Epic Video Series - 5 Major Rapture Signs Are Being Ignored

Darren from Clearlywritten.net has completed his epic video series that pulls together all of the signs we have seen the last several years into one cohesive video series.  That vast amount of information that has been revealed to us is overwhelming and parts of it can easily be forgotten over time.  Darren brings all of those signs back and reveals much more is this series of videos well done, but length videos...

Quite a few people on this site have already gotten all the way through the videos so please share your highlights in the comments below.  Please tell us the timestamp of your key portions of the video so others can easily jump to that location if they are short on time. Shelia was able to watch the videos yesterday and has graciously typed up a brief outline from her notes to share with us.   Here is what she had to say...

Darren Jack @clearlywrittendotnet YTC has put forth his latest research in a two-part presentation containing the many amazing connections and parallels regarding the Heavenly signs and earthly events that have already transpired, or soon will. Whether or not you will agree with all of Darren’s Scriptural interpretation, it is well worth the time to investigate the phenomenal amount of data he has compiled in relation to the Scriptures and the Rev 12 Great Sign. One of the key things Darren finds is that it all points to major events occurring in mid-October of this year, immediately after the Draconid meteor shower/storm of October 8. 

Take it in increments or just dive in, but don’t miss out. He delivers Scripturally on the prophetic significance of so many events that we tend to forget about as we go forward. 

Just a few for example: 
•1989 World Series SF Bay Area Quake 
•2010 Major Quakes in Port au Prince, Haiti, Concepcion, Chile and Christchurch, NZ. 
•Comet conception of 11/17/2016 plus 700 days to the completion of the Rev 12 Sign on 10/17/2018 when Jupiter finishes up in Libra and crowns Alpha Librae. 
•The past and coming Heavenly conjunctions. 
•700 in relation to the Windows of Heaven opening. 
•Temple Mount events of 7/17/2017 and 01/17/2018. 
•02/09/2018 Israel’s prelude to war 
•The Great Shakeout EQ drill planned for 10/18/2018 at 10:18 am that may well be a day late and a dollar short.
•The symbolic message of Justify’s Triple Crown Win on 06/19/2018. And so much more. 

Get your Bible. pen, notebook, some coffee, snacks and be amazed at how our LORD has tied it all together. 

Preview Video: (22 minutes)

5 Major Rapture Signs Are Being Ignored: (176 minutes)

Part 2: (140 minutes)


  1. I worked through these videos over the last couple days and I have great peace about Darren's message. I do not agree with everything (that probably won't occur until after we are Raptured), however the signs he has brought together are undeniable and unmistakable. He has combined the Astronomical Signs, With the Day Counts and Strong's with Scripture References intended to pull together a coherent, understandable work of what is about to transpire. Get your pencil, paper & Bible with a nice cup of coffee and enjoy. Much (though not all) of what he covers has been discussed here in our forum, yet this pulls it all back together to look at as a unit. It was invaluable to me. Enjoy and I can hardly wait to hear your comments. Think Draconids Meteor Storm! Blessings - Sherry

    1. Hi Sherry, I enjoyed the videos very much. I just wanted to tell you that your comments are always a source of inspiration and encouragement and comfort to me. Your level-headed, well thought-out and researched commentary make my day. God bless you always.

  2. Thank you Brad for putting these up! Looking forward to chewing through LOL... The intro video got me hooked already, let's see what we can note so far! Have a blessed (and not too hot) time everybody, watching inside shutters down with an ice cream & the cooling fan running :-)

    1. I just got a weather bulletin on my phone saying that we just experienced the “7th” hottest July in our recorded history here in Central Texas. Imagine that.
      The 7’s and 17’s are really rolling out this year.

  3. Thank you Brad and Sherry. I was on the fence about whether to trek through these videos but Sherry has convinced me to go for it. I know God's warrior was also watching the videos so I'll be curious to see if he has any additional insight.

  4. Justin in answer to your question on the previous thread - These are well worth the time to chew through. He has not "changed" what he's seen previously, but like an incomplete tapestry before - now you are able to see the whole picture. Most of you know I've spent month's studying again the Seals so I'm a nit pick about it. Although he approached it from a hard to maneuver (IMHO) angle, he arrived at the same bottom line as I have - we go up at 6th Seal in a pre-tribulation rapture. This resolves more scriptural "issues" than you can imagine and I believe honors scripture and the nature and character of the Lord. The first 5 Seals are his administrative tools and instruments, not Judgements. All the Seals are operational in the Trib just as we've always believed, its just they don't wait until then to begin. They've been operating since Pentecost. Have we not had Holy Spirit, Wars, Famine, Pestilence and Martyrs throughout the Church Age. An honest answer is certainly, but as with most things they will be far different and more SEVERE during the Trib. Other than that "strange" part, I wouldn't miss these videos for anything. He has tied many videos from other authors and Dan Matson's charts together and given it a cogent, flowing story. It is reasonable and very encouraging. Much of it we've discussed here - but it is far more impactful when seen as a whole. I have seriously considered going back and making a transcript so it becomes searchable for me, but I'm not sure if I have the time or the Spirit's nod to that yet.

    1. Thanks for your great commentary Sherry; I've decided to go for it! Wow if you do feel led to type up a transcript you'll have to send that to Darren - that's a pretty epic undertaking in itself! Looking forward to Jeremiah chiming in as well...blessings!

    2. Sherry I will check out what he has found out about the seals but I'm still cautious about because of the whole prelude in heaven from Revelation 4:1 onward. The saints are NOT in Heaven yet but they MUST be present at the opening of the seals. They lament as no one around is worthy to open the scroll but then comes Jesus! Besides, you would open a letter for yourself AT ONCE i.e. if there are 6 seals on it in a row you start with the first one going on til the last - tak tak tak tak tak tak. You see? The 2nd seal alone implies to have had GLOBAL PEACE before (that is then taken away in Rev6:4) this is a situation that has NEVER occured but only will with the antichrist world leader. I haven't watched yet so far but wanted to throw that in as this is a SCRIPTURAL point of discussion here. Let's continue! Blessings...

      PS: I remember just another 12 (!) Jupiter moons + 1 "oddball" being discovered in May-July 2018 so the total amount is much bigger than 69 just FYI here...

    3. Annabel, I see the opening of the seals as you do, with the Raptured Church present and in the order given. I tried reading them in reverse order as Darren suggested but I got hung up between the 4th seal clearly indicating what would result from the 2nd and 3rd seals. So I couldn’t quite make that work in my mind. Imo, the world has surely been experiencing the elements of the seals to a certain degree, but nothing like when these are opened. And I’ve got to go back and re-listen to his views re the chronology of Revelation 6, 7 and 14 in increments as I got a bit lost on some of that.
      But the prophetic significance of the events data that he’s gathered is simply amazing to look at
      all in one place.
      The EQ connections were especially intriguing to me and may well be pointing to a huge globally felt strike on 10/17/18 as in Heb.12:26-27 and Hag.2:6-9.
      But as for the pre-trib Rapture coinciding with that,
      (and while it is always possible) I’m still compelled to be hopefully looking up daily:-)
      Blessings and Maranatha!

    4. I shall probably never change yours minds, but here goes anyway. Try and look at them without preconception. Seal #1 does not say anything about granting global peace. The Seals are not one off events - They recur throughout history for they are God's tools of administration, beginning with Seal #1 - Holy Spirit. The Seal activity you refer to Annabel is during Jacob's Trouble and it is the counterfeit Seal #1 - global peace instituted or credited to the anti-Christ. Seal #2 never says there was global peace, just "peace is taken from the earth" - the seals don't go global until Jacob's Trouble when they continue and increase as labor pains.

      As for the seals being in a straight line and you have to remove them all before you read the document - that's just not true if you look into how Seals were affixed on Scrolls in the ancient Middle East. They were placed at intervals. One section of the scroll was written and then a seal was placed and that section rolled up - then the next section unrolled and written on and so on. Original scrolls weren't paper or page width, they were wide (think Torah Scrolls).

      Think first of Seal #1 - there must first be an original before there will ever be a counterfeit. Holy Spirit is the original, Satan is the counterfeit. Again, this is not a salvation issue, but many historically in the church have believed and still believe the seal activity began early in the Church Age. The Futurist won the argument so they got more ink. The problem Darrel wrangled with (6th Seal) is what lead him to try and flip Chapter 6 & 7 because Seal #6 is eerily what keeps matching up in both Old and New Testaments with the commencement of the Tribulation. Will those who remain still see the Seals as you imagine - 1,2,3,4,5 - Yes - Could you possibly say what we've seen in scripture and what matches exactly the description of the seals during the Church Age was only a Shadow pattern? Yes, except for Seal #1 - Original first then Counterfeit. Could it be #1 was original & 2-5 were shadow patterns of what's coming - absolutely? The truth is we don't know and we can learn a lot more if we don't impose our preconceived ideas on the text. I know - I did it for years. If you don't want to see it - Holy Spirit won't insist.

      Again, those who espouse a 6th Seal Rapture are Pre-Trib believers (for the most part) including myself. We've always been taught Pre-Trib means we go up at Chapter 4 - and they use the 24 Elders to "prove" it. Majority scholarly opinion today is the 24 Elders are Divine Beings, not human Elders and there are pages to show why. Think of the Rapture occuring at Seal #6, Chapter 6 & being seen before the Throne in Chapter 7. Perfectly Chronological, no fits, starts and jumps & you don't have Trib Saints appearing before the throne twice with the Church never explicitly mentioned. What happened to Here Comes the Bride - don't you think we'd at least get a glimpse of a mention? Seal 6 is Wrath - this resolves the Pre, Mid & Pre-Wrath argument - we're all correct. There's no need to make it harder than a plain reading makes it - which is exactly what Darrell did. His scenario fits perfectly with the set-up I and many, many others have described. I know how hard it is to see - I fought it a long time.

      Sheila - so right, it is absolutely astounding when you see it all put together - even though it did take me sessions over 2 days to listen to it all. I'm still praying about the transcript, but not committed to it yet.

      Blessings - My Dear Family and Friends - Sherry

    5. Sherry, I agree in the seals 1-2 are not about global peace or taking it away global peace until the time of Jacob's Trouble.

      "Again, those who espouse a 6th Seal Rapture are Pre-Trib believers (for the most part) including myself"
      I see things this way, too.
      Course, I haven't studied this because my head begins to hurt as in reading the pre- and mid, and post-trib viewpoints! When I read Hillary MC's article at Unsealed, I felt excitement at the idea that this made sense to me. It so goes against the grain tho they it is hard to see as so.

    6. @Sherry Dear just real quick as I'm very tired from heat today and watching about 1 hr pretty concentrated: 1) The "peace" being TAKEN in Rev6:4 implies being PRESENT before, this is just from logic. As the seals are all GLOBAL this peace must also be. Up to now, we only have local / regional foreshadowing of everything described but never a global situation in everything. 2) The 24 "elders" cannot be 'divine' (you mean angels then or what do you mean with that, 24 portions of God?) because if you mean angels they wouldn't sit on THRONES like it is promised to the 12 TRIBES of Israel = Matthew 19:28 and the CHURCH only = Revelation 3:21 (12 apostles which would make 24 altogether from OT+NT) and angels don't wear CROWNS either 1 Peter 5:4 / James 1:12 etc. Angels are Gods SERVANTS and they will then serve the same to us. Hebrews 1:13-14 and 3) please show me an ancient scroll that is sealed in sections only as I could find NO single ancient example or description for that practice on the internet or some expert who could explain this. Please provide with some resource to prove that, thank you! Blessings, good night...

    7. Another problem re the 24 elders being divine as Gary points out in his latest article @unsealed is found in Rev.5:6-9 as they fell down before the Lamb and sung a new song, saying, Thou art worthy to take the book, and to open the seals thereof: for thou wast slain, and hast redeemed US to God by thy blood out of every kindred, and tongue, and people, and nation;
      Since only human beings are redeemed by the blood of the Lamb, they must represent the Saints
      who are present for the opening of the seals. Unless there are some other beings redeemed by the blood that I don’t know about, I just can’t see it any other way.

    8. KJV is in the minority position on the translation of Verse 9 & 10 – Only 3 Translations including KJV render the passage as Redeemed Us to God, Made Us unto God and We shall Reign.  Ten other Translations - LEB, Phillips, NIV, Amp, NASB, ESV, CJB, OJB, ISV (inserted by the author with note it is not in the original) and NET Bible all render it as “Redeemed Man” or “Mankind”, “Made them” and “They shall Reign”.  If this translation error had not existed, no one would have considered the 24 Elders as representatives of the Church.

      Dr. Walvoord, at Dallas Baptist Seminary, states regarding the issue - "If KJV is correct, the 24 Elders must represent the church or saints in general (allegorically). If their song is impersonal, as in the NIV, and they simply are singing that Christ is the Redeemer of all men, it opens the possibility that the 24 Elders could be angels, though it does not expressly affirm it.”

      Both Metzger and Fruchtenbaum agree the Elders are Divine Beings and not Glorified Saints Raptured from earth, yet they still hold the pre-Tribulation view. The view simply cannot be supported by using the 24 Elders as evidence.  The KJV translation in this instance is no longer the main-stream scholarly position.

      In Every Passage the question has been two-fold. Who is worthy [1] to Take the Book and [2] to Open the Seals? It has been urgent, these 2 things be accomplished. Why is it reasonable to propose He has now taken the Book and ignored the Seals for 2,000 years? The entire battle plan and the tools with which to implement it, along with the Title Deed to the Earth are contained in the Book/Scroll The Covenant, for the Redemption of Mankind and the Earth and Animals is in the Scroll, not merely Judgements.

    9. These heavenly thrones are for powerful angelic beings, not humans, so there may not be any special significance to the number that we can understand.

       Easley, K. H. (1998). Revelation (Vol. 12, p. 76). Nashville, TN: Broadman & Holman Publishers.

      The twenty-four elders are an otherwise unknown class of heavenly beings created for the express purpose of worshiping God in his heavenly court. The apostle Peter may have had them in mind when he wrote that Jesus “has gone into heaven and is at God’s right hand—with angels, authorities and powers in submission to him” (1 Pet. 3:22). The creatures must have appeared to John as old human males, for that is what elder means. For heavenly creatures to be dressed in white—garments of purity—is not unusual. The heavenly beings connected with the resurrection and ascension of Jesus—variously called men or angels—wore white (Mark 16:5; John 20:12; Acts 1:10). Apart from the conquering Lord, these are the only beings in heaven with crowns of gold on their heads (see Rev. 14:14). Here, the crowns certainly suggest the power and majesty of these creatures. John saw what they do with their crowns later in the chapter

       Easley, K. H. (1998). Revelation (Vol. 12, p. 76). Nashville, TN: Broadman & Holman Publishers.

    10. The best resource for seeing the 24 Elders as Members of Yahweh's Divine Council, meaning they are spirit beings who have been part of God's heavenly court since before the earth was created is The Unseen Realm, by Michael Heiser. He has published a peer reviewed book which compiles the teachings of previous authors back to the Church's early Fathers. We see these beings (Presbuteros ) which can mean men or divine beings in its own definition, throughout scripture. They are the Rulers of the Nations on God's behalf - from the Table of Nations. We see the thrones being arranged as the Judicial Body in Daniel 7:9. They were at Sinai (myriads of holy ones, at his right hand a fiery law for them) from the Traditional (Masoretic Hebrew Text. The point is throughout the OT Yahweh had an "entourage" called the Divine Council. His book describes, in detail w/Scripture references the instances.

      Many of the Divine Council transgressed, "went their own way" and sought the worship for themselves and they are recognized in Psalm 89:5,7 the qedoshim "holy ones" as God's council. Yes, qedoshim can also refer to man, but the context clearly shows these are divine beings - not angels (messengers) but divine as to their place of residence. They seem to fit more with Paul's definition of Principalities and Powers. We have unnecessarily declared everything who surrounds Yahweh in his entourage as angels. A more precise term would be Divine Beings until we know their job title. Angels are messengers, not principalities, powers, Council Members. Then they are chastised in Psalm 82 for their disobedience. Heiser - "The rule of the gods will be ended when the Most High reclaims the nations he once disinherited. Daniel 7 makes clear that Yahweh's loyal divine and human families will share that rule." Already done, but not yet. Mankind will displace the fallen divine, but it has not occurred at Rev 4. It's a fascinating read and peer reviewed, multiple layers. We all get to the same place, but we have our cart before our horse with the 24 Elders being described as humans at that point.

    11. The "where are the Seals placed" argument goes way back. I first saw it form Hal Lindsey, but there are others. I've included a link to Philologos where they sight Hal Lindsey's assertion and they disagree with his, and others, belief it was sealed on the inside. I used this particular link so you could have one link to see both sides of the argument. https://philologos.org/bpr/files/s006.htm Just because we have never heard or considered a particular angle of inquiry, doesn't mean it hasn't been debated ad nauseum by others. I hope I am not on this earth long enough to reach any point where I can claim I have it all figured out, because then I would be numbered among those who will be pulled down from their high and lofty perch. I continually read, study and investigate the claims I read about in hopes of finding one grain or nugget which would enhance my testimony regarding Jesus - the Christ. Am I successful? Sometimes, but certainly not always and I'm okay with that. Blessings - Sherry

    12. Sherry, I just want to say that I do very much appreciate you sharing your views and the vast amount of studying that you so obviously do. I’ve learned a lot of excellent things from you, Sister, but I will say most of that has been from your heart perspective rather than a doctrinal one.
      I so hope you take that in the spirit that it is meant.
      If there is one thing I have learned over these years, it’s that there are as many different doctrinal views as there are Bible scholars and my library is full of that. So a long time ago I decided to go back where I started with just me and the Scriptures, take it just as it is written, as literally as possible and try to rightly divide through prayer and faith. My preference of the KJV is based on the extraordinary circumstances under which I received my first copy of that. I trust it’s sufficiency as the Word that’s gotten me safe thus far and nothing more complicated than that. So much yet to be clarified I should think to a humble and open-jawed congregation in the unimaginable Glory Days to come. Can’t wait to meet you and all of this family there in His Mighty Presence:-)
      Blessings and yes, Maranatha!

    13. Dear Sherry if Dr. Michael Heiser is your "go to" man well then I understand why we have to disagree. I have not yet identified him as my brother in Christ so how could I ever learn such things from him that only the Holy Spirit can teach me?

    14. I have checked out Hal Lindsey too. As a non-US citizen, I'm not familiar with many of "your" teachers you (the US brethren in general) follow and I'm sceptic about most of, no offense. But I was ever so often confirmed about being sceptic. This is what I found about Hal Lindsey, makes him not really a reliable source to me: http://www.rapidnet.com/~jbeard/bdm/exposes/lindsey/lindsey.htm Sometimes I ask myself "Can't you SEE THIS?" Hmmm... MARANATHA!

    15. Sherry - loved your comments above, and happy that there is someone else in the group that has a similar perspective to me...the black sheep of the family always feels more comfortable being a twin! 😁

    16. Annabel, imo that
      hatchet piece on Hal Lindsey is probably more garbage than anything. It’s easy to find that kind of hate-filled tripe on the internet on just about any Gospel Preacher of note, especially those preaching Salvation by Grace through Faith alone. Your opinion of the US part of the Christian Family incl. “most” of our teachers has been made quite obvious and that’s your prerogative, but unless Heaven is as sparsely populated as you seem to think it will be, you’re gonna be spending eternity with a lot of us “dumb” Americans.
      I love you and pray for you everyday, but
      it’d sure be nice if you could see your way to quit picking us apart at every chance. If our Lord had his hand in our birth, then we are what we are, are we not? And it is He that chooses the members of His family, not us.
      Be blessed in Christ —just as we are.

    17. Dear Sheila, much appreciated... You still might not yet have recognized that my doubts about most of contemporary preachers and teachers is not a flatout 'hatred' but just CAUTION. I'm not quite an emotional type of person but try to prove everything by scripture ALONE - especially in these days of endtime and utter decline, not only in the US nation but simply EVERYWHERE. In fact, I do not rely on men in my learning at all but prove everything they say in the Holy Spirit. If this might be some kind if disturbing to you, there is no problem from scripture as well because that's just the way Jesus told it would happen. John 15:18-20 You might be perhaps surprised who will eventually get into heaven and who will not (from the preachers and teachers list)... I for my part am already surprised that I myself will be there. Blessings to you, MARANATHA!

    18. Annabel, TY and not disturbed at all by the fact that all teachings should be compared with Scripture through prayer and discernment. But I truly think caution should run both ways before passing on such maligning articles. Check out the source that’s trashing another source. The guy that wrote that has a pretty sordid and strange occultic past per his own personal testimony and who knows what failures he’s had post-Salvation. I’ve probably read every major Hal Lindsey work and never saw even a hint of the psycho-babble or ecumenicalism he’s been charged with in that article. I’ve been watching and reading his weekly reports for years which always involve world events and prophetic updates with a close focus on Israel and sharing the Gospel invitation. And he’s still at it going on 90 yrs of age.
      He introduced untold numbers to the prophetic significance of Israel
      in The Late Great Planet Earth many years ago. It was and still might be the 2nd best selling book in the world after the Bible. And I trust he’s another imperfect sinner saved by Grace just like the rest of us are.
      Blessings to you as well:-)

  5. I promise I will give my thoughts on these videos soon as we are all seeing things from many different perspectives and as a family we are working together all having different pieces and now seeing many of them come together piece by piece but I also feel in my spirit that there is something more that can be learned from this amazing and wonderful video of many of Gods wonderful signs and events being tied together as a whole but I feel like not only can we learn something new from these videos but I think there is an even deeper vision to be discovered from this I am not finished but I am humbled by the beauty and amazement of our Heavenly
    Father these signs steming from rev 12 JUST JAW DROPPING and I pray for guidence with finishing these videos and also going back through and I am taking notes as well as there is a wealth of nuggets here and many from this amen ....

    1. Good stuff man, no rush at all. I knew you were watching the videos and I value your thoughts. Take your time finishing up and soaking it in and letting the Holy Spirit speak to you through the videos! Even if it takes a while longer no big deal at all

    2. Brother Justin I took today off of work so I can take my time and go through the videos and see if I can dig deeper into this study , i stand in agreement with sister Sherry and will report back when I finish taking it all in prayers for you and my entire family here maranatha ....

    3. Justin thank you again I pray over this new information and I sm a little bit slow as everyone knows so I thank you for extra time to soak it all in brother stay blessed I love you all amen ..

    4. While I am digging into this study I have a question for everyone ok I use the KJV but I know that many use other versions like the NIV ESV ect .. can anyone tell me doesnt the diff versions change words from the original and the KJV is the closest to the original and I have heard alot about the greek and hebrew but I am assuming the "original" Word of God was written in hebrew ??? Then translated yes or no ?

    5. Gods Warrior.... I am a ESV guy and many of the pastors I trust most are as well. Here is a snippet from a Grace to You article by John MacArthur.


      "The most popular dynamic-equivalency translations, which dominate the evangelical world, are the New International Version (NIV), Today’s New International Version (TNIV), The Message (MSG), The Living Bible (TLB), the Good News Bible (GNB), and the New Living Translation (NLT). Of those, the NIV is the most reliable.

      The NIV was completed in 1978. Its translators did not attempt to translate strictly word for word, but aimed more for equivalent ideas. As a result, the NIV doesn’t follow the exact wording of the original Greek and Hebrew texts as closely as the King James Version and New American Standard Bible versions do. Nevertheless, it can be considered a faithful translation of the original texts, and its lucid readability makes it quite popular, especially for devotional reading.

      The four most popular formal equivalency translations in English are the King James Version (KJV), the New King James Version (NKJV), the New American Standard Bible (NASB), and the English Standard Version (ESV).

      The KJV is the oldest of the four and continues to be the favorite of many. It is known as the Authorized Version of 1611 because King James I approved the project to create an authoritative English Bible. Although it contains many obsolete words (some of which have changed in meaning), many people appreciate its dignity and majesty. The NKJV is a similar translation, taken from the same group of ancient manuscripts, that simply updates the archaic language of the KJV.

      The NASB, completed in 1971 and updated in 1995, is a revision of the American Standard Version of 1901. It is a literal translation from the Hebrew and Greek languages that incorporates the scholarship of several centuries of textual criticism conducted since the original KJV. It quickly became a favorite translation for serious Bible study.

      The ESV is the most recent translation, which stands firmly in the formal equivalency tradition. It is a very solid translation in updated language that aims to reproduce the beauty of the KJV. The result is one of the most poetic and beautifully structured versions that maintains a high degree of accuracy and faithfulness to the original languages."

    6. As a note.... the Dynamic-Equivalency versions (NIV, MSG, NLT, etc) are more thought for thought. While the Formal Equivalency versions (KJV, NASB, ESV) are more word for word. When I first became a Christian I read the NLT, but as my Bible study's became deeper and my understanding of just how precise God is with each and every word, and its order....I moved to the ESV as the other versions lost too much detail when they tried to make it easy to read. I have a hard time with much of the KJV due to the old time words, but find that the ESV is usually very true the original yet still pretty easy to read with our modern English. Use the BlueLetterBible app or website if you ever want to dig down to the original Hebrew (OT) or Greek (NT) words. There you will find much deeper meaning and connections that aren't always clear in any of the modern translations. Hope that helps!

    7. This is probably an oversimplified view of Bible translations but here goes...

      First and foremost, I strongly believe that most translations today are good for reading and study. If you like your KJV I'd say keep using it! I believe the ESV, NIV, NKJV, NASB, and more are good translations as well. I personally think the more "modern" translations I just listed are easier to understand as they're translated to modern English as opposed to Old English, but that's just my opinion. KJV-only advocates like Robert Breaker would disagree.

      Getting into the more nitty gritty, the Old Testament was written in Hebrew and the New Testament for the most part was written in Greek, the language of the day. Every English translation we have today was translated from handwritten copies (called manuscripts) of the original writings; and there were MANY copies made.

      The 1611 KJV was translated from a compilation of Greek manuscripts called the Textus Receptus, which was compiled in the 1500s. Other English translations like the NKJV also translate from the Textus Receptus. But most modern English translations are translated from much older manuscripts than the Textus Receptus compilation, often called the Alexandrian manuscripts, dating back to the 300s I believe.

      Basically, advocates for the more modern translations (ESV, NIV, etc) say that since they're translating from older manuscripts, they will be closer in accuracy to the original writings, so they are the best. Many KJV-only advocates believe those older Alexandrian manuscripts are corrupt and that the Textus Receptus is more superior and pure. Personally? I believe translations are by nature not a perfect science, you can nitpick supposed flaws with any translation, KJV or otherwise. A lot of very well-researched, scholarly work goes into the translations of Bibles, and any possible differences are inconsequential and nitpicky at best. There are definitely no significant changes or doctrinal differences between the translations (and again, I know many KJV-only advocates would disagree, but I'm not going to get into all that). There's a whole lot more I could say about textual criticism (the study of Bible translations) but the bottom line is, I would say find a major translation of your liking, KJV or otherwise, and stick with it!

      And as a tiny sidenote, some versions of the BIble are paraphrases, like the NLT and The Message. Meaning they are not word-for-word but thought-for-thought (or phrase for phrase) translations. These are generally not regarded for serious Bible study but I think they're fine for basic devotional reading.

      That was probably a more thorough answer than what you were looking for, but I hope it helps!

    8. Oh wow Brad definitely beat me to the punch lol. Like Brad, the ESV is also my translation of choice!

    9. Thank you so much Brad and Justin that helped me so much!

    10. Thank you Brad. I have tried to look into this regarding Bible versions and I guess become inundated. So, I appreciate this synopsis.
      And, yours too Justin.

    11. Love the KJV, grew up on it, BUT one of the now recognized translation errors in the KJV relates to the 24 elders discussion - our vs mankind, . Like Brad, I most often now use ESV, but check many translations to be sure who is proposing what and why. KJV is superior in their Day of Christ vs Day of the Lord translation in 2 Thessalonians 2:2. My bottom line - I'm not proud - I'll use any and every tool and my disposal and then lay it before Holy Spirit to the very best of my human ability for Him to direct me. I hear people scoff and say - Translation? Who cares they're all the same. No they are not and most have their place. Words are important. Blessings - Sherry

    12. Im an NASB reader...Jeramiah - my personal opinion is to avoid the message (MSG) and 'Passion' 'bibles' as the 'thought for thought' errs significantly in many areas, and too many people turn them into genuine Bibles, which they are not.

    13. Thanks everyone I use a KJV bible i also have a NIV bible but mainly have used my KJV but sometimes the NIV helps i go back and forth and alwaya pray about it , I brought the question up cause im referencing some of the things in the video cross referncing rather and everything is lining up good other then the seals order backwards , im now focusing on the 700 and a few other things and for anyone watching the videos part two about 1 hour and 40 minutes in is where Jupiter crowning libra is mentioned along with when it finishes october 17th as Venus shows up along with the sun and mercury and sun is right with spika meaning grapes and oct 8th is the dracanoids shower like 8 or 9 days before .... still studying but everything is so amazing .... maranatha

    14. Strangely on october 17th 1989 was the first major earthquake on telivision during the world series

    15. Brad, I'm not a voice anyway regarding English translations LOL :) but I just heard Robert Breaker say in the sermon "Are you balanced?" that #especially# the NIV is the worst of all (!) as it has not only meaning of words altered but also complete verses missing. He also mentioned that it was translated by the coworking of two homosexuals (what could explain the serious alteration). Perhaps you should check that out?

    16. Annabel and all, not looking to jump into this ring, per se. Loved the info so far, very aware that NIV is VERY suspect, at least, without question in certain verses, as you mention. A 'bit of leaven' describes the entire loaf, true, so best to always have THAT thought at hand when using that tool.

    17. Agree on the NIV - I look at it, but I've found too many suspect points. Breaker is a KJV only guy and I know many I respect, but I think that is being very short sighted. The Dead Sea Scrolls information was not available when the KJV was translated and that is a huge confirmation and breakthrough for many points of translation dispute. Heiser and Fruchtenbaum are my go-to people for Old Testament especially and MUCH of the New Testament is a restatement of the Old. If you get the Old right, the New is pretty clear because of the Greek and its specificity. Blessings - Sherry

    18. FYI... Just my 2 cents, and hopefully helpful to some. At www.biblegateway.com you can add a parallel translation to see them side by side. After you search on a passage there is a symbol between the settings and speaker symbol that will allow you to add the parallel version. Handy to have when studying online...

    19. Jeramiah, what has already been said above is excellent info, imho. I might add a couple thoughts. Reading any translation will help you get the idea of the passage, but will rarely give you all the nuances of the passage. This is because a word in hebrew or greek may have been used very differently than in english. Notice how the word nice in english has several meanings: kind, like nice guy, good quality like nice shirt, particular like nice taste, and so on. Now normally context is all we need to understand the correct meaning, but with the Bible context is not so cut and dry. There are layers of context. And we have no idea what all the meanings of the original word conveyed. Those extra meanings can give us more context. I am trying not to make this long and complicated so I will stop. Because of this, it is extremely valuable to look up original words and figure out the other connections that the original language would have made that is nearly impossible in a modern translation. Every word in the Bible has been give a number. This is called Strongs number. This is a super awesome tool to help you make those connections.

      blueletterbible.org is my favorite resource for this.

      I prefer NASB over other translations, but I often use NIV, KJV, and Amplified, The Message, and David Bentley Hart's translation of the New Testament, just because it helps me to see how other scholars have translated/transliterated/paraphrased the verse.

  6. Yes, thank you for this data on translations, esp, Brad, your overview of Dynamic-Equivalency vs. Formal Equivalency versions definitions and snapshot of which-is-which, thanks! Gods warrior, Justin's comment,

    "Getting into the more nitty gritty, the Old Testament was written in Hebrew and the New
    Testament for the most part was written in Greek, the language of the day"

    leads me to revisit/unpack that a bit around Abba's Awesomeness, pre-work, meticulousness and Sovereignty and to add some 'why' to the 'what'.

    Galatians 4:4 tells us 'Wen the time had fully come, God sent his Son...'. Perhaps this could be reframed as, when 'The Lord had Completed His Preparation and the Fullness of that moment arrived, ...' In short, what were those preparations which came to completion? Well, for starters, The Romans broke the geography barrier to the spread of the Gospel by laying roads from the ME to London, and, Alexander The Great spent a lot of blood and treasure convincing the ME to ALL LEARN GREEK, dealing with the language barrier issue, voila! The Fullness of Time THEN had come and the OT is in Hebrew for the children of Abraham and the NT is in Greek, for all else. Once again, the NT being as the OT but delivered relationally, it is only consistent that Our Lord (1) had them all learn a common tongue and then, (2) had the NT written in THAT, Maranatha!

    1. And, of course, as it relates to us, now, be encouraged that the Lord Who Threaded THAT needle across the AGES will be no less Diligent and True as He Works to Close THIS age. As intimidatingly huge as the idea of the roads of the Roman Empire and the passion of Alexander to have everyone saying 'It's all Greek to me' seems to us folks, we know Our Lord Masters such. Likewise, be encouraged that He Who Has Done this wonderful Work in Eons past is no less Able, Diligent or Attentive now and He Is Pulling those details Together, RIGHT NOW! Maranatha!

    2. Jimboni, what do you imagine will happen if a projected major Hurricane Hector smacks into The Big Island/ Kilauea in the next 5 or 6 days. Per @mbb333, it would be an unprecedented event.

    3. Sheila B., what? Excuse me? Uhm, are Mothra and/or Godzilla also expected to be in the area at that time? A Certifiable Cornucopia of Cascading Catastrophes, Batman!!! Oh my! Oh my! Oh my! My antennae went up the instant I read your Q and, upon opening the Box, Oh my! Let me get back to you on this one. Keep an eye on this same Blessed channel, Maranatha!

    4. Sheila B. & Family, Oh my! There are layers upon layers in this situation and Sheila B. having asked it of me, here. In gamer’ terms, every single one is Epic. I am writing this offline to honor the work and the Holy Spirit’s Lead is so thick I can hardly breath, in a Good Way. My huge-est challenge is stifling the urge to start posting NOW so it will likely be in a few parts, eeek.

      Your mention of this is the 1st I heard. I haven’t verified it or went to the site or know anything about it but what you asked. Context first, always. Kilauea. Do you remember? A while ago, when it first erupted on the scene, we were falling all over ourselves analyzing; including a gematria/Strong’s analysis I did. I don’t recall which thread it was on but its back there somewhere (Brad, can we search such things easily?)

      To remind all, the gist of it was that Kilauea IS HIS MESSAGE to ALL that, on one hand, an encouragement (for Watchers) that regardless of ebbs and flows in the noticed contractions, a DELIVERY IS UNDERWAY concerning Gentiles and for ALL being brought to ‘SOBERNESS by this CONFRONTATION, especially the pagan spirit Principal. Nothing in the News lately? Really. Watched any Kilauea videos on YT? On the Hebrew side we saw Bondage and Dreadful portents arising. It Is VERY IMPORTANT WE REVISIT THIS RIGHT NOW so trust my reviewing it here.

      So, there you had it. A nice, neat little message, complete, internally sound and chilling. SOBERNESS. A SIGN. OMEN FOR HEBREWS. Got it. We set it on the shelf and, likely, it was filed and basically forgotten. Jesus’ and Our Abba’s PERSONAL MESSAGE in many ways TO US WATCHER as well as the larger World slipped our minds, to some degree. Then, of course, we all increase the prayer crescendo, “Lord, give us a SIGN!” “Are you really coming NOW?!” Switch shoes here, Family, if YOU were on the OTHER end of this back-and-forth, Stirring the pot with one hand while being beset by prayers for a message on the other, WHAT might YOU DO, HMMMM? To be concluded, next post…

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. OK. Let’s try and simplify. 1. Our Lord will NOT Tolerate being ignored, period, especially when the ignoring is being done by those beseeching Him to Do what they are ignoring. 2. Especially in the ET, under ANY circumstances, period; 3 In said situation, Being Unchanging, HE TURNS UP THE VOLUME. 4. Meanwhile, you wanted EXTERNAL confirmation that the Strong’s unpack was REAL and not Christian-ese contrivance preordained to do so, along with confirmations, encouragements, in general? 5 Which comes packaged in a way that, really, ONLY WATCHERS WILL GET? And 6 and, in Doing so, ADDS THE PROPHETIC MISSING PIECES, as so often happens, where Prophecy is ONLY applicable LATER, when MORE IS REVEALED? Are you getting jumpy yet???!!! Oh My!

      OK. So, I’m diving in, as usual. Fire up Gematrinator.com for HECTOR. J246 and E366. Google Strong’s #### and off we go, let’s see if anything is here. Oh my. Hmmm. That looks FAMILIAR? Oh my.


      Now I am wondering if it is spelled correctly as I just got it from Sheila B.’s post but don’t really care because even if misspelled the MESSAGE IS TO US, HERE, NOW. I was then lead to dive in to { HECTOR and KILUEAU }, allow me.

      { HECTOR } and { KILUEAU }:
      J246: H246: a manacle; G246: of another race
      E366: G366: a return to soberness; H366: dreadful, terrible

      Again, for Gentile, a RETURN to SOBERNESS and the impending change, so great, as to being born, OR BORN ANEW, is like unto becoming OF ANOTHER RACE: a bloody and glorious process as pictured in the natural. The “RETURN” part speaks to several sub ideas but on the top is process, roots, what comes from below/beneath/origins and an ONGOING PROCESS. For the Hebrew we see BONDAGE and an OMEN OF TERRIBLE THINGS. Well now comes along HECTOR and his CALLING CARD IS EXACTLY THE SAME IN CASE YOU MISSED IT THE FIRST TIME. Stay tuned, …

    7. Wow, Jimboni, and precisely why I put that question in your corner. Spelling is correct and this is the “8th” Tropical Cyclone to carry that name. Per TWC, the more northward it tracks, the bigger the direct threat to HI and several models are forecasting that northward bend, so keep after it.

    8. It just now hits me that the videos prompting this idea are titled: 5 Rapture Signs That Are Being IGNORED. (drops head, wipes forehead, “man.”) Dear Father, Precious Lord, Forgive US, though we do not deserve, and thank you (Psalm 37:24) that we are your Children (John 1:12), and your Friends (John 15:15), Praise You Above All, amen. Weep, catch breath…

      { Hector and Kilauea }
      J537: G537: all, the whole; H537: feeble
      E787: H787: a foundation; G787: an assarion (coin=1/10 drachma)

      As most of you will now FULLY understand, both in terms of definition and why and how to apply it here, this calls for Parallelism. Can you say “Sovereign Foundations” are just found, again, within our Watch? I KNEW you could! 😊

      While a Theologian, I am also a Poet, so, in this case, my spirit is called to soar out across this tapestry the other way. Safely, IMHO, coming from the obvious certainty of this as a REITERATION and an EXPOUNDING UPON the SAME Message Delivered Earlier, AND EVER SINCE (!!!), the IMMINENT NEXT EVENT (Rapture, Transformation, WHATEVUH!), whereby the KEY ELEMENTS we ALL LONG FOR WILL OCCUR, will be, for the Sons & Daughters of Abraham, an event FOUNDATIONAL to HIS PLANS FOR THEM to EXPOSE THEIR FALSE “JEW”-ISH IDOLATRY & TRUE ‘lord’, and RETURN HIS CHOSEN TO HIMSELF while, in the MIDST of it all, the response, though contrived by 70 Rabbis, shall be FEEBLE.

      Meanwhile, back at the Ranch, Family, Oh my. Remember, this is the TWINS TOGETHER!

      G537: all, the whole; : hapas: ALL, THE WHOLE (34) “For the Gentiles seek after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them ALL*.” (Matt 6:32, ESV);
      "and they were unaware until the flood came and swept them ALL away, SO WILL BE THE COMING OF THE SON OF MAN." (Matt 24,39, ESV, emph mine) !!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND 32 more!!!!!!!

      * 7 “For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work. Only he who now restrains it will do so until he is (ALL; THE WHOLE) out of the way.” (2 Thess 2:7, ESV, insert mine).

      Family. Church. Take a breath. He is SAYING this is IT this time, NOW. NOW. Now. THE WHOLE MUGILLAH. ALL. The WHOLE. Repeat, out loud, with me. Don’t be shy, He’s tired of being IGNORED. Ready? “ALL MEANS ‘ALL’! MARANATHA! PRAISE YOU! LORD! AMEN”
      And if you set this back on the shelf and don’t start, RIGHT NOW, to LIVE LIKE IT IS TOMORROW, then HE WILL NOT BE PLEASED.

    9. And THAT, Brother, is an admonition I am so ready to take to heart. Any moment and every moment. TY for being at the ready! Blessings and Maranatha!!!

    10. Wow. Sorry for that abrupt polymorph into an Old Time Southern Baptist but just layin’ out as it’s comin’ off the Wire. Family. Pray. Repent. Rejoice. Fast a meal. Pray again. I don’t have a clue and neither do you. Fortunately, HE HAS ALL THE CLUES and He’s giving them as requested 😊 Make sure and get yours, continually.

      What? You thought I overlooked that penny on the curb? I am reminded of a message given once by my Pastor, Steve Sjogren, author of Conspiracy of Kindness: A Unique Approach to Sharing The Love of Jesus, who was the Pastor the Lord strongly used to bring myself and My Wife, Collen, into and through our early Love Affair with Our Lord. Very Sweet times, mmm. He told a picture, within The Lord’s walk with him, involving ‘value’. He told of a moment, when gazing upon a discarded and overlooked penny, the ideas of money, measures of worth. A penny, being, in essence, no different than a million $, in its nature, only amount. In penny form, not worth picking up; in millions? Killing and Dying for. Pastor Steve was Told by Our Lord that WE ARE HIS PENNYS and HE ALWAYS STOOPS OVER, PICKS US UP AND PUTS US INTO HIS POCKET. I cannot recall exactly, but Pastor Steve felt Directed, from that moment, to start collecting ALL THE PENNIES which he saw on the street, and it was only, at most a month or two, as I recall. When he lifted the container of pennies onto the pastern, it was larger than a sizable flower pot. I would love to know the number (go figure!), but it was huge. The Lord’s Object Lesson was CLEAR.

      SO, here WE are. Pennies on the ground. Eagerly hoping some eager youngster spies us out and snatches us up into his pockets! Not a one of us adds up to more than a ‘tenth a loaf’ as they used to say. Still, if a face can launch a thousand ships, then what for a penny? A penny for your thoughts? And if the complete, sum total of everything we can add to any of it adds up to not even a tenth of a hundredth, what of it? Still (conspiratorial, sly smile), a penny, is, IN ESSENCE, no different than a million $, right? Well, well, well, if a miss is as good as a mile the a ‘tenth a penny’ ticket is what you need to ride, I GOT MINE RIGHT HERE AND SO DO YOU, MARANATHA! Take it out and look at it. No, the other side, not the volcano side, yeah, the one with the storm on it. See? Right there, it says, “Ticket to RIDE”, MARANATHA!

    11. P.S. In my flight with His Spirit and my personal frailty I've probably use at least 3 spellings of "Kilauea" which is the correct one and the one still sitting over in my Gematrinator.com tab. In re-reading my post and wading through the inevitable missed 'oops' I was laughing so hard as I kept stumbling across another version of it. Surely a Freudian disrespect for such carnal things at work here, no? Forgive me and I just wanted to verify and assure you my numbers were checked, to His Glory, Maranatha! Love to hear thoughts and maybe Brad makes into a page? (That was NOT an elbow.) Love to ALL, :)

    12. Sheila and Jimboni, I sense your excitement and exuberance and share it. When I begged for these videos to be put up, it was with our Family in mind. I heard so many things we had already touched upon in previous "flights of the Gematrinator" and other astronomical, volcanic and earthquake events I was bouncing off the walls. This is why I'm still struggling with the need, for me at least, to transcribe what he says because I believe we could find our discussions tie into MOST of what he's pointing to. I saw this as some new information certainly, but mostly a confirmation of what we've seen and discussed.

      Interestingly, for years now I've been led to pick up "change" including pennies as I came across them. The message to my Spirit was, they all have value, I care about everyone and everything. Zechariah 4:10 - . . . do not despise meager beginnings. My father called them angels - pick up the angels. Angels = messengers. My spirit lifted when you spoke of a similar teaching. Blessings All - We are going Home - Is Darren's summation of 10/17/2018 a Sign or an Event? I don't know, but it's important. Sherry

    13. From the fiery furnaces and the mighty winds to the precious pennies lost and found, I am in remembrance of Job5:8-9.
      8)I would seek unto God, and unto God would I commit my cause:
      9)Which doeth great things and unsearchable; marvelous things without number:

    14. I am onboard! Speaking of onboard... did anyone discuss the plane crash yet? Flight 2431. All 103 were safe and they were calling it a miracle....

      Strongs 2431 greek - cheerful, hebrew - a location east of the Jordan

      Strongs 103 greek -- to sing, hebrew - to gather

      Just my little nugget, penny to add to the collection plate.

    15. Everyone's input is a Treasure! Sheila B., a bell rang in my spirit when reading 'marvelous things without NUMBER' HA! esp as relates to the ASARION coin and, by implications, the sizable WHOLE...NUMBER, Maranatha! (Revelation 4:6) Miguel P, loved your closing Flourish and thing you likely started something, or maybe Sheila B., above you?

  7. The most compelling idea I drew from the first video so far were the parallels between the three stars / planets MERCURY VENUS & MARS and their post-Rev12-sign conjunctions with Jupiter and the 3 angels from Revelation 14 with their individual messages.

    I remembered these messages - judgement, Babylon, mark of the beast - also being the most prominent warnings being promoted throughout the last couple of years in church to everybody now so this is a type of announcement and foreshadowing of things to come to me. The foolish virgins being left behind surely might somehow recall that warning but I'm not sure if this might help as I strongly believe them to go into the category of deceived and lost according to 2Thess2:10-12.

    Anyways, the three planets cannot be those from Rev14 exact because if the word is "angels" there will be literal angels (and not some planets) preaching in mid-heaven but the IMAGE is like with Rev12:1 depicted in the stars already BEFORE it happens. (...TBC...)

  8. Thank you for all your posts here! It's great really to me! Making thoughts! And to this issue about the Seals and the Elders there's a new Unseald by Gary "Who Are The 24 Elders?" Going to read now carefully. Blessings to all! Hope to see you all very soon in the air! Maranatha!

    1. TY Alla! Just went and read that. Gary does such a great job with bringing clarity to it. I am and always have been in agreement with his understanding of the 24 elders. I’m just a literalist I guess, so wherever the plain text makes logical sense, that’s how I take it. Blessings, Sister and I pray you are feeling better😊

    2. Thank you Sheila, for your kind words! I'm not very good, yet in pain, don't know how long. But I bought vitamins and changed food, it helps a lot. Constantly praying. Perhaps this article of Gary is the answer of the Lord to my prayers about this issue, praying for this the last weeks. So the Lord is with me, and will certainly give me relief. I'm also a literalist as you are, really! Blessings! Maranatha!

    3. Alla D., Blessings, beloved sister in Christ. May Christ continue to uphold you as He Has and in His Grace and Mercy ease the load some. Wonderful to hear you've changed your game, a bit, and I know that moving your interventions a little closer to the garden will only bring improvements, Maranatha!

  9. Sherry, I am starting to see it the way you describe. Rapture at the 6th seal does make sense. Maybe it isn't global peace as we see "global" peace. The world to them at the time was Rome. "Pax Romana" was a time of relative peace and minimal expansion - a period of time spanning 27 B.C. to 180 A.D. I don't know - just throwing it out there. Jesus did say he didn't come to bring peace, but a sword. No time for the passage. Also want to understand the Phi ratio more. The way you described it on another thread - so beautiful. Would ask for where and what to study, but not sure I have time.

    I also am having much trouble with the 24 Elder article at Unsealed. Don't know where to begin and don't have time to articulate. Arghhh…
    Watched the first 22 min. video. Hoping to watch the others this weekend.
    Blessings to all.

    1. Dear Shelley, bringing "Pax Romana" up is a very good point because if you just take the term and relate it to the Roman EMPIRE that reigned over ALL the known WORLD back then that explains the "foreshadowing" or double fulfillment when it comes to "Pax Mundi" or that kind of GLOBAL peace under the antichrist leader, the man of sin. The original peace that came before the counterfeit was the peace of Jesus Christ just that simple, but people would reject it. John 14:27 So there was NO real peace at all during all the time but when Rev6:4 talks of a peace being "taken" it will be the global COUNTERFEIT one that the AC brings on the white horse. AFTER the rapture!

      Please urgently check this link out as it makes crystal clear what PAX MUNDI will be like (click!) you will immediately know by recognizing the SIGN for it! (I didn't know myself before but just googled the term if my school Latin was correct but THIS is the official sign for the 'World peace movement'!) Blessings, sister!

    2. PS: If you read in the link how the word 'Mundi' can refer to one world (Genitive) but also can be taken as a plural for multiple "worldS" it gets even more clear how this is the perfect sign of the RCC to cover the ALIENS (fallen angels) deception too!

    3. All you've suggested Annabel may be true - However, if Seal 6 is the beginning of what is apparently divine (coming from the Heavens) judgements where the seals prior are earthly (the 4 Creatures who called them out are earthly representatives in the Heavenly Court - the Cardinal Point controllers) then everything else we've seen has been the regional pre-cursors and Seal 6 it is getting REAL and Worldwide and Heavens wide. All realms are involved in 6. We've seen tiny shadows, but NOT EVERY MOUNTAIN AND ISLAND REMOVED FROM ITS PLACE. Note also the stars fall from the skies (angels?). Could it be literal stars? Surely, but it could also be both. I'm back with Jimboni - once the water breaks and the labor begins, there is no going back and everything which has occurred prior to that - Braxton - pre-cursor to hard labor all diminishes in importance. They don't even call the doctor until 5-1-1 - Five minutes apart, lasting 1 minute or longer for 1 hour. Kilauea (in all its spellings) has not let up, its continuous as are some of the others. I, too, believe it has begun and it will not cease. When will it culminate? We don't know, but October is suspect. Blessings - Sherry

    4. Shelley B - here is the link to my awakening video for the Phi Ratio, the Golden Ratio, God's signature and the numbers. It is ever so important and you'll miss most of the symbolism if you don't get this first. Mike Hoggard is the pastor doing this video and it helped me immensely. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=05KNUcBcrn8
      Blessings - Sherry

    5. I like ShelleyB listened to the Intro. He talks a bit too fast and I find that difficult to listen to. I started his second video and he talked in a more conversational manner.
      Anyway, I first heard of the 24 elders being the Divine Council from the Naked Bible Podcast awhile back mentioned on this site. http://www.nakedbiblepodcast.com/shows/#
      Otherwise, I always believed what the main view has been of the 12 tribes from the OT and the 12 apostles of the NT representing these 24 Elders/thrones.
      I have read views on the order of the resurrection and well that the OT saints are not resurrected with the church because they are part of a different dispensation, and I realize I am not explaining this very well. I also saw the promises for the OT and the NT for the Jewish people or the nation of Israel as an earthly kingdom, fulfilled in the Millennium reign on Earth after Jesus' 2nd coming, and will rule and reign in Jerusalem with the ruler of all, King Jesus.
      I see the 24 elders and the 24 thrones that the apostle John saw as the Holy, authoritative angelic host who serve God (and not of the hierarchy of angels who are messengers) - the Divine Council that has been with God from the beginning at the point when God created them. They can have appeared to John as men, obviously. I have thought that John going up to Heaven and being told what must take place after this doesn't mean seeing the 24 elders in Heaven weren't always around the throne of Heaven ... in that John describes what he sees when he arrives in Heaven ... like we ourselves would look around when arriving at a destination never seen before. For example, going to a friend's home you have never visited. And, I just thought of this - the Apostle John was visiting God's home - whoa! We see time as we are living in it and John was already old (90's) on the Isle of Patmos. Christ had died, was buried, was resurrected and had ascended to Heaven many years before his being called up to Heaven.
      I fluctuate on what I think is true and so on because I guess I tend to believe what someone is writing and think that sounds good, right, true. And, then I read another viewpoint and think the same way about that presented view.

    6. Sherry, I went ahead and listened to the video by Pastor Mike Hoggard. I thought it was going to be difficult to understand and bend my mind where it didn't want to go - but, I was pleasantly surprised! Granted, for me I think he repeated things at times too much and probably could have shaved 30-45 minutes off this lengthy video. He was upbeat tho and easy to understand.
      It is truly a marvelous look at God's creativity within His order as He prescribed. God is not the author of confusion. Showing this in His heavenly and earthly patterns of His creation of living and non-living, of His creatures, His the um, Crème de la crème - a human being; speaking of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, the Holy Bible as the Word of God, the Word of Life written in our DNA, the center of us - our nucleus, each and every one of us.
      Reading the Holy Bible, the Word of Life brings a whole new appreciation and level of understanding to who our God is, ourselves as created beings by God; the Holy Scriptures and their telling us about Jesus Christ and the illumination we receive through the Holy Spirit as we submit to Him.
      Nothing can compare to His love. He is the author of this Book of Life, the Word of Life, in as we have that book of Life in the deep (DNA) seed of our core of being - the nucleus by which we were implanted at the very beginning and start of our individual existence. Therefore, showing us that He is also the author and finisher of our faith.
      It is a love that I ask will continue to always grow and expand beyond our limited understanding - and so we shall move along and beyond an intellectual assent and knowingness to that heart-felt experience in our souls that would pour out through our veins, our skin pores speaking of this, His Love, by and through the Holy Spirit. Being that fragrance exuding from within us and among us. Not, our banging of our heads ... but of the spirit of Christ within us.

    7. He is Beautiful ...
      VERSE 1
      You are beautiful beyond description
      Too marvelous for words
      Too wonderful for comprehension
      Like nothing ever seen or heard
      Who can grasp Your infinite wisdom?
      Who can fathom the depth of Your love?
      You are beautiful beyond description
      Majesty, enthroned above

      And I stand, I stand in awe of You
      I stand, I stand in awe of You
      Holy God, to whom all praise is due
      I stand in awe of You

      VERSE 2
      You are beautiful beyond description
      Yet God crushed You for my sin
      In agony and deep affliction
      Cut off that I might enter in
      Who can grasp such tender compassion?
      Who can fathom this mercy so free?
      You are beautiful beyond description
      Lamb of God who died for me

  10. If this hurricane huts Hawaii well thats never happened and well this could be really bad any number of things could happen water weight with all that extra land then the wind the halena slump could go tsunami or it could be localized to just Hawaii but this lava dumping into the ocean is already affecting the sea andass fish die offs today then there was mass migration drills and then this week to s of helicopters military flying all over Pittsburgh and other areas idk watch pray and wait amen I pray for God to protect my family here and actoss the world lost snd saved amen

    1. Gods warrior, As the Lord Continues to Unpack this for me, a couple thoughts came to mind on the commute this morning. 1st is 'as above so below' and this heavenly mirroring of earthly, symbolic, epic drama unfolding on LAND, now, has tales to TELL when observed with this in mind. More to follow, surely. 2nd, yes, the mechanics of this simultaneous 'hit' will magnify things, as intended, I believe. The image I am getting is of a nexus or Portal of Judgement and Awe. Kilauea rising up and Hector descending to meet. The volcano and hurricane are incidental manifestations of the CORE dynamics here which are spelled out, above. Hebrews 10:31 (Think of that as a date! 10/31/18?) MARANTHA! One last thought, I feel the term 'TWINS TOGETHER' was not mine but given and we should take another look to see what is happening in Gemini in relation to times related to this occurrence.

    2. I’m still trying to finagle this little connection around in my head, but in looking at the Decans of Gemini, I’m finding it tied to that recent Yoruba translate thing with the word “dog” putting out those apocalyptic messages.
      Yoruba being the “Twinning” capital of the world and the 3 Decans of Gemini being Lepus (the enemy trodden under foot); Canis Major and Canis Minor (the dogs) and the star Sirius in Canis Major which has to do with the
      Prince of Princes coming quickly.
      An interesting article I came across: @heavensspeak.blogspot.com/Heavens Proclaim the Glory of God/Gemini (The Twins). We are being told in so many ways.

    3. Oh Sheila B.!!! Settling in here with a snack and looking in on things since I left the office, and seeing your post I can tell you haven't caught Daniel's latest over at informedchristians YTC. You've just hit the nail on the head, sister, although you will still have to drill in, a bit. It seem YOU are holding the thread on this piece. Daniel's video deals with why these are the DOG DAYS OF SUMMER as it relates to SIRIUS' place in the heavens NOW as it relates to the story we are being told through the Heavens, His Word and ALL.

      He made no mention of Gemini, that I recall, more focused on connecting Scorpio and Libra, but the dots I connect, from your post, are the TWINS ARE DOGS: CM & Cm. That THIS message, unpacking HECTOR AND KILAUEA powerfully revealing TWINS is HUGE, esp that it now points to THIS. The DOG Star is SIRIUS and is also the King, i.e. Brightest star, SEVEN times brighter than the nearest, and key to many, if not most, mystery religions, esp Babylon. Daniels vid unpacks LOTS of deep ancient meaning within the players afoot in THIS season's skies who are entwined with the idea of SWIFTNESS, and COMING QUICKLY, specifically a WOLF constellation (Dog KIND). If you are so inclined to prayerfully spend some time with Daniels vid I am quite sure, having read this, you will be given gifts for us all, Maranatha!

    4. Yeah, got Bunny Trailed there, and the whole 22 Dogs thing lingers and, I sense, is YET to be but WILL be unpacked, Maranatha! As I said, your post is like the opening of a Mission Impossible movie where we have a peek of the thread about to be chased. GO!

    5. and what are 'Decans of Gemini'?

    6. Oh My! UNSEALED has new article Church of the Firstborn (Part II): The Early Risers and opens with: The goal of this particular post will be to verify the intent and meaning of Revelation 2:28: The gift of THE MORNING STAR to Christ's ruling body, the Church.

      I immediately stopped, haven't read it yet, to post here, as Daniel's vid DIRECTLY ADDRESSES THIS. IS THE HOLY SPIRIT UTTERING THINGS HERE TO ALL? Will be interesting to compare/contrast but put my chips on BOTH where edges don't fit, Maranatha!

    7. Jimboni, this is so cool. Gonna check out Daniel @ IC, but first each of the 12 major constellations have 3 sidereal constellations called Decans that attest to the Gospel in an orderly fashion like 3 witnesses. Paul Dawson’s video “3 Keys to the Mazzaroth” is a good one on that.
      I got off on another rabbit trail on the highest peak in Sweden melting from the Arctic Circle heatwave and Nah.1:5 , Ps.97:5. It’s name meaning “Cauldron Crest” got me going there with it being a glacier and all. Very weird, yet Strong’s bore out some correlations there. Elev. 6886
      H#6886–to fuse, refine, melt, purge away for ex.
      Also visited a vid regarding the importance of 22 today. Coincidence? Probably not so I’ll be going to the “dogs” now at IC. TY
      for the heads up:-)

    8. Hector upgraded to Cat 3 hurricane as it churns toward Central Pacific -- "There is the potential for Hector to bring some impacts to portions of the Hawaiian Islands by the middle of next week, but it is too soon to specify the magnitude of the impacts or where they could occur," the National Hurricane Center said, in its latest forecast. (http://www.hawaiinewsnow.com/story/38797281/hector-re-strengthens-could-become-a-major-hurricane-soon )

      The name is derived from the name of Hektor, a legendary Trojan champion who was killed by the Greek Achilles. The name Hektor is probably derived from the Greek ekhein, meaning “to check”, “restrain”. -- Daily Crow

    9. Hector to smash Hawaii THIS WEEKEND as volcano erupts - express.co.uk

      Clearly I was up late. Had to post that update and now see things continue to play out in accordance with the message. 2 Things to add/clarify.

      Hector's meaning now specifically names a RESTRAINER being in the mix, further validating ALL of this message. How that plays out n light of its role here is not clear to me now but that it is a 'restrainer' is significant, I am told.

      OK, here goes. I poetically implied, but did not clearly state, the final message I see entwined within the "Twins' Gematria, specifically, G537: all, the whole; and G787: an assarion (coin=1/10 drachma). While I obviously made a big deal about the completeness of the Harpazo it was the OTHER message here which spun me into a Southern Baptist. Here it is, one clear MESSAGE I see here, and it rang very hard in my spirit when I first saw it, is that WHEN HECTOR HITS KILAUEA IT IS LIKE A SUBWAY TOKEN TUMBLING INTO THE METER. PAID. IN FULL. DOORS CLOSE. BYE.

      And today, Hector to smash Hawaii THIS WEEKEND as volcano erupts, Maranatha!

    10. Jimboni, my brain is kinda blown with input today. Dan V’s latest @Informed Christians was a joy to watch, but what hit me most was a Dennis Watson in the comment section re his 08/05/18 theory. Check that out if you haven’t and notice the COIN/Rapture connection.
      And my bunny trail to Sweden wasn’t so far off after all. News out today that 2 thieves made off with the Swedish 17th Century Crown Jewels dating from 1611 on 08/01. Melting mountain and now stolen Crowns made of gold, precious stones and pearls which led me to Rev. 17:4, 18:12,16 and then back to Rev.3:11 :
      “Behold, I come quickly: hold that fast which thou hast, that no man take thy crown.”
      And that gets me back to Sirius and Rev.2:28 if Sirius is the morning star shining 7x’s brighter than any other and meaning Behold, I come quickly as the Greeks considered it to be.
      A touch of Strong’s:
      Sweden: J gem val.
      H# 1044–house of the binding, sheep shearing place
      G#1611–bewilderment, amazement, astonishment.
      H#1611–wing from 1610–arch the back, body or self, highest places, himself.
      (Plus those Crown Jewels date back to the year of the Auth.KJV just as there is about to be coming a theft of the Word).
      Be watching Hector closely. With a name meaning the Restrainer, it could turn out to be a real Whirlwind.
      Blessings and Maranatha!

    11. Gadzoiks!!! Sheila B., I had seen that but my Intake Bin is full so never even began to put it in context. Let No One Steal Your CROWN, FACE PALM. And, of course, whilst the holders of the Crown Jewels were going along in PEACE and SECURITY, the whole thing happened SUDDENLY, donchaknow. My, my, my.

      WOWzers. Right under mine but I hadn't opened it. Do you hear me? The Spirit HAD ME NOT READ THAT until RIGHT NOW when it AFFIRMS MY POST above about PENNIES. DIVINE PARALLELISMS. The SECOND affirms and ADDS INFORMATION TO THE FIRST, oh my. That post further buttresses my insight regarding THIS PAYS THE FARE.

      Oh sister, I am already backpedaling. I am certain SOMETHIG goes 'click' when HECTOR TAKES HIS BRIDE KILAUEA, so to speak, but until I read THAT little nugget I was already kneading the dough for another "not this time" loaf. sigh. Well, as a wise young man I know named Caleb generally says at this point, "We'll just have to wait and see." By the way, Caleb Praise Report at bottom so not missed by all, Maranatha!

    12. BPEARTHWATCH just posted a quick video concerning HECTOR & Kilauea and a video he did in the past covering a phenom of a lava/water explosion and encouraged us to research "CRATER LAKE". Apparently the porous land, cracked and broken from the volcano, from the summit to the shore, then has a fire hose of Biblical proportion shoving water into those fissures. At some point all the water impacts all that lava, underground, >WHAMMO< and, in this case, a very likely collapse of the east shelf and a tsunami clearing LA. SOBERING, isn't it?

      128 OF THE 155 GLOBAL QUAKES RECORDED BU USGS, TODAY, WERE AT KILAUEA. I think we load up for the delivery room, family, she's gonna GO, Maranatha!

    13. MANYFISH just posted re the stolen Crowns and JUSTIFY, check it out, Maranatha!

    14. Jimboni and Cathi...Hmmm...as the hubby and I were discussing Hector and Kilauea last nite, I mentioned about about heat fueling hurricanes, then posed the thought of Kilauea reeling Hector in like a fish.
      He laughed and said that’s how it usually works with women, so the picture you posed of the two as bride and groom hit home. Caught Many Fish last nite and must say that was affirming on the Crown heist. And Justify is now talking to us about a FINISHED race. Wow! Now bear with me on the next post if you will in my dive into the Bing Art for 08/05. Long, but amazing if one can see it.
      G#805–to render secure, make fast

    15. Bing Art depicts the LOVE Sculpture by artist Robert Indiana
      at Love Park, Philadelphia, PA. Which was planned and designed by Edmond Bacon.

      Located at:
      1599 John F. Kennedy Blvd.

      Strong’s Gk:
      #1599–ek pempo-despatch, send away (forth) from
      #1537–ek (that contentious little word from Rev.3:10)
      from (out from among) often of completion and
      #3992–pempo-to dispatch from view, point of departure.

      The ph.#
      #636–to set sail
      #1666–Elissaeus—Greek for Elisha, meaning my God is Salvation, mentioned in the passage of Luke 4:24-30 where Jesus is talking about the rejection of His prophets and then disappears from among the mob attempting to kill him.

      Strong’s Hebrew
      #1599–gardener from 1598–to hedge about, protect and defend.

      #251–Brother, relationship, affinity, resemblance, kindred.
      #636–Tree, wood, timber from #6086–carpenter, gallows, halve, wood, sticks...
      #1666–Gether—a descendant of Shem and Noah.(Gen.10:23, 1Chron.1:17)

      John F. Kennedy
      J gem val:1208
      H# 1208–inaccessible, lofty, vintage—from #1210–clipped, grape crop, vintage —from #1219–clip off, to gather grapes, also to be isolated (inaccessible by height or fortification)—cut off, fenced, fortified, grape gatherer, mighty things, restrain, strong, wall up, withhold.

      Edmond Bacon
      J gem val: 229:
      H# 229–Hyssop-like- Ezbai (1Chron.11:37)
      A name meaning inexplicable shining—from being very clean—use of hyssop—a Scrubber, Cleaner of a highly distinguished office,
      (Per abarim-publications.com)

      This is interesting.
      Love Sculpture:
      J gem val. 1533
      H#1533–Gilboa—fountain of ebullition
      (Jimboni, I seem to remember this word
      meaning a bubbling
      At Mount Gilboa, Saul and his 3 sons were slain. 1Sam.31:18
      David sang a lament over the Gilboa Tragedy in 2Sam1:17-27. He bewails the LOVE of Jonathan in 2Sam1:26.

      Robert Indiana, the creator of the Love Sculpture:
      J gem val. 421:
      H# 412–through the idea of invocation—
      to bewail—lament.

      Just saying...

      Blessings and Maranatha!

    16. That was a lot Sheila! My contribution is that I read yesterday they Hector being used here for the hurricane is the 7th time. Was this noted already? Coz I went back and couldn't find a mention of this.
      Thanks for including me Sheila.😀

    17. Cathi, actually I read that it is the 8th storm named Hector, but 2 were Tropical rather than Hurricanes, so this guy would actually be #6 Hurricane wise. There’s something nagging at me about your Pelicans, Cathi, and the effort you took to connect with them. Gotta think on that and You guys gotta look at this if you haven’t seen it yet.
      @For His Glory YTC
      “Kilauea/Hurricane Hector/Hilina Slump/Tsunami”

      She mirrored this from @Exalted Lamb
      Just before his YTC was terminated.
      He mentions the 2 parallel sides of the COIN. The Light side
      Which is what God is doing and the Dark side which is what the enemy is doing and talks about this man-made event and why it has been set in motion. They took him down post-haste. Still got to finish it myself and check out the other links he gives.

    18. Well, I must have misunderstood what I read about being the seventh hurricame, Sheila.
      Anyhow, I finished the watching For His Glory YT and the Slump. The greatest thing was seeing that hand with the thumb and the fingers in the path of the solar eclipse.

    19. Good Day fellow Watchers. Two new thoughts to add to the mix of the many additional points and details opened up to me in the last 24 hours. #1, In talking about the dynamics unfolding with Hector & Kilauea, in the context of an evil copy/disparaging work built around the Holy Groom and HIS Bride, a detail POPPED up with an 'oh my! attached. Remember, the TRIGGER in this 'mimic' is the arrival of the 'groom' (HECTOR) to pick UP his 'bride' (KILAUEA) (think erUPtion), do you see it?

      What SPECIFIC point would such an 'encounter' be MOST invoked? When the EYE of the Hurricane (LOWEST PRESSURE POINT) touches, or crosses over the Bride, Kilauea. (Zechariah 2:8; Psalm 17:8; Proverbs 7:2). Can you see it now?

      #2, FWIW, said 'encounter' looks to happen Thurs/Fri later this week. Interestingly, by proximity on the calendar, 775,000 Muslim have arrived, thus far, for the Haj, which transpires this year from 8/19-24, hmmmm. Maranatha!

    20. Jimboni, I really felt it with your saying on a previous comment earlier in being in the back seat of a car amd peeking over with a scary movie is playing!

    21. Hmmm...I wonder if there is a bit of significance to the fact that for the first time ever, per TWC today, the Hurricane Hunters going out to evaluate Hector consists of an all female crew. Just another “first” in this mix. Not saying an airplane of women Hurricane hunters are Biblically related, but just another interesting facet of the picture that might be in the process of development. (Then again, a shadow of Zech.5:9 comes to mind as they go out to get those measurements🤔)

    22. I thought this was interesting Sheila:


      Then lifted I up mine eyes, and looked.
      .. and, behold, there came out two women;
      out of the same place the "ephah" did.
      ... and Kimchi interprets them of the two tribes of Judah ... and others ... Ezra and Nehemiah, are meant, who were instruments of purging the Jews, returned from captivity, though but weak ones, and therefore are compared to "women"; yet what they did they did swiftly, and therefore are said to have "wings", and under the influence of the Spirit of God; hence the "wind" ... and they acted from a tender regard to the glory of God and the good of their country; and therefore their wings were like the "wings of a stork"; a bird of passage, as appears from (Jeremiah 8:7) and so a fit emblem to be used in the transportation of the "ephah"; of whom Pliny F7 says, from whence they come, and whither they betake themselves, is yet unknown; and adds ... and as it is a bird that takes such long flights, it must have wings fitted for such a purpose; and which are taken notice of in ( Job 39:13 ) to which the wings and feather of the ostrich are compared; for so Bochart F9 there renders the word, "the wing of the ostriches rejoices, truly the wing" as of "a stork, and the feather"; or, as others, "who gave wings to the stork and ostrich?" both remarkable for their wings:
      ... but rather the stork, whose wings are black and white; and when they fly, they stretch out their necks forwards, and their feet backwards, ... lay their bill upon their breast, and turn their face that way the storm comes F12 ... but it may be that the two, perfections of God, his power and justice, in punishing men for their sins, are meant, particularly in the last times, and at the day of judgment. The power of God will be seen in raising the dead; in bringing all to judgment; in separating the wicked from the righteous, and in the execution of the sentence denounced on them: and the justice of God will be very conspicuous in the judgment and destruction of them. And the wind [was] in their wings; they had wings, as denoting swiftness, as angels are said to have ... but this denotes, that though God is longsuffering, and may seem to defer judgment, which is sometimes a stumbling to the righteous, and a hardening to the wicked; yet, as this is only for the salvation of his elect, so when once the time is up, and the commission given forth, power and justice will speedily execute the sentence: and the "wind" being in their wings shows the greater swiftness and speed in the dispatch of business, and the great strength and force with which they performed it: for they had wings like the wings of a stork;
      which, being a creature kind and tender, show that there is no cruelty in the displays of the power and justice of God in punishing sinners: and they lifted up the ephah between the earth and the heaven;
      which denotes the visibility of the whole measure of the sins of wicked men; they will all be made manifest, and brought into judgment: and also the visibility of their punishment; they will go into everlasting punishment, in the sight of angels and men; and which will be the case of the antichristian beast, ( Revelation 17:8 ).

      And I thought of the pelican, Sheila, because they have white wings with the black on the tips ...

    23. Hi Sheila, I came across the word "wings" again with the woman with a bleeding issue touching the edge of Jesus' garment. Only it was the tassel one each at the four corners that she touched. It is called ''tzitzit". These are also called "wings".
      Wings mean 'corner" in Malachi 3:20. As she found personal redemption so will the nations - Zechariah 8:22-23. (Kathie Lee Gifford, "the Rock, the Road, and the Rabbi".

  11. Let me just drop another comment on the EARTHQUAKE and VOLCANIC ERUPTION connections that were drawn in the first video: They CAN be connected but MUST NOT. Only if an EQ hits a piece of earth crust that covers magma to burst outwards it may be connected. EQ and VE are normally distinct events. A huge dust cloud covering the atmosphere for several months or years to "hide the woman" (Virgo) from sight "in the wilderness" as a heavenly depiction of what may happen with Israel on earth can also come from a METEOR IMPACT (Wormwood?).

    I do not see the synchronicity of the rapture with the hiding of the woman just because Revelation 12:5-6 is one sentence. We have the same pattern of time break in the example of Luke 4:17-21 when the rest of the passage was to be fulfilled only some 2,00+ years later (still in future today!). Prophetic language does not follow grammar nor chronology in every way.

    The "earth helping the woman" by swallowing the water of the dragon in Revelation 12:16 is IMO to be thought of some earth crust cracking up and swallowing a huge tsunami wave from the asteroid impact mentioned above (Isaiah 24:19-20). But these severe cataclysms CANNOT happen just at the beginning of Jacobs trouble because there must be some temple worship in Jerusalem before the AC can overthrow in the middle of the whole timespan. We must not begin to confuse all puzzle pieces now again after we've gathered them so diligently but put them into the right chronological order instead: here a little, there a little. Isaiah 28:10 Blessings to you!

  12. I hope this is not the next Renee M.

  13. OK so I finished Part 1 of the video(s) and my ears are ringing with numbers, my mind completely stuffed and confused with prophetic alert, cosmology and mainly US-related (not Israel-related!) events and media articles... I don't know if I get to watch part 2 today or whenever.

    The maker of this video apparently mixed up any type of events at the beginning of the tribulation (rapture) with the mid-point (abomination desolation, Israel fleeing) and with the end phase (winepress Armageddon). I'm not sure if he will still untangle in part 2 what he confused first in part 1... I will have to pray if taking my time to watch any further will make sense or provide with any more new revelations. (...TBC...)

    1. I'm kinda lining up with Annabel on this one, but I could be wrong (It certainly wouldn't be the first time!) If we took a number (significant or otherwise) and turned it into a date on the calendar, wouldn't we be likely to find a natural disaster of some kind, in some part of the world? In some year? Any year? There are more than a few years to choose from. A flood in Indonesia, a hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico, a typhoon on the other side of the world, a major fire in California or Greece, or a major earthquake and/or volcano pretty much any where? Remember, there's more than just one year on the calendar, and more than one continent on the globe. Pick a date, any date (there are about 365 of them), and then peruse history books or the internet. You're likely to find a connection.

      I'm not trying to be cynical, and it is important to connect the dots. But not every dot is prophetically significant. I don't think we'll need to stretch our imaginations too much to get the pieces to fit. And like Annabel implied, they don't all have to be American pieces!

      Someone please correct me if I'm wrong. I can handle the truth! Ha!

    2. Janet A. - I just read your thoughts posted an hour+ before mine, and I think you are on to something. Thanks!

    3. Just Learning, what I’m gonna say on this is if a person is chasing hard enough after our Lord, He is going to let them latch on to the hem of His garment. I’ve been chasing Him for a long time looking for His signature on anything and everything and I’ve yet to catch my own tail yet—just the next wonderful piece of “Bread” that’s leading me Home.
      And in His tapestry, all of the dots really are all connected...in some way.
      I love John21:25.
      “And there are also many other things which Jesus did, the which, if they should be written every one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that should be written. Amen.” KJV
      Just imagine that in the scope of “no beginning and no end”:-)
      Blessings, Brother!

    4. Thanks, Sheila B. You may be right and every dot is significant and connected to another. I'm just not sure we are able to connect them all correctly, however. Even on this site, the believers (featured articles, as well as those who post comments) are all NOT in agreement. Some have the dots connected a little differently than others. We can find evidence of that just by reading all the comments. That's not necessarily a bad thing. We all learn at different speeds, and which one of us have all the dots correctly connected up to this point?

      Many on this site had misinterpreted the signs of Sept 23 incorrectly, thinking this sign marked the Rapture event itself, only to realize later that it was a "sign". I was in that category. How about you? We learn and we grow as things become clearer... sometimes reconnecting dots as we experience more of what God chooses to reveal to us. Some day, we'll understand. But right now, people may be trying to place pieces that do not fit, or don't even belong to the same puzzle. We don't have to search very far back to find sincere, well meaning believers that had the dots connected incorrectly, or used the wrong dots. Brother John, of Watchman for that Great Day, is one that comes to mind. I love the guy - his passion, his boldness, his yearning to meet his Savior...but the dots didn't line up as he saw them. We learn and we grow.

      But these connected dots are not what's leading us home. We are both buckled in safely and going home whether or not we get all the pieces figured out. And I believe we'll be there sooner than we realize! I'm not critical of you at all for believing that every leaf that falls from a specific tree in the forest is somehow connected to the timing of His return. But that's cool! Maybe it's just me that can't think deep enough to catch all the clues. Blessings to you, Sheila B! Hopefully, I can learn more from reading your posts!

    5. TY, JL. Many good thoughts. My point was in the joy of the journey. Of course the disagreements about what the dots mean, or whether they mean anything at all are there and will be right up to that Great Day. And Yes, I was surely looking up, thinking we were going home last year right up until we didn’t. But He had us all looking up! The question then became “What could possibly be next?” Oh, Boy...in hindsight, The Heavens revealing the Glory of God and His story being revealed just like it was in the beginning before ever a Word was written. Only we are blessed with BOTH! His Glorious Story being told as He brings us all through our story. And like little kids on a treasure hunt, we’re in hot pursuit, or should be as
      He educates us on just who He really is
      and who we really are in Him.
      It’s kind of funny, the leaf on the tree. One day with my little grandson last fall, we got to watching this last dry leaf just barely hanging on...spinning wildly in the breeze, but not letting go. He finally asked “Grandma, when is it gonna fall off?” I shrugged and told him, “It’ll fall when God says it can let go.” The best part was that he believed that and he kept a close watch on that leaf til the next day when he told me that God finally told that leaf it could let go. You are right, looking for and seeing these things are not Salvation issues. I think it has more to do with relationship and just trying not to let Him out of our sight in a world that constantly screams at us to look away from the Greatest Story Ever Told. I just want to catch all of it I can. Blessings and Maranatha!

      (And to those who think taking joy in His coming is heartless and cruel re the lost, I preach and I pray for as many as will to share in the same joy of that Blessed Hope. The rest of it belongs to Him:-)

    6. Hi Sheila! I am waiting to read a response from you regarding Jimboni's 3:27 p.m. post!! 😊 which I just read.
      I don't understand someone being critical toward a believer about their joy in looking up for that Blessed Hope! It seems more of a mean-spirited, judgemental attitude. We are told to encourage one another as we see the day approaching ... I think this is kind of difficult to find ... because believers can't believe it and can't see it happening or they don't really want Jesus to be coming back. It seems to be all part of well then what, and what does this mean for me? It isnt easy to consider. Those who criticize probably haven't done what they are critical of saying in the first place and I just think they should be knocking on their neighbor's door with the good news of the gospel, not haranguing on their righteousness indignation.

    7. Hey Cathi. I know Jimboni is feeling the Spirit’s leading and it rests well with mine. Daniel Valles @ Informed Christian said to look up and consider. This is the expected time! I believe he is correct. The Magi had only the Heavens to declare His coming the first time and they not only knew, they were so certain that they set out on a long difficult journey to meet Him. We have those same Heavens declaring it again, the Written Word supporting it, instant communication to share it, worldwide info and events at our fingertips to confirm it, so how much more should we know and our hearts be running out to meet Him. I love your post with the verses above. Just to be in such awe is so great a gift. TY for sharing those wonderfully encouraging words, Sister:-)

    8. Oh, thank you Sheila! And, for comments with Jimboni and the comments between you both. I have been trying to follow along ... It just is surreal ... Actually, the song was Stand In Awe. I mislabeled it because I thought it was He Is Beautiful.
      Jimboni has a post above on Many Fish talking about the stolen jewels and Justify.

    9. Dear JustLearning, I can totally relate to your words that "some even try to connect dots that don't belong to the same puzzle"... That's my impression exact, too, I recently watched the new series "Resolving the Contention..." by #Gods Roadmap to the end YT channel and couldn't believe it how many false connections Jaco makes from a good start first but not rightly dividing the word then by putting so much pieces of the wrong puzzles together into his well-made videos. The more the time now passes since 9/23/17 the bigger the confusion seems to get. I always pray that the LORD might come to get us quickly now because if not we might be ending up making mincemeat now of everything but even understand less than before. MARANATHA, hold fast what you got! Much love and blessings to you!

    10. "The more the time now passes since 9/23/17 the bigger the confusion seems to get. I always pray that the LORD might come to get us quickly now because if not we might be ending up making mincemeat now of everything but even understand less than before. "

      I've noticed the same thing, Annabel. It's bizarre to behold, that's for sure. I have seen some of the craziest ideas pop up just since 9/23 ... I think our enemy is working overtime.

  14. There's a new Jaco's video – Resolving the Contention between Bible Believers - Part 5
    Nick VanderLaan – We are Children of the Light & Daytime!

  15. I'll probably be stoned for this comment, but I would be a lot more convinced if the videos were not nearly completely USA centric. I've gotten through the 1st and 2nd videos and find it mind numbing. There was a children's book called Treasures Trove by Michael Stadther. The story was a fairy tale, but had clues in it to search for very real treasures placed by the author. The treasures were all found in state parks and worth varying amount of $100's to $1000's and were jewel encrusted animals--ant, spider, snail, dragonfly, etc. A user forum was set up for the sharing of information. It was amazing how various searchers went down a tortured path believing it was correct only to end up as Orusborus going in circles only to catch their own tails. I almost feel that is what the author of the videos is doing--looking for information that fits his preconceived paradigm. Some of it I feel at this point is over-reaching. I will watch the 3rd video eventually (going out of town) to see if I feel differently at the end.

    1. Janet A., still a spectator, in full disclosure, just wanted to say that your synopsis, stepping up a few thousand feet, perfectly describes MANY teaching/insights/'Rabbi's', in the modern sense, I was, and then wasn't following any more, over the past few, juicy years. Regardless of other values and snacks I enjoyed at their tables, in a larger sense to greater, or lesser degree, as I said, yup. Yet, balancing that with the sheer diligence and passion involved, striving after Our Lord Who Commands us to do so, and Promises Reward for diligence there, is tough. Having taken that into prayerful discourse, it seems insightful that, again, much is to be learned about a Plow and the role a Plow has in the larger picture of a farm, a planting, and, ultimately, a harvest. In ALL of this OUR LORD IS KING. HE WILL DO AS HE WILLS. He is not bound by stars, moons, patterns of men and angels or any such thing. HE IS JEALOUS (Exodus 34:14) AND WILL NOT HAVE HIS GLORY SHARED WITH ANY. Truly, He will ONLY EVER OPERATE IN FEALTY TO WHO HE IS (James 1:17), but, His Actions or Inactions are ALWAYS WITHOUT HINDRANCE AS HE WILLS. When Rabbis MANNACLE The Lord through such IT IS ANETHEMA TO HIM. I share this not to malign anyone, either in these videos or others, specifically. Rather, a response to what you are pointing to, here, and its resonance with me with his work I've seen before, with other's concerns, to some degree.

    2. Janet A. I agree with you, I'm still not sure if I should take my time for the "Part 2" after part 1 was rather confusing (except one or two compelling ideas but I wouldn't really call that 'worth watching'). This is kind of BUTTERFLY EFFECT (chaos theory!) teaching to me... But not bible prophecy. Blessings to you!

    3. Give it a try. It's a better video. There is a lot of numbers and info, but it's worth a look.

    4. “I almost feel that is what the author of the videos is doing--looking for information that fits his preconceived paradigm.” I concur with you, Janet. Much preconception. I watched the vids for over 3 hours yesterday and gave my best shot at trying to understand him. My head is still trying to recover.

  16. China moving there troops to syria


  17. There's a new article of Brother Sean Osborne today, very interesting to me.
    Global SITREP C6-18: The Great Darkening - What It Really Means For This Earth!
    And then he writes under the comments: "More study is in progress... "
    We are really in the very last days and hours! Want to see all of you then, praying for you continually! Very much blessings! Maranatha!

    1. I found also interesting news in INN today:
      Report: Jared Kushner working to close UNWRA
      Quotes: "…Kushner has told senior White House officials that UNRWA is the central problem in correctly defining the refugees… It is important to have an honest and sincere effort to disrupt UNRWA. This [agency] perpetuates a status quo, is corrupt, inefficient and doesn’t help peace. …
      And then new article (INN) –
      Palestinian Authority: We'll foil the plan to close UNRWA …


    Family, over the past 30 days, Caleb's line which of demarcation of his Paraplegia has moved about 14", from the top of his hip bones to the top of this thighs. He continues with Spirit Lead meditation and Bio-Feedback and exercise. When I came home from work, yesterday, I basically had to peal him off the ceiling as he had spent the day in the back yard with Christian music on his iTunes, randomly all day, while working out. He recounted a half dozen songs, at the start and at the end, which 'randomly' perfectly fit Caleb's moment and path right then, Maranatha! (Acts 2:17)

    BTW, for those who tend to not keep a tabs on earlier sub topics, above is a thread concerning KILAUEA and Hurricane HECTOR which I encourage you to scroll up and check out, amen!

    1. 🎶🎶 At the Cross ...✝️

    2. totally awesome Jimboni - God is fabulously wonderful and good!!

    3. Jimboni there is something I've been wrestling with on the 14" and Caleb's thigh and its beginning to round out a wee bit in my Spirit. The thigh is connected with either blessing or cursing and it comes as a choice to seek God or the ways of the Chaldeans (Babylon). Abraham (Genesis 24:2-9) asks his servant to place his hand under his thigh (Yarek H3409) and swear not to allow Isaac to marry a Canaanite (H3667 - Ishmaelites or pedlars) - Genesis 24:2.

      I do not see this as being only about Caleb, but symbolically the place where everyone is right now - The Valley of Decision and the choice of Blessing or Cursing. The study leads us straight to Isaiah 47 (the Judgement of Babylon) and the uncovering of the nakedness of their corruption (naked thigh) which takes us straight to 1 Thessalonians 5:3 (those who go into the Tribulation) versus the ones who choose blessing - 1 Thessalonians 4:16-18 - the Rapture.

      Swear - shaba - H7650 - to be complete (to seven oneself is to swear, adjure charge 7 times)
      Thigh - yarek - H3409
      Canaanite - H3669 - Pedlar, Merchant, Traffiker - Root H3667 - humiliated - son of Ham
      Ishmaelites - H3667 - Pedlars

      Genesis 32:25 Jacob wrestled with the angel of the Lord and refused to turn loose until he
      Blessed (barak - H1288) him. The angel touched him on his thigh (yarek - H3409) to cause him to release and renamed him Israel. The place was named Penuel.

      Blessed - H1288 - Barak - Barak (H1288) can either be a blessing or a curse (CHOICE AGAIN)
      Thigh - H3409 - Yarek (Israelites no longer eat the sinew of the thigh to honor Jacob (Israel))
      Penuel - H6439 - Face of God - place of wrestling

      Bottom Line - Valley of Decision - Choices - Blessing or Curses (barak) - Babylon (Rev 17) the whore or Penuel (the Face of God) and Revelation 22 and Paradise. The 14" is significant because of its double 7s or Completion (Perfection). We are there - sign or event - not our problem - God's got this.

      Blessings - Sherry

  19. Just got home my leg hurts so bad in in tears! I hope i havent missed too much miss you all prays for you all as always marsnatha i wanna go home i cant take it much longer...

  20. Hello Jeremiah I will be praying for you I have been out of commission for quite a few days bad sickness on antibiotics and other medications. Cannot seem to do much other than listen to the word and pray you will be in my prayer. Hold on to God's word and trust that he is able to walk you through every situation we pray for healing for your leg and that the Lord will strengthen you. Marilyn

  21. Praying for you and with you, Jimboni, Jeramiah, VeeBee and all of you! I live in pain and in prayer all these days and agree with you Jearamiah, I couldn't wait much longer! Really! We are to learn from the Lord, to watch and to wait for Him! Maranatha!

    1. Alla, a hug to you and prayer for comfort and healing, Sis. The Lord is gracious and compassionate to you. Lying down and d reading the wonderful posts. Awh! Yes, the worth of the penny. In the Lord's eyes ,we are the precious jewels, as mentioned by Jimboni and others. Although precious, we traverse through the storms and plagues in life. To others ,we are less than shiney, but the Lord sees our labor of love , our fervency, and the close proximity to the finish line. Illness attempts to take our breathe away, siphons our energy, and navigate our mind to dark pits. But God who sent His Son to deliver us has made a way out of the tribulation. We walk thru the valleys of the shadows of death and lifting our heads up to our Maker and Redeemer. Praying for you, Alla, the battle is fierce,but it belongs to the Lord! He has won and we are His precious jewels. Maranatha

    2. Thank you VeeBee so much! This is so true! We are all very predious jewels of the Lord! Comforting each other, we fulfill the will of the Lord until our meeting in the air with Him! Blessings and strength to you! Maranatha!

    3. Very nice VeeBee. And, prayers Alla and VeeBee.
      I "traversed through the storms and plagues in life", VeeBee, today, in a very small, tiny way ... "lift our heads up" ... VeeBee, I literally did earlier today when I decided to go ahead and take a short walk on this walking trail at this park to get a better look at a few pelicans (American White) in the water as I knew they were further downstream from me and there was a bench to sit on (I told myself I hurt when walking in a grocery store, or a retail store (distance would be comparable) or around the house, etc., anyway - so why not go ahead and take this short walk where I can enjoy the outdoors further (finally doing this) in an easy-going pace (slow, and not for exercise). I missed getting a take off of a pelican right in front of me with my camera phone! Thus, not seeing all of it before me! (Such is how it usually is). Later, a lone pelican flies past me over the river and I realized it was going to turn my way and it did! I fumbled with the camera phone (again), as I looked up and to my left and turned to my right to look up as this pelican did fly above and over me! I saw it fly past me in going back to the river and on its way! I looked up, VeeBee!
      God blessed me in having this happen for me - inspite of trying to use my camera phone, and in just not looking back and up! He knew I would preoccupy myself in this manner! I believe it was from God and I still was overjoyed in this happening for me! I wasn't super close to the water in that the pelican had to veer away from his path and circle back. Later, I looked at my two photos and here I had a picture of myself looking up! Ha! (The other pic of a butterfly in the grasses/built up a bit with less than a few wildflowers. I couldn't zoom in enough to see it better,, but it is on camera video).
      I got home later and I kind of cried coz I did this bit of walking (not just doing the basics in life as needed), and as you said, VeeBee illness attempts to take our breath away, siphons our energy, and navigates our mind to dark pits.
      So, I thought this would be a wonderful thing to share this little little experience here. Blessings,

    4. Thank you all for the prayers family the pain is unbearable soon soon soon we will see one another in the air amen

    5. Gods Warrior - I am praying that you will go to the doctor.

    6. Great srory realy Cathi! Great thanks! My prayers for you always, Jeramiah! Maranatha!

    7. Sorry for my error – I mean "Great story".

    8. Oh, thank you, Alla, so much! 😉

    9. Little Blessings from the Lord Cathi. He speaks to us through nature. And he communicates to us on time. Praise God. You encourage d me I will try to go out today and function. Lord bless you for sharing.. I do not believe we will need those phones in heaven we will have Perfect Memory in perfect vision.

    10. Oh, marvelous VeeBee! LOL with these phones and memories and vision!

    11. Hi VeeBee - how did you do? Blessings,

    12. Cathi, I have good plans, my grocery shopping and errand to consumed my time took all the energy I had. Praise God tomorrow is a new day and I'll try and go to work, seek and save the Lost as the Lord leads me.

  22. Isreal prophecy watch yt chan peace deal update


  23. Family, thank you so much for prayers and support, the blessings continue to abound. I share as much to bless all whom are not yet seeing their own release, IT IS AT HAND SHORTLY. Within a few minutes of each other, about 3:00 p.m. MT, USA, HI News online & DAHBOO77 put up latest intel about HECTOR & KILAUEA. Hector strengthened back to a CAT-4 today and models show a direct, or near encounter is well within them all. For those watching John @ WFTGD's clarifying timeline, a mid-, late-week rendezvous is QUITE auspicious. Scan above thread for the Strong's on all this but, hey y'all, check THIS out:

    1st, what is a volcano? It is the surface event marking the release of magma which is under HIGHER PRESSURE than can be contained in its vessel, the surrounding earth, hence, eruption. What is a Hurricane? A Hurricane is what you have when a local area has such LOW PRESSURE that the surrounding GLOBAL air mass tries to rush in, and cannot, all at once. As accredited to a spinning globe model, this rushing air MUST 'circle the drain', voila, HURRICANE! Hence, these "TWINS" are actually MIRROR OPPOSITES!! (New Detail !!! VERY significant, oh wow!) and THAT adds INCREDIBLE POWER to their 'MIX'!!!

    Putting this in worst case mode, NONE of which has EVER been observed, and it is EPIC Stay-Puffed Marshmallow Man Madness, Batman!!! Assembling latest intel, as cited, IF Hector hits Kilauea, (1) the vacuum effect of the Hurricane will distribute ash and volcanic glass and debris GLOBALLY; (2) when the LOW PRESSURE CELL approaches/hits KILAUEA, you have a vacuum cleaner sucking on a simmering pot, BOTH OF GLOBAL DYNAMICS. When the LOW of the storm hits the HIGH under the dirt, the cork will likely POP; (3) AS THIS HAPPEN you have GLOBAL FLOOD VOLUMES OF WATER (Matt 24:37) colliding with an OCEAN OF MAGMA, deep beneath the ground, and, very likely, a LAVA EXPLOSION THE SIZE OF WHCH HAS NEVER BEEN SEEN BEFORE; (4) inevitably causing a huge reshaping of local landmass and a Biblical tsunami on its way to LA and various parts unknown.

    In my spirit I am told there are 2 more key details coming. In light of what has been revealed so far (above), get those binoc's out and don't be shy at the mic, Maranatha!

    1. OK. So that earlier post was like opening boxes with more boxes inside like wheels within wheels. I was getting details filled in like watching bullets stream from an automatic weapon in slow motion then STOP. Go, get the groceries, there will be more. OK, sure Daddy. By the time I was on the bus I had it. Funny, two more, like twins. Bet they come in sets. Crayons out ...

      Kilauea sits at the center of the Ring of Fire. There are TWO wholistic dynamics which make the Ring of Fire worth even noticing: Tectonic & Wave. Technically, Tectonics are also wave functions, in their medium, but we accept that all modeling is only approximations for mental expedience. So, Tectonics we understand. Plates shift, slide, slip. Sometimes BIG ones, or 'families' of nearby plates in concert, given a large enough catalyst. The Ring of Fire, to some degree, IS a Plate Tectonic dynamic, expressed among such a related family of plates. Plates in the middle, fire at the edges, Got it.

      MAGMA is the oil in this engine, as well as a carrier of energy, itself, intrinsically, and by virtue of its tremendous MASS/PRESSURE by which it transfers, via hydraulics EARTH SHAPING FORCES from one point to another, geologically, even across GLOBAL DISTANCES. Remember, aftershocks CIRCLE THE GLOBE MULTIPLE TIMES. That is a WAVE dynamic in the SOLID MASS of the earth (ok, globe model, deal with it). In THIS situation, as you will see, THAT type of wave is included, BUT SUPERCEDED by the simpler, hydraulic wave function, oh my. The magma pool from which the ENTIRE RING OF FIRE PULLS IS CONNECTED. Think about that. Like veins stretching back to Mount Doom in Moria, all pulling evil muck from the pits of Hell into the world, they share a common, fluid resonance. 1st next TWINS: Tectonics & WAVE. TBC

    2. OK, these may be the TWINS which Bind Them All. Take a breath and take this to Him in Prayer and share. The last 2 points in this Worst Case, logical, cold and Biblical, are: (5) the mega Lava Explosion will be as much a sign, as a trigger, as a manifestation, as a moment, as a gateway. The resulting Wave/Shock that ripples through the Mantle of the Earth, as do earth quakes, AND HYDRAULICALLY through the Magma chamber causes virtually EVERY VOLCANO ON THE RING OF FIRE (AND?) TO ERUPT AT HISTORIC PROPORTIONS. ALL OF THEM, AND ONES NEVER KNOWN.

      (6) I am not smarter than the Prince of the Fallen Ones. He Who's Mind I share, however, is. Nonetheless, IF this IS to happen SHORTLY then POWERS AND PRINCIPALITIES HAVE KNOWN FOR QUITE A WHILE. Probably not precisely but, rather, more like knowing about an expected delivery. VERY MUCH LIKE THAT. ALL, THE WHOLE MUGILLAH, of Prophecies about the nuclear devastation & invasion of USA, would immediately follow or coincide with this, of course.

      Circle back to John at WFTGD's timeline and his recently (thank goodness) revised video covering the 'Day of Jonah' and the Midnight Cry. If, in spite of the INSANELY CLEAR WORD FROM ON HIGH, it seems, unpacking the Gematria here (above), should Kilauea dodge Hector, another tropical depression HAS ALREADY FORMED BEHIND IT. Between these TWIN CELLS, either one, though Hector most likely, is about to CLOSE THIS ACT OF THE PLAY FOLKS. MARANATHA!

      Hello? Is this thing on?

    3. Oh yeah, Mt Doom's in Mordor. A thousand pardons. Maranatha!

    4. So that 7.0 deadly quake in Indonesia near Bali may have further stirred the pot...
      I’ll post this again,
      Jimboni in case you haven’t seen it and want to check it out.
      Mirrored just before @Exalted Lamb’s channel was terminated.
      @For His Glory YTC
      “Kilauea/Hurricane Hector/Hilina Slump/Tsunami”
      He talks about the 2 parallel sides of the COIN and how and why this man-made event was set in motion. TY for sharing all of this. Praying for Caleb!

    5. Sister, hopefully you know by now that I am both the somewhat worn out saint and yet popcorn devouring 12-year old peeking over the back seat at the drive-in scary movie. As I had posted a while ago, IF this is the final run, there will be noteworthy, specific events/bumps in the road as markers. I double down on that here and say, IF John's timeline is on or near, AND IF my Strong's work above, in light of how PROFOUND the connections uncovered are, THIS WEEK WILL BE ROCKIN'. I could be wrong but, for THOSE WHO HAVE EYES TO SEE, these next few days may feel like a frantic ride to a delivery room. Again, don't be shy, step right up and share as The Spirit leads. Sheila B., thank you. Not so much a stirring of the pot, my guess, as the lid burping out some of what is boiling up inside, OVERALL (Matt 24:7; Luke 21:11). Good night, all, Maranatha!

    6. Just watching TWC reporting on Hector and downplaying it which is pretty unusual for these guys. They are known for hyper reporting on these storms if only for the ratings. And not once did they mention Kilauea or the possible consequences that residents might ought to be considering should it make that iffy turn. Very strange imo.
      And the# of storms forming behind Hector is pretty wild too.

    7. Sheila B., I noticed that, although not TWC, specifically, as not a follower there. However, I was noticing a very muted, quiet reporting by MSM outlets and all the "Oh No!" vids covering the conjunction of the two are all alt media, personal YTC's. Like you I smell a fish in that mix.

      A few small points to add. Looking more closely at John's timeline (Printed it out today) and his '3 days of darkness' starts 8/10. He took his Noah vid down, prob too fine a correlation for him to lay it out effectively, but I was following him. Bottom line: 8/10, the start of his '3 days' section is VERY close to when HECTOR should touch KILAUEA and, if the model holds, begin spewing volcanic debris GLOBALLY. Darkness, sure, ya thinks? IF John is on to something with Jonah's sign being the ONLY one given and that happening 1 day in to a 3 day journey across Nineveh, then HECTOR touching KILAEUA 8/10, starting the 3 days of darkness from this volcanic plume-erizer, fits. Go 1 step farther: after the 1st day KILAUEA BLOWS, being the true 'Midnight Cry' . Noah's 'cry' at the end of his 1st day, likely came at sunset, the end of his 'Jewish' day. For the gentiles, the parallel moment would be at midnight, when the secular calendar marks the end of Day #1. So, if that er-UP-tion happened about midnight 8/10-11 then it will BOTH parallel Noah's 'cry' AND ALSO be a true "MIDNIGHT" Cry for the closing of the Gentile Chapter. Maranatha!

    8. Oh, and watching Blue Heaven's latest covering the other Vid you referenced commenting that Kilauea was INTENTIONALLY triggered. Add to that the likelihood that HECTOR was also intentionally spawned, perhaps just for THIS, hence the string of children behind it in case it's a mis-fire, and then these TWINS have been SET to work to do specifically what I outlined, in a manner which Mocks Christ & His Followers. I am waiting to see someone have unlocked for them, by the Holy Spirit, Scriptural teachings or root word meanings validating the TWIN dynamic (Duality) in these End Times which is ALL OVER THIS ONE. Maranatha!

    9. Good Morning, Vietnam!!! (Hat tip Adrian Cronauer) Yes, indeed, we got incoming from D'Nang to the DMZ, Whoa! and the hits just keep on COMIN'! Check out this latest string of top 40 comin' in, right from the TOP! Whoo!

      So, sitting here in 'all's quiet' mode on the front, eyes alert on the wall, ruminating over recent activity on the Kilauea/HECTOR sector of the perimeter. The buzz over at the Officer's Mess is that Intel is all in a bunch over "RESTRAINER" In the enemy intel. Initial analysis said it was a confirming detail, i.e., the same in the Revelation, but apparently it wasn't sitting well with them over there. Seems someone got out the MANYFISH decoder manual and started poking around and, whadayaknow, we thinks we cracked this one. Goes like this: FLIP EVERYTHING.

      OK, so this is a mimic/evil TWIN of Our Lord's drama, of course, as the enemy's plays always are. While 'Restrainer' DOES affirm, not so fast. In The Righteous Unfolding, The Restrainer, best guess, is the Spirit-Indwelt Church on Earth. The restrained is the enemy. FLIP IT>

      In this evil copy, the 'restrainer' is not the one awaiting, but the ONE COMING. {opposite} (MORE) The 'restrainer' in this drama is also coming to RELEASE {Opposite} not restrain and, by exercising ITS 'authority' over the creation, is actually RESTRAINING THE PLANS OF ABBA, or so he wishes. Lots of word plays around restraining and releasing by switching context in this one. Releasing disaster restrains the blessing/plans of Abba; Retraining His Good Will by bringing disaster releases chaos, etc.

      Folks, if by Friday, 8/17/18 we haven't seen MAJOR GLOBAL CHANGES I will be flummoxed and strongly considering Strong's analysis to be as meaningless as the lyrics to American Pie. Even so, Maranatha!

    10. Well, well, well Jimboni! I don't know what to say one iota. Nada. Zip. Zilch.
      But, I did just start to take Pycnogenol because of knee osteoarthritis after reading more about this and I asked my family doctor. She knew nothing of it nor a newly hired P.A. I am starting at a low dosage and will take it from there. I thank you for mentioning this and the French Maritime Pine Bark. I also rewd about having it have 65% procyanidins. This eliminated most brands. I wish tho it was less expensive. But, I am excited to see if this will help me.

    11. Interesting to note meteorologists point out that most hurricanes weaken significantly as they approach Hawaii due to the cooler waters, however they have pointed out that this year could be different as the waters are 'unusually warmer than normal'. With that in mind, we will see if the Hurricane changes direction and heads north towards Hawaii cf its proposed south-placed position come the weekend (in light of what you have already pointed out Jimboni).


    12. I meant 'read'. I did notice see Ecrusymphony had a video WARNING!!! KILAUEA, TSUNAMI, WW3 & 6TH SEAL

    13. Sheila, BTW did anything come to mind regarding pelicans? I think about this because I searched out Egrets last week and plan on trekking to another location to see them this week. Of course, I have the neatest experience that can't be topped when I used to walk that trail (paved, where I sought out the pelicans) and lo there was this beautiful creature standing in the river weeds that I couldn't see completely and then there was this strange noise and he lifted off and it was a God moment.

    14. Ecrusymphony has another video out: Major Warnings for Hawaii & NYC (1 Pet Goat 2 Analysis)


    15. Cathi, uh yeah...but you might want to get ready to duck down behind that seat 💺. I followed a rather strange thread
      this morning for hours that connected the Pelican, the flip or back side of the coin, a great earthquake, a tsunami and the Laodicean Church.
      It involves a pocket watch from 1692 that was recovered from the water in 1969 by archeologist Edwin Link that had stopped at 11:43 am after the largest of 3 EQ’s, an est. 7.5 and the ensuing Tsunami destroyed what was at the time considered to be the wickedest city on earth—Port Royal, Jamaica. It involved a Hilina type slump as well at a place called Judgement Cliff. As you might know, the word Pelican from the OT means to vomit or spue out. H#6893.
      The Strong’s Gk#1692–(the year of that event) means to vomit-(will) spue—and is used only once in Rev.3:16 re the Laodiceans.
      Gk# 1969(yr watch was recovered) means to upbraid, rebuke
      Gk# 1143(time watch stopped) means to uproot, bite.
      From what I found, Pelicans seem to be used to represent a false sense of Salvation (i.e the Laodiceans). The way they are depicted on many coins is feeding their starving young with their own blood to save them which is said to be a myth rooted in Roman Catholicism. There was more but that’s the gist of it.
      Otherwise, they are really awesome and lovely birds to watch....🤭
      Looking up! And praying for people to WAKE up!

    16. Cathi G., great news, good to hear. I go to Vitamin Cottage for best pricing on retail Pyc. Low Maint dose now so not a burden.

      T&T and Fam, so check this out. Yup, the hits they keep on comin. Watched MrMBBB3333 or however it is, & DAHBOO77's and the nuggets I got there was the factor of lava having poured into and still being under the SOUTHEASTERN shores for 90 days+/-. Higher Temp = Lower Atmos. Pressure which draws things INWARDS. As Hector meanders in along a track south of HI, the lower pressure area created by continual boiling of the ocean at formerly Kapoho Bay it is very possible, a non-linear factor entirely missing from EVERY model you'll see, that lowered pressure 'nudges' Hector toward HI, and, unlike usually weakening as cooler water is hit, boiling water is encountered and think about THAT feeding into Hector.

      But not to worry. I also saw another scientific video, cannot recall the channel, but something like Nat Geo, etc., you could Google it, the Title was, basically, what would happen if a Cat 5 Hurricane went over a volcano? Well, THAT seemed a Spirit-Lead find, so I read it. The scientist concurred with the spraying of volcanic debris but said would only disperse over the area of about a US State. They also illustrated that the energy of 1 Hurricane FAR exceeds that of even a major volcano, which gave perspective. What I found missing, entirely, from their paradigm was ANY understanding of cataclysmic geology or such common forces/events given such schema. The Lave Explosion mentioned by BPEARTHWATCH was clearly not in their knowledge base nor any of the secondaries of such an event. Ditto geologic shifts, tectonics, tsunamis, etc., their 'model' being in a vacuum, no specific island involved, simply the idea. Still, on one hand a bit reassuring in that, IF this 'twinning' happens it WON'T DARKEN THE GLOBE.

      In order for THAT to also happen, that other minor detail in the 'worst case of, basically, every volcano erupting at record levels at once, would also have to happen. Of course, so good to know THAT won't occur! Oh, Ho! Ho! Ho!, no. Funny thing, you know, I printed John's time line and, if it happened this coming Saturday evening time-ish, it would fall EXACTLY after 1 of those 3 days of possibly scheduled darkness, paralleling Jonah's 1st day's trek across Nineveh before Crying out his call for repentance. And, this is where Caleb pipes up with, "Well, :), we'll just have to wait and SEE!"

    17. Sheila B., nice work. A rather SOBERING find, ALL in ALL, wouldn't you agree? ;) Maranatha!

    18. Sheila, WOW! Nice work as Jimboni said. It does seem to fit tho doesn't it with everything else as to these pelicans. I mean even as you said, the effort put into getting a closer look at them. Which wasn't my plan at all. It was early-late morning and breezy and water was rolling and quite a few pelicans flying nearby and I realized they were further downstream.
      Anyhow, I was having a feeling it wouldn't be good news. I had read about the pelican and the myth its beak pierces its own breast to feed their young (which doesn't make sense, and the Catholic side of it caused me to move on to sth else). A group of young students saw a pelican swallow a pigeon whole!
      I learned tho their pouch is tucked under and not noticeable unless they carry water (2-3 gallons I think I read) and they don't I guess store or haul food necessarily. They catch fish, etc in a group as they round up their prey. Ugh.
      But, they are awesome to watch. So, see - watch! And, to watch well your usually Looking Up!

    19. Amen to that, Cathi!
      And yes, it was sobering to read the story of Port Royal and see all of those implications intersecting. I listened to a man today talking about standing where Abraham stood as he watched the smoke of Sodom and Gomorrah rise and how he had tried to bargain with the LORD for that city. He knew the place was evil and the LORD’S judgement was righteous, but I can’t even imagine what he was feeling as he watched that.
      We all know these things are coming. If not now, then soon enough. Just praying for people to turn to Jesus Christ...to look up and SEE the time has arrived and the choice has to be made as to Whom they will serve.
      Blessings and Maranatha

    20. Well Jimboni, Sheila, and Cathi, may I thank you collectively for your thoughts and watch-skills? When it gets heavy like this, I got take the time to read and re-read and process. I am still processing some of it.

      I would bet we are all pretty anxious/excited to see what comes of this hurricane/volcano marriage, as Jimboni especially has primed us pretty thoroughly for expectation. :-). I know I am.

      Back in January, mrmbb333 gave us a video about a record setting earthquake that would be happening. When? approximately now. Predicted 7 months ago!


      And now what about this green comet? anybody see anything interesting? i do...


    21. Miguel P., great to be hearing you chime in! I wasn't aware of the EQ predict, the hits just keep on comin'! As the hours slip by since my 'find', it, once again, feels familiarly becoming another nothing-burger while watching the storm updates/path and other research. Now you come along and throw another pin in the chart, oh my.

      I gotta say, your post rings the bell in my spirit that we are about to be surprised. While many things seem to be lining up a dud I am also concerned about the manipulations of the deceivers even conditioning us to THAT response by their false stuff polluting our radars all the while. Just got done watching Mike 444 YTC about a nuke in NYC offshore which seemed Scriptural and well researched being the 'kickoff' event. Likely the enemy has many plans afoot both to the imitate the Master and to be ready to pivot as things unknown to him unfold. IF this is being set up to frame a trigger then it is most likely to also involve dimensional interjections (doorways/ gates) opening, likely using the 'marriage' moment energy to do so. The introduction of such non-linear ENERGIES sets up a scenario which is IMPOSSIBLE TO SEE IN ADVANCE FROM NATURAL SIGNS. Furthermore, that scenario also fits perfectly with the idea of mrmbb333's Great Quake as well as ALL (THE WHOLE) the other stuff needed to happen to make this one "it". Oh, and now another item agrees and lines up with John's GWTL, Maranatha!

    22. Just a chime-in from my Spirit on this interesting rabbi trail you've been following all. My sense is we saw the enemy's plan and God thwarted it because its not HIS TIME quite yet. There is really nothing more predictable than the enemy messaging to wear us out. We know he can plan and attempt, but until God allows - nothing will happen. My sense is it will be volcanoes, earthquakes and even something man-made going off all at one time. When? I have thoughts, but no Word. Thoughts are fine - we just set them up like little soldiers and watch to see if they're knocked down. That's what we do - Watch! Blessings - Sherry

    23. Ha! "Rabbit Trail", with a little typo magic, becomes, "Rabbi Trail"!! How appropriate!!! Other items addressed now on later threads, developing, ...

  24. There's a new Amirs update in the FB now, soon probably comes in YT –
    Amir's special update on the rising tensions between Iran and the USA as the sanctions are re imposed, the situation on the Syrian-Israeli border, the upgrade of Israel’s credit rate and more.

  25. Regarding ISRAEL it might be interesting to observe the actual weekend protests against the National Law (extensive background information here from the Tel Aviv demonstration - click!) ... Apart from battling Gaza Palestinians from South and Iranian Hamas in Syria from North OUTSIDE it might soon be overwhelming for the IDF to now be facing even more rebellion from the Arab population INSIDE the country. I still do not count such an obvious defensive situation as "utterly peaceful" like described in Ezekiel 38:11.

  26. PLEASE PLEASE EVERYONE ON THIS SITE PLEASE WATCH BROTHER #JD FARAG# ON YOUTUBE MID-EAST PROPHECY UPDATE AUGUST 05TH, 2018 (CLICK!) THIS IS AN URGENT URGENT REMINDER!! After you've watched it you may also yet get the latest message from #Kay Tdid# about Ezekiel 7
    but what JD is saying is by far the more important for all the watch(wo)men community... Blessings to all of you, MARANATHA!

    1. Annabel, I think you meant this one?:


      although the one called "Born from Above" is great too.

    2. Miguel, TY and I apologize I meant this one: JD FARAG PROPHECY UPDATE 05TH AUGUST 2018 (click!) Hopefully I copied the right URL now... Blessings! :)

    3. Yes, I listened to JD this morning.... totally agree and such a great reminder. JESUS was must be CENTRAL! After all, the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy! Rev 19:10.
      We must worship the gift giver and the sign maker... not the gifts and the signs themselves.
      Thanks for sharing Annabel!

  27. Hey family i miss you all so.so so.much i think I know why my legs have been hurting my right leg isnt as bad but my left leg is more painful I am a little scared and dont want to go into detail about it at this moment I give it to our Father in Heaven and let him have it and as I gave my life to God and made Jesus Lord of my life all I ask is that you please keep me in your prayers as I pray for you all and all across the world daily God has us in his hands and whatever happens God has me I am really sorry that I slowed down my amount of posts but my leg has really been stealing my mind and consuming my days its really trying to pull me down but I will beat this in time amen ...

    1. Dear Jeramiah as you won't get into detail and a leg can hurt from anything and I'm not a doctor to be able to advise physically I can only pray for your relief and that you may be enabled to endure in Jesus Christ... Perhaps my post below on the German grape harvest may strengthen your soul? Blessings, brother! Much love! :-)

    2. Praying for you too Jeramiah.

    3. Thank you sister Annabel and thank you my brother Miguel !!!! Means more then you know !!

  28. Dear @family, in Germany we had a yesterday's news so much interesting from a spiritual perspective that I want to put it out here: IN SCORCHING SUMMER GERMANY LAUNCHES EARLIEST GRAPE HARVEST EVER IN HISTORY ON 8/6/18 (click!) there are even already video news on YT covering this topic which apparently made it into international news.

    To examine this topic from a biblical view, please take also into account also that grapevines have very DEEP ROOTS who can get ground water from deep up to 15 metres (Jeremiah 17:8). As well, in normal viticulture the vintner would go and not only cut branches without fruit like in John 15:6 but even side roots are cut to make the main root even go deeper (see JD Farags last sermon on 8/5!)...

    In fact, this years' grape gathering in Germany -depending on the latter rain for the red grapes (!!) - might even result in some "wine of the century" amidst 2018 furnace heat whereas other farmers lose up to half of their crop because of brought (Revelation 6:6). Related to believers in Christ and the now very enduring and suffering church remnant here on earth, I found this to be a most interesting and inspiring imagery. Matthew 26:29 HALLELUJAH!! Blessings to all of you!

    1. Well, that IS an encouraging article! Thank you for sharing it, Annabel! I just love the way our Father plants little details and hints all around us in our daily lives. So exciting!

    2. It seems as though God has placed signals everywhere and if one is watching you can't help but see the overall message. Valley of Decision - time is up - Are you on board the Ark or not? If He gave anymore signs I really don't know where He'd put them. Blessings - Sherry

    3. Very cool. Thanks, Annabel. Very encouraging, indeed.

  29. Paul new video on the peace deal and covenant yt chan revelationchapter12.com



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