Pentecost Astronomy

Hello  dear family... I wanted to share a recent video by Paul Dawson in which he takes much about the coming Peace Deal and then towards the end focuses in on Pentecost Astronomy after about the 30 min mark. He even mentioned how the Great Red Spot on Jupiter has started to dissipate as we discussed in the comments section of the previous post. My biggest take away is how on June 9th / Pentecost, the shadow of the earth will project onto Jupiter. I think of this like a reverse laser pointer that someone would use when giving a presentation. God is the presenter, and He is able to use all sorts of things in the heavens to reveal His grand plan and declare His Glory to use (Psalm 19:1). They key is that we must look up.  So one must ask, why would God point us to Jupiter on that day very day of all days? I do not know the answer to that yet, but it surely must be significant...  Very interested to hear your thoughts on that one and on anything thing else you guys feel led to share.

Here is the video: (39 min)

Also, Gary put up another very encouraging and uplifting post regarding a few topics over at Unsealed. If you didn't catch that I would encourage you to spend a few minutes soaking up his thoughts on urgency and a few other topics.

Here is an excerpt and a link:
From a biblical perspective, all of these profound changes in our world have been perfectly timed to coincide with a successive slew of major prophetic milestones that only the most imperceptive could miss: The nation of Israel is back in the land again after a 2,700 year hiatus; the gospel has gone forth to every single nation on earth; there is now worldwide hatred of committed Christians from the top-down; virtually everything necessary for the construction of a third temple in Jerusalem is ready (including the identification and training of actual, Aaronic priests); mark of the beast technology has already been developed and is finding widespread social acceptance in Europe and the United States; and signs in the stars have appeared that match biblical descriptions word-for-word.

Dear friends, this is the time. We've never known with certainty the precise day or hour of our departure, but we've seen numerous significant dates come and go, and rarely without significant prophetic fulfillment. That's what many mockers simply fail to understand as they twist, distort, and put words into our mouths. Not every prophetic fulfillment is the rapture or second coming itself. As long as the Church remains on earth, the scoffers will disregard each and every fulfilled prophecy as these prophecies quickly whiz by.

That is all I have for now... We are on a short family vacation for Memorial Day. I hope you all are able to spend time with your loved ones while we wait for an eternity for The One who loved us to come take us to be with Him. : ) Maranatha!!!!


  1. Great thanks Brad! I thought all day today that you may give us news! Gary's article is great really! Going to watch this video, I'm watching carefully all Paul's videos! They are wonderful! Blessings to you and all your family, and to all your Family! Maranatha!

    1. Seconding that. Gary's article was a great encouragement! Going to watch this video too.

      Enjoy the vacation, Brad!


  2. I had an update to my previous post because I've now seen Genevieve's dream about 7/27 shared or mentioned by Tim Henderson as well as Speaking Truth in Love and Crystal Love4Jesus YTC's.

    Here's my original post just at the bottom of the last one:

    So I had an interesting connection with the latest video from the YouTube channel “Speaking Truth in Love”. If you all remember from about a month ago, she shared on a video a dream she had of Jesus appearing two ways, which seemed to align very closely with something Tim Henderson had seen where Jesus was shown in two different ways while in the hospital with his daughter. Brother Jeff, who posts on here, had a connection to “Queensland” from that video as well.

    Anyways she posted a video yesterday from a sister named Genevieve who said she heard audibly from the Lord in a dream, “You will be with me by then Genevieve, July 27”.

    I had a rapture dream on 5/6 that was confirmed by this same 727 upon waking. I was really shocked when I heard her say that specific day that she heard. Like...why not July 31st, or July 26th? I posted the dream I had on a previous Rev12daily post that some of you had read and commented on. So I want you to know, anyone reading this, that I am not making any of this up.

    Not only that she was wearing a shirt with the word Paris on it. I got contacted by a recruiter for a position in Paris just last month….I live in the middle of Indiana. And I maybe get contacted by a recruiter on LinkedIn once every month or two for a position. So this also just really stood out to me as something not normal. I’ve never been contacted for a position outside of the U.S. before. And this just happened in April.

    Interestly, last year’s 7/27 we had a total lunar eclipse to boot.

    Anyways, I really was just blown away and wanted to share this with you guys. I’m not setting any dates and God deserves all the glory!

    My dream:

    Speaking Truth in Love video:

    1. I've been getting lots of 727's...

    2. I've been seeing it like crazy for the past month - especially license plates for whatever reason. It's not like you can search that out either. Where have you noticed it?

  3. 2nd Passover folks...

    There are a few great resources out there which connect 2nd Passover to Noah and Lot which Jesus said....

    ** Theresa The Harvester Of May, Pentecost Vs 2nd Passover Dilemma **
    From Rody
    10min -

    ** 2nd Passover and the Coming Storm**
    From Torah Family
    73min -

    ** 2nd Passover**
    From Torah Family

    **2nd Passover RAPTURE??**
    From Nick VanderLaan
    32min -

  4. Magnitude 8 earthquake in (Northern) Peru.

  5. WHEN EARTH RESEMBLES A LIFELESS BALL OF ROCK... This quote from the current geoengineering global alert news May 25th by Dane Wigington hits right down on Matthew 24:22

    Without even looking at any more signs but the groaning nature from Romans 8:19-23 we can KNOW there is practically no more time left to rescue mankind. It's now or never. MARANATHA!

    1. ...oh and this one is pointing just in the same direction:

      YUMMY!! ;-P

    2. So darn funny! Bless you Annabel

  6. Dear family, SHARING...

    JERUSALEM DAY, the holiday commemorating the Jewish liberation of Jerusalem during the Six Day War, is June 2.

    On this day, it will have been 52 biblical calendar years since the momentous spring morning when Israeli paratroopers reached the western wall of the Temple Mount, the holiest site in Judaism.

    Among the troops was a 50-year-old Rabbi named Shlomo Goren who sounded the shofar in celebration of the holy site’s liberation.

    Goren spoke:

    “The vision of all generations is being realized before our eyes: The city of God, the site of the Temple, the Temple Mount and the Western Wall, the symbol of the nation’s redemption, have been redeemed…”

    A week later, on Shavuot, the ancient city was officially opened to the Israeli public. For the first time in nearly two millennia, masses of Jews could visit the Western Wall and walk through the streets of Judaism’s God-ordained capital.

    One who was there describes the euphoric mood of that day:

    “I’ve never known so electric an atmosphere before or since. Wherever we stopped, we began to dance. Holding aloft Torah scrolls we swayed and danced and sang at the tops of our voices. So many of the Psalms and songs are about Jerusalem and Zion, and the words reached into us a new life. As the sky lightened, we reached the Zion gate. Still singing and dancing, we poured into the narrow alleyways beyond.”

    A crowd of around 200,000 visited the Western Wall on Shavuot 1967. It was the first mass pilgrimage of Jews to a Jewish-controlled Jerusalem on a biblical festival since the feast-pilgrimages in the days of the Temple.

    52 years later, on the heels of modern Israel’s 70th year, it’s fascinating to consider a timeline related to Jerusalem’s walls in ancient times. About 2,460 years ago, following the 70 years of Jewish exile in Babylon, it took Nehemiah and his crew 52 days to rebuild the walls of the holy city (Neh. 6:15).

    A “70” followed by a “52” thus denotes completion or a finishing point related to Jerusalem and/or its walls.

    Additionally, the number 52 signifies a period of prosperity for Israel. One of the nation’s most successful leaders, King Uzziah, reigned 52 years in Jerusalem (2 Chron. 26:3).

    During Uzziah’s rule, the nation prospered. Desert areas were reclaimed by water conservation, the city’s walls were reconstructed, towers mounted with sophisticated weaponry were added, and a large army was maintained. Scripture says King Uzziah was “marvelously helped [by the Lord], till he was strong” (vv. 4-15).

    Unfortunately, when Uzziah grew strong, his heart became lifted up with pride and he transgressed the Law by entering the Temple to burn incense in the presence of the Lord—a privilege reserved only for the consecrated priests (2 Chron. 23:6). Upon the king’s unlawful entry into God’s sanctuary, he was at once struck with leprosy and thus forever cut off from the house of the Lord (vv. 16-21).

    The lesson taught by this tragic turn of events is that not even a king is qualified to stand before the Lord unjustified.

    Thankfully, owing to Jesus’ atoning sacrifice, those who believe and accept Him as Lord are deemed pure and found fit to stand in God’s presence.

    Today, as a strong and confident Israel prepares to celebrate 52 years of rule over Jerusalem, it’s more important than ever to be justified by the blood of Christ.

    “Since, therefore, we have now been justified by his blood, much more shall we be saved by him from the wrath of God” (Rom. 5:9).

    Are you listening, Israel?


    1. NOTES:

      1. Jerusalem Day reckoning: The Gregorian date of the Jewish liberation of Jerusalem, June 7, 1967, corresponds to Iyyar 28 on the biblical calendar. Iyyar 28 corresponds to June 2 in 2019. June 2, 2019, also marks Ascension Day, the day on which Jesus was taken up into the clouds in the sight of the disciples’ while two men in white appeared and explained that He would return “in like manner” (Acts 1:6-11).

      2. Shavuot, or Feast of Weeks, is also called the Harvest Festival in Scripture: “Celebrate the Harvest Festival [Shavuot/Pentecost] each spring when you start harvesting your wheat” (Ex. 23:16 CEV). The modern Jewish/rabbinic calendar reckons Shavuot June 9-10 in 2019. The biblical method of calculating Shavuot, however, which has the 49-day (omer) count starting from the day after the weekly Sabbath following Passover, puts the Harvest Festival at June 16:

      3. The Magic of Shavuot 1967:

      4. In Bible prophecy a day is often equated to a year: Ez. 4:4-6; Num. 14:33, 34; Dan. 9:24-27.

      5. How to be saved from God’s wrath and gain eternal life:

    2. June 7th would have been our 40th Anniversary. Marantha, Come Lord Jesus!

    3. Aw ... Blessings to you Sherry.

    4. Prayers that the Lord and those around you will bring comfort and peace. Hugs to you Sherry. .."Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies and God of all comfort, who comforts us ..." 2 Corinthians 1:3-5

    5. That's sad, Sherry. It sounds like you had a good marriage. Hopefully very soon, you will be reunited - never to be separated again. Praise God. Amen. Oh, Lord, please send your Son for us soon.

    6. We did. His ashes are in my living room so when the Dead in Christ rise first, I'll have at least a millisecond notice we're going up! By the way, I managed to fracture my Femur 2 weeks ago and they did surgery two weeks ago today. Its getting better. So far, 2019 has not been my best year, but I'm believing it will be yet!

    7. Well, Sherry, first of all re your Ed, that sounds like an awesome plan to me, but I am so sorry to hear about that femur fracture. I have been and will continue to keep you in prayer and in agreement with you, I truly believe this will be our best year ever! I heard Pastor Tim H. say something yesterday that has really mesmerized me throughout the day today. He was talking about a Rapture dream he was given and in it, he said he saw the moment we lay our eyes on Jesus as being the moment we experience that complete transformation into glory and referred to 1Cor.13:12 KJV :
      "For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as I am known."
      Such a wonderful thing to contemplate, so be blessed in courage, strong in faith, sound of mind and ready of heart, Sister. We ARE going Home!

  7. Hey Guys,
    An interesting and shocking video about Ai:

    YTC: Shaking My Head Productions
    TITLE: The AI Strong Delusion & The Image Of The Beast! (20 Minutes)

    They can literally take a profile pic or a painting of someone, and make a video of them with changing facial expressions, and their voice. Very soon , very few will be able to tell reality from lies. What a horrific time is coming.

    Rev 13:15
    "And it was allowed to give breath to the image of the beast, so that the image of the beast might even speak and might cause those who would not worship the image of the beast to be slain" .

    1. Yes Jordan, and thanks to the fact that the younger generations now are COMPLETELY living off a "digital" and accustomed to a "virtual" life they all will be sucked in that illusion willingly!

    2. Very interesting stuff Jordan. It cannot be long now. Those fake videos look so real! They even had the Mona Lisa talking! The ones of B.O. especially creepy.

  8. Great video as usual from Paul Dawson. Love his passion and all the work he puts into videos.

  9. Hoping everyone had a blessed weekend. I'd like to recommend a video for some excellent and informative Scriptural information on contending for the faith. I know some here have already seen this young man's presentation and I hope many more will. 2 verses I was esp. glad to see reiterated were Jude:24 KJV and Heb.7:25 KJV :-)

    @Jema Akpoghor YTC "His promise concerning your salvation is intact and secure" (17 min.)

    Blessings and Maranatha!

  10. While it is quiet in here, please allow me to share with you all this video clip pertaining to building the curved stairway for Lori's House...which I have mentioned weeks ago. It's a half way home providing free room and board, medical services, counseling and job training to expectant women that were seeking an abortion.

    The miracles that allowed my little one man stair shop the opportunity to build their stairway, the miracles that happened while building it in my shop, the miracles that happened while installing it, and the miracles that continue to happen since have completely made a new person out of me.

    The Godly cause behind this project makes it feel like a portal to heaven every time I visit that place. I simply tear up everytime I am there or even just talk about it. My eyes are welled up as I type this post.

    Much more I could say, but I will leave this video link as a starter

    1. That is a really great thing you did Stan, building that stairway. Obviously God moved greatly in your life for that project & because of it, and may he continue to do so.

      Congrats too on getting on the Jim Bakker show that is quiet an accomplishment.

    2. Mind you Stan (and all), that image of the construction site of Lori's house, does make me feel the rapture is very close, as Luke: 17:28 say that "People were eating and drinking, buying and selling, planting and building".

      I heard the revealing of the Trump peace plan might be delayed again, as their is uncertainty over Benjamin Netanyahu's being able to form his coalition government. (you can start @ the 6m 18 sec mark)

    3. Jordan

      Thank you for the comment. I posted another link to another show I was blessed to be on.. in error and deleted it.

      The link is

      You have to go to exactly minute 43 before my this simple country boy comes on.

    4. Stan, that's just marvelous! You've certainly been blessed and been a blessing! Thank you - Sherry

  11. "Away, away O Lord my God. I long to fly away...."

    1. Amen Mom! Very great Amen! Want to see you all really now!

  12. It's so quiet in here....I was always one to break the silence.

    I'm exhausted. Tired of waiting. There is a real sense of certainty in my gut though. I'm finding it hard not to be totally bitter because this stupid world stinks of selfishness and hatred.

    Philippians 4:8 - Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable if anything is excellent or praiseworthy think about such things.

    That verse helps me right now.

    Crazy that it's almost June already. June July August September four little months and then we are gone if not sooner. Will we hit the two year mark from the rev 12 sign? Maybe. Could be longer but I really dont think so.

    Also, we haven't discussed it much, but right after that sign we were watching for the red dragon and many of us really never settled on it conclusively. I have heard some say that we wouldn't necessarily see it, but in the past two years there have literally been hundreds of meteor and asteroid sightings. If that isn't stars falling to earth, then what is?

    It's all falling into place. Deep breath.

    Lord, You are the Alpha and the Omega. Nothing is impossible for You. In Your infinite wisdom and mercy You have created us and given us the ability to know your unconditional love. What a profound blessing! You have chosen to speak to us through the signs in the heavens and through so many incredible alignments with prophecy and your word. What a humbling truth that you speak to us. Thank you for holding us up and together. Thank you for the closeness we have with each other here. Thank you for this very day. Thank you for the unbreakable promise that we will be with You. Thank you for weeping for us in the garden and for the lessons you taught along the way.

    Help us to see and hear and enjoy your gifts each day. Help us to trust like good children who know what kind of Father we have. Amen!

    1. Every night driving home done work, second shift, I ask am I going to see the asteroid shower

    2. I somehow feel that last asteroid 1999 may have been a live being though. Don't know just something in my spirit

    3. I am totally convinced we will all be seeing several years of babies saved from abortion at Lori's House.

      Dozens so far, and hundreds more to come. What a work of the Lord.

    4. Miguel P - What a breath of fresh air your praise and thanksgiving is! You have traded the "spirit of heaviness" in for "the garment of praise". Isaiah 61:1-3 , an inspiration to get out my favorite scriptures notebook. Thank you.

      Seems like everything around is holding it's breath, so still at times like there are black clouds way off in the distance. Kind of creepy.

      "Even so, come, Lord Jesus" Revelation 22:20

    5. Miguel P and all,
      In this moment of high expectation, each day lived with the conditions HE has provided, added Faith, Hope, Trust, Security (as in Sheila B's dream, looking only at YOUR LIGHT - above the trials here), I would like to share with the family REV 12 a poem of a dear friend ...

      "Teach me to love,
      Even when there is only hate around me.
      Teach me to give,
      Even when there is nothing to receive.
      Teach me to accept
      Everything you have prepared for me.
      Trusting that everything is in Your hands,
      And that everything comes from You Jesus.

      Teach me to Love,
      Even when there is mourning in my heart.
      Also to forgive,
      As you have revealed to me Your forgiveness.
      And may I be more thirsty to know you better,
      Every day more desire to be around you...
      Listening to your speaking, feeling your love,
      Living with You Lord!

      Blessings and MARANATHA!!!

    6. TY, Miguel for "breaking the silence". I've been so torn the last few days between knowing HE IS COMING and frustration and sadness that He hasn't already come. I can make it however long it is because I'm older and tougher, but these little kids I see--the ones already born into a world that is so rotten and evil for them--not so much. I cried all the way home from an award function at the school today just praying for this little boy and his twin sisters who don't know what it means to be loved by anyone. This little boy ran up to my daughter's fiancee and clung to him calling him Daddy, Daddy, Daddy and he calls her Mommy because Jayden has befriended him. His name is Daniel and he's 7. No one ever comes to anything for him. My daughter is the 5th grade teacher for his sisters. Several times, these girls have been taken from her class by ambulance for an as yet undiagnosed illness that causes them to lose conciousness. The mother ( a drug addict) when called to come to the school only asks if they are dead, or what? and my daughter was informed today that things are way worse for these children than what was thought. The schools are full of little kids like this and it's heartbreaking. The bureaucracy is overwhelmed and there are no good options for them--not in this world anyway. And while it's truly wonderful that some babies are being saved from the horrors of abortion, many more are not and only His Coming will put an end to an evil that has not only persisted for thousands of years, but is now exalted in this world. So these little ones need Jesus to come NOW! And I will persist in pleading for His Return everyday all day long until He does. And hopefully it will only be a matter of days or hours--maybe this last day or two of May--Ascension Day, 2019. Acts 1:11 KJV :-)

      Blessings and please say a prayer for little Daniel and his sisters.

    7. Hi Miguel,
      I think we are all feeling it right now.. Rapture watch exhaustion. We all just want to be out of here already.

      My watch has only been about a 1.5 years. And I am tired from the string of passing high watch dates. I can only imagine how some of my brothers and sisters are feeling after many years of watching. But even this lethargy was foretold in the bible, as was the scoffing & mocking, So it just means are redemption is very very close.

      Rev: 3:8,11 (talking about the Church of Philidelphia - AKA US)
      "I know thy works: behold, I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it: FOR THOU HAS LITTLE STRENGTH, and hast kept my word, and hast not denied my name".

      Behold I come soon, Hold fast to that which you have...

      Perhaps he comes soon, when we have little strength.. Which is now.

      Romans 13:11
      "knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep: for now is our salvation nearer than when we believed."

      One day or hour very soon. we will be out of here.

    8. Amen to all this stuff and to all these stuff-makers! Sorry, can't write more, it's very hard now with my sickness! Praying always! Maranatha!

    9. Praying for little Daniel and his twin sisters, Sheila. Seven is such a wonderful age and he has a strong biblical name. Prayers for Jayden too as he has befriended this little guy.
      I feel this way too about children when I hear of all the indoctrination in transgenderism taking place in the elementary early years. The push for physical mutilation at younger ages, even going against parents wishes. The indoctrination too of the Islamic faith yet Christianity is rejected and the cross is banned.
      Congrats on your daughter's engagement. Is this the friend you mentioned in the past?

    10. Miguel, I had listened to a video by Jema
      awhile ago and after reading your comments above, I thought of Philemon 1:6 which he talked about - KJV That the communication of thy faith may become effectual by the acknowledging of every good thing which is in you in Christ Jesus.
      This acknowledgement of the good things Jesus has done for us increases our knowledge of him, we transforming usus giving us an abundance of fruitfulness as we walk and believe in every good thing God has done for us.

    11. Miguel P, Blessings and Amen. I am moved to hat tip Stan in this thought. A bit of seasoning for your stew, if you will. The Master Craftsman Is Currently Applying The Finishing Touches Upon His Master Work, The Grand Tapestry, if you will, where, not only is the imagery Profound and Robust, in the larger, as well as the smaller scenes upon it, but every single, unique thread, Also Individually Crafted, tells Christ's Tale, in the Small and in the Whole, and is Intricately, Perfectly, Interwoven, In Keeping With Him, amen. Even more, once Completed, That Work Will Be His Crafting Of His Own Body To Dwell Amongst All for ETERNITY. No Mulligans, do-overs, later tweaks, or attending to any single detail, later. His Work, Closing One Chapter and Opening The Next (Revelation 3:7) , Amongst the Redeemed and Fallen, and those yet to come, Will Be Complete. Considering that the spin on the ball, on this one, covers a shot spanning Eternity, allows me a bit more patience, in my awe; much as where you settled. Maranatha!

      Sheila B., Blessings. Luke 18, blow your horn, sister, amen.

    12. Aah, yes, Brother, keeping after it. Don't know what else to do when I think of how this particular generation of children are coming up into a time when the Name of Jesus will be unlawful to even speak anywhere in public by the looks of things like this Equality Act. They will not have the same opportunity to hear the true Gospel, so surely it must be soon for their sakes. But I do know that our Lord knows better than I the perfect timing, so as I plead, I will trust, Amen:-)

    13. Jimboni, speaking of Revelation 3:7, Sherry at Andrew Rich had an interesting video on the door (Tara) that is up for sale from Gone with the Wind movie. She used Revelation 3:8 and in the "works" meaning fruit - love as she studied this.
      Seeing the 80 years as of little strength. It was 80 years I think she said since Gone
      Gond with the Wind. Also, I think in verse 7 encouragement that he opens the door and he shuts the door. No one can shut it or open it. He is in complete control.
      A woman had bought it for $5,000 and then spent $8,000 refurbishing it (5 is complete, right, and 8 is infinity). Now, it is expected to fetch I think upward to $300,000.

    14. Philippians is my go to book when I need encouragement. Great choice of a verse to focus on, Miguel!

      Praying for encouragement for the group. And Amen to that comment "It's all falling into place".

      The sheer volume of things converging all at once. It doesn't seem like things could just keep on going - not at the rate they are now.

      With each passing second the countdown to the marvelous moment is ever growing closer...tick tock

    15. "So these little ones need Jesus to come NOW!"

      Totally agree, Sheila!

      I think that many born again Christians also feel the need stronger and stronger for the Lord to come *now*! Sadly, almost all of us have unsaved friends and/or loved ones and for their sake it makes a personal sense and meaning of the Lord's tarrying to me. There's this ever-present "torn-feeling": wanting all my friends and loved ones to be saved and coming with us and wanting to go (as soon and as quickly as possible) at the same time.

    16. Amen, Sheila, Nora and others! Nora, that's exactly my thoughts and my situation, have nothing to add really! Praying for you and your mom and dad, how are they? The Lord is tarrying to me too, very really! I'm trying to bring to the Lord my relatives, very few agree. Blessings and Maranatha!

    17. Hey Cathi...TY for heads up on the Tara Door. Youtube is killing me trying to find stuff. It's like they are scrambling the links with all kinds of off the wall garbage to scroll through so takes a lot longer to find anything. Still fighting this durn head cold, but yes on that friendship turning to romance. They are planning a June 22 wedding in Florida. He (Jordan) proposed to both her and Jayden (who is ecstatic about it). I'm happy for them, but personally I'm still hoping we'll all be busy with a much bigger Wedding before then;-) Anyway the thought of the last of the Barley being winnowed and being Gone with the Wind is so very exciting!
      (And TY for praying for little Daniel. The Lord knows he needs it.) Blessings, Sis!

      Nora and Alla, yes Sisters, it's kind of like being caught between our Rock and a hard place seeing loved ones that just won't pay attention to what we are trying to tell them, but His timing will be perfect and He alone knows what it will take to wake them up to this critical hour we are in. Blessings and Looking Up!

    18. Thank you for the encouragement, Sisters! Alla, I feel and experience the Lord's care for us, thank you for asking! It's a bit tough now but my dad's doing better.

    19. Your welcome, Sheila! I hope and pray your head cold is over with.

      Glad to hear your father is doing better, Nora.

      Speaking Truth in Love had a video the other day that she felt led to talk about on why we are watching. Basically, it is a heart issue. She talked about those wanting to get out of their messes. But, also in our longing for his appearance, and spending eternity with him and considering this. In our loving this world that he created, but not the sinful world system. Right now, I am sitting outside underneath a small lilac tree that I could smell really smell its fragrance for the first time this year. I have always used it as a source of shade, tho. .. a very big tree was cut down two years ago and this little tree is doing better .. it belongs to the back neighbors but extends over to my side. I look out the kitchen window now and see these lilacs and thank God for them because the little tree looks so pretty now. Any lilacs on it have always been rather pitiful looking and drab in color.
      Back to Deborah, she talked a bit about our being concerned for the lost here in this world as to our waiting for the rapture or moreso our inpatience, etc. Also, about rewards in heaven/eternity that we obtain by our life here on this Earth.
      Our longing for his appearance, for me is more of a loving his appearance. That always kind of worried me, but as I am believing in His grace moreso, and the completed work Jesus did on the cross, I am more able to love him and loving the thought his appearance. Because, there is a Bema Seat judgement for believers. It is not about condemnation, tho. It is about rewards. I once heard someone "preach" (or it was an article I read) that all your secret sins are paraded in front of everyone to show the grace and mercy of God. Like an auditorium filled with others. This haunted me for a long time ... But, I don't see that as biblical, now. We are no longer under condemnation and it is because of God's love and our believing in his only Son he sent to be a sacrifice for us and pay that sin debt that only He could do and that our Holy God could accept. We are free indeed.
      Deborah talked a bit about some having a more brilliance about them and maybe that is true. I think I had recently heard someone else comment likewise, maybe it was David Benjamin.

  13. Sharing...

    WITH the deadline looming for newly reelected Prime Minister Netanyahu to form a governing coalition, his Likud party has presented the paperwork to dissolve the parliament.

    Netanyahu has struggled to form a government as he has been unable to convince ex-defence minister Avigdor Lieberman to abandon a key demand—having ultra-Orthodox Jews perform mandatory military service like other Israelis—and allow a coalition to be formed.

    If the bill to dissolve the government passes in a vote scheduled Wednesday, Israel would be forced to hold new elections, sending the political system into disarray. It would mark the first time this scenario has played out in Israel and set the stage for an unprecedented second election in the same year.

    The question on the minds of those watching these events through the lens of Bible prophecy is: what effect might new elections in Israel have on the planned unveiling of the Trump Administration’s peace Deal of the Century?

    The answer is: no one knows.

    Speculation is that the rolling out of the economic portion of the plan may take place in late June as scheduled, regardless of internal politics in Jerusalem.

    The unveiling of the political part of the peace plan, however—the part that addresses borders and sovereignty—remains uncertain. If the Knesset schedules new elections in late August or early September, a new government would not be sworn in before early November, when the U.S. presidential election season officially begins. This would put the Trump team in the difficult position of having to decide whether to release the plan during an inopportune political season in both the U.S. and Israel, increasing the risk of failure, or perhaps postponing the rollout of the political part of the plan indefinitely.

    The unexpected twists and turns, delays, and general uncertainty around the unveiling of the most anticipated peace plan ever is a reminder that God love’s a good cliffhanger.

    As we wait to see how things unfold, keep in mind that Paul is purposely ambiguous when he says to the Church:

    “While people are saying, ‘Peace and security,’ destruction will come upon them suddenly, like labor pains on a pregnant woman, and they will not escape” (1 Thess. 5:3).

    Scripture makes no mention of a peace announcement, declaration, or agreement preceding sudden destruction. All that is conveyed is that people will be “saying,” or talking about, peace and safety.

    This describes now.

    So keep watch!

    . . .

    (By TW TRAMM)


      "Unprecedente situation in Israel. Here comes Pentecost!"


    2. That word "Unprecedented". I think Amir Tsarfati made the point last year that we find ourselves facing that word more and more. Maranatha.

      Thanks for sharing Jeova. T.W. Tramm's posts are always so well written and an encouragement to me. He's got a real gift from God for that.

      Will have to watch the new video.

  14. Sharing...
    (Signs of The End - FB PAGE)

    “...and the end thereof shall be with a flood”

    Daniel 9:26

    Most have taken this as figurative and not a literal flooding. It seems like the world has had much flooding this past year—especially now. The US is having its wettest year ever.

    1. Dear Jeová, before I was even thinking of such thing like geoengineering to be possible some years ago I had no clue what certain scriptures might mean. Also these gigantic 50 kilo hailstones in Revelation 16:21 I could not really figure it out how this might be ever possible. But today with the documented knowledge and information about current technology the picture gets much clearer. If you want to check this out to understand how this amount of additional moisture (artificially created) could get into our atmosphere, I can recommend Dane Wigington and his organisation website / YTC "" to you. Stay blessed, MARANATHA! :-)

  15. This year 2019 the "Bilderbergers" really kept us in suspense like not in so many years before about the location (Switzerland), the official agenda and the list of participants (Jared Kushner among them), acting especially secretive and covert this time. The meeting will be just a few days ahead now. The YTC #Press For Truth came out first with an interesting interview of Aaron Dykes from the #Truthstream Media YTC:


    Must watch! MARANATHA!

  16. Another great encouragement video by #Ty Green YTC here:

    Soon and very soon...

    1. Annabel, TY for encouragement and interesting informations in your posts!

      Really, SOON AND VERY SOON!!!

    2. So, in the meanwhile some thoughts have come to mind about the Revelation 12 Sign phenomenon. Had not thought much of them other than to take note of them and ‘shelf’ them thinking, ‘is it of mine own mind/heart or of the LORD’ as possible hints or clues perhaps. But now there seems to be a clearer ‘connecting the dots’ sort of effect for me that I like to just share where it is at in my case and ask for any further thoughts.

      What came to mind is that the Rev 12 Sign is tied specifically to a timestamp or marker of 1260 days. As it is understood, that during the Tribulation, it is at the half-way mark. It is when the AntiChrist, whomever he will be will declare a cessation of the Daily Sacrifices on the Altar of Sacrifice. Amazingly, it is from this exact time marker that the Woman, i.e., ‘Virgo’ is to take ‘flight’ from the Dragon for protection those 1260 days, etc.

      Then, the LORD specifically is revealed exactly 1260 days later at the 2nd Advent.
      Thus, could it be somehow that there could also be a coefficient of 1260 days directly related with the Revelation 12 Sign? I don’t remember much about this angle. If then the LORD is to appear as in the Parousia at the 2nd coming 1260 days out from the midpoint of the 7-year Tribulation Period, related directly to the Great Sign of Rev 12, could there be a foreshadowing of a 1260-day count likewise from the astronomical ‘fleeing of the Woman’, being Virgo for the Epiphania?

      It will contrasted by Jesus only being revealed to His Bride that will be the Resurrection/Rapture event. The questions remains, from what starting date? This is the missing clue of course; not that one is seeking a specific date but I thought the correlation could be perhaps a 1 to 1 comparison and possibility in terms of the Rev 12 Sign being a time marker of 1260 days. And it does not mean that on that date determined, is when the Rapture is to occur. It could be a totally different spiritual landmark altogether.

      The other thought was that as I am a strong proponent of the Pentecostal Rapture timeframe, I have come to be more perplexed and persuaded about this possible double count of 50 days. That the phrase, ‘When Pentecost had fully come’ does not mean that 'same day' but the double count…This would put the Rapture, if it would be on a given Pentecost near the end of a July depending on what calendar is correct, but towards the end of Summer.

      So, don’t be surprised if the 50th day Pentecost/Shavuot comes and goes also… but what about the Leviticus 23:16 rendering of a 2nd 50 day count? I did write-up of a long article on my take about it here.

      Has any come across this information/perspective?

    3. You know VegaPost, I actually have come across a new channel to me just this week called Rapture at Twilight that is using the double count for 100 days in total. It looks like she has been posting videos for a while now that she thinks July 17th is Pentecost and will be the rapture using a calendar called 'The Overcomer Calendar'.

      She's got some connections to it with the watches, eclipses, and some other things. I will admit I have watched some of the videos, but I'm having a hard time following it. If anyone is more familiar with her video's please do share. Video link to her Pentecost count:

    4. Thank you, I'll check it out...

    5. Watch and Seek and VegaPost - Pearl Kolleri has been corroborating with Christine at Rapture at Twilight and has some compelling supporting videos that all should check out. I, like you Watch and Seek, have had some difficulty following the logic but have stayed with it for a few weeks and am starting to better understand. Christine's timeline takes into account a time anomaly due to the synaptic gospels (aka Matthew, Mark and Luke) reference to Passover that differs from John's account.

      Would love to see some others comments/thoughts regarding these videos to help add clarity and possibly keep us from stepping outside the boundaries rightly dividing the word. Blessings!

    6. Eric and Keith T, I've looked at this R at T timeline off and on over the past year and took note as Pearl K. got on board. Honestly, there's something amiss that's hitting my spirit. I don't know about the timeline itself as her explanations are so complicated (which in itself is a bit of a warning bell), but some things I've heard this Christine say as she's had what I can only call "tantrums" when she's questioned about it are rather alarming and she seems really paranoid about it. She once accused people of following her around trying to "steal this special revelation" from her which is a bit weird if it is truly given of our Lord. She also considers herself an irreproachable "prophet" and Pearl seems to be on board with that as well issuing warnings to people who dare come against her, or them now as a team. I'd just say use caution with this thing. I know the numbers look amazing, but I'm just getting some Kabbalistic or Gnostic type vibes from the whole thing as they claim privileged access to this info. I could be wrong ofc, but not finding any kind of confirmation about it prayer-wise, just that niggling of something amiss as I asked for discernment. Blessings, Brothers:-)

    7. Yeah from what I understand, Keith, she thought there was a difference between them somehow, but her explanation I've not grasped.

      Thanks for the heads up on some of the warning signs you've noticed, Sheila, much appreciated, not just for me, but for anyone else reading here as a warning to prayerfully consider all of it. I'm glad there was at least someone on here with some familiarity to share.

      As you both were saying, it's super important to look at these things with discernment so we don't find ourselves going down a wrong path and to pray on it. Did she say how this prophecy was shared with her? Was it a vision, dream, something else?

    8. Sheila B., you've just played the same tune I'm humming although with a different beat, or particulars, that is, but a lot of the same concerns. I was urged to post in seeing a parallel here with the MIKE444.BrianSearle, like, who the heck are these guys, anyways? One's a prophet the other's the mouthpiece? OK, both guys great on bowling night, upright chaps I hope, but what? Never got any sound answer, not looking for one now, and pretty sure there isn't one and it seems along the same lines, Shelia B., and I'm guess 'in you'll catch my drift.

    9. As I’ve listened to R at T, the one thing that I struggled with was the complexity of her timeline as well and I too have not fully grasped it. I’ve also have felt that something wasn’t exactly right even though I couldn’t pinpoint it exactly. Am so grateful for the Holy Spirit’s presence to discern in our spirit even when everything on the surface seems so “right”.

      Sheila B, I so appreciate your wisdom, balance and discernment - thank you both (W&S) for sharing your comments on this. I’m still putting my money (and heart) on Pentecost! ;-)

      BTW, Pastor Sandy just put out a new video and it’s VERY encouraging - should check it out.


    10. @SR Monette YTC has a good video out titled "Rapture 2019: Why is Pentecost So Interesting?" that comes from a pure Biblical standpoint which seems a pretty reasonable stance and he gives his reasoning as to why a 4th month or July 17 date is not likely in relation to Pentecost.

      Re Mike and Byron, yeah that's another kettle of weirdness in my book. I'm real leery of channeler's anyway, but when there's a channeling for the channeler...

      And glad it's not just me re the R at T thing. I just know when something makes me envision that Gollum creature from the Lord of the Rings slobbering over his "Precious" ring, I have to say Whoa, somethings not right here. I know one woman started a real firefight when she suggested the "timeline" itself had become some sort of an idol and IDK, but she may be on to something there. People can and do get sidetracked by shiny objects....

      Anyway, at this point and with the mass calendar confusions, it can surely happen at any moment. I read somewhere that there are 5 Hebrew calendars used that place Pentecost as falling anywhere between May 28 and June 25th. So I guess we could say that we are now in the "season" of Pentecost 2019. If it is this year and it has to do with Pentecost, then it could really be any day now:-) Even so, Lord, come! Blessings and Maranatha!

    11. I watched Monette's video yesterday. I never believed the rapture needed to tie in with a Jewish festival. I started to think I guess that it would make sense because of the possible reality of the Jewish people, like rabbi, serious, law-driven type of people would be jealous, maybe, idk. Also, in fulfilling the mystery of the new creation, the gospel of grace. I think I read sth somewhere, anyhow or other was hinted at with Monette or maybe the video i watched later at Prophecy Watchers with Jack Langford and his believing in a Pentecost rapture. They talked about it as the only Jewish festival that was a mystery - as to the day. Now, that is something to think about. The other salient point was this does not take away from imminence.

    12. Cathi, that's why I think we are already into the "season of Pentecost" with it being a floating day that is tough to pinpoint and depends on which calendar one is using. I just see every hour now as a really good possibility and perhaps that's the way He has designed it. We know He's coming and we know it's got to be right on top of us. That sky is going to just blow open and Boom! Kind of like all these tornadoes, I guess. I just heard it reported that this outbreak has gone on for an "unprecedented" 14 straight days now...and regardless of who or what is behind it, the effects are the same. Hopefully, more people are waking up to the volatile times we are in and turning to our Lord for an answer:-)
      Blessings, Sister!

    13. Yes, that would be great in using the weather to bring up Christ, salvation in him, and the rapture and what it is happenong soon and all of this ..
      The thought was from Monette was if not this year, maybe next year. He is cautious on date-setting. This year moreso possible because of the variety of convergences taking place now.
      Just started to listen to Rapture Watchers video where she put together Pastor JDFarag and Dr. David Reagan talking on the rapture and the scoffers and mockers of a pre-trib rapture. As JD Farage started out saying, it is going to happen!


    1. Hillary Mc

      May 30 is a summit in middle eastern countries talking about peace.

      "...serious implications for regional and international peace and security and for the supply and stability of world oil markets,"

    2. When will it end? Record snow, record rain, record flooding, record tornado season and record heat: Extreme weather continues to batter the US

    3. particularly as the peace deal gets closer...a gentle reminder to the US government perhaps not to mess with Gods 'ultimate' deal of the century.

    4. Hey Ryan, been thinking about you. Praying all is well with you and yours. Yep, the US is definitely taking a weather whipping and today they had a guy self-immolate near the White House. The last time I remember somebody setting himself on fire in the public square like that was in Tunisia, I think, and that supposedly ignited the whole Arab Spring thing. So probably not a good sign of things to come. Looking Up for the Lord's Appearing all of the time! Blessings and Maranatha, Brother:-)

    5. If anything, the one thing which the passing of 5/14/19 has clarified, is that The Righteous Judge Withholds Said Judgment until the errant ones are well immersed in their stew and well past any reasonable allowance for metanoia in the matter. When His Will Is Complete, ALL will give witness to the Absolute Justice and Grace Of Our Lord, amen.

    6. Regarding the "weather whipping" are you THAT much STILL ignorant about the geoengineering and weather warfare inside your own country? Just asking, no offense. It's both a concrete attack on the lives of your own population and a strong distraction tactique to focus their strength on just to save their lives but not to be a threat to Satan by revealing his agenda in public.


    7. Fires Ravage Israel, Tornadoes Pummel U.S., Floods Inundate World: It seems that another contraction has begun. -- Gary New @UNSEALED nice timing :)

    8. Been missing you all as well Sheila ...have been overseas a while for work (I just left Argentina immediately after the 'sign'), however while I haven't been able to post anything, I have been keenly reading comments. I came home to discover our public service was putting out big surveys and new structural expectations around the LGQBT 'community' etc in the government ministries. Argh making me want to vomit.

      And nice timing indeed Jimboni! Keeping our eyes heavenward!!!!

    9. Annabel, no I am not THAT IGNORANT by calling it a "weather whipping'--totally aware of weather engineering and know they've been at it for a very long time, but are they not using the weather to "whip up" on us??? At the same time, I am understanding that God is still in control and either allows, or disallows. He is obviously now allowing. And He does still control the winds. I also know in many cases they are using these catastrophes to separate people from their land by claiming it as habitats for endangered species so they can't go back and rebuild, then offering them much less than what they had as insurance companies team up with FEMA. All sorts of NWO angles to one "unprecedented" disaster after another, BUT GOD is surely orchestrating the time line for all of these things:-)
      (Oh, if and when Yellowstone blows, I'll have no problem believing that it will have had some deeply planted assist from TPTB;-)

      Ryan, glad you got back home okay. I'm sure you were greatly missed by your crew. And yes, I've been seeing reports of some pure lunacy coming from the NZ govt. since that Mosque incident. You guys are in the same boat with us as your Govt appears more than ready to eat their own in favor of pleasing the enemy's agenda. Praying for all of God's people in Middle Earth and Down Under! Maranatha, Brother:-)

    10. Enjoyed your comments, Sheila on our U.S.A. weather ... I mean really.

    11. Dear @Sheila, TY for clarifying. I mean we don't have to repeat it over and over again that God is in control of all this (especially not on a Christian blog site!), yet I sometimes have the impression that many would not realize how MEN are in fact responsible for the Psalm 2 conspiracy. And because MEN would then distort and change the narrative about mankind history and current events and completely deny that there's a underlying conspiracy and rebellion against God at all, MEN would be made believe how something inexplicably "miraculous" would happen to them like out of thin air and how "God" would have orchestrated all that in the first place. This is my impression with most of the posts about our physical world here all along. Sorry for the rant but it's a matter of perspective to me. MARANATHA!

      Deuteronomy 31:16-18 // Jeremiah 4:18

    12. Yes, Annabel, men ARE naturally evil as we all well know and you have the right to whatever perspective you choose. But as for me, I do not fear men and their evil because my focus is on the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit and what THEY are doing. That Divine perspective frees me from any fear of the human conspiracies of this physical world because while I may be in it for the moment, I am certainly not of it and it is only temporal. I watch it, I see it, and I point it out in hopes of turning more to place their faith in Jesus Christ for their Salvation, but I do not fear it. I'm sorry you feel we put too much emphasis on the Power of God here and really don't understand such a concern, but as children of God, we always look to our Father for our protection and our inexplicable miracles, do we not? Rom.8:28 KJV
      And yes, Maranatha:-)

  18. Dear @family please take note of #Israeli News Live new "Chat with Jana" interviewing DeAnne Looper again about "Kabballah secrets" (uploaded 5/30/19) you really need to be informed about this currently ongoing development behind the Rabbinic scenes to warn others!

    It's a must watch for anyone not wanting to fall some of his friends and family into this future trap! Be blessed, MARANATHA!

  19. This article in the Jerusalem Post today, with Kushner and Greenblatt in Israel today, reminded me of a video that Steve Monette did on his YTC back in April about the backlash on the USA from these meetings about the peace plans, and the deal of the century. titled "God does NOT like Trump's peace plan"

    We here in America should probably keep our eyes open, if Steve Monette is correct, and if they are discussing dividing the land in Israel at their meeting today. Going off to read Psalm 91 , just in case.

    1. Kathy in Pa, Hmmm....makes me wonder if that guy turning himself into a fireball at the Ellipse near the White House wasn't indicative of what backlash they might be bringing down on the US with this meeting. The Bing Art today strangely reminded me of a dream where I saw a huge meteor coming in on NYC. The Art is depicting that "Manhattenhenge" thing they celebrated yesterday and today where the setting sun aligns east to west with the streets twice a year in a manner similar to what happens at Stonehenge, but it looks very similar to that fireball in the dream as it crashed down just seconds before ripping through the whole city. Very eerie looking and yes--we should all be expecting anything to happen as TPTB plot and plan against that which belongs to our God. It's never good, Sister, so be Blessed and Prayed Up as we all are Looking UP!!!

    2. Ya'll check out this 2 1/2 min. video from Paul D. @revelationchapter12dotcom titled "Dividing Jerusalem: Judgement is Coming! Repent World!"
      It's about an ad put out by the US Jerusalem Embassy promoting "The Day After Peace" re the sharing of the land and this trailer ends with a woman giving birth. It's a project that will be comprised of 7 short films to shed a nuanced light on the Isr/Pal conflict.

    3. And here's something I just found interesting to share from a t.l.duncan comment:
      "June 2nd is the TRUE 70th anniversary of Israel in that God counts in WEEKS and the 1st Passover as a nation was marked with a blood moon and the 1st Shavuot was on 6.2.49... Don't you find it interesting that 3 days prior to the True 70th the Fig Tree has no fruit, No Knesset? With that in mind, I was just led to do the gematria for Rev.12:5 and got a shock! "Her child was caught up unto God, and to His throne." The Jewish value is 2743. Sunday, June 2nd is the 27th of Iyyar and the the 43rd Omer count and also Jerusalem Day. Up, Up, Up we go!!!! God Bless."

      She noted elsewhere that June 2nd is the 153rd day of the year and ties it in with Hosea 6:2

      I just believe that from the Divine Point of View, we have entered the very hour, or maybe even the very minute of our deliverance. We're seeing everything point to this "now" moment, yet we are still waiting on the precipice. It makes me think of @Amanda Christian's snail clock where she sees the slow moving hands, but the sundial-like shadow from above is sweeping across the face of the clock rapidly like the blades of a fan. Strange yet wonderful in a Twilight Zoney kind of way:-)

    4. That's very exciting Sheila, do you have a video name and channel that we can lookup about that?

    5. Sheila B., Blessings. Wow, been a while since we've seen numbers lining up like those, amen. The 2743 & 153 'hits', oh my. On one hand it reminds of excitements past; now hoping those were rehearsals. On the other, it brings to mind Gigi's (@blueheaven) insistence on sticking with the 70-year Generation tag still in play alongside our calendar cluelessness. My thoughts on the 70, all along, have been that the starting date for the Fig Tree isn't 5/14/1948. Instead, I have intuited that there is a later date, perhaps involving a period of review after that vote, or, perhaps the passing of key markers/MOED, the FIRST of which would mark ABBA's head-nod toward the Fig Tree's budding being Recognized and Real. '1st Passover (after the vote) aligned with a Blood Moon' surely works for me. That the other bookends would be so significant, all aflutter, Maranatha!

    6. indeed Jimboni...and let us not forget that 'pride' day (and the march) is 6 June. Considering in the days of Lot (Lot meaning 'covering/veil), Lots removal was as the sodomites were gathering in the city square.

    7. TY Sheila, for the wealth of info you shared! Got that familiar "hair standing up on the back of the neck" feeling. Looking forward to looking at all that you mentioned. Your dream and the NYC Manhattanhenge thing is intriguing! Blessings, sister. Your kindness is endearing.
      I wasn't aware that Pres. Trump was going to the UK. Would love to see him and his family go home with us on 6/2/19 instead.
      Been waiting a long time and this ol' woman is ready to go home.

    8. TY Sheila!
      This was wonderful! I feel encouraged!

    9. Ya'll can find t.l. duncan's comment at Paul D's short video that I referred to in the post just above that. She shared a few other thoughts as well. I always pay attention to her comments as she's a whiz with data research and numbers like MF is, speaking of which I just found the Fish has a video out on "Manhattenhenge. A New Season. Ascension Day! Pride Month. Fire in the SKYY!" Haven't watched yet, but yeah--sounds like it about covers much of the above:-)

    10. Wow, Sheila. Lots of good things. My insides quivered in the discussion on June 2nd .... 2743 and 153 ...

    11. Zeal Life, Blessings. (In the tone and manner of Scarlet O'Hara, right wrist to forehead, tosses back head), Oh! Someone get me some WATER!" (Faints on the couch, amen, Maranatha!)

    12. Thanks for the share, Sheila! Those are some truly awesome findings! My hope meter is climbing!

      I was doing a search to learn more about Jerusalem day not realizing it was a celebration of the reunification. 2019 marks 52 years from 1967. Looking up some "52" references across the web and on

      52 is the traditional number of days from the Crucifixion of Christ to Pentecost.

      52 'weeks' in a solar year

      52 is the number of days it took Ezra to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. (Nehemiah 6:15-16)

      52 is the number of years Azariah reigned in Jerusalem (2 Kings 15:2)

      52 is the number of years Uzziah reigned in Jerusalem (2 Chronicles 26:3)

      52 is the number of men of Nebo among the list of exiles who returned to Jerusalem after Cyrus' decree (Ezra 2:29 ; Nehemiah 7:33)

      Isaiah 52 - Jerusalem

      Lots of Jerusalem references, which was a very cool thing to see.

    13. TY, Eric for sharing that. I've never looked at Jerusalem Day before or it's prophetic significance. I've often felt that the wall in Nehemiah taking 52 days to build held some pertinent clue to the last days, though. Colleen M's latest says she feels the Lord is pointing out something significant to watch for tonight re Israel/Gaza and that Right of Return March that Palestinians do on Fridays. Also saw a comment there from Calvin Bamburg covering a report of an "incident" in the Gulf of Oman. He cites World, Hal Turner, 30 May, 2019:

      "There has been an incident between the US Navy and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corp (IRGC) on the high seas in the Gulf of Oman. Several scuba divers from the IRGC were engaged in hand-to-hand combat with US Navy scuba divers. At least two IRGC divers allegedly died with their throats cut and several others critically injured after deploying into the water ahead of the USS Abraham Lincoln and it's Strike Group.--possibly to deploy explosive devices on the hulls of US Navy ships."
      IDK, but might watch for some follow up on that report as the ME continues to heat up.
      Blessings, Brother:-)

    14. Sheila - wow, will be keeping a close eye on that in the news over the next wee while...

    15. FWIW, never having calculated it out to the day, just in rough weeks, but, my coma was 52 days, hmmm.

  20. Reaching out for prayers.. sick, hard to pray and praise.... Lord bless each of you

    1. Prayers up for you now VeeBee and also for you too Alla, that your pain reduces.

      Philippians 4:5-6
      Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, present your requests to God, and the peace of God which transcend all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ JESUS.

      Philippians 4:19
      For my God will meet ALL your needs, according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.

      We are so close. Our Glorified bodies and minds are just a blink of an eye away.

    2. Prayers too Vee Bee ... And Alla, as always.
      VeeBee, I think of your strength in telling others about Jesus and I feel bad you have had these physical infirmities and trials. My thoughts are that he is aware of what we are dealing with and struggling through and he is with us. He is with you. We express our thanks Father God that you are with us.

    3. Amen! Thank you Jordan! Your prayer is really to right place and time! We are already blessed really! I read also Php 4 these days! We are all blessings every one of us and together! Trying to find my new outline about Christ's Love to us! Maranatha!

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. Thank you Cathi, VeeBee, Sheila and all our Fam! Sorry for delete – found errors.
      Here's my outline of yesterday.
      Christ's Love in John 13 (KJV)
      (1) Unto the end – John 13:1 (KJV)
      (2) All things – John 13:3 (KJV)
      (3) Thou shalt know (promise) – John 13:7 (KJV)
      (4) Example to us – John 13:15 (KJV)
      (5) Jesus' bosom (place of love) – John 13:23 (KJV)
      (6) Commandment of Love – John 13:34 (KJV)
      (7) All men know (power of love) – John 13:35 (KJV)

    6. VeeBee, I was lifting both you and Alla up in prayer earlier today and will again tonight. Both of you dear Sisters are on my heart everyday as I know you both struggle with some tough health issues, yet your faith never wavers. That alone is great encouragement for so many others, so just hold on because that relief is Coming! And when it does, your example of rejoicing is going to be a sight to behold! Alla, as always, TY for your Word studies to help keep us all reminded of who we are in Him. May our Lord Jesus blanket you both in His healing strength and endless love, Amen. Looking to meet you gals real soon:-))

    7. Amen Sheila! You are great today really! Reading all your posts!
      VeeBee, praying for you continually! The Lord hears my prayers really! VeeBee, you will be surely better even today! 1 Peter 2:24 (KJV) Amen!
      I don't know why it's so hard to me with my pains! Making outlines every day! We are very near to Him now and forever! Maranatha!

    8. Alla D, VeeBee and All, in Truth, you are, right now, Blessed with EVERY Spiritual Blessing in the High Places, To His Glory and our good, amen. May Our Good Father's and Lord's Will Be Done, of The Spirit, on Earth, as it surely Is, now, in the Heavenlies, be it a little, or the whole load, in His Mighty Name, amen.

    9. I thank the Lord for each of you for prayer and encouragement ...Al least able to get up now.Praise God . Alla , although waves come to crush, you are standing strong in the power of His might . Sheila , Amen .. you are faithful to others in serving the Lord. Jordan thank ... real spiritual food that we need to survive. Jimboni, you have exponential wit that keeps our eyes toward the greatness of the one while made the Heavens and the earth. Cathi G , amen , He knows and will deliver ...that is a comfort... God is faithful. Today I was reminded by him that this is merely physical illness That the enemy uses to keep our thoughts and doubt the Lord. This verse reminds us of who we serve and belong to fir eternity " Lift up your eyes on high, and behold who hath created these [things], that bringeth out their host by number: he calleth them all by names by the greatness of his might, for that [he is] strong in power; not one faileth. Isaiah 40:26

    10. That is a nice verse, VeeBee. It is reminding of one of David Benjamin's videos I listened to today. Looking at my notes ... He is talking about our being his captives. And, our not realizing his power. It is life to life when we speak the gospel, for some it is death to death. It is that fragrance inside of us that needs to come out, as we are the incense-bearer of Christ. It isn't about us, but what is inside of us that needs to flow from within us and does as we are subdued by him, in our experience with him. Christ inside of us. We all have something, he said because we have the ministry of reconciliation​. Those who are feeding the sheep, equiping the saints ... are those who have been conquered by Christ, having strived for what we already have in Him and then in resting. Comparing Jacob striving and Israel resting.
      Well, this isn't what I was thinking about at all, but I liked what he said here so I guess I will pass it along.

    11. VeeBee and Alla, joining the family in prayers for you both. May God hasten the strength and healing that your bodies need. This verse came to my heart as I thought of you both, may it encourage you as you wait on Him.

      "We now have this light shining in our hearts, but we ourselves are like fragile clay jars containing this great treasure. This makes it clear that our great power is from God, not from ourselves. We are pressed on every side by troubles, but we are not crushed. We are perplexed, but not driven to despair. We are hunted down, but never abandoned by God. We get knocked down, but we are not destroyed. Through suffering, our bodies continue to share in the death of Jesus so that the life of Jesus may also be seen in our bodies."
      2 Corinthians 4:8-10

      Blessings to you both, dear sisters in Christ.

    12. That is such a powerful Word, Mom. TY for putting it up to inspire us all anew. I felt the Holy Spirit washing over me as I read it over several times and received again that joyful rush of empowerment that we have in Christ Jesus to finish this race intact. Blessings, Sister and Maranatha!

    13. Dear Mom

      So true, "We are pressed on every side by troubles, but we are not crushed." Nevertheless he lives... praise God I put my trust in the Lord who is able to deliver each of us of every trial and in every tribulation. We walk by faith and not by sight. Thank you a blessing to read and recall his faithful promises to us or bless you as you continue to occupy and watch and wait until Jesus appearing

    14. Hi Guys,
      I just wanted to give a shout out about a new Channel I stumbled upon called: Andrew Farley Ministries. He is a great Grace teacher. He is very knowledgeable about scriptures, and is very easy to listen to.

      This video might be of interest to Veebee & Alla, and to whomever else has health problems at the moment. obviously it is naive to think of God as some kind of healing santa claus, But this video gave me some good perspective about infirmities, healing etc.

      And his other video's are really meaty too. Just throwing the link up here, hopefully it will benefit some people:

      LINK: (9 Mins)

    15. Jordan, thanks will view the site. Alla, will be praying for you... Finally up and able Praise God.... Yea , though we walk thru the valley of the shadow of Death, Our great and might God will carry us.. Be strong in the Lord and the power of His might. Veronica

    16. Amen Veronica! I see you are really better today!? Thank you for prayer! It's very hard to me really. I feel now my heart also. Your post is now the answer from the Lord to me really! Blessings to you and to all our Family! Maranatha!

    17. Alla D, VeeBee, Blessings. Our ABBA laid on my heart to share something with you and offer a challenge. As diligent disciples, which you both surely are, amen, we want to follow all Wisdoms Provided, amen. There is some history around Proverbs 17:22a which I will share with you, after.

      In case the 'a' throws of the blog: 22 A joyful heart is good medicine, ...

      With the weekend ahead, and the modern world of media pretty much at hand, make a point to spend no less than 3 hours immersed in whatever comedies you are most easily tickled by. Good deep here: old radio acts, get creative. Maybe it's recordings of some of the greats, most avail on YTC, idk. He Will Bring To Mind, if Of Him, amen. Find a way to make yourself laugh, deeply, for HOURS. It is no less Righteous work, for y'all esp, than spending that time deep in the OT/Strong's and a topic chase. I would nudge you and say it is no less a duty, actually, enjoy. Let me know when you've managed it, Maranatha!

    18. I'll vouch for the curative powers of a good clean laugh and I got one from envisioning your Scarlett O'Hara fainting impression, so TY for that :-D

    19. Sheila B., :) Excellent. However, my challenge for the ladies is a serious matter, and, while easily made light of, we do so at our detriment. Not saying that you were, just makin' the point. As for the brief fainting spell, to punctuate my response tot he comment made It rather leapt to mind in light of recent comments concerning a Door, and fit. ( I am assuming that your lack of scolding me for another scalding means you no longer read my posts sipping on hot tea, hmmm?)

    20. I know your advice was serious and I so hope they will find some relief in something that releases those God-given medicinal endorphins. I have to go search that out myself every now and then when things get too heavy. For me, recalling and re-sharing those hilarious life moments around the dinner table to get everyone laughing along often does the trick. So I surely didn't intend to make light of that at all, however your way of putting things often makes me laugh in a way that's just a spiritual picker-upper (and I just didn't happen to be sipping on the tea at the moment, or it probably woulda got me again;-)

  21. I love my Rev12Daily Family! There's a big electric storm brewing outside now and I just posted a new article:

    Will jump back on later when the storm is over!

    1. Thanks, Lyn! Will check it out and stay safe. We're getting a heads up on more bad weather coming in here this evening. @David Benjamin just put out a a really interesting video re the Christchurch Call and how they are trying to shut the warnings down from the Body of Christ through algorithms, etc.
      And I know they are because it's getting very difficult w/o having a specific link or title to find current updates from the Brethren as they are scrambling the links. One Christian channel will be linked to everything but another Christian channel (either politics or some unsavory entertainment or a never ending list of YT movies available.) And many are having a real hard time uploading their messages. Divide and conquer is the aim, I guess. Also I've never had an issue with my phone service here and now I keep getting "no service" messages. Getting weird, so give it a watch for some good insight on this. Looking UP as we are almost outta here!!!
      @david benjamin in christ "Dream Sophia..distracted Church last warnings.. behind the scenes" (18 min.)
      Blessings All and Maranatha:-)

    2. amen Sheila - 'divide and conquer'...sounds like the fake 'christ(s)church' to me! My wife had a dream a couple of nights ago where the moon started moving towards the earth at an incredible rate and started moving/vibrating/swirling...whatever you would like to call it. She doesn't read these blogs and I don't tell her about the videos on this blog as well, so interesting. Bless you all, and looking with interest towards 2 June! Ryan

    3. Ryan, that's interesting as there have just been recent reports of the moon's shrinking and quaking and exhibiting tectonic action. Just search "moon shrinking" to find those reports.
      Not exactly the same I know, but still indicative of unusual lunar activity. (Ofc, this is if one is still taking the "reality" of our moon at face value) A lot of people are having moon related dreams and I do believe as the many earthly signs continue to intensely converge, the heavenly anomalies will keep ramping up as well. The contractions leading up to this dispensational change are affecting everything. Blessings, Brother and definitely looking UP:-)

    4. I caught this movie trailer while watching the NBA Finals game this past Thursday: it's called Onward.

      Check it out! It's got two moons in the beginning and end of the 144 minute trailer. I think the setting and plot involve some sort of pre-Flood, Gen-6, world too.

      Ready to make like Enoch and go up before the "aliens" show up.

    5. Oops, missed a good opportunity for this closing line: Onward, and Upward, team!

    6. wow 2 hour trailer How long's the flick?

    7. Lol, another oops. That was suppose to be 1:44 (one minute and forty-four seconds)!

      Thanks for spotting that one, Jimboni. For the record, I did not sit through a 2 hour trailer to glean that information, ha!

    8. Sheila B--OK finally catching up here today.

      Thanks for your exhortation comment below (LOL what's it doing there??) Just this past week I began noticing, as you wrote, "how they are trying to shut the warnings down from the Body of Christ through algorithms, etc."

      When watching a Tim Henderson vid and also a Sandy Armstrong (Soldiers for Christ YTC) vid, they cut off before the recording finished. One of Tim's videos won't even play the ad that pops up before the recording begins!

      Jeff, there are so many shows and movies out pointing to giants, nephilim, and The Tribulation! At times I will point them out, but not a thorough list of them. Do you know whether you or anyone else at Unsealed are inspired to compile one?

    9. Hey Lyn,

      I think we're all pretty slammed over at Unsealed. Don't know if anyone is compiling such a list. Lol, I've been trying to put something together for a while now since my last post, which feels like a decade ago. Alas, maybe in the Millennium, right???

      READY TO GO!

  22. Hi @all, now we had the "deepfake" topic from leading to the 'image of the beast' in Revelation 13 before but THIS is a MUST WATCH indeed so that you may again know that you will have to FACE UP TO REALITY by touching with your own hands what you see (like the apostle John touched Jesus and described the experience in his first epistle) before you can say it's true. You cannot tell from some news report that ANYTHING is true what you read because an AI algorithm wrote the text. You cannot even trust ANY pictures online or on TV anymore in the near future. Artificial persons who don't exist at all will TALK on radio and BE LIVE on TV broadcast!

    That's also the reason for the stern warning to the tribulation saints NOT to follow anyone who claims he is "Christ" (= Messiah) and to leave their hiding place during that time of evil. HERE'S THE FAITH AND ENDURANCE OF THE SAINTS. Pure faith in God will be needed more than ever before. No one can ever be trusted BUT GOD...


    1. Annabel, this video was truly frightening and gives a jarringly real picture of what the "great deception" will encompass - the manufacture of digital people that are totally indistinguishable from the real thing and how reality will seem less real than the deception. Heaven help those left behind. When I started watching 20 years ago, I could not have in my wildest dreams imagined how evil things could become. And I never understood how devastating lies truly are.

      Come, come, oh, please come, Lord Jesus. But, we pray for those friends and family still blind - open their hearts, Lord. Please, Lord, pierce their hearts with sorrow over their sinfulness and bring them to a saving knowledge of you. Very little time left.

  23. Sheila and Zeal LIfe, Annabel, Saw David's video. Wow! Yes, we are witnessing a continuous evolution of "fake" entities, people, leaders that serve to construe and mislead the many. Here is the fact from God's word.... 2 Timothy 4:3
    "..the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears." And to add to the importance of the warning... "So then faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God." Romans 10:17 .
    :( I do not understand the Strongs etc, but found out the Ears Stroke no is G189.. and am reminded of the Jesus speaking about the ears of grain and lost seeds with sowing....As the word goes out to many, there are some who will not listen and seal their entry into the tribulation. I am blessed to be here, learning and gaining strength from the words you all speak . Lord bless and Keep you. Thank you for your prayers!!

    1. It's amazing to realize that when God stated how long He would strive with man in Gen.6:3 KJV, He knew exactly how long that a rebellious mankind made in His image would last before they would actually begin the process of intentionally phasing themselves out. In other words, He knew precisely how much time would be required to prove to all of Heaven that humanity as created cannot continue to exist APART FROM HIM without self-destructing. And here we are--right on cue with TPTB openly striving for and promoting a nightmarish post-human existence that makes even the hopeless vision of Orwell's 1984 look less frightening.
      BUT GOD--right on cue--is going to intervene in their suicidal madness, nip all evil in the bud and by His Glorious Grace, all of those who are found in Christ Jesus will know the fullness, joy and REALITY of living forever with and in the image of our loving Creator--just as He created us to be. Thus 2Tim.1:7 KJV. Hallelujah! and Maranatha!

    2. Very nice, sisters. Got a HS rush from your comments. Awesome to see you stand in defense of the The Father's plan with his Word.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Sheila B., Blessings, and amen. Many Truths Are Being Revealed Incontrovertibly For Eternity concerning All the Players and Relationships, Luke 8:17, Matthew 10:26, Mark 4:22, most centrally, Our Abba, amen.

      It is wonderful that your perspective on it, here, undergirds Encouragement, 1 Thessalonians 4:18 , in a MF sort of way, turning things on their head, as it were. The very alarming nature of basically everything anywhere one looks, if one does, 2 Tim 3:1, seen alongside Our Loving Father's Care Of His Creation and Story/Unfolding, John 10:14, as Loudly Affirms our moment, as well as our Reason to be of GOOD CHEER!, 1 Peter 3:15, as it alarms, Maranatha!

      We just came back from intermission, fresh popcorn & soda, and the Cavalry Rescue is the Next Scene! Luke 21:28

  24. Steve Cioccolanti

    Interesting take on the speed of end times Prophecy.

    1. TY Silversurfer for the heads up on SC. Haven't watched him in awhile, so might be a good time to try to catch up with that Brother.

      Lyn Melvin...another excellent, encouraging and informative article. I found the part about the "military" significance of trumpets really enlightening and yes, I am so ready for an end to this warfare. TY for sharing what was some new info on that for me! Blessings to you, Sister, and so grateful for your keeping us in the loop every chance you get:-)

    2. Silversurfer, TY for the reco on Pastor Steve's teaching. For a long season I took in Pastor Steve's teaching regularly and do adore him and his unfolding of the Word. However, oddly enuf, though I would have never expected to hear myself saying it, I think he mis-stepped in his interpretation of the Macro Details of Psalm 119, spec it's 'Jewish-ness' and 'meticulousity' to coin a phrase. On one hand, his Godly Brilliance and genius mind must be viewed like a holy super-computer and so it is with reverence where I trod, and I say that very factually, here. To that query I respond, in my spirit, it is entangled with a spiritual Blindness, Assigned To Many in leadership in the church, toward these things; part perspective clouding larger context and part Divine Misdirection.

      Whereas Pastor Steve sees those details as reasons to not be expecting anything significant, in terms of Harpazo, in 2019, as they show the year to be one of malaise, intrigue, continuous political tail-chasing, et al, in a spiral of Hebraic complex ala the recent elections re-do, I see quite otherwise.

      As CM would say, after urgently seeking Our Lord on the matter what settled as more fitting is otherwise. That the PSALMS go along and, here in 119, become the 'most Jewish' of ALL before or after, Speaks of The Author, Focusing His Attention, ON THE JEW. It also Speaks of EVERYTHING becoming ABOUT THE JEW (aka Noahide). That, even moreso, dramatically reinforced by the letter structure of the entire PSALM, CONFORMING TO THE *LAW* OF SUCH STUCTURE. My spirit eyes see the exact opposite of what Pastor Steve finds and I hope any who were equally upset by his words take heart.

      Remember those old viewers you would put a disc into and it had pairs of pictures and you held it to your eyes like binoculars and flipped though a slide real? You could go sightseeing around a foreign town before Google. Well, put 'right now' into your viewer and ALL you've seen on YTC about what is REALLY afoot out there. You just went past the frame called 'Harpazo/Jacobs Trouble Begins'. As the AC steps onto the stage, Hell Arrives For Breakfast and the Noahide Era begins, using the Word of God to 'justify' the Slaughter, in YHWH's NAME, of those who fail to accept TMOTB, can you not see the parallel of THAT to the sole 'Jewish-ness' and Law-Entangled Structure found ONLY HERE? Pray about it. Maranatha!

  25. The connection between Iran, the peace plan, the palestinians and Israel is getting more clear in this news article.

  26. BTW, likely others saw it, as well, but seems worthy of a mention, here. Recall that certain Rabbis had said that Messiah would be revealed/announced prior to the elections. Well, in light of the unprecedented dissolution of their Parliament (posting while taking in Pastor Ciccolanti's video, TY Silversurfer) the recent elections, come and gone with no 'Messiah' are now a Mulligan pushed off to November. That' is, 'the election' actually has still not occurred. Hmmm,...

    1. This turn of events certainly does seem to kick that can on up the road awhile for those Rabbinical Messianic expectations. Meanwhile back at the ranch, I have come across all kinds of encouraging nuggets for the watching Body of Christ this morning suggesting it's just about Go Time:
      *@SR Monette has a good video out today "Rapture 2019: Did The Lord Tell us the Year and
      Season of His Return" (13 min)
      *Gigi @blue heaven is sharing some cool thoughts and clips from that movie Deep Impact
      that was released 21 yrs ago in relation to 21 day warning from 5/13--6/02 and some
      additionally insightful comments there.
      *Queen Elizabeth celebrates 66th anniv. of her 1953 coronation on 6/02 just before Trump
      meeting on June 3rd.
      *9/23/2017-->6/02/2019=617 days or 618 incl.
      ----G#617--apokulio--to roll away, roll back 4x Matt.28:2 KJV, Mk.16:3-4 KJV, Luke 24:2 KJV
      all in re to the Resurrection.
      G#618--apolambano--to receive (esp. in full or as a host), draw aside, separate. 10x
      H#617--Assir--Israelite name meaning "prisoner".
      H#618--asam--a storehouse 2x Deut.28:8 and Prov.3:10
      G#602--apokalupsis--an uncovering, unveiling, revealing, revelation, manifestation.
      H#602--anaq--to cry, groan
      G#21--agalliao--to exult, rejoice greatly, jump for joy
      H#21--Abi--Isr name meaning "my father' 1x in re to Hezekiah destroying idolatry in

      And remember Hurley's mysterious winning lottery ticket from the series "LOST" where they were all stranded on that weird island after a plane crash? One commenter felt some significance in recalling those numbers 4-8-15-16-23-42, but wasn't sure what it might be. I added them up individually to equal "36" which put me back in mind of the "Authority of the Nail" which is just a positive thought for me:-)

      Have a blessed day All and Looking UP with high hopes as always:-))

    2. ...juz trudgin' off down the hallway, shakin' ma head, flippin' this here here COIN in the air, ...

  27. Hey Guys,
    In my attempt to make the truth speakers, grace teachers stand out, so that the deceivers can be avoided, I compiled a list of all the main websites & YouTube Channels that I regularly visit, and who I trust. and uploaded them into a short video.

    TITLE: You Want The Truth? These Guys Speak The Truth! (5 mins)

    1. The following WEBSITES & YOUTUBE Channels are featured in the video:

      Unsealed - End Times New & Events:

      Rev12Daily - Christian Blog site:

      Lyn Melvin - End Times News and Events:

      Amanda Christian -

      Andrew Farley:

      YTC: Andrew Rich ( Content Run by: Sherry Rich)

      Awakened sky -

      Barry Scarbrough -

      Bibleline Broadcast Network (BBN) -

      colleen minter -

      David Benjamin in Christ -

      Faith Alone -

      Gregg Jackson -

      jacksmack77 -

      Jason Jack -

      J.D. Farag -

      Jema Akpoghor -

      Joy in the Morn -

      Kay Tdid -

      kim fisher -

      Chuck Missler A great End Times and Pre-Trib Rapture teacher from YTC: Koinonia House -

      Lillygirl -

      Loved By The King:

      Maranatha777 -

      Hal Lindsey - another great bible teacher, with many of his videos uploaded to YTC: OmniChristianVids4 -

      Renee Roland YouTube Channel:


      SR Monette -

      Susan Neumeyer -


      Tim Henderson -

      TyGreen -

    2. Jordan a blessing....thank you for compiling all these watch believers. While enjoying the beautiful view, thought about how the Lord is sustaining us with the those who are sending out the pure word. May we continue to persevere and sow seed .Maranatha

    3. Dear Brother, I am so very humbled and honored to have made your list. As I commented at your video post, it was good to add that you do not agree with everything I or any of the other brethren say or write; because, as I write in the caveat posted at my blog site, even Spirit-filled Christians only 'see in part' as it says in 1 Corinthians 13:12. I am so very thankful for ♥you and all my Brothers and Sisters in Christ♥ who exhort the Body especially NOW as we see THE DAY approaching (Hebrews 10:25)!

  28. Israel/Syria:

  29. This comment has been removed by the author.

  30. Thought this phrase in a recent news article was highly prophetic: "HARVEST OF ANOTHER KIND" in light of what I recently shared in The Rapture Mystery about our firstfruits identity being with Jesus and the Barley Harvest.

    So I just posted an excerpt in the Comments Section:

    While doing more research today, this news article title caught my eye:'"Southern Israeli Farmers Encouraged to Harvest Early" by posted March 27, 2019.

    Also this from posted May 28, 2019:
    "Long promoting the use of arson. . . ISIS claims the terror group is behind a series of wildfires in Iraq and Syria. . . ISIS also emphasized the economic impact of the fires, noting “many agricultural lands have been destroyed” and “tons of crops,” including wheat and barley, went up in flames in the jihadists’ “harvest of another kind.”"

    May we be THE HARVEST OF ANOTHER KIND that escapes the WILDFIRES OF THE TRIBULATION because the Father decides to HARVEST EARLY!

    1. YES Lyn, Availability! \o/,...its no secret! LOVE to ALL, soon we shall see Him!!!

  31. T.W. Tramm shared another awesome post on Facebook today about 25 Ways Pentecost Foreshadows the Rapture.

    Super cool read:

    1. He also suggest Pentecost may not be on the exact day we think according to our calendar confusion. He notes Pentecost could be June 9th or June 16th or even another day we may not have marked on our calendars.

      Here is a link to his Facebook page if anyone wants to subscribe. I really enjoy seeing when he has new posts out:

  32. Another cool nugget for those looking at Pentecost as a high watch day. Daniel Taylor posted this in the group Date Watchers on Facebook:

    Here is his post:
    "Daniel was told in Daniel 12:4, to seal up the words of the scroll until the time of the END! Check this out Date Watcher Family.........

    1840 Strong's (Daniel) + 2165 Strong's (Appointed time) = 4005 Strong's (Pentecost)!!!!

    Praise you KING JESUS 🙌👑 MARANATHA"

    1. Eric, that's just amazing and that the 1840 and 2165 in the Strong's Hebrew point to the 4005 in Strong's Greek even makes its more so. Another awesome example of the NT revealing the OT. In agreement with your prior post re the exact day of Pentecost being hard to pin down, I had posted above somewhere after reading about there being 5 different Hebrew Calendar dates used for Pentecost that range anywhere from May 28th --June 25th. So I feel like we are surely in the "season" of Pentecost right now and it could literally happen at any given moment. The tension is being felt across the spectrum of true Believer as folks are singing out Come, Lord, Come! while at the same time experiencing that "sweet in the mouth and bitter in the belly" pleading for their loved ones to please come to Jesus Christ.
      But there is also a growing acceptance that it will take the Rapture to ultimately wake many of them up to the Truth. I am at that place now where I've just had to put those who are not hearing me into His capable hands and believing Him for all that is in me as I am in Him and He is in me. TY for sharing that "golden nugget" with us and be blessed, Brother, as we continue this Watch with baited breath:-)

    2. Sheila B., Watch and Seek, and Family, Blessings. Sitting with The Lord and chatting about this, one clarification may arise. Wrestling, as we do, with Dutifully Watching the unwatchable, as it oft seems, your points bring a different model on the viewer.

      From Our Lord's Point Of View, As A Writer, and Writing To Lead And Reveal, He Calls Us to be faithful to our intellect and His Word; to study and, as we once remarked upon, very specifically to ANALOGIZE from it, seeking Truth, that is, Him, amen. The times are many where Rayati has sat with The Father and I have put this before the Lord and asked for understanding concerning that Directive against the unpindownability of it all, as likely have most. Well, IF, hypothetically speaking, ofc, Pentecost having FULLY come is THE Clue, and it is IMPOSSIBLE for any MAN to know the actually Marker of That Moed, then, our ferreting it out and STANDing for the SEASON, faithfully, however Our Lord Shows Each to do, tidies things up rather nicely, in terms of the apparent crossed messages, no?

      One other interesting point from my recent Quiet Times. Odd as it seems, may be not in light of paths trod here, go Rod Serling voice on this one.

      Picture this. Hal Lindsey puts out The Late Great Planet Earth publishing it 6 months, to the day, before the Rev 12 Wonder, with huge fanfare around our beloved Wonder, and calling all to prepare for Israel's 70th/71st. What if none of the Christian Awakening, of which we are all a part, of the Bereans, Lovers of His Word and Him through it, et al, BURSTS upon the scene 6 mos before that and everything about it was, ofc, focused upon 5/14/2019, also, ofc. Which comes and goes, as it has.

      Using this as a device to show that I think we all may be missing something, a BIG Work Of Our Lord Amongst Us. The quiet, simmering, balanced spirit which seems to be among the brethren Watchers is SOLELY, imo, OF HIM. On one hand we are distraught, yet surprisingly not feeling forsaken; perplexed but not unsure; anxious but not frightened, sound familiar? Maranatha!

    3. Sheila - I'm certainly hoping this is it with the Pentecost season upon us and "sweet in the mouth and bitter in the belly" is a great way of expressing that feeling. I know that my desire fulfilled for His return means terrible things for others will come that is beyond my mental scope to even know. So I always pray that the Lord comes soon, but that it be His will and timing. I know that it will ultimately be that way regardless, but in a way it's submitting to the fact that His timing will be right regardless of what I may feel or desire. I trust that He knows every heart that will believe and that He won't let one of them slip from His hand since He knows the future. That's a comforting thought. Blessings to you too, Sister! :)

      Jimboni - Blessings to you too, Brother! I'm certainly open to the idea that we could be missing something BIG. God knows our limitations, but I also think that's why He gives us so many signs. So maybe one person will pick something up that others would not and another person will pick up on something else to bring it more into picture the times we are in when that knowledge is brought together. Imminence keeps me hopeful and on task - able to weather the storms that may momentarily discourage and knock me down, but ultimately not put me off the main race I'm running. Maranatha!

  33. Mark Ekawamai who uploads the "Finals Hours" series of video's has put out a message to say:


    I have heard the same from several brethren recently, that they have to up-load then re-upload, or they are shadow blocked, or they cannot view their comments, even though they can see there are comments in the video headers. The clamp down on Christians is intensifying. We must be very close to be coming up on our exit.

  34. David Benjamin and Andrew Rich (Sherry) had a video taken down and both had ''channel" in their titles ...

    1. Cathi , I saw there are concerns with Pastor Tim H site as well. Our prayer is that the word of God will reach to lost as well as bringing comfort to those who are weary ... I am sure there is a flurry of activity ..with negative impacts 2ndary to all the changes occurring related to weather and In Israel. Lord bless you as you continue to fight the fight of good faithL

    2. Thanks for your sweet words,VeeBee. I really am not fighting the fight tho ... I am in the bleachers. Anyhow, David Benjamin on a different video said You Tube is having problems. It seems to be across the board in one way, shape or other.

  35. Re: 23/9/2017

    June 9 (Pentecost) is the last day of week 23.

  36. Sharing...

    Pentecost 2019 has Venus (the Morning Star) in alignment with the Pleiades. Pentecost 2020-2033 has no such alignment.

    “The mystery of the seven stars which you saw in My right hand, and the seven golden lampstands: The seven stars are the angels of the seven churches, and the seven lampstands which you saw are the seven churches.”

    ‭‭Revelation‬ ‭1:20‬ ‭‬‬

    ““To the angel of the church of Ephesus write, ‘These things says He who holds the seven stars in His right hand, who walks in the midst of the seven golden lampstands:”

    ‭‭Revelation‬ ‭2:1‬ ‭‬‬

    (Signs of the End - FB Page)

  37. For those facing difficulties, an excerpt from one of my daily study emails:

    "We must hold on to our faith in God, no matter how things seem to be going at the present. Because of our limited understanding, our ability to evaluate things accurately is limited. Our wonderful Lord Jesus can be trusted. He loved us enough to die in our stead, so we could go free. Why would He lie to us?
    We must be determined not to be moved by things our enemy does to get us off our faith in God's Word.
    I'm not moved by what I see. I'm not moved by what I feel. I'm moved only by what I believe, and I believe the Word of God."

    1. Solid thoughts, JS. TY for sharing this encouragement. That's something we can all use as the billows intensify. Blessings and Maranatha!

  38. JS...My faith has been rock solid through all the September 23, 2017..."warning of a bridge out ahead"..
    My faith will not waiver one bit as we all see 2019, and 2020, 2021...and more fulfilled. Can everyone here say the same when we are still here this time next year , and the next. And the next??

    Just watching many more things that must happen, just as my studies show, and not what I am necessarily hear 😊

  39. “The first angel sounded his trumpet, and there came hail and fire mixed with blood, and it was hurled down on the earth. A third of the earth was burned up, a third of the trees were burned up, and all the green grass was burned up. The second angel sounded his trumpet, and something like a huge mountain, all ablaze, was thrown into the sea” (Rev. 7:7, 8).

    ADDING to the convergence of biblical signs this summer, Earth is making an unusually close approach to a dense stream of meteoroids called the Taurids.

    Earth nears the Taurid stream twice every year, once in late October and once in late June. This year’s passage, however, will bring our planet to within 18 million miles of the center of the meteor swarm, the closest approach in the nearly 60-year period from 1975 to 2032.

    While June’s Beta Taurids are typically not impressive as most of the activity occurs during daylight hours, the nearness of the swarm this year has some predicting that bright fireballs may be visible even during the daytime.

    Maximum activity will occur around June 28–29.

    Most of the meteoroids within the Taurid swarm are small. However, scientists say some very large boulders lurk among the debris cloud. It’s believed that an estimated 200-600 foot object that came hurtling from space to explode in the atmosphere above Siberia in 1908 came from the Taurids. The so-called “Tunguska event” leveled 80 million trees over an 800-square-mile area and was the largest impact event in Earth’s recorded history.

    Such an impact is considered a once-in-a-thousand-year occurrence; though experts say that passing so near a dense cluster of meteoroids as we are this summer changes the odds significantly and heightens the possibility of a cluster of large impacts over a short period of time.

    Is it coincidence that Earth’s unusually near approach to a meteor stream originating from Taurus—the constellation picturing the Lord coming in wrath to punish His enemies—comes at a time when the stage is utterly set for the Bible’s Judgment Day to begin?

    At present—

    • Iran’s attacks on tankers and a US drone have further heightened tensions in the Middle East and brought the US and Iran to the brink of a shooting war (Matt. 24:6; Jer. 51:11).

    • Record-breaking disease outbreaks, crop failures, and earthquake swarms are happening worldwide (Matt. 24:7).

    • A major plan to bring peace and security to the Middle East is ready to be unveiled at the appropriate time (1 Thess. 5:3).

    • Soaring financial markets and record low unemployment have people buying, selling, planting, building, and marrying (Matt. 24:37-39; Luke 17: 28-29).

    • Because June is designated “Pride Month,” cities around the globe are celebrating the sin that brought judgment upon Sodom and Gomorrah (Luke 17:28-30).

    All of the above is happening during the harvest season following Israel’s prophetic 70th year and on the heels of the 49th year since Jerusalem began to be rebuilt in spring 1969 (Jer. 29:10; Dan. 9:25)

    Jesus said we would see the day approaching (1 Thess. 5:4; Heb 10:25).

    He also said no one knows the day (Matt. 24:36-44).

    So keep watch!

    . . .


    1. June 30, 2019, also marks the fourth anniversary of the reappearance of the Bethlehem Star for the first time in two millennia in 2015.

    2. For more on the biblical and prophetic significance of the constellation Taurus, see E.W. Bullinger.



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