He Is Risen!

Sean over at Eschatology Today put up his annual He Is Risen post, and in it he shares Zechariah 12:20, a prophecy that will soon be fulfilled after we rise.  I thought I'd share it as well...
"And I will pour on the house of David and on the inhabitants of Jerusalem the Spirit of grace and supplication; then they will look on Me whom they pierced. Yes, they will mourn for Him as one mourns for his only son, and grieve for Him as one grieves for a firstborn." - Zechariah 12:10 
I also want to share the evangelism video that Jordan recently created.  It is very well done and to the point... a perfect video to send to your lost loved ones TODAY.  Check it out and please consider sharing.  I will be sending it to some of my family as well.  Great job Jordan.

How To Be Included In The Rapture Of The Church (6 minutes)

I wish you all a very happy Easter. Now more than ever I feel like we must be looking up... so many things are happening and our redemption is drawing oh so near! Much love to you all!


  1. Praise the Lord! HE IS RISEN INDEED!

    Two days in a row He has given me a nod to the closeness of His return. Much love to all, see you very soon in the air.

    1. Amen to that Miguel and just wishing everyone a Blessed Resurrection Day!

    2. Miguel, I woke up this morning just after seeing in my sleep a huge display of 726 and what it reminded me of is like you would see them roll up in a line on a slot machine. Immediately after that, I saw a huge flaming asteroid plow into the ground and it just kept going tearing apart a large city that I sensed was New York. It made me think about and pray for all of those who are gambling with destruction by refusing to listen to the message of His Sufficiency which goes back to the Heb.12:19-20 KJV verses that I posted about yesterday re the gem vals of "Notre Dame Cathedral". i really believe we should be ready for anytime now. Blessings Brother!

    3. Sheila. It was 726 on the clock that I saw twice. Both times after I petitioned Him. Totally awesome.

    4. Amen, Miguel...and since you asked, regarding those Terns (or perhaps Turns), this just occurred to me as I was listening to Colleen M's video "Notre Dame. Symbolic of a Spiritual falling away! 3DOD deception is a falling away". Between mine and Jeff's "twin" reports on prior thread of witnessing these unusual and seemingly lost flocks of noisy seabirds (Terns) flying over our heads here in Central and North Texas, that perhaps they symbolize both the apostasy of the church as many "turn" away from the Truth AND the "turn" of our Lord's attention away from the age of Grace back to Israel and the time of Jacob's Trouble. Two reports and Two sides of the Coin again. Hmmm....

  2. May the Son Rise in ALL of our lives, today, and Shine So Brightly as we celebrate His empty tomb, that all are Blessed around us, and want to know more, 1 Peter 3:15, amen, Maranatha!

  3. Smashingly perfect Jordan! Thank you - posted to my Timeline! He is Risen Indeed! Blessings - Sherry

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  5. I thought we were getting close to the point of seeing a new article being posted here. And lo and behold my lil ole video was featured. Thank you Brad. And thank you all for sharing it also.

  6. Happy Resurrection day to everyone! Praying for a wonderful day to you all. Was thinking of Song of Solomon 2:4 throughout church today. "He brought me to the banqueting house, And his banner over me was love".


  7. Just to make it easy to share or access from YouTube incase there are new rev12 family members who don't know my YouTube channel name:

    YTC: Jordan Clarke
    LINK: https://youtu.be/tru9zYjrJ7g
    TITLE: How To Be Included In The Rapture of The Church (6mins)

  8. Thank you Brad for posting. Was able to vie earlier . Jordan, a blessing, and strong message to hold on to the promises for believers. For those who do not know the Gospel, it is the good news . Maranatha

  9. Ok. Time to be transparent...I had really hoped for but suspected that Passover was not the day. It's about 8 PM here in the midwest.

    The tragedy in Sri Lanka is today's event. I'm sure this will get plenty of analysis here, so I'm not going to tackle it.

    How much longer? That's what I care about; I don't mean to be selfish. Im just exhausted with this world. I have an 11 year old niece who is sneaking to view pornography. A brother in prison likely unfairly accused. Family who've experienced awful brokenness. A wife and step daughter who are as self centered, liberalized, and lost as anyone I've ever seen. It's remarkable.

    Continuing outward, to my workplace, community, country, and finally to the rest of the world (news, etc...), the coldness, wickedness and utter blindness just becomes horrendous.

    Ten years ago, I could have easily imagined another ten years. Now, however, I cannot. If you have not done so, look around you and check out the news and then really try to picture it in ten years. Can you?

    For me I want more than anything for the Lord to come rescue me, to make things right, and for everyone to finally see how wrong they have been in their judgements against God and Jesus.

    I really really really hope that we can be together soon in the presence of our wonderful saviour. Maranatha.

    1. I'm completely with you Miguel. I've been facing the worst trials and attacks of the enemy
      that I've ever faced myself, and I am SO ready to go home. I'm willing to bet that many of us here are feeling the exact same way. I was also very hopeful for Passover, but I know we're still in a very high watch time through the spring. Keep looking up!

      My hope is in knowing that God will give us strength to endure to the end, whenever that may be. I remember thinking after the rapture didn't happen on 9/23/17, that I didn't know if I could endure for another few months, much less a couple years. Yet here we are in 2019, and God has brought us here and pulled us through! Even though I see May 2021 as the very, very back-end possibility for the rapture, I really do think this April/May is it. But no matter when it happens, God will give us the strength to endure, as terrible and wicked as this world may be and whatever we may face personally.

      My prayers are with you, everyone here, and all watchers who are experiencing the enemy's last-second efforts to try to wreck havoc on us. Greater is He who is in us than he who is in the world!

    2. Miguel P, shalom, Bro. My sleeping bag directly alongside yours in the tent, so to speak. Different set of rocks under mine, but still. Currently holding on to Passover spanning 7 days, a full moon about 4, Jewish Weddings on Tuesdays, uhm. All is vanity, a chasing after the wind. and yet, and yet. The Power in the very specific Words within Dreams showing Words, unlocking Scripture, clearly Much is Afoot. We abound in ignorance, waving our arms around in a cloud, if we walk by sight. We must our eyes, and See; NOT by sight. LOOK at the Marvelous Things He Has Revealed, to US, of all folks! WE are evidence of the Wonders Of His Grace, amen. Ignore the rest, it is vanity, a chasing after the wind with a paper cup attempting to put it inside, Maranatha!.

    3. Miguel I am blessed to read your note that signals transparency. I am weary I get sick every 3 to 4 weeks . And while challenged with illness I am still working a full time job and another 1.
      There are struggles with a home life as usual.
      And of course work is the mission field with lots of evil bullying and an environment that denies the Lord Jesus Christ. There are a few exceptions a few believers. Going to church is difficult it is barbecue event where people are working on improving their personal arena.
      As far as preparing for the soon return of the Lord Jesus Christ.... Very little. For sure,i these times are the last days ... How can it be with... war pestilence earthquakes men's hearts growing cold and horrifying catastrophes in the world. We arrive to the point where children did not play outside, our social time in the is cell phones. I'm not sure what else is left we have already decided babies do not have the right to live. We wait for the soon coming over Lord's return. God comforts us they by day with the word ..answers to prayers salvation for the lost and a peace that surpasses all understanding. Nevertheless I become weary Listen to this pastor this evening Carter Comlons Times Square church message !pril 10th .. This glimpse of heaven is food for the weary https://youtu.be/jBs6AlcpO0w
      Someone posted Isaiah ..."But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew [their] strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; [and] they shall walk, and not faint". (Isaiah 40:31, KJV). Miguel be strong in the Lord and the power of his might and he will lift you up Maranatha

    4. We must CLOSE our eyes, and See; NOT by sight.

    5. Awesome words brothers and sisters!

      Justin, wonderful to connect with you in your trials. Praying for you and with you. Im encouraged by your endurance.

      Jimboni, I love the camping metaphor, because I love to camp. That's the closest I ever feel to God. And the reminder that what I see with my eyes is not necessarily what I should focus on. Excellent.

      VeeBee, I follow your comments and your trials and am so blessed by your endurance . Thank you for the link and the verse.

      Group hug. Ooooohhh that's good!

    6. Amen Justin and right there with you Miguel on just longing for His Appearing as things get more twisted up than ever. I've strong feelings that we're only a hairs breadth away this Passover week. I'm sure the Sri Lankan tragedy being allowed to occur on this day is another last call re the end of the church age. I'm also sure there's much more to it that we don't understand just yet, but I re-watched Colleen Minter's 3/29 video "Passover: Watching Greatly for Jesus!" where she talks about seeing the strange Red Cross Ambulance that was more a cart for stacking bodies and how something hugely destructive would happen at the time of Passover where a lot of people would die--and it has in Sri Lanka with the 8 simultaneous bombings of churches and hotels with hundreds killed and injured. Praying for people to pay attention to these vital and extreme warnings. Marantha.

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    8. Miguel P, Beloved. I had no idea that you camp, let alone its centrality to your Walk With Our Lord. Let That Be An Encouragement, Surely, Maranatha! John 1:48! Oh, He Is Good!

    9. I so get that feeling too Miguel. I cannot fathom another 10 years as life as we know it on earth, the way things are today.

      #Such disrespect from kids to parents

      # Kids throwing their sweet papers on the ground without a 2nd thought

      #and parents throwing their kids old flickers, scooters, skateboards and bikes into the nearby woods,littering up God's beautiful planet, cause they couldn't be bothered getting rid of it responsibly

      #kids bullying other smaller kids in our neighborhood

      How can this generation of spoilt, disrespectful, narcissistic, device addicted, entitlement minded, "precious little butterfly" kids become responsible contributing adults, when they don't see much of that as an example to learn from.

      #in Ireland there is a law that prohibits buying alcohol on good Friday. So what usually happens is people get wasted on from Thursday, drinking and by Saturday, walking around in broad daylight like drunk swaying, staggering zombies.

      2 Timothy 3 (KJV)
      3 This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.

      2 For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,

      3 Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good,

      4 Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God;

      5 Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.

      6 For of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts,

      7 Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth

      I think most of us could out a check beside all of those society characteristics.

      Like you said Miguel, it just is not possible to see how society can deteorate even further.

      This is the last days of the last days. Stay strong brothers and sisters, our exit will be real soon.

      I am expecting to be out of here by the 13th of May at the latest.

      John 6:40
      "...And I will raise them up on the LAST DAY"

      (The LAST DAY of the 70th year maybe)

    10. Dear Jordan, from verse 5 in 2Tim3 you may already see it is the CHURCH Paul refers to, not "society" in the (unbelieving!) world in general as for them this is just normal behaviour. THAT is the truly sad message as the church also has become as worldly as it gets. I'm worn out already yet there's still Jesus to focus on who keeps me going. We're not at 14th May yet when Jubilee is over... I have learned NOT to listen to the Jewish Kabbalists and their numerology yet I know that God loves and acts in exact numbers. And I'm convinced He will this time allow to happen what He yet restrained some decades ago as it was not the proper moment yet. Time's up. NOW. Blessings to you, MARANATHA!

    11. Miguel P dear brother, FEEL THE ((HUG))!! Jesus is ALWAYS there and He won't tarry much longer! Abundant blessings to you!

    12. Sheila - I thought Colleen had noted the mining cart in line with the synagogue in Israel? Was trying to figure out the alignment of the various things she thought would take place...including pompeos inclusion in all that...

    13. Yahshua was crucified on Passover, and was in the grave for three days and three nights per Matthew 12:40. So if that had occurred this year with Passover being Friday sunset to Saturday sunset, then His resurrection would be Monday sunset to Tuesday sunset, most likely Israel time. Just in time for that Tuesday wedding. We will soon see. If not, as Paul Dawson says, we will keep looking.
      The finish line is in sight.

    14. @Kathy in Pa dear friend the "Good Friday myth" is a Roman Catholic concept as most (if not all) of these festive days are. I have already wondered as a child (yet unsaved) how the adults wouldn't be able to count 3... ;-)

      If you're interested, I found a quite comprehensive explanation from scriptures here: https://www.blueletterbible.org/faq/crux.cfm

      As the Jews have corrupted their own calendars themselves to not being able to point their fellows to the real Messiah Jesus anyway, there's too much speculation around by now. Blessings to you!

    15. Miguel, brother, I can so relate. It was late last night when I was feeling discouraged and I read your comment. My mother died yesterday at 7am and I was so hoping we would all go Home yesterday that I was feeling down at the thought of another day count and not really hearing anything from the Lord, that when I read that you wanted to be rescued I felt so comforted. I knew I wasn't alone. That there were many out there feeling like me, like you, like us.

      Yes, mom slipped the surly bonds of this world for the next and I couldn't be happier for her. God was so magnificent in all the details - she had some fever toward the end, but no pain and no struggle. It went quickly and we received much help from hospice nurses and the aides and nurses at her center. Many of them joined us in prayer. Our one son and family decided to come back from out of town and it was good they did because she was gone by the next morning.

      But, now I am left with all the administrative, legal details and planning a memorial, (which I pray will be a great testimony to God and His grace), but I am good at none of these things. In addition, health issues for me, hubby, brother, financial issues causing my husband to want us to move again in June after only a year (it's so exhausting at our age), since he has been disappointed too many times and won't rest in the thought that we are going soon. And maybe not? Yet looking around I just can't believe we're not.

      This site is so wonderful. I know my spirit will be refreshed and renewed by the uplifting comments. It is life giving to know we are all united in our love for the Lord and His SOON return. While we wait, yet will we praise Him and chose to believe that we are not long for this world. You are in my prayers Miguel. VeeBee, I'm with you with the physical struggles. Prayers for you, as well, and you, Justin, and like you said, all of us, since we are all facing the devils attacks. Thanks for the video, Jordan. It is excellent. And yes, my daughter-in-law's first name is Jordan, too, just like our son, Jordan. Many postal complications - and then some. Jimboni, I sent you an email for Rayati's Wonder. Maybe in your "junk" box? If you don't see it let me know and I'll resend. Well, I'm off to do those "administrative" things. I know He will walk with me through them. Blessings!

    16. Shelley I'm so sorry to hear about your mom. I know your heart is heavy right now. Praying strength and peace over your spirit, and that God will equip you in every way in these coming days! How incredible that she passed on Resurrection Day/Feast of Firstfruits! Psalm 34:18

    17. Sorry to hear about your mom Shelley. I am sure your were banking on being out of here before the need to organise a funeral was needed. Prayers for you That you have the strength, and clarity to see that awful task through, and that your are supported through the various hurdles. Even so come soon LORD.

      I am sure The lord's coming would solve many of our collective problems right now.

    18. Hey Ryan. Hope you are doing well, Brother! The mine cart dream I believe she said she saw in relation to that underground synagogue and Pompeo recently being taped as he ceremoniously signed that as yet mysterious document down there. The dream with the strange looking Red Cross Ambulance from late March that looked more like a cart or trolley of some kind, she related to death and something hugely destructive happening at the time of Passover. We do see through a glass darkly though, so dreaming about it and then figuring out what it actually means (if God-given) usually plays out over time. Hope that helps in re to where she's coming from. Blessings, Brother:-)

      Kathy in Pa, as we know Nisan 14 is always Passover and this year it just happened to coincide with "Good Friday", so your 3 day view to Mon/Tues seems to be in line. Last night I could NOT go to sleep until I got up at 2 am compelled to look at Luke 6:1 KJV and try to understand that. It's the only one of the 4 Gospels where this incident is referred to as being on "the second sabbath after the first". And apparently this phrase is as much a conundrum among Bible scholars as it was for me. After a lot of reading, what I finally decided made the most sense to me is that this day would be the next "High" Sabbath following the 2nd day of Passover. That would place it on the last day of Unleavened Bread, or Nisan 21/Apr. 26-27, next Fri/Sat.

      So why is it only stated this way in Luke, the Gentile Apostle's Gospel? Not exactly sure, but what the disciples were doing with the grain/corn was rubbing it in their hands to separate the grain from the chaff. Jesus justified their actions to the complaining Pharisees as He declared that the Son of Man is Lord also of the sabbath in Luke 6:5 KJV.

      So what all of this meant for me was to relax in my spirit for the moment, take a deep breath and know that at this point we are still well within the purview of Passover week, He is still tending to the details and if our stay should carry forward, He will give us whatever we need to go the distance:-) Blessings and Maranatha!

      ShelleyB., my prayers are with you as you tend to the earthly details of your dear Mother's Heavenly departure and in agreement with all of those you are praying for. And yes to Justin's comment. What better day and hour for a long life well lived to go Home on--and many thanks to you for being such an encouraging part of this Fellowship. Be blessed in His Strength, Sister:-)

    19. Count me in as one of those waiting and hopeful we are going home soon. It can’t be much longer. Hold fast my friends!


    20. ShelleyB, my prayers go up for you in the passing of your Mother. Yes, she is in a far better place and you would never ask for her return, however, our hearts are broken as we are left behind for a short span of time. We don't know how long, but as with so many things we've chosen to do in following Christ, we Trust In Him . . . In His Timing . . . In His Wisdom and In His overriding Love and Care for those of us who remain. He will not ask us to do more than we are able. This song has been a comfort to me, even before Ed's passing and even ore so since that time. I pray it will be for you as well. Blessings, Sherry Click Here for I'LL PRAY FOR YOU

    21. TY Sheila, for sharing your thoughts on Luke 6. I will enjoy going there this afternoon to see what you saw. I like the rubbing of the grain to remove the chaff. Lots to think about. Was also awake at 2am your time.

      I miss Alla and her frequent scripture studies that often sent me off in an unexpected direction.

      Seems like the pressure is on for most of us here, but one of the best things about this blog is knowing folks are holding each other up in prayer. You are all a blessing.

      ShelleyB, May our Father make His presence very obvious in your life today.

    22. Kathy in Pa, if you just google "the second sabbath after the first in Scripture", it leads to all sorts of commentary. I'd be interested in your thoughts regarding this if you get a chance to chase it down. And yes, I know what you mean re Alla D.'s provision of food for thought here. I really miss her too, but wishing her well as she gets some rest. She's gonna be a real hoot to hang with in Glory. I can just imagine her joy in our transformation:-) Blessings, Sis!

    23. Jordan, thank you for adding all those scriptures to go with this current line of thinking.

      Annabel, I really felt that hug. Thank you.

      ShelleyB praying for you as well, I am sorry for your loss. I am so glad my words were a comfort. Your words comfort as well. Amazing the way the Holy Spirit gives us these moments.

      Sheila, thank you for your digs and insights. Awesome stuff to consider.
      Much love and Maranatha everyone.

    24. Sheila, seems to me that you are correct about "the second sabbath after the first" being the last day of the seven days of Unleavened Bread. Stated the way it was in Luke 6:1, two High sabbaths seem like book ends to the week. Maybe the Pharisees were so wigged out because it was a "High" sabbath. Could the account written by a Gentile, be a sign post for us now? Just speculating, but I sure hope so.
      Rubbing the grain seemed to me like going over the scriptures, looking for the hidden nourishment.
      Thanks again for inspiring a lovely afternoon. Found all kinds of things to chase down tomorrow, if we're still here. Blessings!

    25. love the way you ended that Kathy, Keep that flame Alive in your heart*, TY Blessings! also i liked you sayin', "wigged out"! so darn funnY! :) havn't herd that expression in a long time! caught my funny bone

    26. Kathy in Pa, I think @Colleen Minter also confirmed that 2 am prod to Luke 6:1 KJV for me today with her latest video "Rapture! 7 days is a Perfect number!" I asked the Lord in prayer this afternoon to let me know if I was looking at this verse right and then she came out with her take on the last day of Unleavened Bread, so we need to be watchful there for some reason.
      Just hoping it's THE reason:-) Blessings, Sister and TY for sharing your confirming thoughts as well. Maybe we can both get some sleep tonight:-)

    27. Sheila, of course I had to trot right over to see what Colleen had to say. She was talking about 717 meaning to pluck, which was one of the words that I spent some time on yesterday, re Luke 6:1. I didn't ask for a confirmation, but got one anyway. Thank You, Abba. Hoping along with you for this week. When you said above about our Father giving us what we need to go the distance, unleavened bread, scriptural nourishment and John 6:54 came to mind. Blessings!

      Tony, when I think of you, I imagine you with a belly laugh going on, and a lot of joyful activity. Thanks for sharing your joy and your life with us, per comment below. Got a few waves of nostalgia of my own from that. Abba bless!

    28. Praying for this family of ours. I'm sorry to hear some of the trials and pains you are all experiencing and blessed to hear that there is still joy for the Lord amidst the pain. Praying for His Shalom for all of you.

      I'm thankful that we have a place like this to comfort each other. It makes me think of these Bible verses:

      2 Corinthians 1:3-5 New International Version (NIV)
      Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves receive from God. For just as we share abundantly in the sufferings of Christ, so also our comfort abounds through Christ.

      Philippians 4:7 English Standard Version (ESV)
      And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

    29. So sorry ShelleyB at the loss of your Mom, i pray your heart peace n comfort and joy in knowing that the Good Shepard has given her an invitation like no other ~shalom~ be well always, again,i'm really sorry, these goodbyes are sad

  10. ...how sweet the sound \o/ Blessings All . . . . *grace \l/ abounds, Thank God, The Most High^

    1. You always make me smile! Thank you for your constant cheerfulness!


    2. Oh Praise God Aimee! i am so happy over you w/ your awesome bird*... i mean it! You make me smile! so, right back at ya! i still remember you and i were considering switching screen names; zorrobird n ozark! but you wouldn't budge! i Like You*, thanks for your kindness! Blessings sister!

    3. you n me got the O and the Z, were off to see the wizard*, follow that Zorrobird! :)

  11. Interesting story I saw linked on Drudge Report. This morning a woman walked up to the front of a church in San Diego, waving around a handgun while holding a baby, saying the rapture isn't real and that everyone's going to hell, etc, before she was tackled to the ground. The rapture-hate out there is crazy, and I'm seeing more of it recently than I ever have.


    1. Let's see...she has a gun, she's holding onto a baby and she's screaming at the Church that the Rapture isn't real and everybody's going to hell. Sound like anybody we know of?
      But the end result was she was tackled, disarmed of her "empty" gun, the baby rescued and the Church was safe. Happy Ending sponsored by The One Who Is In Control, Amen:-)
      Looking UP!!!

    2. Justin, these are plain American news as over here in Europe no one would even know how to spell the word 'rapture' even... LOL ;-D Yet our daily battles are real all over the world as it is written. 1 Peter 5:9

    3. Very insightful Sheila :) And very true Annabel!

    4. Justin, I also noted one of those God winks in the unusual name and location of the church where this incident occurred. Tsidkenu (The Lord is my Righteousness) non-Denominational
      Church on Mt. "EVEREST" Blvd. (or Ever-rest) Just sayin'....and I am praying for that delusional woman to find her peace in Jesus Christ and for her children as well, Amen. Blessings!

    5. ...and also long reputed as the Highest Peak, ABBA UP!

  12. I found this interesting in the light of Genesis 3:11-13 (the everlasting shifting of guilt to others since the Fall):


    We've also reached the tipping point here. MARANATHA!

  13. THIS one also caught my attention today:


    I'm not sure about the attacks yet (I think like always these days they have some Luciferian ritual sacrifice background) but I found it interesting how now the TERMINOLOGY already changes even if Easter in fact IS a pagan holiday.

    Burning Christianity as a symbolical whole, giving way to Noahide Laws anti-idolatry implementation, anyone? And how does Sri Lanka geopolitically fit into this? Rothschild FED terror perhaps as usual?

    1. #Paul Joseph Watson YTC did another on point commentary on Sri Lanka which is related directly to the communist "anti-white" JWO propaganda.


    2. Thanks Annabel, Oh, i wanna see that! Gen6Project did a powerful vid on that as well*, A stop you in yer tracks presentation!!! Caleb and them, Not to be confused w/ Gen6Productions and Alberino n Quyale...

    3. More of highly interesting contributions about the "Sri Lanka Easter attacks" on David Woods #Acts17Apologetics YTC...

      https://youtu.be/pt8Z_XMcluw (11min)

      ...and on #TruNews YTC again for all those who want to go even deeper (skip the first app. 30min of news reports to save time):


  14. Family, I wanted to come on here today and share what I saw. Within the last half hour as I was heading home I spotted a very large white orb in the sky. It sat or hovered there in that exact same place for around 6 or so seconds as I stared at it before rapidly fleeing in a manner similar to a spooked fish when a stone was thrown in the water, took maybe 1 second or so before it faded out of sight. My dad was driving and didn't see it, unfortunately.

    I don't have dreams or visions, and I've never seen anything most would call Supernatural and approach everything with a healthy degree of skepticism. This shocked me, and it was undeniable. I hope others saw it and caught it on their phones so it can get on the internet later, but as everything gets more and more blatantly out in the open and this false delusion of aliens being pushed into the mainstream, something big is coming extremely soon.

    1. Samuel. I'm not sure what it was, but I saw one too, right after the rev 12 sign occured....

      At the time, I thought it could be an angel, surveying...

    2. Samuel and Miguel, toward the end of @Colleen Minter's last vid "Rapture! 7days is a Perfect number!", she speaks of dreaming of this ball of light, or white sphere in the sky and what was revealed to her about it at the 10 min. mark. Blessings!

    3. Saw a small white thing when visiting the Tampa bay. My husband thought it was large and far away. I thought it was small and very close. It made no sounds, only looked like a flying orb of energy then disappeared. We saw it last summer.

    4. Very interesting Samuel. I wonder what that could be?

  15. YT channel Alpha & Omega 4/18/19 (30min. video) entitled, The REAL Jesus of the last days-The Great Deception 2019// Carter Conlon .....is sincerely Beautiful and Beautifully sincere from start to finish. @ approx. the 3 min. mark(the coming 3 level temple) blew me away! and @ 25:25...he's goin' on about the geese :)) \o/ enjoy if you get the chance. Praying for Grace sufficient for us ALL, everyone....Be Blessed, Be Well, ~shalom~

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    1. Now you have done it Jimboni, These lyrics will be on a constant loop running through my brain for a week or two. But, at least you have given me a new perspective when I hear the song. I am still viewing through the Looking Glass for our Saviors soon return.

      (Back up singers: do..do...do.do...do..do...do.do)

    2. Oh Jimboni, you have no idea of how blessed i am over your comment here above as Brandy was my sweet heart during my late teens as high school was ending and college was beginning. The days of transitioning, days of vision, dreams, hope and wonder... i was 17 years old walking barefoot on campass, joy stricken over it all.... enthousiasmos!, gumption!,...and that cubic centimeter of 'chance* . . . . and "surprise"! Alive so ALIVE w/ Youthful Exuberance and always a 'song' in my heart! Philosophy, psychology, anthropology (physical n cultural)!!!, poetry, biology, chemistry, ethics, logic, sociology, mathematics, physics, astronomy, dimensions of the future, buddhism, comparative religions, forestry, wildlife studies,....my dogs!, my vw microbus, the backpacking, and the friends along the way*, and the books and authors of the day!, and the musicians and their creativity!,...the campfires and the stars* and all the beautiful people n places, and the good earth and the Good Lord's ever present guiding hand. Brandy usta love 'Mork n Mindy' and laugh like a little girl w/ stars in her eyes! Yes a shot of Brandy, good sir, sounds like 'just what the doctor ordered'! Cheerio Jimboni !!!! i needed that more than i can say. THANK YOU! brother*, me n my dog 'bojangles* left arizona's desert and set sail for the Oregon hills!, and the magic was raining down like never before, when sweet 'apple kate* arrived like a 'sweet soul dream', cookin' up a storm,...theres no place like home was written all over her cute country face,...what a wife! what a life!, children, dogs,...chickens n hogs ,.....but things eroded away as they often do and now theres 'taramasue*!, this sweet little cat i found. Jesus is coming soon, w/ new horizons* HOME SWEET HOME ~SHALOM~ The Best is yet to come! Harpazo^! Keep Looking Up brothers n sisters!!! p.s. i saw a bumper sticker on a car the other day that said, "No one cares about your blog",.....i burst out laughing! lolol, and now here i am blogging on n on...., heavens to Betsy! Oh i skipped the wonderful part about 'barefoot betsy*... bye. or rather, "see ya, luv ya, bye"!

    3. Well, Tony...I don't recollect ever seeing so much life shared in so few words. A really touching portrait tucked inside a little snapshot. Very nicely done, my Brother:-)

    4. Well, newcomers are gonna need a decoder ring to figer this one out! Ha! Thanks, all. Encouragement, surely, was the port I sailed into and, lo and behold, found Insight docked there as well, go figer. ozark, you were so on my mind when I weight posting or not. LOVED your bumpersticker, LOL! I WANT ONE. I'll slap it on my PC! Ha! Perfectomundolisimo! Michael, reawakened to an old friend, I put it on LOOP, YouTube, and cranked it and sang (though being choked up a bit) through it 3 times while cooking dinner, Maranatha!

    5. oh yeah, ozark, that streamofconsciousnessrecapwasawesome, totally, Maranatha! Thanks a gazillion, so glad to have touched you. Praise Him, Truly, amen.

    6. Ha! What a treat!!! Thanks, Ozark. What a "trip" of joy, life, love, faith. Just what I needed as grieving is starting to set in. Abba up!!!

    7. Oh, Ozark our Tony - how precious you are. I knew I recognized a child of the 60's/70's in there and sure enough! God is good all the time, especially when He keeps us through our wonderful foolishness. Blessings - Sherry

    8. Amen, and TY!, that song sent me,. . . . back~ just after coming in from a long, quiet, sad walk in the rain, in the dark. the last 5 or 6 years have been rather bewildering like a strange, fiery trial.So when Jimboni's comment (the 1st thing i saw) appeared before my eyes, i was 'revived!

    9. Yes, Abba Up!!! God be w/ us all

  17. As we Walk out another day in the shoes of love, feeling a bit forlorn, a shot of Brandy might ease your woes. Unlike Brandy, Our Sailor lingers to take us to sea WITH HIM, never to be away from the beloved sea of believers, and our Captain, amen. Still, she captures so much of our moment, no?

    Actually, as HS unpacks this as a picture of Waiting and Watching for one's Love, another portrait of Rayati's Tale in a different frame and with a different soundtrack, which this hopeless romantic cannot sing to without a break in his voice, alongside silver meaning redemption/resurrection, I believe, I am urged to add a bit which I left out, without realizing it, to more completely tell the tale which Parallels ours, apologies :)

    Brandy, wore a Braided Chain, made of Finest Silver from the north of Spain; and a Locket, which Bears The Name, of the Man that Brandy loves.

    He came, on a Summer's day, bringing gifts, from far away, but he made it clear, he couldn't stay: no harbor was his home.

    So at night, when the bars close down, Brandy walks, through a silent town, and loves a man, who's not around; she still can hear him say,

    she hears him say,, "Brandy, you're a fine girl, what a good wife you would be. But my life, my love and my lady, is the sea."

  18. So, in case life has kept you from staying up to date on the hottest new mini-series, let me help out. Well, HS has been arranging what surely seemed to be angelic visitors, posing as homeless vagabonds, last week, and uttering things to Gigi at Blue Heaven which catch one’s breath. Then one of her circle, posts a parallel happening with a different Word from the same situation, different city. OK, Witness. Both Words spoke to Passover, which, as we now better know, spans 7-8 days with Unleavened bread, et al. and THIS week, specifically. OK, that’s episode 1.

    In Episode 2, we are introduced to Pastor Tim Henderson, who, unbeknownst to ALL, had a dream a few months ago of watching Gigi’s video, in which she talks about a Word from an Angel posing as a Vagabond, and, in his dream, Harpazo followed ‘soon after’. Actually, it was a dream of watching this EXACT video, as he clearly recalls when he posts notes about all this under her video and they note back and forth about it. Pastor Tim Henderson recounted, in passing, these events in one of his recent videos as Encouragement. Fade to segue…

    Episode 3 re-introduces a character in a running related show, Kim Mosley, who was also in another episode here, concerning the fires of 4/15, but that is not entangled with this, so put that aside. In THIS Episode, Kim recalls a dream, which SHE had, quite some time ago, long before she had ever heard of Pastor Tim Henderson, whom Gigi is now sharing with Kim re the 1st 2 episodes. In that dream, a male Pastor-figure, fitting every detail of Pastor Tim Henderson without a face or name, was delivering a message aligning with what Gigi was sharing with Kim, now. Everyone is so amazed at the Parallelisms and Holy Confirmations! Could this possibly get any BETTER? Fade to “Who’s in the House? JC!” x Carmen

    Season 2, Episode 1, brings us into an entirely new setting, Australia! Here, we join the charming Colleen M as she shares with us another Incredible Walk With The Father, oh my! Here we are Shown A Wonderful Insight Amongst genesis 1:1-8ish and 2:2 alongside John 1:1-5ish, great stuff! Key Tag Lines of this spot include ‘7 Days Is A Perfect Number’, and, her Insight’s Point, being that ABBA Is About To Remove The Light, ala GEN/JN1, Via Harpazo, ‘Removing The Light From The Darkness’. Spoiler ALERT!! Colleen M writes this into a comment on a YTC she follows, but never publishes the comment (so like her). Watching that YTC person’s next video, this morning, Colleen sees that he draws the same parallel and says, “The Father Is About To Remove THAT Light From The Darkness.” Stay Tuned…

    1. And Scrolling back up to mine and Kathy in Pa's back and forth re my "couldn't sleep" prompt
      to get up at 2 am and study into the meaning of Luke 6:1 KJV --which after praying for it, Colleen M. confirmed my understanding of that this afternoon as it relates to the last day of Unleavened Bread. It ain't over til it's over--Passover week, that is:-)

      And re those Brandy lyrics, every time I hear that song post-grandson, I find myself mentally zipping through space aboard the Milano via the Guardians of the Galaxy with Peter Quill (aka Star Lord) and Crew jumping through star gates and such. I think I suffer from a bad case of terra firma detachment desire. Oh please, ABBA Up!

    2. Yeah I'm getting so excited from hearing these videos. There was one more confirmation for Tim Henderson just this week from the YouTube channel 'Speaking Truth in Love'. She had a dream of Jesus looking two different ways she said was similar to how Tim Henderson said he saw Jesus in the hospital room.

      Here's the link to her video where she describes the dream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lWN-nl3o9L8

      Tim's video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UMF0XM8Iu4w

      Have a blessed day guys! Also I wish I knew what 'soon after' means timing-wise. :)

    3. Jimboni and all, I'll try to highlight for you an addition from HS for your Season 2, Episode 1 - Removing the Light From the Darkness. Yesterday, Monday, as I read Amir Tsarfati's Bible Bites Devotional, which he emails thus I can't link it he spoke of "Who Is The Light of Your Life? ". You may be able to pull it from his website. HS put a spotlight on the following - from Genesis 1:1-3 Satan is represented oftentimes in scripture as Darkness equivalent to Confusion, Lies, Ignorance - John 3:16-21 and thus was the earth shown as void with darkness over the face of the earth and the first thing God created was LIGHT to replenish the earth. So much more, but the only thing which counters darkness is LIGHT (JESUS). Matthew 5:14-16 We are the city, the Body of Jesus - John 9:5, Psalm 43:3. When His Body (that's us) is removed from the earth, DARKNESS will fill the vacuum and thus another element of Light will be sent forth (the two witnesses, the 144,000, Preaching Angels) to shine LIGHT into that darkness. We'll be watching from the Mezzanine! Blessings - We RISE AND SHINE as darkness envelopes the earth once again. Blessings - Sherry

    4. Whoa! Stopped in my tracks just now. The LORD is really doing something amazing by connecting dots with various dreams. Seriously. Now I need some help locating a past Rev12 post where I mentioned seeing "Queensland" in a waking vision.

      Watch and Seek had posted that link to "Speaking the Truth in Love" video, and the first think I see is "Queensland." And she's literally walking on the beach in Queensland. Wow!

      1 Cor. 12:7, 11.

    5. Hi Jeff,
      I found this post: dated Nov 20th 2018 - (thank Gmail search for "Queensland Jeff".
      Is this what you were looking for?

      Tue, 20 Nov 2018, 23:16
      to me

      Jeff has left a new comment on the post "The Story of the Tree Man....":

      Jimboni, I'm glad you began with a "G'day," and I will add a "G'day mate" in reply, because of an Australian-themed treasure hunt I've been on today.

      I woke up this morning after a vivid dream, and the only thing leftover in the waking hours was the word "Queensland." In the dream I even questioned the Lord, saying something rather blunt like, "What's that mean?" And He responded in some such manner, "You'll see."

      Well, since I have no earthly attachment to the land down under, I was at a loss. That is...until I did a Google search.

      Up pops an add for Richard Branson's newly renovated Makepeace Island. Aside from the strikingly prophetic name and considering the impending peace deal looming dead-ahead (cf. Isa. 27:5; 28:14-22), I thought it was interesting that the island is "heart-shaped" and adjacent to "Sheep Island" and a nearby "Goat Island." Say what?!

      Ok, and then I get a call from Australia today. Not joking...at all. I work at a call center where we get calls from all over the world, and I spoke with a woman from a place near Adelaide (in the South). I asked her about Queensland, and she told me it was a popular holiday destination. I told her about my dream, and she asked me if I ate some bad chili the night before :) Lol, she is a genuine sister in the Lord. So, we prayed about it, and then I got this one last thing before I'll toss it out there for anyone else to weigh in:

      I noticed that the zip code for Makepeace Island is QLD (Queensland) #4565. Naturally, and inspired by my sister Sheila B., I did a Strong's search. Wow. So there is only one Greek result, Acts 9:35, but it is curiously the Greek transliteration of "Sharon," a location in Israel (cf. Isa. 33:9).

      The Hebrew churned up something very, very interesting: In Lamentations 3:10, the Hebrew word is used in reference to the LORD being like a bear and a lion attacking His own people, Israel, during the time of His wrath and judgment. My, O, my. This jives so well with what MANYFISH presented today about the upcoming football game on 11/22, the Lions vs. the Bears + many other lion/bear connections.

      Amazing. Peace to you all (true peace, that is: Eph. 2:14)!

    6. So, it appears we have some writers penning around and working on Season 2, Episode 2? BRING IT! Maranatha!

    7. That's it, Jordan! Thank you!

    8. This comment has been removed by the author.

    9. Jeff, Please forgive as I know you are also digging, yet, my name in the post referenced seems a permission space/invitation and this shovel keeps knocking me in the ankles, so…
      At first blush, what leaps out at me is, ofc, the element of confirmations inside time-separated Revelations involving dreams and entangled YTC Prophets, et al. Clearly The Lord Is Reiterating His Fingerprint, Right Now, of Sacred Watchers Being Caught Up In His Grasp, TOGETHER, And His Revelations, NOW, Being Exercised THROUGH TWO OR MORE in our Mini-Series: Holy Spirit Tag Team! What seems Highlighted, here, are several things aligning with DUALITY: Watchers caught up in Watching/Self vs. Those Watching HIM; Christ’s Nature as Rescuer/Judge-Executioner; and, ofc, the duality of Witness, as covered, in the way these Are Revealed, and likely more I am omitting. This seems entangled with not confusing the Wide Field of View with the Narrow Field Of Visions Parables Are For Discernment (not puffing of self).

      Going a bit deeper, this TWIN Witness Dynamic Parallels similar TWINS ala Light/Dark, so clearly a common Truth is Entangled with both, though the outworkings are vastly different. So, the ‘twin witness’ is again affirmed but more, as we tie this back to your WORD, ‘You will SEE’, and the hit leading to Acts 9:35. Was this the “John the Baptist’ Word announcing this ‘new’ Moment of Twin Witness? You WILL see (LATER) Revealing TIME and CO-Revelations as Elements ahead?

      We again see TWINS here: Lydda & Sharon. Let’s take a look at these TWINS you found, earlier:
      Sharon: J269 E309
      G269: amachos: abstaining from fighting; (1) 1 Tim 3:3
      G309: anablepsis: recovery of sight; (1) Luke 4:18
      H269: achoth: sister; (114) GEN 4:22 (#1)
      H309: achar: to remain behind, tarry; (17) GEN 24:56 (1st) Habakkuk 2:3 (last)

      Lydda: J429 E739
      G429: aneuriskó: to find out; (2) Acts 24:4 (2nd)
      G739: artios: fitted, complete; (1) 2 Timothy 3:17
      H429: elleh: these; (1) Jeremiah 10:11
      H739: Ariel: "lioness of El," an Israelite name, also a man of Moab; (2) 2 Samuel 23:20

      Well, quick and easy, Gentiles recover their sight, refrain from fighting (Truth, each other), after finding out the Truth and becoming completely fitted with the Armor Of The Lord. Hebrews, meanwhile, Sisters to the Gentiles, remain behind, as they tarry in their trails and Trials as the Lioness of El (Shadai) continues her confusion in THESE times. Maybe? Wonder what He showed YOU!? Maranatha!

    10. Jimboni, I just texted you another dream confirmation.

      Here's my thought: if the Lord is starting to connect the dots for all the dreams, it must almost be time to fly.

    11. Passover Snow Falls on Mt. Hermon for First Time in 21st Century https://www.breakingisraelnews.com/tag/snow/

      2 Samuel 23:20


    12. Mt. Hermon. Those with eyes to See likely had a few eyebrows raised as another set of Watchers is evoked and TWINS arise. as foretold. Winter is coming and the night is dark and full of TWINS, it seems. Fortunately, we await is Superior TWIN, of sorts, the DAWN, amen.

    13. Miguel P, will go look. Joel 2:28 -> 2 (TWINS/WITNESS) : 28=4 (Door))x 7(Completion) ;
      Acts 2:17 -> 2 (TWINS/WITNESS) : 17 (VICTORY)

    14. Wow Jeff! Yes, agreed, something awesome is happening here with all the dream connections among our brothers and sisters powerfully proclaiming the name of Jesus. Maranatha! :)

    15. VERY cool stuff. Bonus points for Episode 3 closing with Carman's "Who's In The House?"

    16. Miguel P, well, well, well. I have, for some ODD reason, seen the earlier video in my feeds but, feeling a bit overwhelmed with data and not already following Holy, demurred. Still, esp in light of Sheila B.'s '2 moons' dreams, it niggled me. So, you give me Holy Homework and there I am. Well, (said that already), I got nothing on the 4 5 6 but did on her dream as the HS opened it u for me. I have been 'in the loop' for each of Holly's earlier Moments she mentions. Over the course of my post, the HS unpacks 4...5...6, as I was posting it. You will LOVE where it leads, Maranatha! Man, you are gonna look goooood in a Holy Tux, mmmm.

    17. It does feel like the net is being drawn up as these connecting threads, just like the 153 fish, are being drawn in together. I was just outside walking and asked, Lord, what are You doing here with all of these dreams, visions and words coming together now? and that's what I heard in my spirit--"The net is being drawn up." Jn.21:11-12 KJV.
      Looking at those 2 verses in Strong's:

      G#2111--euthetos--well placed, fit and ready for use
      G#2112--eutheos--at once, directly, immediately, soon

      H#2111--zua--to tremble and quake
      H#2112--zua--tremble, shake with fear

      Hopefully we're about to go from swimming to flying. Blessings and Maranatha!

    18. THAT was quite the spin down! Goosebumps, Holy ones, this is thrilling, you all work together superbly!!!! Amen, . . . .Awesome*, Looking Up^ \o/ YES

    19. Thank you, Jimboni. I appreciate your insights.

      Also, thank you Sheila, 'cause I couldn't get 153 out of my head yesterday after the Queensland revelation. Turns out, it was around 153 days from when I had that vision until I saw the "Speaking the Truth in Love' video confirmation.

      Lol, and my comment that Jordan found mentioned a connection from MANY FISH! (John 21:11 KJV).

    20. Lol, @ Justin Hawks. JC is in the house! Had to look that one up, but thanks for the laugh!

    21. OK...I'm just going to call that even more C-O-N-F-I-R-M-A-T-I-O-N!

    22. Jeff, great clip! So Good to rock out to this morning. I am seeing King David jumping up there and bustin' out some moves with Carman, very, very, very soon, Maranatha!

    23. Jimboni, Loved by the King ytc just connected more dots.

      Watch "Fullness, Completion, Perfection _ Rapture!!!" on YouTube

    24. Miguel P, Blessings. Chasing after this Whirlwind, as fast as I can, amongst Gigi, Kim, the other Kim, Todd, Holly 2 Moons, Loved By The King, Pastor Tim, speaking truth in love and others immediately or tangentially entangled on a tight thread, wow. Thanks for the alert to this one.

      Following this Spirit Crafts Questions, As He Links Up His Arms In Yours, and you follow 'till your sense of which direction, Completely disappears. By the blue tiled walls near the market stalls
      There's a Strong's # he leads you to.

      These days, I feel my life, Just like a river running through...

  19. In apparent dismissal of two-state solution, Kushner says past efforts ‘failed’

    Trump adviser says peace plan to be revealed after Ramadan in June, adds it will require ‘tough compromises’ from both Israel and Palestinians

  20. I just watched Pastor Tim's "Jesus Declared It is Finished!" video from today where his wife shares her ongoing battle with feelings of unworthiness after having been brought up in a works-based theology and it really spoke to my heart as it has been the same battle with my husband for years and years. And every time I think he has cleared that hurdle, those "buts" come sneaking back in on him. It's a tenacious bondage all of it's own and hell-bent on keeping people from the freedom of that Eternal Assurance in Christ that He died to give us. But the Good News is for those who fight it, our Lord doesn't just hand them over to it. Billy is not one to remember dreams at all, but he has been given 2 recently--the 2nd one on Sunday night--where he recalls every detail. The dream scenarios are similar and the message is the same:

    He is rushing to get to the airport to make a flight that he absolutely cannot miss, but when he gets there he can't get through security because he has NO personal credentials with him. They are suddenly missing and he doesn't know what happened to them--no ID, No Visa and even his luggage has blank name tags and the plane is about to depart without him. They won't let him through because he can't prove his true identity, no matter how much he swears up and down that he is who he says he is. Then he wakes up fearing what this means.

    I've told him both times that I'm sure these dreams are re-affirming to him that he cannot make that flight based on any of his own credentials because they are INVISIBLE to our Father. The only Credentials He will look at are those of His Only Begotten Son and His Finished Work on the Cross, which is our ONLY JUSTIFICATION for getting on board that flight--nothing else will be recognized and nothing else can even be presented. So I just Praise the Lord again for His continual love and mercy toward His children as we all struggle along through this Sanctification process desiring to bear good fruit--not in order to be Saved, but because we ARE Saved! Blessings and Maranatha:-)

    1. Sheila, surely this is one of Satan's most pernicious weeds - Doubts of True Salvation. I believe he recognizes his inability to take one out of Jesus' grasp, but what he has learned he is able to do is virtually cripple their joy and witness on earth with these doubts. Ed struggled with it, slowly learning it was not of his own accomplishment but only Jesus' finished work and now his children are struggling with the same hateful weed. Maranatha - Come Lord Jesus and take us out of this hateful place for we know when you come, All who are saved will go with us and that not of their own merit but Yours Alone! Blessings - Sherry

    2. Amen, Sherry and TY, Sister:-)

    3. i pray healing through Holy Spirit revealed freedom, a full blown clean swept move of the spirit of Truth upon Billy, TY Jesus, Amen!

    4. Brothers AND sisters this is quite reminiscent of what I went through in April. I left the East Coast of course to get on the plane from New York airport and Alas my IDI had left it in the car with family I went to the airline check in and was told that they would give me a boarding pass but they did not think I would be able to get on the flight it was up the TSA. The surrounding circumstances a rather difficult the job in chaos with demonic stuff, dental work being done, cetera TSA called a supervisor for me forI happen to have a work badge with me and a prescription because I had dental work done and they let me on the plane all I thought having the correct ID for God. In other words, covered by the blood of Jesus that is visible and they let me on the plane. Will be no denying that we are identified as believers with names written in the lamb's book of life no matter what we may forget on the earthly realm..Maranatha

    5. Soon Sister, days. Sheila B., your tears are Numbered, each and every one, and precious to Our Lord, amen. I would gently nudge your chin upwards, and lift your countenance to see your smile. In complete Encouragement, we linger at the close of Matthew 9:15. Oh, catch your breath and Be Blessed and just glow; He Is Coming, now, amen.

    6. Dear Sheila, I watched that Episode of Tim H. yesterday and I was indeed appalled to watch his wife Karen quite obviously not being able to understand AT ALL until this very moment in the car what he was talking about and confirming to her from scriptures. ALL of her body language and what she uttered told me she is not saved. I also now see some connection to the suicide attempt of their daughter Lindsay which I cannot tell about but surely there are severe questions of unbelief and doubt to struggle with in that family (like in every ones elses Matthew 10:34-36). We are not just exempt from that battle just because we are children of God. Blessings to all of you and prayers up for your loved ones yet struggling! Time is so short now, MARANATHA!

    7. Annabel, I don't know about the breadth of Pentecostalism in Europe, but here in the US, it's a huge denomination in many forms. Many, many people have been raised their whole lives in it's well-intended, but stern works-based theology and it's very hard to get past that life long indoctrination to understand the true meaning of His Grace. I was never indoctrinated that way, but I've known many good people who were and are extremely dedicated to Christ and while I've argued this many times, I trust only the Lord to judge their hearts re Salvation. And yes, even the children of our God deal with mental health issues as well as physical ones. I do believe the Lord's loving hand is on Pastor Tim's family and perhaps their struggles are being revealed so openly to encourage the rest of us out here who are dealing with similar issues and attacks everyday. Continuing to pray for Lindsey's full recovery and Karen's peace in Christ as a mother and grandmother. Blessings and Maranatha!

    8. Dear Sheila, I think from perspective of scripture (which is my only basis of discernment 1 Corinthians 2:15) there is nothing but ONE Holy Spirit undivided, unbiased and unaltered for ALL of the saints in all history, locations and denominations alike. 1 Corinthians 12:13 / Ephesians 4:3-6

      There is in fact no chance for a true child of God to react to Tims words like his wife did here. Not at all. And not after 20+ years of having heard these words daily and still finding herself "unworthy". I'm sorry. Praying for her...

      Check out sister Chelsea at #Jesus is Truth YTC how she reacts as a new believer on what the Spirit tells her since she's saved (and she was into New Age which is quite similar to Pentecostal). That is a true sister, regardless of different types of mentality or characters / personality or handicap that one is born with. You can SEE that kind of KNOWING you're "worthy" before God through Christ once and for all and how you can rejoice about that. Much love to you!

    9. I can honestly say that I've never related New Age with any of our friends or family members who are/were Pentecostal or Assembly of God--not even remotely. And nothing against your referral, but I don't need to "see" assurance of Salvation to "know" it as that has been my own experience from the get go, but it hurts to see others who love Christ and admittedly struggle with grasping that. Re the Scriptures you cited, while we are all baptized by the same Spirit into one Body, we are not all quite on the same page as yet regarding many Spiritual issues and I don't expect we will be until we are fully Transformed. And re 1Cor.2:15, this does not speak to me about judging the hearts of other Christians, but rather about Christians not allowing themselves to be judged by non-Christians for their faith (in context). Blessings and Maranatha!

  21. Ladies and Gentlemen, B&G, let's not forget that there is a Ship Comin' in, Bearing, Wind, Waves and Weathers Unknown, but arriving as Surely As The Dawn, as Rayati and Otiot Remind, by THIS Friday, 4/24/19, being SEVEN DAYS since Passover, as we know. As things Compress, I direct you to what Miguel P directed me to and then to what HS Confirmed that ALL by, in order:

    strange 2 moons rapture dream | 321, 4 5 6 | Time is off https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q8zXgbU6Vx8&t=2s

    A WORD FROM THE LORD; The Time Is At Hand https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n1GmKJDf29Y

    These (This) Speaks Directly to Our Moment E:LAPSING IN SEVEN DAY FROM PASSOVER. Maranatha!

    1. That would be 4/26, actually. Sigh. Actually, I'm thinking more like 4/27, as you will see...

    2. WE be hummin', crickin', buzzin' and chirpin' mon! Cool as heck!

    3. are we having fun yet?!!!

  22. Hello, all.

    I've got a question....

    In Luke 21 and Romans 11 it talks about the "fullness of the gentiles that comes to an end", I was wondering if this meant that when the tribulation period begins (after the rapture of the church) that there will be no opportunity for the gentiles to accept Jesus in that time, only the Jews? It talks about the tribulation saints that will help the Jews convert, but who are the tribulation saints? Someone said that they are the Luke-warm Christians who stay behind during the tribulation. That they are save, but don't get raptured out, because they were not ready. That the 10 bridesmaids were all Christians, but that only those who were full got to go to the feast.

    So once save, always saved, but that doesn't mean you get raptured? But if you are a gentile, your time is running out to accept Jesus? Is this true?

    I know there are so many opinions out there and I get so confused with them all. I don't mean to offend anyone. I'm just worried because I have loved ones that are not saved and I kind of hoped that should they go through the tribulation, they will get to know Jesus, but not it seems that, that won't be the case. Only some of the Jews will get the chance to accept Jesus by the help of the tribulation saints and the two witnesses. Can someone please help to say if this is true or not?

    Thank you always for helping me with my questions. I appreciate it immensely..

    Love Andrea

    1. Dear Andrea, your questions are very much appreciated for sure! I have myself pondered about this a while ago when I wasn't aware yet about the timeline of this passage and WHO in fact the true "Israel" was because no one would have explained it to me. Unfortunately, no Christian pastor would yet do that until this very day even if enough research, evidence and information is available (at least I have met with none yet who does).

      It was in 2016 when I retired from workflow and active ministry at my place so that I would have more time to dig into some of these questions. I came across the Revelation-12-sign discussion on the internet and got aware of the #Scott Clarke YTC who explains your very first question about the "Fullness of the Gentiles" very well in the following video (this is the revised version, I watched the previous one):


      Although I do not support his "rightly dividing" cult that he later developed I do recommend that explanation as it seemed very logic and compelling to me and is also scriptural.

      To answer your second question about the "Jews" you have to discern today's national Israel in fact being run and inhabited by the tribe of Judah and Benjamin only (the Levites got no land on their own) and practically those two tribes make the group of the "Orthodox / Talmudic Jews" and national settlers but who then would have to stay inside their own borders from how Joshua partitioned the land to them in Joshua 11:23 yet the Judaists and Benjaminites do today expand more than that on their brother tribes' land. But those brother tribes are still scattered among all nations and have not yet returned! Most of them don't even know that they are real Israelites in bloodline because all of them mixed with Gentiles for centuries and until today lost everything of their knowledge and tradition being from the real "house of Israel" aka the former Northern tribes. What you see in the national state of Israel today is but the tribe of Judah primarily and some of Benjamin. The naming of 'Israel' alone is misleading because it would have to be called 'Judah' in fact like it is construed today. Yet God will have had other plans in the backburner when He allowed them to give themselves that national term.

      Your question about the "Jews" (Judah, Benjamin) and the "house of Israel" (10 tribes scattered among the nations) is a bit too complex to be answered here to your satisfaction. I suggest you would do your own research e.g. beginning in digging into some of the resources I have exhaustively (!) mentioned in the 'Notre Dame' thread about HISTORY CONNECTIONS previously. You may find very detailed information no one sadly would want to talk about (still!). But you can also wait and ask Jesus later yet He told us we would ask Him nothing then... (John 16:23 a) So if these questions bother you NOW, please go in the direction I showed you and it will all make perfect sense to you! Much love and blessings your way! :-)

    2. Andrea, I forgot to mention one information about your concern over your "loved ones who don't seem to believe". Well, this question can be answered from reading 2 Thessalonians 2:10-12 how GOD (not myself!) will handle this. The so called "tribulation saints" will be another group of people (yet from the Gentiles also) but which is then not the 'left behind of the church' so to speak but a new group of saints.

      That means yes, time is indeed running out for everyone having now heard the gospel long enough to believe it if they even claim themselves Christian yet it is scriptural that there will be "wise" and "foolish" virgins we are told of before they will be separated. (And this will not be like Tim Henderson explained it lately as he severely errs about that timeline.) If you want to know more about the virgins' parable meaning please read this from a 'classic' bible scholar and preacher C. H. Spurgeon:


      It is not only the rapture that will separate one from another but physical death of believers already does that over the centuries now. That's what makes the message of the virgins so timeless in application during church age.

      Blessings again!

    3. Andrea, there is not a true Believer out here who is not sharing your concerns for loved ones who we know are not where they should be as the age of Grace comes to it's end. And there are as many different theories and Scriptural interpretations as it takes to keep us unsettled about how exactly it will all play out. I cannot give you the specific answers we'd all like to have, but what I have learned through prayer and relationship is to trust in our God's Perfect Will, Perfect Righteousness and Perfect Wisdom. He alone knows who His children are and when and how they will come. Our job is to pray for them in accordance with 2Tim2:24-26. I believe He will reward our faith in Him in ways we cannot yet imagine and just remember, He loved them first and He did manage to deliver us:-) Blessings, Sister and Looking UP!

    4. Hi, Andrea. If you want some short answers to your Times of the Gentiles and Fullness of the Gentiles questions, you can check out Jack Kelley's teachings at Grace thru faith website.There is a search box in the upper right corner that will get you to lots of info. I have found his teaching to be clear and easily understood. Hope you can find some help there.

      As far as unsaved loved ones, I think the key to finding peace about that is to realize that our Father knew before He started his creation who would be with Him for eternity and who wouldn't. He also knew who we would be praying for now. I can't back the following up with scripture, but I like to think He put together, in time and relationship, the ones who would be with Him for eternity so that He could answer our prayers for each other. Some of them may have to come to faith during the seven year tribulation period. Not a pleasant thought, but if our 70 year life is but a vapor, James 4:14, then seven years will be as nothing compared to eternity. We just have to put our loved ones in His hands and believe that He will be faithful to answer our prayers.
      You probably know that the folks who read here regularly pray for each other's unsaved loved ones, whenever the subject comes up. Thanks for bringing your concerns here so that we will have the privilege of praying for yours as well. Abba bless you today with His peace.

    5. Amen, Kathy in Pa! And yes, Andrea, praying for yours along with mine:-)

    6. Andrea, just going to add a brief explanation to clarify:

      These are two different phrases: (1) "The Times of the Gentiles" (Lk. 21:24); and (2) "The Fullness of the Gentiles" (Rom. 11:25).

      The first phrase "The Times of the Gentiles" is in reference to Daniel's interpretation of King Nebuchadnezzar's dream of the entire history of Gentile kingdoms that will dominate Israel until Christ sets up His kingdom on earth (cf. Dan. 2:31-45). This would also include the entire 7-year Tribulation period as well.

      The second phrase "The Fullness of the Gentiles" is in reference to the full number of those who are members of Christ's body—the Church. The context of Romans 9–11 is Paul's discussion about Israel's future and how the Church plays a role in eventually provoking Israel to jealousy and anger after we are saved (cf. Rom. 10:19-21; 11:11).

      We know that there will be a multitude of Gentiles saved during the Tribulation because of John's vision in Revelation 7:9-15.

      No need to worry or be afraid. Keep praying for your lost loved ones, and don't let anyone confuse you about what is made plain from God's word.

      Grace and peace to you in Jesus' name!

    7. Dear @Jeff I just looked those two terms up again and would like to disagree with you. Context will make that clear, as always: The "times" of the Gentiles is fulfilled when the Jewish people are led away captive and Jerusalem is 'trodden down by the Gentiles' aka UNTIL the antichrist reign of the JWO based in J'lem begins (so this is actually describing end of church age here!) and the "fulness" of the Gentiles is connected to Israels spiritual blindness that is only lifted at the END of the tribulation period. Read it again! Scott Clarke is right about that. Blessings to you!

    8. While I was thinking about Andrea's questions, our loved ones during "the Time of Jacob's Trouble", and the effect of our prayers, Revelation 8:3 came to mind. That inspired thoughts of OUR prayers being offered on the altar in heaven. Seems to me that Revelation 7:14-16, which speaks of the tribulation saints and some of the things they will have to endure, is an outline for prayer. I'm going to start praying specifically for the needs of the people who will come to faith during that time and would love to have anyone join me who will.

    9. I agree with Sheila and Kathy P, and with Jeff in continuing to pray for loved ones.
      Thanks, Jeff for explaining the two differences with the time of the gentiles and the fullness of the gentiles as two distinct meanings. I am sure this is usually lumped together by a lot of people.
      I just re-read what Jack Kelly had written to a question on this. His saying the times is plural because of the gentile major kingdoms of that ends at the 2nd coming. The fullness refers to the number of people who believe during this age of age (the church age). Those who believe during the Tribulation are referred to as the Tribulation saints.

    10. I actually think Brenda Weltner youtube channel has some of the clearest interpretation that I have seen.

      Find her three resurrections video and her tribulation saints videos (3 parts) and let me know what you think.

      PS, if you see something that you think is seriously off, just tell me. I won't be offended and I would want to know.

    11. Dear brother Miguel, I didn't know about Brenda at all so I watched her 3 parts of "tribulation saints" yet I struggle with a) being tribulation time already started which I dont believe at all, b) Smyrnas 10 days of persecution not being connected to the historical 10 Roman emperors persecuting the early church until Constantine came but still postponed into future events and c) just putting the label "Christian" or "church" onto tribulation saints who in fact will not hear the name of Jesus Christ during that time as it is already obvious from the upcoming implementation of world Sanhedrin Noahide Laws (in future) how it will be impossible to even learn about Jesus or call upon His name during that time. The "eternal gospel" they will hear and believe is Revelation 14:6-12 yet not combined with some 'Jesus on the cross message' as this will be utterly eradicated (!) by Satan and his fallen angels then who are in FULL control over this globe. I like her 'Hebraic approach' though but am not sure that hers is the clearest interpretation you might get.

      "Here a little there a little" Isaiah 28:10 you cannot in fact start with Revelation to interpret the rest of the bible like Brenda says but Revelation ("OF Jesus Christ TO John"! such is the full title of the book) is the CLIMAX of putting the puzzle pieces together WHEN you read all the other OT book endtimes prophecies and gospels FIRST to remember them and to refer to AFTER here. It must make you having JESUS CHRIST fully revealed and completed in it as the ultimate JUDGE of this world and SAVIOUR to His chosen people, not just some future events rolled out for satisfaction of curiousity.

      For example, the more I dig into world history (especially WW1+2) the more Gods hidden plan behind makes sense to me even if having the TRUTH revealed now will hurt me for the sake of my forefathers and my people. If e.g. Germany had succeeded there would be no such thing as world communism, Gulag slaughter and Bolshevist genocide on earth today yet that was not Gods plan whose thoughts are so much higher than ours. I like the BIG picture more than just focusing the detail yet the more details you observe the bigger the picture gets. You MUST start from looking at the past to understand the future not vice versa. That's my take on it, haven't yet checked about her resurrection videos though. Blessings to you! :-)

    12. PS @Miguel: This is in fact UNREAL as Gary of the Unsealed Team just has released a lengthy article on what I was just talking about to you here! HALLELUJAH! :-D


    13. Thanks Annabel. I hear what you are saying, but I am not deep enough in my understanding to agree or disagree strongly. I do however land in the camp that believes Jesus will still be the answer after the rapture. I dont think you could know that His name will be no more during that time. Seems a wild theory to me.

      Brenda covers a lot of ground in her videos that I dont see covered as thoroughly elsewhere. She covers all of the earthquakes mentioned in prophecy, all of the various people in heaven that show up in Revelation , and all kinds of things that I dont see explained elsewhere. Again, not saying shes right or wrong. I just like her approach and style. I believe she for quite a while has leaned most strongly towards a September rapture perhaps this year, but she is not dogmatic about it, knowing that He may come at any moment.

      Lastly, Gary's article is impressive. I will have to read it a few times for it all to sink in. Maranatha!

    14. Miguel, I have seen her in my feed here and there but never watched her. In the second part of the tribulation saints video, I was surprised when she believed we were already in the tribulation! Whoa, stop the train! I stopped watching it and finished that video and also watched part three. Too, the rapture video and the video on how she reached her rapture timeline. Mainly she didn't really discuss the specific issue as Andrea raised, I feel.
      I also was surprised she believes that at Jesus' 1st coming he made the covenant with many by ending sacrifices and offering, at the mid-mid-point, 3 1/2 years. After the Revelation 12 sign, she started to look at the book of Revelation and went backward in day counts. She sees the Revelation 12 sign for believers. I always thought it was for Israel mainly because this sign was over Jerusalem. I always thought it was Israel that looked for a sign.
      In essence, she is placing the rapture toward the mid-point of the tribulation as she laid it out. Tho, as you said, she is open to the rapture happening at any time.

    15. Cathi G, lovely to have your input as always. I do think we are in tribulation, just not the great tribulation, so I suppose it depends how one breaks it down exactly.

      I may have totally failed top find videos that addressed Andrea's concern; for that im sorry. I was not sure, but I do think some of her videos specifically address the idea that loved one's may yet be saved during the great tribulation or the time after the rapture.

      I like the dialogue we're having over this; I find it helpful. Hopefully my ignorance doesn't cause anyone too much grief. My relationship with Christ has always been such that I have rested in the fact He is very patient with me, because I am really really slow at absorbing the details.

    16. Miguel P, if your not the very nicest person on this planet, why then, your tied for first place.

    17. Well Tony. You're a solid dude; man are we gonna goof around and laugh. You just might be a party planner in eternity. Thanks for the kindness.

    18. :)), THANK YOU \o/, sooo lookin' forward to it brother*!

    19. Thank you, Miguel! 😊 Yes, Miguel you are being very nice. In thinking of what she said ... I was wrong. She does talk about people believing ... those from every tongue, tribe and nation. I think a part of me was in shock over hearing her views as to the tribulation/great tribulation. I think with her timeline it would be in the Great Tribulation (right, because Jesus was fulfilling the first half 3 1/2 years ... as in her saying Jesus breaks the covenant with many?) So, Andrea's question is answered as to people believing during that time. Tho, now is the day of salvation because a person may not survive through any catastrophic event, etc. Brenda did bring up those in heaven praying for the believers on Earth who believe in Jesus for ex, those under the altar who were martyred being given bodies as well as others, i.e., the body of Christ.

    20. Wow, so much information. Thank you, all. I think I've got plenty of reach to do. :)

      Just on Annabel's comment about how the Jews are scattered through all the nations...

      I've recently been diagnosed with a breast cancer gene which apparently is a specific gene mutation only found under a certain Jewish tribe. We never knew about any Jewish relatives, most of my family originates from German/Dutch decent...but I suppose one could have been a Jew. So does that make me a Jew then? What defines a Jew? Your blood or what you believe?

      Once again thank you for your comments. I will go and look at all the information you provided. And thank you for including my loved ones in your prayers. I will do the same for yours. :)

    21. Dear Andrea, first off I am sorry to hear about your diagnose (I hope all is going well and please try to avoid chemo and check out Dr Lorraine Day how she dealt with it), praying for you! You know, same to me IDK about my personal history at all because of WW2 my parents are both from refugee families / expelled from Polish and Czech who didn't ever talk about that time so IDK if I might myself have an Israel bloodline or not. For us as Christians during church age it doesn't matter anyway yet it is an interesting question.

      Dear Miguel, I take my theory about Jesus Christ not being mentioned at all in person or by name during tribulation period from 2 important informations of which #1 is scriptural in Matthew 25:37-39 +44 and it bothered me a long time why neither the 'sheep' nor the 'goats' would recognize the LORD after Armageddon (which is the setting of this court). Together with information #2 about the coming implementation of the so called 'Noahide Laws' for all nations already signed by GH Bush decades ago (#Israeli News Live YTC does a really good job to have this exposed) it makes totally sense to me how this will work out under the global regime of the Jerusalem international Sanhedrin as the world supreme court location who will then replace the United Nations HQ during that time. All of political planning today goes in that direction.

      Blessings to all of you!

    22. Hi All,
      So continuing my imminent rapture theme, I have put up a new video, incase anyone wants to check it out.

      TITLE: Who Get Left Behind After the Rapture? (9 mins)
      LINK: https://youtu.be/LDsVXHeCFcc

      Hopefully, with time permitting (and I believe time is very short), I will try to do one about

      "if you are left behind, this is what to expect" coming soon..

    23. TY for sharing, Jordan. You've been gifted with a real talent for constructing the Message in such a direct, sobering and yet hope-filled manner. And emphasizing 1John 5:13 was the perfect finishing stroke. Praying for more good fruit. Blessings and Maranatha, Brother:-)

    24. Thank you Sheila. That is such a lovely thing to say. blessings sister.

    25. Another PS to my dear brother @Miguel P (I will also share below): Please check out the new video interview with Dr Lorraine Day on #Israeli News Live YTC on clarifying HOW the BIBLE will be BANNED from even reading during tribulation period! So this is actually current state of information and commonly acknowledged by leading Rabbis and scholars all over the world. I cannot share the YTC link as it is already censored in some way to share this video but you can find it entitled "DR LORRAINE DAY REAFFIRMS THE DANGERS OF NOAHIDE LAWS" (4/25/2019 app. 1hour) Blessings your way!

  23. Very VERY interesting also this one:

    Netanyahu: We'll name a Golan town after Trump // Vacationing with his family during Passover, PM announces intention to name a town in the strategic plateau after a president much-appreciated in Israel

    Please note the following key words mentioned in this article:

    + Nimrod Fortress ("God of forces / strongholds" in Daniel 11:38-39)
    + Mount Hermon (Caesarea Philippi region, Pan worship Matthew 16:13-18)
    + Kapernaum (Matthew 11:23)
    + Tiberias (John 21:1)
    + Hailing "Bibi, king of Israel!"

    The PM plans to name a Golan town after Donald Trump is now also being discussed at today's broadcast on the #TruNews YTC (haven't watched yet but will soon). MARANATHA!

    1. Just 36:00min into the #TruNews video discussing the newly released Kushner details on the 'deal of the century' regarding the Palestinians you will also hear Rick Wiles utter the words: "The Palestinian people will CEASE TO EXIST if the Israelis have their way." Profound and prophetic IMO as this is exactly what is written in Zephaniah 2:4-7 already. THAT is how this will be done. Now consider the context of Zephaniah 2 what time this chapter is talking about... Check out more here about 'Trumpusalem':


  24. Food for thought in Blue Heaven linking a 4-26-2014 video by It Is Finished (Todd) and his encounter with an angel it seems ... Is touching. And, Colleen's 4-27 rapture? EQ? A couple of commenters saying the 27th for her and the 26th for the U.S. and maybe both (rapture, EQ).

    1. Cathi G., i say this w sincerity, you are about to meet my lovin' cocker spaniels, sam n maggie, prepare for something indescribable!* the sooner, the Better@!!!! :))

    2. And check out the confirmations in the comments on this video:

      Watch "Alert, Possible Rapture! Possible Earthquake!" on YouTube

      Can it be? May it be so!

    3. loved that vid of Colleens, Miguel, A W E S O M E * I PRAY SHE'S CORRECT^^^

    4. Chiming in, just a bit, before Yubin' for this Dinner time; connecting dots, highlighting, framing some things. A good discussion on TruNews recently clearly covered that, by officially declaring the standing army of a foreign nation, to be a terrorist organization, (and Congress not contravening, btw) that has legally moved the IRG into a category whereby EVERY FEDERAL AGENCY IS REQUIRED, BY LAW, TO INTERDICT/ELIMINATE. Did you get that slight of hand? Powerful Political Prestidigitation, Batman!

      This is NOT, however, theater, conjecture or hyperbole. Right now, the USA is at War with Iran and entirely outside the jurisprudence of Geneva, Nuremberg, et al, except by extension. I accept, as completely valid, Pastor Tim's recent, unconfirmed, intel re IRG targets being engaged by US Aircraft in Warfare Ops alongside organic reports, nationally, with IRG casualties & of organic reports of forces strategically positioning for Martial Law, Stateside right now. Do you recall that, within the past 24 months, the Russian Defense Chief (Minister?) stated, as policy, that any attacks on Russia's proxies, in Syria, will be considered as acts upon Soviet-flagged forces and the response the same? The context of thee statement was air power and no fly threats but the wording was not so defined. Venezuela, anyone, esp those who sit at the feet of Pastor Tim?

      Now go a bit deeper down the rabbit hole. As the White Hats tee-up the apprehension and incarceration and, ultimately, public trial of 40-60% of the individuals currently occupying seats of power, nationally, including former Presidents, in the face of various Dead Man Switch retaliations now in place, known and unknown, but known as not yet resolved, our very own POTUS Master Puppeteer will be able, in any 24 hour period, to initiate significant military, Pro-Zionist Mega-Political reconfigurations in the most hotly contested real estate in history and where the Divine is Personally A Player At The Table, and, n THAT context, declare Martial Law. When the dust clears more than half of the now prominent figures endemic to public life in America will be behind bars.

      Well, unfortunately, we don't go about our national tantrums in a vacuum and, while this White Hat effort appears global, it truly could just as easily by Anti-Christ Core stuff. But, even if not, the Winds of this Moment are Against it, news flash. In any event, placing ALL of this and many, many things at the edges, touched but not spoken of here, in the context of THIS WEEK? Well, I think Pastor JD would quip in, about here, something about Shelf Life. When this clear truth, as munitions fly in the neighborhood of Damascus, right NOW, is aligned with recent videos, Words, comments, Passover, and here we are, Maranatha!

    5. Your ON IT Jimboni !Yep,Yep, Yep....roger that!

    6. I should have added that Todd's video on 4-26-2014 that Blue Heaven linked was his seeing wedding preparations at a beach. The angel was a guy at a nearby ramp who Todd went up to and said it must be frustrating with people coming and going on the ramp when trying to set up for this wedding. He said, no it isn't frustrating for me, I have a higher calling, I serve Jesus Christ. Todd says I am your brother in Christ and asked his name saying he was Todd. He says Joshua and goes on to say what it means, God's saving grace. Todd went back later to take a pic of the wedding set up I think he said, and the other workers were still there setting up but not Joshua. As Todd said, who talks like this? The guy had a peace about him. The wedding on 4-26. Colleen's 4-27 ...

    7. Yes Cathi, Joshua, Yahshua, Isaiah \l/

    8. NEWSREEL UPDATE::: Since then, Wedding Bells have been heard, supernaturally, by some (only) watching that replay, Todd revisited and HIT upon Joshua 6 (Joshua, the 'employee' mentioning 6:00) which others extended to Joshua 6:4,5,6, wow. Joshua 6:7 Whirlwind Alert woot wooot

  25. Annabel,

    I was reading the website you recommended in an earlier thread about France (http://www.british-israel.ca/Reuben.htm) .

    I have read a couple of other websites that are similar in the teachings (http://www.britam.org/ is one of them).

    I find the whole theory very interesting.

    However, one sticking point for me is as follows:

    If America is Manasseh, as is proposed, how does this work? The USA was started by immigrants from other countries... so was the tribe of Manasseh not established until the settlers reached North America? Or would Manasseh be the Native American Indians?

    I was under the impression that Manasseh would have been an established tribe from the get-go, along with the other tribes.

    But if USA was settled by people from tribes of Ephraim, Dan, etc, etc, etc, how could it be referred to as Manasseh? So far, I have not been able to find an answer to this question.

    Very interesting topic. I wish I understood it better.

    1. so glad your here mksmith! Blessings a plenty!!!

    2. Dear mksmith TY very much for even wanting to dig into this (sadly, so many don't even talk about it and ignore the topic completely)! Your questions are much appreciated indeed!

      So, as far as I have educated myself, many of biblically oriented historians and anthropologists do consider the British Commonwealth as "many nations" Ephraim (from the Genesis 48 blessing of Jacob/Israel) and the USA as the mighty "single nation" Manasseh. From Genesis 41 we know how Manasseh was the firstborn yet the blessing was then turned over to Ephraim and Joseph was "not amused". The first pilgrims and founders of the United States came from Europe mainly Britain and Ireland so that also English would be their common language. The "melting pot" of foreigners from all over was not part of the American history in the first place. This was a (mainly communist) concept being brought in later to destroy countries' borders and the origins of nations. It were mainly European settlers with a common Christian background around the time period of 'Philadelphia' (the spiritual awakenings and beginning of global missionary ministry) who founded the USA by leaving British dominance (Boston Tea party) and general poverty in Europe that had suffered from wars already. Canada is partly inhabited by French descendants also, remember. South America was then ursurped by the Spanish and Portugese yet these also are from other descendants mingled with native Israel. By today, nobody would really know who is who but only God.

      The native American Indians belong to other tribes and descendants of Israel and they will be also dealt with during the last chapter of divine history (the tribulation period) in the "great winepress of God" like all other nations unless they have not yet turned to Christ during church age by e.g. missionary activities of some brethren like David Brainerd: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Brainerd

      (If you haven't read his diary yet please check him out, such a great testimony for God!)

      Sometimes I wonder why nobody would ever want to look more into that part of Israels true history and why it is almost a taboo topic within the church. I assume this might be perhaps from the two sides of false doctrines of dominionism and of replacement theology which both have covered up the true nature and components of certain nations especially during the last app. two centuries when the Jewish Zionism plans towards 1948 national Israel in Palestine became relevant. I hope that helps thinking further into this, blessings to you! :-)

    3. Thank you, Annabel.

      I think you have good points above, as far as why nobody looks deeper into Israel's history. I, myself, have had it drilled into my head for years that such thinking is "replacement"-type thinking, which is ridiculous & false.

      I am ashamed to admit that I don't have a firm grasp on the Old Testament, so a lot of this is very hard for me to understand, in terms of the history. Britam.org has some really great articles that explain those Genesis blessings to Joseph & the rest. They also have a YT channel, which I have not looked into yet, but it is https://www.youtube.com/user/yairdavidiy/videos.

      But, didn't God proclaim something along the lines of Israel would be scattered amongst the nations & forget her identity as part of punishment? Perhaps that plays into part of why the taboo nature of talking about it.

      Honestly, over the last year or so, I have had my own personal "Great Awakening". Coming to understand how much we have been lied to, about so many things. World history, my own country's (USA) history, the powerful elites that control everything, etc, etc, etc. Some days it's almost too much to deal with. Most days I'm not sure of anything at all in this physical plane, but the one thing I AM CERTAIN OF is God's love for me.

      I frequently feel like Dorothy in "The Wizard of Oz" must have felt when she was in the middle of the whirlwind LOL. So, here I am, clicking my heels together, saying over & over, "There's no place like HOME", waiting patiently for the sound of that last trump.

      But I digress. This topic is very, very interesting to me. If it becomes a point of contention for others on this board, I would be willing to exchange email addresses with you to discuss it privately, so as not to cause division in the family... there are many who are not ready to peek under that rock.

      Blessings to you.

    4. Hello, Ozark!!

      Thank you kindly, brother!! Blessings-a-plenty to you, as well!!

    5. "THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE HOME!" LOL :-D oh yes you're sooo right, well said! TY brother, much love! I will still leave some breadcrumbs here for those who are willing to follow 'Dorothy'... Talk to you later! (And TY for the "Britam" website & YTC hint)

  26. Hermano Jeff is telling me I'm missing some good stuff over here. Just finished reading through the comments. WOAH!!

    Btw, this may have been discussed on Event Horizon, but did you all see that Rhonda Empson's husband... THREE YEARS AGO... had a dream about the world seeing an event horizon complete with shades of red and yellow... he was told the rapture would happen really soon after the world saw it...

    Then a couple of weeks ago an actual picture of an event horizon was taken, complete with shades of red and yellow... and the whole world was able to see it.

    That seriously got my attention.

    Btw, if any of you can, go watch The Chosen (thechosen.tv or vidangel.com). It's straight up amazing.

    1. Also, thinking about the picture of the event horizon, plus all the other signs in the heavens we're seeing reminded me of what I saw in my 12/28/12 dream: http://board.unsealed.org/thread/1820/garys-dreams

    2. Honestly Gary, i was thinking the same as was Jeff as in, " Gary would love this! and have something to add for sure! Glad to see you commented, good stuff*, going to look see brother man! This is Amazing....

    3. Hi Gary - Lyn has been on the ball re the event horizon and refd us back to her discussion (and reference to the Rhonda Empsons husbands dream in her 2018 post). However I hadn't looked closely enough to notice the red/yellow commentary in the dream. Interesting stuff! Lyns article from last year - http://lynmelvin.blogspot.com/2018/03/event-horizon-sign-of-son-of-man.html

    4. Yes Gary! The Chosen is absolutely wonderful! Been sending the pilot to all my family!

    5. Here's the link: https://youtu.be/lVt14Ug-GOs

    6. Really awesone to be able to see the story like that. Thanks for the link Ally.

    7. Thanks for the tip to check out Rhonda Empson's video. Wow!! My level of excitement continues to grow day by day with all of the dreams and connections we're seeing here.

      Really cool dreams, Gary. Not to mention the 9/23 connections.

  27. Our Scout had a Dream, last night, which he felt was Of The Lord. The first part was right to share so here it is. Awoken from sleeping, Caleb arises and stands next to his bed, noticing a 2nd computer on his desk, not usually there, and a bowl of candy from which he takes something like a circular life-saver hard candy and pops it into his mouth, noting its sweetness. He then walks into our kitchen, down the short hall from his bedroom and notices the Microwave, above the stove (which, by the way, was 'dead' when I got home yesterday, hmmm?), there is a message scrolling across the window of the door, "I Am Coming". From there, the short remainder of the dream was tailored to Caleb's Spiritual Walk and Growth and directing him to forgiveness of self as a pathway to unlocking Holy change. Thoughts?

    Also, Todd @ITISFINISHED had some things to share, encouraging: The Moshiach's Meal @ Passover https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7EFg4GhPA1Q. Very cool stuff about a 'mirror' Seder meal celebrated in the closing hour of the Passover Week (7th day, at dusk), which also has 4 cups, and continues, through Sunset (8th day), symbolizing the imminent arrival of Messiah. In light of Holly 2 Moons recent remembrance that there is an egg on the plate of Passover Seder, symbolizing the release of Israel, pregnant with expectations, as Entangled with her dream of moon egg symbols and Words lingering concerning Passover, this is a really cool little nugget to nibble, enjoy, Maranatha!

    1. Jimboni, as you just mention the Passah meal: I remember having watched a clip by Arnold Fruchtenbaum (ariel.org ministries) some years ago mentioning the breaking of bread in the middle pocket of the napkin used in the ceremony... Tried to find it, didn't succeed but found this one perhaps of interest for anyone?



    2. Jimboni, thinking about all of it, but the first thing that clicked with the "I Am Coming" is that the microwave is for cooking something QUICKLY. If it was the stove that was 'dead' (and not the microwave--wasn't sure on that) I'd say there's no more need for slow cooking (or long-RANGE plans) The microwave being situated over the 'dead' stove--if that's the case--might be saying that His sudden Arrival will overide any such plans anyway, or simply to be looking UP for His Coming. And perhaps the 2nd computer appearing indicates the arrival of a different "program" at the same time in which case that "Sweet Lifesaver" would speak for itself. Now I'd like to hear what your take is on it, Prof. Brother;-)

      And there is no way that we are not at the very least looking at something big occurring over the next couple of days. Last night I dreamed something about the removal or cleansing of mud, but it wasn't mud from those who are waiting and watching for the Rapture. It was mud that was being thrown at us, but it wasn't sticking to us, or staining us--like we were shielded from it's effects by some kind of Clear-coat. Then today I caught a mirror video @Andrew Rich from 4/22 titled "Muddied Bride, By Patrick L. Awesome!!!" that seemed to clarify that.

      G#422--anepaischuntos--not to be put to shame, not disgraced. 1x 2Tim.2:15 KJV
      H#422--alah--to swear, curse 6x Jud.17:2, 1Sam.14:24, 1Kgs.8:31, 2Chro.6:22, Hos.4;2 and

      Also, this was sweet encouragement from @trinity richt "Welcome Home...a message Jesus
      gave my son..."

      Blessings All!

    3. Correction: Judges 17:2 and 2Chron.6:22

    4. Sheila B., Blessings. It was the Microwave which died although the connection to quick cook was top of list for me also. Furthermore, unlike a regular oven, a micro 'zaps' the food with energy which then transforms it inside/out, Harpazo pic? Being above the other oven, you have to 'look up' to use it. I have to call the landlord for a fix, likely to take a week, or so, a time parameter/parallel? The 2nd PC, on the desk, he described as a tower, "like the one on your desk", i.e., on my desk. This seems a hat-tip to connecting the dream/message to Watching, which is the main thing I use that PC for. Yes, the sweet candy seems obvious, even the circular shape alluding to The Infinite. I gotta say, this is a lot of fun and very Wonderful and all, but if we are still pushing this marble around the game board much longer, oh vey!

    5. That does move the pieces around somewhat, but I imagine it's pointing in the same direction. But if we've got more growing to do, He will surely keep the fire fueled. This time last year, I could not have imagined getting this far without just totally losing somemarbles, lol, but here we are and and I'd say not only a bit wiser for the wear, but hopefully grown in numbers--and as for me, feeling more hopeful and more excited than ever. Just watching the way He's amazingly orchestrated everything the past few months has been worth the wait, imo. Talk about a faith building work out! Blessings and Maranatha!

      *Avengers "The Endgame" movie opens this weekend probably to record breaking audiences anxious to find out where all the superheros and other people disappeared to and whether or not they are retrievable. The release timing seems to me a good psy-op prep for explaining our Endgame scenario.

    6. I get so tickled with our Lord sometimes. When you are ever seeking Him, He is ever with you. Had to run some errands today and my last stop was for an ice coffee in the drive-thru at McDonalds. The line was moving slow and so I had time to notice the car in front of me. It was a Nissan Altima with plate # JSC--2352. My first thought was Jesus Soon Coming, so I thought what the hey and checked out the number part, and since it just happened to be a Nissan, I looked up the meaning of Altima.

      Altima--from the Latin Atlus --a Higher Power.

      G#2352--thrauo--to crush, bruise, break in pieces. used only once in Luke 4:18 KJV in re to the anointing of Jesus Christ as He preached the acceptable year of the Lord.

      H#2352--chuwr--a hole, crevice of a serpent, cell of a prison. 1x Is. 42:22 KJV re Israel's being deaf and blind, snared in a hole for a prey.

      Then my daughter just came in while I'm posting this and told me she's thinking about buying a new Nissan Altima that she found a good deal on over in San Marcos because it has a few hail dings. Our Lord is so cool:-)

    7. Awesome Winks, and you follow, 'till your sense of which direction, completely disappears! :)

    8. That's awesome, Sheila. Thank you for sharing! Hey, and I didn't know if you caught this, and maybe it goes without saying, but it's the month of Nisan right now! Power up!

    9. :))) love it! nice Sheila! Lol Jimboni !

    10. Jeff, you don't miss a lick! :) awesome!

    11. Nisan:Nissan:Headslap, Marantha!

    12. "Sheriff! Shoot Lower! They're ridin' Shetlands!"

    13. LOL, Jeff...yeah, at the time I'd just listened to an @Holly 2 Moons video about Todd's Passover video, so it's being a NISSAN really caught my eye. But here's the "banging my forehead on the counter" part....so my daughter comes in and she's showing me this ad on her phone for the Altima she said she was interested in as her old car is really wearing thin and I read her the above post about the car at Mickey D's and do you know what she said...she said "Wow, Mom, do you think that's a sign I should go buy the car?"
      Actually, I was thinking it was more of a sign that she didn't need to worry about buying a new car, but apparently our brains work very differently:-/

    14. Geez, Jimboni, you got me choking on my hot tea--agin' and coming home today, I noticed the folks down the road added a new shetland pony to their pasture--and a white one at that:-D

    15. Well here's something.... look up the word "versa"

      I'll be back in a bit....

    16. OK, Miguel...I got "to turn, reverse, the backside or tail of a Coin" and also an economical NISSAN compact car?

    17. I loved that story Sheila, about the Nissan Altima at MacD's. For you it was a sign, that there was no point in your daughter buying the car, because the end is at hand. And your daughter took it as a sign to go buy the car.. ha ha. Awesome. Hmm I think your sign radar is working correctly sister.

      Here is another head also moment...

      So my mum knows I am on high watch mode this week and for the next 3 weeks. Even though she scoffed and rolls her eyes at her poor, misguided, clueless eternally secure, rapture ready son!!!

      So yesterday she text and said,
      " ...l see north Korean leader is making peace with Russia, there's good plans ahead for peace... Kim Jung Un is about to put away his missiles to have the sanctions against North Korea lifted"

      I replied...

      "For when they shall "peace and safety" , then sudden destruction comes upon them, as labour pains upon a pregnant woman, and they shall not escape".

      Anyway I will be watching, with interest the coming weeks."

      She just doesn't see what is under her nose.

      Palm slap moment!!!

    18. Awesome Sheila. So here's the reason I mentioned:

      Three weeks back a guy passes in front of me and I noticed he looked like the stereotypical Jesus. I was directed to his car. It was a Nissan Versa. I was oddly fixed on that fact.

      A couple days later I find myself behind a car and again was fixed on the fact that it was a versa. I prayed whether it was just me and was directed to the tag below versa. It said "note". I felt it was a command to please take note. Had no idea why. And seriously there is such a thing as a Nissan versa note. That is a particular trim level like sport or platinum or whatever. This one was a "note".

      I said I would not mention this here until the Lord gave me another reason. When Sheila pointed out the Nissan/Nisan aspect, I just had to mention it.

      So make of it whatever you want, but interesting that there appears to be a message: During Nisan, reverse direction, or flip side of coin or whatever.

      There is a wiktionary for "versus" Latin root of versa. Interesting.

    19. Ahhh...Miguel...yes, I think HE has told us in a myriad of ways to take NOTE in this month of Nisan. Colleen M"s vid last night said the word she got is "DO NOT DISCOUNT" this last part of Passover and I do sense this is a major turning point. I see Israel as being represented by the other side (Versa) of the COIN after all we seen. Hopefully, the church (represented by the . obverse (head) of the Coin) is about to be removed as HE turns to deal with the flip side of it.
      Exciting and tense days ahead, Brother. Looking UP and Maranatha!

    20. Jordan, praying for your mum and that was the best answer to that text. It seems to me that those who are relying on their good works to "complete" their Salvation--they are the ones who most reject the thought of His coming NOW. They don't feel ready and how could they? They know in their hearts they can't cut it when it comes to being Holy as HE is Holy, yet they insist on trying to taint HIS Finished Work with their own pitiful attempts. We who are trusting in His Grace alone and realize our good works are only a result of that can look and long for His Appearing without fear because we know the True Score, Praise The Lord. 2Tim.1:7 KJV.
      But that's why so many of them resent us so much and want us to quit beseeching Him to come ASAP and just get back to church business as usual. And for those who believe they must prove their mettle by enduring His coming judgments...well, they are in no hurry either for the obvious reasons. Their only peace lies in things remaining the same--which is not happening--AT ALL! 1Thess.5:4 KJV (and all of that chapter). Blessings and prayers up for all of our loved ones who are not awake to be jarred awake and quickly.

  28. "EGYPTS ERA OF HOPE HAS ENDED" such is the headline of today's CNN analysis article which reminded me of another part of prophecies in Isaiah 19:4 to be fulfilled? (context chapter 19)


    The river Nile is already drying up and stinking all along, the city of Cairo and surroundings drown from garbage and pollution. IDK how anyone would still go on vacation there, it's quite popular and cheap for Europeans especially for sport diving in the Red Sea but even for short term trips. Interesting also Isaiah 19:17 about the "land of JUDAH" (national Israel today) being a "terror unto Egypt" - during tribulation period perhaps? MARANATHA!

  29. Just FYI if anyone still is interested in the Notre Dame fire aftermath I will still post some interesting information into that previous thread if I find any (such as e.g. the HONEY BEE symbolism topic related to the fire). Just check it out... Thank you! :-)

  30. I am sorry to be posting so much here but the following one is very vital information for you also to better understand HOW future will look like especially for those who will be left behind after the rapture. You may then draw your own conclusions from it regarding your loved ones yet unsaved. Please watch the highly informative 1 hour interview and conversation of Jana Ben-Nun with Dr Lorraine Day on the #Israeli News Live YTC entitled "DR LORRAINE DAY REAFFIRMS THE DANGERS OF THE NOAHIDE LAWS" (4/25/2019). I cannot share a link as this video is already being censored for 'unappropriate content' (you see??!) so you have to look for it for yourself. You will get a very good and deep insight into the evil plans of Talmudic Kabbalah Judaists to furthermore burn the New Testament and even ban the whole bible from reading on your own under penalty of death sentence by beheading. Now there you go! MARANATHA!

    1. Dr Days website mentioned in the video contained more of relevant and very needed information:


      Please go and check it out if it is not yet banned in your country! (She says it is already so in the UK...)

  31. Well...it's almost 12:30 pm CST here and per the Torah Cal, we are on Day 21 in the 2nd hour of the First Watch. Don't know if I want to start scanning the news reports or just keep my eyes on the skies and be praying. Whatever visibly comes, or doesn't come--eyes always on Jesus, Amen. Dearly love you ALL and Maranatha!

    1. Praise Report...Guys, I wish I could play the message I just got for you all. I am in tears.
      Re Amy...the cancer they said was in her lungs is NO LONGER cancerous and the other Mass in her Esophagus is NO LONGER life threatening and her outlook has greatly improved to where they are discussing options for very hopeful treatment. And her co-workers have all donated sick-leave hours to her while she goes through all of this so she doesn't lose her paycheck.
      My sister-in-law was so excited and Amy's dad is so relieved and hopeful now and she said that she knows it WAS the Power behind the prayers of this Fellowship at work and she is so grateful to you all and just asks that if you can, please keep Amy in remembrance. I thank you all, too! Dunamis 333 when Testudo is applied!!! The Power behind the power of our prayers when we lock our shields in Faith!!!

    2. Wonderful, Sheila! Thank you, Almighty God and Lord Jesus and Holy Spirit!

      Alla, hello❗


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