JD Farag - End Times Fatigue and Restored Joy

Thank you all for the many wonderful and encouraging comments in the previous post. I am so blessed to be able to be on this journey with you. Without you guys it would be so loney...so hard to stay focused. Because I love you all so much it pains me when we don't interact with as much love and grace as we should as siblings in Christ! So thank you again for the nice words and for the emails I received!

Speaking of those nice comments, Lyn mentioned how many people have actually been sharing about this same topic recently. Justin then replied with the info that JD Farag actually devoted a huge portion of his most recent prophecy update to this subject. Once I read that I knew that God had directed that previous post...not me. :) Praise Jesus for that!

Anyway, I watched JD's update and thought it would be a great follow-up to the previous post. He is so tender, so understanding, and he really get's what it is like to be LONGING for Christ return.  He focuses on a couple prophetic items that he feels are unprecedented, but mainly he focuses on HOPE and how his heart is heavy for the battle weary believers (like us)!  Please check it out...a great word at a great time!

To make things easier for you all I have created this outline of the video with time markers:

0:00 - Comments on Recent Shootings
3:15 - Intro into 2 Major Developments He is watching closely
4:30 - #1 Israel strikes Iranian Sites
6:17 - #2 Presidents Peace Plan Gains Traction
8:40 - Turns focus to "End Times Fatigue" that many are experiencing (Proverbs 13:12)
15:40 - Cure for a Spiritual Funk (2 Pet 3:12)
18:20 - Shared Story from Member - "Cold Sore"
21:00 - Intro to Gospel / Restored Joy
26:00 - Gives example of how he shares in everyday situations
27:30 - Jesus is Coming... closer every day
29:35 - ABC's of Salvation
33:59 - Prayer
36:25 - Communion Procession (Old Rugged Cross)
40:01 - Communion Explanation (Luke 22:14-20)
41:30 - Blessing can't come before Breaking / Jacob
46:30 - Jesus Bled from 7 Places (Number of Completion)
48:20 - Closing Prayer


  1. TY Brad. I just felt led to listen to Pastor JD's video this morning and oh yes, we are all feeling the weariness of both heart and bone, but as he says, the best thing we can do is redeem the time for the sake of our Lord Jesus Christ, praying for the lost and for our loved ones to come as one with us unto Him. While remembering the Proverbs verse that tells us while hope deferred does make us heartsick, when our Desire comes, it is the tree of life (Prov.13:12 KJV), we also know through the convergence of the signs He gave us that we are that generation blessed enough to be standing on the very cusp of His Return. So for all of us who are in Jesus Christ--it's heads Up, hearts Up and Maranatha!

  2. Thank you Brad, a reminder and encouragement to occupy till He comes... Wow! We are the last generation witnessing the times of Noah , of Sodom and Gomorrah, where wickedness resides. As JD Farag mentioned ..... This is where the blessing lies for us believers, light shining in the darkness. We may not always lead one to Chris/, yet we can demonstrate
    the love bestowed on us and pray for fruit.
    This is from CTC Reminding us that we are seeing what we think we are seeing throughout the world ....the birth pains increased and irreversible demise in financial political moral and spiritual conditions throughout the world

    1. A few more thoughts regarding the weariness throughout the body of Christ. Lord reminded me about the stages of labor. A longabor for the church....In the past week we have seen the sudden increase of tumultuous events and seems to parallel the transition phase of Stage 1 in labor..The contractions are every two to three minutes before the descent of the child in the birth canal 1 Thess 5: . A few more scriptures on this ste http://www.trackingbibleprophecy.org/olivet2.php#birth
      Pray that the Lord will give u all endurance and boldness in preaching the gospel

  3. Pastor JD alongside recent threads wrapped within the general Tenor of our moment make for a challenging space to speak into, obviously. Easy clutch play: Praise Christ. Details will follow.

    Quick PSR. Our Scout seems to be shifting through that critical mass or the mid-point of his recovery. It's no longer dead limbs with a spark here and there, but rather, limbs that feel as they've been 'aslumber awakening. The most recent specific detail is that Our Scout has transitioned from feeling no feet, at all, to feeling something tingling 'down there', to, as of this eve, feeling intense tingling specifically on the soles of his feet.

    I've held back sharing much, as things, like things, have seemed so ethereal, too general to speak to even though, in my spirit and gut, I know Our Scout is moving along. Much like other things Imminent, this elusive chase continues to parallel ours, Maranatha! ...the blind receive their sight and the lame walk, ...Matthew 11:5

    1. Jimboni, my heart skipped a beat as I read your update on Caleb just now. The Bible says much about the feet, my favorites being Is.52:7 KJV and Rom.16:20 KJV and as you pinpoint the tingling in the "soles" of Caleb's feet, PTL, I can't help but think of Josh.1:3 KJV just before he would lead the people to pass over the Jordan. For me, having heard of our Scout's arduous journey and believing his report, I also believe our Lord has continued to speak through his progress. That "intense tingling" in the soles of his feet...well, makes me anticipate the "intense tingling" we will all likely feel in the soles of our feet in that moment of our departure. Very exciting news, Brother! And as always, praying, praying, praying for Caleb's speedy and FULL recovery, along with our own:-) Blessings and Maranatha!

    2. Very glad to hear Caleb is getting better. Praying for his full healing whether that comes before or at the rapture.

  4. From Watchman on the Wall 88 - https://youtu.be/Sp3hrxOkZr8
    A Jerusalem Post article on foxes seen walking along the temple western wall. This fulfills Lamentations 5:18. The Talmud believe this is a sign the temple will be rebuilt.
    "The understanding, according to the Talmud in the tractate Makkot (24b), is that if the prophecies of destruction have been fulfilled, so will be the ones by the prophet Zechariah about the Temple being rebuilt."

    1. TY for sharing that , Cathi. Hmmm...the Bing Art on Aug.4 depicted "3 Swift Foxes" on a Canadian Prairie which I felt led to look at and now I know why. The article noted that this once critically endangered species had grown back in numbers along the Alberta/Saskatchewan border to an est. 560 today. The "foxes" are making a clear statement. Check this out:

      H#560--amar--to say, tell, command
      *used "71" x in the OT (Israel now being in her 71st year)
      Esp. in Ezra 5:3-4,9,11,15 in re to the Building of the Temple Being Resumed.

      "Three Swift Foxes" Jval-1754 Eval--1212
      H#1754--dur--a circle, ball
      *used "3" x in the OT
      Is.22:18, Is.29:3, Ezekiel 24:5 all in re to Judgement

      G#1212--delos--clear, evident
      *used "3" x in the NT
      Matt.26:73 re Peter's "3rd" denial of Christ (just as this "3rd" Temple denies Him)
      1Cor.15:27 re the Father putting all things other than Himself in subjection to the Son.
      Gal.3:11 re the evidence of no one being justified by the law, but rather by faith in Christ.

      It's just so amazing to watch His Prophetic Word play out before our very eyes.

    2. IT’S fascinating that foxes are appearing around the Temple Mount in August 2019, the harvest season following Israel’s 70th year, and the time of ripening grapes. A passage in Song of Solomon, which typifies Jesus’ coming to gather His bride at the Rapture, contains the line:

      “Catch us the foxes, the little foxes that spoil the vines, for our vines have tender grapes” (Song 2:15).

      Foxes are known to go after the ripening grapes, thus spoiling the vines. “Tender grapes” are the final agricultural sign mentioned in Song 2 before the shepherd who comes to gather and spirit away his beloved Gentile maid says, “Rise up, my love … and come away.”

      . . .

      Song 2 full passage:

      “My beloved spake, and said unto me, Rise up, my love, my fair one, and come away. For, lo, the winter is past, the rain is over and gone; The flowers appear on the earth; the time of the singing of birds is come, and the voice of the turtle is heard in our land; The fig tree putteth forth her green figs, and the vines with the tender grape give a good smell. Arise, my love, my fair one, and come away. O my dove, that art in the clefts of the rock, in the secret places of the stairs, let me see thy countenance, let me hear thy voice; for sweet is thy voice, and thy countenance is comely. Take us the foxes, the little foxes, that spoil the vines: for our vines have tender grapes. My beloved is mine, and I am his: he feedeth among the lilies” (Song 2:10-17).


      By TW Tramm - FB PAGE

    3. TY, Jeova! I just get so gloriously dumbfounded in watching our Lord use every jot and tittle of His Creation to testify of Himself, His Word and His Glory. May He bless you richly, Brother:-)

    4. I sit down to watch my son play in a band practice. I decide to start perusing whatever is new on rev12. I hadn't read anything in this new post yet.

      As I start at the very top, I hear the folks in front of me chatting about foxes walking by in broad daylight. "Its just crazy" they say.

      Some minutes later I make it to the conversation right above which centers around foxes. Jaw drops. I pray Lord, thank You for that personal confirmation of the significance. I'll take more crazy please. Amen.

    5. Wow, Miguel...is that wild, or what?!

    6. Amen to all of this! It's really interesting about foxes. I found 8 foxes in 7 Scriptures, and now think about!
      We are very close now! Waiting for the cry of our Lord! Looking up!

    7. Wow, Miguel.

      My daughters (2 and 4) are just now getting into Dora the explorer, and I saw there is a movie coming out this weekend. Benecio del Toro is Swiper the fox! Swiper, no swiping!!!

      (John 10:10)

    8. Miguel P, Blessings. All Praise Our Lord And King, amen! 'a cord of three strands is not easily broken' comes to mind, thank you for sharing Your Brush With Our Lord, amen. Maranatha!

    9. Thanks for the verses Alla. I read through them. Seems foxes (Hebrew = shual) are representative of false prophets and are numerous. Sampson tied three hundred together in pairs, tail to tail and set a fire between them. Need some understanding on that one, but there appears to be something prophetic.

      The verse in Ezekiel might be talking about the fennec fox. Really cute little critter, and currently numerous even in such times as these.

      A few days ago I saw a license plate that caught my attention. It had 7776 on it. I smiled because of the 777, little did I know strongs 7776 is suddenly very intriguing.

    10. And H#7776 occurs in 7x in the OT incl. Lam.5:18.

    11. There's interesting to me about foxes, and I found some explatation:

    12. Miguel P, Blessings. Interesting connects come to mind after watching MF latest & his touching on FOXes; specifically them being Scriptural symbols of false prophets who prophecy from the OWN hearts and have "heard nothing" from ABBA.

      " I hear the folks in front of me chatting about foxes walking by **in broad daylight.** "Its just crazy" they say."

      Ezekiel 13:3-4; Luke 8:17; Matthew 10:26; Mark 4:22; Psalms 14:1; Mark 12:24; Psalms 8:2

      Not only was the appearance of foxes, uninvited by you, to the moment, noteworthy, what was said ABOUT THEM was incredibly, unwittingly, PERFECTLY ON TARGET, Maranatha!

    13. Yeah, Brother Jimboni, that's what I'm saying. Good verses.

      Seems we might have some foreshadowing and fulfillment of prophecy occurring: stars are falling, false prophets are being symbolized, and something has just struck our King planet. Hmmm.

  5. Dear family,

    Great gems are in Song of Solomon!

    Notice the following dialogue between the Sulamite and Israel, when the second coming of the Lord Jesus (Sulamite - foreigner, Gentile church - is contemplated coming with Him):

    “Who is she that looketh forth as the morning, Fair as the moon, Clear as the sun, Terrible as an army with banners?

    I went down into the garden of nuts, To see the green plants of the valley, To see whether the vine budded, And the pomegranates were in flower. Before I was aware, my soul set me Among the chariots of my princely people.

    Return, return, O Shulammite; Return, return, that we may look upon thee. Why will ye look upon the Shulammite, As upon the dance of Mahanaim?”
    ‭‭(Song of Solomon‬ ‭6:10-13‬ ‭ASV‬‬)

    — The Description of the her Rapture:
    “Before I was aware, my soul set me Among the chariots of my princely people.”

    — The beauty of the raptured and glorified Church:
    “Who is she that looketh forth as the morning, Fair as the moon, Clear as the sun, Terrible as an army with banners?”

    — Israel's wish for your return:
    Return, return, O Shulammite; Return, return, that we may look upon thee. Why will ye look upon the Shulammite, As upon the dance of Mahanaim?”

    MAHANAIM - Two armies (The Bride And Israel, in dance and worship to our God - finally the Great Meeting of the redeemed)

    . . .

    Chapter 5 gives a description of those left behind.

    Here's an excerpt:

    “I opened to my beloved; But my beloved had withdrawn himself, and was gone. My soul had failed me when he spake: I sought him, but I could not find him; I called him, but he gave me no answer. The watchmen that go about the city found me, They smote me, they wounded me; The keepers of the walls took away my mantle from me. I adjure you, O daughters of Jerusalem, If ye find my beloved, That ye tell him, that I am sick from love.”
    ‭‭(Song of Solomon‬ ‭5:6-8‬ ‭ASV‬‬)

    — the anguish of not finding Him:
    “I sought him, but I could not find him; I called him, but he gave me no answer.”

    — The suffering that will be:
    “...They smote me, they wounded me; The keepers of the walls took away my mantle from me.”



    1. Thank you for sharing, Jeova, you are a blessing brother. As is everyone who comes here to encourage the brethren with our Blessed Hope and who lift up the name of Jesus, our Redeemer.

      Surely He is coming swiftly, surely He is on His high hills, surely He is coming to take us Home.

      He who testifies to these things says, "Surely I am coming quickly." Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus! Revelation 22:20

      Blessings and Maranatha!

    2. Amen, Jeova!

      Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some [is]; but exhorting [one another]: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching. Hebrews 10:25

    3. Jeova', Blessings, and heartfelt thanks for your fine balm for our spirits and Praise Him Who Inspires ,amen. "Great gems are in Song of Solomon!" Indeed. Great Gems Indeed. Revelation 21:19-20, Maranatha!

    4. Jimboni, BLESSINGS!

      “Praise Him Who Inspires”

      “The Song of songs, which is Solomon’s.”
      ‭‭(Song of Solomon‬ ‭1:1‬ ‭ASV‬‬)

      Through the introduction we already understand that Solomon is a symbol (type) of the Holy Spirit, so we see the author of the book, the Holy Spirit.

      Only from the Holy Spirit can come the greatest worship, the greatest praise (the greatest poetry, the most beautiful song).

      Only through the Holy Spirit, Jesus can receive from his bride such perfect worship and only by the Holy Spirit, He, the Lord can speak and hear His bride.

      It is the revelation of the bridegroom's desire to be near the bride, because only the Holy Spirit knows the mysteries of the Lord's love for the church and vice versa.


    5. Thank you Jeová for your great explanations of the Song of Songs. I would only say about, that I thought always that Solomon is the type of Jesus Christ, but your though about Holy Spirit is also very interesting. I will search this now. That's why I thought about Jesus Christ:
      (1) Solomon was the son of David, and the Lord Jesus also – 2Chron 1:1 (KJV); Mat 1:1 (KJV)
      (2) Solomon and Lord Jesus have a Gentile bride – 1 Kings 7:8 (KJV); 1Cor 11:2 (KJV)
      (3) Solomon is King of the Jews, and the Lord Jesus also – 1 Kings 11:42 (KJV); Mat 2:2 (KJV)
      (4) Solomon could answer any question, and the Lord Jesus also – 1 Kings 10:1-3 (KJV); Mat 22:20-21 (KJV)
      (5) Solomon got back all the land promised to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob – 1 Kings 4:21 (KJV); Christ will get it when He comes again – Ezek. 47-48 (KJV)
      (6) A Gentile Queen comes to see Solomon – 1 Kings 10:1–13 (KJV); and Gentiles will come to Christ in the Millennial kingdom – Matt. 8:11 (KJV)
      But this outline is old, and your thought about Holy Spirit is also interesting. I will search this, it's very important, especially in these very last days of the Church here. Blessings!

    6. Dear Alla D, BLESSINGS (in prayer for your health)!!
      Thanks for your very interesting thoughts!

      Following are some facts and characteristics that point David as the type of Jesus Christ and Solomon as the type of the Holy Spirit:
      - David, like the Lord Jesus, was raised to be King, coming from a humble and simple family.
      - David reigned all the time concerned with building a house for God. He prepared the building material for the Temple and reigned 40 years over Israel and Judah, 33 years in Jerusalem (1 Chronicles 29:27). The 33-year-old Lord Jesus consumed in his body the building work of his Church (spiritual Temple) to present it to God.
      Forty years were the years of David's reign in the midst of serious struggles.
      Forty is the time of man's ordeal. Forty days the Lord Jesus was proved in his flesh in a serious fast when he faced the enemy and beat him. Hallelujah! David prepared for Solomon his son all the material for building the house of God (1 Chronicles 29: 5) and gave the plan into his hand.
      Just as Christ completed his redemptive work at the age of 33 and sent the Holy Spirit to continue (John 14: 16-18, 26).

      Solomon, son of David, was raised to continue the work whose material was prepared by David. Solomon is a type of the Holy Spirit. He built the house of God in 7 years (1 Kings 6:38) - the word shows us that in 7 times the Holy Spirit is building the spiritual house (7 periods - 7 letters of Revelation), the bride of Christ, preparing it to meet the Lord.
      Solomon asked God for wisdom to build and built on the direction that David had given him, according to the pattern given by David (I Chr. 28:11-12,19). Solomon did not use a hammer in all the work (1 Kings 6: 7). Every handsaw, every hammer, everything used was distant from the building, the stones, the wood came ready, came into Solomon's hands perfect to fit in, and so it was God's raised house.
      Christ's work was also thus done. On Golgotha, far, far away, the Lord was bruised for our iniquities (Isaiah 53) so that the Holy Spirit could use the material offered: the Blood of Jesus shed in the midst of the atrocious noise of the nails that the hammer had nailed. on a cross, the hands, the feet of the Lord, in the midst of a terrible shouting.
      Jesus prepared the material - his blood - for the Holy Spirit to apply to him in the accomplishment of his work, which quietly works in the hearts of men - making them living stones, as I Peter 2: 5 tells us. The prophet Zechariah in ch. 4: 6 He foresaw this wonder, when he prophesied that the work of the Lord would be so. "Not by force, nor by violence, but by my Spirit."
      David fought hard, defeated all enemies around to give Solomon the plant of the Temple of the Lord. Magnificent Temple, so the Lord Jesus fought and conquered all enemies to the last, to death and resurrected to deliver to the Holy Spirit the work of building the Temple, the bride of Jesus, his Church.

    7. Thank you Jeová very much for so interesting points. I will study them now, but sorry, until now I'm yet not sure in Solomon as a type of Holy Spirit. I have a very good book "Precepts of the Blessed Hope" by Don Mills (A View of the Types and the Great Light From Above), and here are some types, but about Solomon isn't anything. He quote sometimes the Book of Clarence Larkin Dispensational Truth. There're for example some types:
      - Abraham a type of the Father
      - Isaac seen as a type of Christ, “thine only son Isaac”
      - Eliezer is seen as a type of the Holy Spirit sent by the Father
      - Rebekah is a type of the church
      - Ruth: a type of Gentile bride redeemed by kinsman redeemer
      - Joseph: another picture and type of Christ
      And so on, a very large list. I studied this book, it's wonderful really!
      But Solomon was King, not servant. Holy Spirit came to guide, comfort, teach and so on.
      There's a very interesting article about Solomon's Song of Songs, the Part Types of Christ in Solomon – https://solomonssongofsongs.com/2017/10/03/types-of-christ-in-solomon/
      Reading it and studying your outlines. Great thanks for you prayer for me, I need it very much now. My sickness worsens rapidly. Blessings to all. Maranatha!

    8. Sorry to hear Alla about your continued health issues. Lifting you up in prayer sister, for relief from the pain and strength to carry you to the finish line. We are nearly there. He knows we have little strength. And Our LORD is coming so soon.

      Romans 8:18
      For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory they is to be revealed to us.

    9. Alla...keeping you in prayer daily, sweet Sister. Soon and very soon:-)

    10. Alla, Lifting you in prayer the God will give you comfort and peace. God is faithful to comfort us during the difficult times. I was reminded today on the radio that God is so close to us when we are in our Distress hugs to you and see you in the air

  6. Thank you Brad for the new article and the time you spent to index the key topics and their time stamps. That is so helpful. Blessings to you brother.

  7. Greg L. has a new article up...awesome as always!


    1. TY kourofs1...another really good article by Greg and made a whole lot of sense:-)

  8. I believe we have till 2021. That God told us we do with the following signs. 

    In 2014 God gave us the 4 blood moon tetrad. I believe this was His warning/wake up announcement. 5 months later 2 cows with the number 7 on their heads were born, 5 days apart. To me that was an announcement of 7 good yrs left. Then 7 bad yrs. The first cow's #7, was nice and big, neat. The 2nd cow's #7 was short and not so nice looking. Representing the good and bad yrs.

    3 yrs and 5 months later (almost 3 1/2yrs) we got another big announce/warning-the Rev 12 sign. 

    Another 5 months period, we got 2 more signs. 

    From the Great American eclisp to the 
    Super blue blood moon was 5 months

    Number 5 is usually considered to be a symbol of goodness and grace of God.

    The blood moons fell on passover and Tabernackles both years. Maybe the blood moons on these dates consistently in the tetrad means Jesus died on passover and is coming back on Tabernackles. 

    (I believe that ALL the feast days have already been fulfilled in His birth, death and resurrection-He was born on feast of trumpets, and Atonement was fulfilled at the cross, And he has been tabernacleing (dwelling)with us ever since He Sent the Holy Spirit), so nothing has to be fulfilled. But passover and Tabernackle are the most Holy Days commanded by God to celebrate. I believe this is what God has shown me why the blood moons were in these dates. He is giving us the info like a big Billboard sign. 

    Also Isreal turned 70 may 14, 2018. I believe their generation is 80, not 70 years. The Bible said a generation is 80 yr  by reason of strength. Isreal is a strong country. 80 yr generation is 2028. Minus 7yrs of tribulation, puts it at the yr 2021.

    7 yrs from 2014 (the 7 good yrs being up)=2021. Then the tribulation starts and lasts 7 yrs. At the end of the 7yrs, Israel will be 80yrs. And they will be the generation the sees the coming of the Lord. 

    Only the church will see Jesus in the clouds at the Rapture. Those left will see Him return with His Army

    Also, I think the peace deal still has to have time for everyone to be in agreement. It will not happen in 2019. These things take time. Right now, it's all introductory. Those in attendance will go back to their countries to discuss and those leaders have to have time to agree then they all come together and make THE covenant.

    1. Thanks, Lovin’ Jesus. I’d totally forgotten about the cows but had arrived at 2021 for all the same reasons that you so skillfully articulated.

      God bless you, Brad, for this website. It is such a blessing to us all!

  9. https://gizmodo.com/something-big-just-slammed-into-jupiter-1837095949/amp?__twitter_impression=true

    1. Speaking of Jupiter, it sure is sitting close up to the moon tonight. Beautiful to look at and just consider how very close we are to the return of our King!

    2. That was beautiful. It was a clear night to see and it accompanied me on my left side all the way back from the beach last evening. What a wonderful Creator.

  10. Family, Blessings. All Praises And Honor And Thanks To Our Lord Who Seasons And Blesses My Evening Meal With Your Good Company, amen, and a fine roundabout since breakfast. Feel somewhat nudged to share a couple things which, together, qualify as a post.

    First, a modeling tool which may help us navigate our current waters with a bit more savvy returned to mind to share. My awakening to this model and exploring it arose during the 12212012 Moment (give it a sec, you'll get it). It is the same model which the Maya revealed and built their eschatological and temporal reality framework upon (FA Tech, surely). (Keep in mind, these are the same folks who knew how many moons Jupiter has and the angle and duration of their orbits, for starters.) It is challenging to share without a picture but here goes. It also forces the typical, linear, Western-Mind model to expand or be set aside as too limited, which it is. It also can provide a little comfort for those who see the soundness of Lovin' Jesus' post, Blessings, and ponder 2 MORE years.

    Let's say, picture, if you will, a stack of rectangular, wooden blocks, all about 1/2" thick by 4" wide. The base, bottom-most block, is 18" long. The block next, resting upon it, is 17", and so on, each one a different color and with specific, intricate, and unique engravings on each, to the top-most block, 1" in length.

    Each block represent it's own, unique type of Dispensation, or Meme, or, more Truly, a Grand Symphony Of All Of That. Furthermore, each block is a hologram, so ALL the information of the WHOLE is present in ANY of it's parts (Strong's). The same is said of the entire stack, as well. Ultimately, the unique Dispensations/ Choreographies/ Revealings, And More, in each, Tell The Same Story, Reveal The Same Lord, amen. Still, they are UNIQUE and Separate, though part of a whole, like the BoC, also. Each block is also a block-of-time (BoT): The longest from Creation to Completion (or otherwise, depending upon model Revealed.) . The *Beginning* of the block above it will be a Move Of HS To Manifest Dispensation, et al. The 1st 'BoT' does not stop, falter, dwindle, become less relevant, stop 'working' when the next one 'kicks-in'. NOW it is BOTH. Then, the 3rd, and so on. (Futurists, ala McKenna, also are savvy to these mathematics in terms of the Singularity of apprehended, exercised knowledge.)

    The Western Mind puts this on ONE timeline: Creation THEN Sin THEN Savior THEN Apocalypse, etc. This other model sees moments such as The Nativity and Passion as marking the addition of another unique timeline, a shorter brick now upon the stack. It will likely have parallels to other bricks, easily entangling and confusing ALL without The Mind Of Christ to SEE Them Distinctly.

    So, our confusion re what lines up with this and why didn't that happen when it clearly aligned with whatever and every such and such shows this and that but then this or that didn't whatever is ALL due to being unable to SEE connections in the context of their, unique, timeline. In simpler terms, Lovin' Jesus, there could WELL BE a timeframe that 'ends', or 'begins' precisely around the Markers you clearly show. However, only by Revelation would we know the context of WHAT that Marker Portends, Maranatha! We could be gone tonight without, necessarily, violating anything you found, Maranatha!

  11. So, the stack is flush on the left, looks like stairs, on the right, and the timeline goes right to left. In the last moments, MILLIONS OF BRICKS are Added: Acts 2:17. Feels like that about now, no?

    2nd point, though unable to actually move them, yet, Our Scout can specifically feel his toes for the first time in 5 years and I hope to get him peeled from the ceiling soon, amen.

    1. I hadn't read either Archangel's or Sheila B.'s comments, Blessings, when I referenced Jupiter.

    2. Oh, the other Our Scout Nugget. In 1st post, in relation to Our Scout's Recovery, I referenced Matthew 11:5, ofc. Then It occurred, noticing the last of the list of events, that it may be a chronology or metaphor, of sorts, or both. As we see Our Scout's Journey Modeling our own, in ways, and we eagerly await the Awakening Of The Sleeping In Christ as The Crossing Of The Rubicon, FINALLY, well, thoughts?

    3. Jimboni, et al...I've pretty much accepted that I'm going to have to be on the other side of Eternity to fully comprehend this journey Marker and Time-wise as we've witnessed His Omniscience, Omnipresence and Omnipotence all in play, all around us and all at the same time. Your BoT description comes about as close to describing it as I can imagine. I do know my faith has been grown exponentially as well as my awe in our Almighty Lord God. And yes, He can appear for us at any given moment and will never be in contradiction of Himself, or His Word. (It must be driving the enemy nuts;-)

      I'm so happy for Caleb and expressed my thoughts on his wonderful progress up top which continue with each milestone for him as I do see it as a spiritual milestone for all of us.
      That you've been led (for good reason) to share this intimate and critical facet of your lives with us has been such a gift and I'm so thankful for both you and your son, Brother:-)

      *News Flash--Jeffrey Epstein at age 66 has "committed suicide" this morning while in his jail cell on a "high suicide watch". How convenient for TPTB to cover their own evil trails, but only for a little while longer.

    4. Ah yes, perhaps it is all a show and JE was really taken away from those who want to harm. Perhaps it is just a "story" in order to preserve a good witness. There are some good independent stories circulating outside the msm narrative... The Art of Distraction.

  12. In these days we live among, while we see the utter destruction of mankind and this Earth unfold, the excitment of the Bride should be building or bubbling to the brim for the Blessed Hope.

    Note: Paul seems genuinely happy and delivers an uplifting new message. The intro perked me up too.

    People, Get Ready! Jesus Is Coming To Get Us!
    48min - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YboxATsKMKQ

    @ Sheila B... not really amazing afterall considering the dirt he has on those who got to him, which we knew they would..... maybe he confessed his sins to the Father and humbled himself before the LORD before leaving this Earth, he of course knew he was a dead man.

    1. Right, Charlie. I think everybody knew the man would never make it to trial. @Zerohedge did an article on him being a dead man walking back on 7/19/19 and they have an article out today titled "A Shocked World Reacts to News of Epstein's Impossible 'Suicide''. Only God knows if he chose to repent and believe in Jesus Christ at any point, but one thing is sure, they were never going to let him live long enough to confess "their sins" in a court of law.

    2. MOST CRUCIAL POINT made (imho) in the REVELATIONCHAPTER12dotCOM video mentioned by Charlie (see link above) is that Paul Dawson points out that there has been a line crossed that points to the imminent judgment by fire. That line was the development of the first human-monkey chimera.

      “We have the precedent of the world before the flood,” our Brother states correctly. Paul is referring to the Book of Genesis and Chapter 4 of the Book of Jasher where there is recorded the mixing of the DNA of humans, animals, and the fallen angels. It was because of this abomination that God sent the first judgment by water—Noah’s flood.

      If God would send His wrath because of that then certainly it must be time for Him to send His wrath by way of the judgment by fire now due to this human-monkey chimera abomination! And since the Overcoming Church is not appointed to wrath....

    3. Lyn, I haven't had the chance to watch Paul's video yet, but that's exactly what I thought when I saw that news about the monkey/human chimera...they've crossed the Rubicon for sure. I believe we're going Home at any moment now.

  13. Prayer Request:

    My estranged wife needs a miracle as she is in a mess. Her ex-husband (now a trans-he-she-it) is suing her for full custody of her two children (her oldest went from straight As to harming herself this past year | being manipulated by the ex-husband, thus, he is using this as the reason for custody while he has planned this for many years).

    I am praying for (1) a miracle and (2) deliverance from evil spirit(s) within the ex-husband AND in the girl. The kids of course have been exposed to evil through their father and certainly now the girl has them. Specifically, I am praying the ex-husband will choke on his suit (literally or figuratively), however God carries it out is up to Him.

    I am waiting to be called to the stand as well as I am sure I am part of the suit for my few years with them (wife and 2 kids). God can do miracles when we are in a mess.

    Thank you.

    1. Praying for you and your wife, Charlie! The Lord hears our prayers! And this is also the sign of our departue from this world, which is very wicked now really! Maranatha!

  14. I came across this article today that really just struck me:
    "Bear attacks 13 yr old boy at campground near Moab".

    Two things came to mind. The situation with Elisha being mocked and jeered at by the youngsters in 2Kings 2:23-25 and of course Ruth from Moab, whom we know represents the Body of Christ.

    The boy in this article was "sleeping" when the bear came upon him and bit him on the right side of his face and bit his right ear. He was not killed, thankfully, but he did suffer injury.

    Praying for all those--and especially those within the camp--who would come out to make a mockery of The Gospel Message being delivered by the Body of Christ--that they will Wake up, Hear and Believe the Good News that Salvation comes by Grace through Faith in the Death, Burial and Resurrection of Jesus Christ which is The Finished Work of the Cross (1Cor.15:1-4)(Heb.10:14-18) and is the Full and Free Gift of God. (Eph.2:8) Afterwards, we can fully trust that He Who began a good work in us will finish it. (Philippians 1:6)

    Charlie...praying for the miracle of Salvation for all involved!


    1. I want to share my grandson Jayden's dream that he told me about this morning. He said that in the dream he was going up to outer space to Jesus' world in a "Texaco Plane". I asked him "What is a Texaco Plane?" He shrugged and said he didn't know, but that it was just a really old red plane and that he was kind of scared because he was all by himself, but he wasn't really too scared.

      So I put "Texaco Plane" into the search and WOW! What came up was 2 different Texaco Diecast Plane Collectibles. I asked him which one looked like the one in his dream and he pointed to the first one.

      It was an old-fashioned single-seat P-51 Mustang Single-Prop Red and Silver plane with the Texaco emblem on the back end of it and a #5 on the side--a 1:44 Scale Diecast model manufactured in 1948 that was created to commemorate Texaco's postwar "Fuel of Victory" aviation tour.

      By His Grace(5) and through His Blood (Red) we are Redeemed (Silver)

      *The 2nd one was an old-style Red and White Bi-plane with Texaco 14 emblazoned along the fuselage. Our Deliverance/Salvation (14) is made possible through His Blood (red) washing our Robes in His Righteousness (White)

      I looked up the meaning of the Texaco Logo @LOGOPEDIA:

      (now aware of the masonic conspiracy theories) but the history says it was designed in 1909 by Italian Romeo Miglietta w/the Red Star referring to the Lone Star of Texas and the green T being a worldwide recognized symbol of Superiority Quality.
      "The overriding threefold motif of Texaco logos has emphasized the color Red, the shape of the 5 pointed star, and the letter T."

      In this case, I can see again Grace by the shed Blood on the Cross (tav) (and it's just interesting that a 7 yr. old would have such a dream as Texaco's Aviation History is not exactly common knowledge these days and appears to be mostly a topic for aviation buffs or collectors of such memorabilia.)

      Blessings and Looking Up!

    2. Amen! Thank you Sheila, this is really great evidence of your grandson and your research about! Maranatha!

  15. Sharing...
    (by TW Tramm)

    THE biblical calendar date Av 9 (Tisha B’Av), corresponding to August 11 in 2019, marks the anniversary of the destruction of the First Temple in 587 BC.

    The Temple lay in ruins until the Jews returned and began to rebuild it after the 70-years of exile in Babylon (Jer. 29).

    Uncannily, the Second Temple would also be destroyed on the date of Av 9, in 70 AD. The ensuing exile, which would last for nearly two millennia, was, like the former, followed by a Jewish return to the Land—the one that occurred in 1948.

    Scripture specifies that the second return to the Land, when God “again” brings His people back from captivity, is to be followed by an unprecedented time of judgment called Jacob’s Trouble:

    “The days are coming, declares the LORD, when I will bring again my people Israel and Judah back from captivity and restore them to the land I gave their ancestors to possess, says the LORD. These are the words the LORD spoke concerning Israel and Judah … Cries of fear are heard—terror, not peace. Ask and see: Can a man bear children? Then why do I see every strong man with his hands on his stomach like a woman in labor, every face turned deathly pale? How awful that day will be! No other will be like it. It will be a time of trouble for Jacob, but he will be saved out of it” (Jer. 30: 3-7).

    In view of the remarkable and well-documented symmetry found throughout Scripture, it’s interesting to note the mirror-imaging of prophetic events. In ancient times, Israel’s judgment was followed by a return. In the last days, the return is followed by judgment:

    Judgment Return ǀ
    Return Judgment

    What’s more, the second return, like the first, is connected to a period of 70 years. Jesus says the generation who sees the budding of the “fig tree,” i.e. Israel’s final homecoming, will see His return and ultimate redemption at the end of the age (Matt. 24:32-34). Scripture defines a typical generation as 70 years (Ps. 90:10).

    Is it possible that the redemption of the fig-tree generation will, as in the days of Babylon, occur after a 70-year period?

    Making all of this more interesting, Daniel’s 70-weeks prophecy reveals how many weeks of years will pass before Messiah comes:

    “From the going forth of the word to restore and to build Jerusalem unto Messiah the Prince comes shall be seven weeks [49 years]...” (Dan. 9:25).

    The Jews began to rebuild Jerusalem for the second time in 1969.

    We are thus presently, in August 2019, in the harvest season after the 49th year since Jerusalem’s restoration began. This is significant because God typically acts after the end-year specified in prophetic timelines. For instance, the Jews were redeemed from Babylon “after” the 70th year (Jer. 29:10). Messiah was crucified “after” the 62 weeks, or 434th year (Dan. 9:26).

    And so summer 2019 not only marks the harvest season following Israel’s 70th year, related to the 70-year timelines in Jeremiah and Matthew, it also marks the harvest season following Jerusalem’s 49th year, related to Daniel’s countdown to Messiah!

    That the 70/49 timelines converge on the same year is even more remarkable when we consider how the respective prophecies—Jeremiah’s 70 years and Daniel’s 70 weeks—are directly linked in Scripture. The 70-weeks prophecy was given to Daniel, a captive in Babylon, as the 70 years of exile were ending (Dan. 9). Daniel’s weeks-countdown to Messiah would commence when the exiled Jews returned to Jerusalem and began rebuilding (Dan. 9:25). Thus, Daniels’ 70-weeks timeline picks up precisely where Jeremiah’s 70-years timeline leaves off.

    God always gives His people an “expected end”—a determinable point in time by which redemption will be realized (Jer. 29:11; Gen. 6:3; 15:13; Matt. 24:32-34).

    While Scripture is clear that no one knows the day, the convergence of signs and timelines in 2019 is confirmation that it is near.

    1. . . .


      1. Jeremiah describes two returns to Jerusalem, one in the days of Babylon and one before the time of Jacob’s Trouble:

      2. Daniel 9:25 full verse: “From the going forth of the word to restore and to build Jerusalem unto Messiah the Prince comes shall be seven weeks; and for threescore and two weeks, it shall be built again, with broad place and moat, but in troublous times.”

      The two sets of weeks are believed to be indicative of the two comings of Messiah—a first coming and a return. The sixty-two weeks, counted from the first return to Jerusalem, point to Messiah’s first coming when He was put to death for our sins (v.26). The seven weeks, counted from the second return to Jerusalem, point to His second coming as Ruler (v. 25).

      That the 70-weeks prophecy cryptically reveals the timing of both of Messiah’s comings explains why Gabriel prefaces the prophecy: “Listen carefully so that you can understand the meaning of the vision” (Dan. 9:23 NLT).

      3. Daniel’s 70-weeks prophecy is similar to Jeremiah’s 70-years prophecy in that both are based on a period of “70,” both center on a return to Jerusalem, and both provide an “expected end,” or year of redemption.


    2. Thank you. So awesome that God has given us these tremendous treasures in Scripture. Makes sense that the psalmist says this:

      Psalm 119:162-3

      Of course he is talking also about Gods rules too. I am not sure I am there yet, but yes I do love His law, because I know it is right and protects us.

      Anyway. Thank you Jeova and T W Tramm. So encouraging and so awesome.

    3. Miguel P, Blessings. Hebrews 4:12, Surely. However, easily also seen as, I Love the 'order of your precepts', amen, as we so soak into, here, Maranatha!

    4. Jeova ;

      The Rapture could occur at FOT in 2019, but not the 2nd Coming. Are you confusing the two or am I confused ? :)

    5. Watching for the wedding day up ahead..... Tu B'Av...


      ...during the last 'harvest' moon (last full moon of summer and last harvest themed moon, also the sturgeon moon (America's largest fish)).

    6. No grapes here I hope...only grapes in the fall.

      "Three" Harvests::
      (1) Barley (Jesus) = Spring
      (2) Wheat (Body) = Summer
      (3) Grapes (Jews and others) = Fall

      Note: ALL harvests follow the same pattern: firstfruits -> main -> corners/ gleanings

      So, the WHEAT harvest (#2 from above) has three parts::

      Firstfruits = Bride (i.e. ready, spotless)
      Main = "Chuch' (i.e. lukewarmers perhaps)
      Corners/Gleanings = leftovers

      The SEASON of Pentecost goes up until Tishri 1. Last HARVEST moon coming up (8/16).

    7. @rjmgoose,
      The text is by T W Tramm, but YES, the Rapture can happen anytime (just like in FoT).


  16. Thanks Brad! I listened to that last week and it was very timely! I just wanted to pop in and say hi. Waves to all!


  17. Unsealed - new post (Gary):
    The Lifted Veil

    1. Just saw that, Jeova ... sounds like sth I don't want to read at Unsealed, by Gary. He says, "Prepare yourselves dear friends for this will be the most somber article I've ever written. This may challenge and stretch you. It may make you uncomfortable and your stomach twist, but you need to hear it—if not for yourself, " ...

    2. Thanks Jeova for letting us know about Gary's new article.

      And Cathi,
      I read it, it is definitely something worth reading, it will tug on your emotions. Gary shares a lot about his personal life, and he also talks about the apostasy, legalism, anti-grace wave that is currently going on in the churches. It really is another wonderful, sad and thought provoking article that Gary's is so talented to write. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED,

      Here is the link for anyone who doesn't know where unsealed sits: https://www.unsealed.org/2019/08/the-lifted-veil.html

    3. I agree, Jordan. It was a stunning article and one of Gary's finest imo. The reality of the situation is so heartbreaking on the one hand, yet so promising on the other. He captured so well the appreciation of God's Grace experienced by those who've been drawn to that miraculous Gift through the realization of our brokenness. Highly recommend it:-)

    4. amen to that...plenty of spiritual 'food for thought'

      "As Ecclesiastes tells us, there is a time for everything under Heaven: "A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance..." I do have moments of joy now, great joy in fact, but now is my time to weep and mourn. I'll be laughing and dancing in Heaven."

  18. Have not seen anyone mention this yet... I know yesterday was a high watch date and I just came across a notice that a volcano on "Reunion Island" erupted on the 11th at 7:00 local time. As I am currently taken a quick break from doing some remodeling, have not done any other research into this but did catch the island has 17 miles of shoreline. There are those numbers again. Keep showing up in different ways. Blessings to all.

  19. August 12, 2019, Update to my article, https://lynmelvin.blogspot.com/2019/08/crazy-summertime-signs-of-rapture.html

    More 9/11 Info to Consider

    It is wonderful what one can discover from the myriad of Brothers and Sisters we have. Here is some information I picked up while visiting Unsealed:

    Pastor Rich's 8/8/2019 comment [excerpt]:

    We have been given a Biblical marker in time with the Virgin clothed in the Sun, a crown of 12 stars and the Moon at her feet. Mars, Mercury and Venus are returning to Virgo now! Echoes of the R12S. This September 11th will mark two (2) prophetic years, 720-days, since Yom Teruah, 2017 and the beginning of the great sign of R12. This September 21st will mark to (2) solar years, 730-days, since Yom Teruah, 2017 and the beginning of the great sign of R12. Ten (10) days separate the two.

    Dare I say there is an echo of the head being born before the body?

    If Jesus was indeed born/conceived on 9/11 of the Gregorian calendar, then his birthday/conception (Remember: life begins at conception) will come 10 days before the 730th day since the beginning of His sign by the solar calendar. (Matthew 24:30 ESV)

    Interestingly enough, and in thinking about those 730 days, Strong's (G730) is,

    ἄῤῥην (arrén) male, man as found in (Revelation 12:5 ESV)

    Again, if Christ's birthday (conception) was on 9/11/3 BC then some interesting things come to light. 9/11/19 is the 18th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks of 2001. 9/11/19 is 18-days prior to the eve of the Civil New Year (Rosh Hashanah) and the Feast of Trumpets (Yom Teruah).

    18 is an interesting number. As some of you know, Hebrew letters double as numbers just as Greek letters do. The numeric value of the word meaning, "alive", "life", "live" being "חי" is 18.

    Moin's 8/9/2019 reply:

    9/11 marked the conception of the New World Order. Since 9/11 surveillance of ordinary people has been increasingly become common. Could it be that on 9/11/2019 something big will happen? It has been 6+6+6 years since 9/11/2001.

  20. Forgot to mention this was the "4th" eruption this year. Not many details at this time. Last eruption was on June 11th and subsided on June 13th.

  21. This was an interesting article from @timesofisrael.com today 08/12/19--"In largest-ever drill, Israeli Navy prepares for massive devastating quake". Dubbed Mighty Waves 2019, the drill involving NATO and 9 countries practice a united response at the Haifa Port in conjunction with Israel's National Emergency Management Authority also known by the Hebrew acronym "Rachel". (Matt.2:18)

    1. Starting to see others covering the above now. Colleen M., Lone cruZader, WOTW88 so far.
      The article above mentions they are drilling for a response to '7000' deaths in this Quake, Rev.11:11 reveals the RESURRECTION of the Two Witnesses at 3 1/2 yr mark followed immediately in the same hour by the Great Earthquake of Rev.11:13 that kills '7000'. That they are practicing this specific drill at this time tells us how close we must be and I wonder if this could be why so many are always seeing 11:11 on their clocks. Makes me think this is definitely one of those markers to be aware of.

      Colleen M.'s latest is also a follow-up on her Peach/Fig dream and she finds that it has led her to Strong's H# 1069:
      --primitive root; properly to burst the womb, i.e.(causatively) bear or make early fruit (of woman or tree)--->from H#1061--bikkuwr--to give the birthright--make firstborn, be firstling, bring forth first child (new fruit). (Jer.4:31 KJV)
      Blessings and Looking Up!

    2. I am still seeing this 11:11 all the time as well...nice ref to Rev 11 Sheila and had also wondered about the drill. A balaam prophesy on a large scale perhaps!

    3. Well there's something to this "Peach" business. Got me smiling today. I just watched Todd @It Is Finished enjoying the Peach-blend "Rapture" Smoothie he came across that he paid 3.88 for (3+8+8=19 and hoping this is the year(2019) that His Gift of Faith(19) will see us all Home:-) It also made me think about the Peach Ice Cream that for some reason I've brought home 3 times in a row lately when I usually buy Butter Pecan or Vanilla.

      Then I saw this ad from a Fredericksburg, TX Peach Farm that says:
      "We are elated if an individual/group wants to experience the RAPTURE of being in the PEACH orchard. (emph. mine). This farm may be admired from Wine Road 290 nestled directly off Hwy 290 between Fredericksburg and Stonewall, TX." (G#290--ampelon--a vineyard). It's a Seven generation Peach farming operation with 26 varieties of Peaches. Picking Season runs from Mid-May thru August--and at times they are "blessed with some September peaches." (#26 represents the Gospel of Christ i.e John 3:16 is composed of exactly 26 words in the Greek and composed of 23(Death) and 3(Resurrection).
      Just seeing all of that as another one of those joy-filled little God Winks;-)
      Blessings All!

    4. I love bro Todd, lol. I find myself relating more and more to what he's going through. Sometimes I think, "Brother Todd is losing it." Then, I realize that I'm just as "looney tunes crazy." C'mon, if you work at the Heavenly Smoothie place that sells a smoothie named "Rapture," you are asking for a guy like Bro Todd to bring on the Spirit.

      Whose ready to FaceTime with our Lord and God—for real!

  22. Sheila B., and Fam, Blessings. Little tidbit and a bunny trail? As for Jayden's really cool dream I also saw '14' relating to Passover, as significant, and 5+14-19, there's that, again (now), hmmm. Also Bi-Plane speaking of 2 wings, twins, Father+Son Working Together, ala CM's recents (2 wings 'lift' the plane) and the 2 different planes speaking to the convergence of 2 era's (bi-plane v single-wing, more modern fighter-type). These seem simply also confirming/adding color to your hits.

    As to the above, H388, anastauroó: to crucify again; (1) Hebrews 6:6:

    4 For it is impossible, in the case of those who have once been enlightened, who have tasted the heavenly gift, and shave shared in the Holy Spirit, 5 and have tasted the goodness of the word of God and the powers of the age to come, 6 and then have fallen away, to restore them again to repentance, since they are crucifying once again the Son of God to their own harm and holding him up to contempt.

    G388: Ethanim: (month of) "steady flowings," the seventh month in the Jewish calendar (1) 1 Kings 8:2

    The H hit speaks, to me, of both the ongoing sin of Israel to ever be revisiting their denial of their Messiah before the world, speaking to judgements and corrections forthcoming, and the Gentile & Works side, directly, relating to the Circumcisers. '6:6': The larger context, and smaller, both being the number of a man. It's only reference being in the book of Faith Champions also echoes, to me, of the Grace Defense/Denial currently at hand amongst Christians, as well; interestingly fitting parallel, perhaps.

    The G is noteworthy, seemingly, having only 1 hit and the 7th month speaks of Completion relating to Time, no? 'month of steady flowings' also feels somehow aligned with the birthing metaphor, clearly, Maranatha!

    1. Some awesome catches there, Brother! His Grace is written all over this side of Jacob's Trouble for those who are willing see it. I got tickled earlier when I went in to the grocery store.and walked into the produce section. They had 5 different kind of peaches on display, but only one type really had that sweet peachy aroma coming from the bin and this lady about my age was standing there holding one up to her nose and she said "Now that just smells heavenly." I was gonna say something back to her when she got a phone call, but she was right--those particular peaches did smell heavenly:-)
      (I picked up a large plump one and was looking at it--perfectly ripe, but very fuzzy and I thought that's the thing about peaches--they need a good scrubbing before you
      bite into them, but afterwards they make such good tasting fruit;-)

    2. Wow, Sheila B., Blessings, thanks. Funny, like some of Granny's yummy stuff, I just threw a few things together, and with a little HS sauce, well, there you go, Maranatha! 'Got a little addition, which was niggling at me before, but the other thoughts told it to HUSH! and it meekly sat in the corner; now Dutifully returns.

      Another Detail self-evident in that first section is '2', The Spirit of Witness. This Speaks, perhaps, as an internal Confirmation, in the same manner in which Christ Is His Own Witness, Scripturally, although its been along time since that lesson, so cannot build verse, atm. Still, setting that aside as some Awesome Seasoning, for now, 2 Planes; a 2 Winged One, symbolizing 1.0 and then the progression, in aviation, to 2.0 with 1 wing seems intricately symmetrical along significant lines. That one has a '5' and the other the '14', so for full decoding you MUST intermingle them? Again: Witness and Testimony. Of what?

      5, Grace;
      +14, Passover: Grace Manifested IN THE FACE OF WRATH, Maranatha!
      = 19 Works for me, amen.

    3. It's so amazing how Jesus Christ is truly His Own Witness. Went to bed last night thinking and praying about this and how it was the (36) 2's recorded in Matthew that pointed CM to understanding the Authority of the Nail. I know there are those who think it's a crackpot thing to see Him and His Truth expressed in everything we are drawn to look at, but what they fail to understand is that He IS always bearing Witness to Himself as He is "loving" us along through this entire journey. When we see Him in a dream, a vision, a series of His numbers and current events of ALL kinds as well as in each other...hear His Voice in a word...or feel Him in a piece of fruit or a "Rapture Smoothie" lol,...He is "loving" on us, sharing Himself with us and walking WITH each one of us individually AND as a whole. Takes me back to that line in the Peach Farm Ad above:
      "WE are ELATED if an INDIVIDUAL/GROUP wants to EXPERIENCE the RAPTURE of being IN the PEACH ORCHARD" (emph. mine)

      Yes, I believe heart, soul and spirit that The Father and The Son are ELATED when we--as one or in unison--WANT to experience the RAPTURE of being IN THEM and constantly partaking of THEIR Fruit as we walk through this alienated world. Every tidbit, every bunny trail opened to us is like another Rapturous little kiss to draw us deeper into Their Orchard toward that ultimate Tree of Life--our transformation into His Glory. Love you all so much, Family, and I love the way He is always loving on all of us--all of the way Home, Amen:-)
      Blessings All!

    4. I am WITH YOU Sheila, Jeff, et al re. the rapturous nuances He sends us to help us keep on keepin on! Whether it's a Rapture Smoothie or seeing a number repeated in an amazing pattern, etc!

      As I was folding laundry just now, I pulled up Youtube (cuz I happily have my wifi back now--see my Comment below re. tornado). First video that popped up caused my heart to leap for joy. Remember my series of articles about Jesus and the Event Horizon? (All the links are in this article: https://lynmelvin.blogspot.com/2019/04/jesus-is-event-horizon.html)

      Well, Skywatch TV just posted this:

      Five in Ten 8/14/19: Black Hole at Center of Galaxy Suddenly Lights Up

      There is a scientific explanation for this--of course--yet I couldn't help but feel it was another wink and a kiss from the Father and just had to jump back on here and share it with you all♥

    5. Amen! Lyn and I am Praising our Lord for your safety through that storm. Glad your wi-fi is restored and you are back in communicado, but it sounds like a graze by His Grace. We've been blessed to only have been grazed by a few of these tornadic storms that have come thru here and I'm always so thankful for His protection as they are so powerful and we are so helpless in the face of their discrepancy. What is truly amazing tho is when you see those who will stand up in the midst of utter destruction and give Glory to His Name. I always pray that should I ever see such a day, that same spirit will reside in me. Blessings, Sister, and will check out that Skywatch vid. TY:-)

    6. Sheila B., ikr! I saw a delivery truck on my commute, this morning, with its code emblazoned on the back gate: 213151, as I recall. I just had to quiz The Father if that was a wink? 153 hidden inside 12:1? Proverbs 25:2 and I'm ON IT, Code Geek Maranatha!


    7. Ok, Code Geek...looking forward to see it where that takes you, but was it by any chance a box van? Because I just caught a little glimpse of your 153 hidden inside of an Alabaster box (G211:-)

      The room grew still
      As she made her way to Jesus
      She stumbled through the tears
      That make her blind

      She felt such pain
      Some spoke in anger
      Heard folks whisper
      There's no place here for her kind

      Still on she came
      Through the shame that flushed her face
      Until at last she knelt before his feet
      And though she spoke no words
      Everything she said was heard
      As she poured her love for the master
      From her box of Alabaster....

      Alabaster Box by CeCe Winans

    8. Sheila B., Blessings. That is beautiful verse. A little bigger than a van, however, this was a white, box-style, DELIVERY truck with big door(s?) in the back and that number, in foot-high red characters, red, in the upper right corner of the back panel/door. Ofc, the 1-5-3 immediately popped out and then the 12-1 followed with little effort, once the 153 was covered. Making something outta nothing? who knows, all I got back was a smile, when I asked, Maranatha!

  23. Yesterday afternoon I was just about to catch up on everyone's comments but wanted to first add a new video to my June 28 article: https://lynmelvin.blogspot.com/2019/06/our-last-day-behold-great-red-dragon.html

    Very suddenly a powerful storm that included a tornado came upon us. Lightning struck one of our trees by the road and blew out our wifi. Tom and I prayed for God's hedge of protection just before this happened, so I was a little perturbed about the tree. "Lord, I thought You would protect our property also." Then I found out that other homes and businesses around us had suffered roofs torn off and entire yards of trees twisted and downed and felt sorry I had complained! This Summer just gets crazier and crazier!

    If anyone is curious, here's the video:

    It's Coming Back Again (Update 8/12/19)
    Jeffrey McGaha YTC

    Will hopefully catch up one of these days! Much love to all♥♥♥

  24. What a letter: A Minister’s Simple (CID: not really) Prayer :: By Dr. Donald Whitchard


    This is the true heart of a true and faithful minister of the gospel.

  25. Sharing...
    (by T W Tramm)

    AUGUST 15-16 marks Tu B’Av (Av 15) on the biblical calendar this year.

    Tu B’Av is traditionally a joyous day in Israel as it commemorates the lifting of the curse of death put on the generation who feared to take possession of the Promised Land.

    According to the rabbis, each year on Tisha B’Av (Av 9), Moses would command the Children of Israel to dig graves and sleep in them as punishment for believing the spies’ bad report about the Land. Every year they would awaken to find that all those who had reached the age of sixty had died during the night.

    When the final/40th year of Israel’s sentence of wandering the wilderness had passed, however, the last of that generation did not die on Tisha B’Av. Assuming they had erred in calculation, they waited another day, then another, for death to come. When the full moon appeared on Tu B’Av, they realized God had forgiven the sin of the spies.

    After the Children of Israel entered Canaan, Tu B’Av began to be celebrated as the day they had been freed from the curse of the grave and allowed to enter the Promised Land under the leadership of Joshua, who is a prophetic type of Christ.

    Another reason Tu B’Av is a time to celebrate is that it commemorates the lifting of the ban on inter-tribal marriage. To ensure the orderly division of the Promised Land between the 12 tribes of Israel, restrictions had been placed on marriages between members of different tribes. This restriction was lifted on the 15th of Av, making it a day of celebration and festivity.

    Av 15 is also the day on which the tribe of Benjamin, which had been excommunicated for its behavior in the incident of the “Concubine at Givah,” was readmitted into the community of Israel and allowed to intermarry with other tribes (Judges 19-21).

    Thus, in ancient Israel Tu B’Av became known as Matchmaking Day, the day on which virgins would dress in white and go out and dance in the vineyards to attract husbands.

    Some speculate that Ruth’s wedding to Boaz—a typological picture of the wedding of the Church to Messiah—occurred on Tu B’Av. Scripture records that Ruth lived with her mother-in-law, Naomi, until all of the wheat harvest was complete (Ruth 2:21-23). Tu B’Av traditionally marks the beginning of the grape harvest and, therefore, an unofficial conclusion to the wheat harvest. This time, or soon after, is when Ruth would have stopped living with her mother-in-law to take up residence with her new husband/redeemer, Boaz.

    Related to the grape harvest, a well-known rapture-typology in Song of Solomon associates ripened grapes with the coming of a Shepherd to gather and spirit away his beloved Shulammite maid:

    “For, lo, the winter is past, the rain is over and gone; the flowers appear on the earth; the time of the singing of birds is come, and the voice of the turtle is heard in our land; the fig tree putteth forth her green figs, and the vines with the tender grape give a good smell. Arise, my love, my fair one, and come away” (Song 2:11-13).

    Notice tender grapes are the final agricultural sign mentioned before the shepherd says, “Rise up, my love … and come away.”

    The grape harvest is when new wine is made. The Apostle Peter associates “new wine” with the wheat harvest and the end of the age when, on the Church’s first Pentecost, he quotes Joel’s prophecy about the coming Day of the Lord (Acts 2).

    Related to the Day of the Lord, Tu B’Av occurs at the full moon. Scripture links the full moon to the return of the goodman of the house, a typological picture of Jesus returning to settle accounts at the end of the age:

    “The goodman is not at home, he is gone a long journey: He has taken a bag of money with him; He will come home at the full moon” (Prov. 7:19, 20).

    It makes sense that the goodman would return at the full moon as the moon is symbolic of the Church, or congregation of God, which will be harvested when it reaches a state of fullness.

    1. Finally, Tu B’Av is the last festival of summer.

      In Matthew, summer is a metaphor for the end of the age:

      “Now learn this lesson from the fig tree: As soon as its twigs get tender and its leaves come out, you know that summer is near” (Matt. 24:32).

      In Proverbs, summer is when the wise gather crops and the foolish sleep:

      “He who gathers in summer is a wise son, but he who sleeps during harvest is a disgraceful son” (Prov. 10:5).

      In Amos, summer is a time of God’s judgment upon Israel:

      “This is what the Sovereign LORD showed me: a basket of summer fruit … Then the LORD said to me, ‘The time is ripe for my people Israel; I will spare them no longer’” (Amos 8:1, 2).

      In Jeremiah, the Jews lament the passing of the summer harvest and their not being rescued:

      “The harvest is past, the summer has ended, and we are not saved” (Jer. 8:20).

      In Micah, late summer is when the faithful have vanished from the earth:

      “Misery is mine. Indeed, I am like one who gathers the summer fruits, as gleanings of the vineyard: There is no cluster of grapes to eat. My soul desires to eat the early fig. The faithful have vanished from the earth, and there is no one upright among men. They all lie in wait for blood; every man hunts his brother with a net” (Mic. 7:1-2).

      Summer ends at the autumnal equinox, September 23rd, the seasonal dividing line between the spring and fall festivals.


      Having highlighted how the types and themes of Tu B’Av, namely marriage, liberation from death, and the summer-full-moon, point to the harvest of believers, this is not to put forward that the Rapture will necessarily occur on this day.

      Jesus says no one knows the day, not even the angels, and that He is coming at an hour we think not (Matt. 24:36; 42-50; Mark 13:35).

      For this reason it’s wise to keep watch today, on Tu B’Av, and every day!

    2. . . .

      1. More on Tu B’Av:

      2. The moon as a symbol of the Church: In Song of Solomon the Gentile/Shulammite maid, symbolic of the Church, is compared to the moon: “Who is she that looketh forth as the morning, fair as the moon .... Return, return, O Shulamite; return, return, that we may look upon thee” (Song 6:10, 13). The spiritual parallel between the Church and the moon is that the full moon, as bright and beautiful as it is, has no brilliance of its own. It relies entirely upon the sun, which is a picture of Christ (Ps. 84:11; 19:4, 5), for its light. Without the sun, the moon has no light. Likewise, man has no light of his own. We were created in the image of God to reflect His brilliance and glory (Gen. 1:27). When we turn to face the majesty of God, when we surrender to Him and seek Him with all our hearts, we reflect His glory (Matt. 5:14). The Moon Bride:http://www.theopenscroll.com/when_cometh/moon_bride.htm

      3. Jesus is the goodman of the house in Matthew (20; 25: 14).

    3. TY, Jeova...an awesome share and so much to consider as we keep watch, Brother:-)
      Colleen @Loved by the King put out an interesting video titled "Perusi--One Year Ago--there was a rapture delay!" Interesting re our understanding of time as opposed to His as she speaks of a "prophecied" delay. Blessings!

    4. So just watched Gigi @Blue Heavens's "To Gather the Gathering" vid from yesterday in relation to what Jeova has shared above as well and WOW! Looked into it a bit further and yes, it is a WOW! esp when considering the one year delay @Loved by the King is speaking of (where "peaches" are also involved;-) This is all so cool, but just briefly:

      Tu B'Av 2018--July 26-27
      plus 386 days to
      Tu B'Av 2019--Aug. 15-16

      G#726--Harpazo--sieze, catch up, snatch away
      G#386--anastasis--resurrection of the dead
      G#816--atenizo--behold earnestly, steadfastly, set eyes 14x (14=Salvation, Deliverance)

      Flip side:
      H#726--Aramim--Syrian 1x in 2Kings 2 re the fall of Damascus
      H#386--ethan--perennial, ever-flowing, permanence 13x
      H#816--asham--to offend, be guilty 35x

      Blessings and Looking Up! Whether or not this is it, we know He's showing us that it's extremely close:-)

    5. Wow, Sheila!
      Looking up!!

    6. Proverbs 4:25-27; Hebrews 12:2, and echoes noted previously: G388: Ethanim: (month of) "steady flowings," the seventh month in the Jewish calendar.

    7. Oh, also, P.S. to my 5+14=19 in Jayden's dream, as noted by Jolie Story latest, The End..., https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FvrEGjs085A ; '19' is the 8th Prime Number, its symbol is a sickle from the *Wheat Harvest* (yippee!) and signifies FAITH and HEARING, which seems Wonderfully Entangled with ALL of what He Is About Through US as well as aligning with Jayden's dream, in it, also, being a Declaration! Romans 10:17, Maranatha!

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    10. Sorry for delete my comments, there're some errors. It is now:
      Great thanks Jeová for so wonderful stuff! Studying it! Waching and Loking up! My question is about "Scripture is clear that no one knows the day" – I am not quite sure about. We are to know not only the day, but also the hour of Lord's coming for His Bride.
      For example Rev 3:3 (KJV)
      Remember therefore how thou hast received and heard, and hold fast, and repent. If therefore thou shalt not watch, I will come on thee as a thief, and thou shalt not know what hour I will come upon thee.
      Heb 10:25 (KJV)
      Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching.
      And much more! There's a great Gary's article about:
      I think that the Lord will show us this very-very soon, for sure!
      Sheila and Jimbony, thank you for your great watching work! And all our Fam! See you very soon really! Maranatha!

    11. Alla D,
      TY for your comments!

      Honestly, I hope we have the privilege of knowing the "day"!

      I remember the experience of Elijah the Prophet, who had full knowledge of the day of his rapture.

      JESUS ​​COMES!
      MARANATHA !!!

    12. Greatest Amen Jeová, thanks for your thought here! We are watching really, and all events show now, the Time of revealing is very near! And then our departure will be at hand! Maranatha!

    13. Jimboni, just wanted to say TY for expounding on Jayden's dream. He is so impressed by that. He insists on calling you "Jambone" and is always interested in your posts, especially if it's re something he's contributed to the conversation. I don't know that he understands half of what you're saying, but he'll nod his little head and do that "thumbs up" thing before going about his playing business. Then I usually have to reread it a few times to absorb it all myself:-D
      Blessings, Brother!

    14. Sheila B., Blessings, sister. Wow, that truly touches my heart, thank you.

      If you can't explain something clearly to a 6-year old then you don't truly understand it yourself - Albert Einstein

      If the 6 year old can explain it back to you, you may actually be on to something. - Jambone

  26. Re: no one knows the day/hour....

    Jesus was speaking to His Jewish disciples about His second coming, NOT the harpazo/escape of the bride.

    I do hold to a particular 'day' within a particular 'season' vs. any ole random "time".....

    It has been a process of elimination/study/learning all these years and of course with the many calendars run a muck! Lots of learning for sure in these past two years with you all.

    BTW, Sherry popped in & commented over at unsealed the other day.

    1. TY, Charlie...I saw her post and good to know she's doing okay. I believe we'll all find out that the Harpazo was never to occur at "any ole random time" ofc, but the thing is we just don't know as yet what that Appointed Day is and for what significance He selected it. I only know we'll all say aaah...in absolute agreement with the utter perfection of His choice:-)
      Blessings and Looking UP!

  27. We've been waiting with bated breath for the birth of our friend's seventh child. Had almost given up hope (though of course we knew better) since by our reckoning she was way overdue. Baby girl was born last night and they named her Hoshana Hope.

    1. CY, what a beautiful and blessed name! And HOPEfully she's one of those God winks for us that He is on His way and we'll all see our sure and soon deliverance. TY for sharing that Good News, Sister:-)

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    1. Struggling for the metaphor here, after reading the article. May well not be one as the N*SA model contradicts reality and is an attempt to square peg/round hole Creation, but still. The King Planet always warrants our notice but wondering what, if anything, was your take on this, now?

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Too late, Miguel...I read that article and the simple message imo re the idea of that newborn planet's colliding with the King planet so powerfully that they became as one is absolutely there. Not what the article had to say because they are blind anyway and just wildly guessing, but what you saw implied there...yes...and not only that--just the reference to an event 4.5 Billion years ago made me think of how we have been known to our King since before the foundation of the world. (Eph.1:4 KJV and John 17:23 KJV)
      I'd call that headline another one of those precious God Winks for those with the eyes to see it. Blessings, Brother:-)

    4. The 2 becoming 1 and that being the key which unlocked the mystery, got it, nice one. Right over my head that one went, thanks.

  29. @breakingisraelnews reports today on the "practice" burning ritual for the Red Heifer using some other kind of cow to determine the exact amount of wood needed for maximum ash yield. They followed the exact Biblical commands in preparation for the Third Temple purification rituals while saying they don't yet have a confirmed Red Heifer which has to be flawless at 2 yrs and 1 day old, but are monitoring a couple of candidates.

  30. Okay Sheila B. and family, 'grain of salt' share.

    I took a little nap this afternoon and had a quick blip of a dream. It was simply me reading a posted comment by Sheila on this Rev12 site. Her comment said, "Happy Birthday Jesus!" I no sooner saw the post, then the dream ended. Weird, and probably nothing but I felt like I had read something on here earlier about Jesus' birthday.

    After scrolling up the comments feed, I saw Lyn Melvin's post from August 12th. Lyn had re-posted a comment from Unsealed by Pastor Rich. Here is an excerpt from his comment:

    "If Jesus was indeed born/conceived on 9/11 of the Gregorian calendar, then his birthday/conception (Remember: life begins at conception) will come 10 days before the 730th day since the beginning of His sign by the solar calendar. (Matthew 24:30 ESV)"

    So again, take my dream with a grain of salt, but I thought it was one of those things where you're not sure if it's anything but it makes you at least go, Hmm...
    Blessings and Maranatha!

    1. Mom...I love that dream...WOW....Happy Birthday Jesus!
      What could have a more beautiful ring to it? Just thinking about the power in those three Words
      make taking it with a grain of salt pretty impossible as what we are all looking and longing for is the birth of HIS BODY! Praise the Lord and TY so much for sharing that wonderful glimpse. Holy Spirit chills all over, Sister:-)) <*)))>< <*)))>< <*)))><

    2. MOM and SHEILA ...
      I was on my way to work, listening to praises, and I heard this song that I present below:

      "Suddenly I'm going up,
      I'm going up without knowing,
      And I hear a voice from heaven,
      And is calling my name,
      And I feel like it's Jesus,
      It even seems like a dream,
      A dream come true,
      For so long I waited for Jesus,
      For Jesus!

      And I review my brothers,
      Who died one day in Christ,
      And love invades my heart,
      What a joy to be able to hug and cry,
      It's just Jesus, just for Him it happened,
      It was worth the wait!
      For my faith was not in vain,
      He came back, he didn't leave me!

      And the sorrows of this world are already behind,
      Behold, all things have become new to me,
      And the body I had is no longer the same,
      For Jesus gave me a perfect body,
      A body that feels no pain,
      For one day He promised and today fulfilled
      He is faithful!

      And your name is Jesus ...
      It even seems like a dream!
      It was worth the wait!
      For my faith was not in vain,
      He came back, he didn't leave me!

      My soul was filled with joy!!!
      Looking UP!

    3. Thank you, Sheila! You are always so kind and I love your steadfast heart of encouragement toward all of us. Blessings sister :)

      Jeova, thank you for sharing that beautiful song! As I read the words I could feel the joy that awaits us on the other side. Oh may it be ever soon!!
      Blessings brother!

      Surely the Lord is coming for us. Hosanna and Maranatha!

    4. Jeova, TY...such beautiful words, but I sure got hung up on that one line "For one day He promised and today fulfilled..." Oh that it would be so very soon in the physical as well as the spiritual:-) Blessings, Brother!

      Alla D...just wanted to tell you how thankful I am that in spite of all the struggles you bear with your health, you hang in there so strong in His strength and in His Word with your deep studies. Whenever I feel a little weak in the knees and want to sit down on this watch, I am reminded of you and VeeBee and others who fight serious daily battles just to stay on your spiritual feet and that just strengthens me anew. I praise our God for you, Sister, and consider myself to be so Blessed to be in such fine company:-) Love you and Maranatha!

    5. Thanks Sheila! Your word was for me today extremely important. Want very much to see you in the air! Amen! There's a great pain these last days! You are for me the instrument of the Lord! Studying Bible to comfort myself! Blessings to all! Maranatha!

    6. Alla D, Blessings. My prayer for you is that His Glory And Presence So Pour Forth In Your Word Immersion that the voices of the flesh ever fade into the distance, amen.

  31. If you need something to chew on over the weekend..

    ANALYSIS BUFFET: 25 urgent things you need to know about spygate, Epstein, China, financial collapse, mass shootings and civil war


    No doubt this is ALL a spiritual war manifesting itself before our faces.

  32. Colleen M's latest video is so very intriguing as she looks at the 1335 days of Dan.12:12 that her attn was drawn to (by another sister) in relation to that chart she'd made aligning the Hebrew dates with the Gregorian dates from the 2 sets of 7's she was shown on the menorah with the last watch day being 8/23. The number 1335 is clearly highlighted in the alignment of these dates through--as she said she was shown to do--SUBTRACTING the Hebrew dates from the Gregorian. Then Sam Sam's comment pointed out Matt.13:35 and Mark 13:35. So I was looking at the Strong's and it just got even more intriguing:
    G#1335--diegesis--a narrative 1x Luke 1:1 re a declaration in unity of faith
    H#1335--bether--a part, piece 3x re Abrahamic Covenant

    G#823--atomos--uncut, indivisible, moment of time, an uncut and "indivisible" moment of time, split second, instant used 1x 1Cor.15:52 re the twinkling of an eye.
    H#823--Ashnah--2 cities in Judah 2x Josh.15:33, 15:43 re the "division" of Judah's inheritance.

    Then looking back at Dan.12:12 where the 1335 days are spoken of:
    G#1212---delos--clear, evident manifest, plainly evident because of inner perception
    3x Matt.26:73 re Peter's 3rd denial; 1Cor.15:27 re all things being put under His feet; and Gal.3:11
    re our redemption through faith alone.

    H#1212--Betsalel--2 Israelites name meaning "in the shadow (protection) of El) 9x.

    Not sure yet what all of this means, but I believe it's worth studying into:-)

    Blessings and Maranatha!

    1. Sheila B., and Fam, Blessings. Having watched Colleen M, though she didn't clearly detail it, the specific dates she fingers, among the many in the overall sequence, plucking 1-3-3-5 from the midst, are those specific dates which fall on the '7's; the '16th and '23rd being the last two of the second set of those seven 7's.

      What I hear her highlighting, as a possibility, is that, in light of the Divine Beauty Displayed Thusly, the 1,335 days spoken of, Daniel 12:12, with a Glorious Finish Thereof, could be looking at us in this Code. My thoughts are that we are seeing, at the very least, an echo, or resonance, of that Moment, in this Discovery. 8/23 is anon and it appears the Thrush has been spotted.

    2. I see this morning that Colleen M. came to the same conclusion that I did yesterday re the 1335 days pointing to Passover Week 2023. I had always looked at Dan.12:11-12 as going forward from the Abomination of Desolation, but yesterday I looked at the day count as going backwards from the AoD and landed in mid-Aug. 2019, which as she points out we saw the report of the practice burning of the Red Heifer in Israel. From 9/23/19 (2 yr. anniv. of Rev.12 Sign) plus the 1290 days of Dan.12:11 lands on April 5, 2023/Adar 14, 5783/Erev Passover per Hebcal. Then I wondered if these verses might present a dual meaning re the day counts going both ways from the AoD with the one pre-dating that event and pertaining to the BoC while the other post-dates it and pertains to Israel. Going from 8/23/19 plus 1335 days landed me on 4/19/2023 or 4/20/23 in the Australia, NZ part of the world where they will witness a rare Hybrid Solar Eclipse on that day followed 2 weeks later by a Lunar Eclipse. Then I looked at the duality of 1335 x 2 = 2670 and subtracted the 2520 days of 7 yr Trib period to get 150 which happens to be the number Colleen came up with in her calculations re the first week of 7's where she looked at the multiples of the 3's and 5's given. Other than believing these verses are encoded, I have no real idea at the moment what that 150 pertains to, but if you add it to the 36 she arrived at for the 2nd set of 7's to get 186, then look at the Strongs G# 186:
      aklines--unbending, without wavering, resolute, firm 1x Heb.10:23 which seems to confirm the message of blessing in Dan.12:12.
      Just like how the Mark 13:35 and Matt.26:73 verses which Dan.12:12 also pointed to share the commonality of the cock crowing. It's an intriguing study to say the least:-)

    3. correction: April 5, 2023 /Passover date should read Nisan 14, 5783, not Adar--trying to chew gum and walk at the same time looking at both Purim and Passover:-/

  33. A or (THE) 700 day connection to the R12 sign?

    To go along with some other musings for the 23-24th of this month... a look into the firmament above us:


    The Sun + wandering stars Mars and Venus conjoined with Regulus in Leo....

    8min - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bKasvCRCss8

    1. TY Charlie!
      I watched the video ... Something big is being announced!
      MARANATHA !!!

  34. Sharing...
    The “Day” is near!

    (by T W Tramm)
    “Just as it was in the days of Noah, so also will it be in the days of the Son of Man. People were eating, drinking, marrying and being given in marriage up to the day Noah entered the ark. Then the flood came and destroyed them all. It was the same in the days of Lot. People were eating and drinking, buying and selling, planting and building. But the day Lot left Sodom, fire and sulfur rained down from heaven and destroyed them all” (Luke 17:26-29).

    PEOPLE have been buying, selling, planting, and building since the dawn of time. So why does Jesus emphasize that these things will be happening when Judgment Day arrives?

    I believe the Lord makes note of the economy in the compendium of God’s Word because it will be during a particularly prosperous period, a time in which more and larger transactions will be occurring than ever before, when He returns.

    This describes our world today.

    Economies depend on rampant consumerism. Technology has enabled financial transactions at a “click.” Goods are cheap and disposable, and a growing spiritual vacuum has most of us pursuing the material to fill the void.

    The U.S economy is on a roll like never before. The stock market has just seen its longest Bull Run in history, and unemployment is at its lowest in 50 years.

    As summer 2019 winds down, however, change is in the air.

    The threat of a major trade war between the U.S. and China, as well as uncertainty around Britain’s planned departure from the European Union in October, have the IMF’s chief economist acknowledging that this is an especially “delicate moment” for the global economy.

    On August 14, the 2-year and 10-year Treasury yields inverted, a precursor of every U.S. recession during the last half century.

    The corresponding yield curve in the U.K followed suit.

    Meanwhile, countries with some of the largest economies, including Germany, Italy, France, and Japan, appear to be teetering on the brink of a recession.

    Experts say it’s not a matter of “if” the current bubble bursts but “when.” When it does, unprecedented debt could add fuel to the fire and turn a standard recession into a sharp one. In the event of a sharp recession, notes investment analyst Joe Chidley, “Corporate and some government default risk could spike. A run on credit could follow, which could spark a liquidity crisis where nobody wants to buy anything.”

    Thus, the days of unbridled consumerism may come to an abrupt and sore end.

    That a convergence of factors may be signaling the conclusion of an unequaled era of prosperity has profound prophetic implications because if the days of “buying, selling, planting and building” are nearing an end, how much nearer might the Lord’s return be?

    . . .





    1. Hey Jeova! I am so grateful that you post TW Tramm for us. I bookmarked his website a few years ago, but I don't see anything new on it. Where are you finding these articles, if you don't mind me asking? :o) Thank you, brother! Blessings!

    2. Hi, ShelleyB!
      T.W. Tramm FB Page


    3. Thanks, Jeova! I looked on FB before. Don't know how I missed it. I just love his articles. Won't be long now. So exciting!!! Blessings!

  35. @Roger Sings...
    I saw the comment you made @CM's last vid on 8/18 and am so glad that you pointed out the issue of the Two Witnesses. (The absence of those Two preaching for 1260 days imo throws a real kink into the idea that we are now approaching the mid-point of the 7 yrs.) I know CM hears many amazing things from the Lord and readily admits that she doesn't always understand what she's been given--which I totally get that with my own "dark glass" experiences, but without judging his intentions, I've personally had reservations with much of @humble seeker's eschatological understanding. So just hoping CM will tread prayerfully there, trusting in our Lord's guidance because the agents of confusion are running amok among us right now. I know none of us have 100% understanding of these days just yet, but I do appreciate those who share their gifts in love and encouragement with the Body of Christ while at the same time comparing everything we hear with the Written Word of God. Blessings, Brother:-)

  36. I just thought I’d mention this just to mention it. August 16, 2019 is the 42 yr anniversary of the King of Rock and Roll’s death who passed away at age 42 as did his mom Gladys at 42.

    1. One great gospel singer too (before rock n roll (i.e. the 'system') stole him/ lead him astray). Anyone for a OSAS debate on good ole boy Elvis?

      He Touched Me by Elvis: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S_SkSrGJfA0

      How Great Thou Art by Elvis: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XlfcvUtUoOM

      Reach Out to Jesus by Elvis: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r-P3CS_2740

    2. Hi Charlie in DC, Elvis rendering of How Great Thou Art is very moving. He never lost that magnificent voice. I saw Priscilla in an interview many years ago and she said if Elvis were
      alive now, he’d be preaching the Gospel ! He loved God’s Word and Church.

      Thank you for the links. Blessings to you and your pets !

    3. Archangel...I'm just sitting here shaking my head. I was debating whether I wanted to share this about "Gladys" or not, but first...

      If Elvis TRULY believed in Christ's Finished Work on the Cross at any point in his life (which I believe he probably did) then yes, he is in Heaven now, albeit he did experience a sad ending in this life dying an early death which was the consequence of his lifestyle. God's mercy is big enough to embrace even one who was unable to break free of the type of bondage he was overtaken by in a place he called Graceland.

      So anyway, today was kinda neat. After my grandson's dedication service at my daughter's church, her husband Jordan's family came out for a visit. His dad who's name is John brought me a little gift. It was a 50ml (1.6907 oz) sample of the New Wine that he'd just finished making from his grape harvest. (So the grapes are coming in.)
      Then I was introduced to his favorite aunt, GLADYS, a very sweet Christian lady. In our visit she told me all about her recent trip to Israel, showed me a picture of herself being baptized in the Jordan River, then cried as she shared a testimony of God's saving grace on her first day after arriving there when she was robbed of all her money by an unscrupulous cab driver, kicked out and left to walk a good distance to her hotel. She got to her room and still shaken, she just prayed Psalms 91 until she felt safe again. A fellow Christian insisted on replacing her money, but the driver was caught the next day by using the security cams from the airport, stolen money recouped and all ended well.
      After they left, I was looking at the little bottle of wine, thinking about Israel and just felt led to look up the meaning of the name Gladys:
      It's a Welsh name bearing the meaning of royalty and thought to originate from the Latin word "gladius" meaning "small sword" to describe the Gladiolus flowering plant--which came from the Greek word Xiphium--which came from the Ancient Greek word "Xiphos". This flower which grew wild across the Middle East was a sign of protection for gladiators and it's crushed roots were used as a healing ointment for wounds.
      Xiphos--ancient Greek double-edged one-handed Iron-Age straight "short sword" who's name apparently means something in the way of "penetrating light". This reminded me of both
      Heb.4:12 KJV and Rev.19:15 KJV.
      Many consider Gladioluses to be the lilies mentioned in Matt.6:28-29 and the Gladiolus happens to be the "Birth" Flower for the month of August. Just thought the New Wine and "Gladys" combo made for another one of those sweet encouragements from our Lord to feel blessed and be Looking UP! Maranatha!

    4. Sheila B, that is an amazing and very powerful story! Thank you for sharing! Maranatha!

    5. Indeed a nice little wink Sheila, Our God is a good God, leaving a trail of winks and encouragement to keep us all going through this watching period.

      I thought another little wink that happened to YTC: Petra Renatus was kind of cool.

      Upon being moved to a new office this week, on her shelf she was given 4 boxes of printer paper called "GRACE". And upon inspection of the 1 minute video that she posted, I noticed the phone number on the side of the box, had the number 725. Which in Strong's mean's:

      725: harpagmos: the act of seizing or the thing seized
      Definition: the act of seizing or the thing seized
      Usage: spoil, an object of eager desire, a prize.

      So I think she was chuffed with this little wink, as was I :)

      Hopefully any day now we will be hearing that almighty Trumpet blast.

    6. Sheila and Jordan! Thank you both for taking the time to share these stories. So encouraging and we need all the encouragement we can get as things are getting crazier by the day. Many blessings to you both!!! Maranatha!

    7. TY All and so glad you found it as encouraging as I did. So love the way He speaks to us through all kinds of circumstances and people:-)

      Brother Jordan...LOL...I had to look up the meaning of "chuffed" and was "pleased" to learn a new word:-D That was really good catch on @Petra Renatus' Grace box! Did you happen to look at the other two parts of that number 1300 725 991?

      G#1300--diateleo--to accomplish thoroughly, persist, persevere, finish. 1x Acts 27:33-34 re the Malta Shipwreck and Paul's ending their long fast with the promise that not one hair would fall from their heads.

      G#99--blepo--to look (at), perceive, discern, be observant, watchful 132x NT

      Praying and trusting this Sister will be safe in her travels and in his Grace:-)

    8. I didn't look them up Sheila, I just knew 725 & 726 mean RAPTURE. But I am even more chuffed that you took the time to look them up. That's an even nicer weighty wink than before. Good catch.

    9. This was just fun to see this morning on the Bing Art which commemorates Nat'l Aviation Day with:
      The First Flight with the Wright Flyer '4' times and '4' miles from Kitty Hawk at "Kill Devil" Hills which took place on 12/17/1903:
      G#1217--demiourgos--builder, maker, creator 1x Heb.11:10 KJV
      G#1903--ependutes--an outer tunic or coat 1x John 21:7 KJV where John and Peter recognize our Lord Jesus on shore just before He tells them to gather in the net of the 153 fish in John 21:11 KJV. (Woo Hoo! It's almost supper time with the Chief Chef:-)

      Flip side:
      H#1217--batseq--dough (for cooking) 5x esp. Hosea 7:4 and Jer.7:18 re judgement for Ephraim's iniquity and Judah's idolatry.
      H#1903--hagin--directly, appropriate, suitable 1x Ezekiel 42:12 re the "Door" specs for the chambers of the Priests in a chapter that details the intricate requirements for approaching the Holy God in purity.

      How blessed we are Brethren, that Jesus Christ has become our Door to approach The Father through His Purity and Holiness:-) Blessings and Maranatha!

    10. Jordan, check this out...you know how CM's menorah high watch days pointed to Aug.16, then 7 days later and the last of those 7's points to Aug.23? Just looking @drudgereport and an article on the insane number of 65 plus quakes in Kansas and Oklahoma in the past 7 days when I was awed by this:
      5.4 mag struck off the coast of Oregon on Aug.16th at "8:23" am at a depth of about 7 miles. So I checked a bit further to find that it occurred "725" miles south of Vancouver, 508 miles West of SALEM, and 426 miles West of Newport. A brief look at these Strong's Gk numbers is just crazy:
      816--atenizo--to behold earnestly, gaze intently, steadfastly set eyes
      823--atomos--indivisible moment of time, i.e. the twinkling of an eye
      725--harpagmos--robbery, plunder--->from 726--harpazo--to seize, catch away and up.
      508--anogean--upper room (Salem/Jerusalem?)
      426--anetazo--to test, investigate, examine

      I'm not sure she even knows about the specifics with this quake in re to an Aug. 16th confirmation, but she should know about it. Maybe if you are so inclined, you could point it out to her since I'm not able to. Blessings, Brother:-)

    11. Sheila B., Blessings. I'll put this on CM's page. BTW, Jolie Story's recents touched upon '19' as central, noting Divine Perfection in Judgement, and, for about 6 hours, today, she said it will be the 19th on both calendars and expects something of note to occur. Ofc, as we touched upon, 14+5=19, and this could possibly have a DAY significance as well as a year, which would fit, no?

    12. TY so much, Jimboni and absolutely possible in re to today...I know l'm feeling so wired up just full of praise for Him and sensing His closeness, like it's time for something major. I do see the "Squad" is hammering down on Israel via the MSM today trying to gin up the Apartheid rallying cry against the Israeli govt. in an attempt to turn the tide against Netanyahu--and naturally Trump will have to Tweet something, so there's that side of the coin going on. Just gonna grab a sweet peach and watch:-)Blessings and just Looking up!

    13. Hi Sheila, (& Jimboni, I didnt see the comment you left for CM, so I just thought it was safer to leave one too, hopefully between the two of us, she will pick it up)
      Was off-line for the past 2 hours, but came back and seen your message!

      I posted the following comment to CM:
      On Video: https://youtu.be/RQVWZrKbMjA
      Into her Pinned Comment that currently has: 10 replies


      Hi Colleen, was just chatting to one of our dear sisters: Sheila over @ Rev12Daily.blogspot.com, and she has been doing a little bit of heavy lifting on Strongs regarding numbers surrounding a recent spate of Earthquakes that have been hitting around Kansas and Oklahoma over the past 7 days...

      Below are her findings....

      Just looking @drudgereport and an article on the insane number of 65 plus quakes in Kansas and Oklahoma in the past 7 days when I was awed by this:
      5.4 mag struck off the coast of Oregon on Aug.16th at "8:23" am at a depth of about 7 miles. So I checked a bit further to find that it occurred "725" miles south of Vancouver, 508 miles West of SALEM, and 426 miles West of Newport. A brief look at these Strong's Gk numbers is just crazy:
      816--atenizo--to behold earnestly, gaze intently, steadfastly set eyes
      823--atomos--indivisible moment of time, i.e. the twinkling of an eye
      725--harpagmos--robbery, plunder--->from 726--harpazo--to seize, catch away and up.
      508--anogean--upper room (Salem/Jerusalem?)
      426--anetazo--to test, investigate, examine

      Pretty interesting me thinks, and possibly another confirmation of events coming to the boil. Will be watching the skies with heightened interest over the coming days.


    14. Sheila B, blessings to you. What an experience ! So glad it worked out well for her.

      I remember watching Whitney Houston’s funeral bawling my eyes out. I will never forget Tyler Perry quoting the verse that nothing can separate us from the love of God; not height, nor depth, nor present, future, etc. I hope to see that wonderful and all too human lady in Heaven.

    15. Me, too, Archangel. Her voice was so extraordinary. I thought about her last month when I first heard that previously unreleased song, "A Higher Love" and just prayed that her faith at some point was placed in Jesus Christ, but we'll just have to wait and see. Hopefully we'll all be wonderfully surprised at who all we will see in His presence:-)

      Jimboni and Jordan, TY both again for passing it along. I did see that @Calvin must have been reading that article about the same time I was and he gave her the heads up as well:-)
      Blessings, Brothers!

  37. Brad made a new post yesterday, everyone.

  38. New article from Gary over at unsealed...


  39. [10:16, 11/10/2019] Jeová Anunciato Batista: “Blow a trumpet in Zion; sound an alarm on my holy mountain! Let all the inhabitants of the land tremble, for the day of the Lord is coming; it is near,”
    ‭‭(Joel‬ ‭2:1‬ ‭ESV‬‬)

    "Blow a trumpet in Zion ..."

    • “sound an alarm on my holy mountain!”

    Zion represents Eternity

    The trumpets are being played in the sky.

    The world does not hear, but the Church perceives and discerns these sounds.

    The cry of the true church at this time is the voice of a solemn proclamation announcing the coming of the Lord Jesus.

    “... all the inhabitants of the land tremble ...”

    “for the day of the Lord is coming; it is near”

    The land is troubled by the approaching day of the Lord.

    The trumpet sounds on Zion (Eternity) and causes tremble among men.

    They are signs, warnings and judgments of the Lord marking a prophetic time that is fulfilled in our day.

    The true Church is not disturbed but witnesses them, because it is on the mount of holiness of the Lord, which is communion, under the cry of the blood of Jesus in sanctification.

    The church's cry at this time is to announce that the day of the Lord is near.
    Such disturbances are occurring in every respect as prophetic signs foretold by the Lord Jesus in His word.

    Geophysical disturbances, in the ecosystem and off-earth (in the universe):

    • Earthquakes
    • Disasters
    • Sky forces shaken
    • Forest destruction
    • River contamination
    • Destruction of marine life

    Social disorders:

    • Wars
    • Pests
    • Extreme Violence
    •The cooling of love
    •The corruption
    • Moral degradation
    • Division of families

    At this time when the inhabitants of the earth are troubled the faithful church is crying out with a loud voice: The Lord's Day is near!

    The Holy Spirit was poured out upon her at Pentecost (two thousand years ago) and she is on the Lord's holiness mountain having prophecies, visions, dreams and revelations from the Lord (the fluency of spiritual gifts), as quoted in Acts 2: 17- 18

    The trumpet is sounding in Zion, the world is increasingly disturbed without discerning things, the present lost and corrupted Christianity but the faithful church is standing in the presence of the Lord announcing loudly (the Spirit and the Wife) that the great and the glorious day of the Lord is at hand, and "whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved" (Acts 2:21).



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