Connecting the Prophetic Dots - Todd Hampson

Hello all, hope you are all doing well and hanging in there as we come up on the 2 year anniversary of 9-23-17.  Can you believe it?  While it seems long, the time has also flew by as The Lord has surely sustained us (Ps 54:4).  My apologies for the latest gap in posts, we have been on a family vacation for the last several days.  I did want to get a new one up for comment however.... I found the latest from Todd Hampson quite excellent.

In it Todd goes through 7 key "dot's" which he has been using to make people aware of the lateness of the hour.  He believes that the sheer volume of evidence represented in these topics should be more than enough to convince our loved ones that Jesus is coming soon.  Here are the topics he writes about along with a short excerpt and link.  Check it out and let us know your thoughts.  God Bless you all!
  • Israel
  • Technological
  • Geopolitical
  • Economical
  • Spiritual
  • Natural
  • Convergence
A couple times a year I try to do a post where I provide a snapshot of the prophetic landscape as I see it. I’d like to Connect-the-Dots of a few prophetic end-time sign categories to see what picture is emerging. Space does not allow for me to cite all relevant verses for each category, but this is where I would encourage readers to roll their sleeves up and do some dot-connecting of their own.

Things are happening so fast and in such detail, that I’ve shifted from citing a bunch of supporting Bible verses, to encouraging readers to be skeptics and try to disprove the dots I’m connecting. I don’t do this for debate or ego purposes. My goal is to force people (if they really want to know the truth about the times in which we live) to study the details themselves. I have found that this moves people from having a general knowledge to forming strong convictions—and it provides a clear view of the signs of the times. When you have to wrestle with concepts, you form convictions as you study the details. As you do, the Holy Spirit reveals things that are hidden in plain sight. 


  1. Very great summary really! Thank you Brad! Studying it. There're also some answers to my questions. The situation is really unique in the world around us! And this summary is very timely indeed! Praying for you, much strength from the Lord for you and all yours! And for all our Family! Maranatha!

  2. Great Summary Brad! Here is a quote from Todd’s article that really struck me. “Much of what our society calls “mental health” is really spiritual warfare—demonic influence that has invaded the hearts and minds of people as we continue to kick God out.”

    I work in public education and I can tell you that the increase of mental health issues in our youth is astounding! I truly believe these are demonic influences. When speaking with some of our youth that are struggling, I see and hear things that point to something more than just “mental health”. I am not discounting the possibility of mental health concerns, I just think more is going on. Many talk about hearing voices, create drawings of demonic figures, and seem to show little remorse for their actions. Pray for our young ones as it is a struggle in today’s world!


    1. My son struggled with hearing and seeing spirits that would prompt him into bad behavior when he was young. Finally found relief when he accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior. Not instant relief, but he was able to have the spiritual strength to overcome. 3+ years later and I am thankful that I have a great son who as a great walk with Jesus.

    2. Sawdy,

      I am glad God was able to help your son overcome!


  3. Oh Goodie. A new article. Thanks Brad, you spoil us :)

  4. Connecting Dots, wow. It was 29 years ago, today, a Friday, August 31st, that the owner/founder of the firm, called me into his office on about the 2 year anniversary of my 1st official sales job, and promoted me to National Sales Manager, promoting my boss, the National Sales Mgr., to VP.

    That evening, celebration in the air, an 'Ebenezer' moment, if you will, although I'd have never put it that way, then, Co and I headed off to a birthday party for friend of hers, making it a sort of all around celebration. Well, as shared, heading down the I-5 Interstate, a semi-truck had a front wheel break free, 254# missile bouncing down the interstate at 70+ mph, land over my head on the roof. My journey back to conscious reality took a few months to even get around to 'Hi'. Funny, sometimes you think you've arrived at an intersection in life only to find out its a 3-way, not a 4.

    From that Encounter, Our Lord Redeemed And Recrafted So Much, To His Glory And Our Good. The depths and heights have been incredible and often easily still glimpsed from here. That we even later chose to have children arose, specifically, from our recovery from that day and a desire to please Him. We have told them, often, they are drawing breath because we chose to obey and honor Our Lord, in bearing them, when the world, ahead, looked dark and full of terror.

    What are the odds? I was going forwards about 70-mph, the wheel about 80, at a tangent. I was travelling about 102 ft. per second, the tire about 116. In that INSTANT, everything changed, for the rest of our lives, and we would have foreseen NONE of it. So very, very Blessed and glad to have you all now along for the ride. Keep a sharp eye and keep LOOKING UP!!! Connecting Dots - wow.

    Our Scout continues, apace. We covet your prayers. Maranatha!

    1. Praying for Scout always! Thank you Jimboni for your reports about, it gives me a great hope. And its also a great sign to me that we are very near to our Home! Much blessings to all your fam! Maranatha!

    2. Wow, jimboni- was not aware of that event in your life. Only you & our Lord know how that changed the course of your life. I can say from reading your posts on this site, that it certainly appears to me that you have been used for His glory. May God continue to use you in a mighty way & may He richly bless you & your family.

    3. TY for sharing such a crucial moment with us, Brother. I for one am so thankful the "connecting dots" of your journey have brought us alongside for this last leg of it. It makes me think of how those 2 guys must have felt on that Road to Emmaus when that 3rd Man joined them just about 7 miles outside of Jerusalem and walked among them discussing the life of Jesus of Nazareth just before He would reveal Himself over supper with them--only this time He won't be vanishing! He is Risen Indeed and He has walked among us all here in Spirit as we've learned more of Him than ever on our way to that Great Banquet:-)
      (Luke 24:13-35)

    4. Wow Jimboni thank you for sharing. It is interesting how all of the dots connect. Praise God!


    5. Also Praying for the people of the Bahamas today as Hurricane Dorian is hitting them with 180 mph status and praying it does by the Grace of God, make that northward turn sooner than later. Just a look at the gem vals of that name pointed to Num.34 and the God-given boundaries of the inherited land and Hab.1:7 re terrible and dreadful judgment in the Hebrew while in the Greek, it pointed to Hakeldama, or the Field of Blood in Acts 1:19 where the betrayer Judas hung himself as well as to a return to soberness and the gift of repentance in 2Tim.2:26. It seems like they would "connect the dots" by now re the connection of these disastrous storms with their numerous attempts at the dividing of Israel and repent of such foolishness, but they don't and won't. So just Looking Up for our Redemption is nigh!

    6. Awesome Jimboni the way Gods hand is so clear.

      Did you all see Loved by the king YouTube channel has now connected the dots of her two moon skull dream?

      Haven't had a chance to watch it fully, but it looks interesting.

    7. Jimboni, brother, glad the Lord healed you from a pretty devastating injury. God is so good.
      The following is from

      Everybody with a traumatic brain injury knows how life-changing a traumatic brain injury (TBI) can be.

      Some people find that change is not always a negative, that they emerge with abilities or talents they didn’t have before, especially in the areas of art and music. Kim, my editor, once told me about a woman who discovered a newfound ability to write and became a successful author.

      There are probably as many examples of TBI survivors with new abilities as there are of people who have lost abilities.

      One theory to explain it is that in the process of rewiring itself; the brain can rewire to the point that the rewiring can access parts of the brain that were never used before.

      Apparently, the potential was always there; the new wiring now puts us in touch with that potential and those hidden abilities and talents. Abilities that were previously centered in one hemisphere in the brain can now be taken over by the other hemisphere and become manifest.

      A few real life examples:

      At age 51, Ken Walters experienced the same kind of stroke I had. He suddenly found himself with the ability to produce digital art and started a software company which led to a new career with EA Games.

      An attorney named Jim Chambliss had a traumatic brain injury that left him with epilepsy, migraines, and temporary loss of cognitive ability. He gained the ability to create sculptures and three dimensional art. He went on to earn a Masters in Visual Art from the University of Louisville.

      Derek Amato jumped headfirst into a swimming pool, causing a concussion. He lost part of his hearing, fluorescent lights bother him and he has frequent headaches, But soon he found he could play the piano expertly, an instrument he had never played. He is now an outstanding musician on that instrument.

      Mama Cass Elliot, who sang with the 60’s group, The Mamas And The Papas, has said she was walking one day when she was struck in the head by a falling object. She found afterward that she could hit notes she said she couldn’t reach before.

      Orlando Serrell was hit in the head with a baseball. He emerged with the ability to determine what day of the week a particular date in the past fell on, and what the weather was like in his hometown on that day.

      Learning that caused me to take inventory of myself and look for newly emerged talents and abilities. It turns out I now have several unique abilities:

      I was a professional journalist before my stroke just under two years ago. Apparently I was good at it, too. My friends were always telling me I should write a blog. I always resisted the idea because I didn’t think I could do it, and because I didn’t really have any idea what I had to say that anyone would be interested in reading. Yet here I am, contributing to this blog which I started shortly after my TBI.

    8. My dear friend Vance Breese Jr. had a traumatic brain injury I would love to share with you all. His dad was named Vance Breese also. He was a world famous test pilot in a P51 Mustang. His son wanted to make his own shadow. So Vance Jr. started racing motorcycles. He ended up setting a world record on the Bonneville Salt Flats as being the fastest man on earth on 2 wheels. He u fortunately crashed at 260 mph on one run...and went end over end several times. He lost 30% of his brain, sight in one eye, and was told he would never talk in complete sentences or walk unaided.

      I have spent many days with Vance and he is a most brilliant man. He built and flies his own gyroplane and was able to get his FAA flight instructors license. He now trains new pilots in California.

      Please go to this amazing video that brings tears to my eyes everytime I view it. Vance has visited my stairshop several times, driving hundreds of miles out of the way to do so.

    9. Hey, Sheila B., message from Jambone re Stan's shared life thread and seeing it pop up with a P-51 so prominent in it:

      Tex 45 No. Am P51D Mustang

    10. Jimboni, IKR. I caught that and just took it as another confirmation to Jayden's dream of flying Home to Jesus' world in that little red Texaco plane. Stan's connection to a world famous test pilot for that particular plane and his mention of it here is another one of those head-shakers for me. Interesting article on the history and I noticed the P51D Mustang's were "sold out". TY for sharing that. I'm sure there is a good study in all of those details but just a quick look led me to Acts 2:21. Blessings and Maranatha!

  5. Hi Fam! Found some news by Brother Sean, quoting:
    "1 September 2019: Here we go. Nearly two hours ago (4:15 PM Israel Time) Hezbollah attacked an IDF convoy of APCs in the area of Avivim, northern Israel on the border with Lebanon, with Anti-Tank Guided Missiles (ATGM). Israel initiated artillery counter-fires on the ATGM firing location. IAF aircraft of many types took to the skies and have been striking Hezbollah targets in souther Lebanon. …"
    Comments of Brother Sean also: "Multiple Hezbollah ATGMs fired at IDF base and vehicles. Multiple hits. IDF returning fire. This is a serious engagement. … Location: IDF base at Avivim came under attack at 4:15 PM Israel time. Israel directing civilian population to enter shelters immediately. Embargo on all reports of IDF casualties. …"
    Reading also the INN latest news:
    Hezbollah Missile Attacks: 'No Israeli casualties,' says IDF
    Lebanese PM speaks with US secretary of state, French security advisor
    Report: IDF attacked building housing the terrorists who fired on Israel …
    Looking up really! It seems to be very meaningful development! The Lord is almost here! Maranatha!

  6. It will all come very soon...this period of anticipation is just weird. For those who are awake (in the Spirit) know what is happening and what is going to happen (not 100% clear, but we know it ain't good), but it is "amazing" to watch everyone else just go about their days. I heard the other day, yeah, it is football season! I was thinking, really, do you know the LORD is about to smite your pigskin games and everything else (i.e. idols)?

    SEEK THE LORD WHILE HE MAY BE FOUND Sept 1,2019 Linda Hashe

    12min -

    Hey Cathi and Archangel, I am highly considering adding "Titus" to my watch party. 3 is an odd # but Titus may just be a great add for Micah and Anna.

  7. DC brother ! Blessings to you. That’s sounds fine to me. The things of this world do pale in comparison to what we long for; getting caught up to be with our Lord forever ! Adam and Eve really messed up.

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    This will be 70 days to be exact from TODAY. NOV 11-13, 2019. 1 Thes 5:3 - While people are saying, "Peace and safety," destruction will come on them suddenly, as labor pains on a pregnant woman, and they will not escape.

    My Eyes on MACRON on this event.

    This event will be just in the same period of Trump Peace Plan. Lets take a look at the events preceding the events.

    1) We are just 14 days before ISRAEL Voting Mid September.
    2) Escalation of Hezbollah vs Israel (Happening Now)
    4) Impending RECESSION (in which experts said, that this will be worse than the 2008 crash)
    5) HK protest vs China ( HK is a Great Asian Financial HUB, if it gets worse, it will be a catalyst for crisis worse than 1997 ASIAN Financial Crisis and in conjunction with US Impending Recession.
    6) Continued positioning of EZEKIEL38 Players (Russia/Iran/Turkey then SUDAN)
    7) TRUMP PEACE PLAN after the Election
    8) Implosion of US via Internal Destruction ( The Socialist Agenda and the likes)
    9) Wars and Rumors of Wars (Worldwide)
    10) Natural Disaster)
    11) Spritual Warfare ( Delusion, PRIDE , Falling Away etc)

    and for me, looking at Technology - the interesting implication of FACEBOOKS LIBRA CURRENCY to be Introduced 2020 onwards. LIBRA - is symbolizing EQUALITY , FAIRNESS , ALL EQUAL , BALANCED.

    REV13 16-18 " It also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads, 17 so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name.

    18 This calls for wisdom. Let the person who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man.[e] That number is 666."

    INTERESTING that WISDOM is called SOFIA in GREEK... then we have the face of SOPHIA the AI in our generation.

    I really see that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be the BRAIN to make a DIGITAL PAYMENT that is so PORTABLE and IMPLANTABLE that will make Buying and Selling TRACKABLE.

    So, yeah, Interesting time we live in.

    1. Great to see you opine Ryan. In support of your posting (re: Macron), here is a recent teaching by James Smith. It seems Macron is somewhat of a middleman for the frontman to come....and his rise to all of this interconnections and recent showings make it feasible.

      Is Macron the "Ambassador" the OT writes about??
      From James Smith
      60min -

  10. From But That's Just Me: Thoughts on End Times Bible Prophecy

    Society Is Witnessing Yet Another Scapegoat Ritual

    This is pretty heavy material re: the dark side of things (but exposing them for what/ who they are and their purposes). The battle is against the prince of the air, not other human beings. Human beings are certainly being used to carry out the evil.

  11. 09/02/2019--Nations Invited For Animal Sacrifice On Mount Of Olives Renewing Noah's Covenant.
    This Conference of the 70 Nations is set to begin on 9/25/2019 on what Jewish tradition holds to be the 5780th anniversary of the creation of the world and will culminate with the animal sacrifice.

    1. Wow Sheila, rings clearly and beacons the Third Temple.. come Lord Jesus

    2. 6 And the Lord said, “Behold, they are one people, and they have all one language, and this is only the beginning of what they will do. And nothing that they propose to do will now be impossible for them. 7 Come, let us go down and there confuse their language, so that they may not understand one another's speech.” 8 So the Lord dispersed them from there over the face of all the earth, and they left off building the city. GEN 11:6

      What has changed, now, versus when verse 6 applied the first time? The materials by which they craft their tower, it seems, naught else. And Our Lord, Who Purposed His Will In Verse 7, Has He Varied, Since? Assuredly Not, James 1:17. Meanwhile, for the next few days, anyways, a Toddler scurries about, Isaiah 8:4, Maranatha!

  12. Heart breaking birth contractions .. Today, early am n ear Santa Cruz Island Sant Barbara Ventura CA explosion on diving boat with. 34 people died 5 rescued Lord .. keep us with your strength and perseverance during these times..

    1. Did you see the rescue vessel name?

    2. Looked it up, Sawdy. Conception was the name of the diving vessel and the rescue boat was "The Grape Escape" of the 5 crew members who were on the bridge when fire erupted at 3:00 a.m and jumped into the sea.

    3. Oops My apologies for the typo Cathi...

    4. Cathi.. Conception . owned by Truth Aquatics

  13. September 1, 2019. A giant number 7 appears on the Sun.

    1. NASA (to deceive in Hebrew) is doing the bidding of its father, the devil/satan, to mimick everything of the LORD. Led by free masons/ luciferians.

      Too much CGI anyway.

    2. Excuse me for insisting ...

      Note the comment from the Signs of the End (FB PAGE) about that photo of the sun depicting the Hebrew letter DALET - ד (first notified by number 7)

      “The letter DALET is the fourth in the Hebrew alphabet. It is equivalent to the number four and is said to symbolise selflessness.

      The First commandment of the Torah is “Be fruitful and multiply.” In order to do so, one must give birth to at least two children, implementing the foursome of mother, father, daughter and son. This is the primary revelation of the significance of the number four in Judaism.

      As the Hebrew word for door (‘delet’), is derived from DALET the letter gimmel is portrayed as knocking on the door of the poor man.”

      This photo was taken at 20:40 Jerusalem Time on the start of the next Hebrew Day equivalent to the September 2nd target date.

    3. Jeova, TY for sharing that. I usually check the coronal pics and yesterday saw the 7 first, then on a closer look, the Dalet was clearly represented there and I immediately thought of the Door. We've all been waiting upon that "Door" to open and now we have literally seen it represented in the face of the sun. While some might write it off as meaningless or some kind of mockery, if we just take it for what it is when looking through the lens of faith, we find encouragement and I believe that is always our Lord's purpose in allowing us to see such things in connection with Him as our Blessed Hope. As they say, the beauty is in the eyes of the beholder:-)

  14. New from Paul Dawson: Introducing: WWW.HOLLYWOODBLASPHEMY.COM

    Published on Sep 2, 2019
    6min -

  15. Connecting the Dots

    It appears Dorian was created and steered toward the bahamas in order to destroy a chinese deep sea port. Improbable 200mph winds huh?

    Wonder why it has stalled out there and why it is thinking about where it is going to go? We know Michael was created and steered on a very focused and narrow path.

    Why did pres T cancel his meeting with poland in order to head back to dc in order to monitor the hurricane?

    The war is on:: US Travel Industry Nightmare Unfolds As Chinese Tourist Stay Away From Washington, DC

    1. Interesting Charlie. Last night my husband was digging around and found a tracking graph on Dorian that was insanely unnatural. It made 5 perfectly symmetrical 90 degree turns like a staircase as if it were being bumped up then bumped to the west then bumped up and then to the west the exact same distance each time until it hit the Northern Bahamas and stalled. Sure looked like it was being used to target something.

    2. ...and then it sat there for 36 hours? Uh, yeah, riiiiiight....

    3. Climate engineering researcher Dane Wigington says Hurricane Dorian is the latest storm to be steered by the U.S. military. Wigington contends, “It’s an historical, verifiable fact and verifiable in the immediate term as well as we have animations of radio frequency microwave transmissions directly interacting with, interfering with and steering that storm (Dorian) as well as other storms such as Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Maria.

      That data can be found on

      You can see real time, conclusive evidence that these storms are being manipulated. . . . We can speculate on the agenda, but the fact that that storm is being manipulated and stalled is absolute indisputable fact.

      The U.S. military started their hurricane manipulation operations 72 years ago in 1947. We have 7 decades of this going on. President Johnston stated on the record that the military had the power to control the world’s cloud cover even then. The notion that this is not going on right now is simply a deception.”

      Wigington also points out, “We have seen in the last 5 years in the Eastern U.S., the lower 48, the most anomalously, less warm region in the entire world. That’s not nature. That’s not coincidence. It’s geoengineering. What does that do? It confuses and divides the population in those zones in the U.S. as to the true state of the climate.”

    4. Hi DC brother, if someone is creating these hurricanes causing death and destruction and billions in terms of dollars then wouldn’t he be arrested? Our biggest nuke is the B53 9 megaton. This hurricane is the equivalent of a B53 exploding every ten seconds. I just can’t see a person other than God being able to create and control and steer that amount of energy.

    5. Archangel...the technology has been there through HAARP, DEW and Satellites and such to tamper with the weather for years, but their satanically inspired abilities have grown exponentially in recent years. Whatever their specific agenda is, I do believe the extent of their success is totally controlled by God in whether He reigns them in or loosens the leash He has them on. Morally speaking, they should ALL be charged and punished for such heinous crimes against humanity and creation at large, but who in this world would do that as it is TPTB sanctioning it all. And the power hungry do not mind the collateral damage of what they've long considered an overpopulated world of "feeders and breeders." Remember their philosophy is "Out of chaos comes order"--their "New World Order". And next up, backed by Bill Gates...they are working on creating the effects of a volcanic winter by distributing what is basically crushed limestone dust into the sky to decrease the global warming by a degree or two. Imagine breathing that stuff in. They call it "climate change defense", but I'm pretty sure it has more to do with another de-population measure. Just more evidence that we are at the end of this thing. Blessings and Maranatha!

    6. Sheila B, blessings to you. I definitely know about HAARP. It’s such a potent weapon that the old Soviet Union signed a treaty with America agreeing not to use it against each other. This is back when MAD meant something. I posted a link about the Governor of Florida praying at the Western Wall and in his note that he stuck in the Wall, he asked God for no hurricanes this year in his state. And the hurricane turned in another direction. I can surely believe in the technology to do evil things and am glad that if someone somewhere has the ability to create a massive hurricane, God will have the last Word as always. Maranatha!!!

  16. Hi all. Little God-wink this morning. My brother found out he is scheduled at the dentist for a new crown on September crown on September 10th... that would be awesome.

    1. Lite bite: A new tv series beginning sept 23 is titled "All Rise." It's about a judge behind a bema.

    2. Miguel P, Blessings. Now there's something we can all sink our teeth into, amen. Funny, I got tagged for Jury Duty on the 17th, hmmm...

    3. Jimboni, I got tagged for jury duty on the 16th....I'm with Miguel, I'd rather get a Crown on the 10th ;)

    4. Now this is funny and awesome. If this could finally be it. So exciting either way. My wife (non believer) actually said no way will the rapture or tribulation or anything related happen in any of our lifetime. She says the world is totally fine. Rofl. For me this level of blindness is absolute confirmation of the impending disasters. Praise the Lord.

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. I hear ya Miguel, I get that response from my missus too. She snorts, and scoff about my treasured Rapture belief. My 4 year old will say every few days, "Mum just believe, the end times are coming."

      I even tell her in the most simple term, I can, I say, "If something happens, and a massive earthquake occurs, don't waste your time, asking are the kids OK, just shout out "JESUS SAVE ME" because all who call upon the name of the LORD will be saved" Romans 10:13, I then say, "What do you need to say if something happens?" expecting her to say "JESUS SAVE ME", but she puts this look of pain on her face, as if she cannot even bring herself to say those 3 simple words. You would swear I am asking her to give up her kidney. The blind are just marching full speed of the edge of a cliff, like lemmings!!

      Prayers for your wife brother.

    7. Im driving home this evening, and just as im wondering if there's any significance to the big 3117 that im passing, I see a business named crown something or other. Yes Lord, please may it be very soon. Amen.

    8. Thanks for posting this. I feel the earthers are getting meaner with their scoffs. A clever tactics used my the prince of darkness. He wants us to quit praying for them. So...but the spirit of deception is live and well. It sometimes creeps me out living with them. Like I almost see the trance. I tell God all the time lead me to the truth I know I'm over dramatic sometimes.

    9. Hey Miguel P, Blessings. So, last night on Wo*ld of Tanks I won a random dog tag element. There are 4 elements in your tags and each one has about 50 options. Of the 190, or so, remaining elements available, I spun the wheel and the one I got, this time, says "For the Crown!" Works for me, had to smile, Maranatha!

    10. Eerily quiet here the last 24 hours or so...

      No worries.. good time to pray and watch and meditate on our Lord.

      You're getting a crown brother.

      Well, I'm lost for words.... for now.

  17. I went to see that movie Angel Has Fallen and the drone technology displayed was mind blowing. Those things reminded me a lot of the locust-like creatures described in Rev. 9 and their facial targeting abilities made me think of John's describing them as having the faces of men. They were released in swarms and were targeting these boats in fiery explosions that looked just like that Conception Boat that burned in CA a few days ago. It made my point with Billy that when they get ready to round people up or just take them out, there won't be any fighting back with this kind of demonic technology and this is not just imaginary movie stuff. It's technology we know they already have and it's most likely already been tested here--i.e. the Paradise and other CA fires. A far better thing to be a Peach than a Grape with what's ahead once the Restrainer is removed.

    Even so, Lord, come quickly!

    1. Definitely true sister Sheila. 10 years ago it was all still fiction. Times flyin.... and so will we.

      Need some of ozarks text emojis here.

    2. Amen! About ozark agree very much! My beloved and precious Brother Tony! Need really for your word and continual encouragement! See you all very soon with the Lord! Maranatha!

    3. ooh Sheila! I never thought about the drones looking like the locust-like creatures, but that does make sense. Good catch!


    4. When X Files came back for a couple seasons there was an episode that was all AI. Mulder and Scully ate at a diner and robots prepared and served their food. Mulder didn’t like his and left a lousy tip (if at all). Well, drones showed up outside the windows of his house and let’s just say it got uncomfortable. Scully was driven home by an AI Uber type service and it went too fast and ignored her pleas to slow down. Miserable episode for them. We are definitely living during the Technological Revolution.

    5. Hi Aimee! IKR...some people used to think some type of attack helicopters were being described there and it just might be that they are actually demonic beings that come up from the pits of hell, but those evil little swarming drones look like they could fill the bill as well. Just so grateful to know we won't be finding out what exactly they are from here, Sister!

    6. That x-files episode is the only new one I've seen. It was one of the reasons I refuse to use the Alexa device my brother gave me for Christmas. No crazy tech for me. 😬 🤔

    7. China & US Advancing Drone Swarm Technology – A Harbinger Of Revelation 9?

      SUMMARY: Have you ever seen a large flock of birds flying in unison? They look like a cloud. And the whole flock can shift left, right, up, or down – all in a split second. Now, imagine one of these groups is coming to get you. That’s right. Imagine a swarm of bees is coming after you. Would a shotgun do you much good? Not really. You can fire into a swarm of bees, and you might take out one or more. These drones are launched from a special tube in less than a minute to create a vicious swarm designed to overwhelm an adversary autonomously.

      1st Article today at Rapture Ready:

    8. Woah everyone... Chinese Killer Drone Swarms. What a great connection Shelia... Drones = Biblical Locusts. The pics look so similar, they sound similar, now with fly similar in swarms. I did some searching and found this video.... Now come back and see Charlies comment above. CONFIRMATION!! (as Zeus would say!)

      At 1:59 in, this guy literally compares these drones to LOCUSTS!!

    9. Wow on both the article and that video. The US Navy demonstrating it's Low-Cost UAV Swarming Technology (LOCUST) program?! In that Angel Has Fallen movie the drone swarms were launched from a bank of tubes and they did swarm and behave exactly as described in the @Rapture Ready article. I know I just sunk down in my seat as Rev. 9 came to mind and thinking John probably couldn't have described them any better. It just proves that if we can see it coming out of Hellywood, they've likely already got a good bead on the technology to implement it in reality. Even so, Lord Come!

    10. Hey Sawdy, there were maybe 6 new episodes of X Files in January of 2017 and several the following year and then it disappeared ! I had them tivoed and after 11 years my TiVo broke and I lost it all. But I’m enjoying the Bolt much more. Gillian Anderson was in a series called The Fall for a few years and she was magnificent. And much different from Scully 😏

    11. Oh and I’m not talking to something that isn’t human, Alexa or Siri. Microphone and camera disabled on IPad.

    12. That video is crazy! It seems like a perfect match and it makes sense! Sheila, you are right. I am glad we are not going to be here to see it in action.


  18. From the Informed Christians YTC (this guy has put together some awesome booklets, one being the R12 sign...and others we just witnessed and others still up there in the firmament above us). I just image he and Lu Vega coming togther, wow, such a powerful picture they would draw!

    As Ye See The Day Approaching - New Resource
    10min -

    SUMMARY: The writer of Hebrews knew that we would see the day approaching, and put together a list of things we should be prioritizing as we saw a prophesied time drawing near. Scripture tells us the next prophetic chapter, the pictures involved, the seasonal pictures, the warnings of sudden destruction - and so much more - so that we will see the day approaching.

    We have a new printable summary of what Scripture tells us we should be looking for, seeing, and living in light of - with details about when these signs are strongest. All of this right in connection with knowing Christ fulfilled the role of the high priest at the Day of Atonement. We know that our redemption draweth nigh, because we see the day approaching - right at a time that also commemorates what our Redeemer accomplished on our behalf. Let us live in light of what He did, His return, and the truth of His Word - that we see the day approaching! Maranatha!



    1. Great thanks Charlie! Found this PDF and JPG under the video! Studying! Good stuff! Blessings!

  19. From Elliot Hong @ Five Doves

    "The Full Moon of Elul and Simchat Torah"

    I know a pastor who had a vision that countless scrolls came down from heaven and the Rapture with 7.23 was written on them. By the Jewish calendar, 7.23 is Simchat Torah.

    We know that Shemini Atzeret is observed on the 8th day of Sukkot and Simchat Torah on the 9th day.
    But they're independent festivals not belong to Sukkot.

    ** It's important to know that Fall Feasts should be fulfilled for Israel, not for the Church **

    Interestingly, 40 days before Simchat Torah is the full moon of Elul.

    By the Gregorian calendar, this full moon of Elul is the 9th full moon, and 9 represents Human Gestation.

    Could 3 consecutive Super Full Moons of 2019 be the sign to indicate the 9th full moon? During Simchat Torah, the whole congregation circles the synagogue 7 times with Scroll as they dance and sing.

    The next hope is the full moon of Elul and the Departure on Simchat Torah.Enjoy this youtube about Simchat Torah.

    1. ...and now you have, the Whole Megillah!

    2. But Charlie! The feasts are all about the plan of salvation from Messiah's crucifixion, to the giving of the Spirit, and His Return, and good things to follow. What could be more Christian than that?

    3. IDK, but once we are privy to the complete details of the "Whole Megillah", I believe it's going to reveal the most marvelous narrative in all of Eternity. Just watched the neatest little video on Job 40:15-24 re God's rhetorical questions and the Behemoth being the chief (or first of God's creation) @Genesis Apologetics titled "Dinosaurs and the Bible" (Debunking the 7 myths that Deny Biblical Truth Series) 21 min. So amazing!

      Yesterday I was taking a nap and had this very short dream that I did not want to wake up from--at all. I was walking along and Jesus was walking along with me. He was casually talking to me and I could feel the swish of His white robe as we walked. I couldn't see His Face as He was just a step ahead of me. I could see His hair which was shoulder length and a deep rich brown in color. I woke up and try as I might I could not recall a Word of what He'd been saying to me, but I could still feel His presence and have felt it every time I think about it. A bit later while checking on YT, Pastor Tim H. said he'd just had a vision while in prayer where he was told clearly by Jesus "I'm here". Then I saw @Gregg Jackson sharing his short but awesome Rapture dream from the night before and he's at an "airport" of all places.

      And then...I caught @Kim Fisher's vid from 9/02/19 recalling her "Widespread Panic" dream from a while back in connection with the current events. "Widespread Panic Dream is Happening Now!!!" In the dream she is trying to get somewhere to see this band called Widespread Panic in concert. I've never heard of such a band and just assumed the name was part of the dream. But after the video I went to my YT Feed and the first video those dear little "algorithms" lined up for me was covering a "Widespread Panic" concert taking place in Pensacola, Florida on 09/01/19 and the song they were playing is called "Climb to Safety". Not my cup of tea music-wise, but being that Kim happens to live in Florida and was dealing with the storm prep issues, that just seemed rather confirming to what she was sharing in her video:-)

      Anyway, all of that further encouraged the sense that we are so very very very close. As Kim says in closing-- "Hold fast...Jesus is coming!"


    4. Sheila, as I started reading your comment above, I had the STRONGEST sense of deja vu! I even thought for a split second that I had somehow stumbled on an old post/thread from way back. It lasted into your second paragraph where you explain your dream and it ended as you finished the dream saying, "I woke up and try as I might..."


    5. Mom...that is a bit weird and no idea the why of that, but deja vu is always a weird thing and one I've never really understood. I've read before that a sense of the present being a replay of the past can arise from some un-recalled dream that was stored away in one's memory, then pops up when prompted by some similarity in the form of deja vu. Our brains have some complicated wiring for sure and while I don't recall making a similar post, after a couple of years of commenting anything is possible. Blessings, Sister:-))

    Thank you for all your prayers for my Father-in-law Dave.... all his tests came and they said he does NOT have cancer! He was really surprised by the news as they were preparing for a long battle, but Jesus had other plans! Thank you all SOOOOOO much for your powerful and effective prayers on his behalf! You guys are amazing!!!! Praise Jesus!!!!! : ) Thanks again to you all!!

    1. All Glory to our Wonderful Lord God Almighty!!!

    2. Feel good report:

    3. Every time Jesus gets close miracles begin to increase...

      Praise the Lord!

    4. Amen Our God is an awesome God

    5. Great news Brad, wonderful to hear of the power of prayer. J. D. Farag's most recent prophecy update had a powerful call to prayer included:

    6. Thank you EVERYONE who prayed. All you who comment and all you who don't! ; ) Love you all!

  21. WARNING 1: storm Gabrielle is coming soon as well as russia & noahide laws
    From Mike 444
    6min -

    WARNING 2: storm Gabrielle has formed (as of today 9/5)
    From Mike 444
    4min -


    We have now had a total of ten 5.0M or greater earthquakes around the world. The majority of them are in the Pacific Ring of Fire.

    5.9M - Earthquake Off the coast of Bandon Oregon.

    5.0M - Earthquake in the Kuril Islands south of Kamchatka

    5.3M - Earthquake South of the Philippines in the South China

    5.1M - Earthquake 125km SSW of Biha, Indonesia

    5.1M - Earthquake Drake Passage just South of the tip of
    South America.

    5.1M - Earthquake 93km NW of Talcahuano, (Central) Chile

    5.6M - Earthquake Carlsberg Ridge in the Indian Ocean off
    the north coast of Africa southwest of India.

    5.0M - Earthquake 156km NE of Kindu, Democratic Republic
    of the Congo.

    5.5M - Earthquake Northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge, west of
    Norway (Norwegian Sea.)

  23. Connecting the Dots

    ‘Catholic Revolution’…Put Francis in Power :: By Geri Ungurean
    9/4 by Geri Ungurean

    SUMMARY: ‘The Catholic Revolution’ Orchestrated by Obama, Clinton & Soros Put Francis in Power. It was no accident that I stumbled upon this information today. I know that many of us wondered what really happened to prompt Pope Benedict XVI to step down, and then to have the Jesuit/Marxist Francis take his place.

  24. Connecting the Dots
    I am sure yall have seen the latest from Many Fish on this, but this is good too, I stumbled upon this guy re: boat fire & conception & ritual...He has a different personality than your typical soft spirit, just be aware.

    The Conception 6-6-6 Boat Fire - Observation and Discussion

    SUMMARY: This report shows and discusses the relevant mega-ritual code found and observed in the recent California boat fire involving the boat Conception that burned and sank on 09-02-19. Findings and observations will support the premise of a 6-6-6 ritual sacrifice FOR A COMING FUTURE EVENT yet to occur.

    From Mr Cat"i"
    23min -

    1. St. Malachy’s Prophecy of the Popes ? This current Pope is Petrus Romanus upon researching his lineage.

  25. Hey brothers and sisters! I encourage you all to watch one of the most humbling videos I have ever seen...covering the growth of the Church of Christ in Iran. Bless you all and MARANATHA!!!!!

    p.s. it is covered in part by Joel Richardson, so all previous perspectives on Joel re Rev12 may need to be put to the side for a moment:)...


    1. About an hour in. Wow! If you dont have time to watch a two hour video, then start at 38 minutes in. The testimonies of converts and the miracles are amazing.

    2. sobering, humbling and extremely encouraging all at once!!


      I will never forget this man Haik and what happened to him. Will look for him in Heaven one day.

  26. Connecting the Dots

    Darla connects some dots relating to thelBlood Moons and some events we've been following and watching....

    AFTER 7+62 Weeks ( Sept 9th - 17) (i.e. 7th month 17 day or 717....)
    From Gods Gifts on 9/5
    12min -

  27. Last posting for me for a while....

    There has been some goodies lately to share. Here is the latest from Ty Green explaining R12 on FoT in 2017 and everything else we have seen since... Much like Little Shaul, WE WERE WITNESSES! and so much more in the past 2 years leading up to...

    What We Saw, Indicates That This Series of Events Have Begun
    From TyGreen
    16min -

    1. Awesome encouraging video Charlie. Thank you for suggesting it.

    2. Agreed. Little different style/pace than usually absorbed but the message was very strong and edifying as we Wait, Maranatha!

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  29. Found a really great article by Gary! Blessings to all Fam!

    1. Alla D, Blessings. Our Scout explores new heights, daily, Surely, Praise To Our Lord and His Soon rescue, Maranatha! Powerful dreams, as well. One key point, last night, amidst the 3, was Our Lord's Sheparding Us Through Process, ofc, Entangled With Time, Moments, And The Ongoing Glorification Of His Name ,Through Us, By His Grace, As His Witness, Especially Now, amen.

      Gary's article is an Elegant Frame for Seeing The Whore, The Beast, Babylon, et al; very Empowering, very clarifying, a treat, amen.

    2. Blessings, All...Paul D. @revelationchapter12dotcom has a new vid out-- "The Wrath of God is Coming Unto This World" where he talks among other things about the devastation of H. Dorian and the resignation of Jason Greenblatt just before the 9/17 election, seeing that in much the same way as Pilate trying to wash his hands of Jesus' Crucifixion. And I've never heard Paul speak in such an adamant and stern manner as he does here as if it might be his last chance to warn the world. (15 min). Prayers Up and Maranatha!

    3. It is an urgent warning for sure.... it is coming ...he couldn't be more matter of fact.

    4. Sheila , Charlie, I was overjoyed to hear Paul connect the urgency to the times. The labor pains will escalate....Marantha!

    5. Amen brothers and sisters. "The labor pains will escalate"

      Yes they will.

  30. Greetings Brothers and Sisters,
    Continue to wait on the Lord and rememing you all in prayer. Take a look at Barry Scarborough YTC ... . A good synopsis about current storms ..lightening and the soon coming of Jesus

  31. Connecting the Dots (from two years ago)

    September, a TIME to Remember
    From God's Gifts (9/8)
    14min -

    This a reminds me about Jeff's beautful piece from two years ago...

    "When September Ends"

    1. Connecting more Dots

      THIS September matches with the Torah calendar. So 9/28 is also Elul 28. Elul 29 is the Day of Nullification which is interesting in of itself.

      We are still in the Pentecostal SEASON, up until Tishri 1. As Jeova and I discussed in an earlier thread, Elul is a time for repentance in preparation for the high "holy" days of the 'new' civil year.

      There is a lot of info packed into this video (below) from various folks we've heard through the past several years, yet as the title of this thread states, it is the Convergence of all things. This informational vid seems to be appropriate for such a time as this (September):

      A Sept 28th Warning from 3 Years Ago.....
      9min -

    2. Dan 9: 27 on this 9/27???

      70 nations sacrificing a lamb on the Mt. of Olives to renew Noah's covenant? As in the Days of Noah (i.e., ushering in the Noahide Law and the agreement with many (or 70 nations)).

      8min -

  32. Can't make this stuff up....

    Libra Babylon NWO Beast. Noah!de Covanant Sacrifice on 9/27
    18min -

    1. You're right about that, Charlie...can't make this stuff up. Been on one of those rabbit trails myself since yesterday morning re that cap-sized Cargo ship The Golden Ray.
      A few days back as Dorian was leaving the Bahamas, I told my husband that we needed to keep an eye on Brunswick, GA and the port there thinking it was probably in relation to the storm, but not sure. It's so crazy, but it started when I was led to look up the number 636 in the Strong's:
      G--apopleo--to sail away
      H--'a'--a tree, wood, beam--spelled with an ayin and an aleph with a numerical value of 71.

      So just playing with it I googled "Sail Away 71" which led to the tale of an arduous sailing journey that culminated in a landfall at the Brunswick, GA port. I also noted that Brunswick was founded in "1771". I just put it aside to wait and see. Nothing notable happened there with the storm, but then yesterday this "71K" ton 656' car carrier that was built in "2017" keels over on it's port (left) side in the Brunswick Port in the Coast Guards "7th" District. 20 crew members are rescued with 4 still missing. The Golden Ray was carrying 4200 vehicles.
      I'm not going to lay out all the Strong's stuff because it's a lot, but the "20" being rescued confirmed the "Redemption" aspect of it for those who shine forth (G#2017) and the fact of it's laying on it's left side confirmed the judgement aspects for me (Ezek.4:4) and (H#2017--hophek--an upset, turning upside down, perversion and H#656--aphes--to cease, fail, come to naught).
      It seems to be another marker pointing to our Rescue from this cap-sized world being near and then the Judgement. It may even be indicative of the 2 year warning from the 2017 Rev12 Sign coming to a close. The Vessel is flagged under the Marshall Islands and South Korean owned, so it wouldn't surprise me for some event to occur in one or both of those places as well. We've seen stranger things already. So that's my dig on that one:-)

      Blessings and Maranatha!

    2. *An UPdate...The 4 remaining crew members have been found alive. After hearing noises coming from inside the ship, they rapelled down the side and drilled a hole to communicate with them, but have said getting them out is going to be challenging. They are all isolated together inside the engine room. The 20 already rescued were lifted up into helicopters hovering overhead, but it sounds like they are going to have to cut a DOOR for the remaining FOUR to escape. (So let's all keep making that Prayer and Share noise until He gets that DOOR opened up for us, Amen;-)

    3. Just looked up that ship you wrote about Sheila and had to laugh when the first article I read mentioned connect the dots. But it looks like they got everyone out although suffering from dehydration because of the heat inside the ship. Here's that first article:

    4. TY Rebekah. I was keeping up with the rescue effort and found it so amazing that the "4" men although somewhat worse for the wear were safely delivered through the DOOR (4) they cut in the hull "4" days before the "14th" which is the number for Deliverance. Our Lord surely is not slack when it comes to keeping those who are watching for Him encouraged and on our toes. Blessing, Sister:-)

  33. Sharing...

    (by T.W. Tramm)

    A POPULAR view among Christians is that the wedding of Ruth to Boaz foreshadows the joining of the Church to Messiah at the Rapture.

    Scripture doesn’t reveal the exact time of Ruth and Boaz’s typological wedding. However, an important clue to the season is that Ruth lived with her mother-in-law, Naomi, until the end of the wheat harvest:

    “[Boaz told Ruth] to come back and stay with his harvesters until the entire harvest is completed …. So Ruth worked with them and gathered grain until all the barley and wheat had been harvested, all the while living with her mother-in-law” (Ruth 2:21, 23).

    That Ruth lived with her mother-in-law until the “entire” wheat harvest was complete means she didn’t marry and move into Boaz’s home before this time.

    Another reason Ruth and Boaz wouldn’t have cohabited before the harvest was complete is that Boaz, the owner of the field in which Ruth was gleaning, would have been preoccupied with overseeing the gathering and processing of the wheat. Although Boaz was a prince of the people, a mighty man of wealth and standing, he was known to personally supervise the threshing of the grain in his barn. It was normal practice in those days for landowners and farmers to not leave the threshing floor during the harvest—even at night—as a deterrent to theft. This is why Boaz is seen making the threshing floor his bed when Ruth first comes to visit (Ruth 3).

    The harvest didn’t end with the threshing and winnowing. The wheat had to be measured, portions had to be meted out as various payments or tithes, and the rest stored. Thus, Boaz’s life would have revolved around the threshing floor for a period of months, until all of the work was complete.

    When would Boaz’s role as overseer been finished so he could leave the threshing floor and take up residence with his new wife, Ruth? Assuming “all” of the wheat harvest mentioned in Ruth chapter 2 includes the spring wheat—the grain planted in the spring and harvested in late summer—Boaz could easily have been tied up with the harvest through the sixth biblical month, Elul, corresponding to September.

    Ruth and Boaz’s wedding occurring in the six month harmonizes typologically with the wedding of the Church to Messiah after 6,000 years and may explain in part the significance of the six measures of barley Boaz gave to Ruth when she visited him on the threshing floor (Ruth 3:15).

    Additionally interesting is the fact that, according to the rabbis, Ruth and Boaz were 40 and 80 years of age respectively at the time they were married. The numbers 40 and 80 add up to 120, the number of jubilees contained in a 6,000-year period.

    The number 120 also points to Pentecost, the harvest festival on which Jews traditionally read the Book of Ruth each year. Scripture records that there were 120 believers gathered in an upper room on Pentecost morning when the Holy Spirit was poured out and the Church was “betrothed” to God (Acts 2). Israel was likewise betrothed to God on Pentecost morning at Sinai (Ex. 19).

    Some believe that Ruth and Boaz’s “morning betrothal,” when Boaz publicly declared his intent to take the Gentile maid as his wife, occurred on or around Pentecost (Ruth 3:13-18; 4:1-10). Seeing that Jewish weddings traditionally occur in stages—a betrothal followed by the consummation months or years later—a betrothal on or around Pentecost would make late summer/early fall, about 3-4 months afterward, an ideal time for the pair to consummate the marriage and start living together.

    1. Does the season of Ruth and Boaz’s wedding portend the season of the Church’s wedding to Messiah?

      An indication that it may is the fact that the other main typology in the Story of Ruth, the redemption of the Jewish Naomi’s land, points to the season of fulfillment. Naomi, representing Israel, came home to redeem her land in the spring, around the beginning of the barley harvest (Ruth 1:22). As it happens, it was during the spring, around the time of the barley harvest in 1948, that the Jews “came home” with the intention of realizing the age-old dream of redeeming the Land of Israel.

      Scripture teaches that there is an appointed season for everything (Ecc. 3:1).

      While the date of Ruth’s wedding and certainly the Church’s are, for now, unknowable, the late summer/early fall seems a plausible season for both.

      . . .


      1. “[Ruth] kept close to the maids of Boaz: and continued to glean with them, till *all the barley and the wheat were laid up in the barns*” (2:23 DRB).

      2. From the Declaration of the Establishment of the State of Israel on May 14, 1948: “We appeal to the Jewish people throughout the Diaspora to rally round the Jews of Eretz-Israel in the tasks of immigration and upbuilding and to stand by them in the great struggle for the realization of the age-old dream—the redemption of Israel.”

      3. The entire summer harvest season, the period intervening the spring and fall festivals, may be seen as representing the Church Age. The Church Age began with the “betrothal,” via the sending of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost 2,000 years ago. The Church Age will end with Jesus coming to gather the bride on a day no one knows, possibly around the conclusion of the agricultural wheat harvest. Harvesting the Church at the end of the wheat season symbolically allows the most possible time for believers to mature or “ripen.”

      4. The sixth biblical month, Elul, is considered an auspicious time for weddings in Judaism.

    2. TY for sharing all of that, Jeova! With the Snap Election on the 17th, the 70 Nation sacrifice planned for the 27th and the Peace Deal in the air, it's also interesting to note that the UN broke ground for their World HQ on Sept.14, 1948 making that a 71st anniversary. I keep getting the sense that the 14th is a day to be watching. It's the anniversary of the Gregorian Calendar being adopted by the British Empire and American Colonies in 1752 as well and we have the convergence of calendars occurring this month. And for the first time in 360 years, True North and Magnetic North will be lined up over the Royal Greenwich Observatory for the next 9 or 10 days--whatever that might mean. Its really Looking UP to be a September to Remember any way one looks at it. Blessings, Brother:-)

    3. Sheila B., Blessings. You are to be commended, surely, wow, very nice work. It calls to mind, Holly2moons, I think, who had the dream where 2 moons became (2) '14's like this 14:14. Recently she posted about decoding that and Miguel P's nudge (Blessings) had me go watch, which is why I am 'conveniently' recalling as would've never gotten a mention otherwise. Orchestrated? A bit thin, but, hmmm... Just sorting chicken and bones here I suppose, Maranatha!

    4. Hey Brother! TY and glad you mentioned @Holly2moons dream. Will go back and re-watch. I had that dream back in Aug 2017 b4 the GASE that was of the two 7's over the two full moons which has had me to wondering about it now being 2 Septembers/Tishris from the Rev12 Sign and 7x2=14 and then the two 100% full moon nights of 9/13 and 9/14. He certainly is good to keep us encouraged, watching and looking UP! Blessings and Marantha!

    5. Hi everyone this is my first post. I'm a long time lurker (since the Rev 12 sign in Sept 2017!) and I have been so blessed by this blog and visit most days to read the posts and comments. Thank you everyone.

      Regarding Holly2moons 14:14 full moon vision: The 14th Sept this year is also the 14th of Tishrei on the torahcalendar, and it is a full moon. So the 2 14s in the vision could be the 2 calendars in alignment on a full moon - this is rare. (It is likely that God is going by this calendar as the blood moon tetrad of 2014-15 fell on Jewish feast days, passover and sukhot, only on this torahcalendar. On all other Jewish calendars the blood moons did not match up to feast days.)

      The 14th Sept/Tishrei is also the eve of sukhot, the feast of tabernacles on the torahcalendar. On this day jews celebrate the the disciples witnessing the transfiguation of Jesus, perhaps a foreshadow of the rapture?

      Perhaps sukhot is the next jewish feast fulfilled by Jesus. Many believers think that although this is the final feast of the year, that the menorah is counted inwards to the center thus this would be the next feast to be fulfilled after pentecost.

      The 14th Sept is also exactly 2 hebrew years from the great revelation 12 sign. 720 days from 24th Sept 2017 (which was a slightly more accurate fulfillment of Rev 12 than 23rd Sept). It took the wise men 2 years to meet Jesus after they saw their great sign in the sky, the Bethlehem star.

      And this is 3 days before a possible fulfillment of the infamous 717 revelation. The 17th of Tishrei, the 7th hebrew month of the year, and the 17th of September. Sept means 7 and was originally the 7th month of the gentile calandar.

      I also think with the Sanhedrin meeting talking about noahide covenants and finishing on 27th of Sept, or 9.27, is either a fulfillment or foreshadow of Daniel 9:27 - "And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week..."

      With the upcoming Sanhedrin meeting, Trump peace talks, Israeli election, 2 year Rev 12 anniversary and many visions and dreams, it is definitely a high watch time over the next few weeks.

    6. @Now I See...always wonderful to hear from another Brother or Sister who has been walking along with us. It's so encouraging. And re the TorCal, I'm partial to it as well for the very reasons you cited. This is definitely a unique month in what has turned out to be a most unique year of convergences. The 14th has just really been popping out at me for the past few weeks and being that it's a special number in Scripture representing our Deliverance and used 26 times--which is the Hebrew numerical value of Yahweh with the Yod(10) Hei(5) Vav(6) Hei(5)--I'll be paying close attention for whatever our Lord may reveal and He is always revealing something to us. *Also...9/14/2019--->9+1+4+2+0+1+9="26".
      Blessings and TY so much for sharing your thoughts with us:-)

    7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    8. This comment has been removed by the author.

    9. Now I See, Blessings. Amen and amen to Sheila B. (Blessings). Always a treat for a first poster, yay! Such nice goodies you share as well, yummy, esp the 14:14 nuggets!

      OK, so, gonna go a little crazy, looney tunes, tin foil hat, guy in the van by the river, here. Yesterday, on my commute on the bus, in prayer and petition for protection from deception during THIS month’s notables, when a gent gets on, sits in front of me wearing a Cobalt - Forever Slow - Concert Tour T-Shirt. Forever SLOW? THAT sounds familiar, no? Never heard of them, no idea. What caught my eyes, *immediately*, was that every tour date/stop was printed down the back, of which I could see about the top 40% before covered by the seatback. ALL the dates were SEPTEMBER, 2015 as I recall, (interesting in light of Humble Seeker, CM, et al re 9/23/15, eh?) starting at 9/1 through 9/10 as far down as could see. Really? OK, feeling a little like Miguel P, here, and wondering …

      Cobalt J176 E296
      G176: akatagnóstos: not to be condemned, beyond reproach; (1) Titus 2:7-9
      G296: amphodon: a road around: (1) Mark 11:3-5
      That requires no explanations.
      H176: o, av: Or, rather: 1a) implying that the latter choice is preferred 1b) or if, introducing an example to be seen under a particular principle; 321: Genesis 24:49 (1st)
      H296: Achiqam: "my brother has arisen," an Israelite; (20); 2 Kings 22:12 (1st)
      Nor does this, wow.

      Forever Slow J1986 E1346
      G1986: epispaomai: I become uncircumcised; (1) 1 Corinthians 7:17-19
      G1346: dikaiós: righteously, justly; (5) 1 Peter 2:23 (5th)
      Again, in light of final stands re Grace/Works, here…
      H1986: halam: to smite, hammer, strike down; (9) Isaiah 16:7-8
      H1346: gaavah: majesty, pride; (19) (2019?) Psalm 36:11, 68:34
      Wow, so fitting for this side of the coin.

      Hey, the view down by the river is GREAT! Maranatha!

    10. "Slow" triggered something I read re: Slow and it was this:

      A Slowing is Coming

      A slowing is coming. This will not be a good slowing in Earthly terms as it will slow much of the growth in the Earth (I saw He meant various kinds of growth such as plant life, financial).

      This will cause change and much lack. (I saw a Recession and starvation like in a famine) I do this for the many who do not yet know Me, for they must seek Me in times of calm and slowing.

      Seek Me for how you should react to what you see. Lack in the Earth shall bring violence, and death comes with it. Conquerors who have been planning shall conquer (I saw He meant nations conquering other nations) and judgment shall reign (His judgments shall override everything else as they play out in the Earth). Many lives will be lost and life changed forever for those left on the Earth.

      America will be ravaged as she has ravaged the lives of the unborn. She will be torn apart as she has torn apart My unborn souls. She will be left broken and irreparable for the destruction she has celebrated in the deaths of the innocent.

      Revelation 6:1-8

    11. Connecting the Dots re: 14
      @Sheila @ Jimbo @ Jeova

      > I believe we are still in the Pentecostal SEASON up until Tishri 1 (or FoT).
      > We have the upcoming "harvest moon" on 9/13-9/14.
      > The wheat harvest is wrapping up now... up until the "harvest moon" on 9/13-9/14.
      > The Book/ story of Ruth is so still valid to us "today" (great timing Jeova)
      > IMHO, the escape is before FoT (we are not grapes but wheat)

      Another YTV on the "September to REMEMBER" theme
      From Gevete
      17min -

    12. OK, so, the 14:14 was actually @Loved by the King, not H2M, oops. In posting a bit of Now I See's comments there, she replies:

      Jimboni It’s also the Feast of my rapture dream, everyone was in booths. 💕

      Zip, zip!

    13. @Charlie
      This is a very special moment ...

      LOOKING UP!!


    14. Jimboni...this is in re to the T-shirt thing and these are just my thoughts, but I feel compelled to share them with you, et al. I don't know if you checked out that group or those lyrics and cover for their "Slow Forever" album/tour, but it's pretty horrific in nature demonically speaking which begs the question of why you were drawn to even notice it when you did. Then CM dreams of this song "Blinded by the Light" in which the lyrics are also obviously enemy inspired, albeit not quite as dark as the other. So I'm feeling like it's a warning that some kind of serious deception is at play and I believe it's in re to this theory that the 70th week began on 9/23/2015 originating with u-no-who. I am sure that something occurred in both Realms on that day, but I don't think it was Dan.9:27. (altho plans toward it could have perhaps been laid) Besides the question of the missing 1260 day Ministry of the Two Witnesses as described explicitly in Rev.11 with the breaths of fire, drought, water turned to blood, being killed, resurrected and raptured etc, there is the issue of causing the sacrifice and oblation to cease midway thru the week, which actually may be just about to "begin" with this thing taking place on the Mount of Olives on 9/26--if not sometime later. And for them to be explaining how we already could be 4 years into the 70th week by theorizing that God removed time from the 70th week and has inserted it into the Age of Grace...well...unless I've totally missed something in the Word, that's a bridge too far for me to get across Scripturally speaking.

      But I forced myself to listen to that whole 2 hour video of @h.s. from last June re the Day of the Lord where CM originally found some confirmation to her dreams and while it's definitely encouraging to find some confirmation and understanding of what one feels they have been shown by the HS, it can also be fertile ground for the enemy to subtly insert some serious confusion. IMO, that video was a mess as far as conflating prior historical events with the future events of Jacob's Trouble based sheerly on verse numbers and allegory. (His oddly mocking tone at times, weird outbreaks of laughter and the many unfinished thoughts "he'll come back to later" are also discomforting to me personally). But since understanding the correct timeline is NOT a Salvation issue, I have no clear idea of what the exact aim of sowing this confusion is--other than it's discouraging unity in the BoC and playing some havoc with CM and some of those who've been following her. It's kinda reminding me of the RaT/Pearl K. business. One last thing and it's this comment/reply under that video that gave me even more pause:

      P.S...."I just have to ask why God gave this Only to One Sheep?"
      H.S..."Hi, Pat, If I'm right there then there must be at least one other...somewhere...If I'm wrong that would answer that. God Bless you Pat?"

      I dearly love CM and have felt that Holy Spirit connection with her since I first found her channel, but I believe the enemy has had his sights set on her ministry for awhile now and just as with all of us, he knows our weaknesses and how to hit below the belt, so as always, I'm praying for her protection as well as her ministry.
      Blessings and Even so, Lord, come quickly!

    15. Hi Sheila,
      Yeah I felt very uneasy about Colleen's persistence on we are coming up to the AoD (Halfway point) of the Trib. I did mention to her about the lack of the two witnesses, and the fact that we when the Trib starts, everyone will know that it starts, there will be no wondering, I also suggested that she stop listening to Mike from Humble seekers channel. There were many people who seemed to "thumb-up" the comment, so I think many of our brothers and sisters are also a little concerned with Colleen Minters recent journeying into the edge of the narrow path. Prayers for her, that she understands this is a dangerous deception, because she really is a sweet lady. Thanks sister.

  34. Our Brother Jordan opened a new youtube site called "23:59 TIME IS UP", he is downloading audio books of the bible by chapters. I knew this guy was awesome, but this puts him over the top.
    Blessings all

    1. that's where he's been. Awwwesome project, Jordan!!! Your last vid was an interesting take as well. I believe one thing where some folks get a little sideways re whether or not the Holy Spirit-filled Church can be the Restrainer is that they seem to forget the Omnipresent Character of the Holy Spirit and want to argue that He can't be in two places at once. While His "Restraining" ministry will cease, His other ministries obviously will not.

      I do admire you for taking on this perceived contradiction of 2Thess.2, but it's funny how in all of these years as a pre-trib believer, I never had issue with these passages and now I'm seeing it being argued all over the place. I do personally prefer the KJV and always thought it read pretty plainly re the order of events. Like J.Dwight Pentecost said, whether the "falling away" or "the departure" is from the faith--or of the Saints from the earth as mentioned in v.1 is really beside the point here (and it could actually even be both happening in the same time frame, imo.) But I've always seen the "mystery of iniquity" that Paul says "doth already work" in v.7 as the SYSTEM of lawlessness that is here, has always been here and it's the SYSTEM that will CULMINATE in the revealing of that Wicked one AFTER the Restrainer is removed.
      Per my understanding v.7-8 are basically a recap of v.3.

      v.3--a) falling away or departure occurs (which in the context of v.1 does seem to me to indicate the Harpazo b) man of sin/son of perdition revealed.

      v.7--a) (in the setting of) the mystery of iniquity i.e the SYSTEM of lawlessness already at work in Paul's day and on down through time b) only He who now letteth will let i.e the Restrainer--until he be taken out of the way i.e departure (keeping His Omnipresent Character in mind) and c) THEN that Wicked shall be revealed.
      So to me it's saying the exact same thing other than v.7 clarifying the setting/system for the revealing of the AC--Departure first, Man of sin/Wicked one revealed afterwards. And that's just my simple nickel on this whole controversy:-)

      Blessings, Brother and may the Lord richly bless and protect the work you are doing with the Scriptures! You never know who may be able to access that format when it's needed the most! Maranatha!

    2. Thanks so much for the plug of my new Youtube channel Michael.

      I know there are loads of audio bible resourses out there, (both paid and free) but I found no free one's that do a seperate video for each chapter i think it would be useful to have when you want to find a certain passage to be read out to you while you are out driving or walking or doing the chores.

      Obviously everyone and anyone is welcome to check it out, but I wouldn't recommend subscribing, just yet, as you will prob be driven nuts with the volume of notifications filling up your subscriptions page. (There are 1189 chapters in the Bible, so far I have uploaded about 130 chapters) that's a lot of notifications!! :)

      I should have all the New Testament videos uploaded by next week, (just 6 more books to go) , and then the Old Testament if the Lord is willing.

      For those interested in taking a peak:

      CHANNEL NAME: "23:59 TIME IS UP"


    3. Thank you Sheila, for the encouraging comments on my new channel, and also thank you for for your comment and take on the 2 Thess. 2:3 & 2 Thess. 2:7-8 . With those comments I left, in the last thread, I was in no way trying to set myself up as an expert, far from it, I am as novice as novice can be, and I was more trying to understand the seemingly contradictory statements, and get some of my more learned brethren's (like all you guys here) view point on it.

      It is very interesting, that those verses seem to divide many. Thank God understanding them is not a Salvation issue. Thank God Salvation is as simple as "Believing that Jesus lived a sinless life, that he died on the cross for the payment of our sins, & that he rose again to life 3 days later to justify us before God." Because if it was any harder than that, I think I would be toast. (burnt toast)

      I cannot wait to ask Paul what exactly he mean't by it, While I am at it, I will have a chat with James too asking him to clarify the 2nd chapter.

      Thanks sister for doing those deep dives on the Strongs concordance numbers RE: Dorian & The capsized Cargo Ship. AMAZING the little clues God is leaving for anyone who cares to look for them.

    4. Jordan....absolutely on the Salvation issue! I can't wait until all of our questions are answered
      at last, but for now my working theory is if something sounds too complicated for the average Berean bear to understand it, there's probably at least some carnal thinking behind it somewhere trying to make it fit with another preconceived idea. That's just the literalist in me, I guess. I see some comments where people are readily admitting their confusion and I see a lot more where I feel like they are just pretending to understand in order to stay in the loop because what they are agreeing to is so ridiculously complicated. Some of those charts being whipped out across YT look like something from a Physics Theory chalkboard and are a bit too much for this old lady to keep up with, so Yep, I'd be burnt toast, too, if the Gospel of Jesus Christ wasn't so simple a child can understand it:-D Blessings and Maranatha!

    5. Time well spent Jordan, cheers brother.

    6. Thanks Charlie. For me It is a labor of love, and it will keep me in the word. Hopefully it will help some people get to know who Jesus is. Blessings to you brother. Thanks for all the links you post, I haven't had time to check them all out, but I appreciate you watching & sounding the alarm as we see the day approaching... very soon now! Praise be to the LORD.

    7. Could the "falling away" refer to Satan and his angels being cast down to Earth at Mid Trib ? Our departure would have occurred at least 3.5 years earlier.

  35. Netanyahu will deliver a major statement at 1700 hours

    Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is to deliver a statement to the media on Tuesday afternoon at 1700 hours. Sources in his Likud party say the statement will be “dramatic” but offered no hint to its content.

    1. Thanks Jeova. It will be very interesting to see what that is all about.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. UNSEALED new post (Gary):

      With Election Days Away, Netanyahu Publicly Announces Plan To Annex Jordan Valley


      (Jerusalem Post)

    5. ...a chess move. Queen's Knight to King's Bishop:4, taking pawn. Maranatha!

    6. Good heads up Jeova. Like flies on....rice....see below for Paul Dawson's commentary on the Annexation announcement.

      Dividing Israel: Netanyahu's Major Annexation Announcement (9/10)
      7min -

    7. And check this out:

  36. I am feeling queezy these days.... just imaging the moment when [fill in the blank] happens allthewhile knowing "it" is/was going to come to pass from ALL we've heard/ envisioned/ read/ dreamed of

    From Only A Grain Of Sand

    The Race Is On
    Humanity has traditionally gone into battle and wars, each Fall, for thousands of years. The harvests are trampled, burned, or ruined. The people suffer as pawns, in the hands of the kings, princes and leaders.

    So now the season changes, from Summer to Fall; yours will be no different Babylon America. I AM has waited for all you followers of My only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, to rise up, and turn over laws, that only destroy human life, peace, love, plenty, and work for the people. But there is only silence, or a muffled mutter of protest, against all this insanity, you have slowly swallowed, and grown accustomed too.

    Collectively your nation will now choke to death. The death rattle will not be all at once, but the nation will stagger to and fro, before, the final blow is struck.

    I AM will allow your evil leaders, their way, before they are removed, once and for all. Traitors against their own land, their own families, and Creator God; theirs will be an everlasting horror, without mercy.

    The season is changing from Summer to Fall. Are you ready to taste the gall I AM was given, on the Cross at Calvary? The change will be sudden, and soon. The traps are set, the snare is ready, the players are primed, and chomping at their bits. The gate will open, and the Race of Doom, will be on. The mockers and blasphemers, will be silenced, when that day dawns. Your long wait My people, is over. The Race Is On!

  37. Latest from Israeli News Live
    "Mystery Babylon"

    [For me, all the pieces are coming together of who is who and what is what.... in light of this month''s events, it seems to be clear of where things are and where they wil be based from for what]

    53min -

  38. Dear family,
    The peace of The Lord Jesus!

    I dawned with a great hope that overflows my soul! Come Jesus!

    Text read in the Morning Worship (today, 6am) - MARANATHA CHRISTIAN CHURCH (Fortaleza - Brazil):

    “Come, and let us return unto the Lord: for he hath torn, and he will heal us; he hath smitten, and he will bind us up. After two days will he revive us: in the third day he will raise us up, and we shall live in his sight. Then shall we know, if we follow on to know the Lord: his going forth is prepared as the morning; and he shall come unto us as the rain, as the latter and former rain unto the earth.”
    ‭‭(Hosea‬ ‭6:1-3‬ ‭KJV‬‬)

  39. Rewards for faithful

    “There is a crown there which nobody’s head but yours can ever wear. There is a seat in which none but yourself can sit. There is a harp that will be silent till your fingers strike its strings. There is a robe, made for you, which no one else can wear.”

    “Heaven at any price is well secured.”

    “The head may be crowned with thorny troubles now, but it shall wear a starry crown ere long; thy hand may be filled with cares—it shall sweep the strings of the harp of heaven soon.”

    Charles Spurgeon

  40. OCTOBER 2019 has seen an unprecedented wave of protests against governmental corruption worldwide.

    Growing discontent with the governance of man, a faltering financial system, threats of war, extreme weather, earthquakes, talk of peace and safety, and a host of other phenomena occurring at once are a mega-sign that the present order is about to collapse as the Day of the Lord begins (Matt. 24; 1 Thess. 5).

    Before Judgment Day arrives, however, those not appointed to wrath must be taken out of harm’s way via the catching up into the clouds we call the Rapture (1 Thess. 4, 5; 2 Thess. 2; Isa. 26:19-20).

    To be removed from harm’s way and brought into the glorious presence of God one must know Jesus (Rev. 7:9-17; Matt. 7:21-23).

    Do you?
    . . .


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