heart of His bride, the church. Even so Lord, come quickly.

  22. Hey Charlie thought you would get a kick out of this. As I have mentioned I work in Oregon Indian Casino cage. The day after I watched the trump twin thing I was asking Him is this true? Like laffing too this is genius. Now wait for it. My tenth slot ticket was for $45.88.

    1. Since then, I have seen and remember some iconic sports 'people' wear the 88 as well. I know 23 is pretty popular in their circles, but now I see 88 so much more clear than before.

      Also, did you see what color t_rump was wearing yesterday in af gan stan? LOL

  23. Wow Brad, that was powerful. Thank you brother. Yeah I am so thankful that God saved a wretch like me.

    If people only realised how easy entry to HEAVEN was, (by simply believing on Jesus as their SAVIOR, and trusting in his finished work on the cross for the payment of all their/our sins) there would be queues going around the world to secure their place.


    The Tribulation would have nobody to be subjected to God's wrath.

    As God's will is that NO-ONE perishes.

    Blessings Brother. We are nearly at the finish line.


    Exactly 72 years ago, the United Nations voted to create a Jewish state and an Arab state, which should live side by side in peace.

    The Jews accepted. And thus Israel was created.

    November 29th is a historic and prophetic date to remember!


  25. Todd Hampson has an article from 11/25/19 that was a fairly brief but encouraging read titled "Prophecy Update & 7 Encouraging Keys For Watching Believers" and he gives us a few pointers for getting through the breakneck speed of prophetic fulfillment while in the midst of this unprecedented lawlessness that (2 Timothy 3) warns of. that 333rd day of the year (11/29) did turn out to be eventful as it was "beheld and considered" by MSM around the world with the twin terror attacks in the UK and the Netherlands while at the same time I*S*S was pledging a new crop of recruits as they regroup. Then there was the Holy Relic (wooden fragment of Baby Jesus's crib) being returned to Bethlehem by the Vatican who has held it since 640 AD and just in time to be "venerated" before Christmas.

    But for some reason, I just liked this story from yesterday: "Baby Born on Flight":-))

    Flight #868 landed in Charlotte, NC with an extra baby girl on board:

    Charlotte means "Free" or "Free Man" (interesting as we are referred to as both the Bride and the Body of Christ)
    G#868--aphistemi--to lead away, leave, depart from. used 14 x (number of Deliverance or Salvation)

    and the flip side:
    H#868--ethnan--wages (of a harlot)--used 11x (number of Judgment and Disorder)

    Rapture, then Jacob's trouble....again, you just can't make this stuff up.

    Blessings All and Looking Up!


  26. Corporate debt nears a record $10 trillion, and borrowing binge poses new risks

    By T.W. Tramm (FB PAGE)

    Highlights from the article:

    “Though most economists now expect the United States to continue growing through next year, an unexpected shock … could derail those forecasts.”

    “We are sitting on the top of an unexploded bomb, and we really don’t know what will trigger the explosion.”

    “Credit rating agencies would likely react to a slowing economy by downgrading companies … unable to cover their interest payments into “fallen angels” …. In a flash there would be too much speculative-grade debt for the market to absorb … forcing layoffs and spreading pain throughout the economy …. You can definitely think of an Armageddon scenario.”

    Fact: the world’s biggest economy is overdue for a crash.

    Some experts warn that, due to unprecedented debt and the interconnectedness of the global economy, the next crash will mark the end of the current financial system.

    The Bible teaches that when the financial system crashes for the last time, a new system will arise that will enslave humanity as none before:

    “[The beast] required everyone—small and great, rich and poor, free and slave—to be given a mark on the right hand or on the forehead. And no one could buy or sell anything without that mark, which was either the name of the beast or the number representing his name” (Rev. 13:16, 17).

    Worse yet, the beast financial system will doom for eternity those who participate:

    “Then a third angel followed them, shouting, “Anyone who worships the beast … or who accepts his mark on the forehead or on the hand must drink the wine of God’s anger…. And they will be tormented with fire and burning sulfur in the presence of the holy angels and the Lamb. The smoke of their torment will rise forever and ever, and they will have no relief day or night, for they have worshiped the beast and his statue and have accepted the mark of his name” (Rev. 14:9-11).

    According to Scripture, the tribulation period that will see the implementation of the beast system will begin 70-plus years after Israel becomes a nation, during a time of economic prosperity (Matt. 24:32-34; Ps, 90:10; Luke 17:26-30; 1 Thess. 5)

    That time is now.

    No one knows when an unexpected shock will send the economy over a cliff.

    There is only one way to escape the impending economic armageddon and everything else that is coming upon the world: through the “door” named Jesus Christ (John 10:9).

    . . .


  27. Gigi mentioned this YTV in a recent message RE: recent predictive programming to include the sunken / drowned sheep / the abe lincoln with capt slaughter /I Pet G 2/ t_rump / the mazzaroth/ upcoming warnings in this new month ahead/ full moon on Dec-12-19 / the yt shut down on Dec-10 or before.....

    From Exalted Lamb 1 (11/29)


  28. Oldies BUT oh so relevant today in these last minutes...

    Fear The Lord (David Wilkerson)


    Last Days Deception of the Seeker Friendly Movement/ Gospel of Accommodation (David Wilkerson)


    Note: On the trail of Mark 6, what else struck me is what (the real) Jesus instructed His disciples to do as they departed: "And they went out, and preached that men should repent" (Mark 6:12).

    Jonah's entire mission was to demand the Ninevites REPENT.

    1. This is a Warning To All! REPENT
      From Seeking Wisdom Ministries (11/26)

      We are called to righteousness (not rebellion against holiness). Certainly a step by step, hourly, daily battle, tis why we need the armor of God.



      A Serious Word of Warning RE: SIN
      From The Lord is My Sheperd (11/26)



  29. This teaching by Billy Crone called The Imminence of Hell has to be shared with everyone you can. It’s devastating especially at the end of the video. He said 95% of professing Christians have not shared the Gospel with even one person. The end of the video is gut-wrenching.

  30. Just listened to @Pastor JD Farag's latest Prophecy Update and I believe he is right on target. We are on the very cusp of Jacob's Trouble. The only thing it's waiting on is the removal of the Restrainer. We have all seen the pre-conditions of the AC's temporary reign lining up. We've all carefully watched the intense prophetic geopolitical build-up for quite awhile now. We've seen the Heavenly signs such as The Great Wonder that this @Rev12daily Fellowship was brought together on and so many more, we've seen the groaning and travailing of the entire planet and nature itself in the extreme weather patterns, the animal die-offs and all of the other signs that were to accompany the "Beginning of Sorrows" as foretold in Matt.24:4-13 and which upon the Removal of the Restrainer will intensify dramatically. I believe the Gospel has been preached just about as far as we can take it in this Age of Grace--and now, it looks like we are seeing the final straw re the BoC as the obvious Tares have been exposed and separated from the Wheat and the next process is now taking place.

    Many, many people are adamantly taking a firm stand regarding the requirements of our Eternal Salvation--whether it is by Grace Alone through Faith Alone in the Atoning Blood of Jesus Christ in His Finished Work on the Cross (the ABC's) OR by the adding of one's own conditional performance to the equation (the Ifs, Ands, or Buts). And there are also those who are still sitting on the fence and who are trying to "Amen" both scenarios, but that cannot continue. (Matt.12:30) Neutrality will likely be weeded out with the tares and the chaff.

    As we all know re the Wheat and the Tares--the Tares stand tall and proud in their insidious and invasive growth while the Wheat--heavy with the "real" fruit--will bow their heads for the Harvest. So come Harvest time, the Tares (i.e. False religions or Hijackers of the Faith) have become obvious and are rooted out, but it's interesting to note that the actual edible Wheat Grain sits tucked inside of the husks or the Chaff, which actually makes up the Greater Part of the Wheat's head. After the Tares have been gathered and bundled TO BE burned at some point (Matt.13:30) the Wheat is then gathered, but it must undergo the winnowing process of separating the Edible Grain from the Worthless Chaff before it's stored in the Barn. In comparison, the BoC seems to be going through the Winnowing Process at this moment in time as the TRUE UNCOMPROMISING GOSPEL is separating the highly-valued Grains (my stand--those trusting in His Finished Work on the Cross Alone) from the empty and discarded Husks (those trusting in their own self-righteous works as "their Finisher"). Everyone claiming to be of the BoC claims a Faith in Jesus Christ, His Atoning Blood and His death, Burial and Resurrection on the 3rd day. The delineating factor between (the Grains) and (the Chaff) that has grown up together on the same stalk is in whether one DOES or DOES NOT trust in the Sufficiency of THAT ALONE for Eternal Salvation. (1Cor.2:2)

    (The majority of Christianity demands some sort of Grace plus works-based conditional Salvation while those who believe in Eternal Security (OSAS) are truly in the minority, which happens to be the same ratio of chaff to grain represented in the Wheat's head as well).

    And the point to all of this being...does it not make sense that this would be the final sign for the BoC just before His Gathering us unto Himself takes place at the Rapture? If so, it's not only Harvest Time, it's BARN TIME! (Is.26:20)

    Blessings All and Maranatha:-))

    1. Thank you Sheila,
      That was so uplifting. I am so glad that I have all of you guys to listen to , and learn from.

      It is so true, Grace is being opposed left right and centre.. The separation has occurred, the falling away from sound doctrine has occurred. People have chosen their side, they either believe that Jesus has paid for all of their sins, past, present and future, and that the moment we obtained salvation from our saviour, we were sealed with the holy spirit of promise until the day of redemption, or they believe they need to help God save them, that they need to top up their salvation with their own good works, and if they dont drop to their knees each night, and rattle off ALL their sins that they commited that day, that they are going straight to hell.

      Well ironically, many of them will find themselves left behind, and struggling to find the truth in a world where Christianity has been censored.. Thank God we are out of here soon.

      Sorry all I have been very quiet lately.. I dont have anything significant to add to the conversation, but I do so enjoy perusing through all of the comments.

    2. Sheila B., Blessings. Thank you, that is fine fare for this very hour, surely. Just when Mr. Metaphor thinks we've hit the limit, uh, no. While Sobering, though not to those to whom it aught, unfortunately. It is another echo adding further Specific Holy Detail to our NOW as well as the idea that we really ARE just this close |.| wowzers Lotta hubbub re 12/10 but guess not seen that vid, yet, as pretty much clueless on that one atm.

      In re the winnowing fulcrum, one's position on Grace, the saddest part, to me, is that works serve to fill a gap, where there is none. What gap? The individual does not accept/believe/understand that they are washed CLEAN. Perfectly. Forgiven.

      Whereas the banner is generally that one is clean upon conversion, THEN has to maintain it, or some variation thereof, this is façade. Deception of the heart. Jeremiah 17:9. This is why when eyes OPEN to see oneself IN CHRIST, and Has Had It Revealed His Beauty To Them, He, Holy Spirit, REMOVES The Heart Of The New Believer And REPLACES it. Ezekiel 36:26, while our minds, He Renews. Romans 12:2. The deepest, saddest part of this debate is that those opposing Grace oppose their own Forgiveness, actually not believing it possible, while declaring fealty to something higher than The Shed Blood Of Christ, the ONLY Mystery By Which It Can Be So, Maranatha!

    3. Amen, Brother..and I know the sadness of it. As things have been kinda quiet here on the site, I've just been watching the battle out there and been led to pray for the many who are just refusing to receive the Completeness of our Savior's Passion for us. It's easier to watch a person who thinks they can somehow take advantage of His Mercy while not realizing that He loves them far too much to let that slide without corrective measures than it is to watch those in denial of His Promise and His Ability to Save to the UTTERMOST anyone who has genuinely called upon His NAME.

      On the 12/10...lotta pointing to that time frame for something major--but to be honest, I'll have to go back around and refresh on the different reasons for that as I've been more in the Word and praying about what's been going on within the BoC spiritually speaking. Just so surprised to see some I'd taken for granted as being with us for so long and to find out how NOT with us they really are was a real bummer. Just trying to get to the crux of that biscuit (Love to Brother Zeus M;-) and was led to take a good look at the Wheat, itself. And speaking of cleansing, I've had that song "Are You Washed in The Blood" looping through my brain. Yes, we are--washed CLEAN--done deal--and going Home to The Lamb of God:-)

      And last night, the strangest thing...had this rather large wild bird--a beautiful thing---fly right in thru the back door as Jayden was going out. He kinda crash-landed there on the washroom floor and I thought he might be injured. Scooped him up as he was quickly surrounded by nosy dogs and cats. He was really calm tho, so I put a towel around him (I say him because of his distinct markings) and held him for awhile trying to see if he was hurt. He had these large red eyes and looked like a sea bird of some kind. I did not even think to take a pic:-/ But he seemed okay wing-wise, so took him out on the front porch and held him up and he flew off into the night. It was not the kind of wild bird one usually sees come inside a covered porch with cats laying around and much less one that would be inclined to fly over a kid's head to get inside. Very strange. (had it been a Falcon, I woulda freaked out:-D

      Blessings, Brother!

    4. So you're saying a lost bird was placed under your care and you helped it regain direction and sent it flying again?

      Sounds a lot like what you do here everyday sister. Seems like the Lord spoke pretty clearly on that one.

    5. Sheila B., Blessings. Falcon, or not, sorry, sister, but I'm puttin' all my chips on this being tied to Jayden's dream. I mean, c'mon already, WHO(?) was going through the door? Mmm, hmm. That's right.

      Falcons are birds of Prey and trainable to prey at the beck of its Falconer. "Evidence suggests that the art of falconry may have begun in Mesopotamia, with the earliest accounts dating to approximately 2,000 BC. ...a falconer flies a falcon; an Austringer (French origin) flies a hawk (Accipiter, some buteos and similar) or an eagle (Aquila or similar). In modern falconry, " Wikki

      I see some fish beneath those waters, though not quite sure the breed. Bethsaida means "of Fishing/HUNTING" so Entangled here, Jayden is a youth, which feels involved, esp as he couldn't locate his Falcon likely also indicating it, also, wasn't yet fully trained of him. If scorpions are the minions of a Dragon, (Hat Tip Daniel Valles that detail), could we not be seen as the Falcons Of Our Lord? Sent To Do His Bidding, i.e. Hunt/Fish, and return the 'catch' to HIM? Works for me. So often we look to these pictures for insight to externals, perhaps this one speaks of US.

    6. Awww, Miguel...what a sweet thought. Blesses me so much, Brother. I also wondered if it was another hint from Him that all of us who are definitely out of place in this predatory world are about to be scooped up and launched into flight ourselves:-))

  31. Wonderful, Sheila! And, gives pause for thought. I was waiting for you to say something.
    The husk/chaff speaks, does it not, of the vitriol, stubbornness, tenacity, and hatred spoken by those who have vehemently argued against the gospel of grace because of their belief in a works / repentance orientation.
    I was reading comments on a site earlier today, and later I was reading in Hebrews. Hebrews 2:7 (KJV). And, it hit me ... In the King James version, they add "and didst set him over the works of thy hands"!
    Hebrews here is about giving heed to this salvation that they have heard of.
    It is He who his crowned with glory and honor. It is He who shed his innocent and pure blood for our sin nature. It is He who conquered the power of sin and death. It is He who is elevated above the angels, creation, mankind, and all things made. It is His work on the cross that gives us salvation for those who believe in Him. This is a free gift of eternal life. It is He who sits at the right hand of God, making intercession for those who believe in Him. He saves us and He keeps us saved. It is not anything we do in our fleshly, sin nature. This is what we hold fast unto ... The work that Jesus Christ has done for us, and is doing for us now today. He alone was appointed by God to do this work. He alone paid the sin penalty for us in which none of us can ever perfectly obtain.

    1. IF we choose the cross THEN we must pick it up and carry it ourselves daily (see Paul's life after conversion).

      When Jesus Shuts The Door (David Wilkerson)

      Grace and Mercy are freely given by the LORD to forgive us WHEN we REPENT... THEN we pick up our cross (on a daily/hourly basis) to follow Him (not just lip service).


      Whatever Happened To Repentance Preaching (David Wilkerson)


      No current day 'pastor' is anything like or close to what DW was..

    2. Charlie...first of all, Repentance, i.e. metanoia- a change of mind--is the God-given gift that draws one to Christ in the first place. (2Tim.2:25-26) And hopefully you're not trying to suggest we carry that Cross in our own strength with our own righteousness, or live in a state of flawless repenting because I know I sure can't and I would never try to stand before Almighty God and toot that horn anyway. I can assure you that anything good, worthy or sacrificial done in this body is Him doing it from within His Spirit indwelling me and TO Him goes ALL the glory.

      But what is it about trusting in our ETERNAL SALVATION (which IS a free Gift per Eph.2:8-10 for those who have truly been Born Again) that inspires the leveling of such accusations as "lip service" and "a license to sin" at those who dare to confess their Full Faith and Complete Trust for Everlasting Life in what was accomplished BY HIM on that Cross? I mean what's He gonna say to us..."I'm sorry, Pilgrims...but you put a little too much Faith in Me to get you across that finish line". Or when Heb.12:2 KJV says "He is the AUTHOR and FINISHER of our faith"--was that implying that He is just the ghost writer and needs us to supply the material? I don't believe so. Can Jesus not be trusted to use the freedom of such a "dangerous" Gospel to deliver those who hear it and believe from the bondage of sin and death? And in thinking about it, the whole idea of constant non-stop "repentance" is what sounds more like "lip service" to me--a lot of sin-focused talk and little Christ-focused Trust. Confess our sins as we are made aware of them--YES, OFC! And Thank Him again for the Price He ALREADY Paid--YES! Then go forward in Praise and Gratitude praying for More of Him and less of us. But trying to live with a YO-YO sense of Salvation--NO! Not for me--It Is Finished!

      Pick up an old hymnal sometime and peruse through the lyrics of timeless songs like Blessed Assurance, Victory in Jesus, I Will Sing The Wondrous Story, What A Friend We Have In Jesus, When I See The Blood, The Old Rugged Cross, etc. What you will find in those lyrics is a whole lot about Grace AND Eternal Security because HE carried that Cross, but you won't find much about our supplementing His Work with any of ours:-) Blessings and Maranatha!

    3. Sheila B., Blessings, and, quipping in a tad. A hearty amen to your post, surely. Currently, in our Bible studies, when we encounter Paul's teaching that OUR Faith is, actually, not OURS, AT ALL, but Christ's, ala Hebrews 12:2, cited, we forget something. (Which book? HEBREWS. If ever there was a group which needs to hear that EVEN THIER OWN FAITH IS NO 'WORK' AT *ALL* it would be 'Hebrews', amen.)

      We forget that, at one time, this 'idea' was very controversial in formal Bible studies. (Granted, in that era such studies were Nicolaitan, not the Laodicean style we enjoy, now, still.) My point is that those waters have not, imho, actually been well plumbed, or not to my limited scope of knowledge, anyways. In this case, let's logically set that model to it's conclusion.

      If my faith, from start (Ephesians 1:4, John 15:16 (Falcons)) to finish (Hebrews 12:2) , is actually Christ's Faith, encapsulating this Scriptural concept that EVERYTHING About My Salvation Is To Christ's Credit and NOTHING of it to mine, Ephesians 2:9, then what is the scope of this faith walk, both in time & in reach?

      Returning to Hebrews, "NOW, faith is the SUBSTANCE of things hoped for, the EVIDENCE of things NOT seen." (11:1, KJV, emph mine). So, this Faith is defined as the Substance of, & Evidence of, that which will no longer be 'concealed' after Harpazo's Transformation. Until then, ALL the realities of THAT day are TRUTH NOW (Ephesians 1:3), though concealed to the natural eyes and visible only through Faith in the Work of CHRIST"S FAITH, 1 Corinthians 2:14, amen. Thus, the Faith involved here is that SAME Faith which will Transformatively DEFINE EVERYTHING about WHO WE ARE. EVERYTHING in the Believer's Life is within the circle OF THAT FAITH, PERIOD. So, the ENTIRE life of the believer is included and can be accurately addressed here, for how long? Until we are "at the day of Jesus Christ." Philippians 1:6, amen.

      So, at the end of our understanding that even our Faith is not our own, we now find that our WORKS ALSO ARE CHRIST"S *ALONE*; prepared BY HIM, for us in advance (Ephesians 2:10, Falcons) for His Good Pleasure AND HIS GLORY, NOT OURS, AMEN.

      Will Christ's Works, Through Us And In Us, Fail Us Toward The Very Salvation Which He Purchased For Us?! ABBA Forbid such even be spoken. Amen & Maranatha!

    4. Jimboni...Amen! to all of that (except you're going to have to explain the "Falcons" thing so I can go "oh...duh" again:-D

      It occurred to me this morning that for someone to believe that a Truly Born Again individual can lose the GIFT of Eternal Salvation that is GIVEN them when The Father has drawn such a one to The Son by the Power of The Holy Spirit through the GIFT of Repentance, "making us alive together with Christ"--and to claim that it can be lost, taken or forfeited in any manner at all is literally and publicly CREDITING the enemy with the power to UNSEAT that which belongs to Jesus Christ, which would weaken and smear HIS VERY NAME before all of Heaven and Earth. (Eph.2:4,5,6,7) Does anyone in their right mind really think He would allow such a thing AFTER Paying the Immeasurable Price That He Paid on That Cross?! I can't even imagine such a thing, myself.

      No...if a Truly Saved individual is so overly tempted by the enemy's snares, so weak and overcome by sin that he can and will do nothing but bring shame to the Name of Christ, then as the PURCHASED POSSESSION that he is, he will simply be removed from the Battlefield and taken Home where his wounds will be dressed as well as Addressed.

      And then there is this to take into account...Knowing--as in His Omniscience He surely does--exactly what any individual is going to do from the very Foundation, He must have a purpose for allowing such a prodigal to run so far and I can only believe that purpose is to reveal the the Immeasurable Riches of His Grace in kindness toward us in Christ Jesus, proving His Ability to SAVE to the UTTERMOST before all of Heaven and Earth. (Heb.7:25,26) All Glory To The NAME Above Every Name! (Philippians 2:8,9,10)

      Be Blessed and Rejoice in who He has made us to be IN HIM :-))

    5. Oops...Brother...just saw your "Falcon" post. It took awhile to get my thoughts down on post above with sooo many distractions this morning. My brother's power went down yesterday on the travel trailer he lives in out in the yard and it was pretty cold last night, TV cables on fritz after the Satellite guy was just here yesterday, daughter's car blew a gasket or something this morning when she cranked it up after 700.00 in repairs last week, so trying to get that set up for a different repair. Anyways, I don't think the enemy is liking my recent focus, BUT Praise God, we've got an extra truck for her to use, my brother can stay in here (TEMPORARILY) and they can live w/o the TV for a few days whether they believe it, or not;-)

      I like what you said about the Falcon dream and it does make sense. Was doing a search trying to get an ID on that bird and haven't found one like him, yet. Just a strange event for that time of night (about 9pm) and that type of bird (about the size of a dove with a white body and delineated tri-colored wings w/ black, golden brown and white bands, a crown of mixed colors on his head, a longish thin black bill and large red eyes?)

      TY for sharing that:-) Blessings and Maranatha!

    6. Sheila B., Blessings. Wow, that sounds like a repeat of Pastor Tim's recent detail of the many kerfluffles tossed his way, reminding us, ofc, that we can do ALL things through Christ Which Strengtheneth us, amen, and Greater is He Who Is n Us than he who is in the world, yay!

      Amen and amen to your spring-boarding on; Praise Him For So Simply Showing Us These, amen. Couple adds: As covered by Cuck Missler's "6 Hours Into Eternity", For Christ, The Eternal, The Cross cannot precede the word 'was' anything. The Cross Is Not EndureED, Of Our Lord, No, In His Timelessness, He ENDURES The Cross, with Savior and Lord Left Over For Us, In Abundance, amen and amen.

      You point re the logical clarity Which The Omniscience and First Chooser Role Provide, wow. (Hey Vern, don't step on that there shovel, again.) In re His Choosing The Uttermost, I am missing the mark to cite verses (been a while), however, Scripture clearly tells that the chosen People were selected for, among other things, their especially stiff neck and hard heart, more than ALL, so that, in their REDEMPTION, BY CHRIST, The World Will Be Without Excuse To SEE CLEARLY The Depth, Riches and Width Of His GRACE, amen. Which is a sidebar amen to your point, actually; 1st to the Hebrew, then to the Gentile.

      Yes, a Falcon is SELECTED by, and TRAINED by, and attaches to the Falconer and his hunting (carnal) nature is co-opted by the Falconer for HIS GOOD PLEASURE. Sprinkle on a little Bethsaida Fisher/Hunter, Telling Us that we can 'play' with these, and EVERY verse which speaks of US as doing things FOR HIM, By His Will, et al, aligns with US being HIS FALCONS.

      John 15:16 & Ephesians 2:10 for starters, ibid., amen! Maranatha!

    7. Sorry, but, HS just nudged this on me and, being re Jayden, def. worth a PS. It just occurs that being The Lord's Falcon is really, really cool and would be very edifying for our youth to hear and all facing times like yours, right NOW.

      That this current trail of unpack arose from Jayden's dream, well now, that's saying something...


  32. Astronomers See Stars Slinging Comets at Earth for the First Time.

    Revelation 12:4

    Its tail swept a third of the stars out of the sky and FLUNG THEM TO THE EARTH. The dragon stood in front of the woman who was about to give birth, so that it might devour her child the moment he was born.

    1. And this:

      From A ‘Ring Of Fire’ Eclipse To A Bright Christmas ‘Star’ Here’s Why You Should Look Up In December

    2. I saw that article at Livescience, too, Miguel. Great catch. Thanks for your comment, brother - right on target. Praying for you and yours. Maranatha!

  33. Sharing...

    WHAT WILL THE WORLD LOOK LIKE when Jesus returns?

    - The generation who saw the Nation of Israel reborn will be 70-plus years old (Matt. 24:32-34; Ps. 90:10).

    - Israel, though powerful and confident, will be threatened by nations on all sides (Ez. 38, 39).

    - There will be an effort to achieve “peace and security” in the Middle East (1 Thess. 5:1-3).

    - Evil and godlessness will be on the increase (2 Tim. 3).

    - Christian and Jewish persecution will be on the rise (Matt. 24:9, 10).

    - There will be signs in the heavens, increasing natural disasters, wars, famines, disease outbreaks, and distress among nations (Matt. 24; Luke 21).

    - Despite the signs and adverse events, most people will remain unaffected and unaware, preoccupied with the ordinary affairs of life (Luke 17:26-30).

    - Even many who know the Lord is returning will be sleeping, unwatchful (Matt. 25).

    In short, when Jesus returns, the world will appear exactly as it does today.

    . . .

    1. Thanks so much for sharing, Jeova'. The world sure does look like what you described above. Only a few more pieces to the puzzle, methinks. Soon and very soon we are going to see the KING!!! Maranatha!

  34. Hey, Brad, I am so slow. I wanted to thank you so much for that article on Kanye that Hillary brought to your attention and that you posted way back when (above). The article had a lot of good biblical points. I fall into the category of self-righteous Christian often, afraid of being "duped" by the rich and famous, or anyone, really. Not the way God would have me live out my faith, being fearful and prideful, but in these times saying it isn't easy to not be that way is an understatement. I ask God daily for discernment, but at times I get so confused I have to take a "watching break." I also ask God for more love, more of His love, in my heart. Oh, wretched woman that I am! Can't wait to go Home and shed this earthly tent and slip into something glorified. When I look back at what I was like when I first came to the Lord… well, I'll just say I am praying for Kanye and all the other "Kanye's" out there, whether they are duping me or not. Any day now our chance to pray for others may be taken away as Jesus welcomes us into our new Home. Our Lord, come! Many blessings, brother, and I hope that family of yours is doing well.

  35. Good morning family! First off, I'd like to say how much I appreciate you, Sheila, and others for bringing encouragement and truth here so consistently. I don't post often but am on here daily taking it all in. This online family is a blessing to me.

    So I thought I would share a short, odd dream I had last night. Really not sure at this point if it's of any value or if it's simply the product of late night snacking, but for what it's worth, here it is:

    I was standing outside of a large building under its portico. Some men from a corporation came and with huge equipment and cranes, began to place an even larger portico made of cement over the current one. As soon as they did, more men from another corporation came and placed their cement portico over the second one. Then a third group came, and again, placed an even larger portico over the three. These were MASSIVE cement structures with massive square posts that nested one on top of the other.
    I did not trust standing under these structures and preceded to walk out from underneath them to the parking lot and stand away from potential danger. It was quite a sight to see these giant cement porticoes, but sure enough, within minutes of me walking and standing in the parking lot, all of them collapsed into dust. The dream ended shortly after.

    So, again, thought I would share it with you all as I felt a prompt from the Lord to do so. Hoping upon hope that we go Home sooner than we think! Blessings all! Maranatha!

    1. Mom, blessings. Skimming the surface:


      G492: antiparerchomai: to pass by opposite to (2): Luke 10:31-32

      H492: almoni: someone, a certain (one) (3): 1st: Ruth 4:1

    2. Oops. 'Portico' Gem Value E492

    3. I remembered Nebuchadnezzar's dream when the statue was struck by a STONE - cut without hands and reduced to dust (after the time of the fourth kingdom - the feet of iron and clay are shown).

      "And in the days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed: and the kingdom shall not be left to other people, but it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall stand for ever.

      Forasmuch as thou sawest that the stone was cut out of the mountain without hands, and that it brake in pieces the iron, the brass, the clay, the silver, and the gold; the great God hath made known to the king what shall come to pass hereafter: and the dream is certain, and the interpretation thereof sure."

      (Daniel 2:44-45 - KJV)


    4. Hey Mom...Thanks and TY for sharing this dream which I've no doubt is NOT snack-inspired. I'll pray on it for you to receive some clarity, but 2 different things struck me right off with the 1st having to do with false doctrine and how it tends to build upon itself always enlarging to engulf more and more itching ears like this Religious Unity Doctrine we are now seeing Pope Francis pushing on a global scale. And we know the dusty end of that business. Then 2nd, I thought about the Temple Mount re-building effort, but this only being the 3rd as yet, so IDK on that. Also John 10:23 crossed my mind re when Jesus walked in Solomon's porch (or portico) on the feast of Dedication (or Hanukkah--which the first day on Civil Cal happens to be on December 23--which can also be seen as 10.23 due to the root word December (Decem) meaning (10).So just some thoughts for you and again--def NOT snack inspired:-)
      Blessings, Sister and Looking Up!

  36. This brings up a question of faith that I have wrestled with for many years. Perhaps someone here can shine some light on it for me.
    How is Lucifer the father of lies is able to stand before the throne of God accusing man day and night?
    Revelation 12:10
    Then I heard a loud voice in heaven, saying, “Now the salvation, and the power, and the kingdom of our God and the authority of His Christ have come, for the accuser of our brethren has been thrown down, he who accuses them before our God day and night.”

    1. Hi Gary...that's a good question and one I'm sure we've all wrestled with at one time or another. gives a fairly good short answer in re to the leash that God maintains on the enemy in this article titled "Does Satan still have access to Heaven?" Hope it helps some:-) Blessings, Brother!

    2. A blessing to read all of your posts I have been busy with work visiting family, ect...Every day I look up and say Lord you're coming soon and here we are Watching and waiting. I think you Brad Posting about kanye I continue to pray for him and his followers as well as mentioned by Sheila the Lord knows and beginning in the end. And I thank you mom for posting your dream I had an unusual drain the other day as well ,wonder ,and keep bringing it back to the Lord. Creation is rising Gr
      goaning, the nation s fight ..rage, earthquakes proliferate and the multiple storms , fires through out and out here in California remind me of God prophetic
      word... Stay strong in the word and watch the Lord move on behalf of the lost family members and friends ...God is not willing that any Perish but all have everlasting life

    3. Gary Ramey, Blessings. Wonderful Q, esp in light of things afluff atm. My response is entirely my own, although I would venture a Scripture jaunt could find C&V to uphold.

      Because the Enemy of our souls does not Lie to ABBA. The point, here, is that his continuous litany against the Saints is truth, every single bit of it. Not Truth, mind you, but truth. Every date cited, word spoken, foul intent of the heart, blow in unbridled anger, thought of honest lust, ALL of it is ample script to read from, no? And read he does, in great pomp and circumstance, making quite the show of the abhorrent, motley, sicko and UNGODLY lot which The Father Has Assembled and making sure the Entire Court Of Heaven Hears Of It.

      ABBA Roars In Laughter And Appreciates the Adversary Extoling The Riches Of His GRACE, amen.

    4. Wow...what a Great Day! (In spite of the enemy lobbing one smoke bomb after another all day long it seemed and yeah, I can just imagine him running back and forth tattling on my less than perfect response at times) BUT I'm just filled with Joy Unspeakable after spending this time today rolling in Those Riches of His GRACE!

      I have found His Grace is all complete, He supplieth every need;
      While I sit and learn at Jesus' feet, I am free, yes, free indeed.......
      It is joy unspeakable and full of glory, Full of glory, full of glory;
      It is joy unspeakable and full of glory, Oh, the half has never yet been told.

      Went over your "Falconry" posts with Jayden and he really liked the analogy you presented of our being The Lord's Falcons. He agrees on that being pretty some cool "Jimbone" imagery
      and these days, he is all about being "cool":-D

      Blessings, Brother, and Maranatha!

    5. He just corrected me...that's "Jambone" :-DD

    6. Came across this site by TOL End Times and he compares Simeon and Anna in Luke 2 waiting and watching for the first Advent with our present day in our waiting and watching for the rapture. For those who are tired ... this is an encouraging video.
      Are You Tired of Waiting

    7. Hey Cathi...I watched that one by Bro. Chooch the other day and it was really good. I was so amazed by Anna's life story with the way he broke it down and filled out her personage like he did. Can't imagine waiting so patiently for 80 years and what a prayer warrior she must have been! Blessings, Sis, as we keep on swimming...swimming:-) <*)))>< <*)))>< <*)))><

  37. Thanks everyone, particularly Sheila B. The website you provided was very useful (I'm sure I will visit it often)!

  38. @ Sheila B. and family,

    RE: messages on Repentance... It is too close to the 'end' of the Age of Grace not to provide anyone who is backsliding or those who need to 'quickly' get their (spiritual) house in order (those who are not without spot or blemish at the current) an earnest budge to seek His throne of Grace and Mercy (via repentance) before the 'Door is Shut.'

    Shall We Continue In Sin / The Fear of God (David Wilkerson)

    Yes, there is eternal security for the (true) beliver (by Faith alone) who absolutely believes in the complete and finished work on the Cross by our Savior the Messiah Yeshua.

    Eternal Security for the Believer (Charles Lawson)

    As we know, the Age of Grace is moments away from being completed. For anyone who needs to return to the Father's throne of Grace and Mercy, DO IT NOW. There will be many Left Behind who played too much in this world and did not focus too much on the only true Lover and Savior of our soul.

    ***Be Ye Ready is No Joking Matter*** (David Wilkerson)

    Thank you and all of you for encouraging and 'proving' it is by Faith alone we obtain salvation, not by 'works.'

    Don't be a grape, wash yourselves (daily/hourly) in the Blood of Christ Jesus (Yashua) so when the angels do come to snatch us away, they find us spotless without blemish and can present us before the HOLY throne etc...

    Be found with no bitterness, resentment, unforgiveness, etc...

    1. We are cleansed by the blood of Jesus and when the rapture happens we will have been changed into our incorruptible bodies in the twinkling of an eye! We cannot make ourselves spotless to be presented before the throne - no way and no how! It is Christ and His shed blood that God sees when He looks at us. Our puny efforts or any magnificent deeds we could do to be righteous before God are as filthy menstral rags to him, and we cannot remove that stain of sin in ourselves no matter how good and righteous we act or think we are. This is his grace and his mercy that he died for us while yet sinners. Jesus is the narrow way. His salvation is not a burden or a chore. It isn't crossing off an item on our list to do good ... We believe in Christ alone to cleanse us, because we can never make ourselves perfectly acceptable to God. He will complete the work he began in us. This is the gospel of grace .. not returning to our own, self-righteous behavior to make ourselves appear worthy before God.

      Anyone who has not admitted your a sinner in need of salvation and that Christ is the only perfect and sinless sacrifice that God can accept - please believe in the work that Christ did for us on that Cross and receive his free gift of eternal life.
      We rejoice and believe in the work Jesus did for us. We rejoice in him. He loves us.

    2. Amen Cathi, I couldn't have said it better myself.
      It is God who makes us spotless and without blemish, it is not our works that can EVER achieve that.

      I am sorry to say Charlie, but those ministers above that you pitch as being Great Men of God, I would tend to disagree. David Wilkerson, a self proclaimed prophet, who taught a solely works based message of salvation, "repent of your sins" to be saved, and "examine yourself", the who focus was on looking inwards at your self, instead of resting in Jesus's finished work on the cross.

      You speak Grace, Grace from one side of your mouth, but you seem to deny God's amazing Grace, when you promote all those "repent of your sin's" channels.

      To any baby Christian's coming to this great site, from the sidelines,
      Please feel free to check out a few short videos I uploaded recently to my Channel, which give several scriptures to prove:

      "Eternal Security" or OSAS or "that we cannot lose our salvation" (2 Minutes)

      "Entry into Heaven is by Faith alone and not of Works" (2 Minutes)

      "There is only one way into Heaven, and that's through Jesus" (2 Minutes)

    3. Amen, Cathi:-)

      Charlie...your message is a bit confusing. Is it His Blood shed in the FINISHED Work of the Cross that keeps you SPOTLESS WITHOUT BLEMISH--or is it you finishing up that work for Him by somehow constantly scrubbing yourself into "perfect" cleanliness? And how do you even do that? A record of "perfect" Repentance maybe....that's gotta be scary...I mean in case you miss some spots somewhere rendering your garment of holiness not so clean...

      This is why I no longer follow preachers like David Wilkerson. While I give the man credit for the good work he did to help drug addicts, gangs members etc, he preached a passionate, but conflicted message of Salvation by Grace Alone that does not allow for boasting and yet requires an impossible standard of holiness in the flesh to maintain, which is not rightly dividing the Scriptures. It's either by Grace through Faith in His Shed Blood ALONE or by the PERFECT keeping of the Law that we will be judged. It cannot be both.

      I was Saved before I ever started attending a church when Jesus Christ revealed Himself to me in a miraculous moment of literally coming to the end of being able to help myself. His Grace enveloped me in such a way that I KNEW it was a Forever thing. I spent months studying the Scriptures--just me and The Holy Spirit and I understood His Finished Work on the Cross and what it meant for me, a sinner saved by that Grace through Faith in Him Alone. The relief, the hope, the joy and the gratitude that came with that was indescribable.

      Then I started going to church and getting into all the recommended study materials (from David Wilkerson and many others) but what I learned after a few years of being beat over the head with this type of doctrine was that trying to fight the sinful flesh with the sinful flesh is nothing but a losing proposition that only leads to frustration, self-condemnation and a tendency to "carefully hide" my persistent sin nature from those who were obviously way more righteous than me (which was a rather ridiculous sin in itself).

      But it was preached repeatedly that if I repented enough and prayed enough that Jesus was sure to "help" me defeat that sin nature (and it wouldn't hurt if I enlisted a fellow Christian to "hold me accountable"). So all that led to was me questioning where Jesus was and avoiding that person like the plague as my sin nature wasn't getting "perfected" anyway--just hidden a little better. I'll share here that my main issues were a hot temper, a passion for revenge and the propensity to harbor bitterness against perceived injustices-- A LOT of bitterness--the very things you mention "washing oneself clean from" above.

      I finally came to the end of myself--again. That's when the Light came was time to go back to the Foot of the Cross and start over. And that is why today I STAND Washed and Cleansed in the Blood of the Lamb...hourly...daily...KNOWING there is therefore now no condemnation for me as I walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit. (Rom.8:1 KJV)
      It was then I realized I had been warring in the flesh against a sin-nature that was and is already perfectly defeated forever--by Christ Jesus Who Lives is in me as I live in Him. This old flesh still rears it's ugly head at every opportunity, but it's already dead--nailed to that Cross and just doesn't always have enough sense to realize it--yet:-)

      Blessings All and Looking Up!

    4. Beautiful testimony Shiela. Thanks for sharing that. And thanks for standing up for God's Grace.

      On another note, many of our sisters in Christ:

      YTC: Loved By The King - Colleen
      YTC: Andrew Rich - Sherry
      YTC: Perfected Forever In Christ Alone - Susan
      YTC: LilyGirl I am a Child of God

      Are all hanging up their gloves, and ending their YouTube ministries this week, and have sent around their good byes, fulfilling a dream Colleen had about a lot of phones on the floor..

      Interesting times, are they getting the prompting to do this from the Holy Spirit, as the net is full, and our time here on earth telling people about God's wonderful Grace is up.

      I pray it is so, Hopefully we are out of here soon.

      And dont worry all, in order to be included in the Rapture, we must be washed white, and be a spotless bride, without spot or blemish, but Sheila is right, there is only one way to be washed white, and that is simply to accept Jesus's Free gift of salvation , and to accept Jesus FREE gift of Salvation, We SIMPLY believe, and trust that his blood paid for ALL of your sin. ALL, means ALL, (ALL, PAST, ALL YOUR PRESENT, and ALL YOUR FUTURE SINS).

  39. Father God is not messing around in these last moments of Grace...

    I AM a consuming fire
    From Jacky Julyan (12/3)

    See Hebrews 12:29... see also all of Hebrews 12


    Yes, I am in the throes of packing and actually moving now but was compelled to quickly put this article together!

    In a nutshell, here are a series of prophetic warnings recently posted related to the completion of the Trump Peace Plan and the coming judgment on New York City perhaps this Christmas Season. Also Hope of The Call of the Bride blog posted a video of a dream she had possibly warning of some type of disaster coming to America this December 12. [Excerpt taken from:

    1. Indeed Lyn, we are on the brink of W W 3.... oh so close (cling the Savior).

      USS Abe Lincoln, the Strait of Hormuz and some WW3 news GET READY!
      From Jeff B.

    2. THE WINDS OF CHANGE - Part 1 -

      Events are about to unfold and this will change the course of history. Your enemies are about to strike very soon.

      I have said time is short and for all to prepare. Have you done so? Have you cleaned out the filth in your lives for no tainted, filthy garments will enter into My House. Have you removed your idols for those in idolatry, too, will not enter in.

      The downward spiral of America will come fast and furious and without mercy. The sanctions placed against these nations have instilled such a hatred for America that your enemies seek to decimate America. Trump answers to many powers behind him. He merely reads their script and even he is not privy to it all. These powers are behind the scenes and are run and controlled by the fallen ones. They have controlled men and women in power positions in government for centuries. Obama rides the Islam train for he is antichrist, soon to be Son of Perdition. Obama has NO love for America and he came into his presidency by means of fraud and deception. There is NO truth in him!

      Children, everything in your history books has been twisted and distorted. These powers that be have run your nation from the start. They do not follow Me. They follow false gods. They have been given kingdoms and wealth by satan, their father. Satan’s goal has always been to seek, kill and destroy and he has caused the nation of America to become a cesspool of dung—of perversions so vile, heinous crimes against humanity, taking My babies and children as his “sacrifices”. His fruit is rotten to the core as are all those who follow after him. They will all be destroyed in My timing.

      As you know not which way the wind might shift, the Winds of Change are upon you. It will spin your heads around; like a spider that spins his web to capture and kill its prey is an analogy of the web of deceit, lies and deception that has veiled My people from knowing full truth. It is the web that has been weaved for generations to take full control over every mind, every facet of life. This has been a progression that is now coming to fruition. You children have been duped and programmed to believe in all the lies. You have disregarded truth, disregarded the righteous ways of living, disregarded My commandments to live Holy as I am Holy so now you will be taken in by the Son of Perdition who will mesmerize you even further.

      My children, if this nation was run by Godly men and women would they be “profiting” from human trafficking, from the drug cartels, from prostitution, from pedophile rings, from the sale of My beautiful innocent babies limbs and organs through abortion, from Big Pharma and the like? Millions have been murdered due to the greed and love of mammon and power. Did not satan offer Me kingdoms if I would bow down and worship him?

      You see children, you are about to enter into reality as fantasy comes to a close. The Winds of Change are upon you—your future, if you even live through the first major event, will NOT be a bright one. Not only will Christians be taken, tortured and killed but all who refuse to bow and live by the demands of satan and his New World Order will also suffer the same fate.

      Captivity, persecution, famine, pestilence will be your mainstay. Misery, tears and death will be the future of America. Your enemy lies within and your enemies surround you on all sides as nations rise against you. It is time to reap what one has sown!!

    3. THE WINDS OF CHANGE - Part 2-

      I was to be your First Love but I am NOT loved by very many. I AM the Great I AM and I gave My all to you yet you sow your fields in lies, corruption, debauchery, lasciviousness, idolatry, paganism and every abomination I abhor. You live in fornication and adultery and call it a good day! What you whore after is what will bring you to everlasting damnation. You choose the path of less resistance because it feeds your appetite of all you lust after. It will also be how you perish. Your sins are beknownst to Me and I have seen little to no repentance.

      The contrite heart I will save.

      As darkness looms over this nation and over the world, may it bring you to your knees to repent before Me.

      I offer forgiveness if you truly confess your sins to Me and return accepting Me as Lord & Savior. I gave My life for you and whom has been a living sacrifice to Me—willing to walk in full surrender without compromise of My truth?

      The veil was torn in two for you yet you have torn My heart in two. You have wearied Me to no end. I am done “playing footsies” with you as you walk with one foot in the world and one foot with Me. I will spew you out of My mouth like vomit! As I hated the Nicolaitans, the Sadducees and Pharisees you have all become much like them. You children were to be of the “Church of Philadelphia” and NOT of the “Church of Laodicea” but you desired to follow the easy road, justifying your ways of living, deceiving yourselves. Come out of your lukewarm state—your number of days is written in the story of your life and for so so many your days are about to end!

      Now is the time ye hypocrites and vipers!!! Procrastination will not bode well for you. I have sent thousands of messages throughout the years wooing you to repent and return and to remove yourselves from the world. I AM has called to your hearts only to be rejected.

      Now it is just about time to see Me act. You will see how I move and My judgments. Will you then awaken you slumberers or will you perish? There are NO second chances once you die.

      I will protect those that are TRULY Mine but you must stay closer than ever to Me now in prayer, fasting, in repentance.

      I will have mercy on those who TRULY were never taught of Me for I am an understanding God. I will NOT show mercy on those that once knew Me but have turned to witchcraft for your ways lead only to destruction of your souls.

      All need to renounce their defiance, rebellion, witchcraft, sorceries, pagan gods, idols. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!

      I am not a God that I should lie and all My words of warning were meant to help you; to bring you back into My arms. Most have not heeded My warnings and for this their suffering will be even more unbearable.

      The Winds of Change blow upon you. All will never be the same again.


      My harvesters will bring in the last great harvest soon to come. My Army shall NEVER be defeated! No gates of hell will prevail against it!!! It is My Will that will be done in heaven as it is on earth.

      I AM an “All Consuming Fire” My children. Do not forget this! Do NOT be in enmity with Me!

      REPENT, REPENT, REPENT for My Kingdom is at hand and all will confess and all will bow the knee before Me.


      El Shaddai, El Elyon

    4. Thanks Lyn, Some nice little short video's to catch up on all the current indicators, that we are that much closer to meeting our SAVIOR in the air. Praise the LORD, we are almost there.

    5. PREPARE!!! PREPARE!!! For all you have known will be NO MORE!!!

      WORD FROM THE LORD given to Victoria Ang

      My children do you not see the shift in the winds?And the changes that come with that shift?This is JUST a MERE GLANCE of what’s to come!

      You have let your hearts grow cold towards me. So ,for many I will let you feel the BITTERNESS of that cold.The hunger you will feel when your food supplies are lacking. So it will be on earth as you have done towards heaven.

      I am your creator. I have given you life.But you have disrespected that very life I so tenderly wove in you!!

      Lessons must be learned. Sometimes the hard way.Though that was never my plan ,nor way I wanted for you. I have given my heart to share with you. But you have mocked,ridiculed, laughed and torn at it like it has no value what so ever!!!

      You have grown greedy, prideful and arrogant wanting more, more, more but not appreciating, nor respecting what you have already been given!

      I AM A JUST GOD!!! I AM A LOVING GOD!!! BUT… I ALSO am a God that has to show his children there are consequences to their actions. And that they cannot continue to THINK they know better than their creator!

      I have shown GREAT MERCY AND GRACE!

      I have extended time so that hearts could change. And decisions to turn away from sin and the ways of this world would be made.

      But that time has come to an end! And many will reap as they have sown!

      It was never my desire to harm but give you hope and a future!But I also gave you FREE WILL to make your own choices!!!

      PREPARE!!! PREPARE!!! For all you have known will be NO MORE!!!

      Yeshua Hamasiach

    6. Jordan--thanks, bro!
      Charlie--I'm not sure Ms Sophie and Jeff Byerly are on the same wavelength with me. I believe the Overcoming Man Child will see some judgments come to America, but NOT be here for the actual implementation of the NWO.

      My point is that it will get scary out there and our faith will be tested but it just means WE ARE ON THE CUSP OF GOING HOME! Many Christians will feel lost--abandoned--and question their faith, but that's when we will KNOW He IS COMING FOR HIS BRIDE NEXT!

      "As in all births, transition is the most acute phase so it is challenging to relax during the constant barrage of intense contractions.

      She continued her story while cradling her three-days-old newborn. “I was able to recognize, because of all my previous births, that I was in transition so I knew it wouldn’t be long at all. That gave me such hope. This part’s pretty hard but it’s almost over!”

      Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ--be of good cheer! Have hope! “This part’s pretty hard but it’s almost over!”"

    7. Lyn Melvin, Blessings. Thank you for your fine article/compendium. Being in the whirlwind, yet still Enabled to serve us so elegantly, your needed brevity, in re your life details atm, was crisp and direct and fit the moments well.

      So, to highlight, as Revealed in Mark 6:45-48, looking at this as a TYPE of our current steps, Our Lord Is In Prayer For Several Hours in an interlude from the boat's departure until v 47 picks up. During This Time With The Father, while the Content Of His Prayer Is Veiled, Our Lord Knows What Transpires In The Boat And That Everything's OK. Still, the view in the boat is, as stated, a bit wet as He Arrives! It is a picture which I find overlays very elegantly with what you and others in BoC are Speaking Of, amen. Maranatha!

    8. Lyn,

      I had a nice n thorough reply for you last night BUT my new addition (Jonah) walked over my keyboard and wiped it all out. I think this has happened to Sheila B. and Archangel a time or two before.

      I may opine later today with my leanings.

  41. English Speaking, South-African Girl hears, in Aramaic, a language she does not know, Jesus Speaking, Saying, Listen To Me, Very Carefully. Get Ready, Now.. 3:23 @BLUEHEAVEN The Aramaic Community in Los Angeles, and since, Globally, is greatly astir over this, as mentioned.

  42. Hey 'CiD, my head is still in a pretzel from that last vid. Ouch. On that note, Geminids Meteor Shower to Light up The Skies with up to 88 Per Hour . @DAHBOO77 2:35 (Jimmy Stuart Voiceover:) Really, that many. Fascinating.

  43. Replies
    1. Hot off press. May need help


    2. TY Charlie for the heads up on Sister Sherry!!! That's an article I'd not want to miss out on.
      True to her always inspirational style, it's encouraging, uplifting, informational and so very timely:-)

      Sherry, if you see this I just want to say TY for sharing with us such a clear reminder of the Wonderful Attributes of our Heavenly Father. Praying you are well and still looking forward to sitting under that Tree musing on His Attributes together in the immediate future:- ) Blessings, Sister, and Looking Up!

  44. A little wink to share. Yesterday the name Dorian came up twice within a few minutes. Two different people named Dorian and that is an extremely uncommon name. So of course I looked it up. It means gift. That raised hairs on my neck since the word gift had also come up a couple times just prior. Ok so I had a bright flashing light to that word.

    So then to strongs: all these words in the hebrew and greek:

    1390, 1431, 1435, 5486, 4991, 4976, 5414.

    It has lead to an interesting study of the use of that word. As I do not have the time, I will let you all searchable and report your findings.

    I will try to circle back later and add my two cents worth.

    Maranatha brothers and sisters. Our God is strong and fully trustworthy and His love is everlasting and pure. May your heart overflow with joy and peace as you wait on Him and rest in Him.

    1. Miguel...this is v-e-e-ry interesting, Brother, at this particular moment in time. "Dorian" is derived from "Doris" and aside from it's meaning "a gift", as "Dorian" it can also mean "Tempestuous Weather" from the Gaelic and "From The Sea" in the Greek origin. What makes it so interesting right now is that there is ANOTHER controversy that has arisen between the Grace channels and the Lordship Salvation channels re the correct interpretation of a short dream involving a woman named "Doris".

      In this dream a woman named "Doris" has been notified that her husband has been injured and is calling for her to come to his side. She has no desire to go and is refusing him.

      This is a dream from @Rhonda Empson and she has entrusted it to and stands by an interpretation by a woman who imo (and others like @Barry Scarbrough and @Kay Tdid etc.) has proven herself to be a false and heretical minister of light. Anyhoo, this "interpreter of dreams" states that this woman "Doris" in the dream represents all of the "Grace" teachers who refuse to serve the "injured husband"--who represents the "Crucified Christ"--through proper repentance and obedience and it's because they don't really love Him. Then she goes on to say Jesus Christ does NOT impute His righteousness to a Born Again believer, but rather that it has to be earned "over time" with one's good works and service--(which flies in the face of Rom.4:20-25 KJV, and esp Rom.4:24 KJV.) Therefore in her interpretation of this dream, she confirms for Rhonda and her LS followers that Eternal Security for the true Believer is a lie and those who teach it are just liars who don't love God.

      This dream is actually a warning for Rhonda (and others who follow this heretical doctrine) to wake up and smell the coffee. SHE is "Doris" who has been offered a "Free Gift" and SHE
      is refusing the "Gift" being offered to her by the RISEN CHRIST, rejecting His Call for her to come to Him, deciding instead to ignore the "Injuries" that HE suffered on that Cross in Full Propitiation for HER, preferring instead to stand pat in her own sense of self-righteous obedience, continuously driving nails with every sin she claims has not yet been forgiven until SHE performs an act of "obedience". (Rom.3:10, Rom.5:17,18,19)

      This is my read on it re where your "Dorian" wink might come in from the Gaelic and Greek origins. We are in a serious and what I believe is one last final contention INSIDE of the professing BoC for the True Gospel of Jesus Christ as it is succinctly and plainly put forth to us in 1Cor.15:1,2,3,4 as well as Eph.2:8,9,10 and ofc John 3:16.

      I believe that your given "wink" of "Dorian" is expounding on His warning that the refusal of the "GIFT" of Salvation being FREELY offered by the ONLY ONE Who COULD and DID Fully Purchase it in lieu of clinging to one's imagined position of co-Redeemer will lead one into the "Tempestuous Weather" of Daniel's 70th week AND a face to face confrontation with that which will be coming up "From the Sea", i.e. the beast and his mark. And that's my nickel, Miguel, but that's what hit me right away and looking forward to your take on it. Blessings and TY for sharing that:-) Maranatha!

    2. Wow, how relevant is Jer. 29:8-9 right now?

      I'll also chime in with a reference to Hurricane Dorian this past August—another one for the records.

    3. Oh yeah, Jeff...Blessings and TY for that reminder--"Tempestuous Weather" if ever there was that came "From the Sea" and lasted 17 days from formation to dissipation with 70 recorded fatalities, hundreds missing and making 5 different landfalls leaving behind an est. $7 Billion in damages. Also confirmation in re to Miguel's hearing the name "Dorian" twice in the space of only a few minutes from 2 different people as bearing a witness. (1-Gaelic/2-Greek) Hmmm...

    4. Sheila and Jeff good connects. I was not aware of a lot of that Sheila, so yes I think the Lord is revealing this to us.

      I have been in prayer lately seeking His face and His words. The above is an answer. I should add that I was with my twin brother named Daniel when this occurred. He saw the "coincidence "and pointed it out to me. We both agreed that there seemed a clear double witness in that.

      After discovering that it all pointed to the word gift I spent some time praying and trying to understand.

      To be continued.

    5. In Greek there are basically two words with variations and both of these mean gift that is unmerited. Dorian comes from one of the words and charisma comes from another.

      I think you are correct Sheila in your exposition.

      I am very curious about the day counts to and from hurricane dorian, as that seems a double witness event.

      Sheila, can you clarify what you are suggesting about Rhonda, , Barry and Katy did? It was not clear who was on team grace and who was on team works?

      I am on team grace btw. I am an absolute wretch in need of Jesus perfect complete work on the cross. My performance post salvation has been terrible at times and try as I might I could never rely at all on my works in any way. I'm just too prone to lust and anger and selfishness. I try to live in an exemplary way, but wind up thanking Him every day for his forgiveness and shed blood. Straight up!


    6. Sure Miguel...sorry I wasn't clear on that part. Rhonda has only recently made it very clear that she is NOT on team grace. This woman who interprets the dream is Not on team grace. She trolls Grace channels like Barry's and Kay Tdid's and others to gather the dreams they have shared OVER THE YEARS and then gives a false interpretation of them on her own channel to disparage them and their Faith in the Gospel of Grace. I believe her channel name is @Gatherer of Wheat and I get the strong sense that she is not just another a misguided sheep, but a wolf in the business of luring in those who are. Her voice makes me think of Little Red Riding Hood and that big bad wolf wearing Granny's clothes speaking in Granny's voice. @Barry Scarbrough did a video on her and some of her cohorts last week titled "Demons Caught Attacking in Comments!"

  45. CONFIRMATION ON (near future) SINKING OF THE A. L.

    See the red (blood) altar at 0:37 of the twitter feed...

    Note: What waste (on pagan decorations) of resources and what distaste God the Father must have for the 'pride/patriotism' on display...

  46. Wanted to chime in with an odd find as I know others here are also watching Dec. 12th. From 9/11/2001 to 12/12/2019 is 6666 days, and I thought this was interesting to say the least. I know multiple people have had dreams of the Rapture on a full moon time, and I also recall reading a fivedoves article where the author claims the Lord revealed to him years ago that it would be on a Thursday. Just adding my two cents that have been rattling around the back of my head as we wait for our Blessed Hope!

    1. Thanks Grant. Keeping an eye on that for sure.

  47. Why Hanukkah?

    Interesting listen....we cannot deny the past events and the possible pointers to Hanukkah.

    From Rapture Puzzle (August 2019)


    1. Here is a repost from an earlier thread how RP ties in IPG2 with Hanukkah 2019

      Renee does a nice job of connecting her inner Dan Matson/Darren Jack/ DailyCrow with her knowledge of Hanukkah with Scripture (note: presented here and the before mentioned vid is not the most 'popularized' view of eschtacology nor how the godfathers view/think of the the 'old school chronolgy' of events).

      IPG 2 + Sun Worship + Hanukkah Convergence (Part 1)

      IPG 2 + Sun Worship + Hanukkah Convergence (Part 2)


      12-12 is looming on the horizon so we've got a marker ahead of us before Hanukkah. So much can happen (and IS HAPPENING) between today and then.


      Lastly, for most tis the season of celebrating the god of this world yet again via winter solstice and via the sun god (nimrod) all thanks to the rcc. Perhaps nimrod falls from the sky and enters this Earthly realm in the form of a man (aka ac).

  48. Oh! Such good stuff in the Comments up above--if only I had the time to read it all! December is looking more and more intense though. Just updated my latest blog post with this:

    December 6 Update--EVEN MORE DECEMBER URGENCY!

    Brother John of Watchman For That Great Day YTC has done a wonderful compilation of video clips pointing to great calamities due to occur very likely this month. It is only the mighty hand of God that holds them back! Our co-watchman John explains how the Earth is experiencing actual CONTRACTIONS and how THE BIRTH OF THE MAN CHILD IS TRULY AT HAND!

    Consider THIS!
    Watchman For That Great Day 12/2/19 49:17 min (but link starts video at about 10-minute mark)

    Also Tim Henderson received an open vision of a calendar highlighting December 26:

    December 26, 2019 is Significant! Solar Eclipse....
    Tim Henderson 12/5/19 7:33 minutes

    [Please go to my site to find the links:]

    1. Jimboni--thank you for your kind encouragement and
      Charlie in DC, dear brother, hope my terse reply above was not hurtful--I just am wary of prophecies that seem to indicate the Bride/Man Child will be here as a punishment--WE ARE NOT SUBJECT TO THE RETRIBUTION OF GOD, but if we find ourselves in a city/region where the hand of God's grace has lifted, we will be subject to their consequence.

      As I have shared in my "New York, Chicago, L.A." blog post, my understanding is that if YHWH judges--makes a decision that He must lift His hand of grace from a city/region--it is NOT punishment for His people--it is a CONSEQUENCE FOR THE SIN OF THAT CITY/REGION that forces God's hand to be removed thus leaving it vulnerable to natural and manmade catastrophes!

    2. Hey Lyn...I have to agree with you on those type of rather angry sounding "channeled" prophetic utterances. I don't know who those people are intending such "terror inducing" rants for, but it weren't for me, Sister, and it weren't for you either. They always come off sounding more than anything like they are railing at the BoC who stands SECURE in His Grace through Faith Alone--and while God's Wrath is truly coming, it ain't coming for those who belong to Him. It is clearly NOT appointed to us, so I personally just blow that type of messaging off as coming from somewhere foreign to me and what I know to be true. 1Thess.1:9,10, 1Thess.5:9,10 Rom.5:8,9,10 and Rom.8:9,10

      I also agree that we could possibly see even more "affliction" than usual as a side effect of the already visible sorrows falling on this unbelieving world, but there's a big difference between suffering even some severe affliction and being on the receiving end of God's Wrath. Affliction tends to strengthen the BoC in our witness of His Great Mercy and the Immeasurable Riches of His Grace--while His Wrath is a destroyer of those who have flatly rejected it. If that kind of stuff did apply to us, I doubt we'd seriously all be crying "Even so, Lord, come quickly!" No...if we were depending on our own righteousness, by necessity we'd really be thinking (whether openly or secretly) "more time, Lord...we need LOTS more time to get clean enough" and that's a mantra I commonly see in the comment sections of most Grace channels that usually goes something like this...
      "How dare you be so selfish as to want to be Raptured out of here right now...we have too much WORK to do...just shut up and get busy serving the way we do because He is NOT coming anytime soon!" And this in spite of all the Clearly Recorded Evidence of these literally being the final days.

      In other words, they just want to go out the normal way--in a pine box with some preacher standing over them promising that due to all of their good works in life outweighing the bad, the dearly departed is surely Heaven bound. Hmmm.....

      And that's my rant;-) Blessings, Maranatha and off to check out your latest article!

    3. Hi Lyn,

      I believe we are all digging for information and formulating the 'possible' within our own brains (all different and all have various wavelengths with varied highs and lows).

      I am 'pleased' for all the warnings, at least we receive them (and/or hear them and/or heed them). For those not digging, not watching, and blinded (and deafened to the warnings) by this world, thiis will all be a sudden shock!

      I'll take/heed some warning over rejecting a warning. Hoping for the best case scenario obviously.

      To your point of emphasis, how much the wise Bride will see/experience for how long is yet to be determined. Too much warning and foreknowledge has been given re: uss A L (fortress of Ephriam), which comes before the the events in the cities above. Could the circus in dc result in (man made) civil unrest in these cities before the 'supernatural' judgements engulf this Earth?

      I believe there to be multiple departures in this order: 1) children and the innocent; 2) the wise Bride (of Philadelphia); 3) the unwise/ sleeping/ foolish Bride (of Laodicea) and then 4) the end time harvest.

      I believe the departure(s) will be signaled by something in the skies above which every eye will see, something so spectacular, something so "out-of-this-world" or so "unnatural" people will unmistakenly know something is up and about to happen, there will be no secret to when Father God is about to act and when the "hidden in plain sight" crew is fully revealed in the "open."

      This will not all happen in a "nanosecond" but something everyone will witness and some will have a 'good' experience and others will have a 'bad' experience post signal.

      After this heavenly signal occurs::
      1 goes pretty much immediately afterwards;
      2 goes soon thereafter;
      3 goes some time period (perhaps 40 days) after; and
      4 goes when (1,2,3) come back down with the King of Kings, the LORD of Lords.

      You are spot on: there are consequences for SIN and thus, #3 above (saved yes, but SIN remains and/or the OIL has run out and/or they have 'forgotten/turned away from their first love' and thus they hear, "I never knew you").

    4. David Jeremiah - The Disgusting Church (of Laodicea)
      From Sept of 2019


  49. All credit goes to Rapture Puzzle as this is from RP (Renee)


    [Note from RP] I believe that Daniel's 70th week began on the 7th day of Tabernacles in 2009, when BHO was chosen as the Nobel Peace Prize winner. He then went on to receive the award just hours before the start of the 24th day of Kislev. The 2 dates mentioned in Haggai 2, regarding the Lord shaking the heavens and the earth and bringing the desired of all nations to Himself are the 7th day of Tabernacles and 24th day of Kislev. I believe these 2 dates started Daniel's 70th week. 1260 days after he was chosen for this award, BHO went to the holy place where he did not belong and stopped the daily sacrifice of praise and offering at the Church of the Nativity, considered by millions of people to be the most holy place in the world. Scripture calls this event the "Abomination that causes Desolation." The 1290-day count started at this time and ended on the Feast of Trumpets in 2016. I believe the 1260 and 1335 day counts started between April 30-May 2, 2013, after a 40-day grace period, and ended on the Day of Atonement and start of Hanukkah in 2016. Between April 30-May 2, 2013, there was a worldwide call to pray and fast for America and millions of believers around the world cried out to God to have mercy on America. This was all foreshadowed to us in the story of Jonah and Esther. I believe God stopped Daniel's 70th week at this point and gave America 4 years to bear fruit, as was shown in the parable of the fig tree, which Jesus referenced when talking to His disciples about end-time events in Matthew 24.

    I believe the 1260 and 1335-day counts restarted on the 7th day of Unleavened Bread in 2017 and the desolation event was to take place at that time. I believe there was a second delay because fruit was found on the fig tree and the tree was only to be cut down if no fruit was found. This second delay started the "shortening of the days" that Jesus mentioned in Matthew 24:22.

    There was a great deal of foreshadowing from Scripture and Jewish history that showed the second delay was to end during Hanukkah in 2017, but I believe the events that took place in December 2017 delayed God's judgment for a third and final time. Scripture foreshadows a one-year period of judgment that will come on the earth during the final day of Daniel's 70th week, which because of the 4-year delay from 2013 to 2017, will take place from Hanukkah 2019 to Hanukkah 2020. I believe this will be the "Sabbath rest" for the Bride of Christ, the 7th day of the week. The heavenly signs that Christ told us to watch for in Matthew 24:29, that indicated His Second Coming to the earth, take place at the start of Hanukkah in 2020, thus showing that Daniel's 70th week was indeed stopped from the Spring of 2013 to the Spring of 2017. April 19, 2017, the true 7th day of Unleavened Bread, resumed the 1260 and 1335 day counts, ending on the Day of Atonement in 2020 and Hanukkah in 2020.

    This puzzle is all based on Scripture. I show the 1260, 1290, 1335 day counts, as well as the 2200 evenings and mornings mentioned in Daniel 8. I explain the shortening of the days that Jesus mentioned, as well as the Bridegroom being delayed (see Matthew 25 and Revelation 10). I show the heavenly signs that Christ said would accompany His return taking place at the end of Daniel's 70th week. This puzzle brings together the stories in the Old and New Testaments to show that the Lord has always had a plan and revealed it to us throughout history, pointing to the exact timing of the rescue of the Bride of Christ and the Second Coming of Christ to the earth. I believe the firstfruits rapture event will take place between December 28, 2019, and January 1, 2020.

    1. Charlie in DC, Blessings. I encountered such timelines, perhaps this very one, at the time when the events cited occurred and tucked them away as not led to go there, then., and the path seemed a bit convoluted. Hindsight clarifies, always, and I am not ruffled by anything you shared. It fits so nicely with so many things, if only on the target, at the end, that we say, "Bravo!". Of course, with 5 waves of energy arriving with planet-sized interstellar rocks amid global censorship and the Western US poised for a Cascadia Slip, that is a bit FURTHER to the left, on the map, and MORE and ALL of it PRIOR to your dates, well, as Lyn et al have advised, get ready to 'git a 'lil wet, y'all. Oh wait, that was Sheila B., Maranatha! Are you SERIOUS?!!!

    2. I certainly believe many events (foretold in Scripture) have happened right under our noses yet we are/have been holding onto some pre-conceived notions of what it ought to be or look like.

      There have been too many 'coincidences' logged by Dan Matson, Daily Crow, Darren Jacks, and others to have them not be significant or directly related to foretold events (i.e. day counts etc...). All the heavenly signs we have witnessed and are studying etc...

      While some will remain on the '7' year (still future) bandwagon, it seems China + Russia + Gog + Magog + Gomer etc.. can easily step across the Euphrates tomorrow if it wanted (as they are implanted all over the wqrld anyway) and Gog/Magog are massed, 5G is active, AI/Quantum Computing is commonplace, the vatican has poisoned the entire Earth with its unitarian religion, crops are dead (and will be more dead crops in 2020), there is Round Up in Cheerios... what else needs to be before the kick-off?

      In God's everlasting and generous mercy, things (possibly) will be quickened for those in this last generation.

    3. New from L Lott: A December to Remember
      When Tishri, Nisan, and Hanukkah align in 2019

      Note: Paul Dawson (Rev12dotcom) favors a Passover departure, so perhaps he will get it in December, WHAT!!!!!!!!


    4. Hi Charlie ;

      All this sounds good but it doesn't make biblical sense. The Tribulation is for God's chosen people, not Christians. There is no way that the Tribulation could have started as yet. Where are the 2 Witnesses?

  50. Loves all.

    Whoa to the lawmakers, check out this video. Do you see a Bible story?


    1. Thank you, nolongerlukewarm--powerful story to awaken those who believe we must pay for our sins instead of believing on and making Yahshua, our Jesus, their Lord for only His blood cleanses all sin!

    2. 'WHEN' We Sin :: By Nathele Graham (posted 12/8 @ RaptureReady, very timely it appears)

      For the believer who SINs (aka stumbles) which is ME and you::

      I’ve (NG, the author of this article) heard Christians say that once they gave their life to Christ, they stopped sinning. Oh, if that was only true. For one thing, PRIDE is a sin, and to think you don’t sin is prideful. The Apostle John wasn’t under the impression that he didn’t sin. He even wrote about being deceived about our sin.

      “If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us” (1 John 1:8).

      “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness” (1 John 1:9).

      “And hereby we do know that we know him, if we keep his commandments. He that saith, I know him, and keepeth not his commandments, is a liar, and the truth is not in him” (1 John 2:3-4).

      This (1st John) was written TO born-again believers in Christ, and what an awesome promise it is. All we have to do is confess (some also say repent) our sin and He will cleanse us. Then, we need to move away from the sin we know we commit.

      Let me (NG) make this very clear.

      There is no person on earth who can forgive sin, so you only need to CONFESS YOUR SIN(s) to Jesus. Confessing to a priest of some man-made religion is foolish, as is praying to Mary or some man-made saint.

      Only Jesus Christ can forgive sin, and we only need to go to Him. If your sin involved another person, it’s good to go to them and say you’re sorry, but whether they accept your apology or not, IT IS Jesus who FORGIVES the SIN.

    3. Really Ready??:: By Jerry McDermott (posted 12/8 @ RaptureReady)

      Are WE ready?

      Speaking of sinners (Hey, this is ME and you)::

      Jesus reminded the disciples of the prophecy of Isaiah 6:9-10: “Hearing you will hear and shall not understand, And seeing you will see and not perceive; for the hearts of this people have grown dull. Their ears are hard of hearing, and their eyes have closed, Lest they should see with their eyes and hear with their ears, Lest they should understand with their hearts and turn, So that I should heal them” (Matthew 13:13-15).

      The first pronouncement of Jesus is just as important TODAY as the day He delivered it saying,

      “Repent for the kingdom of heaven is near” (Matthew 4:17).

      He also summarized these last days for us: “Outside are the dogs [I.E. the Gentiles], those who practice black magic arts; the sexually immoral; the murderers; the idolaters; and EVERYONE who practices falsehood” (Revelation 22:15).

  51. Netflix is plain evil.

  52. Brothers and sisters in Christ, blessings to all of you. I humbly ask for your prayers that God will take away the flu bug that many of us caught at work. Its spreading rapidly in Maryland and my head and body hurt so much that it’s like going even one round with Iron Mike Tyson in his heyday. My hands and feet are like ice and one of my beloved cats who lives upstairs had to go without dinner last night. I thank God I am off this weekend. Thank you all and may God bless and protect your health.

    1. Beltway brother, if you need somone to come around the beltway and perform a well-check on you, I am willing and able to do so. I am blessed to have a somewhat flexible work schedule/ work arrangement to allow for such things in life.

      It is quite a balancing act for myself at the moment as my mother is in a rehab center (to be released soon), my sister just had major surgery and then there are the daily grind of things...

    2. Beltway brother, much blessings from Heaven to you, your mom and sister. Thank you so much for offering to check up on me and make sure I’m still upright. It is greatly appreciated! Thank God for brothers (and sisters) in Christ like you. Our God is so good. Since Friday, which was the first and worst, to today, my temperature has dropped 4 degrees and I am still trying to rest as much as possible but am about 80% or more better than I was. I have to work tomorrow but am off Tuesday. I can’t overemphasize how crucial rest and sleep are and prayers for recovery.

      I had the flu in 2013 that had me so sick, I would wake up at 102 degrees, take Tylenol and get down to 98.6 by 2P and then back to 102 at night. At one point, I slept 24 hours straight ! My mother was ready to call an ambulance. Probably thought I was in a coma but man I felt great after and was back to cleaning litter boxes and taking out the garbage the same day.

      The bone crushing aches and pains are actually a good sign that the body is doing what it should and mounting a valiant immune response. God is truly the Doctor of all Doctors.

      Thanks so much, Beltway Brother, for being so willing to leave all your important responsibilities just to check up on a sickie. That is so kind of you. I feel like I have turned the corner on this thing and have started to improve especially in the last 8-10 hours but if I have some kind of setback that really knocks me down again, I will let you know. God bless you for caring.

      Starting to get hungry again. Thank God for Grub Hub. Staying hydrated and listening to my KJV app audio Bible. And watching Pastor Billy Crone. He has tons of good info on cults, 666 tech and preaches messages that are of a warning nature which is what Jesus did as He preached more on Heaven than Hell. Crone’s video The Imminence of Hell is hard to stop thinking about and maybe that’s the point. I can now say I understand fully what Jesus meant by love your enemies because you don’t want your worst enemy or anyone going to hell.

      I think about sitting on that White Stallion behind our Lord up in the sky with gravity having no effect on us. It’s getting so close. And all the day counts are not to predict The Day but I see as further proof of the Rapture’s Imminence. I love them. I know He’s coming to get us soon!

      God bless you and all my family here. I love you all.

  53. UNSEALED - New Post

    End Time Themes Converging This Christmas Season

    1. Archangel...prayers up for you in the Name of Jesus for a quick recovery, rest and comfort.
      The enemy is trying everything to wear down the saints of the Most-High, but our victory is already Assured. Also for your co-workers and your beloved cats. (Mine would be giving me the ol' stink-eye for a week if they missed a meal;-) Blessings and Be well soon!

      Jeova..when I logged in I saw there were 153 comments and I wondered who'd made that last one and was so pleased to see it couldn't have been a nicer fish:-) <*)))><
      And TY for the heads up on Gary's latest @unsealed. Blessings, Brother!

    2. Blessings, All. Teaser for Gary's latest:

      Furthermore, Christmas Day 2019 will be exactly 726,000 days after the Triumphal Entry if Christ was crucified in 32 AD. Alphabetized, the 726th Greek word in the New Testament is harpazo (a.k.a. "rapture"). This is by no means to say that the rapture occurs on Christmas this year, but only that we see yet another bit of evidence that we are getting closer than ever before.

      End Time Themes Converging This Christmas Season

    3. Sheila B., blessings from Heaven to you ! I am so grateful to you for your prayers for my coworkers, cats and me. They worked. I am so much better than I was.

      And you’re right; the enemy IS trying to wear out or even take out the saints of the Most High. I pray every time I get in my car and I know God has saved my life and vehicle from being crushed by the enemy more times than I even know. Twice in one week recently. Something about drivers in MD leads them to believe that if they need to change lanes or miss an exit on 695, 495, 95 etc, it’s ok to come to a full stop with vehicles flying 80 mph at them and just sit there and wait to change lanes or even back up (!) to the exit they missed.

      I’ve had two demons of the road do this in front of me, once with an 18 wheeler not too far behind me and God got me around them quickly to safety.

      Now this flu but God is good always and heard your prayers for me and I am on the road to recovery. Thank you so much ! Having asthma makes it a bit tougher being sick but I started praying at work Friday and along with your prayers and those of my family here, I am feeling much better and my upstairs cat got his food.

      Did have a bit of a fight with my brother about where he hid my hot water bottle when he was here for Thanksgiving. Then I remember the first recorded murder in the Bible was when Cain killed Abel, not that I am Abel in any way. But it’s an ample explanation of the complexities and miseries of having a sibling for some of us.

      God bless you !

    4. Another good one from Gary and some interesting and encouraging day counts to be found in the comment section pointing to a very special Christmas season this year. I also appreciated the 823 day count from TGW of 9/23/17 to 12/25/19 meaning in the Strong's:

      Gk#823--atomos--uncut indivisible amount of time, split second, (a twinkling)
      1x 1Cor.15:52

      H#823--Ashnah--name of two cities in Judah 2x in Josh.15:33,43 in re to the God-ordained inheritance of Judah (which might speak to the current political attempts to divide the Land)

      I awoke from a dream this morning about a man named "George" posting a comment here on this site. Can't remember the exact words, but the message was in re to the Gospel of Grace being like a parable in the sense that only those with ears to hear the Truth of It would be able to comprehend it. (Praying for those who are rejecting His All Sufficient Work on the Cross to pray for the soundness of their hearing.)

      So looked up the meaning of the name George which originates from the Greek georgos meaning "farmer". And what is a farmer but one who is all about the HARVEST:-)
      (Also St. George was a 3rd century martyr under Roman Emperor Diocletian who legend portrays as having defeated a dragon.)

      Blessings All and Maranatha:-)

    5. Archangel...Praise God! Wonderful news and may it continue! Yes, we are always only an elbow's length from death every time we get in our vehicles and head out into the insanity of traffic--especially in larger cities. I try always to pray for a Hedge of Angels to be placed about us and for the Good Lord to keep His Hand between us and THEM and He is good to do just that as we can all attest to from such crazy close calls as you describe. Be well, stay safe and just pray for that brother of yours:-) Many Blessings!

    6. Once again, I felt led to look at the time stamp of my comment re the dream about "George" and just SMH...

      Gk#1003--Boaz--3x in re to the lineage of Christ. And who was Boaz but a "farmer" AND the Redeemer of Ruth (type of the Bride) in the story centered on the Harvest, Amen:-)

    7. Oh and a slow was ofc by the GRACE of Boaz that Ruth was invited to glean in his field and then ultimately and fully Redeemed:-))

    8. Ruth was also a RIGHTEOUS woman, one NOT living/wallowing/staying in SIN.

    9. SIN is not a Matter of What We Do, But Who We Are.

      Consequence of Sin (i.e. Rebellion against God) is Loss of Fellowship With God; Secret To Building Fellowship Is To Walk In The Light (i.e. Righteousness post Grace).

      1 John 1:1-10

      The Myth of Sinless Perfection (Charles Lawson)

    10. Thank you, Sheila B. My brother drinks everyday and is into meditation and Hof Breathing and even yoga postures which he claims is ok without the chanting. Yeah, right. Alcoholism runs in our family and I am the last person he will listen to. I am at the point of telling him he can’t visit me anymore but afraid that would crush him with our mother in Heaven and my being his only other relative in the US.

      He attends the Church of Belair in CA and loves it. I pray for him but ever since I was a child I sensed there was something twisted about him. He’s only gotten closer to me since our mother’s passing, but unbelievably, March will be 3 years since she left us. He and I never got along. He has always hated me. I could never figure out exactly what I did to cause this hatred and then realized it’s my existence that he hates.

      I stopped trying to figure out people long ago. Only God can straighten them out.

      Reading the following had me almost sick again:

    11. Charlie, Ruth was a good woman, no doubt. However I'm pretty sure she wasn't "perfect" in her own righteousness. (And Luke 19:10 and Luke 5:32), remembering that "repentance" is the gift of changing of one's mind to BELIEVE in Jesus per John 3:16, 2Tim.2:25,26 and receive the Gospel as given to us in 1Cor.15:1,2,3,4, plus ???

      Why is it with some that the Lord God Almighty in His Sovereignty cannot be trusted to Finish that which He has Begun in anyone who has truly believed in Him as we are told that HE CAN AND WILL do in Philippians 1:6? And in Eph.2:4,5,6 we are told that we who have been made alive together with Christ--by GRACE we have been saved--and seated in Him in the Heavenly places with Christ Jesus! Those who are drawn to a real Faith in Christ Jesus will not be "unseated" from that place in which HE has seated them--and I'll say it again--to say otherwise is to credit the enemy with the power and ability to override that which God has ordained--NOT gonna happen, whether or not it's pleasing to the pride of anyone else.

      And if you do see someone professing faith in Jesus Christ who is continuously "wallowing" in the sin of the flesh WITHOUT conviction or consequences, chances are they really know nothing of the Faith they are professing.

      Lastly, my point in sharing that dream and confirmation was to encourage others in the BoC, not to condemn them. (Rom.8:1,2)

  54. Good morning family! Over the past week, the Lord has been showing me in His Word a deeper understanding of His beautiful promises and I'd love to share it with you all.
    During my prayer time a several days back, Holy Spirit led me to the story when Jesus fed the five thousand. In John's account these words of our Lord stuck out to me: (Jesus speaking) "Gather up the fragments that remain, so that nothing is lost." John 6:12 NKJV
    I've never given any thought to those words in the story, but this time I asked why? Why would Jesus say those words and why did the Lord make it a point to have those words recorded in His Word? Why the importance of not leaving any of the fragments of food on the ground? I know that everything in His Word is there for a reason so I asked Him.
    But before He explained, He led me further down the chapter to verse 39. (Jesus speaking) "This is the will of the Father who sent Me, that of ALL He has given Me I SHOULD LOSE NOTHING, but should raise it up at the last day." John 6:39 NKJV (Emphasis mine.)
    So this is what the Lord encouraged me with these two verses; That ANYTHING or ANYONE that is entrusted to Jesus, will not be wasted or lost. He is FAITHFUL to EVERYTHING that is given to Him. EVERYTHING! That is so incredibly encouraging to me! It's been over 4 years of unanswered prayers for our son but our Lord Jesus is True and Faithful and He hears my prayers and He WILL NOT waste or lose what I (or you) have entrusted to him. Praise Jesus for that!
    Whatever trials and difficulties we face in life, if we bring it Jesus and lay it at His feet, He is faithful to take it and use it for His good and His glory. So if we are dealing with an unbelieving spouse, a prodigal child, an unexpected or chronic illness, job loss, relational conflicts, whatever the difficult circumstance, bring it to Jesus and thank Him for Who He is and how He cares for us.
    Blessings family and I can't wait for our SOON family reunion with our Lord!

    1. Amen Mom! Wonderful share and if I know anything--when it comes to our loved ones, we can trust the Chief Ox to get the field perfectly plowed as we just walk alongside of Him in awe:-)

  55. 'Morning, Mom, Blessings. I smile, ofc, to see this section of John arising, again, in our prayer life and Walk with Our Lord, amen. Your encouraging Word is precious.

    Archangel, Blessings and so good to hear you seem to be rising above the fray, again. May Our Lord's Riches Indwell You, Your Family And Your Moments, amen.

    Finally made it through Daniel's latest @ic as it is more Macro perspective and challenging to endure. Still, in doing so, what I would share as the main point, for those who've not seen it, seemed to be the tying together of two points, though Daniel did not frame it this way, specifically. Those Being: (1) (The Overview) The Astronomical Timeline Revealed over these past years, in Parallel to It's Earlier portion of the SAME Speech, at The Time Of Christ's Birth, and that Marking a real-Time EVENT, and that Event clearly also Called Out in the Details of the Heavens, and the Rightness of our expectancy and life planning, accordingly, (being Scripturally Revealed/Affirmed via The Wise Men following the SAME Speech, earlier); and (2) That this same Speech/Story/Revelation has clear beginnings and endings, Marked, seemingly.

    As The Sun Runs His Race, like a Bridegroom, coming from his chambers, while it never varies from its course and its course defines The Circuit Spoken of Scripturally, there are actually THREE circuits, or Lines, of which The Ecliptic is but one. Right now, through about Mid-December, Jupiter and The Sun are passing through an area which speaks of The Throne of God (Milky Way's brightest section), The Right Hand of God (Where Christ Is Seated), His Feet Over The Scorpion, and More, while ALL THREE 'Lines' are aligned, now. The Beginning of this Drama was when the Sun was at The Head Of The Dragon, the Summer Solstice, and The Chapter appears to Grand Finale as the Sun 'Turns', returning to the Tail Of The Dragon, at the Winter Solstice of 12/21.

    On a personal note, to Christ's Glory, I've been in a bit of a fog the past week, esp with the snowstorm, somehow. On a crazy store jaunt, couple days after the snow, with the walks and such still a mess, we had quite the time of it after the driver wouldn't let me on or ask anyone to move to accommodate my cart, so removed my bike from the front rack of the bus and went for it. In one intersection, completely out of my mind with whatever, I mis-navigated an intersection and ended up in the middle of traffic in a contrary fashion and actually bumped tires with a moving, turning car with my bike. Arrived home, ultimately, in one piece, well-exercised and short a few items from the cart. His Grace Sustains, amen.

  56. Replies
    1. First of all WHEW...PTL you are okay, Brother! It seems like the enemy is working overtime in getting after us in one way, or another. BUT GOD, as you testify, will keep us through it all!

      On the DAHBOO77 report, it makes one wonder if all of these die-offs aren't intentionally caused by TPTB with some kind of poisoning to inflame their Climate "Panic" agenda as in "Look! The animals are dying off in swarms and you kiddos are all next if you don't turn on your elders to make them stop destroying your habitat!" But very soon the "Fish" WILL all be gone and there will be a famine of Truth sweeping their world. Blessings and TY for sharing:-)

    2. Blessings, Jimboni, and thank you. I’m glad you’re ok. If the enemy keeps trying to take us out, then he must view us as a threat and that means we are doing what’s right and that means we are doing what our Blessed Savior commanded us to do which is what we humbly strive to do by constantly leaning on our Lord Jesus Christ and His Almighty Grace and Strength because without Him we can do nothing.

      My brother sent a message saying he won’t be visiting me for Christmas. Truly, God knows how much we can bear.

      Blessings to all !

    3. Just want to take a second to agree that it seems there has been a real attack on many of us. I too have been in a real battle with the people around me. Just strange, extraordinary wickedness. Thank the Lord that He is always near. I'm quite fine. Just wanted to concur and let you all know I will do my best to pray for you as you face these real difficulties. We are out soon. That seems to be the answer He is giving me. Much love to all of you in Christ Jesus.

  57. Well family,

    It seems we are at the cusp of things 'really' (happening) with everything shared here and elsewhere.

    It is Like you (the USA, the divider of MY land) are Poking Me in the Eye with a Needle!
    From Jeff B. (12/8)

    May we all remain strong in our faith in Christ Jesus, the giver of grace and the true Lover and only Redeember of our soul who paid it all for all of mankind at the cross.

    May we contine running the race and enduring until 'the end' however this all plays out.

    May we continue to OBEY/ FOLLOW His commandments in response of our FAITH in the Savior.

    May we encrypt the scripture in our hearts and not bow to the adversary nor take his mark if the end does not play out as we think.

    May we remain faithful to the only King of Kings and LORD or Lords, Jesus Christ, so we receive His eternal rewards.

    May we adorn the Crown of Righteousness with pleasure as we have watched and longed for His appearning (some longer than others), but nonetheless, as we have seen this day approaching closer and closer it has been an amazing journey.

    I look forward to meeting all of you, both online/seen personalities and those unseen but who are part of the R12 community (and others).

    ~ Charlie
    (I will have some other name in the heavenly Zion, so I will need to reintroduce myself at some point in time)

    Jesus is coming! Are you (the Believer) free from SIN?
    SeekingWisdom Ministries (Colton)

    Jesus Speaks On SIN (of Believers)
    (Charles Lawson)

    Are Grace Preachers Stealing your Crown for the Rapture?

    Shall We (Believers) Continue In SIN? Is there NO Fear of God??
    (David Wilkerson)

    1. America Betrays Israel - Fruit Falls From Fig Tree

      This corroborates Jeff B.'s message above. With t_rump out of the way, the us will divide God's Holy Land.

      From Rapture Puzzle

  58. Was the song 'Joy to the World' purposed for the second advent and not the first? The words in the song by Issac Watts sure seem to point to the LORD's 2nd Coming! WHAT!!!!!

    The 2nd Coming at Christmas?
    From TimFoster (12/8)

  59. For you # and pattern(s) people (ex. Jimboni), Steve Fletcher 222 has a couple new codes (from the bad guys, 9!!/!!9 and 923/329 for example and how they may relate to days upcoming).

    Seems like another F_F 9!! is upon us (aka uss A_L and/or uss Ron R or both).

  60. Since they've been referenced:
    Just gave a listen to young Colton @SeekingWisdom Ministries. He seems like a sweet, sincere and intelligent young man, but I'm not sure he should be teaching Scripture as he doesn't recognize his own contradictions when he adds to it. In this video he bemoans the "simplicity" of the Gospel not being understood by so many, then seriously complicates it by launching into a daunting litany of confusing "works" examples one must be obedient to IN ORDER to be Saved--while along the way quoting and agreeing with Eph.2:8,9,10 and that we are Saved ONLY by the Blood of Jesus?????
    There's a lot of double-minded confusion encased in his message as he tries to cross-pollinate the Indwelling Spirit with the carnal flesh. I pray for this kid to slow down, and re-evaluate the true position of those who belong to the BoC while continuing to seek wisdom.

    As for @Disciple Robert's accusatory video that the preaching of Grace serves to steal our Rapture crowns--can't sit through it as that guy bleeds creepiness ala the Jim Jones and David Koresh cult types. Slithery dude in my spiritual opinion and if snakes still talked, he's what they would sound like.

    Maranatha! Even so, Lord, Come quickly!

    1. Hey Sis! Taking a breather and wanted to come by. My eye caught the thread where you share about Rhonda Empson et al. I have watched Rhonda in the past but did not see all the latest 'episodes' related to the grace vs works kerfuffle. I believe you are ON TARGET, however, with your understanding of the one dream:

      "This dream is actually a warning for Rhonda (and others who follow this heretical doctrine) to wake up and smell the coffee. SHE is "Doris" who has been offered a "Free Gift" and SHE
      is refusing the "Gift" being offered to her by the RISEN CHRIST, rejecting His Call for her to come to Him, deciding instead to ignore the "Injuries" that HE suffered on that Cross in Full Propitiation for HER, preferring instead to stand pat in her own sense of self-righteous obedience, continuously driving nails with every sin she claims has not yet been forgiven until SHE performs an act of "obedience"."

      I also have to agree with you re. our young Brother Colton. Although well-intentioned, he does teach a mixed gospel message as I have noticed in prior videos of his I have listened to. Sheila, I come in agreement with you and, Dear Lord, I pray right now for clarity to those who misunderstand how salvation is by grace for our salvation is never dependent upon our 'good deeds'. If any of these Brethren are being hampered by a spirit of religion, we tell it to GO IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST!

      Found this re. the religious spirit at

      "A religious spirit is a type of demonic spirit that influences a person, or group of people, to replace a genuine relationship with God with works and traditions. When people operate out of a religious spirit they attempt to earn salvation. This evil spirit has established nonbiblical beliefs and customs for generations. Yet, as Believers, we shouldn’t turn a blind eye to the work of the religious spirit. It is lurking around attempting to cause judgment and destruction among Believers and in the Body of Church.

      We know the enemy is an angel of light, attempting to counterfeit any of God’s good and perfect gifts, in efforts to cause chaos, confusion, shame, and guilt. He does this with the work of the religious spirit.

      “For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into apostles of Christ. And no wonder! For Satan himself transforms himself into an angel of light.”—2 Corinthians 11:13-14"

      Granddaughter will be getting off the bus soon--break's over ;D

    2. Hi Lyn...TY for taking time out your hectic moving schedule and all to give some input. Much appreciated. And in total agreement with your prayers, Sister. I was really surprised and saddened by the dramatic shift in Rhonda's just sharing encouraging dreams and such to this dogmatic teaching against trusting in His Finished Work. And re this young man Colton, I don't know if he is sitting under the tutelage of someone else or what, but that boy's a doctrinal mess and trying to walk two roads that are too far apart to be walking at the same time. So yes, prayers up! Blessings, Sister (and I had to pick up the grandson from school today too and he kept me busy the rest of the afternoon:-)

    3. What Father wouldn’t love to have a son like Colton. He is confident in his Parent’s love and good intentions. And he respects Him enough to desire His Advice and Instruction. He aims to grow in his understanding and be loving toward his fellow man. I find no fault in him.

    4. CY and Cry, Blessings. As I had commented, not long ago, on one of his videos, his growth and balance in the Lord's Word and teachings have grown tremendously in the past year. However, setting his character aside, which is as corrupt and flawed as anyone else's, his youth and inexperience have him in waters significantly deeper than he can fathom and guide others across. This is the reason why, historically, about 30 years of age is the youngest a teacher of the Word, Rabbi, was to be.

      I enjoy Colton's spirit and passion for Christ and his fellows, surely. I am also confident that Our Lord Can And Will Address mis-steps in Colton's 'teachings'. However, in these times the margin of error is gone and this is no time for anyone to be off the mark any more than is unavoidable and Colton's lack of humility, having his 'teaching' openly under the oversight of no 'Paul', renders his directions unwise. Perhaps we can find something in the Scriptures written by Timothy for reference. Oh, that's right, though clearly a Minister of The Gospel, referenced in two whole books, Of HS, by Paul, Timothy has penned no teachings for us in Scripture, hmmm.

    5. Jimboni, If we are cleansed by the blood of the Lamb, why feel so corrupt? If we are filled with the Spirit, why is the flesh winning?

    6. OK, I think I know what I want to say. Bear with me. The Bible is written in maxims. Extremes on the continuum are used for instructional purposes. (good vs evil, heaven vs hell, saint vs sinner, grace vs law etc.) And it sometimes seems that Bible readers think that if they’re not perfect, they’re junk. But It’s surely observable that there’s a lot of room between the extremes. That may seem overly-obvious. But I think extremism has crept into the recesses of our logical minds.

      The current polarization between people who think the Father has the right and responsibility to tell us how to behave and those who think that is past tense because of a few misunderstood verses lifted out of the context of the whole book is counterproductive. I know it’s been going on for millenia, but we really need to get this right.

      People who are trying to please the Father are not the bad guys. People who realize we can’t save ourselves through works are not the bad guys. People who know that obedience and trust are not mutually exclusive are not the bad guys. The lawlessness that’s bringing our nation to the brink of destruction is the bad guy. So please stop beating up on the good guys.

    7. CY...I do appreciate your concerns and I can honestly say that as I fully expected to see the separation of the Wheat from the Tares to be revealed (and have seen that for the most part), I had not considered the winnowing of the Grain from the Chaff just before it is taken to "safe storage in the barn" until just recently. I did not expect I would have to take a stand among the professing Body of Christ like this, but it is what it is.

      There is the One True Gospel and all others are said to be accursed in Gal.1:8-9. This is what the Book of Galatians is about and we ARE called to contend for the Truth. We're at such a critical point now and there's just no more room for the niceties of neutrality. Time is super, super short and it could mean the difference between one's being taken with Christ in the Rapture, or being left behind to make their stand during the horrors of the AC's reign of terror.
      The "bad guys" of the world who've outright rejected The Son of God will surely be dealt with, but we are still in the moment of getting the Truth out in this Age of Grace.

      Whether one chooses to believe it is their faith in Christ Alone for Eternal Salvation, or in Christ's Death plus themselves for a merit-based Salvation is ofc up to each individual, but it obviously cannot be both. Only One Way can be correct. And this is not about questioning the CORRECT attitude of obedience in following Christ, but about the Holy Perfection required to enter the Presence of our God and whether or not His Blood Covering is Totally Sufficient in accomplishing that for us. Even the most obedient person out there cannot attain that measure in the flesh through any amount of good works or constant repentance, yet this is being taught across the spectrum that it is possible for us despite the Words of Rom.3:22,23,24,25. Too many are being led into confusion and doubt re their Forgiven Position in Jesus Christ through these merit-based teachings that paint the Rapture as a Reward rather than the Rescue of God's people that it is. Their Assurance in His Finished Work on the Cross is being stolen from them by those who are openly declaring that Jesus cannot or will not finish what He Alone began. (Philippians 1:6)

      I do believe a correct understanding of Matt.7:21,22,23 is hugely critical as no one wants to hear those Words "I NEVER knew you" simply because they chose to partially trust in their own obedience for Salvation rather than to trust completely in the Obedience of One. (Rom.5:19).

      Just wanted you to know where I'm coming from and I am praying for that young man who most certainly does have a wholesome appeal in his passionate zeal for trying to teach the Word of God--and all others like him--but he's mixing up the Gospel teachings in what could be a detrimental manner for those who follow him, so I have to stand pat in what I said
      re that. I'm not trying to be mean-spirited, but I can't NOT contend for the Truth, either and once I watched that video, it was on me to speak up for the Total Sufficiency of His Death, Burial and Resurrection on the Third Day that my own faith be not in vain. 1Cor.15:1,2,3,4.

      Blessings, Sister, and Maranatha:-)

    8. Amen and amen. While I deeply appreciate the heart in the defense, it simply isn't about us, corporately or individually; it is ALL about THE BLOOD of Christ, period. That Is The Entire POINT, Maranatha!

    9. I don't understand why you can't hear me or others say that we are Not trusting in our works for salvation.

    10. CY...It's when they insist there can be No Assurance of Eternal Salvation outside of one's own physical performance in regards to living a righteous and holy life of either full obedience or perfect repentance. That, in fact, is trusting in one's own abilities to somehow satisfy the requirements of God and it's antithetical to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Although I follow the leading of the Holy Spirit as best I can in this life, tell my Father in Heaven that I'm sorry for grieving Him when I do that which I should not and don't do that which I should, all I can say when it comes time for a face to Face with Him is I've got nothing except The Son and HIS Righteousness through HIS Shed Blood, but I KNOW that He's All I need and He's All I've ever needed from Day One. He's made it so simple and yet so Divine:-)
      Blessings and Maranatha!

  61. So, about a week ago, CM had dream, shocking ikr, and within an unspecified/clarified context of God's Actions Concerning 'Sin', was Given, "30 and 9" which CM tied to the 39 lashes. Additionally was Shown the '30' Spoke of November and the '9', December and to look for a significant event, today, 12/9/19.

    Earlier, overnight in U.S and Daylight in New Zealand, small White Island experienced a devastating volcanic eruption. On the island when it erupted were as many as 13 individuals (# unconfirmed), all of whom were informed of the raised alert level and signed waivers; now with 5 confirmed fatalities and all others 'missing' and presumed lost. Word is that individuals were walking about on the volcano floor when she blew. Appropriate to the Age of Laodicea, MP video from boats retrieving stranded tourists, as it erupts, are online.

    CM feels that tomorrow, being the '40'-ith, is locked and loaded (my phrase, not hers). Meanwhile, Mike From Around The World, over on Pastor Paul Begley's World, says we get a glancing blow of a cosmic pulse, likely affecting about 25% of the planet's surface, tomorrow, 12/10, as well. He says he will be watching for as yet undeterminable 'anomalies' to better gauge what a full impact will mean, when that occurs on the 16th and several iterations thereafter starting in January. Who can guess which rock classic I'm humming, atm? ;) Maranatha!

    1. Jimboni...when I got up at this morning and saw that Volcano tragedy, I just thought "and there it is"... And from what I read also, these people should've definitely not been there, but it's the general attitude these days of 'nothing's happened and nothing ever will happen' in spite of the fact that catastrophe is happening everywhere one cares to look. As CM said tonight, it was "sudden destruction" that came upon them and it's another warning. Guess we'll be seeing what tomorrow brings. Blessings, Brother and Looking Up!

    2. Jimboni, Rock classic. The final countdown?

    3. Miguel P, Blessings,

      A long, long time ago
      I can still remember how
      That music used to make me smile...

    4. Jimboni, oddly, there are some winks there. Song was released in 1986...33 years ago. Guy who wrote it goes by the last name, Tempest. And tempest is a semi relation to seismos. Which is related to contractions which is related to the final countdown. The band was Europe. Wonder what that has to do with anything. That's all I got at the moment brother. Maranatha!

    5. Well, the plot thickens and I look forward to hearing your song. My lyrics open the song released in 1971 by Don McLean. ...Drove my Chevy to the Levy, but the Levy as dry...

  62. Wow! this is Amazing! Do you know your hidden name meaning ? Click here to find your hidden name meaning

  63. I thought I would share this with you as this is an amazing pattern from the Word of God that many may never have thought about!

    This is the difference between seeing the obvious as it was written, and discovering the hidden gems in the Word of God when we dig a little deeper and look at patterns and models as well - and it makes a big difference!

    Many will state that the only aspect between Jonah and Jesus which could be considered the "sign of Jonah" represents the 3 days that Jonah spent in the belly of the fish and this pointing to the 3 days that Jesus would spend in the belly of the earth. Is this really the only match that there is?

    What about the fact that Jonah means "dove" and that dove represents "peace" and that when Jonah, or "dove" or "peace" were thrown into the sea and swallowed by the fish and then delivered ALIVE on dry land 3 days later, you have a perfect pattern that describes a baptism! (In baptism we die with Christ when we are submerged in the water and we rise with Him equipped with the gifts of the Holy Spirit to go out into the world to make disciples of all nations)

    Have you considered how this aligns with Jesus's baptism when a "Jonah" or "dove" or "peace" descended onto the Prince of "Peace" or "dove" or Jonah?

    This is certainly another link!

    Next, Jonah or "dove" or "peace" went to Nineveh and declared the 40-days of testing (a time period seen in several other instances also associated with judgment that follows) until destruction would arrive. (Keep in mind how this aligns with 1 Thes 5:3) "When they say "Peace and Safety" ...then sudden destruction...

    Jesus went from His baptism directly into the wilderness for 40-days to be tested or tempted by the devil.

    These 40 days that follow a baptism represent another link between Jonah and Jesus.

    When we continue with Jesus's time pattern, we see that his ministry of 3.5 years starts immediately after the 40-days in the wilderness, which is very important as this would seem to apply to the time we have before us:

    Trump brought the sign of Jonah or "dove" or "peace" to the table when he announced the Deal of the Century. If the sign of Jonah and more specifically "dove", which represents "peace" applies to the announcement of the Deal of the Century (and both 1 Thessalonians 5 and Isaiah 21 would seem to confirm this very accurately - pointing out the destruction on a day where Israel celebrates pleasure and drunkenness and Purim being exactly 40 days removed from the sign of the "dove" when both these attributes will be met) then we are now in the 40 days that will precede the next phase and the 40 days are concluded with "sudden destruction" and an "escape".

    What follows this period of 40 days when looking at the time pattern of Jesus, which is linked to that of Jonah, are 1260 days of Tribulation according to Revelation 11 or the same 3.5 years that aligns with Jesus's ministry. This pattern also matches what is written in:

    Isa 28:10 For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; HERE A LITTLE, AND THERE A LITTLE:


    Ecc 1:9 The THING THAT HATH BEEN, IS THAT WHICH SHALL BE; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.

    ...and provides us with a model to understand the next instance during which the same pattern is busy to repeat!!

    We would seem to be in the last two weeks before we reach the end of the current "40 days" portion of this pattern and the time model that applies to Jonah and to Jesus allows us to discover this!

    Can you see how there is so much more to discover when you look at patterns and dig a little deeper into the Word?

    More importantly, are you ready for the end of these 40 days and what this may hold?



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Colossians 3:2-4

Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth. For you have died, and your life is hidden with Christ in God. When Christ who is your life appears, then you also will appear with him in glory.

1 Peter 2:9

But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for his own possession, that you may proclaim the excellencies of him who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light.

Philippians 3:20-21

But our citizenship is in heaven, and from it we await a Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, who will transform our lowly body to be like his glorious body, by the power that enables him even to subject all things to himself.