Jesus Is King

I know I won't forget all He's done
He's the strength in this race that I run
Every time I look up, I see God's faithfulness
And it shows just how much He is miraculous
I can't keep it to myself, I can't sit here and be still
Everybody, I will tell 'til the whole world is healed
King of Kings, Lord of Lords, all the things He has in store
From the rich to the poor, all are welcome through the door
You won't ever be the same when you call on Jesus' name
Listen to the words I'm sayin', Jesus saved me, now I'm sane
And I know, I know God is the force that picked me up
I know Christ is the fountain that filled my cup

I know God is alive, yeah
He has opened up my vision
Giving me a revelation
This ain't 'bout a damn religion
Jesus brought a revolution
All the captives are forgiven
Time to break down all the prisons
Every man, every woman
There is freedom from addiction
Jesus, You have my soul
Sunday Service on a roll
All my idols, let 'em go
All the demons, let 'em know
This a mission, not a show
This is my eternal soul
This my kids, this the crib
This my wife, this my life
This my God-given right
Thank you, Jesus, won the fight

That's what God is
That's what God is
That's what God is

The words above were written by none other than Kanye West, one of the biggest names of in music right now.  Almost any younger person under the age of 30 or 40 would instantly know who he is... and make no mistake about it, God is using this man in a HUGE way right now.

What do I mean by huge?  People all over this planet are listening to his latest album "Jesus Is King", released just a few days ago on October 25th (after many delay's) and it is blowing minds and bringing people, especially younger people closer to Jesus in a way that almost nobody else could.

How do I know..... well, because what is a happening to so many people around the world happened to me...and this music renewed within me something I needed at just the right moment.  Thank you Jesus.  I am not alone, just look at this random sampling of comments from his YouTube Channel:

What I am finding so amazing about this that lyrics are good.  The songs are good.   It might not be your style of music, but it I truly believe it is undeniably Holy Spirit inspired.  Genuine words like the ones written above do not happen without God living inside you.   An everyone who has known about Kanye the last 10 or 15 years can see his transformation.  It is real, it is genuine and you can feel it.... and that is what so many people need.  An example showing that turning away from sin and turning toward God is possible!  And by his example I believe so many baby Christians will entire into God's Family, just in time for the rapture.

Here is a young Christian man giving his take on the allbum.  He was skeptical at first, and then...., well you just take 5 minutes and listen....

I can't emphasize this enough, God has made a massive move pulling people out of the fire with this album.  It is not perfect.  Kanye is not perfect.... but this music is perfect for right now and the righteousness is waking people up like a bucket of ice water.  Here are some more comments illustrating this point...
As briefly mentioned above, this album came out after a few delays.  It did not come out on the day Kanye had originally intended, but no doubt was released on the day God had intended all along.  After looking at some day counts I couldn't find the connection, but Dan Matson did and I believe he hit the nail on the head.   Here is what he said:
Kanye's release came on October 25th.... 4 x 153 days from the death of Billy Graham. It looks to me like a final push to fill the net.
I couldn't agree more with Dan.  The number 153 is forever linked to John 21:11 and ultimately to the great commission signifying how the fishers of men would ultimately bring in a large net of souls during the church age.

In closing, here is a link to the full playlist if you want to listen to it.  The only complaint I have is that I wish there was more, I wish the songs were longer and did not end.... but isn't that like God...he keeps us longing for more, longing for heaven....  but sleep tight knowing that around the world thousands of people are uttering the words... "Jesus Is King".

Jesus Is King - Kanye West Full Album

Here is the song from the lyrics at the top of this post:

And if you are curious, here is a short clip in which Kanye shares some of his personal testimony....

UPDATE: I have never seen this channel before, but I must say I am super impressed!! Listen to this breakdown of how Christians are reacting to this Kanye news and how she views it from scripture. Just a lovely, balanced and Biblical take on this interesting topic!


  1. Brad, you wrote, "People all over this planet are listening to his latest album "Jesus Is King", released just a few days ago on October 25th (after many delay's) and it is blowing minds and bringing people, especially younger people closer to Jesus in a way that almost nobody else could."

    My husband Tom and I a few weeks back had a conversation about Kanye, and we both were not certain of his heart at that time, but remembered what it says in the Book of Philippians:

    Philippians 1:15-18 New International Version (NIV)
    15 It is true that some preach Christ out of envy and rivalry, but others out of goodwill. 16 The latter do so out of love, knowing that I am put here for the defense of the gospel. 17 The former preach Christ out of selfish ambition, not sincerely, supposing that they can stir up trouble for me while I am in chains. 18 But what does it matter? The important thing is that in every way, whether from false motives or true, Christ is preached. And because of this I rejoice.

    Yes, and I will continue to rejoice,

    So let us REJOICE that Christ is preached♥

    1. Hi Lynn, I bet a lot of people wondered those things about the genuine nature of this mans faith... understandable based on the life he had lived. But my oh my, these words, these interviews he has done, I have not an inkling of doubt that his faith is real...and it's been in the works for a long time. Reminds me so much of the Apostle Paul.

    2. And with his reach to millions of prior fans, there's no doubt that many will listen to his newest CD even just simply out of sheer curiosity. Just think of all the seeds that are going to be planted and the fruit that's evidently already showing from this new album based on the comments from Youtuber's. He's going to reach folks that likely wouldn't get exposed to the message of Jesus from any other channel.

      This is something we all can rejoice in! Christ is being glorified! This is an awesome, awesome thing to see!

    3. Lynn and all brothers and sisters..Yes, that was the 1st verse that came to my mind I did not know anything about him but I certainly see that people are being drawn to what he has found. My prayer is that those who hear the gospel... t their eyes will be unveiled and their names would be written in the lamb's book of life.

  2. Well now this is fascinating. Can hardly wait to check it out.

    Here's another item which I have found rather surprising and wonderful:

    Last few weeks, my four year old has been staunchly declaring her belief in the God who created the universe and His Son Jesus. She knows her mom does not believe but actually stood up to her to the point that her mom began yelling at her telling her God was just like ghosts and that the devil is fake too. I was not there for that discussion or I would have intervened. I heard about it though. I corrected her mom and offered wisdom, comfort and praise to our four year old for standing up for Jesus. Pretty cool. Keep praying though because my wife is showing signs of being under some spiritual pressure, conviction. May Christ have the victory in her life.

    1. I hear ya Miguel, when your partner does not believe, and you do, and you show her or tell her about the many wonderful signs, and pointers to the soon rapture, and most are met with rolled eyes, deep sighs, shutters and scoffing.. it is very painful to watch such indifference to our LORD and SAVIOR.

      After 10 months of being unemployed, (and not really looking for work if I am honest, because I was expecting the Rapture to be any moment) I have been offered an unexpected, (and not even really looked for) job, on pretty good terms, I can work from home, and I can work flexi-hours, whenever suits my schedule, so I can work from 6am until 3pm, and we won't need to pay for additional childcare, or commuting costs. It is basically the perfect solution to our current life setup, I told my wife, if this contract comes through, I believe it is more to be a sign for her, that God looks after his Children, that you can trust your life in to his hands, and he will take care that all your needs are met. I prompted her, that if it goes through, will you then, call out to Jesus, admitting that you are a sinner in need of a savior, and believe that he died for all of your sins? What reaction did I get, just a blank annoyed stare, and a refusal to answer the question!!

      Don't you sometimes want to smack them over the head with a fish!! (not very Christian of me I know!!, but how can anyone not feel so thankful to God that a job offer like above just comes in, and lands at their feet without them doing much effort to get it.

      On top of that every opportunity she has, she will make fun of my beloved Rapture...

      Come soon LORD, I choose you over any Job Offer.

    2. Praying for you and her in all that, that God would capture her head and her heart, that she would come to the end of herself and that God gives you the peace and patience to get through that with joy.

    3. Miguel and Jordan. Will be praying for your loved ones God is able to break through, the heart of stone; the pierced hands ;the Crown of the words will speak loudly. We will continue to pray in the meantime both stand as witnesses of the love and commitment that Jesus has for the lost. As you mentioned the job Jordan, similarly I am in a predicament with work... it is extremely slow and we're in the verge of not have enough money to pay the bills this coming month and/or not sure where the Lord is taking us but I have to constantly look up and trust that He will carry us through. His grace is sufficient for us. Maranatha

    4. Praying for you VeeBee.

      The LORD can appear to be slow sometimes to answer our prayer, but he is never late.

      Praying that all your needs are met this month.

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    6. Miguel, awesome testimony! The Lord Jesus Christ be praised! Yes, the pressure is on! Not only upon us as we feel the darkness trying to squeeze us out, but upon those who are basically ON THE FENCE spiritually. This is the year (5780), my Brothers (Miguel, Jordan and all who have unbelieving spouses), I believe, when they will make a choice for Christ I pray!

    7. Hey Jordan,

      About a thing you said: "I prompted her, that if it goes through, will you then, call out to Jesus, admitting that you are a sinner in need of a savior, and believe that he died for all of your sins? What reaction did I get, just a blank annoyed stare, and a refusal to answer the question!!"

      I've got some thoughts on that. People can't be pushed outwardly in such a way when it comes to a "heart issue". It didnt surprise me that this was her reaction. Imagine someone without the Holy Spirit's conviction yet. As the Bible says, "Jesus talk" sounds all whacky to them. Pls dont get me wrong, I dont mean that in a rude way, dont know how to describe my thoughts on that any other way. (English is not my first language.)

      Before I got saved I had a brief atheist phase. I've looked down on people who believed in God and believed in "fables" (aka the Bible.) “How pathetic”, I thought.

      How did I get saved? While reading a NDE story of someone who met Jesus and suddenly, the Lord opened my eyes Himself, it was like the light was switched on for me, like BAM! I realized shocked that He is very real, not only that but He is Love in Person! (It was a wonderful experience beyond my words to sufficiently describe; He flooded me with His love as I felt His loving presence in my room.) He did it Himself, no amount of nagging could accomplish that. And I'd have found the "believer's language" super weird before that.

      What about admitting that I'm a sinner in need of a Savior? All happened later on in due time as the Lord continued to lead me. But I'm sure now that He saved my life from eternal damnation in that very moment when He made Himself known to me personally suddenly and totally unexpectedly while I was alone in my room reading an esoteric garbage book (nonetheless).

      Imo the best thing to do when it comes to unsaved loved ones and friends -people in general- is prayer. Sharing the gospel of grace is vital but prayer should always accompany it. If prayer prepared the way and people are receptive great! But pls continue to pray for them plus always check in with the Lord for His prompts. If people reject your sharing of the gospel, thats even more reason to continue to pray and always trust the Lord to do the work! I totally agree with Pastor Tim Henderson when he said that prayer is the believer's greatest asset.

    8. Hi Nora,
      Thank you so much for your very thoughtful reply to my short anecdote about my wife's shutters on hearing the gospel for the countless number of times. Yes you are right, We can only plant seeds, but it is up to God to cause the seed to grow. I should remember that more often.

      And I was the same, when my mum used to try to bible bash me on a regular basis when I was in my teens & twenties. (albeit with a corrupted works based salvation message) I would completely reject anything to do with the Bible, Jesus, Heaven or Hell.

      But now with my new eyes, and new ears, and new Spirit, I can see how easy obtaining salvation really is. I just want people (my siblings, wife, parents and friends) to know, "hey, listen to this, it is not hard at all, all you need to do is believe on Jesus for your salvation, and you are saved, It's not as complicated as you might have heard being a Christian would be!"

      You just want to reach them, and say, "time is running out, jump in the ark, you don't need to give up your possessions, money, clothes, lifestyle if you don't want to, but please just believe on Jesus for your salvation, it is that simple"

      So I do agree with you Nora, I should just let God water and cause those seeds to bear fruit.
      Thanks sister for holding up a mirror to my behavior, it is always good to hear an alternative view which can cause us to re-evaluate how we perceive ourselves. Blessings sister.

    9. Jordan, I think I’m the same way with the feel of urgency that you’d love to see the people you care for safe and sound in the Lord’s arms as soon as possible. Watching how the world around us is rushing toward the tribulation period, there’s this urgency I can’t help but feel. The other thing is that the thought of my loved ones in hell and eternal suffering is totally unbearable (to put it lightly)!
      I think what the Lord’s been teaching me lately is that He got this. He gave me heart-warming and very comforting confirmations thru several Brothers and Sisters (different people mentioning that very topic) that He cares for the people we’re praying for deeply (as He wants them saved so much more than we do) and He really got this, we can trust and rest in Him in that regard too (just like in everything else). He encouraged me on the topic of the effectiveness of our prayers too.

      Speaking of encouragement… He encouraged me wonderfully through your testimony about that new fitting job He gave you, the awesome way He cares for His children indeed! I really needed to read about that. Thanks for sharing it&blessings to you too!

    10. Thanks for your prayers Lyn. What a blessing it is to have you and all the brethren here available to assist us all and lift us all up during our low moments. What a great day it will be, when we all get to meet up in the air and join our Savior in his wedding feast. Hopefully very soon.

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    1. Cheryl, I think the point is that it is a relationship not a religion. Religion is man attempts to get to God, but in fact, Christianity is God coming down and save us. Religion is do this do that, do do do.... Christianity is says it's already done.

      Also, I many need to look at my words, but the point is, I think the Holy Spirit can inspire us to write something, but don't take that to mean that it is the same thing as being God scripture. His songs are obviously not scripture, but I really do think our perfect God helped bring out these words through this imperfect man to impact a very hard to reach group of people at this critical time. God is pull out all the stops.

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    3. Yes the Holy Spirit would lead someone to say no to religion. You are tripping on the word, "damn" which means cursed. Institutionalized religion is cursed. Man made piety and works without grace are useless and damned. I hope that helps.

    4. Also if you listen to the song, it sounds as if he says, "dead" religion, not "damn" religion.

    5. And finally, in reference to his past behavior sensationalized in the media, do we not all have a "past"? The Bible refers to this as the "old self". I am so thankful Jesus saved me from who I was, sometimes even am. Now I've got a home in glory land that outshines the sun!

    6. Hillary from Unsealed put up a great little article on Kanye that is very thoughtful and ties directly to this conversation... I encourage you all to check it out! : )

    7. Brad, thanks. I've been missing Hillary. Her article has Paul reminding me, once again, that we are, as one again, EYEWITNESSES Philippians 1:18, Ecclesiastes 1:9, Revelation 22:13 , amazing and amen!

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    9. Brad, TY for sharing Hillary's take which at this point would mostly express my own take on this topic--albeit it was not something I was expecting be considering at this point in time. But apparently this has been brought front and center--not only to the attention of the BoC, but to the MSM and secular crowds as well. To see the Name of Jesus Christ spoken of on Late Night TV in a respectful tone was an amazing thing in itself. And what would be a better example of His Saving Power of Redemption being freely offered to this mess of a world than to use someone of this man's caliber in re to public notoriety and self-aggrandizement.

      I do know God's Word does not come back void and with Him all things are possible and He will use whom He will use to His purposes. I am so praying this man has truly been saved unto Jesus Christ because if he has, he could be used by God to move some tough mountains, but if he hasn't the forthcoming damage of such an influential platform could actually be worse for his followers than what his prior activities achieved. In light of such a controversial figure as Kanye West has been in the past and now has become so among the BoC, the best thing imo is to Pray first that another lost soul has been Redeemed just like the rest of us--by Grace through Faith in Jesus Christ's Finished Work on the Cross, then test the spirits as we are advised in to do in 1 John 4:1, paying attention to who is being lifted up more--Kanye or Christ. And with the angels, Rejoice Always for every lost sinner who truly calls upon the Name of Jesus!

    10. Thank you all for the good discussion.... Great input by all. Sheila, regarding your comment "paying attention to who is being lifted up more--Kanye or Christ" I can share a tidbit of a few things I have seen in the last day or so digging into this....

      1. On Jimmy Kimmel Kanye was asked... "So, are you a Christian Rapper now??" Kanye's answer as this.... "I am a Christian EVERYTHING now." (I just loved that!)
      2. On interview with a fairly contentions musician in which Kanye was getting push back on his support of Trump and pushback for being Christian.... the interviewer kept pushing backing asking him if He we AFRAID of losing fans, losing money, etc because of these "controversial" choices he was making with his career..... Kanye's answer" "I only fear GOD!" He said it over and over.... It was very revealing to me. Very geniuine and obviously where we should all start as we move from foolishness to wisdom ala Proverbs 9:10.

      Here is the link to the interview I mentioned... please watch it and let me know your thoughts!

    11. Listening to the above interview again... there is a moment early on with some bad language when referencing what other people are singing about, but at 12:20 in he talks about Fearing and Loving God... I guess I feel like I need to give a slight heads up, but he is being very genuine so I do encourage you to listen to the whole thing through.

    12. Brad, TY...I just finished watching that entire interview. The two striking things that KW said for me was that:
      1)He would have to go back over the interview to look at where it was in service to himself and where it was in service to Christ. (so there he is acknowledging a desire for his own spiritual growth by elevating our Lord and Savior).

      2) That it wasn't just the "culture" rejecting his proclamation of faith in Jesus Christ, but that the Christians were rejecting him as well. (which I assume is where the Pauline comparisons
      are coming from and from what I've seen so far across social media, the enemy is not willing to let go of such a useful tool so easily while many in the BoC are understandably quite guarded about the enemy's crafty infiltration.)

      One thing I saw was trying to compare KW to the "rich young ruler" of Matt.19:16 (i.e. ask him to give up all of that wealth and see if he still stands on his faith in Christ) but they stopped at verse 24 when they probably should've included Matt.19:25,26.

      So his sincerity imo seems to be there along with the conflicting complexities that surely exist in personalities "mobbed" by all of the aspects of fame, ill-gotten fortunes and publicity. But trusting God not only knows what He is doing, He knows what this man is doing and exactly how to use all of that which was meant for evil to bring about good, saving many more lives. (ex. Gen.50:20)
      Hopefully when it's all said and done, we'll not only be celebrating the Redemption of Kanye West, but of many more just like him:-) Blessings Brother, and Maranatha!

    13. Brad, thank you so much for sharing my article! This has been an eye-opening and sobering time as everyone weighs in on Kanye's conversion. I truly hope and pray it's genuine and I praise God that the gospel is being preached around the world. Another sign of the times. :)

      I'm looking forward to watching the interview you shared.

      I appreciate the conversation you're having here. I think this has been especially difficult because many feel caught between two sides...we want to rejoice that a sinner has been saved, and we want to be discerning so we are not deceived. And because we don't know the innermost heart, we don't exactly know which one is true in this case. Time will tell, but in the meantime, it's a wonderful opportunity to walk out the faith we claim with humility, sobermindedness, love and heaps of prayer. Because no one is too hard for God...not Saul, not a hopefully-former satanic & blasphemous worldly rapper named Kanye, and not me. All praise to God!

    14. Hi Hillary, I read your article linked here on FB and appreciate what you said that we all can hear and take heed regarding Kanye and others, those in our lives, and most of all our own hearts.

  4. This is tough with Kanye West to believe that someone could reach the lost in the manner that he is reaching them. I do have to say that I was one of those pop culture salvation... in the 70s and prior to that I was saved in a Seventh day Adventist college how ... While God moves in mysterious ways See PopCulture reporter .....when you look at the airplane full of choir members singing were kanye about Jesus you say can Hmm, the words used and so forth.... I know only the Lord sees their hearts so we must look for the fruit and buckle down, pray for each one of them... salvation total repentance name i!!!! Lord bless each of you as you wait on the Lord and minister to others

  5. In Holy Metaphor, As Usual, Our Lord, Speaking To Fishermen, Re-frames Something which their lives depend upon, daily, without thought, much like 'air', into Kingdom Light. Salt, nearly as common as dirt in mines, has specific properties, which allow it to preserve FISH, unlike dirt, or, powdered almonds, or ANYTHING else. Fishing Peoples deeply revere this fact. If such a village were ever cursed for their salt to lose this very unique 'power', it would be their deaths. Matthew 5:13, amen.

    For the 'saltiness' of salt to have ANY relevance to preserving the FISH, it must also be TOUCHING it. Dead Fish. Smelly, Dead Fish; all 153 of them, Maranatha!

    Brad, wow, thanks. As I was reading the thread, above, this rather cumbersome-looking container with at least a half-dozen squirrelly characters inside, eager to emerge, arrived; more on that later.

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  6. Great post, Brad, and thanks for sharing this encouraging news about Kanye. Those comments left by users on YouTube are so uplifting to see. I'm glad Kanye is doing work for the Kingdom.

    I'm definitely going to give his new CD a listen.

  7. There's great article by Sister Sherry in the FB – Disagreeing . . . Agreeably!
    And the reference in the Jaco's FB – Boris Johnson told to walk away on Oct 31 without a deal in poll– 'It's what we voted for'
    Quoting Sherry: "Love and be kind to your Brothers and Sisters, we’ll be together for Eternity." Amen!

    1. Thanks, All for those links! I especially appreciated what the Holy Spirit revealed to Sherry regarding this: "If the profession of faith is insincere, allow God to deal with it."

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    3. Oh Cheryl.... I am so sorry to hear this. My heart goes out to you and your precious son. I will pray for you. When our earthly fathers are destructive it is of great comfort to realize that Abba is our daddy. He is everything our earthly fathers have failed to be....and he will never leave us. I don't know your situation at all other than what you shared, but I want you to know that I do care. Speaking for others who have shared on these pages I know they do as well. Just say the word and we will pray.... doing so now.... : )

    4. Thank you Brad. That means a lot. You are a good man.

    5. Cheryl...praying for you and your son and for our Lord to neutralize the attacks by revealing Himself to your father. Hey...if He can save an extremely self-absorbed and notorious rap artist...right? One of the enemy's most proficient tactics against us is using those who are supposed to love us the most to hurt us the most, but Praise be to God, he's on a very short leash. The Blessings and Peace of Jesus Christ for you, Sister:-)

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    7. I see you deleted your comments, but wanted you to know I'm praying for you, Cheryl!

    8. Thank you so much. The last few days have been very peaceful. It’s always great to hear someone is praying for you.

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  9. 1)

    Kanye West must have taken a long, hard look at Joel Osteen's business model and decided that the 'Jesus business' is a pretty good business to be in. Perhaps you recall Joel selling tickets to his "revival show' for $850 apiece, the 'Your Best Life Now board game', and the endless runs on the New York Times best-seller list. So now Kanye West has launched his online shop where you can purchase very mediocrely-designed sweatshirts with matching pants for a mere $390 for the set.


    FT Joel Osteen invites Kanye West to attend Sunday Service at Lakewood Church in Houston. There's no date yet for West's visit to Lakewood and no word on whether Kim and the couple's four children will join him. The news about Osteen's invitation comes on the same day Kanye dropped his new album "Jesus is King."

    On one hand, if Kanye West has really become born again and gotten saved, then I applaud his efforts and give him massive amounts of grace as he begins walking with the Lord. But on the other hand, this whole thing with each passing day is beginning to look phonier and phonier, and if not a stunt, then it is almost certainly adding to the roster of the end times Laodicean Church. If Kanye is serious, we will be able to tell pretty quickly in his attitude towards his massive wealth.

    1. This has DECEPTION written all over this 'act'. This is a good way to usher in the SUNday service Laws for sure (part of the Noahide Laws on the books now).

      FALSE revival. FALSE convert (yes, only Father God knows a man's heart). Words and actions are deceiving.

      A great poster boy to help the pope/ FP and ac get people warmed to musical SUNdays, no doubt.

      God, Jesus, King, Heaven, Christian are general, non-specific terms. The demonic will use every "good" word there is to DECEIVE. The Father of Lies is laughing his tail off.


      Kim Kardashian West on Kanye Sunday Service, Health, Grief | The View
      5min -

      C'mon guys. 

  10. Are you a Berean? Do you search out answers scripturally? Do you understand that every story has two sides & that it pays to look at both to come to a balanced conclusion? Do you pray to not be deceived by the enemy in this present spiritual battle we fight? Then I hope you'll read this to be informed about what's going on:-

  11. I was just thinking about something and I want to share it...…

    So many people seem so QUICK to discount a potential miraculous conversion to something from the evil one. Why is it easier for you to believe that this is all DECEPTION rather than SALVATION?

    Why do so many Christians assume evil is at work rather than assume God at work??
    Why is it easier to believe that is all must be a lie or a ploy rather than the truth straight from The Truth?

    Who has more power after all? God or Satan? Good or Evil?
    We KNOW the answer. We should start living like it! When an apparent good thing happens why do we not instantly REJOICE rather than look for reasons to undercut it?

    Jesus Saves... that. is. what. He. does.
    So why in the world are we so surprised when He actually does it?

    This whole not taking something good at face value and first believing it was from God reeks of what Jesus was talking about in Matthew 12:22-35. Not calling anyone a Pharisee, just saying that same error can creep into us 'religious folks' if we are not careful.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. All good points. thanks for sharing. As for the CDs, I don't think it's all that simple. Usually the record company has control over CD sales...not sure if he can pull the plug, certainly least instantly. As for past behavior, from what I heard in the several interviews there are often instances of repentance, remorse, recognition of past sins. In some of these songs he talks about it actually. That is not an easy thing to do in front of the whole world, yet he is doing it. How many of us would go on TV and be willing to repent in front of how many people... yet he is certainly trying in my view.

      We must give him and God time. I am sure he will slip up at some point. I know I did. BUT remember this.... Legalism says, clean yourself up so you can become a Christian.... but the truth is we must become a Christian first in order to get cleaned up. Give him time, trust God and praise God for all the eyes that are being opened right now!

    3. Yesterday, I read your thoughts and comments, Brad and I felt a sense of excitement! Why - because the name of Jesus is getting out! Loudly. Boldly. I also enjoyed that young man's video, too. I already had listened to a David Benjamin video talking about Kanye and so, really, I was more open about Kanye. I haven't listened to this song ... maybe I will do that now - I was surprised at how softly his voice sounded. I didn't like the ending, tho, coz the background noise was jarring to me.
      I saw a clip of him today on TMZ and he has that sweatshirt on, "Jesus Is King". Now, how many celebrities do you know who would wear this? Speak publicly while wearing it? Anyone?
      Yesterday, TMZ said Joel Olsteen invited Kanye to his church. And, I thought - good! Maybe someone will "hear the gospel" and believe on Christ! Maybe they would never hear Kanye, otherwise. Maybe many will believe in who Christ is, and the gospel of grace! Grace. Mercy. Love.
      Who else has this platform?
      I appreciated the comments above from "Now I Seek" as to Kanye and his background. He surly must have his hands full, alone, in being in the Kardashian family. Yet, who knows, maybe they have been gracious and accepting of his views ...
      I am more worried about deception within the church and on YT, or of anyone I know who says they are a Christian ... Grace is "danced around" and "works" marches in and slays what the cross means. It is the finished work of Christ and nothing we do can get us in that door ... Because, Christ is that door to enter in to Heaven. Not our changed habits, our good deeds, our reading the Bible, etc ... It is only - what do we believe about God's Son, Jesus Christ? Have we seen ourselves as a sinner who needs saving? That this salvation is ONLY through Jesus Christ? He paid the price and God accepted him as the perfect sacrifice. Our righteousness of whatever it is we may think we have ... is as filthy rags in God's mind. It is the blood of Jesus and nothing less ...

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. G'day, Family, Blessings. Wow, the Game is afoot, now, surely. Whilst we peel away the details and attempt to discern what Our Lord Is Up To and how we can pray and come alongside His Works, one other detail merits mention. Obviously, Our Lord, Father and Spirit can Redeem Every Spec Of Kingdom In This And Are Not Taken By Surprise at any of this, amen.

    On the other hand, IF Kanye's tale is authentic, we are wise to recall our own Walks To Emmaus and the wandering paths and dead ends we've encountered AFTER inviting Jesus To Be Our Guide. Odd doctrines, dry spells, foolish bunny trails or worse litter our paths, as shared here, as we've continued our personal Wise Men's Journeys after being saved. In like manner, it only would make sense that a figure such as Kanye would immediately come under every form of attack and mis-direction possible. Merchandizing, in the Temple, an old sin, common in such parts, eh? Surely, the Enemy and his minions will work to co-opt Kanye's move, while also working to kill, steal and destroy it. We are warned that Angels of darkness parading as angels of light are afoot, so it is also wise to heed 'CiD's take. Hold fire, powder dry, keep an eye on things and your prayer muskets at the ready, 2 Corinthians 10:4, Maranatha!

    1. I concur, Brother. Our Lord was working some kinks out of me as I worked at trying to discern the intentions of someone whom I've always seen as another evil bane on the minds of our children. But if I'm gonna accept as a fact Salvation by Grace alone through Faith as a Gift of God for myself, I must be willing to extend same until proven different, or join in with the legalistic self-righteous crowd--which I can't/won't do. We're living in drastic times here at the end of days and while deception is at an all-time high requiring us to constantly be armored up, so are the miraculous works of our Redeemer who goes before us. As far as I know, we are still in the stage of His coming not to condemn the world, but to save it (John 3:17) And something like this issue of KW just gives me even more hope and more fuel in praying for all of my lost loved ones, for all of yours and for the lost in general:-) All to the Glory of God!

    2. Jimboni and Sheila, you both have said it all. I've been so blessed by your comments.

  13. Dear family, please excuse me to share an interesting post from T.W. Tramm - FB Page. Although it is an extensive text, very important for the decisive moment we are experiencing!

    THE BIBLE TEACHES that when Jesus returns it will be like the days of Noah:
    “As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man. For in the days before the flood, people were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, up to the day Noah entered the ark; and they knew nothing about what would happen until the flood came and took them all away. That is how it will be at the coming of the Son of Man” (Matt. 24:37-39).
    Just as people were caught off guard by the floodwaters in Noah’s day, they will be surprised when the Day of the Lord arrives suddenly.
    The element of surprise is not the only similarity between the Flood and Jesus’ return. Let’s consider some other parallels.

    At the Flood, the righteous escape God’s wrath by being lifted up in the Ark (Gen. 7:7).
    At the Rapture, the righteous escape God’s wrath by being caught up to heaven (Luke 21:36; Rev. 7:9).

    Noah’s Ark contained many rooms (Gen. 6:14).
    Heaven contains many rooms (John 14:2; Isa. 26:19, 20).

    The Ark had only one door by which one could enter (Gen. 6:16).
    Heaven has only one “door” by which one can enter, Jesus Christ (John 10:9).

    The Ark was built with three decks, or levels, inside (Gen. 6:16). Noah’s family would have been quartered in the upper, third, deck (Gen. 8:6).
    Scripture teaches there are three levels to heaven (2 Cor. 12:2). The third level, God’s dwelling place, is where the raptured saints will be quartered during the Tribulation.

    The Book of Jasher records how Noah was ignored when he warned of God’s impending judgment (Jash. 6:17-20).

    Those who today warn of God’s impending judgment are similarly ignored.

    The Flood destroyed all living flesh on earth (Gen. 7:21).
    Jesus says that if the coming days of wrath were not shortened no flesh would survive. Thankfully, for the elect’s sake, those days will be shortened (Matt. 24:22).

    Noah was 600 years when the Flood began (Gen. 7:6).
    According to God’s six (thousand-year) “day” plan of redemption, fallen humanity will be 6,000 years old when the Day of the Lord begins.

    After Noah and his family boarded the Ark, the door was shut (Gen. 7:13, 14, 16).
    According to the Parable of the Virgins, after the wise virgins enter into the wedding, the door will be shut (Matt. 25:10).

    LET US IN!
    The Book of Jasher records how, once the flood-rains began, the people outside the Ark cried out to be let in—but they were not let in (Jash. 6: 18, 21, 24).
    In the Parable of the Virgins, those locked out of the wedding cry out to be let in—but they are not let in (Matt. 25:10-12).

    After the Flood, Noah and his family returned to a decimated earth to begin anew (Gen. 9:1, 7).
    After God’s final wrath is complete, the raptured saints will return to a decimated earth to begin anew (Rev. 19:11-16).

      At Noah’s Flood it’s believed the earth’s crust slipped around its molten core, altering the latitudinal position of the land masses. That a tilting of the globe, or “pole shift,” occurred during the Flood is supported by passages in the extra-biblical Books of Enoch and Jasher and by ancient traditions from cultures worldwide—from the Chinese, to the Greenland Eskimos, to the Zulu of South Africa—about the world being turned upside down at the time of a great deluge.
      Physical evidence of a pole shift accompanying the Flood consists of fossilized plants and animals found at latitudes at which they don’t belong. Also, misaligned magnetic orientations in lava flows around the globe indicate that the continents changed positions at a time of extreme seismic upheaval like that which would have occurred at the Flood.
      That a pole shift is set to occur in the future, at the Day of the Lord, is supported by Bible passages that describe the heavens receding like a scroll, “every” mountain and island being moved from its place, roaring seas and strange tides, and the earth reeling to and fro like a drunkard (Luke 21; 25, 26; Ps. 46:2, 3; Rev. 6:14; Isa. 13:13; 24:1, 19, 20).
      In the case of the future pole shift we, again, find traditions or counterfeit prophecies that mimic the biblical narrative: From cultures and religions as diverse as the Hopi and Islamic, to psychics and seers like Edgar Cayce and Nostradamus, it’s believed the earth a will, once more, be turned upside down. Nostradamus purportedly predicted the cataclysm would occur in October.

      With all of the above in view, it’s interesting to note that Noah’s Flood began in October/November, corresponding to the biblical month of Cheshvan and a dark holiday celebrated around the world—Halloween.
      A common belief is that Halloween, also known as All Saints Day or the Day of the Dead, has its origins in the pagan practices of the Druids and Celts. The Celtic festival Samhain, which comes from the Old Irish for “summer’s end,” marked the end of the harvest season and the darker half of the year.
      Samhain was seen as a time when the boundary between the physical and spiritual world was thinner and spirits or fairies could more easily traverse the realms. The visiting spirits, thought to be degraded versions of ancient gods, had to be appeased to ensure that people and livestock survived the winter. Thus food, drink, or portions of crops were left outside as offerings.
      A hint that Halloween’s roots go back even further than Samhain, however, is the fact that ancient cultures radically distinct from one another—from the Aztecs to the Egyptians and Persians—maintain similar traditions about a “day of death” and departed spirits at the same time of year. Thus many Christian scholars conclude that the annual autumn celebration, known by different names and celebrated in various ways around the world, is, in fact, a sort of morbid memorial to those who perished during the Flood of Noah.
      That Halloween pays homage to the wicked destroyed in Noah’s day sheds a revealing light on this macabre holiday and explains its exploding popularity as we near the day of Jesus’ return.
      “As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man.”

    2. NOTES:
      1. The Book of Jasher, purported to be about the same age as the Book of Genesis, is one of thirteen ancient “history books” that are recommended reading by the Bible. Scripture cites Jasher in Joshua 10:13, 2 Samuel 1:18, and 2 Timothy 3:8.
      2. NOAH’S WARNINGS IGNORED: “And the sons of men…came unto Noah unto the ark…And they called to Noah saying, Open for us that we may come into the ark...And Noah…answered them from the ark saying, Have you not all rebelled against the Lord, and said that he does not exist? Is this not the thing that I spoke to you of one hundred and twenty years back, and you would not hearken to the voice of the Lord?” (Jasher 6:17-20).
      3. LET US IN: “And they called to Noah saying, Open for us that we may come to thee in the ark…that we may live and not die…And the sons of men approached in order to break into the ark, to come in on account of the rain, for they could not bear the rain upon them…And the Lord sent all the beasts and animals that stood around the ark. And the beasts overpowered [the men]…and drove them from that place, and every man went his way” (Jasher 6:18, 21, 24, 25).
      4. Extra-biblical support for a pole shift at the Flood:
      The Book of Enoch,* cited in the New Testament in the Book of Jude (1:14-15), speaks of the earth becoming “inclined”:
      “In those days [just before the Flood] Noah saw that the earth became inclined, and that destruction approached. Then he lifted up his feet, and went to the ends of the earth, to the dwelling of his great grandfather Enoch. And Noah cried with a bitter voice, hear me; hear me; hear me; three times. And he said, tell me what is transacting upon earth; for the earth labours, and is violently shaken. Surely I shall perish with it” (Enoch 64:1-3).
      The Book of Jasher describes the “whole earth” being moved violently and the sun being darkened:
      “And on that day [as Noah finished loading the ark], the Lord caused the whole earth to shake, and the sun darkened, and the foundations of the world raged, and the whole earth was moved violently, and the lightning flashed, and the thunder roared, and all the fountains in the earth were broken up, such as was not known to the inhabitants before” (Jasher 6:11).
      The sun going dark could be the result of an eclipse or a sudden tilting of the globe.

    3. 5. Physical Evidence for a pole shift at the Flood:
      Fossils unearthed around the globe indicate that each current terrain was once inhabited by plants and animals of a much different climate. Rand and Rose Flem-Ath discuss this phenomenon in their book, When the Sky Fell:
      “All the continents that experience rapid and massive extinctions of animal species (notably the Americas and Siberia) underwent massive changes in their latitudes…Coral has been found in Newfoundland, ferns, fossils, coal and fossilized tree-stumps have been found in Antarctica, water lilies and fossilized palm leaves ten and twelve feet long have been found in Spitzbergen, there is evidence that the swamp cypress flourished within 500 miles of the North Pole in the Miocene epoch, and more. The evidence is overwhelming that the Poles have not covered the same parts of the planet for the entire extent of our geological history.
      University of New Mexico Professor Frank V. Hibben’s description of what is found near the top of the globe may be explained by a pole shift, rapid freezing, and a catastrophic flood:
      “In many places, Alaskan muck is packed with animal bones and debris in trainload lots. Bones of mammoths, mastodons, several kinds of bison, horses, wolves, bears and lions tell a story of a faunal population. Within this frozen mass lie the twisted parts of animals and trees intermingled with lenses of ice and layers of peat and mosses. It looks as though in the midst of some cataclysmic catastrophe of ten thousand years ago the whole Alaskan world of living animals and plants was suddenly frozen in mid-motion like a grim charade. Twisted and torn trees are piled in splintered masses. At least four considerable layers of volcanic ash may be traced in these deposits, although they are extremely warped and distorted.”
      For more on pole shift see chapters 5 and 10 of The Coming Days of Awe.
      6. According to the Book of Enoch, the wicked spirits who harass and torment humanity today are the spirits of Nephilim, or giants—the hybrid offspring of fallen angels and human women mentioned in Genesis 6—who were destroyed in the Flood.
      7. Miscellaneous facts about Cheshvan, the month of Noah’s Flood:
      • Noah and family boarded the Ark on Cheshvan 17 and disembarked the vessel a year later on Cheshvan 27 (Gen. 7, 8).
      • The First Temple was completed by Solomon in Cheshvan, though it was not inaugurated until the following Tishrei.
      • Cheshvan marks the beginning of the rainy season in Israel. The rains beginning in Cheshvan have eschatological significance as Scripture compares Jesus’ coming at the end of the age to the autumn rains: “His going forth is prepared as the morning; and he shall come unto us as the rain, as the latter [spring] and former [autumn] rain unto the earth” (Hos. 6:3).
      • In Jewish mysticism, each month is linked to a letter of the Hebrew alphabet. Cheshvan is linked to the letter nun. The numeric value of the letter nun is 50. In Scripture, the number 50 is associated with the Jubilee, or year of redemption, and denotes fullness or completion.
      • Cheshvan is the eighth month. Eight is a number of new beginnings in Scripture. All Israelite males were to be circumcised on the eighth day (12:3). The removal and discarding of flesh foreshadows the spiritual circumcision, “the putting off of the body of the sins of the flesh,” one undergoes upon entering into a relationship with Christ. Ultimately, circumcision points to the putting off of one’s temporal flesh at the resurrection (Col. 2:11; 1 Cor. 15:52)

    4. Once again I apologize!


    5. Jeova, No apologies needed a blessing to read your post. Just yesterday there was a picture of a couple getting married up in northern California, wearing a mask with a beautiful fire sunset. I pondered on the words of Jesus in the days of Noah.... what similarities we see. Everything is upside down inside out. Many of our brothers and Sisters have physical strugglesand or financial woes as well as an aching heart for lost family members. I am reminded by the Holy Spirit to keep in prayer and to pray for those that are lost ....nights are somewhat sleepless. Praying for you Alla, and the spouses of many who are not saved.There are so many fires out here and schools are shut down, power off for many..We pray for the lost that eyes would be opened and they would hear the voice of God calling them out of the darkness into the light. Maranatha

    6. Amen Jehová! And all Fam for great thoughts! Thank you VeeBee and all Fam for your prayer! Praying for you always. I need it very much now. I'm alone with the Lord, there're only my hubby, son and Dad with me, many friends and relatives keep silent now, but I preached to all of them, they also have many problems. Having always pains, reading your posts and study Bible. We are very near, I have so feeling, but don't have dreams from the Lord. Blessings to all! Come Lord very quickly!

    7. Sorry, I mean Jeová. You will have reward for your work in the Lord! Amen!

    8. I do think God is using Kanye to reach young people. The world was different when I was growing up. I can’t imagine how awful it is for young people being told the earth only has 12 yrs left and all that other bilge. Now, with social media, bullying of teens can go on around the clock. I’m so grateful to God for saving me first of all and, of course, at the perfect time as a suicidal 15 yr-old. Young people need to be reached and if this is the way God has chosen, it’s fine with me. Hollywood will not reward Kanye and may persecute him but his reward in Heaven will be great. As long as the Glorious Gospel of Christ is preached, it doesn’t matter which vessel our Sovereign God chooses to use. Remember Paul when he was Saul. Maranatha !

    9. Amen and Amen Archangel,Will pray for Kanye grow in the Lord. ...We serve a mighty God ... and He is mighty to Save ... Let us pray for the Lost .. Sltill windy in Southern California with fire's moving at a rapid pace... at least there's electricity today..Praying for you all to ontinue to draw close to our Savior and keep strong in the power of His might.

    10. VeeBee, Amen and blessings to you. My brother lives in Glendale so CA is never far from my mind. I feel like a magnet that Jesus is pulling closer and closer to Him as the event approaches. I feel such excitement at the thought of being in the Presence of the Lord ! Can you just imagine how that’s gonna feel ? I might faint.

    11. Archangel good reminder for me at this time.. Glendale ...lived there for a bit... Heaven ... no fire there cant imagine what it I'll be like to se My Savior there is the fire about 10 miles from our house ... big's burned about 4000 acres in the past 3 hours. I was calling out to God ....OK Lord ..Isnt it our time to leave Earth I'm ready to go up.
      In the meantime I keep waiting and praying for those that are affected by the fire as you know the evacuationsand the bewilderment that surfaces. So many rumors of war...Israel w o a government ..the earthquakes, fires and Political strain. I see that the senate voted 53:47 for the P TOS .. Horrific laws past for the no gender education... All is not well... Archangel as a song goes ....Whatever the lot thou has taught me to is well with my soul.
      By Audrey Sssad It is well with my Soul...

    12. Blessings VeeBee. I knew it would get really bad just before Jesus harpazos us out of here and it’s bad. The abominable things being taught to children in school is evil. Trying to corrupt innocent children is heinous. I read Jay Inslee wants Soylent Green is People to be true by spreading remains of dead people on crops !!! We can’t trust even food ! No wonder I drink rooibos tea all day. They want to make us all cannibals. Oh, Lord Jesus, please come quickly!
      And there are several actors I have been praying for awhile now. Sending prayers up to Heaven for them because there might not be anyone else praying for them, so I will do it.

  14. This seems like a strange time for an Israeli Embassies to be shutdown on a global scale in a "strike over a pay dispute". So while Israel not only finds itself "without a. king", it also finds itself without any ongoing diplomacy at a moment in time that appears to be a volatile peak in geo-political hostilities incl. submarine missiles being tested, hypersonic and otherwise by both Russia and N.K . What's even stranger to me is that this apparently is not that big a deal or all that newsworthy.

    Meanwhile scientists have discovered that mankind's belief in "evil" is actually rooted in their fear of disease and that's just what they came up with to explain that. Wow...seems like they are overlooking a whole lot of other "portents" of evil...otherwise know as SIN and mankind's God-less and fallen state of being that is quickly coming to it's ugly fruition.

    Here in Austin, it was a sad day to see that AISD totally ignored the frantic outrage of parents as they unanimously approved new course material for 3rd grade thru middle schools to encourage their children to engage in unhealthy, dangerous and perverse sexual activity while supporting abortion and the LGBTQ and P community. They are grooming our children to accept being victimized by sexual perverts as a perfectly "normal" part of their little lives. And this is an "elected" School Board infiltrated with sick degenerates that are apparently everywhere now. It's so very sickening and we so need Jesus Christ to come quickly for the sake of these kids. Maranatha!

  15. Now I See, I see that you took your comment down and I was so disappointed. I would have commented sooner, but my husband had to have eye surgery suddenly because of retinal tears and I can only comment from my home computer. Dear brother, I was really amazed at your testimony and believed every word. It was so well written and heart felt, giving all the glory to God. If you feel led to post again, I think it would be well received. I think it just got buried in all the commenting and was missed by many. Much love to you and yours. Looking forward to meeting you - soon! Maranatha!

    Miguel and Jordan, praying for strength and endurance in your unimaginably difficult situations and for your wives and families to wake up from their stupors and realize they need a Savior. Holy hugs to you, brothers.

    Jeova' - thanks as always for posting T.W. I don't know how I missed that and I had just been to FB! It was a good read. You are a blessing to me.

    Alla - many prayers, as always. You inspire me. I am care giving once again and when we got my husband's diagnosis and the nurse kept saying, "You have great SUPPORT," to my husband, meaning me, I have to admit after the 3rd time she said that I just couldn't hold it in and starting sobbing. I have so longed to be taken care of myself after so many years and different people, but after a few hymns to my beautiful Jesus, I was in a place of peace, able to smile and even laugh while humoring my husband to stay positive as we lean on the Master Caretaker through one more trial - hopefully the last. Maranatha!

    On the KW thing, I'm wondering how many of us have actually listened to the songs? I finally got a chance to listen to four songs and was totally blown away. I sent the link to this website to my family and my 31 year old said the song Selah was "a fantastic and welcomingly surprising and moving listen."
    I played it for my husband, who doesn't really even like music and he liked it, too (especially for the message). The scriptures mentioned on that song and the whole thing made me tear up. My son said it made him fist pump. But, as I played for my husband (we are in our mid sixties), it dawned on me that my husband doesn't like a lot of music because he can't understand the words. But, by using a Rapper, God made sure most of the words can be clearly made out. Roman roads, anyone???

    Everyone has already been warned. IMO, this is a last ditch plea from an amazingly long suffering, merciful Creator. Let's pray many, many hear it and respond with a soft and open heart. Maranatha!

    And thank you, Brother Brad, for posting this. Had I been running this blog and seen all the hype, I'm not sure I would have. And thank you, family. Had we not had all this discussion, I may not have passed it on to all those I know and love. But for the grace of God, go I. Maranatha! Let's fly soon!!!

    1. Shelley B, I would have cried too ...
      I feel the same as to Brad sharing this topic on Kanye along with including a
      variety of links, and in his comments along the way. I wasn't paying any attention to Kanye beforehand except in listening to a video David Benjamin did on Kanye.
      Today, I started watching the interview with Big Boy TV. And, last night, I noticed a James Corden, "Kanye West Airpool Karaoke" video in my feed. He hitches a ride on Kanye's plane with his gospel choir. James is funny to begin with ... This morning, at breakfast with my sister and bro-in-law I brought up Kanye, asking if they had heard about Kanye. No. I said he is a born-again Christian. He believes in Jesus (or, I said in Christ, anyhow, something). I showed them the Jim Corden video and they watched for a minute or so. My bro-in-law handing the phone back to me, saying the choir has started ... I also talked a bit on Kim K. on "The View", answering a question about Kanye (also in my feed), and how she was clear in what she said. I mentioned Jimmy Kimmel too and his saying, "Jesus is King" as to Kanye's album (which someone said somewhere).
      So, we have Kim K., his wife, in her own way, as I see it anyway, giving the gospel ... at the very least, food for thought, a seed planted.

  16. Excerpts from KW's song "Hands On":

    What have you been hearin' from the Christians?
    They'll be the first one to judge me
    Make it seem like nobody love me
    I'm not tryna lead you to Visas
    But if I try to lead you to Jesus
    We get called halfway believers
    Only halfway read Ephesians
    Only if they knew what I knew, uh
    I was never new 'til I knew of
    True and living God, Yeshua
    The true and living God
    (Somebody pray for me)

    I deserve all the criticism you got
    If that's all the love you have, that's all you got
    To sing of change, you think I'm joking
    To praise His name, you ask what I'm smoking
    Yes, I understand your reluctancy, yeah
    But I have a request, you see
    Don't throw me up, lay your hands on me
    Please, pray for me

    1. Thank you for sharing JS!!!! Here is the link to the song!

    2. JS, that l you for sharing these words to Kanye's song. I had listened to his album here a second time while doing dishes and finished just before the "Hands On" song. I like his "Water" song.

    3. Sorry, "thank you".

      And, Miguel, you warmed my heart.

  17. Thank you so much Shelley for your kind words and support. I'm sorry I deleted my testimony, I was worried what people might think as it was so unusual. (It took me 4 years before I told my wife about everything and she was the first to know - mainly because I was worried about the implant and thought it might have a microphone and hear everything I said, and I didn't want to endanger her. I lived in fear for so long ...right up to when I was saved. Now at last I feel true peace ..and safety!)

    The testimony - I've never shared this in public before, but about 10 years ago I was being mind controlled. Though I didn't know it at the time, I was in a state of deep hypnosis and was obeying the commands of my handler.

    Earlier that year, I'd left my wife and moved abroad to work with my business partner. I'd recently started waking up to the evils of the world and had got involved in new age ideas, thinking that this kind of spiritual awakening could overpower the darkness in the world. I was very against the bible, thinking it was all part of religion and mind control, ironically.

    I trusted this business partner totally, though I started to realize that things weren't right. I felt like I was losing myself. Finally when I asked myself whether I could trust this guy, it was like a spell had been broken, time stopped and the truth flooded in. I realized I had been mind controlled and was in a dangerous situation.

    The next day, I went to this private dentist to have my wisdom teeth taken out. This appointment had been booked weeks earlier. As I was still shaken up, I was not thinking clearly and when I got back to my apartment I realized the dentist had put an implant in my jaw - which I can still feel to this day.

    Then I realized that every single person I knew in this foreign country was an associate of my business partner, including the dentist. My naivety had got me surrounded by evil people. I was trapped and I have strong reasons to believe that my life was in immediate danger and I was about to be sacrificed in some kind of ritual. (There is a lot more to this, but I'll keep it short.)

    I broke down completely and prayed to God for the first time in my life for help. Through a series of miracles I escaped the country and thankfully my wife took me back.

    I continued to seek the truth and just at the perfect time in my life years later, I read the gospel, believed it, accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior and prayed to God for forgiveness for my sins. I realized afterwards that it was EXACTLY 7 years to the day after I had first prayed to God for help to escape. (A massive wink from my father).

    I believe Kanye was also totally mind controlled, though a few years ago he started to come out from his programming. This is when the media portrayed him as having a breakdown and he was sent back to a clinic for rehab i.e more mind control.

    Perhaps in those moments of clarity, he knew about the darkness and danger he was in and cried out to God for help. And having made that first contact of his own freewill, God then worked in Kanye's life and brought him to where he is today.

    I am with you Brad. I believe that Kanye has been saved. And if this is true, he, like me, is forever grateful for being rescued from the darkness. Praise God for his love and mercy.

    And much love to all my brothers and sisters here on this site. Maranatha!

    1. Thank you for reposting this.... God is good! He is soo sooo sooooooo GOOD!

    2. Now I See , Along with others I thank you for posting your testimony again. I did get a chance to read it and got distracted n did not respond completely. God shead his mercy on you into lifted you out and up ....what a blessing you are to all. I thank you thank you When I look at my life s begining, scarey ... in an orphanage until the age of 4 going to a Foster home getting adopted and not the greatest childhood . Yet Lord protected me and there were some awful sets a bags that went with me. But I praise God delivered ...set me free out of the Kingdom of darkness and into the Kingdom of light. I am reminded of the strongholds that the enemy places on many. And as we are in barking on these last nano seconds of our existence on Earth, we see others controlled by a horrific evil stance. Along with you NIS., I will pray for KW and many others Maranatha

    3. Thank you VeeBee. Praise God He kept you safe during your childhood. We hear too many terrible stories about what goes on in some foster homes and orphanages. He set you free and now you are a shining light. I pray we are in the last nano seconds of our existence here on Earth ...I am sooooooo ready to go! And Amen Brad, God is good! Soooooooooooooooo GOOD!

  18. Family, Blessings. It occurs to me, amazing no one has mentioned. remember that earlier Thread, ages ago, "The Year of the MOUTH and BIRTHING"? OK, now I know this is a tough on, pause, a moment, and capture THIS thread with THAT headline, still works, no? Maranatha! :)

  19. Family, Blessings and Prayer Alert and a head's up. Todd @ITISFINISHED just put up a very short vid addressing his ending his channel, atm, as his personal life conflicts are overshadowing the focus on Christ. Birth Pains, without doubt, as things in the Delivery Room speed up and I pray that Our Lord's Will Unfold Quickly and that Todd be Strengthened and Clearly Led, amen.

    1. That video of Todd's was apparently taken down judging by some comments. This has been a day for some weird news stories. Aside of all Israeli embassies shutting down, I caught this story from @i24 NEWS English on the Mass Causality Emergency Response exercise in Jerusalem on 10/29/19 and what was interesting was their stated goal of "Order out of Chaos". A lot of stuff seems to be going on over there right now as they go on high alert and the Iranian threat intensifies while they acknowledge that the U.S. cannot be counted on.

      There's also some heads up things pointing to something in Seattle for 11/3 as they reportedly will be performing another mass casualty drill on 11/2-11/3. That number seems to be popping up in some strange places, even in the Mucinex Cold and Flu "Zombies" Ad as the highlighted address of the house being approached by the walking dead on Halloween which ends with the words Wake Up Humans. Sunday night on ABC, the TV show "The Rookie" concerns an incoming Nuclear Ballistic Missile alert to L.A., CA on 11/3 at 11:30.

      An article @Zerohedge talks about ISIS acknowledging Al-Baghdadi's death and naming their new leader while the U.S. braces for revenge attacks and that hero dog involved in his take down has garnered lots of media intention today. @julian t YTC points to what he believes is a reference to that dog in conjunction with a predicted terror attack in the iPet Goat II video.

      It definitely feels like "something wicked this way comes" as Draco is set to sweep it's tail around Polaris and Russia is testing their missiles in the Arctic. Praying it's just about time for us to be going go Home and the world's 113 will be our 311 (as in Rev.3:11). Praise God for our Blessed Hope!
      Blessings and Maranatha!

      * @Shaking My Head Productions has some interesting info, but a long vid at over 2 hrs.
      "A Perfect Storm--November 3 Alpha - 113 - 311 - 88 - Outta Time" from 10/28/2019.
      *@TM Films YTC last few vids pointing to 11/2-11/3 and Seattle as well.
      "At least 2 CONFIRMED Seattle Mass Casualty Drills/ Sat 11/2/19

    2. Thank you Sheila, a great summary of all the events converging over the next week. I think many of us feel in the spirit that something wicked is coming, and of course we pray that this is the catalyst for our swift escape.

      Coming from the new age scene, I sometimes sneak back into enemy territory to see if I can gather any intel, especially in regard to the channelings they receive from fallen angels. Yesterday, a new age lady received a message ...not surprisingly on halloween, that said the uprisings around the world are part of 'the awakening of humanity' (More likely it is the controlled demolition of the old world order so they can bring in the new.) The deceiving spirits said that what was next, was a 'disclosure of secrets that one cannot possibly imagine' that would leave in its wake 'untold devastation'. 'The world will be in such a place of turmoil due to the discoveries ...that the ultimate move into positioning of light has to occur' so the event can 'sail smoothly through'. (New agers are waiting for an ascension event which I believe is really the rapture). It could be just another lie, but it is something to look out for.

      And what it all means I'm not sure! Perhaps full 'alien' disclosure? ...Sheila or Jimboni can you decode the message?

      I just also want to thank you Sheila for all your comments on this site. You have really blessed me with your insight, perseverance and love.

    3. Now I See,

      If you haven't already read this one, check out this article from Greg Lauer posted back in December 2018, The Event.

      Looking up!

    4. Now I See, Blessings. I absorbed your post before it went down and am glad to see it back. While 10/22 'came and went', Jupiter now well about departing amidst Ophiuchus' feet, I must say that it seems a shift occurred, tangible, even while still in the midst of it. Your post, Todd's up then down vid, and several other similar, over the past week, or so, with deep sharing and, generally, an Honoring Of Our Lord For Past, rather Epic, Redemptions or bringing to light deep struggles in the spirit at hand, now. As with any survivor of such, your journey is both, ofc. I praise Our Lord Christ for your path and may it remind us all that we, too, walk about in a world with a Grand Master always working to do the very same things to each of us, daily, as we simply go about. May our serpent wisdom guard and guide our prayers and our paths, amen.

      Sheila or Jimboni can you decode the message?

      Well, don't think I've ever alluded to my own period in Eastern New Age waters in my late teens, early twenties. In short, like the news headlines more and more, the only one more eager for Harpazo, than you, is the Enemy. He sets up many, many things, here, and we wonder, 'why the delays, over and over?' when, the catalyst, is Harpazo, all along. The Enemy is in the Domino Erecting business. New Age deception is a large part of that to secure the human capital, the prize. Harpazo is pre-accounted for in many ways depending upon the lines of thought in that stream of deception.

      One core concept, emerging form Karmic/Higher consciousness, Buddhist-type streams, is that Christianity is a net, yes, a net, set up by the Higher Mind to 'catch' those still trapped in 4D thinking and not yet ready to ascend. Among the final stages of mankind's transition to the Golden Next Age, will include the instant, spiritual removal of these hindering souls from the world, allowing them a separate path for their ascension, in a time of great chaos, both sundering away form the restraining, yes restraining, dampener on Human Spiritual Evolution (Us), while also burning away any last 'love of the world' to allow for 'surrender and ascension'. So intuitively sound, no?

      ...and we wait, as we Watch, while we, Wonder!

    5. Jeff yes I read that article, thank you. It is excellent and I believe Greg is spot on. As are you, dear Jimboni. The 'ascension event' is both the cover story and the catalyst for the final showdown.

      I hope we all get to meet at our true home soon. This life has been quite an adventure and we'll have so many stories to share ...and to think, the adventure has only really just begun. What we have to look forward to is beyond our wildest imagination :)

    6. Now I See...TY you for your kindness. Like Jimboni, I wanted to think over your testimony before responding, so I'm glad you decided to trust in your first instinct to share. I've always had enough healthy fear of the unknown in me to defend against the New Age stuff. I never did like the idea of meditation or freeing my mind up to any sort of supernatural influence even as a kid and for all the years before I came into relationship with Jesus Christ. I do have some general knowledge about it, though, and it seems that the whole idea is to seek the god in one's self. And I agree with Jimboni that the Holy Spirit filled BoC presently stands in the way of their attaining that enlightened "ascension" that in actuality will turn out to be a dark beyond dark "descension". I am just so thankful that you and others have come out of that and now belong to the True Light of the World.

      Re being implanted with a device, my little brother had a hip replacement done back in 2011 through his VA care at a hospital in Mobile, AL. and they put something in his thigh that is perfectly cylindrical in shape and about a 1/2 long. It has nothing to do with his hip surgery and can be clearly seen when he pinches up the skin around it. It's painless, but he is always aware of it and swears that it's some kind of experimental chip implant. He often talks about cutting it out himself, but is afraid of something weird or even toxic happening if he were to mess with it like that. He refuses to bring it up with the VA leery of what that might entail, but it bothers him a lot just knowing it's there. So for me, your testimony is certainly a viable one and thankfully, by the grace of God you escaped what sounds like a critical situation. I would also imagine that such micro-chipping is now being heavily implemented in all sorts of criminal enterprise and esp. the obscene crime of human trafficking. Blessings and Maranatha as we watch and wait, longing for the miracle of our Redemption!

    7. Jeff...Just finished Greg's article. Awesome as usual and have to admit his critique on those New Age excerpts...well...just glad I wasn't sipping on m' hot tea:-D TY for sharing and many Blessings, Brother! (missed sharing all those crazy World Series "winks", but it just wasn't there in that particular arena this year, I guess;-)

    8. Thanks for replying Sheila. I'm with you, I was always wary of opening myself up to any type of spirits (maybe HS guarding me?). I also wasn't into self worship, I had a pretty low self esteem ...and thankfully I couldn't meditate. I tried to empty my mind once and it wouldn't be quiet!

      Exploring the new age for me, was all about trying to understand why there was so much evil in the world and seeking a spiritual solution. Before my implant experience I began to understand about a coming new world order, and after that experience, I was researching mind control, which also led to transhumanism and nano-technology.

      I began think that perhaps humanity was being taken over and transformed by some kind of evil ancient alien race. (I wasn't far from the truth.) Until I became born again I couldn't see any hope for humanity. I was researching aliens, reincarnation, quantum physics, astral traveling and out of body experiences. There were so many rabbit holes and contradictions, it was like being stuck in a maze, yet I could never find a way out, for me ...and humanity.

      I was always searching day and night for the ultimate truth. One blessed day I found it. Jesus was the way, the truth and the life. There is hope for humanity :) (I do feel a little stupid now for not knowing that truth, but my mind was so closed against the bible.)

      I feel for your little brother. I've had the same thoughts as he had about removing the implant. But now I know, that as long as we are in Christ, we are safe ...regardless of anything they might try to put into us against our knowledge or consent. That goes for the mark of the beast too.

      If satan could forcibly implant (or inject?) the mark into everyone left behind, he would do it and there would be no beheadings of martyrs. The very fact that there are martyrs, and by beheading them satan is sending them into heaven and eternal life means that even forcibly putting in the mark against your freewill has no effect. Revelation 14:9 says whoever takes the mark AND worships the beast faces eternal damnation. So he must use his 2nd tactic, that is deceiving people into taking the mark through their own freewill. Sorry for the long reply!

    9. Now I See...I agree that the actual MotB will be received by choice--for many in a quest for power and for many others as a deceptive allegiance to self preservation. And most of us who've been drawn to our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus had to wade through a lot of mud and muck to get to His Living Water, but He knew all along we would be coming and He was right there waiting for us with Open Arms:-)

    10. Sister Sheila,

      Yeah, I didn't see too much jump out at me this World Series. Last year, there was this strange convergence of connections and messaging on 10/27.

      I will say that the Nationals overcoming the Astros, to me, sounds like a continuation of a theme that we saw with the Patriots overcoming the Rams earlier this year. More symbolism of the greater struggle between the wicked principalities versus the nations who hunger and thirst for freedom against tyranny/enslavement.

      Also, the MVP of last year's series is named Steven, and this year's named Stephen (crown-theme).

      Still waiting for our championship parade in the air...

  20. Archangel good reminder for me at this time.. Glendale ...lived there for a bit... Heaven .. to be at the feet of Jesus and behold the one who set me free...
    Alas there is the fire about 10 miles from our house y big's burned about 4000 acres in the past 3 hours. I was calling out to God ....OK Lord ..Isnt it our time to leave Earth I'm ready to go up.
    In the meantime I keep waiting and praying for those that are affected by the fire as you know the evacuationsand the bewilderment that surfaces. So many science the earthquakes fires and Political strain I see that the senate voted 53:47 for the P TOS .. Horrific laws past for the no gender education... All is not well... Archangel as a song goes ....Whatever the lot thou has taught me to is well with my soul.

    1. VeeBee...praying His protection for you and yours dear Sister. Now would sure be a good time for our Lord to call us up with the horrific situation that our Brethren in CA are all facing, but regardless we do know that no matter what, He's got us all in His Hands.
      Just watching @Logic BeforeAuthority's latest vid as he's keeping up with these fires and wow...try to check it out if you are able--titled "6 CA Fires, 6 Heavenly Stars: The 11/3 Event. TIME Changing. 4th age to 5 age." We are so close to getting snatched up outta here.
      Be Safe and Blessed, Sister:-)

    2. Sheila thank you.... will certainly check that out I just took a quick ride to the mountain that is on fire. One of our neighbors mentioned that there is vegetation on the bottom of the mountain a few of a condo or cherts and oranges with some oil pumps.Praying that its stops and if it does not God is still in control .. Ran into a bystanders on the road watching the fire ..... Let's see.. .. After I mentioned that there were so many disasters and that this was foretold in the word Jesus is coming....they quickly reminded me that every so often the earth changes and this is another change that we're going through.. I said with them time clock is Israel ... keep watch more prayer as we wait on the Lord

    3. Alice in Wonderland and The Professor

      VeeBee, and Family, Blessings. Once, some dear, extremely secular, friends (Sean and Paula, pray for their salvation) asked me to reconcile my logical, analytical mind with the fairy-tale substance of my Christianity. "Did you simply choose to set logic aside, for this area, for the benefits you find there?" was the heart of their quandary.

      Fumbling for my best apologetic response at this unexpected evangelistic moment, I sought to come at it from their perspective. Not recounting all the details here, but what HS Ultimately Led Me To, in the moment, was: The Scientific Method (SM) engages observation to make assumptions leading to hypothesis from which arise predictions. Models are built to test those predictions, and, if the predictions occur, and are repeatable, under various circumstances, then we say that the model has scientifically 'proven' that our hypothesis is, in fact, fact. So, when we see a model making a predictive argument, which ends up being valid, over and over, in innumerable circumstances, it is only LOGIC to then accept the premise as FACT.

      The very FACT of their inquiry, which I did not prompt nor invite, was one of an innumerable number of specific predictions in Scripture, 'scientifically' validating the whole: 1 Peter 3:15 !!!! If we are told to always be ready with an answer, an apologetic, it is because THEY WILL ASK: Case Closed.


      ...They will say, “Where is the promise of his coming? For ever since the fathers fell asleep, all things are continuing as they were from the beginning...

      ...and this is another change that we're going through...


    4. Ah, Yes , Jimboni, there within the blank inquiry by the dear friends is the absence of Wisdm. Without the fear of the Lord there is no wisdom. He is the Alpha and OMega the beginning and the end the first and the last. Countless times I have met folks that work in the scientific realm and when they seek to disprove God.. they find the Lord amongst the concepts and facts. The truth remains to be told ....are they ready to commit their lives to the one and triune God?
      Prayer for you and Scou . That you stay strong in the Lord and power of His might. Maranatha

    5. OK...I'm going to write that one down right now and stick it in my wallet! TY, Brother:-)

    6. Amen, Sheila B., Blessings. That one surely covers a LOT of ground, right there; yup, she's a keeper. Nice one, VeeBee, Maranatha!

  21. Brad,

    what you said above in a comment concerning Kanye and the dangers for believers falling into the trap of the pharisee's mindset, you spoke from my heart!!!!

    (Chati, you also spoke from my heart re what you said about grace-orientedness under that comment.)

    I've always been praying for the actors/singers I liked, one if them has been especially heavy on my heart lately.

    I remember what a sister said (sister Chelsi at the Chelsi Bedell YT channel, a pro-grace channel) in one of her videos it really touched my heart, she said that celebrities are people too and they need prayers as much as everyone else, they need to hear the gospel (the true gospel of grace) and the Lord wants them to be saved just like He wants that for everybody else.

    If someone needs a prayer it is the people trapped in the entertainment/show business and in the clutches of Hollywood which has one of the most (if not the most) toxic, detrimental and corrupt environments ever! They need to be freed from there!

    And Brad is right imo. Who is the stronger one, Satan or the Lord Jesus Christ?
    What if a celebrity is sold out to Satan? They can still be rescued from his clutches and they surely need all our prayers! Till they're breathing there's hope!

    Newly born again Christian believers also need a LOT of support and prayer from their brethren! Please remember that growing and maturing in the Lord is a lifelong process and it is unique in the case of everyone. (I'm saying that in the light that there are indeed basic Biblical, gospel truths that one should have in their hearts and profess. The most important one is to believe in the One He sent.)

    1. Oh thank you for the kind words Nora. You are so kind and loving to us! You are right, we must be certainly be praying...especially for people who seem to be making a move toward God, as they will certainly be attacked in order to snuff them out...especially people in the Hollywood who are surrounded by so much evil and the temptations that come from it like you said.

      Nobody is beyond God's reach... and if Kanye continues on this genuine path he has chosen, and I am assured he will [John 10:28], I can hardly imagine a larger platform for God to reach the lost... He has the resources, creativity, built in fans and platform that very few people possesses...and most importantly he realizes these are FROM God and now he is using them FOR God!

      Like I mentioned earlier, it just seems like God is pulling out all the stops here at the end to bring as many to repentance and faith as possible! Praise Jesus!

    2. Another update to this article: Lamar Odom exhusband of Khole Kardashian just received Christ as his Savior. The Lord is so awesome! Praise His holy name!
      I can just see this revival starting to happen. We need to pray for the rest of the Kardashian family and for Kanye's protection. The enemy is is going to be working hard to discredit his conversion.

    3. Thank you Brad for your heart-warming words, I like to fellowship here with you guys!

    4. A men Brad thank you for sharing the updated news about KW and encouraging it' us to press on towards to mark

  22. Just an FYI...I'm seeing where Israel has come under what looks like some more Gaza rocket attacks in the past 5 -6 hours. Watching some live-streamed video from inside Israel from 5 hours ago @Cool News YTC. It's showing the Iron Dome doing it's job knocking out most of them. I did hear they are preparing for a larger attack.

    1. I also noticed early this morning they are Chemtrailing us here again. They must have started pre-dawn because I was seeing the expanding criss-crossing all over the sky as the sun came up. Been while without seeing them. Always makes me wonder what they are trying to hide.

  23. Kanye West On Tour For Satan

    Skip to the 17min mark to better understand how witchcraft/ the occult uses sound and sound waves to implant their spells into people's minds spreading "their" spirit of antichirst. The circle of singers around KW reminds me of a mini-CERN; thus, opening a portal (for the demonic) wherever they "tour" and are brought into.... Same stuff Hellsong and Bethel and Elevation do.... particular notes and rhythms to evoke the mind into a trance (experiential music).

    59min -


    BTW, FT Kenneth Copeland, who I grew up hearing on the TV, always always closes with "Jesus is Lord."

    So while we know KC to be a FT even with his smily face phrase, KW is using a generic "Jesus is King."

    It should be Jesus is LORD and Savior
    Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace (Isa 9:6).
    many other names due to Him, the Name above all Names.

    This is a SHAM and we are surrounded by...SHAMS.

    Yes, either folks are A) quick to shoot or B) carelessly accepting. This smells big time and the sheep are allowing/accepting/promotong wolves (witches and warlocks etc...) into their pens!.

    This "chanting/beat" is not coming into my mind nor are my eyes going to be fooled by this LIE.

    1. Are Celebrities like KANYE getting SAVED? or is SOMETHING else going on?

      77min -


      Comment: I feel these celebrities will be bringing the unlearned Christians into the one world religion.

      Comment: KW may very well have confessed Jesus! But just as Paul said, they have "another (New Age) Jesus" and if any man come preaching another Jesus or another gospel count that man accursed !

      Comment: KW, like many of these entertainers, is just a trojan horse sent into the ranks of the church by the enemy to further infiltrate, contaminate and destroy the true gospel of Jesus Christ, anyone with an ounce of discernment and scriptural knowledge can see through all the games him and his ilk are playing.

    2. "....and if any man come preaching another Jesus or another gospel count that man accursed !"

      Sandy Amstrong, whose video you linked has been doing that for years. He's teaching and preaching another gospel (works-works-works pretty much).

      I've been saying that since 2017. Now, several pro-grace YT channels caught up on that (like Brothers Barry Scarbrough and Greg Jackson) exposing what he's teaching.

      Here's a recent video I've listened to. This Sister's got a pro-grace YT channel. (Watchwoman 65 YT channel) I've listened to a few of her vids. Her phrasing of things is a bit harsh to my taste at times but I agree with the content of her message re the vids I've listened to so far about some of the YT channels that promote works-based salvation. About the teachings of Sandy Amstrong:

      As for Kanye, I'd like to reiterate what I said above, "I'm saying that in the light that there are indeed basic Biblical, gospel truths that one should have in their hearts and profess. The most important one is to believe in the One He has sent."

      If Kanye indeed promotes another gospel, that's a serious problem! I'll have to dig deeper into the stuff related to him when I'll have the time for that. (Not in the near future tho.)

      Still, I agree with Brad re that I wouldn't like to jump the gun too quick and too early in the case of other people's spiritual state. What I mean is that I don't expect newly born again (or, for that matter, older) believers shedding all their worldy attitudes and behavior traits overnight.

      "The night is nearly over; the day is almost here. So let us put aside the deeds of darkness and put on the armor of light." (Romans 13:12)

      The apostle Paul said that for a reason, right? He addressed born again, saved believers. We all should do that with the help of the Lord, it's clear. But getting rid of the old ways of the flesh is often a lifelong process of growing and maturing in Christ.

    3. p.s. If it turns out that Kanye accepted some false version of the Gospel, that of course needs to be addressed, and he needs to be prayed for (that he'll listen to sound, Christ-like correction by believers appointed and prompted by the Lord) like everyone else in his shoes btw. And, that's just my subjective pov but I think that people like Sandy Amstrong (really-really) need prayers too (while the things they teach and preach are exposed, addressed and corrected).

    4. Amen Nora,
      We don't know Kanye's heart. Only God does.

      I am not well studied on all things Kanye, but from the outside, he seems to be elevating Christ, and publicly proclaiming him to be his SAVIOR. So until he does otherwise, I will count him as one of my brethren, and rejoice that another name has been written in the lambs book of Life and another soul has been snatched from the jaws of eternal death.

      I seen someone commenting here earlier this week about one of the Kardashians coming to salvation. How awesome is that! Can you imagine if the RAPTURE was tomorrow, and both Kanye and the other member of his family got taken in it, how many people would believe on the Lord Jesus Christ as their SAVIOR when such high profile, newly professing Christians disappeared off the face of the planet I the Rapture. What a testamony!

    5. Blessings beloved family. I have watched several videos with Sandy Armstrong but when he and someone in his congregation started bashing once saved always saved, I had to turn away. What a heretical thought that you could “lose” your salvation. I had a very knowledgeable Christian friend tell me the same thing decades ago but I told him we are “sealed”. How dare anyone even think any other doctrine than that God keeps His Covenants forever ? How many times does God assure us in His Holy Word that we may “know” we have eternal life ? If you can “lose” it, that implies to me that you somehow you can “earn” it which is a lie from hell. Grace through Faith in the work of Jesus Christ’s shedding of His precious Blood to wash away and cleanse us of all our sins past, present and future. His death, burial and Resurrection and our acceptance of His Gift of Pardon and Blood Atonement assures our eternity with him and no man or anything can pluck us out of His Almighty Hand ! We can’t even pluck ourselves out of His Hand. The good work He began in us He will finish. I could name countless reassurances in His Holy Word that He will never leave us nor forsake us, that He is always faithful even when we stray and then He pulls us back.

      My friend shocked me by what he said and, frankly, that thought is horrifying but if you truly know His Word, you will know that God keeps His Covenants forever including the Covenant we enter into with Him when we are saved.

      So, the lesson is to pray for God to send us good teachers, and I have found many at this blessed blog and Unsealed. Praise God and may He bless all of you and come quickly. I know to Whom I belong. I know Whose slave and servant I am. I only wish SA didn’t teach that we can lose the most important thing in life as if we are in control of it instead of Almighty God !

    6. S.A. is wrong on many levels, from his open hatred of the doctrine of the eternal security of the believer in Christ to his creepy kind of vision-encounters of "Jesus".

  24. Charlie in DC, please look at all the lyrics in Kanye's new album. Most of what you mentioned in terms of what or how the Lord should be called is in there. He literally has a song called Jesus is Lord. Hope this helps.

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Watchwoman 65

      This is the link that Nora referenced above on Watchwoman 65.

    2. Thanks for the clickable, Cathi!

    3. Your welcome ... Also,
      thank you for your saying earlier on what I said previously about 'grace-orientation" (that seems a mouthful). 😊

    4. No problem! :-) (And sorry for butchering your name in that comment!)

  26. Family, Blessings. While we parse KW's moment with a look at his recent fruits, keeping in mind the common foibles of a new Fruitier, and holding that Grace in mind, it is critical that we also recall a certain artist, formerly known as, 'Prince'. While it is common legend that one sells one's soul to achieve success in the music business, it is also common fact that, while a contract for one's soul my be the beginning, the music industry contract takes the rest. In short, KW likely has NO control over nearly all of what his 'Brand' will put out. So much so that Prince changed his own name to a symbol to try and escape it's clutches.

    So, when we see the Enemy's fingerprints on KW's fruit, remember, while he MAY no longer be OF this world, KW is certainly still mired within it and his handlers are definitely OF IT, amen and Maranatha!

    1. I think I've heard once that Prince got saved around the end of his life. Did you guys heard about that? I wonder...

      This topic also made me think of Alice Cooper. He is a brother in Christ too! I've read a longer interview with him a few years ago, he talked about his faith in it.

  27. This is going to be my last contribution on this topic, but it's beginning to look to me as though this whole KW thing has become another threshing tool of sorts, so was praying about what to do with that. For starters this should not be a question of whether or not anyone should follow this--or any other person's lead--ANYWHERE. As we all know, the Only One whose lead we need to be following is Jesus Christ, Himself.

    But what I'm seeing is that most of us who are trusting our own Salvation to His Finished Work on the Cross are extending our hope and prayers that a genuine conversion to faith in Jesus Christ has taken place in a highly influential individual with an extremely sordid and obviously demonically inspired past--and we do that for all of the obvious reasons. So the questions for us are:
    Is such a conversion even possible (it is). Or is it just wishful thinking (it could be). But at this point the truth is only God knows for sure, so we pray for more Redeemed souls and we hope it's true as we continue walking after our Lord and Savior, remembering to pray and hope for all of those lost "nobodies" in our own little circles of influence that we've been gifted with.

    And some who rely on contributing their own self-righteousness as a prerequisite to Salvation seem quite positive this whole issue of KW's conversion is a big fat deceptive challenge to the BoC that only the "unlearned" could fall for. Personally, the only way I felt challenged by this issue was in re to my willingness to sincerely pray for this particular person's true redemption. (However, it has gotten some "food" fights going out there that I'm sure are working to the enemy's delight.)

    If this IS another apostate movement (and it admittedly does have some earmarks for that) then what is being done in the dark will be revealed by the Light. If KW hitches his wagon to the known False Teachers and False Prophets as he goes forth, infiltrating their lukewarm churches with a false conversion to a false christ, preaching an ecumenical message--then we will all know soon enough that his efforts are just another part of the strong delusion we know was prophesied to be Sent. (2Thess.2:10-12). And relying on the Scriptures as our standard of evidence rather than any man's music is ofc the best way to approach any topic (and especially one as tricky as this one has become).

    @TruthunEdited YTC did a video of what felt to me like a fairly even-handed look at this situation using his process of discernment titled "What's Going on with Kanye and His Sunday Services." (38 min.) While this Brother is personally doubting the validity of a true conversion at this point, he's not discounting the possibility of that, or KW's sincere desire for it. He does look at the question of who his mentors are or will be, what the message is or will be, how the "world" is responding and the condition of the church at large. Worth watching to get a reasonable and cautioned picture of what might be occurring here--which should only inspire our continued prayers for the Salvation of the lost (and esp. those with the platforms to reach so many of them) while fully trusting in our Lord and Savior to guard our own hearts and minds in these volatile last days.

    Blessings and Maranatha!

    1. Great Amen Sheila! Much Blessings! You will have great reward very-soon, best of all now! Maranatha!

    2. I am happy that so many are even discussing the Name above all Names and if wondering if KW is sincere shows some discernment in some. I am not his judge and won’t condemn him. Our Lord is coming soon and we can rest in the fact that all that our Heavenly Father has given Him will come to Him. That’s good enough for me as I keep on with the ministry God was generous and kind enough to bestow on this very flawed sinner. Maranatha !

  28. There's a new vid of Paul Dawson – The 500 Year Sign. Rising In Your Heart. The Day Star, long.

    1. There's destcription of this video in Paul's FB:
      The Sign of the Magi - the Key
      1 Peter 1:19
      Phosphorus & Hesperos
      The Root and the Offspring of David
      The Morning Star
      Alpha and Omega
      Ephesus and Laodicea
      The Pleiades & Venus - Coverdale Bible
      The Pleiades and Venus – Jesus and the Church
      An "ASTRONOMICAL" Coincidence.

    2. Alla D, Blessings. Surely you are swimming deeply in the waters of this video you shared, thank you. I'm moved to not diminish it by summarizing or key-pointing. Having sat at the feet of Daniel Valles @ic has certainly been Sovereign Foundation for Paul's work. We see, clearly, the storyline Jupiter has carried, from Rev12 Conception and continues to do, up to 11/7's confrontation with Scorpius' Stinger, where that line goes eerily quiet thereafter, in addition to being 'out of sight', ibid. Well, here we are, into November, and sensing (?) a soft, building, rolling thunder on the big drums in the back of the orchestra? What else? What next?

      Well, with similar elegance to Daniel V's work, let's apply Scripture within THAT context and code, but towards verses and bodies, Associations and identities veiled & previously Hidden, Daniel 12:4, oh my! One 'ping' was in hearing that Alpha also refers to Ox, spec. Wild Ox. Shelia B., Blessings, and this post was as much prompted by this, as anything, I felt a 'Nudge re your dream/vision (?) involving a heart and an Ox, idr. I'll let you simmer on that one, 'sis, and share if anything fits (big target, right? Maybe HS says something?).

      Being on the eve of 11/3, et al, I must recount a detail and post, in response, in Paul's Video. A date in April, 2020, arises. A commenter noted that, 153 days prior, is 11/3/19, tomorrow. A full net X then ?, perhaps, or an event THEN which culminates in FILLING THE NET, ala ET revival, or any of the MANY models floating around re THAT?

      Our Scout continues apace, please continue lifting him up. Watching him on his bars, today, was incredible, in terms of the amount of weight his legs are holding. Funny thing,. Paul's video feels aligned with Our Scout's progress, as a Type, should it Have Been So. My mouth is doing so much better since the pull, thanks for your prayer there. Oddly, though, I think that one aftermath of the infection I had fought so long there is an absorption of the bone affected as the jaw heals from the tooth loss. So, under the gum, the bone seems up to something, over time, where the socket is opening, a bit, before closing, which is not uncomfortable, though noticeable, and my prayer request is that it follow good healing, as Designed And Encoded, To His Glory, amen.

    3. Arrgh... I've been checking Paul D's channel 3-4x's a day for the past week waiting for this promised message and now that it's come out today I haven't had any time to get into it.
      The "heart etched on the shoulder of an ox" dream and it's so funny you've brought it up as those words have been heavy in my spirit for days now. I keep mentioning it to the Lord in my prayers. The unpacking of it at the time led to understanding our role in walking alongside the Chief Ox, trusting in Him for our loved ones as He plows the field, knowing that He's got this! (Matt.11:28-30) Looking forward to Paul's vid and watching for a "ping":-)

    4. Praying good health and strength for both you and Caleb always, Brother, as well as for your whole family! Maranatha:-)

    5. Sheila B., Blessings. Thank you for the reminder/details on the Ox. From Paul's Video, hearing that Alpha, as in A & Omega, also refers to Taurus and a Wild-Ox, aka Unicorn, further affirms the prior unpack, as you share. Still, I felt it being highlighted, again, so think there is more.

      Today, my spirit quickens at 'etched'. Immediately springing to mind is Isaiah 49:16. Well, lookey there, it begins with 'BEHOLD!', a recent star of the show. A clue that another detail is being 'pinned' with this 'hook'? '

      chaqaq: 2710: 'I have inscribed you' (conj.) To hack, engrave, to enact, prescribe: (19) Genesis 49:10 is one of them, recently Highlighted, By The Father, when seeing it in Paul's video, and key to that video, and then, for me, in re Jupiter, picturing the Law Giver, having recounted the Shiloh Type, earlier, and now, Departing from between Ophiuchus' feet. Psalms 60:7 (lawgiver/Scepter dep. on version) identifies this word/act with Christ, Himself, BEING the 'carving' or ordinance. Proverbs 8:29, where ABBA 'Appoints' (engraves) the foundations of the earth expands it, speaking to the Identity of The Creator Within His Creation, and more, ofc. In looking at the very wide range of concepts this word/idea addresses, By Our Lord, In His Word, I encourage you to go look over the verses for Strong's 2710 and let YOUR spirit see what resonates with the original picture, Maranatha!

    6. Jimboni...oh wow and TY so much. The connections you note with what we are now seeing in Ophiucus are amazing. There is a lot of Power packed in that word for "etched". Found it not surprising that it's used "19" times in the OT and surely exemplifies the power of "faith" throughout it's usage reinforcing the original unpack much further. Job 19, and Ps.108 also very strong reminders that through our LORD the Victory IS gained. A pretty heavy study in the OT with enough time to really dig into the full meat of it, but I took a quick look at the Gk too:

      G#2710--katachraomai--to make full use of--2x in 1Cor.7:31 and 1Cor.9:18.
      In reading chapter 9, 1Cor.9:9 KJV and 1Cor.9:10 KJV really stood out to me in re to that dream as well. God is sooooo Good!!

      I posted that dream back on 2/5.2018 or 636 days ago.
      G#636 apopleo--to set sail, sail away :-D

      I need me one of those banks of TV screens just to try to keep up with everything. So much going on right now, esp in re to 11/3. Gigi @Blue Heaven's "SOS" vid and ensuing info is pretty wild, esp with the SOS distress code being initiated worldwide on 11/3/1906 which was 113 years ago today:-o

      Blessings and Looking UP!!!

  29. I don't get.on here very often, I am a silent stalker reading everyone's comments, and but I DO pray for prayer requests and people in need. My sons texted me Kanye's new album last weekend, and I listened to it before this article came out. My favorite is God Is, the lyrics are amazing and God glorifying! It just blesses my heart and I cant imagine the Lord being sad as I worship Him to this song. I know the Lord has been patient and long suffering with me, and my walk hasn't always been the best. We are all at different spots in our walk with Him. We are all growing (hopefully) in Jesus each and every single day. Sometimes a transform happens instantly and completely, but for most I believe He is continually working on us. Some have to come from depths that others cant even fathom or imagine, so it takes us more time as He shapes and molds us. Hope this makes sense. But the word says you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.if you are seeking you shall find. Love believes all thing hopes all things. It also says be wise as a serpent and gentle as a dove. Pretty sure most everyone that comes on this site is studied in the Word!

    Lyrics from God Is, "Listen to the words I'm saying, Jesus saved me now I'm sane." I can tell you that is me. When he frees you from fear and anger and gives you peace theres nothing that compares!! Not sure you can sing those lyrics or find the words to form them unless Jesus has actually done that for you. I know He saved a wretch like me!

    1. Amen , Steph E.,another wretch like me Saved and sealed .. There are powerful life ging words in song that reflect God loving kindness.
      May God be glorified . Blessed to see your testimony of God s faithfulness with you .Likewise , the Lord is spending a lot of time on my character. Maranatha

    2. StephE, Blessings. "Sometimes a transform happens instantly and completely, but for most I believe He is continually working on us."

      And Our Scout and his coach say, amen! Philippians 1:6, Maranatha!

  30. Charlie in DC Thanks for the YouTube links & your words of warning to believers. I agree that KW is worshiping the New Age Jesus & the New Age god which is Lucifer or satan. I'd like to hear from Jimboni & Now I See on this. Please guys what do you think? You've been there, is this in the plan with the NA? To have popular, celebrity & entertainers convert & lead their followers into the ecumenical church world-wide? Let's have your thoughts on this?

    1. Fred, I believe the waters are rough and the log tells of a journey ahead far too short and choppy, and not likely repeated, to spend much time charting the details of the coastline along the way. I know so little of so many aspects of this first, and, to ascribe factual correspondence between details of New Age and events KW, oh well, simply a bit much for me , as David quipped to such.

      Again, we are Called to Test All Spirits, and for that test to be the Testimony Given Of Christ, in word and Deed (Fruit), yet also celebrate whenever Christ is Exalted and be Savvy to a Deceiver in our Midst. I am quite certain that innumerable "BOTH"s lurk in any response to your Gordian-Knot Question and we haven't the luxury of time to sort it out, as usual, so, again, it seems too much to get that granular in taking KW apart, yet, don't be beguiled, but Glorify Christ, His Lordship Over This, regardless, and be careful where you go pointing that thing, Maranatha!

    2. Thanks Jimboni for your prompt response. You truly have a way with words. I speak more plainly & will say this - does it seem right that we travel the way of the world with one of the most popular artists/families/celebrities of all time? 1 John 5:19 ESV
      We know that we are from God, and the whole world lies in the power of the evil one.

  31. Hi Fred, from KW's lyrics I would say that the Jesus he praises and worships is the true Jesus and very different to the new age Jesus.

    The new age Jesus is an ascended master - that is, he was once human like us but has now evolved into a higher dimensional being. He is just a helper for humanity, along with many others such as Buddha etc

    I've never read 'A Course in Miracles' but I know it is a very popular book within the new age. It was supposedly channeled by Jesus (blasphemy). I just did a quick look on google -

    In the book it says Jesus was just an ordinary man who because of his love and wisdom, achieved christ consciousness and became one with God. The book says we are all christs. The book says there is no need for repentance as everyone's sins are forgiven and are just dreams with no effect on anything.

    So a new age Jesus (according to this book) would probably say he is just a man, and one of many helpers. We are all Christs and we just need wisdom and love to evolve into higher dimensional beings and eventually we will all become one with God. Sin is an illusion so we don't need saving and therefore all religions are fine, and there is no real hell. We are all eternal spirits and we all live forever...

    ....that is not what KW's lyrics are saying...

    1. I forgot to add, I don't know of any plan within the new age to sabotage christianity. New agers are taught that the bible contains out dated fairy tales and bible believers are delusional, intolerant and hateful. They do talk about the ascended masters returning which would probably include a fake Jesus. This is probably the fallen angels returning when they are cast down to Earth after the rapture, and they will most likely preach a similar message to the fake Jesus of 'A Course in Miracles', that it is all about peace, love and unity.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Hey NOW I SEE,
      I agree with most of what you said, but the bit,

      "...The book says there is no need for repentance as everyone's sins are forgiven..."

      When we believe on the Jesus of the Bible, all our sins ARE forgiven. Believers on Jesus for their salvation will not be judged for their sins.

      According to: John 5:24 - "Truly truly, I say to you whoever hears my words, and believes him that sent me, has eternal life, he does not come into judgement, but has passed from death to life."

      The repentance on to salvation in the bible is referring to turning from non-belief in Jesus as your SAVIOR, to believing that Jesus is the SAVIOR of the world who paid for and took away all the sins of the world for who-so-ever believes on him.

      Repentence is turning from thinking you can get to heaven by your own good works, to accepting that our good works count for nothing IF our foundation is not Jesus.

      Repentence for salvation is NOT TURNING FROM SIN in the hope of pleasing the LORD enough to gain entry into HEAVEN. It is simply accepting, and resting in his GRACE.

      Should we continue to live in sin, so that GRACE may abound? God forbid!

      We should want to live good and holy lives. But that is not a requirement of Salvation.

      Blessings brother. By the way I loved your testamony, and rejoiced that you managed to get out from under that mind control and new age nonsense. What an escape!!

    4. Amen Jordan, there's a great Gary's article – What Is Repentance?

    5. Thanks Alla, I will defo check out Gary's article too.

      Also NOW I SEE,
      My point on this is, if the new age, can throw in a truth with a lot of lies, it can resonate with people who go down the New Age rabbit hole. And then when someone comes to their senses, and see that the majority of what they were thought was garbage... They will dis-regard everything that the new age was feeding them, including the one truth, that Jesus paid for all sins, and that person then believes that their salvation is somehow is dependent on their ability to "repent of their sins" (what some people believe means to turn from all their sins) or to "ask for forgiveness" (what some people call repentance) each night when they go to bed. When in actual fact, they have dis-regarded the one truth that is their SALVATION, i.e that trusting in Jesus 100% for your salvation is what saves you.

    6. Jordan, I totally agree with you on the true definition of repentance. I was quoting from a site that was talking about the book and Jesus, and good point in regarding mixing the lies with a simple truth. At the end of the day, satan doesn't care what we believe as long as it isn't the absolute truth of the gospel. We are saved by grace through faith alone ...and that's why I love this site and unsealed :) P.S. I'm praying for your wife brother ...and Miguels. Thankfully my wife is a believer, although my sisters and their families are not.

    7. Greg Lauer has a great article over at alittlestrength that talks about how the world will be deceived by the "aliens" (fallen angels) when the rapture happens. I've read some others on this topic as well!

    8. Amen & Thank you Brother,
      I appreciate your prayers. I am sure all these prayers we pray for each other's unsaved loved ones is being worked on by our father to bring about their Salvation.

    9. Now I See thanks for your reply. As we know for sure that there is a New Age Jesus so it follows we need to be discerning regarding any 'Jesus' we are presented with. And discerning about anyone teaching, preaching or leading; especially on behalf of the weak in faith. (I think here of the young people who follow Kanye's music etc) 1 John 3:10
      By this it is evident who are the children of God, and who are the children of the devil: whoever does not practice righteousness is not of God, nor is the one who does not love his brother.


    1. I do hope this IS genuine Beltway Brother, I just have my doubts this 'day' and 'age' we are in....

      No "Christian" TV, No "Christian" radio and No "Christian" CDs for me..... I will stick to the "Old Rugged Cross" and "Are you Washed by the Blood" if I want to hear worship music (sans the electric guitars and synthesizers). Been there done that....going back to the old school basics.

      P.S. To All... yes I am wary/ aware of SA..... but I thought the presentation on "sound" and what "sound beats" do to our brain (aka evoke a feeling/ experience) was relevant and something we've covered on here before but to reiterate.

      Note: I am very careful when people CLAIM to have an "experience." Paul had more than an experience with the LORD Jesus Christ on the way to Damascus. There are folks at Hellsong and Bethel "experiencing" God, so I am HIGHLY WARY of this current movement.

      Capitalizing ($$$$) on Jesus Christ is horrific... Lauren Daigle/Toby Mac etc. are you reading?!

    2. Blessings, Beltway Brother ! It’s not even really about KW. I think God is very creative in how He gets people’s attention and this may be one way of getting the attention of young fans of KW to get them thinking about their eternity. There may be a lot of seeds being planted now. Today would have been my mother’s 79th birthday. Seeing the Lord’s Name in the headline at Drudge really cheered me up. Maranatha!

  33. Our Savior’s Name is in the headline top of the page at Drudgereport.

  34. Having dinner with a friend last night discussed KW at length. One thing we discovered was that the 1st song on the album is designed to be able to be played on an infinite repeat. That is why it seems to start and end very abruptly. Said another way, if you hit the repeat button you are not able to tell when the song ends and starts over again.... it seamlessly transitions from the end to the beginning without a break. Kinda cool.... right?

    Just wait, when you realize what this song is about, it makes that little design so much more meaningful!! Check this out:
    The title is "Every Hour"
    The main line of the song?
    "Sing till the power of the Lord comes down"

    Did you catch that? Sing 'til the power of the Lord comes down.... Comes down, wear have we heard that before???

    For the Lord himself will come down from heaven, with a loud command, with the voice of the archangel and with the trumpet call of God, and the dead in Christ will rise first. 17 After that, we who are still alive and are left will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And so we will be with the Lord forever.
    1 Thes 4:16-17

    So, to tie this up in a ribbon for you, the very 1st song, on the very top #1 Album in the country, is designed to be played on an infinite loop for every hour and every minute until The Lord Comes!!!

    Here is the song set to a 1 hour loop, how long is the actual song you may ask?
    1 minute and 53 seconds. 153!!!

    1. Wow, now THAT's cool (listening now). Comments are way cool, 1,010 views, they say, Mine was 44th like. I guess we can bump those a bit, Maranatha!

    2. "Comes down" yes I've heard that before. I just took a look at the lyrics to this song & was surprised (or maybe not) to see that there's not a lot more to the song than the words you posted. To play this on re-play for an hour at a time would seem to be what they want people to do. Can you tell me how this praises our Lord or lifts the believers? It seems to me to be an excellent way to be brainwashed. Please be discerning Brad, Jimboni & others. Revelation 12:9 ESV
      And the great dragon was thrown down, that ancient serpent, who is called the devil and Satan, the deceiver of the whole world—he was thrown down to the earth, and his angels were thrown down with him.

    3. Fred, Blessings. All cautions to be alert are wise and appreciated. To assist in allaying your concerns, however, the verse you cite clearly demonstrates that there is no mis-appropriation of Scripture, nor deceptive sleight-of-hand going on here, quite the contrary. "Come Down" is not "Thrown down", nor "Cast Down" any more than ketchup is mustard. While the jury is still out on this one, in the larger sense, I suggest that, for Better or worse, KW was in his element and artfully selected the appropriate wording. That you miss that says you might want to stick to the knitting, as it were, and not be losing sleep on this. Maranatha!

  35. Amen to that! praising you father God thank you Brad. ! Spending some time with the Lord, not able to do much. I believe this we’re questions from the Lord for me: What is greater? The desire to leave the earth? Or The desire to serve the Lord?. These questions from the Lord left my heart aching And asking the Lord for forgiveness right now I must be about our fathers business praying for the lost praying for those who are sowing seed pastors ministers worshipers and so forth. As mentioned previously I never heard or knew of KW. Although living in Southern California life is somewhat hectic and I am not up-to-date with Hollywood. This morning I received a message from a dear friend of mine up in the Bay Area about amorning service in Baton Rouge Louisiana along with the picture. From a distance to picture looks like many vines lifted up the thought prompted in my mind ....I am the vine and you are the branches. These are perilous times as many of you have seen or experienced ...yes the time is precious. I pray that each one of you will continue to walk faithfully under the shadow of his wings and minister to the lost. We put our trust and we look up with our eyes up into the hills from whence cometh your help.

  36. Two days after celebrating the spook-tacular holiday, the E! reality TV star unveiled yet another extravagant family costume. The "West Worms."
    Kanye West transformed into a house fly alongside his wife Kim Kardashian and four kids as fly larvae in their second spooky seasonal family portrait unveiled Saturday. The fly (Beelzebub) produces it's worm (maggot) to dine on the rotting dead flesh (spiritual dead). The worm never dieth because it has plenty to eat.
    The false hope brings forth the false light to the spiritually weak and many believe the lie and are deceived. PASTE HERE

    1. @ Fred H.

      This is no kidding around but some pretty serious evil going on for sure. There are many media outlets showing this, here is one below:

      I agree KW is setting up these "concerts" as a (fly) trap for those not washed/covered in the BLODD of Jesus Christ, the King of Kings and LORD of Lords.

      Re: music/ song repeitition in the KW song

      I stand by the SA presentation on the sound/ sound beat is being USED to lure folks into a state of trance/ euphoria etc. for a FALSE experience.

    2. 'CiD, Fred H, Family, Blessings. While I took issue with the Word Check, above, it was not meant as a 'position' or absolute defense against the larger point. As a student of Neurology and mind coercion for most of my adult life, and the historic/current record, I know, academically and first-hand, that the truth you are pointing to, in the power of the rhythmic repeat, et al, is indisputable. Also, as a musician, I felt a somewhat unspoken 'check' in my spirit concerning that, as I listened. In any game show, were it the final question, I would place all my chips on "YES' it induces a hypnotic state, and that is a concern.

      For insight, Matthew 6:7 came to mind. Various translations handle it differently but the key, here, seems to be G4180: polulogia: heap up empty phrases (ESV), vain repetitions (KJV): (1). In handling this, in context, it is prayer, not praise, under the lens, yet it seems fitting. Further, the action is ascribed to moving the Deity by great pestering, but mindlessly, unlike Luke 18:5, involving continued, mind-FUL petitions. Again, the somewhat (perhaps very) hypnotic nature of the song & music could be classified as 'polulogia', in it's nature.

      As to effect, that points to the desired end result which this verse ascribes, "be heard", as the intended outcome, as G1522: eisakouó: to listen, to obey: (5) In effect, to BE HEARD, like when one grabs your chin and turns your face to them as speaking, and then, also, BE HEEDED. So, the indictment here is that the petitioner expects his 'polulogia' to cause the object of his PRAYER to be forced to listen and act, somewhat involuntarily, aka magic. Again, part of the Rebuke. In recrafting this to apply to WORSHIP, this is tricky. Does not worship, itself, takes us into another 'place', often akin to hypnosis? That the 'polulogia' , here, may have/enahnce that effect on the worshipper, and to what end? Honestly, one of the outcomes of the Blessed Discipline of Fasting, esp deep and long, ala 40 days, is to do exactly that.

      Well, I think that somewhat plumbs these depths, or at least brought the sub to depth to look around. At the bottom, we find more questions than answers. Harpazo is the Ultimate Altered State, amen? Currents here seem awash in BOTH, again, and HS leading is key. Still, I truly appreciate the concerns raised and, regardless, Praise Our King, Lord and Savior, Jesus, Who's Authority And Will, Nor Sheep In His Flock, None Escape, Maranatha!

  37. Hey Guys,
    I just had a thought, thought I would mention it for what it is worth...

    We are told in Matthew 24:37-39 that, "as in the days of Noah, so will it be at coming of the son of Man".

    So Just reading Genesis at the moment, Genesis 7:11 - "In the SIX HUNDRED YEAR OF NOAH's LIFE, in the SECOND MONTH, The SEVENTEENTH DAY OF THE MONTH, on that day all the fountains of the great deep were broken up, and the WINDOWS OF HEAVEN WERE OPENED UP"

    What jumped out at me in that verse is the following:
    [] The 600 year of Noah's life - is 600 year a clue to the 6000 year of Man's dominion on earth?
    [] SECOND MONTH, The SEVENTEENTH DAY OF THE MONTH - Did God tell us plainly the date of when his judgement starts?
    [] WINDOWS OF HEAVEN WERE OPENED UP - I know John in the book of Revelation, talks about he saw before him an OPEN DOOR! I am thinking Could the open Window be related to the open door?

    Now the SECOND MONTH in the Jewish calendar according to is: Kislev

    And on the Gregorian calendar Kislev corresponds to: November–December.
    And according to, the 17th of Kislev falls on Sunday the 15th of December!!

    Wouldn't it be something if judgement by fire falls on the whole earth, the same day as when judgment by water fell on the whole earth the 1st time. And how obvious and clear could God have made it, by saying, "As in the days of Noah".

    And if judgment falls on that date, the rapture must fall on or before that date.

    This may just be my over active imagination, and might not be relevant to anything, but if it is, maybe we can all drag ourselves to the next potentially high watch date, and hope that will be our exit.

    1. Jordan,

      That is a very interesting thought! Wouldn’t that be something?


    2. Jordan,

      In support of the 12/12 - 12/15 timeframe as being some humdinger of things to be watching/ knowing about/ we are already on our tip toes (dragging ourselves onward into another day ;-) )

      21min -


      THE CASE FOR DECEMBER 12, 2019
      33min -

      3min -

    3. John 16:13 King James Version (KJV)

      13 Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will shew you things to come.

      I know God will make sure we know all that He wants us to know. What a blessing when God reveals astounding things to us ! I feel like the richest person on Earth because I know Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. That’s all that matters in this life. We are rich not because of material wealth but because we know we belong to Jesus Christ. Glory be to God. I feel such excitement everyday even when I am tired because we are getting closer and closer to THAT day we long for with all our being and our Lord will be right on time as always.

      Maranatha !

      Our Lord’s Name still at the top of Drudge !

  38. We should always remember Jesus's words..."do not be deceived..." We pray for the lost and saved alike...Blessings and Maranatha!

  39. Hmmm! Sending the Lord's blessings to all of you and an update on our planet during these last moments. Two earthquakes above 6 Tonga n Chili ...the past 12 hours Thev Internet is down in Iraq or Connecticut activity reduced..... An update on the harvest there is more work to do...we will continue to pray for the Lord to give us t the right words to speak ....that is the gospel. Maranatha

  40. Well leave it to @Many Fish to find an 11/3 event that just makes ya go "is that for real..."
    A lot of people were being pointed to Seattle with it's Space Needle landmark for something to occur there yesterday, but nothing major happened that we know of. However a more low key, yet interesting event did occur in Ankara, Turkey--titled "11/3 Massive Fire at "Space" Center in Turkey on 3/11!! No Coincidences". Massive fire ravages astronomy center in Turkish Capital.

    Strange days getting stranger by the day...Blessings and Maranatha:-)

  41. I used to have a personal development business that involved music so over the years I've done a lot of research into the positive effects of music. Also as a seeker of truth and conspiracy researcher I've also researched a lot about about music and mind control. So as a born again believer, this is now my take on it:

    I believe music is a gift from God. At its very basic level, musical notes are just specific sound frequencies, yet combined together they produce music that can move us to tears or bring back distant memories. And I don't believe that it is a bad thing that music moves us. Books and movies can move us. Nature can move us. The bible can move us. We are human ...we have emotions :)

    Some types of music have been shown to improve thinking, such as classical music and some music has even been shown in tests to help plants grow quicker and healthier. Music has also been shown to assist mental and physical healing in many research tests.

    However satan can and does weaponize music.

    1) At the basic level some kinds of music have been shown to damage the growth of plants, in particular heavy metal, punk and rap music. Harmonious music at is basic level has a healthy energy and dissonant angry music has an unhealthy energy. And whilst classical music with its complex arrangements may stimulate thinking, most likely the repetitive and monotonous pop music of today limits thinking.

    2) Many of the lyrics in today's pop songs are all about materialism/money/power, sex and violence. This brings people's minds to base desires instead of heavenly desires. And of course many of the music videos are just downright satanic.

    3) Repetitive beats can put us in an altered state of consciousness, however so can daydreaming, driving and falling asleep. The danger with altered states is that we are more open to suggestions, kind of like hypnosis. This could be the low level lyrics or even something within the music that we cannot hear consciously. We now know that back in the 70s, the record companies were putting hidden satanic messages on some records which you could hear if you played the record backwards. In an altered state your subconscious may pick up on these hidden messages.

    Who really knows what messages they are hiding subliminally within digital recordings with today's technology. Yet this doesn't just apply to music, there are silent subliminal technologies used with television broadcasts and this might even apply to the radio, phones and the internet. Who knows what kind of secret technologies they have now to mind control us?

    As far as new age music goes, I think the biggest dangers are the meditations that go along with the music. For instance chakra meditations where people imagine energy flowing into their chakras. This in my opinion is an open invitation for spirits to enter their bodies. The new age is all about deception and getting people to contact spirits and open themselves up to energy. Most secular music has nothing to do with these dangerous practices unless the lyrics are occultic and suggest people do these things.

    So I know that not everyone here will agree with what I said, but I still enjoy listening to some music since I've been saved, though I avoid anything satanic, angry, dissonant, metal, rap, new age and most modern pop music.

    I imagine heaven to be full of the most amazing music ever.

    1. Now I See, Blessings. Thank you for putting some details and tags around where I was heading with this, much from similar backgrounds. My concern was in re the trance-like result of becoming 'open', and everything after that gets dicey in our current state. BTW, you are likely aware of the historic kerfluffle re the actual frequency of the note 'A', as I recall, and it sits at the heart of a conspiracy theory I've never been led to deeply dive into but certainly along the lines of MF beating the drum about how deep and wide the deception goes, and has been going, soon to end, Luke 8:17, amen.

    2. Yes Jimboni, the A=440Hz vs 432Hz tuning conspiracy. When A=440Hz all the other notes are irregular frequencies e.g D=293.66Hz, yet when A=432Hz, all the other notes are whole numbers and contain numbers found in nature and the bible, e.g D=288 Hz (go down an octave and that would be 144 Hz.) So I definitely think that there is truth in this knowing our God is a perfect God and therefore the musical scale should contain perfect frequencies. No doubt this changing of the tuning takes away the full beneficial effects of music.

  42. This topic reminds me of Pastor JD Farag talking about how AC/DC would exert control over his mind along with drugs, especially Highway to Hell. He said even now when he hears them on the radio it still does something to him. Richard Ramirez aka The Night Stalker, truly a man nightmares are made from, loved Highway to Hell and would listen to it before killing his victims. It inspired him to. The thing is I loved AC/DC too ! Especially Back in Black. I never took the lyrics seriously. It just never entered my mind in a bad way. I thought they were joking about a subject they were just ignorant of. Who wants to go to hell ?

    Now I see how people can be susceptible to negative influences. Glad I love Bach. Brandenburg Concertos and all. I got saved at 15. I know JD got saved around 19. And I think my love of God didn’t allow that evil to enter my subconscious.


  43. West is a con man...the man has not changed his ways and yet because he is saying Jesus is Lord, which is the truth, now you trust him? You need to see his fruit, is he making money off of the name of Jesus, yes. Is he making merchandise of you and others, yes. Has he stopped selling his evil records from before this, no. Is he working with Olsteen, a fake teacher of the masses spouting feel good messages and ignoring the power of Jesus, of God, yes he is. How much more evidence do you need??? Don't believe these liars and don't listen to his music!

    Even the demons believe in Jesus and are afraid. Satan transforms himself into an angel of light also, remember?

  44. Wow! this is Amazing! Do you know your hidden name meaning ? Click here to find your hidden name meaning


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